George Foreman GV5 Roaster and Contact Cooker : Five Stars

This roaster is the best appliance i have ever owned. It is a complete shame that it is no longer being produced. It is simple to use and fail proof. The best chicken i have ever eaten has come from this roaster. If ever you should see one in a store or on line do not hesitate to purchase this item.

Easy to use, easy clean up, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I use this for almost anything i would cook in a regular oven. The roaster will hold up to a five-pound chicken or pork roast and cook and brown it perfectly. You can use the roasting pan to cook meat in its own juices or you can use the traditional grilling part and have the juices flow out of the roaster into a drip pan. The roasting pan is also great for cooking lasagna or any other casseroles and even bakes wonderful desserts like apple crisp or brown betty. My crockpot and this cooker are probably the most used appliances i have. If you can find one – get it.

I already am a fan of the foreman (salton) grill, which does a chop or chicken breast or salmon steak and removes a lot of fat. The contact cooker is a small roaster that works on a similar principle: two heated sections and a hole to drain the collecting fat and liquid. The roaster is about the size of a small football helmet. The roaster includes a small oval pan for stewing (collects the juices and blocks the drain hole. ) this makes it more versatile. It has a timer, since you are roasting larger objects and this can take an hour or two. Our first trial was a roast chicken, using a modified recipe included with the cooker. We added red bliss potatoes and put an olive oil and garlic seasoned mid sized chicken in to roast. The kitchen stayed cool and the roast was juicy.

  • gift and it ended up being one of the best things we got
  • I enjoyed cooking my whole chicken
  • Could be priced for less without drip tray.

George Foreman GV5 Roaster and Contact Cooker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Upper and lower heating elements provide even, thorough cooking
  • Automatic, temperature control monitors and controls grill’s temperature
  • Non-stick aluminum coating for easy cleaning
  • Automatic, 8-minute preheat countdown; 2-1/2-hour timer
  • Includes slide-out grease tray and a custom-fit, oval, baking pan

I was suprised at how good this cooker is, as i was skeptical. First task: we picked up a fresh 5. 2 pound chicken at the store, tied the legs together with cooking twine, and it fit perfectly in the roaster with a little bit to spare. (the larger chickens will need the legs secured, or pushed together to fit) it was jucier than that famous rotisserie on tv. The grease ran off as advertised, as it nearly completely filled the catch cup on the bottom. Three scrambled eggs, peppers/onions, topped with cheese. Used a light coating of spray to coat the top tray, just in case. Closed the lid and set it for 20 minutes.

I now own three george foreman grills. This one was a toss-in with the large grill i purchased. What a pleasant surprisei’ve marinated and rubbed several small whole chickens and they are simply the best i’ve ever made. The right-sized piece of beef is equally as good. This thing is easy to clean, has a self timer, and takes up about as much space as my crock pot. All of the grease and juices spill right into a pan below the unit. Here’s a bonus, i’ve used the liquid to enhance chicken stocks to start soups and other meals. It comes out so rich, it is an excellent base for this purpose.

I had moved a lot a few years ago, i always had the gv5 go with me. But i packed thebaking pan separately and when i looked at ‘this tray’ i didn’t remember what it was forso i tossed it. Now i want to start cooking vegetable soups and don’t have thetray. I been looking in the arc stores and going to start trying the goodwill stores and maystumble upon one, i hope. I think i will make a tray out of heavy duty foil formed from thebase and try that. And really there would be less cleaning.

We originally got one of these as a wedding gift and it ended up being one of the best things we got. We used it until we could no longer read the display and had to get a new one. This one was the replacement and it works great. Still one of our best kitchen appliances.

These are the best chicken, roast cookers around. Sadly there not sold in stores anymore so i bought enough that i have a spare.

I love this roaster and could not do without it. My first one finally died after years of good service and i knew that i needed to replace it sooner than possible. The price was perfect, arrived on time and condition was excellent. I might buy another one just to keep on hand. I wish george would make an upgrade.

I love this roaster i used it all the time until it broke. Trying to find another one but it looks like they don’t sell them anymore.

Could not use it without drip tray.

I bought this second one after my granddaughter saw the one i bought for her dad.

I got the george foreman contact roaster for a mother’s day gift. I love kitchen gadgets and could not wait to add this one to my collection. The first thing i cooked in it was the egg casserole (recipe in the booklet) and it turned out great. The second thing i made was a 3 lb. The aroma as it cooked was amazing. It was moist, tender and juicy. It took an hour and a half to cook. I would suggest not to line your roaster with sliced onions as i did to enhance the flavor of the chicken. The onions carmelized, then burned and got stuck in the drip hole. It was not very easy to clean that out. The roaster is also a bit small. I wish i would have requested the larger model as we are a family of 4 (soon to be 5) and i can see us outgrowing this appliance long before it wears out. I love to create recipes and cannot wait to see what i am able to concoct to cook in this roaster. It is very versetile and does not heat up the kitchen.

I bought this at a garage sale and the owner raved about it but of course he would. I fixed some boneless pork chops in it yesterday and i can see why he raved. They were delicious, browned nicely and moist. I a going to try and fine the manual online so i know what else i can cook in it and how to use the upper tray. As of now i will try the chicken and see how it comes out.

It cooks anything from a hen to lamb chops thoroughly.

What i like about this contact cooker is that it’s perfect for roasting chickens (less than 5 lbs), roasts, and whatever else you can fit in the cooker’s cavity. It heats up in less than five minutes and is ready to go when you are. The cooker comes with a removable insert which i used most of the time so the meat can roast in it’s own juices. It also makes it easier to collect the juice for gravy, just make sure to use pot holders. The insert tray handles stick out of the sides of the cooker. It gets hot and can burn you if you’re not paying attention. Plus, an unknowing person may accidently try to pick up the cooker thinking their handles for the cooker itself. It can be a potentially very dangerous situation when the cooker is being used. You don’t have a choice to the heat settings. Heck, it took me a while to find out what the cooker’s heat setting was. But, since you’re cooking using all sides of the cooker, the temperature is quite practical for all meats. The cooking cavity is not as big as i would like it to be. It’s fine for anything less than 5 lbs and not overly large. Great for family meals of 4 or less – but don’t expect to fit a pork shoulder roast or thanksgiving turkey. It also doesn’t allow room for me to slip in a temperature probe very well. The teflon coating clean up really nice. The insert tray take a little more work to clean, but it’s not too bad. It’s ready in less than 5 minutes. Doesn’t radiate heat as much like your oven would. A big plus, especially in the summer time. Just about foolproof if you follow directions. Even though i like using temperature probes to keep tabs on my food, it really isn’t necessary to do so. This is a really nice cooker to have. Lots of pluses to having it, especially when you start using it. You’ll discover the benefits yourself.

Just got this contact cooker today and the first thing we tried was boneless chicken breast. I fixed two in the contact grill and two in the oven. Both cooker and oven was preheated (oven to 375 degrees). After seasoning and breading the chicken breasts, i placed the chicken in the oval pan that came with the contact cooker and a pan to be used in the oven. Both pans were lined with tinfoil to reduce cleanup. I set the timer for 50 minutes. After 50 minutes, the chicken in the contact cooker had a rich golden brown color while the chicken in the oven was still a very light golden brown. Both chickens were equally tender and had good flavor. The chicken in the contact cooker was my favorite because it had better color and the crust was crispier. Next time i will do all the chicken in the cooker and forget the oven.

I enjoyed cooking my whole chicken, came out nice brown and tender. I am sorry gave my first one away.

Used it a lot in my small apt.

Love it, could not live without it. This one is for a granddaughter, a christmas present. Can’t wait to see her face as she begs for all the time. She is in college and will be thrilled.

Those of us who are convinced devotees of the george foreman series of indoor grills will love this relatively new offering, which now allows us to extend the two element cooking principle of the foreman grills to a more traditional cooker. Yet for us bachelor types, this is anything but cooking as usual, providing adequate space to accommodate a large (up to five pound) chicken or several steaks to thoroughly and safely cook meat to absolute perfection. This new version of the foreman grill series of devices employs heating elements which are embedded both top and bottom to ensure a more even cooking of the meat. It also features a quite unique ‘rib-grill’ design that is both easy to clean (as are all the foreman products) and has a non-stick surface that facilitates cooking without the use of a lot of vegetable oil. One of the nicest features of this relatively inexpensive indoor grill-cooker is the neat 2. 5 hour timer, which helps even a die-hard amateur like me to deliver the goods and have everyone asking for seconds, please. It also has some nice features such as a pre-heating function, a custom oval baking pan, which fits nicely inside, and an easy to use slide-out grease tray for easy disposal of the leftover residual grease. This is a great product, and is relatively inexpensive at around $55.

George Foreman GR10ABW Champ Grill – A must if your on the go.

It cooks one burger or one chicken breast at a time. My husband uses it and does a good job. I stopped using it because there was no heat adjuster and i ended up drying out the meat or making the outside of it, overcooked. Unless you know how to clean appliances, don’t get the white one. Ours is stained yellow and orange, around the steam areas. I haven’t had good results with the bun warmer. I stopped using it when my hamburger bun got hard on the bottom and soggy on top. There’s a lot of grease and crusties still on the grill, after cooking, but it does drain a lot of the fat off into the plastic tray. The features i wish this machine had: dark color, cooks 3-4 portions at one time, an adjustable heat (low, medium, high) knob with easy to read identification, strong plastic tongs instead of this flimsy spatula, and disposable grease catching containers.

The grill is the perfect size to cook two burgers or a medium size steak or chicken breast. The meat is cooked in 3-4 minutes. I really like the bun warmer feature. I put my bun or bread in as the grill is heating up. The bun is then nice a warm by the time the meat is done. The grill cleans up easily with a wet paper towel. This is my second george forman grill. The first lasted 10 years and was used multiple times a week.

It’s kind of easy to clean i suppose. The bun warmer isn’t all that great. It cooks quickly though and everything i’ve made on it has been cooked through and tastes pretty good. I’d recommend it if you were looking for a personal grill.

Fast ship and great product. Love this mini grill perfect for any space.

I got one 9 months ago and i quit using anything else to cook meat since first use. It makes cooking meat easy, fast and easy to cleanup after. As a bonus the meat tastes better, far better than oven, frying, microwave or convection oven. I use a lot less steak sauce and katsup because the meat tastes good. I’ve just bought two more from amazon since the price went down from the first one i bought. This thing actually lived up to and far exceeded all the ads and hype.

  • Great single serving grill
  • Good value & good quality
  • Great priduct, best from alk George Forman

This is a great gadget and has been very helpful with my diet. I am not a talented cook but this grill makes it easy to cook small protein rich portions (chicken, veggie burgers, lowfat hot dogs, salmon fillets, tuna steaks, etc. The meats taste so much better grilledi also recommend the george foreman grill sponges for easy cleanup, and the oxo good grips silicone pastry brush to ‘paint’ olive oil on the grill surface prior to pre-heating.

I have recently been watching my husband’s and my servings of foods (2 adults only in our house). The biggest change was making sure our meat portions were ‘healthy servings’ and not overdoing it. We have made a habit of eating between 3 1/2 oz to 5 oz of meat in a serving and these grills are perfect for that. You could easily put 2 – 3 servings on the grilling space, depending on the size. I choose a little thicker cuts so they fit very well. We were not sure if we would like the grill when we received it as a gift, but it has turned out to be one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. This grill is so easy to clean and take care of that you won’t believe it ’til you try it. I am buying a larger one to use when we have company, it makes the meat taste great and so far has always been tender and juicy. I highly recommend purchasing one of these for a 1 – 3 person family using portions as i described above.

Ditto what everyone else has said. Now, here is an easy way to clean this grill. (seems to be the biggest complaint) after you are done cooking, and are ready to unplug, place a wet paper towel in the grill (while it’s still hot). After it is cooled all you need to do is take out the towel, it will have absorbed most of the grease. Anything else will easily wipe away. I hope this helps anyone who is having a hard time w/ cleaning. This little machine has become my number one appliance. I can easily make grilled cheese for my son, grilled vegatble wraps for me and all the chicken my spouse cares to eat, with virtualy no washing.I ready to upgrade to a larger model.

I heard so many people say good things about this grill that i decided to get one for myself. It definitely makes grilling easy and fun at the same time. Since purchasing the grill, i’ve cooked bacon, hamburgers and steaks. You can cook a pretty good sized steak but it can’t be too big. The grill’s big enough to cook 2 hamburgers at a time though. It works really great on bacon, though because all of the fat drips off and then it’s easy to dispense with because it runs into the little plastic container that comes with the grill. You have to cut bacon slices in half for it to fit but it’s not a big deal. Basically, i would recommend this grill to anyone looking for a fun and easy grilling solution. If you need to cook for large groups of people (4 or more) you’ll definitely want a bigger size but it’s perfect for cooking for one or two people. It grills foods fast because you don’t have to cook one side and then turn it over.

George foreman makes a great product, but this one is a little too small for a couple. For example it cannot take more than one piece of protein at a time which is a problem for a couple in an apartment. I must say, you simply cannot live without a foreman if you are single or in college.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

It is my third electric grill (first george foreman) and by far the easiest to clean and cooks the best. I find it to be amazingly fast compared to my last grill. The bun warmer handle broke on my second use of the grill. It is cheaply attached and the less than 1/16th inch size piece of plastic on the handle broke while i was trying to open it. I cleaned it up and put a piece of gaffers tape on it and have kept using it. Duct tape will also work but gaffers tape doesn’t leave a sticky residue and comes in black so it doesn’t look like a repaired appliance. So george foreman makers please spend a little more on the handle and your concept will work. If you had used the grill before you put it on the market i might be given you a five star rating rather than three.

I have never bothered in all these years to give a review on any product although i have relied on other amazon reviews for purchases in the past. This older grill was given to me by a lady leaving the neighborhood who had only used it a couple of times over the many years. I cannot believe how well this little unit performs its grilling chores. Hamburgers only take a few minutes to cook and have that ‘charbroiled’ top that i happen to like. The fat and other juices roll right off. Clean up with a sponge is a breeze on the nonstick surfaces although i swab them down prior to cooking with a little olive oil. The bread/bun warmer or whatever it is on top just takes up space. Never thought i would give an electric mini grill of all things an endorsement, but this baby does the job in a big way. When the nonstick surface inevitably loses its slickness, i will opt for the larger size grill which can easily handle a couple of hamburgers instead of just one.

I bought this to replace a still working but worn george foreman grill that i’ve had for over 10 years. I decided to stick with this model since many reviews of the newer versions mentioned it not getting hot enough or taking too long to cook and that it had an extremely short cord. This model heats up quickly and cooks a 1/4lb burger in under 10 min and you can warm the bun in the top. It comes with plenty of cord to reach any available counter outlet. Just wipe the interior grill plates with a paper towel (they aren’t removable). Likewise use a towel to remove the collected fat from the drip tray and pop it in the dishwasher or give it a quick hand wash. The only caveat, this grill is only able to cook a single burger or sandwich at a time so if you’ve got a crowd to feed some will have to wait.

I was unsure about the george foreman school of cuisine but my sister (who has a big one) raved about how fast and easy it is. But the champ is just a wee bit too small to get down to business with if you are cooking for more than one person. I wish salton would add a variable temperature control to its design, which is a good one. My main tip for cooking on it is to turn the food once as the top plate does get hotter than the bottom one. Overall, if you are one person and not looking to cook a feast, this size of foreman will do you fine. Try marinated grilled shrimp or portobello mushrooms on it.

I bought this as a gift for an elderly woman. The bun warmer lid is fastened so securely that she cannot get it open. It was hard for me to get it open, but with effort i could do it. The grill plates do not come off the grill so she is unable to remove them for easy cleaning. The grill is too heavy for her to hold at the sink with one hand and clean with the other, so she uses a sponge while it sits in place on her counter. I gave it three stars for the convenience of it’s size, especially for a person who lives alone to use.

This is perfect for preparing a quick meal, whether it be a steak, hamburger or chicken cutlet.

Great for grilling burgers, fish, vegetables

The only drawback is the coating wears out too soon. It is really an inexpensive item so one may expect this. The bun warmer was a nice idea. As a time saver that can put out a great tasting item it is priceless. Getting rid of the fats is also a plus.

I had one of these when i was in china (8 years) and it worked like a champ. (and the box was exactly the same as the picture, i guess maybe they’re made there). Depending on where you were, the only chance to get a decent burger was to make it yourselfburgers, chicken, fish, there was nothing this thing couldn’t handle. I had to cook quite a bit if i wanted something that i could recognize from back home. Now that i’m back in the states, i’m getting another one of these.

It don’t cook enough burger or pork chops.

I bought the george foreman grill as a joke for my husband (it does say ‘lean mean fat-reducing grilling machine’ on it), but we used it every day for three weeks solid after it arrived. It’s easy, and the food turns out really tastythis particular model is small, and will only cook one or two portions of meat at a time. However, the grill cooks from the top and bottom all at once to cut your cooking time down to mere minutes.The grill is tilted and comes with a trough so that all excess fat is drained away from your food. It’s also fairly easy to clean up — you just wipe down the grill and throw the trough in the dishwasher. We’ve used the grill for chicken breasts, boca burgers, regular burgers, pork chops, steaks, and even bacon strips (it’s great for avoiding a bunch of messy bacon grease). It cooks even frozen meat in a relatively short period of time, and it cooks it thoroughly. It’s easy to throw something on the grill, sprinkle some seasonings on it (bam), and let it cook for a few minutes while you fix the rest of the meal.

This is a simple way to cook for one or two without using lots of electricity. And, the food taste good and has lots of flavor. The bun warmer lets me keep buns fruzen until i need to use one, which is much less waste on a limited budget.

I love 🌹the warmer work 👍.

Includes dishwasher-safe plastic drip tray and spatula

I re bought this product, using the model number. First tume i got it was in 2005. I replaced it in 2014, because & only cuz the clear lead (bun warmer) broke. Otherwise iys great item does it job very well. On local store the item are not that perfect. This product / model, has the right weight to press & cook the chicken, burger or meet in perfect cook, time. Great product for small family. Doesnt have a on/off or timer button, so it can’t be leave alone, it cooks pretty fast, and must be unplug right after.

I don’t use it for everything all the time but if i just need a single serving quick it’s great. I put veggies on here (fresh and frozen), fish, chicken, burgers, quesadillas, etc. The bun warmer feature isn’t all that great but i don’t use it anyway, i prefer the toaster. I highly recommend this for bachelors and bachelorettes living alone or college students.

Overall, this is a neat gadget. For $20, to cook a hamburger perfectly, it’s lovely. I have two issues with it, however. I know they make bigger ones, but i bought this one because it was supposed to be perfect for two. It did not fit both 8 oz hamburgers. Secondly, it is really difficult to clean. Removeable plates would be nice. On the plus side, it cooked the burgers perfectly (after i cut them to fit)and the bun warmer worked really well.

This champ grill was purchased to replace my first one which i had and used for years. The cord went bad on that one and was beginning to spark, but that grill was so good, i didn’t hesitate in deciding to purchase another. I’ve used this several times now and i’m just as pleased with its performance as i was with my other. It’s perfect for a quick burger or fish fillet (or many other ‘treats’) that taste best grilled. Yes, it’s small, but with some creative positioning, it will hold two of your meal choice.

This has to be the best grill ever made. I love my george foreman champ grill so much i bought a second one, and one for the kids. We all love our george foreman electric grill.It’s not a traditional charcoal grill. It could be useful in smaller spaces like porches, easy to use, easy to clean, cuts fat (never hurts, right?), and a good back-up grill or a quick solution to throwing mini-bbqs. All without the hassle of buying, lighting, dumping coal, the smell of lighter fluid fumes and smoke. The only thing that really bugs me.

It was a christams gift for my boyfriend. It was a little small but will do the trick.

You have to kind of figure out when its done. I wouldn’t go by the lights. Better to go for another version of the grill. The two burger thing is a lie. I buy frozen burgers and one is all that can fit. I mean maybe they’re thinking whit castle size burgers. But yeah okay and works but wish i would’ve gotten another version.

Also includes bun warmer

I actually bought this for a friend last year as an x-mas present and whenever i see him he always sings its praises. He says it’s easy to clean, cooking temp is consistent and that he can make great steaks on it. This is one of those things that people claim they can use everyday and that’s exactly what my friend does. He said he goes to costco and buys a big pack of steaks and he’s set for a couple of months. That actually doesn’t sound very healthy or appealing but the point is that the product works as advertised.

I bought the george foreman champ grill with bun warmer for my mother on her 80th birthday. She has rheumatoid arthritis and cannot stand for any amount of time. After receiving and trying it she called me and was extremely delighted with how it cooked, how fast it cooked and the ease of cleaning it. Now she doesn’t have to be a vegetarian any more, she lives with her nephew and all he eats are beans and vegetables. In fact he started eating chicken since mom started cooking with the george foreman grill. So everyone is happy especially me.

Bought this for my daughter we have had one for a long time we use it all of the time we love how quickly it cooks and how it draines the greese.

I have owned several of these. This is a wonderful buy, and i am able to take it with me when i travel thank you, george for a delicious, nutritious, and toil free way of cooking.

I love my grill, it’s the best present that i have ever gotten. I can cook just about any piece of meat that i could want. The greatest thing about it, i no longer have to fire up the grill and wait 20 minutes for the coals to cook a good burger. Once this baby is warmed up i have a medium burger in less than 6 minutes. All of the fast food places would love to be able to trun out a true 1/3lb burger that is as nice and juicy as a george foreman burger. But they can’t becuase they do not have this grill. Fajits and small steaks and chops are just as easy and just as fast. Just remember to filp your food about halfway through, the top cooks slightly hotter than the bottom. Get this grill, and you will have great food in no time.

The george foreman gr10abw champ grill with bun warmer, was a gold box item. Everyone that i spoke with, raved about their ‘george foreman. ‘ i thought it would be a great gift for my college student daughter (not domestic at all). So far she has cooked chicken breast, all types of fresh veggies, and veggie burgers. I thought it would be a cleanup problem ~ but she said that it is not messy at all. Now i do not worry about her eating properly. She likes hers so much, i am buying the family one too. My parents (age 80) have a much larger one and they love it.

Patented grill grooves let oil run off while food is cooking

Great grill, easy to use and easy to clean.

Fast, low-fat way to grill almost anything, heats quickly.

This was a great version of the george foreman grill and a good price. The bun warmer is ok, although i wish that the cover could come off to allow for larger pieces of break to be toasted. The grill is great for chicken or other items. It cleans easily, and i would buy again. This would be awesome if it had cast iron grill plates instead of the non-stick.

I’ve had a several variations on the small george foreman grills. I have literally worn most of them out, and they last when cared for. They are great when making a meal in the summer. It doesn’t noticeably heat the room like the broiler in my oven and i think it uses much less power all year round. They are just the right size for one or two people. I cooked steak, lamb, pork, chicken, salmon, tuna, cod, haddock, bluefish, trout, and a bunch of stuff that just isn’t coming immediately to mind. The biggest danger is over-cooking because it’s so fast and cooks from both sides at once. When cooking for one and there is space behind a steak or pork chop, i put slices of veggies like bell pepper and onions back there to cook with the steak.

It was cheap and it works perfectly.

Having this grill makes cooking a simpler task especially when you’re rushing trying to decide what you can cook, and how you’ll be able to get it finished while helping the children with homework, and preparing for tomorrow’s day. We’re living in the phase of ‘drive thru convenience’ you know that we all want it quick, fast, with minimal cost, and not a lot of clean up. Here is the answer to mcdonald’s burger king, and any of your other fast food costly spots. Not only does it save you dough, but it also cuts the fat. Breakfast, lunch, and or dinner this grill is sure to please every consumer. What every kitchen wishes for.

Never realized i could use it for so much in my kitchen.

This was gifted to me, and at first, i didn’t think i would use it. The perfect grilled cheese sandwich, quesadillas, hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken breasts, stuffed mushrooms, kabobs. And the fat just drains off (because the grill is on an incline).I never knew how many delicious sandwiches could be made with a grill. My father’s favorite is peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. The grill makes it melty and delicious. I do nutella and bananas or peanut butter and bananas. Chicken, tomatoes, mozarella. Whatever your favorite sandwich with cheese in it is, this will make it ten times better.

You must wait til hot enough, about 1 minute before putting your meat in. Better watch it because after it is hot, will burn. I have used this grill almost 3x per week with burgers, steaks, chicken breast. Only two of us so most steaks, we split. Just now ordered an additional one for our motor home. I am truly sorry for my 2013 review.

George Foreman GGR240L 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Grill – Five Stars

Great grille i love it, love it so much i gave away my propane grille, to much expense and trouble to be bothered with propane.

We have used this grill approximately 5 times since purchasing it 3 weeks ago. Love the fact that the grill plate is detachable for cleaning. It has been a great purchase. It’s so nice not dealing with propane tanks and cleaning the gas grill. Would definitely recommend it for purchase.

I recommend using hi to simulate a grill and if you have fatty foods cook them outside. The grease tray is under the grill and can’t be drained in the middle of cooking. So if you have greasy food and it overflows, you are in trouble.

This electric grill work great, and it’s portable. We were able to make steaks, sliders and wursts on it all at the same time. My dad likes to grill but charcoal and propane are finicky, so we got him this electric grill for christmas. Therefore, he doesn’t have to worry about clean up as much. Price and portability made this a great buy.

Easy cleanup perfect for a small family.

Absolutely amazed at well it works. We cook with it on the stand in the house. Others have complained about the bottom being plastic. I actually love that part and couldn’t imagine it any other way if using indoor. I have a toddler who likes to run around me while cooking. I dont have to worry about her burning herself if she should happen to touch it or if the dog puts his nose up to it.

  • george foreman indoor/outdoor grill
  • Perfect for Quick grilling

I bought one of these at my local walmart for only $84. It is a great, easy grill to cook on and clean up. It is very sturdy, well built and should last for years. My advice is not to buy it on amazon. They are way over priced, and then there is outrageous shipping charges. Go to you local walmart and get one instead. They have the exact same model there.

Fast and adequate but no place for the lid to hang while cooking.

We had this grill years ago and decided to buy it again. We have a regular weber gas grill and use it a lot, but the reason i like this one is the quick convenience. I have it standing by my back door, it’s quick to heat up and throw on something during the week. It works great for sausages, piece of fish, chicken breast and vegetable. Steak comes out ok, but it’s better on the big grill – but i knew that when i was buying the george foreman. Like i said, for me it’s worth it for the convenience, and it is pretty easy to wash.

Love my george forman, have recommended it to many people, no worries about gas or getting charcoal hot enough.

Grill was as expected and is providing excellent service. It was received quickly, in great shape and was a great bargain. Thank you amazon for providing a great product.

Features of George Foreman GGR240L 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Grill

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    by entering your model number.
  • 240 Sq. In. round grilling surface; Approximately 38 Inch in height
  • 1 Removable grill plate for easy clean up
  • Double non-stick coating is durable & eliminates need for oil
  • Temperature control for multiple grilling temperatures
  • Center channel drain to catch run off liquids for no-mess clean up

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I was lucky enough to get this for my birthday. I cook everything on it steak, pork chops, zucchini noodles, grilled onions, chicken, and even ‘fried’ cabbage on it. The cook surface accommodates a large amount of food.

I like that i can use it outdoors so it doesn’t smell up my apartment, and i like the way the dome top steam cooks the food so it stays moist, unlike the original grill that squeezes all the juice out and leaves you with a dry piece of chicken that makes you hate life. The downside is it doesn’t quite get hot enough sometimes; i prefer my chicken to be grilled and browned on the outside, and it seems to be a hit and miss with this.

It is so easy to cook on and cleanup afterwards. One word of warning, clean grill. Nonstick surface degrades if not washed after cooking with certain marinades.

Loved the convenience of cooking and cleaning up.

It works great but needs a better way to hang the lid.

240 Sq. In.

Really good grill works like a champ can barbeque even when the outside weather doesn’t permit.

I grilled steaks, and they were wonderful. I’m looking forward to trying chicken, pork chops, hotdogs and hamburgers. I took the grill top and drip pan off, cleaned it, and it was back on in five minutes.

Gets real hot and bq’s like a real bq. Get the oxo brush to clean it after use or it is a bit of work to clean. This brush however does a great job.

Don’t have to worry about running out of gasperfect size too.

Bought this for my son for college.

It’s very easy and convenient, but unlike your gas grill which just sits on your patio, this one is so light and thus very easy to steal. So after everytime we use it, we have to break it down and put it piece by piece back in the house. And then when you use it again you have to set it up, which only takes 5 minutes, but. . At least you can run every piece thru the dishwasher.

1 Removable grill plate for easy clean up

We are unable to have other types of grills on our balconies and this wonderful cooker gives us the opportunity to still enjoy simple grilled items.

Excellent everything i needed. . Great product, highly recommend.

Larger than i thought it would be after reading other reviews. Last night i made 6 lg hamburger patties, a good sized t-bone and a whole squash cut into planks. Only think i would change is a place to hang the lid, but with the size it is, i don’t know how you would do that. I would not like the lid hinged, as i’ve seen too many like that break. Comes apart easily to take the grill and grease catcher to the sink. Dry and put back outside w/ a bbq cover (that i bought at the same time for something like $12) all-in-all, a great package for our family to cook right on our little wooden deck, w/o the fire danger of a grill w/ a flame.

It was amazing and perfect for our condo deck where we can’t have a charcoal or gas grill.

I like the way it cooks pork chops, and the cleaning is easy.

Very pleased with the grill. It is so easy to clean and a good price.

First grill defective second replacement better. Need something under and around grill to prevent stains since drop pan is so small.

Double non-stick coating is durable & eliminates need for oil

If you’re a gas or charcoal kind of outdoor cook, be prepared for a brand new grilling experience. I purchased this grill for two reasons; first, i cannot use my charcoal grill on my apartment’s balcony. Second, i’ve had good experiences with foreman products past and present. After my first use, i was somewhat impressed. It actually, kind of sort of, worked; my asparagus was awesome, while my steak was good. Grilling a few times more, i’ve learned that this device is truly awesome for grilling vegetables; ok for grilling meat. If you’re experimental in your cooking methods, i’d highly recommend the grill. If a bbq is what you want, go buy a grill powered by gas, charcoal, etc. This grill is definitely in a league of its own; like i said.

Works great and came on time in 2 days from purchase, had a small scratch on the lid but nothing else wrong, exceeded my expectations.

We bought one for our vacation condo on maui and liked it so much that i ended up getting one for my house in dc a year later. You can grill and serve on the table and it’s easy to clean.

This is a full size indoor grill. Very impressive, it’s in the kitchen now.

This grill will save your life, if you plan a big cookout and it rains, you can still cook on the inside with this grill, and it has all of the fat free features as all of the other grills, that is the good part.

We are very pleased with the purchase of the george foreman grill. We purchased the grill to use on our property outdoors since we have electrical power it really comes in handy, no charcoal or waiting on coals to get ready. Just plug in the foreman and go within a few minutes. The ggr240l is also big enough to cook on for a small gathering of folks. We are very pleased and would recommend the grill.

Temperature control for multiple grilling temperatures

George Foreman GR12B Super Champ Indoor Grill – It’s just what I needed

This is a great size for two burgers. It takes very little time to grill. The clean up takes a while but all in all, this is a great grill.

We considered this grill vs the removable plate ones available and ultimately we chose this option due to the higher cooking temperature. The cleaning is simple if you just be smart about what you’re cooking and prep for that aswell. My girlfriend loves this and chooses to use it daily over our other traditional options, no arguments here. Here are the specifications for the George Foreman GR12B Super Champ Indoor Grill:

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  • George Foreman GR12B Super Champ Indoor Grill
  • Black

Pay attention to dimensions i should have myself. Only 4 stars because at this size its no bigger than a panini (sand wedge?) not even useful.

Upgraded my old foreman grill with this larger one and the size is perfect for me. I wish it had a timer and a longer cord and a power switch.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • works well, but small and time consuming to clean
  • Perfect for singles!
  • Foreman grill is a winner

I drop it and broke it, and my boyfriend loved it so much he made me buy another one.

Wasnt sure if i would like this or that it would really work, but it is great. It takes up no space and cleans up very quickly. Its so good that my mom bought one too.

Love this grill, fish & pork chops cook the best on this grill. Bought my sister one for christmas, she stated she was happy with it.

Burgers, chicken, salmon, and grilled cheese sandwiches are perfect on this grill.

It’s grills meat and makes great grilled cheese sandwiches.

Perfect for prepping my meals for the week.

Can cook and clean very easily. Love grilling my homemade hamburgers on it.

The previous reviews are correct; the non-stick coating does start to come off fairly quickly, though i’ve been careful about washing it. Still, it wasn’t expensive and it does get very hot.

My original gf grill died after 10 yr + of use. This was a big improvement and i adored the old one.

This grill is the perfect size. Lightweight and relatively easy to clean.

We have used this grill 3 times a day since we got it. I think we need the bigger one now.

Wish i had noticed that it doesn’t have removable grill plates; my bad :(.

Better than my old square gf that i had to force the patties onto. Cord is short, which i don’t mind because it’s right under an outlet. Better than too much cord i guess.

This is a great indoor grill. I already used it to grill chicken, i was impressed cooks first and the chicken was juicy and tender. I am looking forward to grilling some burgers this superbowl weekend. It cleans easy too because of the non-stick surface and removable tray.

This is my fifth george foreman grill and the right size for two people. The price on amazon was extraordinary, considering what i paid for the others. I give them as gifts and for my own personal use. It is a must in the kitchen. Thanks amazon for pricing it right.

It is easy to use, cooks perfectly, cleanup is simple and can effortlessly take along.

George Foreman GR10ABWI Champ Grill, Withdrawal from “George”

I can only attest the use of cooking hamburgers on the george foreman grill, as it is the only use the grill sees. The cleaning isn’t that easy, but this is coming from someone who usually leaves dishes in the sink overnight. I find that sprinkling water on the grill after cooking (i. , while it is still warm) helps loosen any food; laying a moist paper towel and closing the grill while you finish eating helps ease cleaning later, as well. I don’t enjoy cleaning the drip container either, though lately, i’ve come up with a solution: place a layer of paper towel in the container, so that when it comes time to empty it, you can just throw out the paper towels, and rinse the container out. Paper towels have many uses. )aside from the cleaning aspect, there are a couple other downsides. I used the bun warmer before, but found that it doesn’t warm the buns that much, given the temperature that is used to cook the burgers itself.

I received this grill as a re-gift from someone who doesn’t know how to cook anything besides biscuits and gravy. An indoor grill wasn’t something this person would even know what to do with. And what a lucky break for me. I have used it to cook everything.I have grilled ocean scallops to perfection. They were tender and perfectly carmelized on the top and bottom. I have made marinated shish-ke-bob using filet mignon, and they came out better than any steak i have ever cooked. Tender, juicy and cooked just the way we like them (medium-rare). I have grilled chicken breast. I have grilled vegetables: onions, zucchini, mushrooms, and even butternut squash slices. I even grilled plums, which i later topped with blue cheese crumbles for a special dinner we had. I have also made an assortment of terrific panninis with it as well–perfect grill marks, perfect crunch to the bread, perfect ooze to any cheese on the bread. Everytime, things come out perfectly. My husband raves about any dish that i serve that is made on this grill.

I heartily agree with the positive assessments below. It cooks fast, evenly, and thoroughly without charring (read the cooking instructions and use quality meats,for god’s sake–it can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear). I only cook for my husband and myself, so the size is perfect, and the easy clean-up is great (i really hate the kitchen :.1)opening and closing the bun warmer while cooking the meat can be a little tricky– using a potholder is too clumsy to flip the latch, so you have to be very careful not to touch the top of the grill plate when you do it. (2) lift the lid gently– it’s well-balanced, but if you flip it up too hard or too fast it rocks back (i don’t think it would tip over backwards,but. (3) large, flat patties cook up better than fat patties, but you can only cook one of these at a time. I can’t wait to start ‘experimenting’.

Key specs for George Foreman GR10ABWI Champ Grill with Bun Warmer, Indigo:

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  • Great for grilling burgers, fish, vegetables
  • Includes dishwasher-safe plastic drip tray and spatula
  • Also includes bun warmer
  • Patented grill grooves let oil run off while food is cooking
  • Interior wipes clean easily

Comments from buyers

“Beautiful but small
, all in one machine
, Beware what you ask for

This is an absolutely fantastic product. It has totally revolutionized how i cook. I make everything from sandwiches to fajitas on this. It cooks vegetables, meat, you name it. Not only does it reduce fat and grease, it cooks well. Cooking times are shortened. Even if it weren’t for the obvious health benefits, i would use this.

Love the foreman grill the larger the better.

I can cook, but i don’t approach the task of cooking meat easily. I’m always afraid i’ll undercook it, or leave out a step in the process – preserving the salmonella and killing my friends and family somehow. (usually, as a result of my fear, i always overcooked meat, leaving it tough and unappetizing, though not deadly. )when i received the george foreman grill this christmas, i issued myself a challenge. I’d learn to cook meat without being afraid. I started with turkey burgers, unseasoned. The no-stick surface was easy to clean. The instructions even specified how long to cook particular pieces of meat, turkey burgers, vegetables, hamburgers at four and eight ounces, etc. Everything on the list is fast, too.

This grill works best with hamburgers and pre-cooked hot dogs. I seldom used the bun warmer though. The only drawback was the grill plates could not be removed to facilitate eassier cleanups. This eventually made me dread cooking on it because it was such a tedious task to degrease and rinse. The next one i buy will definitely be the one with removable plates.

Alone and hungry with only a microwave to guide me, i decided to go out on a limb and pick up the george foreman grill with bun warmer. I, like many other people, had been wary of it at first because of its infomercial roots, but once i found one with its wonderful indigo coloration to liven up my kitchen, the road to health was once again on track. Now, i’m not certain if my appetite would revert back to its more meager, less george oriented, fast food beginnings. Believe me when i saw that this item is some sort of modern technological miracle, making food taste like food and cleanup easy for even the most unmotivated of souls. Add to that the fact that food preparation 101 isn’t required, something good for a person who survives without cooking but needs more than a drive-thru menu, and you have the perfect compliment for any ‘chef. ‘ i simply spray a little butter into the beast’s maw, keeping anything from sticking to it while it drains away unspeakably greasy things that i’m glad it rids my food of, and then i finish cleaning it off after my cooking is done by taking a wet papertowel and throwing it into the still warm (unplugged) machine. After a few minutes everything comes off in a snap, keeping my belly from needing to burden itself after a feeding frenzy. Add to that the fact that this precious commodity also heats up hotdog/hamburger buns, and you have yourself a child worthy of adoption.

This grill is great for cooking single portions. If you are trying to cook a family dinner i would go with a larger model. Overall this is a great product. Cleaning is a pain which i hear is better with the new models that have a removable plate. If you have stuff stuck on i recommend plugging it in for a few seconds then wiping it down with a paper towel. Be careful not to burn yourself. I think the only two other problems i have with this product is the lack of an on/off switch and the flimsiness of the bun warmer. After a few uses the warmer lid will flap around due to the poor manufacturing of the switch. Overall though for the price it is a great deal. If i were to buy one again i would get a slightly larger model with the removable plate.

This grill is the best thing that has happened to my kitchen. Being a single college student and not having lots of time like most of us. This grill has prefected for me cooking (grilling) that is faster and better then mom’s. Everything you cook on this grill has to be so much healthly then old fashion grilling. George patented design for this grill let you see what you use to eat with your meat. Now you can enjoy your meats without the extra stuff. I love this grill so much that i brought 2 of my friends a grill.

Don’t get me wrong, i really like my george foreman. I just think that they tend to be a little overrated. I do love how the grease drips off because i don’t like greasy, oily foods. I think that i will appreciate this item even more when i have to cook all of the meals. If they were to make an improvement on this item, maybe they could add a little section when you could warm vegetables or something.

I love the idea of the grill & it really does work; however i am giving it only 3 stars. The product itself is wonderful & would be good for winter days or those of us w/ small apartments, etc. And it does cut down cooking time by about 1/2 or more. If you are a big ‘fish’ person, i would not suggest using this grill. My husband & i received it as a gift & everything was great until we used it for salmon. We cleaned it extremely well, as usual, but the next time we used it for something else, the salmon smell seeped into our kitchen & food; also had the salmon taste. The grills are pourous, so if you plan on cooking a lot of different items, i would reccommend the grill w/ the removable plates so you can soak them. Not sure if anyone else had this trouble, but trust me, we cleaned it.

I don’t know when i got this little grill. I put it on the shelf and left it. I had a larger black & decker grill & used it. ’till it didn’t get hot enough any more. So i decided to give this a try. I had a ham & grilled cheese sandwich cooked on this little grill for lunch today. Some of the cheese oozed out onto the grill and stuck. While it was still hot (but unplugged) i soaked paper towel and laid on the grill a few minutes.

In terms of taste and convenience, i have to give this item5 stars – – it cooks quickly and evenly and the food comes out immersed in flavor – – i happen to be a master at either over or undercooking almost anything i make. Not a single thing i cooked came out burnt or raw in the middle. – – and get this – – we cooked a delicious chicken breast (with the bone) using nothing more than a bit of salt and pepper. And it came out just perfect. Nice, juicy and flavorful – – and the whole meal took less than 5 minutes to cook – – and even less to clean up. . The non-stick surface let’s you wipe the schmaltz away in seconds, and before you know it you can store it away. Another amazing point is that its smoke free – – though i love the smell of roasted garlic and fried onions, it was nice for to be able to make them without smelling or smoking up the house. Only two things you should be aware of – – first i happen to a professional jazz organist, and the grill (especially the lid part) seemed like something that might be too easy to get burned on, especially when you’re using that spatula it comes with(grilled chicken yes – – grilled hand – – no no – – bad one’s next gig or boxing match ) and the other thing is that it doesn’t have an on/off switch. It heats up almost instantly when you plug it in. I’d hate to find out what would happen though if you forgot to take the plug out – – so you definitely need to remind yourself to pull the plug when you’re finished .

The gf grill with bun warmer is perfect for the small family 2-3. You can cook meat or poultry in minutes and the bun warmer is key to hamburgers of grilled chicken sandwich. I recommend cleaning using a scotchbite pad. The grime comes off in just a few strokes without damageing the non-stick surface.

This grill is quick and easy to use and clean, but will only accommodate 1 sandwich or piece of meat (besides hot dogs) without making a mess. It would be ok for one person, but if you’re cooking for 2 you should look for a larger george foreman such as the george foreman gr19bwbc contemporary design grill with bun warmer, black which we recently upgraded to. It seems like the bun warmer lids on most gf grills break off easily, and ours was done for a long time ago. The bun warmer almost works better without the lid, though. Even if you’re just cooking for 1, i’d recommend going with a gf grill that’s a little bigger and nicer.

I bought mine recently and love it. I’m a single person who normally eats out of the microwave and get impatient when it takes more than 5 minutes for some dishes. But i do love to cook but ran out of time with my job nowadays and this does the perfect job of allowing me to cook quickly and clean up just as quickly. Of note, some people are bothered by the small size. It’s just me so it’s perfect and possibly perfect for 2 people. Get a bigger size if you cook for a lot of people.

This little unit does its job perfectly. It’s compact, convenient, simple to use and easy to clean. The only downside is the size — even when cooking one meal for one person, this unit can too small for the job.You have to do them separately or break one in half. Definitely get and use the foreman grill. But give serious thought to a larger size.

I just wanted to say how i love this thing. Being a college student in a shared dorm, this works when i don’t want to eat soup. I can just take out a boneless, skinless chicken breast, a steak, or even some hot dogs and cook these items in less than 10 minutes well done. I even put my vegetables and spices on the grill with my food as well for an extra flavor. To me, its funny how the fat just come right off the meat and drip into the tray. It is so versatile as a warmer and a grill and i dont have to have any additional accessories. I got rid of my microwave because all i ever do is use this thing. Thank you george forman for making something for students. (and everyone else too, of course) the color even accents my room :).

I must admit, i was not a fan of the george foreman grill when it was introduced. The concept seemed ludicrous, like those old hot dog cookers that ‘electrocuted’ the dogs to cook them. Or the snackmaster, which claimed you could make fresh pies in minutes with two slices of bread and a can of filling (all you really got was a hot, gooey mess). I couldn’t believe george’s ‘wundergrill’ would be any better. In fact, i figured it had to be worse. The george foreman grill delivers everything it promises, and then some. It cooks foods fast, with relatively low mess, and the taste is wonderful. The heat sears the outside, creating those delicious, carmelized grill marks. But the cooking is so quick, the insides don’t get dried out or tough.

This is a great grilling system. It will palin take out most of the fat of all your favortie foods like burgers, hot dogs, fish, and steak. This even has a upper section to let you grill your buns and make them nice and crisp for your eating pleasure. This also cook your food within five minutes which can be very convienate if you need something quick. The fat from the food goes into a little tray for an easy cleanup. This comes small so you can fit it anywhere i would have preferd it a little bigger for more grilling in less time. So to sum up this thing is awsome i reccomend that you get one especially if you want to lose a few pounds.

This has to be the best grill ever made. I love my george foreman champ grill so much i bought a second one, and one for the kids. We all love our george foreman electric grill.It’s not a traditional charcoal grill. It could be useful in smaller spaces like porches, easy to use, easy to clean, cuts fat (never hurts, right?), and a good back-up grill or a quick solution to throwing mini-bbqs. All without the hassle of buying, lighting, dumping coal, the smell of lighter fluid fumes and smoke. The only thing that really bugs me.

My wife received this as a gift from my mother for her birthday. I didn’t even know that my wife wanted one of these things–besides as i learned awhile back, i try to steer clear of any type of kitchen appliance as a birthday gift–no matter how practical the gift, it is not received with much appreciation ;)so far she has used it to cook perfect burgers in 5 min. , moist porkchops, and grilled tuna melt sandwhiches. Each item has come out great. The only downside has been that when gilling the sandwhich it squished the sandwhich a bit. This is because items must be 1′ thick to fit in between the two halves. The bread was perfectly toasted and it was fully heated throughout. It also cleans up quickly and easily. Just a quick wipe with a paper towel. It’s small size makes it easy to store.

I must admit, this is an excellent grill. The food i made with it was delicious, and the idea of a bun warrmer is mindblowing. But i found one of the major drawbacks of the grill is that, when provoked, it will attack and seriously wound anything that comes near it. We recently lost the family dog to a grill attack, and my wife was forced to get stiches on her right arm after atttemtping to heat up a sandwich. While these setbacks did bring about some hesitation in my decision to keep the grill, we just can’t let this baby go. Its too effective, almost in a hypnotic way. The george foreman grill may be a sometimes dangerous alternative to conventional cookery, but nothing that makes food this delicious can be pure evil, at least in my book.

George Foreman 60 Inch Super Champ Electric Contact Grill GR0060B : Five Stars

We love it, just wish we had got one a little bigger. A very good product, and reasonably pricedyes that’s all.

Fast service, great product at a great price.

I just got back into the george foreman grills again. I bought a smaller one and it was just way tooo small to grill a meal even for one person. So i upped and bought this larger one. Its 60 square inches verses my 35. Gotta say its great looking, great grilling. This is priced to sell and its sturdy with the floating hinge for thicker cuts of meat. Takes up practically no counter space.

I got this so i could enjoy grilled foods in winter time. It heats up nice and fast and i make all kinds of stuff including tater tots and toast with it, not to mention chicken, steak, grilled cheese, etc. Cleaning is not too hard – if you wipe it off with a paper towel while it is still warm you can get most of the waste off easily. I’ve only had to put it under the sink once, but this model is small enough that this is easy to do. This is a great size – enough space to cook for one or two people and small enough to fit on top of the microwave.

  • Perfect Small Grille!
  • A little on the small side, but sill a great product.
  • I absolutely love this grill

George Foreman 60 Inch Super Champ Electric Contact Grill GR0060B

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 60 Sq. In. grilling surface for 2-3 servings
  • Temperature indicator light indicates plates are at grilling temperature
  • Double non-stick coating is durable & eliminates need for oil
  • 1 ½” floating hinge works to accommodate thick cuts of meat
  • 1 drip tray catch run off liquids for no-mess clean up.

I got this grill as a birthday gift for my mother, and she loved it. It was exactly what she was looking for. She hasn’t tried it out yet, but it looks like there won’t be any problems.

Good quality, easy clean up. Not sure why we waited so long to get one, but we use this grill about twice per week now.

Super grill – easy to use, food is ready very fast, clean-up easy. Takes up very little counter space and no splatters.

Purchased this product in early nov. It stopped working march 1, 2015. It looks cheap and never felt very well made. No on or off switch and no times. Clean up was messy but i expected that. It’s a sad affair when the sponge you bought to clean it last longer then the grill. After talking to the company that handles the george forman grill i was very impressed. With just a little information and a $7.

This grill works nicely and cooks food very quickly. Definitely an upgrade over my old one. Wish you could remove the plates to clean however (only a feature on higher priced models).

I bought this to replace a smaller george foreman grill which i gave to my son on returning to college. I love cooking steaks and chops on it as it sears them on the outside leaving the inside juicy and tender.

I was very disappointed with the size. I thought it would be family size but it is much to small to be. It said you can fit 4 hamburgers on it but i think only 2 would fit comfortably. It does cook well but much smaller than i had hoped for. I am very disappointed with the size.

Granted, it’s a bit smaller than i anticipated, but works perfectly fine for preparing two servings at a time. You can fit 2 store bought pre-formed quarter pound burgers diagonally with a little room to spare. So far it has been able to accommodate 2 pork chops, 2 chicken breasts, 2 ny strip steaks, 2 quarter pound burgers, or 2 grilled sandwiches without issue. The top and bottom seem to cook evenly and there are no issues with drip messes or food sticking to the surfaces. It does a great job at removing excess grease. I’ve tried using it for breakfast sausage and it’s so efficient at grease removal that it actually turned out quite dry. As far as clean up goes, a damp paper towel followed by a dry one seems to do the trick for me. I also wrap tin foil around the grease pan so there’s no messy clean up there. All-in-all i couldn’t be happier with how it performs.

This great little grill performs as expected for the price. Small, compact, and great for one person to prepare a protein and one or two vegetable sides.

Had an older one that went to my camp, this one at my house. Now with a switch to turn on and off only, so no adjusting the temp anymore which is bothersome.

My first time using a foreman grill. I had friends tell me they use theirs all the time so i decided to purchase one. The temperature was perfect and cooked the steaks very well. Cleaning up wasn’t too much of a hassle. Make sure to clean the grill while it’s still hot as it is easier for all the grime and oils wipe off easier.

I can’t be without a george foreman, i love them, tend to use them to death. I wanted one similar tothis that had removable plates, but it was backordered, and i did not want to wait. This cooks great,my burgers are always done well. Cooked a nice big chicken breast tonite perfect to my tastes. Plates are non-stick, except for maybe with cheese, as it does tend to stick to the top platewhen cooking a cheeseburger. I just take a paper towel right when i am finished cooking, wipe the top well, the bottom welland that is that.

Yes i enjoy using the george foreman. Where i live i don’t have a stove and this is a big help to prepare some of my food.

Not bad for the money spent. It does its job without splattering grease everywhere.

I love the george forman grill. I literally use this everyday. I try to maintain a paleo diet which requires a lot of food prep. With this large grill i am able to cook several pieces of meat at once in a relatively short period of time. I can take frozen fish/chicken/steak put it on the grill and have it be finished cooking in a matter of minutes. I also use this for grilling vegetables as well. I can grill a salmon and asparagus at the same time and have my meal finished cooking at the exact same time. No more worrying about timing.

This thing helped me out a lot. It is a life changer when you first get it. It cooks super fast and takes out a lot of the extra grease. Great for those trying to build lean mass or who just want to eat healthy. The only annoying thing is when you have to clean it. I use a spong with some grain to it in order to scrub the cooking surface. Another thing that works great it to heat some water in a kettle if you have one and pour the boiling water on the surface until you fill the grease catcher. Be careful not to burn yourself though.

I’m using it to grill meat, chicken and fish for a diet that i’m on and it works great.

George Foreman RC0995P 20-Cup Smart Kitchen Multicooker – Dormitory Essential

Anything that you can make in a wok or pot on a stove can be made in this. It heats up evenly and the handle stay cool. So far i’ve made:- eggs- french toast- pasta- matzo ball soupi have not tried the steaming or rice cooking function yet but i assume it works fine. The only downside is that you can’t remove the pot 1 handed. You have to turn it off adapter, unplug adapter from the wall, remove adapter from base of pot and then unclip the base to free the pot so you can pour out water when making pasta. It’s a lot of steps, but only takes 20 seconds. Overall, i highly recommend this product. If i had the space i would purchase a second one of these.

Friends had suggested this steamer and had high accolades of its performance. We love combining cut up potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli with the addition of a little salt.

It looks nice, it has a quality feel, and you think you could do a lot with it. Now if only they included an instruction manual with some recipesthis has to be the most frustrating thing i’ve ever gotten, because since it’s an unusual product, you have to figure out how to use it. The manual, if that’s what they call the instruction sheet, is useless. There isn’t anything on their website i’ve found that’s at all helpful. An appliance that looks like it’s got possibilities, and you can’t figure out how to use it.

So i received this in and like others, wasnt sure exactly what it was entirely. After washing the parts i decided to give it a go. Its basically like a mini stove top. You can cook in multiples of ways – but its just explained quite right in the owners manual. Non stick coating is a plus on the inside, and i like the temperature control settings. The heat comes quite quickly, and is uniform to the entire pot. The pot isdeep and holds much more food than you think it would. Chili, stew, casseroles etc. While i wouldnt depend on this as my sole cooking source, would be good to have camping or in a college dorm or even tail gating.

I’ve owned several george foreman grills over the years, so i was thrilled that i had the chance to test out the smart kitchen multicooker. My regular workhorse black & decker hs1000 handy steamer with flavor scenter screen was getting on in years, and was limited to steaming. However, the george foreman multicooker has a 5-quart capacity, and you can sear directly in the pan, then add your other ingredients to make stews, sauces, stir-fry, etc. Like the george foreman grills, the nonstick coating allows for less oil or butter in cooking, cutting down on fat. There’s also an adjustable steam vent on the lid. You can cook two things at once; for example, you can cook rice in the main pot while putting shrimp, fish, veggies, etc in the steamer basket above the rice, not only saving time but cutting down on dishes as well. As other reviewers have mentioned, don’t count on the included ‘instruction’ manual for much guidance. In fact, if you relied on the manual alone, you probably wouldn’t have much of a feel for the versatility of the product. It’s a great help to watch the promo video on the official george foreman website (see my post below for the url). One thing i would have liked to have seen was a comprehensive list of steaming times for various ingredients similar to the manual from my old black and decker steamer (it included separate guides for meat, fish, veggies, frozen vs.

I got this for my son away at college. He likes to cook, and has used it constantly since september. He is very happy with this kitchen appliance.

  • Use it everyday
  • Great little crab cooker
  • Good for cooking stews & soups but not for rice steaming

Not enough instructions came with the multi cooker to make it useful. Some recipes need to be included with the cooker. Until that happens, i would not recommend it to anyone.

This product is what i expected it to be. Does a good job with soups, stews, etc. Is an excellent fit to use between the stove, and the slow cooker. I know the short cord is for safety, just wish it was maybe three inches longer.

George foreman doesn’t just make grills anymore. Introducing the smart kitchen multicooker a 26 cup ( 5 quart ) steam cooker. This is a wonderful steamer that allows you to cook a variety of healthy dishes, everything from rice and fish to beef stroganoff. It’s got a great non-stick coating that allows you to cook without butter or oil and cut out the extra calories. Plus the one touch digital controls allow you to cook rice and stews with the greatest of ease and accuracy. One of my favorite features is the kitchen-to-table removable pan which makes it easy to cook and serve from the same dish. Not to mention the accessories are dishwasher-safe and make cleanup a snap. Overall this is another superb george foreman invention and i highly recommend adding it to your kitchen.

I love this product and use it 5 days a week it’s a skillet, crockpot , veggie steamer and rice cooker all in one. My only complaint was that it didn’t come with any directions or cookbook. It took some time to figure out how to use it. There was no information online to help.

I live alone, and have a very small kitchen. So small, that when my stove died, instead of replacing it, i bought small electric appliance substitutes. One thing i did not have was a medium-sized electric pot that could handle stews, pasta, and could could even slow cook if desired. So i ordered george foreman’s smart kitchen multicooker to round out my perfect set of go-to kitchen appliances. Cooks great and looks great as well. As an added bonus, it actually arrived two days before the projected delivery date.

Features of George Foreman RC0995P 20-Cup Smart Kitchen Multicooker with Intelli-Probe Digital Controls

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    by entering your model number.
  • Extra-large capacity 20-cup / 5-quart multicooker lets you make a variety of one-pot meals, stews, sauces and more, with George Tough nonstick coating so you can cook oil-free
  • Intelli-Probe digital controls offer one-touch rice-specific settings for easy programming, plus an exclusive 500-Degree sear function that’s the only of its kind in the market
  • Removable stainless steel steaming basket plus tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent let you steam vegetables and fish as you cook rice for healthy meals in minutes
  • Elegant removable pan lets you cook and serve in the same dish for kitchen-to-table portability that minimizes cleanup
  • Measures 9 by 13 by 10-inch; 3-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Got it for son who is in college.

The non-stick coating: i just got off the phone with a gorege foreman representative. I found their 1-800-237-9786 number on their website. I really needed to know about the non-stick coating they were using. I was told that there is no teflon being used in this product, or in any of the products they make now. Said that they themselves and ‘probably all’ companies quit using the toxic non-stick chemicals that leach out during cooking just within the last 18 months or so. This change happened as a result of the documented findings that teflon was in fact not safe. I was also assured that you can braise at 500 degrees without any concern of being poisoned by the non-stick surface. (a side note: the caution i would have is to be sure what kind of oils you are using at those high temperatures, if any, because it is a fact that many of the oils are toxic at high temperatures. A separate web study would be helpful to know which oils can be safely heated and to what temperatures before they become toxic for the safety of your health. )the manual: i was at wal mart yesterday looking at the manual for this george foreman product. She read her manual to me which was quite different fromt the one in the box at the store.

I bought this on sale to use primarily as a steamer, and it works wonderfully. The two drawbacks (hence the missing star) worth noting are:1) the manual is pitiful and does not include any kind of chart for steaming times; and2) the timer it has (awesome idea) does not make any sound at all to let you know your veggies are done so you can remove them to prevent overcooking, although the unit does shut off. Thankfully, i had a steamer chart that came with my (much smaller) black & decker rice cooker, but had to experiment get the right time since mr. Foreman is considerably faster than mr. Decker :o)neither issue would prevent me from purchasing this item – definitely still worth it.

I love this kitchen appliance. Like many others i wish there were more recipes out there for using it. I downloaded the ones online from the company website but still look for others to add to my collection. I like that i can sear my meats in the same pot before turning the multi-cooker over to the slow cooker option. I like that i can cook my delicious homemade mac n cheese recipe in the pot without heating my oven in the summer heat of nc. This is one of best kitchen aids i have purchase in recent years. I just have to learn to adapt my recipes to using this awesome all=in=one machine.

I was confused about what this cooker was until i actually cooked in it. Because nothing i read about it made it clear what its kitchen niche was supposed to be. Well yeah, but not entirely. In fact it does a lot of things and does them pretty well. One thing it doesn’t do well, though, is explain itself. The manual is less than useless. It’s careful to tell you to wash all the cooking parts before using, but never is clear on what is machine washable and what isn’t. (i just assumed everything but the pot itself was okay for the dish washer. ) it also says ‘to reduce the risk of electric shock, cook only in removable pan provided. Did they think i was going to put the lid on my stove and try to cook in it?.Okay, never mind the manual.

We use this to cook crab on our boat.

Extra-large capacity 20-cup / 5-quart multicooker lets you make a variety of one-pot meals, stews, sauces and more, with George Tough nonstick coating so you can cook oil-free

I have become a big fan of george foreman products and so far, they have been reliable, easy to use and if anything, a great investment in the kitchen and have not been disappointed with one yet. The latest george foreman product to have in our kitchen is the ‘smart kitchen multicooker’ in which one can make their stew, cook rice and literally cook anything in it. But for me, i like to experiment with a variety of dishes that i have picked up in other countries and because of how compact this product is, it has definitely been put to good use for meals in our home. Installationinstallation is quite easy. You have a cooking base, removable pan, steaming basket, tempered glass lid and you have an intelli-probe digital controls which plugs right into the cooking base and you can hook up to your outlet. Ease of use:this cooker is so easy to use. First off, there is a cooking line etched on the non-stick pan. Just don’t go over it and you’re fine. It’s kind of hard to read though but if you have cooked before and know not to overfill your pan, then you can figure it out. Otherwise, if you are adding liquids, use a measuring cup to be safe.

This is great for everything i brown meat and slow cook in it and something i wasn’t sure it would do is deep fry but it does that well too.

This smart kitchen has come in so handy and is really easy to use, i love all the functions it does.

Because what this basically is, is a glorified crock pot that gets hot enough to sear food. I’m not sure what i was expecting, but i thought there might be a bit more going on than there is. You can set the temperature from super hot to fairly low, but i’m not getting the point of doing so. If i want to cook something low and slow, i’ll use a crock pot (which costs far less than this unit) or a dutch oven. If i need a sear, i’ll use a frying pan. And if i need to make rice, i’ll do it in a pot. The capacity also isn’t humongous: i’ve got a crock pot that’s larger, and a dutch oven the same size. And as for the ‘intelliprobe controls,’ well, i don’t get that either. It’s not really monitoring the temperature of meats that are cooking though i suppose it may monitor the overall interior temp.

Love the fact that i can cook two things at one time. Had to figure out how to use it.

I am so happy that i purchased this, it’s perfect for all my steamer needs. I actually wanted something that would keep tamales warm for get togethers and i used it for a super bowl party, i was able to keep 8 tamales in the basket without burning them. I would just add more in the basket as they were being eaten. I have used it for steaming veggies and potatoes to, it proved to be fast and easy and the vegetables had a great taste. This was a great investment and the price was fantastic.

Intelli-Probe digital controls offer one-touch rice-specific settings for easy programming, plus an exclusive 500-Degree sear function that’s the only of its kind in the market

This is the second one of these i purchased. I have one for myself and wanted this one for a special friend. She likes it as much as i do.

The george foreman multi-cooker is the best electric multicooker i’ve ever owned. I’ve been using it quite a bit, and have gotten fantastic results each time. The cooker does stir fry very well. It also browns hamburger super fast. We even used it to make hashbrowns, which turned out perfectly and didn’t stick at all. The george foreman multicooker also turned out a fabulous pot roast in about half the time. The cooker heats up quickly and cooks consistently. The non-stick surface is easy to clean. Foods can be browned using very little oil. The only complaint i have about the cooker, and it is a very small complaint, is that it must be hand-washed.

Apparently it’s not made for a rice cooker, i’ve tried several times but it doesn’t cook the rice well, but it makes soups and stews like a pro, and by setting it the lowest heat setting it keeps my soup or stew warm all day without burning to the bottom.

I have had this multi-cooker for three months. Since it did not come with a manual and recipes, i have been a little perplexed at times. It is an attractive appliance and cleans up like a dream. What amazes me is that it has such a wide temperature range, it can even sear meat. I made beef stew in the multi-cooker and seared the meat, but apparently cut the meat in too small pieces and it over-cooked it very quickly. I was pleased to be able to thicken the stew, something that is almost impossible to do in a crockpot because of the low temperatures. Holding the stew on warm, however, seemed to overcook it. This is a very hot cookermy attempt with stir fry was quite successful and we will definitely use it for this again. As with all recipes it will take a little tweeking to get it just the way we like it. Our absolute favorite was chicken & dumplings.

Many multipurpose devices do not perform any particular task very well: the proverbial jack-of-all-trades, master of none. This interesting cooker is different. It appears to work as well as single task devices for a number of functions. First, this is a rice cooker. After making multiple pots of rice, i have to say it works quite well. It is a step down from our zojirushi but a definite step up from a few other rice cookers my wife and i have owned. Congee, in particular, turns out very good. I put in leftover turkey bones, threw in rice, water, and some ginger as described in joy of cooking. It also does very well as a steamer.

Only drawback is there are not any instructions on how to use the timer feature but it works great.

I absolutely love this thing — i use it everyday for a variety of meals — it is so versatile. The only thing which keeps it from getting 5 stars is it really isn’t non-stick — and as some others have noted the non-stick surface does flake off over time — i have only used plastic implements with this item so its not user error causing the surface to fail. In spite of this, i will probably order another one, once this one dies.

Removable stainless steel steaming basket plus tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent let you steam vegetables and fish as you cook rice for healthy meals in minutes

It took us some time to get used to how long to cook rice with this unit without burning it. It would have been nice to have a recipe cookbook included (not just the pdf o the website) – but they’re usually well below $10 at a local borders / barnes&noble. All in all, a good addition to the kitchen. Cleaning is easy and this gives us extra incentive to use it in various rice / meat / vegetable combinations.

Elegant removable pan lets you cook and serve in the same dish for kitchen-to-table portability that minimizes cleanup

George Foreman GR59A Baby George Rotisserie – Amazing!

I bought this for my step father after his broke unfortunately because of the size he was not able to use it.

The george foreman baby rotisserie is hard to find in the stores. But it is a good product well built not expensive. I have not mastered the skewers yet. But can use without them and so far everything tastes great especially shrimp. I especially recommend if you have a small kitchen.

I have had my baby george foreman for several years. It is hands down the most delicious whole chicken you could ever cook at home. In the baby grill, there is a size limit of 5lbs. Which 5lbs is really a huge grocery store chicken. There is only two of us here at home. But with how big a alb chicken is, i could easily invite one or to people over and us all eat the chicken. It’s sooo beautiful watching the chicken turn, as it is constantly self basting itself. The meat comes out so moist and tender. Whenever i cook turkey or chicken in oven, i always cook it upside down. So that way the fatty, juicy dark meat self bastes the drier white meat the entire cooking time.

I bought this to replace my original model that i’ve used very often for many years. The food basket is a thinner gauge wire that the original but other than that, everything is the same. I hope to get 15 years out of this rotisserie as i did the original one. It’s great for quickly cooking fish and boneless chicken breasts, grilled veggies.

My wife’s ‘baby george’ has served us well. It’s a great little ‘cooker’. Our son, who’s turning out to be not a meanchef himself, thinks so too. A compact, efficient unit to save time on savory supper preps.

Have grilled fish, chicken and veggies and it works great. I always have a tough time getting chicken just right. Either overcooked or under cooked. There is a basket you can put your fish or your veggies in or your chicken breasts etc.

  • A bit small, but otherwise nice.
  • Good for chicken and salmon
  • I cooked 2 cornish hens

I was at a friend’s place recently and he had some chicken breast cooking in his rotisserie and it looked interesting. The fact that it was supposed to be healthier was very attractive. After some questions i started to look around at what was out there. I have a george foreman grill and i used it until it died so i thought maybe the rotisserie would work well. I didn’t need a full size one as i was cooking only for myself. I have been cooking mainly chicken legs and i am loving it. I put some seasoning on the outside and that is it. It skin is crispy and the meat is so moist. I can’t believe how simple it is.

I love the baby george foreman rotisserie. I used my first one for many years until i wore it out so i just had to get another one.

I’m a big fan of the foreman grill and use that a lot so it was a no-brainer to order this rotisserie. I am single and have limited space, so a smaller version of the monster machines i’ve seen before seemed perfect. And in that respect, this does fit the bill. Fits on my counter (although i slide it out during use since you don’t want all that heat under your cabinets.But didn’t expect how much trouble i would have trying to keep the meat small enough to fit. . Even if it fits fine when you first put it in, once the grease starts dripping, things move all over. I use a ton of string on the chickens (smallest i can find in the store) and they still tend to start banging into the bottom. Part of the problem is that it seems that the spit is closer to the bottom than the top, and of course gravity tends to pull things down anyway. Cleaning is also a bit of pain, lots of parts to clean afterwards and some don’t ever come clean no matter what you do (and i’ve only used it a few times) cleaning the inside of the glass door is near impossible without removing it (good luck getting it back on, i don’t recommend it) i assume these are common problems for rotisseries though, it’s mainly the size i have a problem with. An inch or two more would have been idealupdate: one solution i have found to the size is to just roast a full chicken breast, rather than the whole chicken.

After reading some of the reviews, i was a little apprehensive about my purchase of the baby george rotisserie. However, i tried this little gem tonight and it functioned exactly as i expected. A perfectly done whole chicken that tasted as if it were from the deli at the supermarket. The preparation stage was simple. It took longer to create and apply the rub than the rest of the preparation combined. Once i spitted the bird, i tied some twine around it to prevent the bird from flopping around and hitting the elements. Then i set the timer for 60 mins, but because of some comments i had read, i checked it at 45 mins. After the timer expired, i let the bird sit for 15 mins as suggested in the manual. Then i used a big fork to slide the bird off the spit and onto the carving platter.

This was given to me as a birthday gift from my mom last week and i honestly don’t know how i ever lived without one of these. The day i got it, i cooked a 4 pound chicken. It took 1 1/2 hours and no lie, it was the best chicken i’d ever eaten. The outside was crispy and delicious and the meat couldn’t have been more tender. Just tonight i tried my hand at baked potatoes after reading in the instruction manual that you can make them in the unit. 4 potatoes at 1 1:2, it’s as though they were cooked on the barbecue wrapped in tin foil. The unit itself is relatively easy to clean. I found that the spit required some soaking before the food remnants loosened from it but that’s no big deal.

Features of George Foreman GR59A Baby George Rotisserie

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Meats self baste In their own juices
  • Roasts up to a 5 lb chicken
  • 3hour countdown timer with bell and auto shut off
  • Handle tool for easy removal of hot food
  • Includes: flat basket and four kabab skewers

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

For cooking meals for one to three people, this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I may never oven-roast a chicken again. There are 2 things you should know, though:1) truss anything you put on the spit. Several people have mentioned having problems with 4-5 lb. I’ve done chickens up to 5 lbs with no problem, but it is a cozy fit, so tie them up well. The same goes for beef and pork roasts. Even if it looks like it should be no problem, keep in mind that the roast isn’t going to be balanced, so it’s likely to sag. Truss tightly and all should be well. 2) if you don’t already have one, get an instant-read meat thermometer, and use it frequently until you get used to the rotisserie. It does cook a bit more quickly than the instructions and your oven experience might suggest. The only real complaint i have is shared by several other posters as well. The reflector gets stained after a few uses and won’t come clean. Thus far, it hasn’t seemed to matter as far as cooking performance goes, so i’m hoping for the best down the road. All caveats aside, this does an excellent job, and i use it at least once a week.

The rotisserie which i recieved for my birthday was absolutely one of the best kitchen appliances purchases that my wife has ever made. It is advertised to hold up to 5lb roast or bird but actually holds an 8lb item. (while still cooking to perfection) there are only 2 in our household and it makes the perfect size meal, with few left overs. Even without expensive seasoning or injectors this rotisserie crisps the outside of any chicken while leaving the inside tender, juicy and fully cooked. We use our rotisserie at least 3 times per week, and are amazed by how much fat actually drips off a small bird. The convient suction cups on the bottom allow for safe use on almost any surface. The only drawback that we have found is that the spikes which hold the bird in place are not non-stick we now own the george forman grill and the rotisserie and have both recommended it and bought them for friends.

One in our house and one in our 5th wheel. Some reviews complained it was too small, but its just the right size for my husband and i. Another review said the parts rust. I’ve had my first one for a few years and use it regularly and never had a problem with rust, just dry the parts before you put it away. Chicken is better than you get at the deli. You can season it any way you want and it’s hot when you serve it.

There’s no doubt i’ll wear this rotisserie out with all the use it gives. Easy to use, a snap to clean, and really does a surprisingly good job.

Have used this time and time again. Works best on whole chickens 5lb or less in size. Remember to tuck the wings well or they will touch the elements and burn to a crisp.

We bought this to replace another rotisserie that we had left when moving, we sought something that had a small footprint and did the job for us. I researched the available ones for sale and decided that this one would best suit our needs. From the day we got it, i have liked the ease of clean up, and the speed of cooking. We don’t need a huge one and we aren’t planning on cooking two chickens at the same time. This one does one great, and two cornish game hens at once. It comes with a nice basket for fish fillets and veggies. Overall the machine is great, does what it is supposed to do and is easy to clean. Not much else you could ask. My wife likes the fact that it sticks to the counter top and doesn’t move around by bumping into it. I would recommend this to any couple that is looking for a good rotisserie to cook with. It is better than firing up the oven, and heating the kitchen. I am giving one to my cousin for a present i like it that much.

Meats self baste In their own juices

We love to do the baking hen on the rotisserie. Just a little tony’s or some lemon pepper sprinkled on the chicken —yum.

And they came out really good. Little season salt and pepper and that was all it needed. The only thing i didnt like was i could not seem to get the legs of the hens to stay together to well and they kept flopping a little and hitting the side. The piece that goes thru the birds that makes it go around seemed like it wasnt secure. It was – it held 2 birds but i was waiting for it to fall apart and drop to the bottom. The cornish hens were very tasty and the rotisserie is very easy to clean.

I think anyone who has limited space should consider this product if they are looking for arotisserie. It does a great job cooking roast and chicken. I haven’t tried any other food yet.

This rotisserie is great for reducing fats and oils from your cooking and diet. The rotisserie is easy to clean. The door comes off by matching the arrows on the side of the rotisserie with the arrows on the door. All items with the exception of the door can go into the dishwasher. I use string to tie the legs and wings together on the birds that i cook to prevent the flopping around. I rub oil on the slots to prevent squealling. My son loves to use the rotisserie to cook hotdogs and sausages. I enjoy the flavor of the different meats that i have cooked in this fantastic little rotisserie. Above all i enjoy knowing that i can cook my meats and reduce the fat from both my meats and from my diet.

When i brought this one home, hubby rolled his eyes and sighed. Then i cooked a chicken and all was forgiven. This dandy little gadget makes absolutely the best chicken you’ve ever had. I like to use a dry rub on the chicken, pop it on the skewer and set the timer for 90 minutes, walk away and come back to the yummiest, most moist and tender chicken you ever tried. I love this thing so much i have given at least 6 of them out as wedding gifts. Every kitchen should have oneplus, as an added bonus, it is super easy to clean. All the parts, including the front door, come off so you can wash/scrub them clean. All you need do with the rest is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth, reassemble and you’re ready for the next chicken. It will also do veggies (there’s a handy little cage thing for that) and roasts but i’ve only done chickens with it. Oh, if you have a big family you’d probably need the regular size rotisserie. The baby rotisserie is great for small familes and couples.

I always wanted to have a rotisserie, i am using it once every 3 weeks. Suits my family needs however, i could have bought a the next size up. Sometime i was to roast a bigger chicken.

Roasts up to a 5 lb chicken

I have had my george foreman rotisserie for 8 years and use it at least 10 a month and i love this thing. I have been thinking about getting the larger model but don’t feel like paying $400. I have read many reviews from people saying that these things don’t work, or i can’t figure how to work it, or it’s hard to use, to those people all i can say is seriously , maybe the best thing for them is to stay away from the kitchen. As with any cooking, temperature and time is everything for perfect taste and texture. It took me about 2 weeks of trial and error, and anyone that doesn’t have patients, remember this it’s not a conventional oven, keep trying and you will master this great appliance. One of the great features is that it is so easy to clean, the class door, drip pan, and all other components fit in the dishwasher, but here is some advise, spray cooking oil(pam) on the basket, cooking rods, and drip pan this will make clean up a breeze. George foreman, if you read this please bring the price down of the large model, you will sell a lot more, and if its not made in the usa, please shift the manufacturing of all your products to the us, we as americans will all benefit from this.

Normally i’m pretty skeptical of people who call into qvc and tout the wonders of the item being sold. This oven is all that and a bag of chips. I have made everything from chickens, cornish hens, roasts, turkey breasts and chicken wings (in the basket that came with the oven), and i have had good luck. The only thing you need other than this oven is a good meat thermometer to be sure the meat is cooked through or at the temperature you want. This thing, if you like to cook, is incredible.

I bought the rotisserie for my husband we just got our own place, and my girl friend recommended the baby george on amazon. I thought my husband would appreciate it, and i was half right, because i love that thing. It has been 3 weeks and it’s the most used appliance in the house. No matter what we put in to it, the meat, fish and even baked potatoes comes out looking and tasting amazing. Before this appliance i had never cooked chicken all by myself before and this rotisserie makes it so easy. Just season and let it work its magic. Not to mention the baby george saved our lives, our stove wasn’t turned on and we ended up using the george for everything. It fits up to 2 baby chickens, lamb (using the basket provided), salmon, baked potato and everything ends up looking as if it came from the cooking channel. Now our stove is working and the baby george is still our main appliance.

I really like my baby george rotisserie. It cooked great and i thought pretty fast. The only thing that i had problems with was getting the chicken on rod evenly so that it would turn correctly. After i finally got it on right it worked great.

I had a baby george for a number of years and really liked it, but i lost mine in the flood this past summer so wanted a replacement. The rotisserie arrived new, as advertised, but it was advertised to come in the original packaging, which it did not, and it was incomplete. The instruction book was missing, as were the four skewers. The rotisserie works fine, and fortunately i had the instruction book from my previous baby george. And that’s what clued me in to the fact that there should have been four skewers with the rotisserie.

It was the fact that when i received (yes i understand it was used) but, i thought it would be cleaned up. It arrived all boxed up but the people at amazon forgot to wipe off all the cooking oil.

Just the right size for one or 2 people. Easy to clean and does not take up much space on counter.

3hour countdown timer with bell and auto shut off

I have found that if you let the basket and tray and back shield soak in hot soapy water while you are eating your dinner, and the use a brush to scrub over the wires of the basket it comes out really clean. I use a scotch brite on the smooth surfaces of the shield and the tray, and i do use the brush on the spit also. It is not that big a deal to clean, just takes some time, and really, it is very worth it as the meat comes out so juicy and yummy. My friend likes to do chicken thighs in his, and the skin gets so crispy and very good.

Great addition to the kitchen, works very well, both quiet, and efficient. Fits in a very small space, needs very little room on your kitchen counter. Perfect addition to the rv as well.

We received this last christmas and have used it many, many times. This does a good job on chicken and will do up to 5 lb if the chicken is ‘tucked’ and tied well making it as slim as possible. The salmon recipe is excellent and usually turns out pretty good, although the timer has no markings between 15 and 30 minutes and you have to guess where to set it which makes it difficult to get doneness consistently right. This does not work for cooking good steak or burgers. There is no browning on the outside, making for a weird color, and it made the meat almost inedible. I was going to try kabobs but not after getting horrid results with steak and burgers. I would stick to grilling beef (or even broiling or frying) rather than use this. Clean up is not too bad if you spray with cleaner or soak asap.

For a normal size chicken, it works great. Have some good cooking twine, but meat is tender & tastycooks really well.

Your chicken will taste just like a store-bought one with this appliance.

Everyone raves about chicken from the baby george rotisserie, but let me say that it makes the best roasted leg of lamb you can imagine. The boneless version has many creases, folds, and pockets in the meat and comes already bundled in a mesh bag that holds it together. You can poke garlic cloves, rosemary sprigs, jalapeno peppers or whatever through the mesh bag and tuck deep into the folds and pockets in the roast. Then you skewer the entire roast, mesh and all, and pop it in the grill. What you get is a moist, mouthwatering, and flavorful roast that is as good as it gets.

Handle tool for easy removal of hot food

Ok, first lets get things straight, i am lazy. I got this at target on clearance for $30. I love chicken but who wants to go through the pain of making it. I rubbed a bit of seasoning salt on it, put it in and set the timer. The best chicken i ever had. Hints: buy cooking twine for larger birds, and go with the lower cooking time in the book. I got lucky on the price, but it is worth it. I am single, so the small one does fine for me. If you like birds over 5 pounds get the bigger one. Cleaning was easier than people make it out to be, just soak it in hot soapy water for a while, it all wiped clean.

The reviews i read sold me on this item. I was going to purchase the showtime jr rotisserie and am so happy i read the reviews and purchased the baby george rotisserie. I live alone and this takes the place of broiling a fish fillet, a pork chop or a piece of chicken, a hamburger, hot dog, or braut – in the oven. It uses less energy and the meat comes out perfect without my having to turn it over. It does not heat up my entire apartment, it’s very easy to clean and uses very little space. I would not be able to use this for more than 1 or 2 pieces of meat, depending on the size of the meat. So, for entertaining guest the oven will have to do.

I had my 1st baby george for 8 years and its replacement is just as good.

George Foreman GRV80 Contemporary Grill – Grill

This was our second george foreman grv80. We use it nearly every day for everything from cooking bacon to grilled cheese sandwiches to grilling veggies, chicken, fish, steaks etc. I love reheating french fries in this because it gets them crispy again. I even use it to toast tortillas so that i don’t have to fry them. They are a bit of a pain to clean but if you remember to put a wet rag or wet paper towels in it to soak it, it makes it much easier. This version doesn’t have the removable plates for easy cleaning but it is cheaper so i make due. The non stick coating does eventually start to wear off so don’t use anything abrasive on it. Ours stays on the counter year round because i use it so much. Someday i might upgrade to one of their adjustable heat and removable plate models but in the meanwhile this is a great size and works well.We got rid of our outside grill because i enjoy this more.

We bought this to replace another george foreman. This new one is lighter, seems more flimsy. The size is ok, wish is was a little bigger but i liked the shape of this one.

I had a george foreman grill given to me about 8-10 years ago. Unfortunately the hinge broke, i bought this as a replacement. The original one was of better quality. This works, but is of cheaper material than the original. I could not find the original model i owned. Here are the specifications for the George Foreman GRV80 Contemporary Grill:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Family sized 80 square inch grilling surface
  • Extended safe touch handle
  • Patented slope design and nonstick cooking surface
  • George tough nonstick coating and signature Foreman heating element
  • Dishwasher safe accessories include unique spatula and drip tray

I just got my george foreman contemporary grill today. On the picture it looks white but its really silver. I’ve already cooked chicken, shrimp, salmon, corn on the cob, and a quesadilla. Cooking surface is 80 sq inches and it’s small enough to fit on our kitchen counter without looking too bulky but big enough to cook for me, my wife, and my 5 year old son. I tend to over cook my food because i haven’t gotten used to it cooking soo fast but i’m starting to figure it out. I think i’m going to start preparing my food in the morning (marinating meats, cutting vegetables and whatnot) to cut down cooking time even more.Just wipe down the hot grill with a sponge and dry off with a kitchen towel. Me and my wife are on a diet so this grill is going to make it easier to keep us on track. Highly recommended to anyone.

The grill works great for chicken. Grilled sandwiches are great and easy. I would recommend this to anyone.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Great machine, which makes great tasting
  • Five Stars

This product is good for us older people. It’s fast for all meats and veggies for simple quick easy meals.

Works like a charm, the only downfall for me is that the grill part isn’t removable to be washed; but if you just use a wet cloth or paper towels the grill wipes off very easily.

We’ve had several george foreman grills, and this is my favorite. It’s easy to clean, and i like the size and shape.

I have grilled chicken pork beef. Made grilled cheese and other grilled sandwiches. My gas grill doesn’t see much action anymore due to the gf grill.

You won’t find a negative comment here. I love the size and the ease of clean up. Other commenters stated that placing a wet paper towel on it and closing it after cooking allowed for easy clean up. My poor oven and stove are going to start feeling more and more left out.

I will be looking to get another for my best friend as a gift.

I use this grill often enough that it remains on the kitchen counter. A thin-cut ribeye is ready in about 4 minutes. A salmon filet goes on the grill frozen solid, and is cooked and ready to eat in 10 to 12 minutes. Makes great hamburgers, and there’s no greasy spatter on the counter after cooking. Cleaning can be a chore, which is the only reason i didn’t give this grill a full 5-star rating.

We use this to cook 1/2 of our dinner. It’s great for cooking chicken and other meats quickly. Warning: it will dry chicken out so be sure to use extra seasoning. It’s great for roasting veggies, making paninis, and other grilled sandwiches. We couldn’t do without it in our kitchen now.

Great product cuts down on cooking time. Really like the extended handle. Only downside is that i wish i would have bought a little bit bigger grill. Other than that so far no complaints.

It heats up quickly & does a good job, however it did not come with the advertised (in brochure) plastic grill scraper & i do not want to purchase it for $3+.

I’ve had my george foreman grv80 for six months and am completely satisfied with it. I use it at least five times a week for my family. I make everything from fish sticks to pizza on it. It only has one setting (very hot) so i’m limited to what i can make. As a ‘starter’ grill i think this one is great. The nonstick surface makes clean up easy. If you want to do more things with your grill (i. , make pancakes, cookies and waffles) then i would look into getting a grill with interchangeable plates. I also like the sloped grill so all of the fat drips away from the food.

Every time i use it i wish there was on off switch to control the grill. Mostly i have used it to grill vegetables and burgers.

I can cook almost anything on it. It will last you forever too.

This grill makes everything, i would recommend this to everyone. It is very fast when you want to make burgers or simply grill some chicken indoors.

I got my grill a month ago and love it. I was reluctant to get one because some of the reviews said it’s really difficult to clean. May i suggest that you clean the grill while it’s still very warm. If you let it cool down the food particles sticks to the grill. Just warm it up again and you can clean it up in a snap.

Finally got around to purchasing one of these things. Eversince growing up in the 90’s i could remember watching george foreman himself trying to sells these on tv. The only thing i am disapointed about the grill is that i am still somehow burning my chicken breast. . The instructions itself says to not use cooking spray ie. Pam but if you wanted to you may dabbed a little oil on the grill, tried that and my chicken breasts still burn. Set it to cook for 15-20 minutes and sometimes the chicken is still raw inside, not sure what i’m doing wrong but i still love this machine for it’s potential.

George Foreman RC0010B Smart Kitchen 30-Cup Digital Multicooker, Love the Multi-cooker

I like the fact that you can saute in this cooker but the settings do not allow for any slow cooking, lowest setting is almost like it is off, luke warm, next one has what i am cooking boiling fast. The rest are just higher settings. It’s ok, i am using it for soups but disappointed that it doesn’t slow cook.

The only complaint i have is the directions seemed really complicated. To make the rice you just need to follow the directions on the rice bag, don’t bother with the little cup included.

We have been fans of the george foreman products since his original grill. This cooker is just great for soups and stews. We use it at least once a week and have done so in the year since we bought it. The coating is still good and all still works fine.

Key specs for George Foreman RC0010B Smart Kitchen 30-Cup Digital Multicooker with Sear Setting:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 30-Cup (5-1/2-quart) capacity lets you cook whole meals for big family gatherings and more, with our George Tough nonstick coating for oil-free cooking and easy cleaning
  • Intelli-probe digital controls feature specific settings for different types of rice and steam, variable temperature settings and a one-touch sear button that makes searing meat for stews easy
  • Stainless steel steaming basket and tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent makes it easy to get the results you want on a variety of your steamed favorites
  • Elegant pan removes easily from the control probe to offer easy serving without any extra dishes
  • Measures 11.6 by 13.6 by 10.6-inch; 3-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

, I like the fact that you can saute in this cooker
, Love this cooler!

I would recommend buying this for your home.

This is the best multi cooker for the value. Second one i purchase due the my husband breaking the first one. Used the at my work place almost everyday, heats up fast and easy to clean and store.

It’s ideal for rice, steaming meats, fish and vegetables.

Just the right size, easy to use and seems to be in constant use since we bought it.

I got this george foreman rc0010b steamer cooker for my mother-in-law because i already have one myself and she loves it. I love how easy it is to use to cook rice and veggies.

Sent it back not good for a crock pot, but good for deep frying.

Already had one but likes it so much i bought another. Nice to have two in the summer.

It’s multitaskful, the price is wonderful.

5qts and 2 cups is only 22 cups. I must admit i didn’t see the 5 quart written on the advert i saw the 30 cup and went for it . There is nothing wrong with the product — just the miss representation about its capacity.

I have had this for a few years and it is still by far my favorite tool in my kitchen. I love to make chili and all types of stews in it, rice, brown meat, steamed veggies, etc. It’s also really easy to transport. Plus, it has been a total godsend since my normal stove broke.

We really like this cooker – we bought it for a burrito party but now we use it at home at least once per week. It makes rice perfectly every time. We just wish it came with more recipes.

This is my second (i took the finish off with a hand blender) my bad, i use this every week, week after week for 4 years now. It cooks rice, grains perfectly, steams veggies, cooks big batch chilli, you name it.

I love mine i cook with it all the time my husband’s favorite on it is the warm button. He works all day and i always goto bed before him it’s good to know i can leave the food on warm so when he eats its still hot. This is my second george foreman pot the first one i’ve had for about 10 years and the heating element just startedacting up but i’m still using it. They are totally water safe i wash them in my dishwasher the plugs on the side are sealed and water safe i cook everythingin this that is small like stews, soup, homemade chili i cook so much in this to much to write. I love george foreman cookware and grills and i know you will to with this pot if you decide to buy it.

I got my multicooker on saturday and used it for dinner. I found that it reaches the set temperature quickly so you need to be prepared for that. Other electric cookers i have used take longer to reach operating temperature. The meal came out fine and the multicooker cleaned up easily. I got this product because my cuisinart rice cooker is annoying to use and difficult to do other things than just cook rice. This product has a much larger steam basket than the cuisinart. It is also more versatile than my presto multicooker. That has a terrible steaming option and can’t cook rice. Some people complain about the lack of instructions. The booklet that comes in the box is shorter than the pdf version which is found on the product’s home page.

Seriously the best rice cooker i have ever found. Bought one for my mother and my mother in law, they agree. Have not used it much as a slow cooker but as a steamer it is great.

Holds plenty, good range of heat and time selections. Good for soups, chillies, roasts, chanko. Anything else you might wanna cook up.

Rice is always perfect cooked in this gf cooker.

This is a great pot; you can make anything in it. Anything that you cook on the top of the stove can be cooked in this. I especially like that i can take prepared foods to family gatherings and keep the soup, casserole, etc. Warm without using their stove or oven.

I’ve ised it for slow cooker recipes and it works great. Easy to clean and easy to use.

I was looking for a product that heated foods quickly & a larger quantity than other similar products. The labeling is wrong however-30 cups is 7 1/2qts. I was scared to order it fearing it was a 5 1/2 qt but was pleasantly surprised.The original price was too expensive for me also, but once it was lowered quite a bit, i jumped on it. It heats very quickly & i love the settings & the way the control panel operates. You do need to stir foods heating frequently if it’s set very high if you’re not trying to brown something or it does try to stick a little.

I honestly love this appliance and use it several days a week. It has a large steam basket and boils very quickly. They different temperature functions make cooking just about anything easy and quick. I have also made rice in it several times and it always comes out great. I thought cleaning was going to be a pain but once again pleasantly surprised. The only reason i gave this 4 stars is that only after a few weeks the handles feel like they are separating. They are 2 pieces that seem to be getting loose. All in all definitely recommend.