GE PEB9159SFSS Profile 1 : aged well so far

We had to replace the same microwave we have had for the last 8 years. Not super old to go kaput for a machine costing so much. I feel the older model has more “style” and looked better, but the new one is quieter, and i am sure more powerful. The new owners manual is very thin and weak. Just as well we kept the old one. Once you have all the vents etc attached – these machines are pretty heavy. If you are installing in a cabinet, make sure it is strong enough, and have a helper around.

I am totally in love with this unit. I had to make some adjustments as i didn’t pay attention to the actual height and depth of the oven as it was a replacement for a previous microwave oven. I also, found that living in a pre-war building in nyc doesn’t have electrical wiring adequate enough to cook using the convection oven without tripping a circuit breaker. I was able to preheat convection to 400ºf, then begin to cook cornbread for about 7 minutes before tripping circuit breaker. It looked like it was doing a great. I finished it in my regular oven. — microwave oven portion works wonderfully. If and when i move, i know i’ll have an amazing machine at my disposal.

Convection oven works better than dedicated oven-only units.

The door latch spring broke after the first week. Ge online appliance repair was very helpful to arrange for local warranty work. I am otherwise pleased with the unit itself. The convection oven heats well, and the magnetron microwave power is strong. The controls are straightforward and intuitive. The enclosed operational booklet is brief and concise to start immediate cooking if one is not previously familiar with convection cooking.

  • Exactly what I was looking for: a small convection oven with a bonus microwave feature 🙂
  • I love it’s potential.
  • Good replacement for old microwave.

GE PEB9159SFSS Profile 1.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave – Convection

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1,000 Microwave Watts
  • Convection Cooking
  • Sensor Cooking
  • Glass Recessed Turntable
  • Control Lockout

We bought this to replace a 20 year old convection/micro wave that we thought was going on the fritz. After receiving this we discovered it was the wiring in the wall, not the appliance. I do not like this model nearly as much as the older onein my older version i could convection bake two (rectangle) trays of cookies, or. This model has a rotating glass tray (like most microwaves) and a round rack that can sit on the glass. I have to use a round pizza pan to bake things, i can’t do a 9×13 because there’s no feature to turn off the rotation. I find the manner to start the oven annoying. Make the selection, turn the knob, push the knob in and then hit start. . However, for anyone who has not had another of these, this is the best combination convection/micro available today.

Great counter microwave, works well, breaks fast. I bought this microwave march 9 2015, it stopped working november 7th. I have not had good luck with ge products, this is my 2nd ge product. 00 over the stove microwave, worked really well, but it kept breaking, i was so disappointed. So how does this happen, the tech said the electronics was on the bottom so the heat rises from the stove and was burning an electronic part out ???. So i thought i’d get the similar features but get a counter model, same problem, broke again, it always occurs when the item is a little over it’s warranty period. 00 over the counter microwave ge repaired no charge, it had a 2yr warranty. It worked for a little over one year and broke again. I’m going to call them on this one and see what they say but i’m fed up with the ge microwaves. Their microwave products are great when they work, but the product quality is not that good.

My new building was outfitted with 7 of these microwaves. So far 2 of them crapped out and i replaced them with thege peb9159sfss profile 1. Hopefully it lasts longer than the originals.

Bit confusing with the baking and microwave and the timer issue. I guess i have to play with it some more and read the manual.

This is a “journeyman” microwave-convection oven. Pros include an attractive outside and inside appearance with nicely polished stainless steel. Although a review of the instructions is important, the controls are not difficult to master, and one can reheat or cook items fairly easily without needing an advanced degree. Cons include the fact that time cooking has to be set in 5 second increments, and one cannot time things to the second. The turntable is smaller than expected so that when cooking bacon on a dinner plate, fat dripped over the turntable onto the oven surface itself requiring a more strenuous cleanup. My great disappointment with this oven which cost in excess of $500 is that it does not come with a microwave-convection cookbook, so unless one has an old one from a previous oven, one really has no clue how to actually use combination cooking for chickens roasts and such.

First off, this baby is big, i was replacing a countertop unit that started having issues. The plastic “roller” on the thing that allows for rotation kept falling off, hadn’t cleaned it in ages so, the plug was showing signs of overheating (likely caused by the motor in it trying to force the platform to spin. (this was a kenmore unit, and it served me for easily 8 years or so. So first thought, get another kenmore, then i went off and read reviews of it, did a lot of shopping and found this baby. It looks to work just fine so far. Only issue, if you don’t have the pamphlet, it could take you several minutes to figure out how to say “30 microwave 100 percent power). A ton of buttons, all the same size, non-intuitive interface. Granted i’m a simple person, confuse easily, so there’s that. Still, a big red button (heck even silver or black) would have been nice.

Feels heavy duty and both functions work very well i have limited space and this dual purpose product fit my needs perfectly.

Only issue so far is that you have to use guesswork to gauge the time for cooking items.

Nothing has stopped working or aged poorly.

The only thing i don’t like is the turntable when using the convection.

After reading some of the reviews i was not sure about this unit. But i decided to take the risk and i am so glad that i did. First of all: if you don’t know what is a convection oven do a little research first before you buy it. Yes, it takes some time to heat the oven when you are about to use the convection oven feature. But, instead of heating up the “main” oven that is 2800w to bake some pastries i just heat up the smaller and faster convection oven. The microwave feature is just a microwave. I love the fact that i can use both features (convection and microwave combined) to prepare food “microwave fast” with oven color and crisp texture. I understand that the controls are a bit intimidating at first but i got used to it fast.

Replaced a ge profile i purchased in 2002; don’t think has quite as good quality stainless steel inside of oven, but so far works well.

Though not as ‘solid’ as its predecessor, still does a good job but seems slower to bring items to temperature as well. This was purchased to replace a ge profile of the same size and it would have been better to have repaired that model and saved about $300. Though i’m not pleased by the replacement, this model still does what it’s supposed to do.

I purchased this oven to replace a builtiin microwave that died. I wanted a 2nd regular oven and this fit the bill with its convection feature. The microwave functions take some getting used to but it didn’t take long to master. I’ve used the convection part only once and i didn’t experience a reduction in cooking time from a regular oven. But at least i didn’t heat up the kitchen as usually happens with the regular oven. The oven door was difficult to open when i paused the oven during convection cooking to check my food– it stuck part way. Also, plan to purchase the separate stainless surround panel which costs almost as much as the oven.

GE PCR06WATSS Wine Center : Quiet and low vibration, but not good for burgundy-shaped bottles

I have had good bottles of wine around for years and every once in awhile i get a bottle that had just been at room temperature too long and wasn’t that good. Since i have gotten this unit i am confident that i can keep my wines until they have matured properly. So far this has been great and i love to get those special wines that i can hold without fear of spoilage.

Use it for wine and soda beverages. Bottom two shelves are used for soda. It does a great job with wine temp.

GE PCR06WATSS Wine Center

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    by entering your model number.
  • Electromechanical temperature controls
  • Full-extension wine racks with beechwood fronts Slides in and out with ease, making loading and unloading effortless
  • Delivers a high-end and modern appearance that blends with existing appliances

I did some extensive research before i bought this built-in wine fridge. Being quiet is very important to me, and indeed, this is one of the quietest wine fridges i checked out. As a corollary, there’s also not too much vibration. I still wouldn’t keep the best wines in there for many years – any compressor-based wine fridge will vibrate too much for that – but the slightly spongy coating on the racks help protect the bottles to a great extent. The one major negative is the space between shelves. Yes, the fridge can theoretically hold 57 bottles, but in practice those bottles are all either bordeaux-shaped or placed in there with precise care. If you like chardonnay, pinot noir, syrah, champagne, or anything in burgundy/rhone-shaped bottles, they tend to slide in such a way that they hit the shelf above them. This got so bad i ended up removing a few shelves, and now have to take care which size bottle goes where. I wish they had crammed 1 fewer shelf into the design, and given each shelf an extra 1/4′ clearance.

The ‘complaints’ about this cooler relate to wanting to fit different sized bottles — which isn’t an issue for me as mine is full of bordeaux in ‘standard’ bottles. I did an exhaustive review of reviews of wine coolers up to 166 bottles on every possible web site and found that compressor failure was an issue and warranty service farmed out to third parties was unreliable or non-existent. Even though the cost of this ge at about $25 per ‘bottle slot’ — the metric that was the easiest to use for comparative cost — is higher than the off-brands, it is much less than $50/bottle slot for a subzero or viking but those are two temperature zone coolers and i only wanted one zone figuring it made the cooler more complicated and more likely to fail. You get a 5 year warranty on the whole unit from ge who presumably knows how to make refrigerators that don’t break. Although i buy most things at amazon, home depot online had the same unit on sale at 10% less than amazon with free delivery so i bought it there.

I reviewed virtually all models and discovered many ‘off brands’ and that many people had mechanical complaints and especially service. I decided on ge because i thought if i needed service ge would be dependable. This attractive, quiet, efficient unit has not needed service. After a trial, i bought a second unit for the remainder of my wines.

GE PCR06WATSS Wine Center :

GE PSA9120SFSS Microwave Oven : Five Stars

Great product, getting it timely delivered was my only issue.

Great to use if spending more than many can afford is of no consequence. I have made my own handle and brackets after getting through three handles. The unit is made of childishly weak materials. I asked my wife which items we used the most?.Bathroom – coffee maker – advantium. We have an income that means we are annoyed by such shoddy manufacture and lies from ge who always reply “had no complaints” even though the internet has many – many examples of this attitude by an organization where lying to its customers is a corporate philosophy. If you can do without the features we enjoy – keep clear of this piece of well designed junk. Jenn-air make a stove top where the knobs melt. Jenn-air have similar philosophy to ge – “go take a jump. ” what a pity that we don’t have an independent organization to help customers treated with such contempt and constantly lying.

This worth hiring a electrcian for new outlet 240v and 50amp this oven is a life changer. I can cook dinner in 5-10 minutes.

A great replacement oven for our motorhome. Cooks and microwaves wonderfully.

  • Smooth Installation
  • As expected it had a couple of dents in it
  • Great microwave/oven

GE PSA9120SFSS Microwave Oven

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    by entering your model number.
  • PSA9120SFSS

Wife loves versatility of this adventium. Use it almost more than the induction stove.

As expected it had a couple of dents in it which don’t matter because they are in places that are not visible due to the way it’s mounted. More disconcerting is that it was missing the owner and installation manuals, the metal baking tray, and the cookbook. The seller quickly got a tray to us. The manuals came a few days later, but are not the originals – they were printed off the ge website – and apparently the cookbook is not available. The cookbook isn’t a big deal for us because this replaced an older advantium and the cookbook hasn’t changed. Be aware that, even though it’s the same size advantium as the 2006 model it replaced, ge made a significant change. They moved the hinge pin on the door from near the front of the door to near the back. This has the effect of making the front corner of the door swing away from the from the oven to the left. This made installation difficult because the old oven was squeezed between two cabinets. The door wouldn’t open because the corner bumped into the cabinet to the left.

Was replacement for a well used, well worn 2006 avantium 120. (same exterior dimensions) grease vent fan and back mounting plate were exactly the same. 2 of 4 mounting screw holes and the cord exit access holes had to be relocated, in upper kitchen cabinet base. This over stove installation is definatly a 2 man lift situation. The many subtle product improvements include two removable convection racks, automatic exhaust fan with 3 speeds, a less complex (logical) control panel and night light feature. This is a great well designed micro/convection combo oven, which is definatly worth a higher price.

We’ve had this unit for over a year. It has taken awhile to appreciate all that it is capable of and we are still learning. The included programming is super, but you can and will need to work with it to get everything right or at least to your taste. I do wish the racks used for baking were sturdier; they will bend to scary points when you load them with large casserole dishes. The cooking, however, is grand. If you have downsized from a full-feature kitchen with wall ovens and all that – this might relieve a bit of your grief. If you are planning on self-install, it is very heavy and will likely take 3 people to manage that (or a magician) – two to lift it into place and a third to set the bolts above it. Bottom line – this isn’t just a microwave, it is a smaller multipurpose oven that can often eliminate the need of using your larger oven in the range under it. It won’t do a 20lb turkey, but 10-11 will work, so most of your lower back-ailing work can be shifted up top for the bulk of your oven deeds.

Another profile advantium microwave. Remodeled and had to have another ge advantium, microwave oven with convention love it. The convention oven and numerous options are worth the extra money.

This is a fantastic microwave/oven. The buttons light up, and it’s very intuitive.

I wanted to post my review from a similar discontinued earlier model. While i do not have this particular unit, buyer beware. Ge does not stand by their product. This is my review of the ge advantium psa1201rss. Please note this unit is great works for a year or two and then dies, just out of warranty. Ge will not stand by their very expensive product. Here it is:i purchased this microwave in january 2013 for almost $1,000. It was a nice looking unit, did a lot of things and had a lot of promise. The microwave worked for just over a year when the keypad shorted out and beeped every 30 seconds.

To start with, i must confess that i am biased towards this microwave just for its ineradicable ability to cook and reheat frozen foods, as well as bake frozen cookie dough. The first version of this microwave that i received when i first purchased it in january of 2016 however was a very different story. The first microwave had several issues with the door where it was extremely difficult to open (requiring almost 20 lbs of force) and the entire microwave shook when you closed it. After going round and round for a month with ge on this problem, i finally was given a new microwave after i threatened to take them to court for breach of contract. Anyways, after all of that, i have been extremely happy with this microwave. The preset cooking settings are fantastic and make things like softening butter a breeze. It does it perfectly, no melt but nice and soft. The advantium speed cook options have also worked very well for heating frozen foods and use much less energy and cook in much less time. On top of that the convection bake function has come in very handy for when i’ve cooked a more involved meal and needed a second oven. I also use the convection mode when making smaller meals in the summer and i don’t want to heat up the oven.

We love that it not only microwaves but also bakes and we can use it as a convection oven with speedbake. It is user friendly, we use it for everything.

I have owned my advantium for the past 13 years with absolutely no issues. I am looking to buy another because it appears that there is a chemical based odor now while i am using the oven. However, i got excellent use out of this for 13 years.

Great microwave/oven that replaced the original unit in our winnebago tour that died. It is easy to use with plenty of features.

GE PT9800SHSS Combination Wall Oven, would highly recommend.

Everything i expected, would highly recommend.

We have only been using this for a few weeks, but initial impressions are very good. We wanted to create space in a redone kitchen so opted to get rid of our double oven and microwave and go with this combo. As we used the 2nd oven infrequently, we believe this to be the best use of space – it opens the space over our range top. The microwave cook feature works well – we did a frozen pizza in it the other day. While not getting the crust as crispy as we normally like, it was fine and browned. It is a bit of an inconvenience to trade out the trays as different ones need to be used for the oven function than used with the microwave. We will certainly use it mostly in the microwave function. Settings are easy to use and the look is a clean modern look.

Its everything i hoped it would be and more.

Key specs for GE PT9800SHSS Combination Wall Oven:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Wirelessly control oven functions from your smartphone
  • Large and small dishes brown evenly with two, full-coverage elements
  • A bright, interactive touch screen makes it fun and easy to program the oven

Comments from buyers

“but initial impressions are very good. We wanted to create space in a redone
, The lower oven is great, however
, This unit looks great. Hubby and I installed it ourselves

Hubby and i installed it ourselves. It’s not difficult if you have some electrical/remodeling experience. The oven takes a while to heat up. I’ve used the top as an oven and really didn’t notice much of a speed difference between using the top or the bottom. The advantium top is supposed to be faster. I just didn’t get that result. I still love the option of having two ovens if i need it.

Very easy to use and works great. I don’t use the top oven as a microwave, but do use it as a makeshift toaster oven. The speed cook function is terrific. In the main oven, the steam cleaning doesn’t seem to work that well. It leaves a residue and everything is soaked when it is done but i usually try to keep it clean by wiping it out on a regular basis instead of trying to clean it after it becomes a mess. Minor issues but i would still recommend.

Have had my ge for 3 months still working great .

Exceeded expectations would highly reccomend.

I love using this modern microwave and convection oven. I did research two months before i made my choice.

The lower oven is great, however, the speed cook smaller oven on top is questionable. Doesn’t always thoroughly cook the food without burning the top of it. The top over does not offer a normal bake setting; only convection bake. The lower oven cooks very evenly, true to temperature, easy to clean up spills.

I’ve had this for about 3 weeks now, and so far it’s been absolutely amazing. One of the first things i was anxious to try was making hamburgers, which while they lack that dark flame-grilled look and taste you get on an outside grill, they are well cooked and juicy in just a few minutes. I tried it with the metal pan that comes with the oven first, but then i bought the grille tray made for this oven (comes separately from the ge website, which had the best online price) and they came out even better because the ridges in the tray lift them up out of the cooking juices/grease. Since mom lives with me, it’s great to have a very user-friendly interface. I was replacing a thermidor double oven, and this one is so much quieter. Another reviewer noted that the preheat time is a little longish, and while i agree, the speed cook function for many foods that doesn’t require preheating due to the instant halogen heat in the upper advantium oven. I bought this model on the recommendation of a neighbor who adores hers, and i must say the advice was spot-on. I can actually see the progress dinner is making without having to open up the door. The only advice i would give you is that since the lighting is led, your food won’t look as brown as it would in an older oven with incandescent lighting which is not as bright, so at first you might be tempted to overcook things a bit while looking for that nice golden-brown on your muffins or what have you. The automatic settings for weight and food type have worked well for me so far, and the defrost mode is almost as good as my old samsung over-the-range microwave (which was the be all-end all of microwaves for me, but won’t fit in my new kitchen). It comes with a cookbook that has speed-cook adjusted recipes, and i have found that pinterest has several as well. I haven’t had it long enough to need to customize or convert any recipes to speed cook mode, but there are so many settings for food types, quantity and weight that i may not need to.

GE JES2051SNSS Countertop Microwave : Lasted Under 3 Years; New Version Lacks Critical Features

It is very large for a microwave other than that its working great. I would not purchase another one because of the size.

This is a nearly exact replica of the ge je1860sb (lasted 12 years) made in korea, via the lg corp, but lacking the 9 year warantee on the magnatron. The china version is dimensionally the same but with a different face and comes with only a 1 year warantee on the mag. I only bought this unit since it fits the je1860 built in trim kit, requiring only a 3/16″ shimming on the left side of the trim kit lower pan. It seems that all of the microwave manufacturers have severly reduced the quality of their products and i don’t expect this microwave to last more than a few years, but since a trim kit cost about as much as the microwave itself, one is left with few options.

So that we are on a fair playing field check the price of this at home depot. You will find a marked difference.

  • Powerful microwave that heats uniformly
  • best microwave ever
  • Easy to usegreat sizesleek looking

GE JES2051SNSS Countertop Microwave, 2.0

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Auto and time defrost
  • Extra-large 16″ turntable

This my third ge microwave which i replaced due to a kitchen upgrade. It has all the features you could want and it is large enough to fit most anything.

Meets general expectations of a microwave of it’s size. It is also somewhat louder than i would expect and off gases voc during operation to more than i would expect.

Having to replace mine so going with the exact thing. Old one died last night after working for only 11 years. And yes, we used the heck out of it.

Love it, be careful very powerful.

I was disappointed that my jes2051sn2ss microwave (manufactured april 2015) only lasted for 32 months of light use. The microwave still looked like it was operating properly (display, lights and sounds) but failed to heat anything up. Based on other reviews here, i’m not the only customer to experience an early failure with this model. Although the longevity fell short of my expectations, since i really liked its capacity, features, and overall performance i decided to replace it with the same ge model. I found that the store is currently selling a jes2051sn3ss model (manufactured december 2017) which looked extremely similar to my defective microwave (and is likewise labeled jes2051snss on the outer packaging). However, once i started using the new unit i found it had some very disappointing design changes compared to the previous version:deficient display. The display on the old model was large and featured prompting for various functions with scrolling english phrases and could be read from multiple directions and heights. The new display is smaller overall, lacks any prompting and the last digit in the display is not visible if you are more than a foot to the right (when facing the microwave). This is disappointing since the time of day and cook time remaining are the main reasons i look at the microwave. The microwave is in the left corner of my kitchen so i am always looking at it from the right and running into this.

After replacing two higher-end microwaves after about 4 years each, i gave up and bought this cheapie (you can easily pick this model up for less than two hundred bucks at a big-box home store). I’m convinced at this point that most small appliances just don’t last anymore, and microwaves in particular get not just heavy use but also heavy abuse (those darn kids) in my house. This model is pretty big (2. It has the speed times where you can simply press the number pad and it starts automatically and runs for that many minutes, no need to also click start. You can add 30 seconds in increments by just pressing that button, even while it is running. It has additional options for defrost, popcorn, the usual stuff. Does the job, looks pretty good (my old trim kit fit this one to finish it out as a built-in), and didn’t break the bank. Shop around and you won’t cry either if it breaks down after 2-3 years. Update: well, as predicted, this microwave bit the dust just short of the 3-year mark. First the reheat sensor got finicky, then poof.Common culprit seems to be the internal fuse, but i’m not interested in opening up all the guts to find and deal with it.

Had to replace our built in ge microwave with a countertop version. Had been very happy with the built in so looked to another ge. Initially, i was satisfied with it, but here i am 4. 5 months into owning it and it starts making a “growling” noise. Determined it’s the turntable motor. Should be in warranty, and i have an email into ge now asking about it. If i have to replace it myself, it looks like an extremely easy job. But ge’s appliance website wants $61 for the part (assuming they won’t send me out a replacement part for free). Amazon has it for about half the price. I see the little turntable motor is made, where else, china.

It match the one that went bad.

Excellent microwave, good power, accurate cooking times.

This is a great counter top microwave, because of the size we place it on a microwave cart. Comes with many pre programmed functions. The best option i found is it can be operated on silent mode. You can switch off the beeps completely. This is a vital part of my kitchen.

I was actually expecting this microwave to be as good as the one i bought 10 years ago. When the door shuts it sounds like tin. I still have the other one up, so compared 30 seconds on high with one cup of water in using identical coffee cups. The new microwave, this one, which is supposed to be more powerful, came out tepid…luke warm at best. My old microwave (same model at 1150 instead of 1250) was hot. I’m going to keep it for awhile and see if it perks up and starts heating properly. Otherwise, it is going back.

I like everything about this microwave. I love that it has a large glass tray inside that revolves while microwaving and that it can be removed and easily be cleaned. Also, love that it can hold large casseroles. I am happy with its sleek, contemporary design as it matches my other ge appliances.

GE PEB7226DFBB Profile 2 : Perfect Replacement for older Built in Microwave

Item was no longer available through big box stores.

Echoing another review: i can’t comment on reliability (just received 2 days ago), but it was a perfect replacement for my ten-year old ge je2160bf03 built-in. No additional “trim kit” ($180) needed. The old built-in trim hardware was easy to transfer to this newer model. Slid right into place and looks great.

Today is 20 yr anniversary in our house and we started off with all white ge profile kitchen appliances. The fridge/freezer is still working fine, the oven, cooktop, and compactor are all fine. We have replaced the dishwasher 2 yrs ago. The ge profile microwave is another story. Now the 3rd one has just died after only 17 months (magnitronwe are told). So, keeping with the white, and having liked this model here, and because we have the built-in with frame,we are going to buy our fourth. Did not get the warranty before, but plan to on this one.

This microwave is the perfect replacement for my original unit. I didn’t have to replace the mounting kit from the old unit. It’s a powerful oven and plenty large enough for my needs. It is very quiet when operating. The black gloss finish is nice and easy to keep clean.

  • Good replacement for je2160bf03 – Didn’t need a trim kit upgrade
  • Hat finder
  • Perfect Replacement for older Built in Microwave

GE PEB7226DFBB Profile 2.2 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • GE PEB7226DFBB Profile 2.2 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave by General Electric
  • 1,100-Watt of cooking power and 10 cooking levels for boiling, reheating and defrosting
  • Turntable is ideal for even cooking results or for accommodating oversized dishes
  • Sensor cooking automatically sets the optimal time and power level
  • Microwave comes with a one year limited warranty

Much quicker than the old one. We like the large turn table and it’s easy to clean.

Just installed and it was larger than anticipated.

Works great and wonderful price.

10/31/2015 update: the new microwave purchased april 2015 began to emit a rattling sound. Ge service changed out all the high voltage components, magnetron, transformer, etc. But the microwave continued to rattle. Ge service came in again and the technician saw sparks entering the cooking chamber from a burned-through hole close to the magnetron. The april 2015 microwave is now toast and i will receive a new one. I purchased this ge 1200 watt, 2. Ft microwave on another site. But my history is deep with this particular ge microwave lineage. This model has always had super power and an easy to understand interface.

Microwave arrived with dent in the side wall. Not worth the hassle of exchanging, but less than i would expect from geotherwise it functions as expected.

Does what it’s supposed to do. Except it only has one -not very loud- beep at end of the cook cycle.

Hopefully it will last many years.

This unit was purchased to replace a slightly older ge profile microwave. After installing this [more expensive] one, we realized it did not have the “reminder” feature which the other one had (and which we greatly miss). It is also a little noisier than the previous microwave. However, it does do the job it is meant to do–microwave food.

I can’t comment on durability since i literally just installed this myself yesterday, but i did want to mention a few things. I bought this to replace an older ge profile microwave (model je2160bf03) that died on me because a ge rep recommended it. This is for a built in cabinet setup. A lot of sites, ge reps, and reviewers mention you have to get a new trim kit (costs around $180 or so) for it. This wasn’t the case for my situation. I have a 30″ trim kit that was previously installed and i was still able to use the exact same one for this model. All the holes/screws line up the exact same and the venting works normal with the existing trim kit. So i’m not sure what everyone is talking about when they say you need to order a new one?. The trim kit i have was purchased in 2006 and works just fine with this model. I wanted to give my two cents on that in case anyone else was thinking of dropping another 200 bucks.

It’s large enough for big dishes. Loving it but does take up a lot of space but the size was known.

So far working great and looks good too with the built in trim kit.

Unfortunately, this is the third ge profile microwave i have had in the house in 17 years. So i guess a little over 5 years is life for these things. I got a 5 year warranty this time. All i worry about is finding it in 5 years. Or remembering i have it 🙂 while they work, they are great. Just expect to replace it about that time.

This was good buy n handle d perfect by amazon.

Everything is easily found on the panel; including instructions. It even reminds you if you turn it on with nothing inside. Big, be sure your space is the right size.

This microwave oven replaces another ge profile microwave oven that died after 11 years of service. The new microwave oven works fine, although it did arrive with a dent in the rear upper right hand corner of the cabinet. Apparently, this happened at the factory during packaging, as my husband unpacked the oven and stated that it was well insulated, and he did not believe it could have been damaged during shipping. This dent does not interfere with the oven’s performance. To date, we are very satisfied with it.

Good replacement for older unit.

This is very noisy compared to the unit, also a ge, that it replaced. We don’t like the noise and wonder if this unit is defective.

A little too big for the area that i had the older one in but over all its working well jane diaz.

GE JVM3160DFCC 1 : Great price on a hard to find color.

It was quick to set up and use, but i do not like the actuality there is no way to mute the beeper when foodstuff is performed like my old ge had. I ponder why they imagined they experienced to clear away that selection?.

Perfect substitute for my previous microwave.

GE JVM3160DFCC 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven, 1000 Watts-1029481, Bisque

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This is easy to use
  • This is highly durable
  • This is manufactured in United states
  • Incandescent interior oven light. Express cook is 1-6 minutes

Greater than expected, by about fifty percent an inch, suit is snug in the measured space and i need to get moldings for the cupboards due to the fact the mounting bracket is obvious. Now the dilemma is matching the complete on my cupboards. The microwave is large within, very peaceful and economical, the rate is sensible and i am not absolutely sure if normal constructed-in measurements have improved because my kitchen was transformed twenty a long time in the past. I know that finding a refrigerator that is not a very small bit off is an concern too.

Pretty great, tons of wonderful characteristics and good cost .

Wonderful microwave at a fantastic value. The only feel that i do not like is the point that the night time light-weight in this product cannot be set on a timer like my earlier ge spacesaver design.

GE JVM3160DFCC 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven, 1000 Watts-1029481, Bisque : Works great, glad i could find bisque.

Extremely happy with the microwaveeasy to install.

Just that the buttons are a minimal far too hard to press. Other than that i like it a ton. I believe client reports has this model as a best benefit and i can see why. My past microwave was a good deal fancier with smart sensor features – that i by no means made use of in 10 many years. When i set foods in a microwave i know how a lot of minutes and i really don’t want the equipment to use any more brains. This a person is reasonably tranquil and appears to be properly constructed more than enough. I am only essential useful, and did not want to threat hoping to set up this myself (and i am happy i did not). I got it from h depot and the installation was a breeze (10 minutes).

Very and it matches the spot of my final device completely.

I requested this ge microwave bisque from amazon to replace an outdated 10 yr + in excess of the array ge microwave that misplaced all features except keys three, six and 9. You cannot discover it everywhere in the merchants like dwelling depot, lowe’s, sears. Colour matches my kitchen area decor. I employed somebody to take away the current microwave and install this one particular. Pretty pleased with the buy. Hope it will very last me a lot more than ten many years.

I dislike that @ the corner of microwave was terribly hurt , & missing a plate.

Does the work but, it’s louder and has started off earning a unusual buzzing sound when employing, about a month following installation. The primary microwave eventually stopped functioning soon after 14 decades, and this was the only a person that was a substitute (even though the existing body tabs and screw holes failed to line up, so had to put in new body and drill new holes).

Wonderful and tranquil, is effective completely.

Everything was as advertised. Performs properly, and significantly quieter than the 13 year previous one it replaced.

Good price tag, speedy delivery, many thanks.

Fantastic microwave at a excellent cost. Also a coloration which is not effortless to locate (bisque). Much quieter than the kenmore we buried.

The microwave was sent in a timely method and the product or service operates nicely now for 60+ times. I have often had very good luck with ge microwaves and would extremely advise them.

Outstanding up grade and fit specifically in the aged spot.

The unit installed really quickly in my software. The guidance are not excellent, but the microwave functions as marketed, and appears excellent. This is not a prevalent coloration, and i considered i was likely to have to fork out fairly a bit a lot more. Happy i checked amazon, as well as i got it delivered to my front door, at no extra cost.

Minimized selling price, fast transport, specifically as explained, high quality solution and a ideal match to the current appliances.

The ge spacemaker xl we experienced quit heating soon after eleven a long time, i could have fixed it for $one hundred eighty undertaking it myself. But for an added $20 i decided to buy this 1. I put in it myself, the spouse also aided. Had to change the wall bracket and drill 3 new holes via the best cabinet, it arrives with a template but it was complicated to decipher, but not tough to figure out set up with out it, just some essential measuring. Considering that we ended up not venting to the outside the house we had to reposition the blower motor for each recommendations for inside of venting quite easy to do. We experienced a (what we assumed was almond colour) worry that this bisque colour would not match, but it is a great match, the color listed here in the pic pretty much seems to be slightly beige, but it’s significantly lighter like almond, quite awesome. The microwave suits best and is very quiet. Took us about two hrs, but we are amateurs and we took a large amount of coffee breaks. It’s surely truly worth the revenue and i hope this one particular lasts eleven yrs.

GE JVM3160DFBB 30″ Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, The JVW3160: A Truly Excellent Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

No issues other than getting employed to new settings.

Conveniently just as superior if not greater than oem product. . I like to do initiatives close to the residence and just after allowing a broken microwave to sit above our oven for significantly to lengthy, i located this substitute. This is basically the exact model that came with our household 13 many years ago. It seems to be an updated model, but nonetheless in the grand scheme of things, previous by todays specifications. None-the-less, i put it in my wish listing and immediately after sitting there for lots of numerous months i lastly designed the invest in. The selling price was pretty affordable and considering the fact that it fit all the specs to in shape into the house the broken a single had occupied it seemed like it would work. Supply was speedy and it was packaged adequately to guard against rough parcel dealing with:-)just after opening it up, i browse via the guidelines. They ended up quite full and quick to observe, but i thought, why study when i can view, so, i uncovered an set up video clip on youtube and voila twenty minutes later on experienced it mounted.i wish i had of purchased and installed it much sooner. ]

As marketed and will work very well.

Comments from buyers

“Easily just as good if not better than OEM model., The GE JVW3160: A Truly Excellent Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, Excellent microwave, recommended and great value.”

As other folks have said handle broke inside weeks. . As other folks have explained handle broke within just weeks. Easy repair with ‘fix all’ adhesive which you can obtain at the greenback tree for $1.

So it truly is been a few of months because we purchased and set up this microwave to change one particular that was seriously a piece of junk. Very first off my husband set up with no challenges, even even though the a single we changed was a distinct brand. Following i are unable to imagine everyone would complain that it’s too noisy, this is sooo substantially quieter than our past microwave. A single of the things i take pleasure in about it. I did not believe i’d definitely have to have a microwave until finally the other one broke and we hadn’t procured this still, so i really missed getting a person. I really don’t do huge cooking careers but use it to heat foodstuff up, soften butter or cheese and often to prepare dinner greens. For all of this the ge microwave performs perfectly. But much more important it feels so considerably sturdier than our last microwave, which was nonetheless functioned when the doorway broke. This was the 2nd doorway since i unintentionally broke the very first a single myself so bought a replacement doorway.

The arrangement of the contact keys are distinctive from my aged microwave, so it took a bit of ‘getting made use of to’ acquiring the vital that i necessary. But everything has labored flawlessly. Would strongly endorse this item.

Good microwave, works fantastic. Awesome microwave, is effective wonderful. The panel is dark, hard to see devoid of lights on and the doorway is a minimal really hard to open, but still like the product.

Superb microwave, advisable and good worth. . Installation was uncomplicated. Efficiency of microwave has been exceptionally superior. The unit is quieter than the two previous microwaves we have experienced in the property. Incredibly glad we reviewed this on purchaser studies and identified this microwave to be an excellent price. A person issue any property owner or installer should really check is that the verbiage in the set up guide is marginally incorrect for the rotation of the blower enthusiast (depending on if you’re applying an outdoors vent or recirculating into the kitchen area). Ge reported they are updating the installation guide to appropriate this but in the interim, go with the photograph to establish the rotation, not the verbiage. To summarize, fantastic microwave and no hesitation in recommending this.

Is effective good but the regulate panel is tricky to see.

When my 4-12 months-aged put in microwave stopped undertaking the only matter i needed it to do, i was on the lookout for a less costly replacement. I went with the black as a substitute of stainless steel, and this design is identified as a ‘best buy’ on shopper experiences. It’s the actual similar model as a single that is way much more expensive, and the only aspect missing is the sensor. Considering the fact that i have virtually by no means employed the sensor alternative, but am in point able of putting in a particular time for cooking, i will not likely pass up that. Also this has a deal with somewhat than a button to thrust to open up the doorway, and again, i will not treatment about that. The one function i do miss is being equipped to set a timer for the ‘night light’ function to kick in. So, this ends up being a a bit considerably less extravagant microwave that is about 40% of the price of it’s extravagant significant brother. It mounted perfectly and i have been utilizing it for about a month with no grievances.

A cr greatest get, this microwave is significantly extra ‘intuitive’ than the more high priced solution (that unsuccessful) it changed.

Of course we wanted to drill new holes to attach the plate to the wall. They hardly ever match the identical way. But that wasn’t to considerably of a difficulty.

Great quality microwave, functions nicely for my mil kitchen.

Appears to be and feels a minor low cost. Seems to be and feels a minor cheap.

Very best price out there for a designed-in microwave.

Healthy in the place i experienced from the final one particular. Holes did not line up, but not a massive deal.

Soon after the set up, we experienced to get in touch with assistance b/c. Right after the set up, we experienced to call guidance b/c it kept doing the job as quickly as we put it into an outlet. It is really not aligned properly and was triggering the process. It truly is mounted now but at times we nevertheless have to perform with the doorway.

Quite content with how speedy it heats.

Remarkably rated by client studies and at a great selling price. Only dilemma is that the print on the buttons is challenging to study – form od a grey on black and not illuminated. Also, are unable to increase the audio level.

Does the task with no frills.

The ge jvw3160: a certainly fantastic over-the-range microwave oven. My wife and i are incredibly pleased with this ge jvm3160dfbb one. Black over-the-range microwave oven. We had it skillfully installed and have now applied it for two days. Its performance is almost nothing brief of fantastic. Possessing only owned free of charge-standing microwaves, and never beforehand proudly owning an over-the-range 1, we did a reasonable quantity of study, primarily on that well known customer web site which does not permit its identify to be employed (i am absolutely sure you know the one particular i mean). There, quite a number of this kind of microwaves had been reviewed and this a single stood out: it came in next place (with a score of seventy nine) just behind the initially-spot product (with a rating of eighty one) and is the only 1 advisable as a most effective get. (that first-area design, sells for $550.

Extremely potent, great style and design, easy use. But, if you you should not thrust doorway in til it snaps shut, the mild, inside, stays on. Just try to remember to close door and you will be great. So considerably, so very good we’re delighted.

Set up was effortless less than an hour.

GE PVM9179SFSS Profile 1 – We’ve been very happy with this

Works really excellent and definitely wanted in an rv for it’s convection cooking capability. Purchased a single from another resource due to the fact ups could only track it to a town 200 miles absent and no further more. Do not know what occurred but does not show up to be fault of amazon nor the vendor.

I had to get three of these due to the fact the initial two arrived weakened. After the third just one was installed it appears to be like fantastic and performs wonderful. I obtained it just just before thanksgiving so i utilized it as an oven so i then experienced two ovens which came in incredibly handy.

Here are the specifications for the GE PVM9179SFSS Profile 1:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Convection Cooking
  • 1000 Watts
  • 10 Power Levels
  • Sensor Cooking Controls
  • Fast Bake

Ideal – micro and convection oven combo around the stove – just what i essential. Delivered fast and packaged securely to get there secure and no damage.

We’ve been incredibly content with this. We’ve been quite content with this. Not sure i appreciated the dial at 1st, but remaining equipped to dial in more time is quick and effective.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Solid microwave with a few flaws
  • GE v. Haier – caveat emptor!
  • have also used it as a microwave I absolutely love it. The cookies look way better cooked in

This seems to be a nicely intended device. I purchased this to switch my many years year aged ge microwave. Following studying all the critiques, this microwave convection was close to prime with the included element that it may possibly truly get the job done with the present ge wall mount it did not. Over-all, this seems to be a nicely built device. I am applying convection cooking all the time now, or even setting up with microwave and ending with convection to heat things i will not nuke. It seems to me that a proper evaluation would be carried out a calendar year from now, and not just before the plaster has dried.

Due to the fact i was stung by the lethal malfunction of the. Because i was stung by the deadly malfunction of the digital display screen on my one one/two 12 months aged samsung microwave, this time i opted for a semi-handbook running method. Ideally, it will final more time, but it is really cumbersome. Want ten seconds to melt butter?. You must push the button a few instances to activate it. The convection cycle appears gradual, but will work. These are little items, and i’m hoping this microwave will carry me through at minimum four-five many years of discomfort.

On time, almost everything as envisioned.

Specifically what we hoped for in each individual way. Immediately after needing to retire our very well-loved advantium, we opted to substitute it with a far more-primary microwave. Immediately after rewiring from 220 (what the advantium demanded) to frequent ol’ one hundred ten, we purchased this ge microwave-comboand had it put in. What separates this device from other mix models?. We can use the timer and the microwave at the same time a thing we kind of took for grantedin getting experienced the advantium for so a lot of a long time. No other microwave seems to have this stupidly-basicfeature, a little something we realized the tough way by in the beginning purchasing a best-rated sanyo device. (and they questioned us when we kvetched about the timer/use of microwave conflict, insisting we wereasking for much too substantially appropriate. )again to this ge: stainless steel inside is wickedly-easy to clean up, the ‘beep’ tone just isn’t obnoxious, and the heatingelement cooks evenly.

This microwave receives a 5 star, but the supply was very poor, two instances. This microwave receives a 5 star, but the shipping and delivery was poor. The glass in the door was thoroughly shattered in the 1st a single i been given. The second, i failed to examine a comprehensively as i really should have just before i installed it. Immediately after it was in, i realized that the entrance ideal facet had be bent in slightly, so the entire handle panel is a bit unfastened. It works high-quality, but for a brand name new device, it must not have been broken. It will work very welll, appears to be good, and cleans up quickly. I do get worried a bit, that the dial, which should be spun and pushed to do all the things, will be it is really achilles recover. But so far, following a little around a person yr of use, no issues.

Great product and straightforward installation.

Took some fiddling to install but the. Took some fiddling to install but the unit by itself is definitely really wonderful.

Experienced a little damage when it arrived but it was. Experienced a minimal injury when it arrived but it was still ready to set up and not see the destruction, prompt shipping and delivery.

Reliable microwave with a several flaws. This is a stable microwave that heats a great deal quicker than the panasonic 850w more than the selection it replaced. The door opens and closes solidly, the selection vent fan is solid and silent, and the variety light is sufficient. The knob time input is appropriate, and you can use the timer though the microwave or convection oven is performing. On the negative facet, the silver trim on the doorway does not align with the panel on the ideal. As a convection oven, it normally takes 20 mins to preheat to 450f on bake, a little more rapidly at 15 minutes on roast. This is a limitation of the solitary period (115v) provide it uses. I have by no means used the combination microwave and convection oven element, which may well support do absent with preheat moments. In summary, if you are working with this principally as a microwave and sometimes as an oven, it will serve you properly.

Really, i genuinely like my convection microwave. It truly is quick to use, additional spacious than i predicted, and suits in my ‘tiny house’ really properly. However, i obtained mine quicker than i desired it due to the fact i uncovered out that the chinese firm haier acquired out ge appliances. Haier is a big, but has a reputation for much less than excellent good quality.

This is a wonderful microwave blend convection oven, the knob dial is essentially quite pleasant and initially was hesitant about finding it for the reason that of that, but now my wife and i certainly appreciate it.

Have also utilized it as a microwave i completely love it. The cookies search way greater cooked in. I made cookies in it baked potatoes and have also employed it as a microwave i definitely enjoy it. The cookies glance way superior cooked in the convection oven on it. So i will likely be creating cookies in it all the time.

The to start with open i obtained was terribly destroyed, but the vendor was very very good at having me a new 1 i received to meet up with undamaged. However, the styrofoam was cracked so they have to have to have a little something that absorbs much more shock than typical styrofoam. The oven is effective high-quality, nevertheless at 1100w i would imagine it would’ve cooked a large amount more rapidly than the 700w 1 it replaced. For an oven as highly-priced as this one particular i would feel the ge could activity a metallic cope with, as the plastic one particular feels like i am going to crack it if i pull down way too really hard on it.

It was quick to set up and appears terrific. I didn’t want to go with another profile (not mad about ge) but alternatively than gut the kitchen area i went with this newer product. It was effortless to put in and looks good. It is also much much more consumer-friendly than the older product. If i experienced company above i would use the normal oven. But for just me it is handy.

Ge above the assortment microwave / connvection oven. Does every thing i purchased it for. Does acquire a though to warm up for baking, but working on 110v it is to be predicted.

But as a microwave it’s just fantastic. Just mounted, so i do not have plenty of experience with it still, but as a microwave it really is just good. Seeking ahead to employing it as an oven. But keep in mind to choose out the steel racks when making use of as a microwave.

GE Profile PEM31DFBB 24″ 1 : Long lasting quality

Purchased this mwo for a remodel. Looks very good installed with the optional trim kit.

Nice product – lousy design. There are pro’s and con’s to this. I purchased it because we had a space saver because of space. It is replacing another unit. The space saving size and cooking part is fine. The black face of the unit is plastic, which is ok, but it is very soft plastic. This means that it scratches very easily and shows finger prints. I’ve had our unit for about a month and there are scratches. The other design flaw is the control panel.

Great that amazon is always here to help. So terrific to have a microwave explode and be able to get the almost-same model from amazon and have it installed within two days.

Very happy with this microwave. A difficult size to find and this one fit perfect.

  • Nice product – lousy design
  • Some big drawbacks, but the “only show in town” for this size/dimensions.
  • Works fine for under cabinet install

GE Profile PEM31DFBB 24″ 1.1 cu. ft. Capacity counter top Microwave Oven in Black

Unit came in dented in back and scraches on front face of unit. The packaging was the worst boxing tape in 4 places on front of door that the sticky would not come off even with goo gone. Would not purchase another open box item ever again. Microwave did function great it was all about the final presentation. Lucky i’m putting it on a houseboat that i’m selling and not in my home.

I have to buy this because the space we have for it was built to its specifications. Good features though such as beverage and auto defrost. Not enough power but for my purposes it does well. And each of the last 2 i used lasted about 5 years each. First had power issues as the machime came on without touching it. Second one was better but top interior coating started to chip and fleck. I guess the interior size makes heat build up too much. Overall i like this machine.

The important thing for us was for the microwave to fit in the opening, so we didn’t have many choices. Pros: though it has less wattage than our old one, this cooks quicker and more evenly due to the turntable; quiet. Cons: buttons and writing hard to read in all but full kitchen lighting; buttons are small and must be pushed just right for them to activate; weak interior light.

Some big drawbacks, but the “only show in town” for this size/dimensions. . In fact, it works significantly better than it’s predecessor, the spacemaker ii model (we owned two over 12 years). This cooks and defrosts faster and more evenly. Time will tell whether ge has solved the earlier spacemaker’s horrible “interior peeling paint” problem (google it — ge’s official response to the peeling paint problem on their website: don’t worry if it get’s in your food. Seriously, and these are the people who design nuclear power plants?)however, after protesting loudly and creatively enough on the web (“do ge execs put microwave paint into their own children’s food?. Or just their customers’?) there friendly email customer service rep sent us a $200 gift card, which we used to buy this. Assuming the paint won’t peel — time will tell — the only truly annoying feature of this model is that they made it just slightly larger in dimensions than the spacemaker ii model. The cabinetry work required to rebuild the snug, built-in cabinet space cost us more than the microwave.

It fits, but turntable limits cooking space. . My old spacemaker died after 15 years (a good run). There were limited options for replacement because we remodeled our kitchen and built in an opening among our cabinets that it fit exactly. This one was reasonably priced and fits, but has a turntable inside that the old one did not. The turntable can be stopped so you can cook in larger pans, but then the cooking is uneven. It works fine for most of our needs, but i really miss my old obsolete model. After reading other reviews, i do worry that it isn’t expected to last very long without needing replacement again.

This is only an 800 watt machine so its difficult. This is only an 800 watt machine so its difficult to calculate my microwave pre-packasged dinners cooking time.

Went in just fine, replaced the same model.

Probably the best you can do for this size. If you’re looking at this model, odds are good you have some insanely small space to put your microwave. (in our house, the builder for reasons unknown cut a tiny, tiny slot for a microwave. ) the bad news: you don’t have many options if these are the dimensions you’re working with. The good news: this version is a vast improvement of the last ge in this size. It’s only a little taller than the last on the interior, but that little bit makes a huge difference: we can now fit virtually everything we need in the microwave. They added on some other features that bring this microwave into this century (turn table, more auto settings, etc. All in all, this version makes being stuck in this size range much more bearable.

Great that amazon is always here to help. So terrific to have a microwave explode and be able to get the almost-same model from amazon and have it installed within two days.

Needed a microwave to fit where old one was. . Needed a microwave to fit where old one was. This was only one we could find and it works well. More expensive than others, but was limited to choices due to space requirement.

Needed a microwave to fit where old one was. . Needed a microwave to fit where old one was. This was only one we could find and it works well. More expensive than others, but was limited to choices due to space requirement.

Works fine for under cabinet install. For an 800 watt microwave it does a good job. I had to replace a ge spacesaver microwave with another undercabinet mounted unit. I ordered this and hoped that the brackets that my old wave used would work on this one. Since the screw holes did not line up to the old unit, i made a stiff paper template of the top showing the location of the new screw holes. I put this paper inside of the cabinet and drilled thru the paper to put new holes in the cabinet bottom. I then used a hacksaw to put the old brackets in half and positioned the brackets over the new screw holes, put the screws thru the cabinet bottom and lifted and screwed the new microwave into place. Actually i lifted and the wife twisted the screws into place. I tightened them up and was good to go. Have used the microwave now for about a month and although it is slightly taller then the old one by almost 2 inches it is doing fine. I like how quiet it is compared to the old one.

I have to invest in this due to the fact the place we have for it was created to its requirements. Excellent attributes even though these kinds of as beverage and car defrost. Not more than enough ability but for my purposes it does perfectly. And every single of the very last two i utilized lasted about 5 a long time each. To start with had electricity difficulties as the machime arrived on with no touching it. Next one particular was greater but top inside coating began to chip and fleck. I guess the interior dimensions tends to make warmth create up too much. Over-all i like this equipment.

Best healthy for those replacing the previous spacesavers. We had been locked into the fact that we essential a microwave that suit in the cabinet we have that was constructed around the oven. Whilst it was a best suit to substitute our previous spacesaver, we observed that it was substantially lighter than the previous one particular. The aged just one (1992) was stable. This 1 appears ‘tinny’ feeling just opening the door. I am thrilled with the turntable (we failed to have a person in the previous spacesaver) and the simple fact that you can convert that turntable off if you you should not want to use it. It really is quieter than our old a single. Those people that stated that the bell was far too loud.

We mounted on our 2012 airstream activity. It fits excellent, we preserve a large amount of cash acquiring it on amazon than other sites.

Wonderful item – lousy style. There are pro’s and con’s to this. I procured it since we had a place saver mainly because of place. It is changing an additional unit. The space preserving dimension and cooking component is fantastic. The black experience of the device is plastic, which is okay, but it is quite soft plastic. This suggests that it scratches very quickly and demonstrates finger prints. I’ve had our device for about a month and there are scratches. The other style flaw is the manage panel.

I would have given it five stars, but there are two challenges that i obtain lacking. Initial, the keypad is modest and tricky to read. The second is the fact that it is really far too massive to hang from my cupboard, so now it sits on the counter. The brackets that we could have bought were being quite badly rated. Overall, it is a excellent substitute for our household.

Great benefit for high-quality kit. Fantastic measurement for my designed in cupboard. No other microwave suits the region and so it was vital to come across the correct unit.