DeLonghi De’Longhi EC860 Espresso Maker : Great for hurried mornings

Super fast delivery and everything works as expected. Really like the product and the seller.

Would have given it 5 stars except i have 1 minor occasional issue. When using the spout for frothing in a pitcher, if you bump it occasionally it will pop off and stop delivering steam. Not major, just push it back in. Just had for about a month so don’t know about life yet, but very happy.

De’Longhi EC860 Espresso Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Patented Automatic Cappuccino
  • Professional Filter Holder
  • Always have a warm cup ready with the cup warming tray
  • Traditional milk frother for hot water and steam
  • Energy saving function
  • Utilize De’Longhi’s call center for customized help setting up and maintaining your machine at 1-800-322-3848

Very pleased with this machine. I’have owned many different espresso maxhine but this is top notch. Easy to use a makes excelent espresso and cappuccinos. Saved yourself money and buy one of these.

It makes espresso much more tasty than starbuck. I can enjoy coffee in cheapest price at home with it every morning.

I am really enjoying this machine. It took me quite a few cappuccinos and lattes to dial it in for my flavor preference, but this is my first home espresso machine, and after upgrading from a bosch tassimo machine, i’m learning a lot. The automatic milk frother is wonderful. I tend to leave it on the maximum foam setting and it makes perfect, fluffy foam. On the lowest setting, you pretty much just get warm milk, no froth at all. Setting up the machine was easy, although i am lucky that i am the only coffee drinker in the house. I have personalized the cappuccino and latte settings for the amount of milk/coffee i like. There is only 1 setting for those. If my husband liked either of those drinks, we might have a problem. I would recommend for anyone that has multiple coffee drinkers is to leave it on the default settings and tweak it from there by either brewing extra shots or something.

I haven’t had to experience too many myself so i don’t have much to compare it to, but i will say that although i do not regret this purchase, i do believe i would have been satisfied with a less expensive machine. There is nothing absolutely astounding about this machine that i would recommend others to purchase it for. I was conflicted between several machines, one of which included a machine for under 100, and im beginning to think i would have been happy with just that. Theres nothing wrong with the machine persay, aside from the programs being confusing at times – sometimes i get a full cup of coffee, sometimes i get a thin layer. Not worth the money i payed for it. Beautiful machine, too bulky and quality just isn’t to parr for the quality i would have expected for the price i payed.

We have had this machine for about a month now and are finding it to be a suitable replacement for our older starbucks sirena which made great coffee but was nothing but trouble mechanically from the start. The delonghi makes a good latte, is attractive, seems solid and is easy to use after you figure out how which the instructions do not describe well. We found a youtube video from a store in seattle that had a gal demonstrating it to a t which was way more helpful and told us things we would have never found out from the manual. It comes with an instructional dvd that would not play in our player. The delonghi has great stream power but you have no control over that power which was an adjustment for us. It makes decent shots and is quick and efficient. We have been making our own lattes for almost 30 years and have had a few machines in those years. This one is going to work out just fine. We purchased it at sam’s club for $299 which looks like a great deal comparatively speaking.

I would’ve been very hesitant about purchasing this item after having read the reviews. A client made me a latte one night and i commented that it was much better than what i could get from my 10 year old starbucks machine. I liked making espresso or lattes, but usually used it about once a month because it was such a hassle. I went home that night and decided to have another and my starbucks machine was totally dead. I asked my client which she had and decided to purchase one. There were so many mediocre and poor reviews that i almost didn’t order it. My client had hers for two years, used it several times per day and loved it. I went ahead and ordered, knowing that i could always return it if there was an issue. Perhaps it’s too early for a review, but after over two months i have been using the machine 4 or 5 times per day. I will agree that the ‘steamed milk’ is a bit different with the frother on here, but i have no complaints about it.

I look forward to using it every single morning.

Love this machinei always wanted a great fancy coffee machine and this one does it’s job without breaking your banklove my foammy cappuccinos and lattes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

There will be better, more complete technical assessments of this unit than i am prepared to write tonight, but i will say that i am delighted with it. I have tinkered with inexpensive espresso makers in the past and never had as much satisfaction as i have gotten from working with this. I am 67 and had my first cup of coffee in 1949 when i was a 18 months old. But this unit has opened up a whole new world of coffee for me.

Excellent price-quality ratio. Yes, you can’t use coffee mug with this machine and this is right. Drink espresso with small espresso cups and americano from coffee mugs.

I have used this unit for over a year without any problems. I do agree with one of the other users that the instructions were somewhat cryptic. This is not an apple product. The initial set up is not intuitive. Read the instructions more than once and go for it. The price is reasonable and the performance is as expected.

Didn’t buy mine here, but will pitch in. Lovely machine when it’s running properly. A pig of a machine when it’s not. Bought mine nov 2013 and have replaced three double shot basket and one milk hopper. As for the latter, you need to be scrupulously clean. Blast it with steam after every use and soak the black part of the unit in hot water often to keep it working. Mine’s been papmered and descaled regularly. The pump appears to work ok, but the machine really struggles if the coffee is too fine a grind. Currently talking to an ace coffee provider whi is going to send me samples of different grades. Machine is easy to strip and clean.

First espresso machine and it does exactly what it’s says it suppose to do. Makes a mean cappuccino👍👍👍👍👍. Get the coffe beans you love and you’ve got a winner.

I was hesitant about giving 5 stars as i never do, but we love this. After living aboard we decided that we couldn’t drink regular coffee in the mornings. I started looking for an espresso/cappuccino maker. I picked this one out but after reading some reviews i was hesitant. I looked at other machines in the same price range. I ended up buying this one and love it. We make 2-4 cappuccinos every morning. We haven’t had any problems yet. I did carefully read the directions and make sure the settings we right for us. I did take about 3-4 days to start making great cappuccino but the manual does say that.

I’ve been using this de’longhi ec860 espresso machine for about a month. We use it daily and it’s so easy to use; my husband can just do his own now. . It’s very easy to program to your own liking. I also like the fact that you can use it manually if you want to get creative. I’ve read negative comments and i’ve not had any problems. One of the issues was the espresso wasn’t hot enough but i just preheat my cup and it’s very hot. I highly recommend this machine.

I have had nothing but a great experience with this machine. I have had none of the problems some reviews complained about. It is super sad to use but read the instructions and follow the setup procedures and options before beginning. At the touch of the button i can automatically make capuchinos and lattes with the attached reservoir. Likewise i can use the manual steamer to steam my own milk and make latte artthis unit goes from off to hot and making great coffee drinks in under 15 seconds. It will make several drinks in a row with the large water reservoir. With the adjustable removable tray it fits and cup i choose to stick under it.

This is an extremely well-built piece of equipment for anyone wanting to become a home based barista. This machine was created for all those individuals (myself included) intimidated by the complexities of using a traditional espresso/cappuccino machine. The instruction manual is well written and easy to understand. With a little practice, you’ll be creating your own homemade cappuccinos in no time at all.I use my machine daily, and i really love it.

It was exactly what i was expecting.

I purchased this machine last summer when my very old estro profi espresso machine bit the dust. After some trial/error with this product (the instruction manual was not very user friendly) as well as watching you tube videos of a local coffee shop that tested the product it works great. The espresso can be adjusted to taste (shorter flow of water for a stronger shot) which i do like as my spouse tends to like his espresso drinks more potent than i do. Overall, a good machine and delivers decent espresso shots.

DeLonghi ESAM5500B Perfecta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine – Five Stars

I bought this for my husband as a christmas gift several years ago. Let me say that this has turned into our favorite investment. And i say this because of the high cost of the machine. We have not had any trouble with it— nothing and we use it almost daily.

It can made the coffee more hot but it is what it is.

Made our first cappuccinos this morning, and they were great. Machine is about as automatic as you can get. Our only concern is — can we stop making and drinking the cappuccinos and lattes.

I have no complaints about that. Taste is relative, so i can understand how some may like it less than others, but i have no complaints about the coffee. The frothed milk is perfect, the coffee tastes just like it should. We use it every day, and we all but stopped buying any coffee from espresso stands. I updated this review to 3 stars in fairness for just how much we actually enjoy using this unit. However, i’ll leave the terrible experience we had with the customer support below for reference. I think there should be more to a great product that it’s nominal performance. Quality is also defined by reliability and customer service. Delonghi boasts striving for excellence, but they fail miserably.

I purchased this machine as a replacement for another delonghi espresso maker (which is 5 years old and still works great. And my sister now loves it). The packaging it comes in is first rate and the machine arrived in perfect condition. I only make espresso with it so i can’t dispute the claims of others talking about lukewarm milk in their latte and cappuccino. My experience with the espresso is that the delonghi machines still make a great cup of espresso, no matter what your taste. I experimented with the settings until it made the cup i was looking for (double-shot, extra strong). Obviously the beans you choose have a big effect on the taste of your espresso. I have only had the machine for a couple of months so i can’t testify to it’s longevity, but hopefully it lasts as long as my previous machine. No problems cleaning or leaking so far.

I don’t know how long we’ve had this model, maybe upwards of 15 years. It’s a member of the family, as much as an inanimate object can be, anyway. It enhances your life and does so much to make you happy, that you are happy to give it the care that it demands lol. So, here’s what i’ve come to expect with the machine: it dies every two years. It was purchased at williams & sonoma with their lifetime guarantee. So for the first couple two-year cycles, i was able to just take it back and exchange it. Finally, they told me i had gotten my last exchange, and marked the receipt likewise. They had been pretty decent about it up til then. So i went the warrantee route (that particular exchange still had a few months left on the two-year warranty. ) delonghi sent me a box and directions where to send it. The repair people were, anyway.

  • Makes excellent coffee, but take poor customer service into account when considering this unit.
  • Our Favorite appliance!
  • *** 5-Star Customer service *** Delonghi fan for life ***

Our second delonghi and we love it as much as the first. Extremely easy to use and cleanup is simple. The wife and kids absolutely love the ease of the cappuccino maker and i like the detachable milk container that makes that possible. My only request would be the ability to change a strength or size setting after the start button is pushed. With the older model rotary dials that was possible. With the electronic it is not. It just means i have to pay more attention when getting my cup after someone else has gotten theirs.

I have had my machine for almost 5 years, and considering the other reviews, i consider myself lucky that it is lasting as long as it is. The machine makes decent coffee, heavy on the caffeine, but as mentioned in other reviews, it is not hot enough. The milk frother isn’t worth much as the milk is barely frothed and is very inconsistent; some days the frother works, some days it doesn’t, even though my milk (whole) always comes straight from the refrigerator. To battle this after 4 years, i bought a $100 nestle aeroccino which makes lovely froth for a real cappuccino. I cannot speak for the latte milk setting as i have never used it. As for everyday use, i find the machine finicky; error messages (including cleaning messages) will pop up mid-cycle, and the machine will not resume where it was in the cycle, i will have to start the drink over. Cleaning is relatively easy, but it must be done by hand. I used to stick the milk container (bottom only) in the dishwasher, but it warped, and i was forced to buy a new expensive container. I have also had the machine spout coffee through the bottom, but this problem was easily fixed with a shop-vac. All in all, the coffee is decent, but not worth the price of the machine.

I have one now here in the us and one in my home in germany. Makes you miss starbucks a little less.

My wife and i both work from home and love good coffee. We drink many coffees throughout the entire day from 5am until about 5pm. And the delongi perfecta is great. It delivers a consistent coffee every time it’s a great home, entry-level espresso machine. It is not a professional espresso machine that you see for $5k+ but for the price it’s perfect. We have had ours for about 6 years and have had no major issues. Standard servicing every 3rd year but that is to be expected.

Best purchase in a long time.

Features of Delonghi ESAM5500B Perfecta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Cappuccino Function, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the patented “Single Touch” hot milk system. Simply slide the milk tank onto front of the machine
  • Easy-to-use digital control panel with programmable menu settings: adjust start time, auto off, clock, temperature, coffee strength
  • Grinds beans instantly for the freshest espresso with the patented “Direct-to-Brew” system. Brewing system is compact and removable for easy cleaning.
  • No waiting between preparing espresso and cappuccino with the double boiler system.
  • Consistent, fresh and aromatic ground coffee with the professional-quality conical low-pitch burr grinder

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The best espresso machine i ever had, i had three regular espresso machines the past 20 years, i never had the quality of the coffee drink like i got from the delonghi esam55oob, i am very happy i bought it, totally recommend it.

I just love pressing a button and having a perfect cup of latte every time. I’ve read mixed reviews of this machine, but no complaints from me.

Works great use lavazza super cremation beans like being in italy.

Yes, my niece bought a nesspresso machine and says it is great. I am sure it is if you want to buy little pouches of coffee juice to make your shot every morning. The delonghi awesome takes the beans of your choice, your milk, and does all the work to make you a cappuccino, cafelatte, or espresso. For every 10 drinks or so, you do need to empty the grounds container, add water, add some beans. Between milk based drinks you should push the clean button for a few seconds (oh my, work, work, work). The one and only thing else that would improve it for my wife is to make the milk a touch hotter.

The best automatic expresso machine we have ever purchased. This is our third delonghi product and by far the best.

Expensive but actually saves money vs coffee shop. It should pay for itself in a year if you enjoy great coffee often. We caught a good deal on this and have been happy. We have had it 6 months now and put through 300 cappuccinos according to the statistics recorded by the machine. The machine easy to use and no issues so far. We use distilled water to avoid descaling which can be expensive if using their solution. We use glass coffee cups with wire like handles that we bought online and it is nice to see the cappuccino as it swirls in the cup and to see its different layers of milk, foam and coffee. Use whole coffee beans made for espresso for best taste. Know that a latte is more milk than foam and vise versa for a cappuccino. And also know that a macchiato is just hot milk with just enough coffee to leave a mark (‘marked milk’ hence the name) on top of the milk. The name cappuccino is an italian reference to a monks cap, or hat. Buy some shakers for cinnamon, cocoa etc. Know that nutmeg isn’t too good for cappuccinos as it it bitter and kills the foam. Use it for spiced drinks or maybe chocolate drinks.

Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the patented “Single Touch” hot milk system.

Great espresso and love the milk management system.

I own 2 delonghi super automatics this one being our most recent. I make 6 or more espresso drinks per day on our house sometimes more. Two weeks ago the grinder broke or jammed don’t know. I contacted delonghi service who sent a white gloves padded shipping box and label right away. I mailed it fedex to the dallas service center unsure when i’d ever see it again. Today i was shocked to get a call from the delivery guy that my beloved espresso machine was left on my porch. Everything works great, problem solved. I know super automatics can be finicky and i’ve heard horror stories. Thankfully i didn’t have to experience one. Thank you delonghiotherwise for those looking we love this machine. Espressos and tall coffees are at the ready.

For the first 9 months life was good. Get up in the morning, press a button, and instant cappuccino. Then the milk frother started acting up. Not as foamy, not a steady stream, etc. Called delonghi, and customer service was great. We talked through the issues, and they determined it must be a problem with the foamer lid mechanics. ‘we’ll send you out a whole new lid’ they said. Awesome customer service, which it should be since it was so expensive, and less than a year old (considering the 2 year warranty). Well, 2 months later, and 3 phone calls later with lots of promises, still no foamer top.

Even ‘not coffee’ drinkers appreciate the taste.

Love the functionality and features, this is my third delonghi automatic, but after 6 weeks, the front door pops open by itself after turn-on, which stops it from making coffee, so i have to repeatedly close the door manually. Apparently, the internal mechanical tolerances are too tight.

I love this machine it is well worth the money. It is very easy to use and i get coffee that is like the coffee shop. This machine does both ground and beans. With the ground coffee you add it when you make it. With the beans their is a place to fill it up and you can use it over and over. The frothing milk is wonderful.

Easy-to-use digital control panel with programmable menu settings: adjust start time, auto off, clock, temperature, coffee strength

I’ve had my machine for approximately 2 weeks now, and so far i love it. It’s replacing my keurig rivo machine because i don’t want a pod system anymore, and i want a milk frother. This machine was easy to set up, and it’s easy to use. I haven’t changed any of the factory default settings for temperature or anything else yet, but i plan on doing so in the near future. I would like to change the water temperature, which is an available feature. I love the separate milk reservoir that cleans itself and can be kept in the fridge. The only thing it’s missing is a separate function for frothed milk only. Sometimes i like to add more frothed milk, but you can only do it while adding more coffee at the same time. But that is the only thing i’ve found so far that i don’t like. Overall great machine and i highly recommend it.

Grinds beans instantly for the freshest espresso with the patented “Direct-to-Brew” system.

No waiting between preparing espresso and cappuccino with the double boiler system.

DeLonghi ECAM23210SB Super Automatic Coffee Machine – Professional Results at Home

I’ve spent the last few weeks getting to know this coffee maker and i’m extremely pleased. This being my first de’longhi, there was a learning curve. You have four options for setting this up (likely unnecessary if you are already accustomed to their machines). There’s a quick start guide, a full manual, an included dvd, and a call center. I started with the quick start guide, but moved on to the full manual. Initial set up is easy and intuitive. The water tank is easily removed, filled, and replaced and it includes a water filter as well. Using just the quick start guide, i quickly made my first cup of coffee, but had some difficulty understanding how to set the length and how to increase the heat of the coffee. However, using the included manual, i was able to customize it until i got the perfect cup. Note that you can program the machine to a specific strength and length of coffee using the ‘my cup’ function.

This is a wonderful machine. Makes the best cup of coffee i have ever had.

We have been long time french press users. This guy has changed our mornings significantly. Instead of the boil, grind, pour and rest routine i press a button at it’s done. That is what i originally thought when receiving this. The positives are that it foams milk very well and you don’t have to be a barista to make velvet foam. It also has an excellent layer of crema on every pour. You can program it to you pour preference. I have significant experience with another fully automated system that we use at work. It is made by a different italian company and uses a carafe for milk. It has much larger reservoirs for water, and grounds. Here are the specifications for the DeLonghi ECAM23210SB Super Automatic Coffee Machine:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 15 bars of pressure
  • Stainless steel conical burr grinder
  • Height adjustable coffee spout to accommodate different sizes of cups
  • MAINTENANCE: De’Longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly.
  • Hot Water Spout to be used for Tea or Hot Chocolate
  • Utilize De’Longhi’s specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest)

Great product, makes delicious coffeefast delivery.

This espresso machine doesn’t feel like a cheap coffee maker, but it feels overly complex and expensive for the simple task of making a hot caffeinated beverage in the morning. For years, i’ve used nothing but a stainless french press and a hot water kettle to make my morning coffee. It takes about 5-10 minutes to prepare, and about 5 minutes to clean. This delonghi, as compact and automatic as it is, requires a steep learning curve for someone who has never used such a device. There are two instruction manuals, one of which is like a quick start guide, and the other doesn’t make a lot of sense until i read it over and over again. I’m an engineer, and feel this espresso machine is overkill unless you absolutely need espresso instead of regular coffee. Being a coffee drinker, i wasn’t aware that the serving size of espresso is only a few ounces compared to 1-2 mugs. Because i didn’t have coffee beans at the time, i used pre-ground coffee. The instructions stated to only use 1 scoop per cup. So i poured it into the top funnel and followed the procedures and ended up with (to me) a shot glass sized serving of well infused espresso (even had a lot of foam on the top).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I would buy it again
  • GREAT coffee maker
  • This is a wonderful machine. Makes the best cup of coffee I

I love good coffee and frequently drink espresso (and espresso based beverages), but have never owned my own espresso maker before. This was my first foray into being my own barista, and what can i say?. The short and sweet version is that this machine makes excellent espresso that is neither too astringent nor too bland. I didn’t find the device difficult to setup or use. The ‘quick guide’ provided along with a far more detailed manual had me up and running in about 10 minutes. The machine turns on and is ready to brew steaming-hot espresso in about 60 seconds. What takes a bit longer is learning all of the various settings. These include the fineness of the grind of the beans, how long the ‘pull’ is for the espresso (more or less coffee volume), and the water temperature. Once you have things set up the way you like, you don’t have to keep going back and making changes–the machine remembers your last used setting.

We’ve been using this daily for several months without any big complaints. I wish beans fed into the grinder better. I have to stand there and poke them in with the tool they give you. Hopefully that extend the life of the product.

Although this high-end luxury cappuccino/espresso/cocoa/tea machine won’t replace my 12-cup coffeemaker for a crowd, it’s not meant to. I did a bit of investigating and i agree that although you have to keep the instruction manual handy, this is less intimidating to operate than many similar machines (for example, jura brands). The test coffee i brewed was full-bodied, blue bottle, similar to blue bottle coffee – three africans blend (whole beans coffee), 8 oz. A little too strong because i set it to the #5 or highest strength of bean. The built-in coffee grinder (hallelujah, so civilized) squeezes the maximum jolt from the beans. I also tried the milk froth setting after watching a few barista videos online from whole latte love and steve the coffee geek. The frothy milk was perfect for cappuccinos/lattes and hot cocoa from williams-sonoma. The froth wand is a bit too short and unwieldy, so you have to dip it way down in the milk and fiddle with it to get the correct setting. However, with such a powerhouse compact machine, this is a minor gripe and just a caution.

The last time i checked, the market was literally flooded with automatic coffee machines and expresso makers from every price point. Models with bells and whistles ranging from the basic functions, to starting your car (i jest). The one thing they all have in common is that they make coffee (some extremely better than others). I bet dollars to donuts you’re probably asking yourself right about now “so why should i spend $1000 on a coffee maker, when i can get a mr. Coffee at wally mart for $15 bucks?. And my answer to that is you shouldn’t because you’re clearly not the intended market delonghi wants to sell their products to. The delonghi ecam23210sb is for those who appreciate, style, simplicity quality workmanship convenience, and class. To put my context into marketable terminology i would say, if apple were going to make an expresso/coffee maker, i would imagine it would look and function very much like this. Not only does this machine make a killer cup of ‘joe’, it also makes a mean cup of expresso that will put any milan bistro to shame. When i first unboxed the machine i was a little intimidated, however once i went over the operating literature, apprehensions i previously held soon dissipated.

This machine is a beast – and i mean that in the most positive way ever. Substantial, impressive, and all encompassing – just a few words to describe this delonghi coffee machine. At the push of a button you can grind your beans based upon your taste preference; make an espresso, cappuccino, latte, or just a coffee and all will happen automatically, with the exception of the milk frothing. Pretty slickthere is an internal water reservoir which holds 60 ounces of water which is quite generous compared to other similar models. You can use either whole beans (and grind to your preference) or use pre-ground coffee beans. You just tell the machine which. There is also a steam wand for frothing milk or cream for your drinks. The frothing wand is pretty powerful and long enough to give you a little operating room around the machine. Included also is a coffee infuser which is removable and does need to be cleaned regularly. At the front of the machine there is a drip/spill tray which is great for overfills or little drips.

 this delonghi magnifica s (ecam 23210sb) espresso machine does a great job making delicious espresso drinks, and it is really easy to use – once you get it set up. In my video i demo the process of making espresso with steamed milk and go over some basics, pros, and cons. ********pros:*the coffee is delicious and nearly foolproof once you learn the machine, and results are consistent*operation is fairly quick: it took 1 minute 15 seconds to power up & get ready, 55 seconds to grind & brew the largest espresso*unit is flexible: you can use ground or whole bean coffee; machine adjusts for temperature control, hard/soft water management, brew strength, serving size, etc. *quality grinder: the machine houses a burr grinder for precise & excellent grinding, and is adjustable for coarseness*relatively compact: for a double espresso brewer, the unit isn’t too bigcons:*there is a learning curve, and initial setup in particular is somewhat cumbersome using the buttons and icon menus that aren’t always very intuitive. Once you set it up, however, it is pretty simple to operate with a bit of practice*the machine is almost entirely plastic. For the price, i was expecting a bit more metal. Still, it seems durable and well made. ***********overall, this is a really nice machine that should appeal to inexperienced home users, or anyone looking for super easy espresso results, willing to pay for quality automated operation from a respected brand. Most importantly, the coffee consistently tastes wonderful, and getting great results requires little effort from the operator. In addition, the high quality burr grinder, flexibility, and full automation make this a really nice espresso maker with a price tag to match.

This is a not cheap coffee makers. I have always had cheap coffee makers. But if you can justify the expense, this will make some great coffee. I am still working on what i can do with it, but it is dead easy. Cappuccino/espresso in barely more time than it takes for a k-cup. The water container isn’t huge, so that needs to be filled about once every 2 days for me. That isn’t a big deal, but if you have a number of coffee drinkers you will have to re-fill more often. But it does seem small compared to the coffee bean and used grounds storage, which have enough space for about a week or so. This is also a pretty compact machine. So i think the size of the water container makes is a trade off to size.

I admit that i have had several years’ experience with espresso machines, so it did not take long for me to get this delonghi machine up and running. I did, however, ask a friend with no experience whatsoever to try it out and she had no trouble at all making us both lovely cappuccinos using the instruction booklet that comes with the machine. If anything, this machine is easier to use that most i have had experience with. I did not have any previous experience with an automatic coffee bean grinder, and have always ground my own beans in a separate grinder. This delonghi does an absolutely superb job of grinding beans just prior to brewing and is much less noisy than my old grinder. This makes the coffee as good (if not better) than any fancy coffees you can buy at your local coffee shop. The water reservoir is large, easy to fill and refill, and is simple to clean. The steamer creates a lot of steam fast to froth milk , and you are able to set the brew strength from mild to strong to make coffee to suit any number of users. I use a very strong coffee (french roast), and i make either a latte or a cappuccino for myself every morning. After using this machine for several weeks, i have had no problems whatsoever.

The only complaint is the water reservoir needs to be larger but is easy to fillif you love a great cup of coffee this is your machine.

This makes a delicious cup of coffee. When first setting this machine up, i was worried it was going to be too complicated to use. It seemed to have so many controls and buttons and ways to configure things. But, once i started to play with it, i found it much, much easier to work with than my first impression of it. Along with an instruction manual, this also comes with a dvd (just like some of the high end vehicles) which is basically a set of videos of the instruction manual spoken by a beautifully articulate female voice. Both the instruction manual and the dvd are easy to follow and understand. The machine comes with a built in bean grinder, so i can use my favorite whole beans and the machine will grind to order, each cup of coffee is freshly ground. Very easythe water compartment is large enough to be able to make several cups of coffee. And it’s easy to fill, just remove the container, fill with water and it pops back in the machine.

There’s no other way to say it. Put whole coffee beans in the top, press a couple buttons, and out comes a cup of espresso just the strength and size you like. Press another button and you can perfectly steam milk and creamer to make a yummy latte. So far we’ve made espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes. I stock it with full-strength whole beans, and then there’s a little area in the top where with the twist of a knob i can tell the machine to use the already ground beans and make a decaf cup if i like. Frankly, there’s no need to go to starbucks. I can easily make a magnificent cup of coffee at home. I hope this video review helps you know what to expect. It does take a little longer to make a cup and then froth the milk, but the quality of what is made is amazingupdate: service so-so.

 if you’d like to make at home some of the best coffee this side of twin peaks, then you’ll want to check out this new coffee maker from delonghi called the magnifica s. In my video i go over the main features, show what’s included, and even demo making a cup of espresso so you know exactly how long it takes and how loud the grinder sounds. I also give a tip on how to easily remove the infuser so you can clean it. There’s a lot to love about this machine:* grinds coffee beans with a stainless steel conical burr grinder and an adjustable grind dial* also takes pre-ground coffee* hot water and steam spout for making tea or frothing milk* removable, large 60 ounce water tank with water filter* removable coffee infuser for easy cleaning* removable water drip tray and coffee grind bin* control panel for making coffee choices and settings* adjustable coffee spout for different cup sizes* warming platform for cup/saucer storagethe coffee it makes tastes absolutely wonderful, with crema, and the additional steam wand for frothing milk allows you to make lots of different coffee drinks. Everything is accessible and easy to clean. The only trouble i’ve had with the unit is that soon after setting it up, the machine kept telling me the coffee grind bin was full — even when it was empty. I think the sensor must have been confused because after i cleaned the coffee infuser, the machine went back to proper operation. This is a great coffee maker. If you want a fantastic cup of coffee that’s super easy to make — pour in beans, place cup under spout, and press a button — i can’t think of a machine that will make you happier than this delonghi magnificent s. I hope this review and video are useful.

I never would have considered a home espresso /coffee machine due to the price but this one is pretty nifty. First of all, it doesn’t take any more counter space that the two keurigs that i’ve had. It’s a very attractive, stainless steel machine which just looks cool. I love fresh ground coffee so this fits the ticket. I don’t usually take the time to grind my own coffee unless it’s the weekend but this will do it for me. I’m also a big tea drinker so it’s very nice to have the 60 oz water well with hot water dispenser whenever i want it. And then there are the many adjustments as to strength of the coffee that i wouldn’t have paid attention to until it was an option here. And i really love that it will adjust to my favorite mug size. I admit that i’m stuck in a rut and always like to use the same mug. The downside is that this is a pretty expensive machine to have hanging around ‘just for coffee.

DeLonghi Kmix 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker : I bought it for the COLOR

I am so pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone. I debated over which color to go with aqua or yellow and i am so happy with the yellow. It brightens up my kitchen and is so darn pretty.I don’t find the coffee bitter and i used pre-ground. Perhaps if you grind your own beans, you could over-grind them and cause bitterness, the manual does warn against that. I get 3 cupsworth out of this coffe maker based off of my cup size and amount of milk to coffee ratio. The coffee comes out at a perfect temperature for me. I add milk and it isn’t luke warm after the addition, it is still pleasantly warm. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the space for the grounds is quite small.

Bought this over a year ago. And it’s been a great appliance to have in my kitchen. Bright color, cool design, but most importantly makes really good, hot coffee. Have never had to de-lime it, which surprised me. If there is any ‘negative’ about this machine, it does not have an automatic shut-off. . So be sure to unplug, or at least turn off before you head out. . I would recommend this for anyone (although i see the price is quite a bit more now).

DeLonghi Kmix 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Green

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Long lasting and durable die-cast aluminum exterior
  • Simple, iconic and stunning design makes a bold design statement in any kitchen
  • Highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship
  • 8 Colorful design options are available
  • 10-Cup capacity

This coffee maker is good looking. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it drips onto the hot plate when the carafe is removed. It can be messy for that reason. Also, today the heating element retired at the young age of 1 1/2 years.

I bought this for my husband. He loves yellow and we are retiring. We bought a new home and he wanted a yellow coffee maker. I don’t drink coffee, but he loves the color and he loves the way the machine works. It is great for him and our kids.

I had this coffee maker for two and half years and it stopped working. For the price i think it should last longer. Warning it does not make very hot coffee.

DeLonghi Kmix 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Green : Great product and nice looking. Don’t know why so many negative reviews. Very happy with mine and haven’t had any issues. The warmer on top is not really to keep your coffee warm, but to warm your coffee cup as the hot water flows through during the brewing process. The smallest coffee maker i could find that comes in stainless steel. *****update******the 5 cup does not have the 2 hour auto shut-off switch. Checked the manual for this model. (the 10 cup has the auto shut-off feature).

I purchased the 5 cup coffee maker in that vibrant taxi cab color yellow and it arrived in 5 days. The color is extremely vivid, but does look good on a black granite counter top. My roommate chose that color and i regret that i did not order it in white, but it`s just so darn cute and efficient, i`ve decided to keep my mouth shut about it for now. I`m sure our next unrelated argument will somehow include me blurting out ‘yeah, but you got to choose that funky yellow color for the coffee maker. I`m pretty impressed by the unusually streamline design and solid construction. Think scandinavian minimalist- something you`d see sitting on the counter in a contemporary kitchen in sweden. The top looks like aluminum that has been triple plated chrome- not flimsy looking at all. When you tap your fingernails on it, it definitely doesn`t sound like cheap tin. The colored portion of the unit is aluminum but looks and feels like very thick high gloss enamel. You can use the gold mesh coffee screen that is supplied with the unit alone or add a paper filter for easier disposal of coffee grounds. The appliance is fairly small and fits under the 18 inch space below the cupboards on the counter top. You can lift the lid up about 2/3rds before it hits the bottom of your cupboards but you can still pour water into the unit if it is in a sideways position without pulling it out from against the wall to operate it. The carafe is sturdy, simple and easy to clean. Completely full, it holds exactly 2 normal cups/mugs of coffee so i`m not so sure why they call this a ‘5 cup’.

This coffee maker looks great, makes good coffee (without chemical aftertaste like my last one), but the design of the carafe could have been better. The plastic rim is mounted on the glass in such a way that it traps the last bit of liquid, even if you turn it completely upside down. About a teaspoon of liquid remains and is impossible to get out. Not a deal breaker for me, but a surprising design flaw in such a sleek machine. I like that it is just a coffee maker, no clock or other frills, just one simple on/off button, but i guess if you like to wake up to your fresh-brewed coffee, this machine is not for you. The permanent filter is great, though you can still use paper filters if you prefer.

I like the coffee this machine makes. Gave 4 stars because i got the unit on february 11 and now is march 10 and the descale light is already on. I have used filtered water only. It is still making the coffee in the same amount of time. I like the coffee and is good and hot. Noticed i can also use less coffee to make the same amount as i use to in my old coffee maker and is stronger from this unit.

Bought this in a hurry to replace a horrible conair cuisine coffee grinder brewing system which could not make a consistent cup of coffee. This delonghi is small compact and is the easiest cup of coffee you will ever make. The coffee drips extremely fast(not sure how that affects the brew quality) and very, very hot, no need to warm up your milk even. Pros: easy to use, very fast and very hot brewing. Very fashionablecons: hot plate stays hot. Not sure if the fast drip diminishes the coffee taste quality.

When i first saw a picture of this coffee maker i thought it was so funny looking. But, the more i looked at it and read the reviews, the more i liked it. I wanted a colorful coffee maker and this fits the bill. I also like the nickel/stainless metal. But, what i really love is how easy it is to make coffee. The area to pour the water is large enough that i never spill anymore. The area where you put the coffee is easily accessible, easy to clean and it fits into place nicely. It makes coffee quickly plus i can warm my cup on top. I didn’t want a coffee maker with a clock since i always unplug after making the coffee and drinking it. I didn’t want one that programmed for the next day since i rarely used that feature on my last coffee maker.

This coffee maker is ideal for everyone, especially if you have a busy life style and need to have a convenient way for enjoying great coffee. Thanks to its easy-to-operate functions, you can conveniently have your coffee ready for you while you are getting ready for work or while doing chores around the house. Also, if you have limited counter space and require a kitchen device that will not take up too much room, then this is the coffee maker for you since it is narrow and fits easily in tight spaces. You can rest assured that you are investing your money in a great kitchen product because of its strong aluminum die-cast exterior assures you that it will be around making great coffee for years to come. Pros:it has both a sturdy build and an impressive design – this excellent coffee maker has had such high reviews with how strong it proves to be because of its durable die-cast aluminum exterior. Furthermore, it is built from reliable a delonghi coffee maker part which guarantees that this device will last for a much longer time than other coffee makers. It has a small footprint – putting this coffee makeron display is no problem at all, even for those with small kitchen counters because it has a small foot print. If preferred to be kept up when not in use, it can also be conveniently placed inside a cabinet since it does not demand too much storage space. Its operation to produce great coffee is very easy to control – it is easy to make this great coffee maker function. It has a simple on/off switch and does not require any programming procedure.

I’ve had this maker for about a month and couldn’t be happier. It is pretty and makes great coffee, and is just the right size for my wife and me. Mine must be a newer model, as it does not have the ‘de-scaling’ indicator that some have complained about, and i have no problem emptying the carafe. The lack of a 2-hour shutoff is not an issue for me, as we only use it to brew morning coffee with. The price has gone up a good bit in the past month, however; i think i paid $111 for mine, and now it is going for $130. I’d buy it again though, in a heartbeat.

Product is beautiful, and i am really happy with it. The proportions of grounds vs. Water is still taking some figuring out though. It does not seem to be the same as other coffee makers, but i am wondering if maybe my coffee is ground too finely (i’ve been using the reusable filter provided). Other than that, i would definitely recommend for someone who wants a simple, well-designed coffee maker. The cup warmer is sort of pointless, but i like the aesthetic of the extra hardware for it.

This review is of the 5-cup version in orange which i love. I have had no dripping problem with the carafe as mentioned about the 10 cup version by others. It is sleek and beautiful and so easy to use. It looks adorable on my new kitchen cart and makes great coffee too. It is super fast, so the cup warmer will not heat the cup fully unless you want to let it sit a while. So i fill my cup with very hot tap water and set it on there. I posted about it on my blog (just click my profile to see link if you’re interested) with more photos if anyone is interested. The only neg is after i have cleaned the carafe and put it back, even with the power off, more coffee drips out. Just a few drops but a little annoying.

Bought this for my retired parents as a gift. It looks great in their kitchen. Only complaint is some coffee leaks down at the heater plate element so they put a paper towel under the carafe when brewing. This is after 3 years of daily use.

I’ve been using my coffee maker for about 2 weeks now, having used a keurig for years (i just decided to quit filling the landfill with little k cups). It does brew a delicious cup of coffee, even under the worst of conditions. This morning in my fog, i put the #2 paper filter in the top & filled it as usual, poured water in the tank & pressed the button. When i came back to pour my first cup, the filter fell out on the warming plate. I had failed to put the filter holder in place. Coffee still came out perfect (with a few grounds in the bottom of the pot).

I love the look of this coffee maker. We ordered it in stainless steel and it matches the other stainless steel appliances. It makes a pot of coffee very quickly. A cup is only 6 ounces, so a pot is about 30 ounces of coffee, which is perfect for 1 or 2 people. It has one button to operate and is very simple. You use the pot to measure your water for how many cups you want and pour it in the back of the unit. It has a permanent filter and you add one scoop of coffee for each cup you want and then turn it on. . Coffee is ready in 2 minutes, tastes amazing and is it the perfect temp. I will buy it again when mine breaks.

After only three years (but probably a lot of use), my delonghi that i loved so refused to make another cup of coffee. I was skeptical of going with another of the same brand, but was disappointed by so many of the other products i found out there. I wanted something at least as stylish as my last machine and didn’t need too many features. I struggled with the price of this machine and considered it for several days before deciding to make the purchase. At almost double what i spent for my last machine (and i thought that was expensive), it was certainly a stretch reasoning with myself why i should go ahead and buy the kmix. The package came a day earlier than expected, so i was already excited. Looks great, even better than my last machine. I read reviews that said the machine did not turn off automatically as advertised but mine does. The cup warmer was not a need on my list when searching for the product, so it not doing a great job in a timely manner does not affect my rating or satisfaction with the product. I do wish that i could remove the pot while brewing to pour a cup of coffee when i just can’t wait, but it doesn’t take long to brew in the first place.

Had this coffee machine for over a year using it almost every day. Very simple machine with no extra features. It is big and you need space overhead to open it. The only problem i had was that the glass carafe /container cracked (my mistake) and finding a replacement was almost impossible. I found a replacement from another company that doesn’t fit 100%. I have to maneuver and place the lid a specific way to open the drip canal. But i recommend that if you crack the carafe, don’t throw away the gray/black top. Just find a carafe of similar height and hopefully it may fit on. I specifically bought this machine for the color to match my modern yellow/green kitchen.

I have to admit, its looks are what drew me in, but it makes a decent cup of coffee in lighting speed no less. I love the yellow, it makes me happy even when i’m not using it. The quality is superb, looks very expensive and is not at all. I really like how my coffee is ready to go in literally 120 seconds. The cup warmer isn’t that hot, so i generally just heat my mug in the microwave, but it’s no biggie. Even if it breaks in a year, for the price, it’ll be cheaper than my daily chain coffee shop habit.

This coffee maker makes 2 big mugs of great coffee. I only needed a couple of cups for each morning and this works perfectly. Have to be careful to make sure the carafe is seated in the correct position or it will stop the flow and will overflow. Only takes once to learn this.

DeLonghi Bread Maker : Happy with this bread maker

I did a lot of research on the other machines and this machine was never compared to the others on any of the websites. I liked the other machines, but each machine was missing at least one of the features i was looking for, the delonghi has them all. I was looking for a timer, fruit and nut dispenser, convection and a paddle that did not leave a large hole. The paddle is thin, so when you pull the bread out of the pan, it leaves a slight thin line, almost unnoticeable. Also the light is great, and the window on the top is bigger than what i had before, so you can actually see what is going on. I baked a nut and currant bread, white bread and dough for sub rolls so far. Right now i am making pumpernickel dough for rolls. I have not been disappointed in anything i have made so far. Don’t be discouraged by the recipe book inside.

It is easy to use, easy to clean, it is not noisy and works very well. Just what i was looking for.

The unit did not power up when plugged in and switched on. Had to jiggle and shake it for a while to get it to power up. Made two good loaves of bread, but struggled with the power each time. Am returning for a new unit and will try again. Very good looking and easy to operate. Update: amazon shipped a replacement unit and we love it.

I am somwhat disappointed with this machine, but am finding it useful and still learning. I made two loaves from the same recipe, using identical settings and had 2 different kinds of loafs. The crust was darker on the second one, and the puffiness of the loaf was not as even. Both loaves were acceptable but the first one of the identical loaves was much better. I also found that using recipes by king arthur flour worked out better than the ones that came with the machine. Part of my disappointment is that i thought i was getting a maker with retractable blades. I ordered this by mistake, but i find it acceptable because the blade makes such a small defect in the crust of the loaf. It separates easily unless i overload the loaf with dried fruit or raisins.

  • So happy I trusted the reviews! This bread machine is top notch! Just one minor complaint
  • Pretty good, minor issues
  • Makes great bread

DeLonghi Bread Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Produces an even baking temperature and reduces moisture with the special fan-assisted baking system
  • Automatically opens and dispenses ingredients at the appropriate time with the 4-1/2-ounce capacity ingredients dispenser
  • Removes easily from the loaf without leaving a large hole, and also incorporate all of the mix from the corners with the unique kneader
  • Quickly make your own bread in just under an hour with the 58-minute rapid bake function
  • Easily set your own time for each bread baking stage, from pre-heat to kneading, rising and baking, with 5 personal program settings

You get what you pay for with this breadmaker.

I purchased this bread machine a few months ago with the primary intention of replacing store-bought sandwich bread with homemade. I am a busy mom, however, and as much as i would like to be available for traditional bread making, it just doesn’t happen. This machine is consistently making a delicious 100% sprouted whole wheat loaf for me. Yes, the ingredients may cost more than buying a loaf from the store, but i like the peace of mind that comes from zero preservatives and dough conditioners, and 100% organic ingredients. I don’t have to babysit it, as some other reviews have suggested. I put the ingredients in and take the loaf out a few hours later. Easy peasy, as my five year old says. No, it isn’t whisper quiet, but it only kneads intermittently for about 30 minutes of its 3-4 hour cycle. 5 lb loaf is almost exactly the same size as a traditional loaf of sandwich bread, just not as long, which is fine because we eat it all before it gets dry. I do wish that delonghi had provided more recipes, but i have been using many from the king arthur flour website with lots of success. Overall, i am super happy with this purchase. It consistently bakes delicious bread with very little hands on attention and doubles as a really awesome air freshener.

This is a great bread macker. Recomending this bread maker nice design too. . Tuch screan display,,a very great price for the product. Iff any one is looking for a good bread maker this is the one i recomend delongi bread maker.

Very good value for the money. Flat paddle does not leave a ‘hole’ in the bread.

I really like this bread machine, but it took me quite a few months to figure it out. It comes with a book of recipes, but you have to follow the recipes to perfection. My biggest complaint is the measurements are in ounces. While it comes with a measuring device, this only works for the liquid ingredients. I had to purchase a scale to measure out the dry ingredients. Beyond that, the machine is easy to use and produces wonderful breads.

For some odd reason i cant get this thing to make bread without it coming out flat. I follow the instructions and even tried different things and all ended up the same. So for now i use it for making jam. Its perfect for making strawberry jam. I like the unit overall and hopefully get the bread to work. Until then, i use the oven like usual.

I have been using for several months and love it.

Great product, not too big, not too small, fit well in the kitchen. After one week of testing, we finally optimize the right recipe with the right program. The breads are really amazing, and the crust is just perfect. We are now using it very other day since now almost 6 months, and we are very happy with it.

I don’t usually write reviews, but i just had too much to say about this. This bread machine replaced my breadman ultimate plus, which broke after less than a year of use, but i rigged it up to keep working for another year (just had to use a knife to pry the pan out after each use). I did heavy research before choosing my replacement. I decided i didn’t want another “budget” bread machine that i was going to have to keep replacing, so i was looking at some of the higher end machines. Besides the delonghi, i considered machines by zojirushi, panasonic, and breville. There seems to be a lot of passionate zoji fans. It does seem like a nice machine, but i didn’t like a few things about it. 1) it doesn’t have a dedicated “french” bread cycle, which i make a lot of. I know, i know, you can program it, but since it’s something i make a lot, i wanted a machine that already had the perfect cycle set up for it. My household is small, so i like to make 1 lb. Loaves with the option of going bigger if i am feeding a crowd. 3) it didn’t have the fruit/nut dispenser4) it is more expensive5) it didn’t have an interior lightthe panasonic machine i was looking at (sd-yd250) didn’t have the fruit/nut dispenser or an interior light. It did have a yeast dispenser, which i thought was silly because it’s easy (and fun) to make a little “well” in the flour to put the yeast, and it just seemed like another little area to have to clean.

I have owned this bread maker for several months and haven’t used it much because it seemed confusing. The display window is touch screen with “icons” that are pictures only. Today, i went to the delonghi website and found a very useful manual. I printed off the illustration and labeled the parts and now i totally understand how to make a loaf of bread. Press menu, which is the book symbol. You know which number to choose based on the recipe you use in the book. Select loaf size, which is the scale symbol , 3. Select crust color, which is the bread symbol. The dispenser for nuts and dried fruit slides on the lid. If you need to cancel your choices, press the x symbol.

Works well for mixing dough, though i don’t bake the bread in it.

I love this bread maker it makes great bread. There are two things i don’t care for. The basket that holds nuts or other ingredients for delayed release in special breads often opens and gets dirty when you make plain bread. Second the bread will cook longer than you want it to so you must take it out of the machine when it’s done or it will continue to cook and develop a hard thick crust even on the lighter settings. This is only a problem if you want to set it to make bread while your away and cannot be there to pull it out when it’s done. The recipe book is easy to follow and every bread i’ve tried has tasted wonderful. I wish there was a store near me that carried the specialized ingredients that many of the recipes call for. All in all it is a great bread maker and has always performed well for me.

Works perfectly and makes delicious bread. Not too much noise (bip and motor) compare to other bread makers. Really makes a crispy crust with medium and dark crust setting.

Very easy to set up, solid, not too loud and easy to clean. I wish they would have programmed in a beep at the begining of the last rise, as i like to remove the paddle then. Also, i’d like to be able to disable the ‘keep warm’ function. Update: it is possible to remove the keep warm function by programming a custom cycle.

This machine has all the features i wanted to replace my 12-year-old bread maker. Unfortunately, i had a very hard time making a satisfactory loaf with their recipes. Everything is weighed on a scale or measured in their enclosed measuring cup. I carefully weighed and measured resulting in awful loaves. Since i’m an every week bread baker, i knew they could be better. When i called the company, they offered to have me send the machine back and have it checked for defect. I decided to try it for another month before lugging it to ups. I switched to my own recipes and ‘voila’ perfect loafs. Haven’t tried it with mixes, but i have used several bread machine cookbooks all with great results.

I bought the same model from sur la table and it cost me $50 more after tax. I knowingly was lazy when making my first loaf and used the included measuring cup to measure the flour (yes, i do know it’s for liquids only – why’d i do it?. Because i’m a guy i suppose). The resulting bread was flat, dense, and not very good. Fast forward to the 2nd loaf. This time i measured the same amount of flour in the same included measuring cup. I wanted to weight it out and see just how far off i was on my flour amount. With the liquid measuring cup came out on my digital oxo weight scale as only 14 & 1/4 oz. I knew it would be off, but wow – didn’t expect it to be 7 ounces off.

Actually, it has been a bit more than a year. I have used my bread machine once or twice a week, every single week, since i purchased it. I put added fiber into all of my breads. And just because i am home and can do it, i take the dough out after the last punch down, remove the kneader bar, shape the loaf, and then put it back in to rise and bake. I pretty much get perfect bread every time. Further updates: i have written additional updates, but they have not appeared here. Maybe my review has turned into too much of a blog. Anyway, for initial impressions of the bread machine, skip the updates and start reading further down.

This breadmaker makes a very even loaf. The fruit and nut dispenser is great too, things are very easy to clean and there aren’t any dry corners like other machines. This machine is a little bigger than i expected it to be, so take that into consideration if you won’t have a large spot to store it. The instructions and recipe booklet are easy to follow and the package includes a measuring cup and spoon.

DeLonghi EO1251 6-Slice 1/2-Cubic-Foot Convection Oven : Great ’til it died suddenly after 2 years

Would have given this 5 stars except for one thing–there is no light in the oven. My old delonghi lit up as soon as you turned it on. Would have searched for another oven if i had realized that. Also the toaster takes forever but does toast well. And i like the convection oven which i had never used before. It does not shorten the bake time by much, however. Some baked foods come out much better w/convection. All in all a very good oven & delonghi is the best.

I’ve been trying to get my family to stop using the microwave. I got this and it’s amazeballs. Want to heat something just a little?.

DeLonghi EO1251 6-Slice 1/2-Cubic-Foot Convection Oven, Black and Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Non-stick interior makes cleanups quick and effortless
  • Large interior that is large enough to cook an entire 12-inch pizza, bake an entree or side dish
  • Safe handling with cool touch sides.
  • Circulates air for fast and consistent results while cooking 40% faster
  • Includes one cookie sheet, aluminum bake pan and aluminum broil tray

The toaster oven itself is great, but the shipper took no care in packing the product. It came with a few broken plastic pieces, which is unfortunate.

This is the second delonghi toaster oven i have owned. I can’t remember when i bought the first one but it’s been a very long time. The one i have is an old self cleaning model. Most of the time the problem is that some people don’t know how to use the appliance. I just turn the dial to the left (not the right) for toast. I turn it to the right when i want to bake or broil. The handle on the door doesn’t get hot like some other toasters. Don’t allow others to use it unless they know how to use it.

DeLonghi EO1251 6-Slice 1/2-Cubic-Foot Convection Oven, Black and Stainless Steel : I have never used to so i don’t actually know how it is but my mom uses it all the time and loves it.

This would have been my third delonghi toaster oven. Love the features, the two trays(hard to find in many other brands nowadays), deep enough for a pizza tray. But it arrived with a broken door. The packaging was poor with no support for the glass door, thus one side of it had dislodged from its fittings and there was no way to correct this, so we returned it. Wasn’t sure if this issue would be resolved so we decided not to order it again.

Previously, we had one of the much more expensive delonghi convection ovens. It not only did basic toasting, but ended up serving as another smaller oven for our cooking chores. This delonghi can do more than toast, and does toasting very well. We are very pleased for the price (appox $45 on sale), but miss having another oven to supplement the cooking on big projects.

I wish it was all black like my previous one.

Spacious, deep interior fits large items or multiple pieces of bread easily. Heats quickly and consistently. In fact, heats so fast, we use on lower settings. Also attractive and easy to clean.

Fyi: the height is 9 inches and the width is 17, but it’s *not* eleven inches deep — more like 14.

I did a lot of research into the best toaster oven. * if you want to use this as a small oven as well (saves on some electricity since you are not heating an entire oven) the best one out there is the breville oven which i found at william sonoma. At about $300 it is a pricey investment, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. * all the reviews i have read, said that the toaster oven really doesn’t do good toast. Also, that not much has changed in the design of these appliances except that the price and size has gone up tremendously. *after looking at the selection in a local store, i would have to agree. The lower-end ovens felt like cheap imitations of the toaster oven i knew and loved as a kid. Some of them are bigger now – hence the ‘oven’ function – but the price has gone up as well. * i bought the breville, took it home and tried it out.

Worked well until the power supply failed suddenly. Although under warranty, the cost and time involved in getting it repaired, doesn’t make a trip worthwhile for a $55 item.

Ours arrived broken in shipment. Amazon took care of it promptly. We bought another exact model and it works great. My wife only likes this brand.

I’m not sure the life span of your average toaster oven, but this one hung in there for 5. It reheated pizza well and cooked things like frozen french fries & chicken tenders a bit quicker than the regular oven. I wish it had lasted a bit longer, but while it lived, it did its job well.

We had another delonghi toaster oven that we bought 7 years ago it worked great so we were happy when we found this onethank you.

I am not crazy about combination of silver and black. I used to have one before, it burned, but it was black color all around.

The eo1251 is particularly useful for 1-2 person households, as it is a terrific little oven and an adequate toaster. I can’t give it 5 stars until the designers improve the setting knobs, which are stiff and provide too small a finger grip for turning, and add a second rack to provide more placement options. To get the most reliable toast results, one needs first to warmed up the toaster settings. While the cuisinart convection oven gets the higher ratings, some users i know have complained of the need to vet the equipment thoroughly, as it gives off an unpleasant chemical smell on initial usages. Fortunately, the delonghi has no such drawback. I also appreciate the simplicity of its settings; it’s easier just to turn a knob in the morning than have to face the cuisinart’s digital pad.

Good product – would buy again.

The previous model was better, with nicer knobs and an overall silver finish that was more together. Also, it had a light inside and the grill slid out automatically when you opened the door (not such a great idea actually). But they don’t make that one anymore. If you want the best toaster oven that money can buy these days, this is probably it. And it’s still much cheaper than it should be. I wish that delonghi would make one with better heating elements, an overall black finish, the nice knobs, and just charge $200 for it, like it should be.

We’ve had a delonghi toaster for 12 years and it was just about done. So we decided to get another one. But maybe the company was bought by someone new in the past 12 years. The quality is cheaper and just doesn’t work as well.

Just what i needed and just what i ordered.

DeLonghi De’Longhi CTH4003 4-Slice Toaster – Delonghi 4 slice toaster

After reading through a bunch of testimonials from a wide variety of unique toasters, we decided on this 1. We are very delighted with it hence much. It is more substantial than the other 4-slice toasters we appeared at, but seems to be much better built. The only detrimental point i can say is that at the lowest setting the toast is what we take into consideration to be perfect. It would be great to have a minor reduce placing. Perhaps the reheat placing would be what to use in its place if you require it a lot less. Irrespective, it makes excellent toast (and pop-tarts).

I guess school is out mainly because i have not had it for long. Like thew 4 slice for dueling sandwiches at lunch.

My spouse & i take pleasure in this toaster. 1st of its a incredibly excellent brand name & is effective fantastic. I will endorse it to any one,my loved ones.

My aged delonghi eventually broke immediately after a lot of years of good service, and i needed a different 4-slice toaster in stainless metal, so obviously i selected this just one. It is really ok but some before reviewers were correct — it tends to toast the bread a minor as well light-weight, and i do not mean only frozen bread or bagels. It’s satisfactory and i appreciate how it appears to be like, but i continue to keep it on the highest setting and occasionally have to pop the toast again down for a next time.

Reputable, straightforward to clear, seems to be good. I bought this because it has slots lengthy plenty of to toast the ‘fancy’ bread slices. It is been in use for many months now, and i have experienced no challenges in anyway.

  • Great Toaster (I’ve tried several)
  • Not the strongest, but works with no problems so far
  • Love my DeLonghi

Was searching for a toaster with four slots. This 1 has been working for just about two yrs. The maximum location is nonetheless not adequate if you want your bread seriously dark and crunchy, for case in point to make bread crumbs. I also had some issues where more substantial pieces fell down and on to the heater wires. Smells awful and you have to get the toaster and shake it upside down to get those people out.

My second delonghi toaster – and i’m not disappointed. My only slight concern is with the toasting amount – without having turning the dial at all previous zero, i come across that to be a sufficient amount for bread. I utilized the toaster still established to less than one for bagels and won’t be able to envision what the degree six would at any time be used for. Other than that, it is really a fantastic searching and fast toaster. Like the click on-in crumb trays in the front – it’s straightforward to clean up them out. Also a wonderful worth for the cash.

This is our next de’longhi merchandise and as normal it is outstanding. I was a bit apprehensive at first owing to some of the testimonials that i had browse about small troubles this unit had, but so significantly it has toasted everything quickly and uniformly. The smooth design and style goes flawlessly with the rest of our kitchen area and looks very good out on the counter.

This is a pretty awesome toaster, but there are a several difficulties with it. It is challenging to change the configurations to discover the pleased medium concerning toasting and burning. Also, the brushed steel/stainless steel appear an be hard to keep clean up (fingerprints generally). Also, it is pretty dear when in comparison with other toasters.

But the toaster arrived with small dents and scratches so i suspect it was a utilized/returned toaster. However, i returned the toaster (my 1st return with amazon) and it was surprisingly quick and they promptly shipped me a new one in perfect situation. So irrespective of this destructive assessment to begin with it has turned out to be a favourable for amazon as i was astonished how straightforward it was to return merchandise. (they offer a ups slip for return and ups picks it up or you can drop it off)store with confidence using amazon. . Will update this overview if i have any problems with this new toaster. I say if you like the look of this toaster, just take a likelihood, it’s simple to return items working with amazon (a great deal to my surprise)update. . Adjusted my rating to 5 stars. No grievances with this toaster, i have employed it continually for 6 months. (seemingly i obtained blessed due to the fact it looks excellent regulate on really significantly all toasters is missing centered on other critiques i have read.

Features of De’Longhi CTH4003 4-Slice Toaster

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Multi-function toaster features cancel, defrost, reheat and bagel selections that let you toast to perfection.
  • Precise double-sided toasting with two extra-wide and extra-long slots that work in concert with the self-adjusting bread grips.
  • Cleanup is a breeze with extra deep crumb tray with push opening system.
  • Optimal and precise toasting with the 6 setting adjustable browning control.
  • Durable and attractive stainless steel exterior.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Searched significant and lower for a first rate toaster that in fact toasted both sides at once. I used to return toaster following toaster when i previously acquired them. What a breath of clean air to at last get one particular that works and operates nicely the very first shot. I very reccomend this device .

I require to amend this evaluate. This toaster is even much more disappointing than i at first considered. Putting the dial up to 6(the greatest) pre packaged sliced white bread arrives out toasted frivolously on one aspect other breads are warmed and not toasted. I would hardly ever recommend this toaster to any individual. Do not buyoriginal critique: this toaster was a replacement for just one from a lot less complicated periods that lastly gave up. I am quite happy with the options (haven’t tried the bagel element still). Its alternatively huge and bulky, requires up a bit more space than our aged one particular. Toasting is often uneven and 1 time a slice of bread, not extremely slim, got caught below the part that should really keep it up. But it typically does its work, just not as very well as i predicted from delonghi.

You can gripe, about characteristics but for the value this is the very best toaster you can get. Pleasant end with effortless cleanse out trays. My only grievance is it doesn’t appear to have more than enough time on the timer to properly toast bagels, also you have to make your bagels experiencing outwards which is a but counterintuitive.

Bought another high-priced so known as good quality toaster just before this just one that was a overall flop. This toaster has done further than our anticipations.

It does the occupation – feels flimsy and does not toast evenly. I would return if not this kind of a inconvenience.

You would feel for the dimension it would do some severe toasting, proper?. nine moments out of 10 i have to place my toast in two times on the highest placing. I experimented with a several other individuals and this a person is the best to keep clean up and really the very best of restricted solutions.

Multi-function toaster features cancel, defrost, reheat and bagel selections that let you toast to perfection.

Toaster has a nice stainless finish with quick to use buttons that create a wonderful blue led light-weight following to each individual a person when pushed. The toaster is significantly speedier than standard no subject if your toasting a piece of bread or begal. The acquire was quick and quickly with no challenges by amazon.

I will stay with this title model as it performs wonderful and lasts. But i am going to attempt other little appliances intheir line when i need new kinds.

This toaster is so good, the opening for the bread or bagels is a good deal huge and the handles can be pushed upward if u want to have much more capacity to get the toast without the need of burning by yourself. It generally pushes the toast up to take care of the toast superior.

Predicted more from this brand name. Had a toaster for twelve yrs by delonghi and it was wonderful till it broke. Does not toast perfectly but appears to be great.

So significantly the delonghi is performing terrific. I appreciate the diverse possibilities for toasting. You can reheat a now toasted piece of toast. You have a bagel option and also a frozen choice. It appears to be like on the counter top rated and has quick to cleanse crumb pans. The rate on amazon was wonderful.

The delonghi toaster is a cadillac. It is ideal on with toasting on both sides evenly. We now have ‘his and hers’ sides.

Precise double-sided toasting with two extra-wide and extra-long slots that work in concert with the self-adjusting bread grips.

Most toastings call for to be put down two times to accomplish essential browness, just one on stage six, and the next on degree 1. Other than that, the selection of offerings is exceellent, from defrost, to bagel, to reheat. Wonderful addition to counter aesthetics.

I read through nothing but superior reviews on this toaster and made a decision to purchase just one when my previous just one quit. I genuinely preferred the visual appearance and options of this device moreover the quick accessibility crumb trays. I was extremely upset to get one particular that did not function owing to damaged heating elements.

Seemed at all the costly $250+ toasters and determined to consider a prospect on this one, it has carried out flawlessly. (obtained totally free super saver shipping) place in four slices and they all occur out toasted the similar, defrosts bagels perfectly, clear layout and the blue leds are great. Knobs at 1st appeared like plastic (definitely smooth end), but are steel (cast zinc, i imagine) as advertised. Replaces my 8 yr outdated two slot delonghi that was crome plated and confirmed indicators of rust (kept it upcoming to the sink), but soon after eight yrs it however worked flawlessly.

This point is fantastic searching and is effective correctly.

Cleanup is a breeze with extra deep crumb tray with push opening system.

Optimal and precise toasting with the 6 setting adjustable browning control.

DeLonghi De’Longhi ECAM23260SB Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker : Love this coffee machine

I’m heading to make reference to the older delonghi magnifica esam3300 for the duration of this evaluate. I’ve had that equipment for pretty a few decades, and it has served me nicely. I was fortuitous ample to get this new edition via amazon vine, so i really feel i can assess the two in situation anybody is looking to improve. To start with off, this 1 has a handful of additional bells and whistles, e. The self-contained milk frother, somewhat than just the milk spout. This indicates it really is super straightforward (and cleaner) to make frothy milky espresso beverages, which will undoubtedly be a bonus for several opportunity customers, but also usually means a single has a little significantly less control in excess of the approach. The new magnifica normally takes up pretty much the exact footprint, but is most likely a little slimmer and sleeker even though getting a tad further. Set up was simple, and it primed rapidly and competently and i was completely ready to make espresso promptly. There is a drinking water filter if you have to have it, and a helpful paper strip to exam your water hardness. There is a whole instruction handbook and a easy coloration quick-commence tutorial which tends to make this equipment incredibly simple to work. So initial off, the professionals: very well, the espresso photographs from this device are as very good if not improved than from the old a person and generate a pleasant sum of crema after i bought the grind a little finer and the pour a minimal slower. I’m gonna say this straight out: although this device will make a good, serviceable espresso drink, it can be nevertheless no way as very good as hand-pulling a shot on your own utilizing a manual machine, nor as very good as you would get in a proper espresso bar, getting knowledgeable, of system, that both equally individuals call for very good expertise and coaching. It may possibly not even be as good as the nespresso devices out there, but it will make up for it in price tag in excess of time and overall flexibility, and it even now beats out a lot of espresso store choices for each value and frequently taste, specially as you can get beans from any place and use them in the device.

Getting had a de’longhi for 10 many years i experienced wonderful anticipations for the new device. Could not have been far more mistakenthis machine is incredibly restrictive in it can be procedure, forcing you into really slim, and minimal parameters for utilization. Coffee is incredibly robust, even in the weakest options. Desire i would have bought a miele. I achieved out for enable from the business on a pair of challenges, under no circumstances listened to backback.

De’Longhi ECAM23260SB Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker, Black

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • The double shot feature makes your preferred drink, just taller! It doubles the amount of coffee and milk
  • Integrated stainless steel burr grinder with 13 adjustable settings for whole beans and second chamber for pre-ground coffee
  • Conveniently clean the milk carafe by selecting the auto clean function to perform a rinse cycle
  • 8.8oz whole bean container with flavor saving bean container lid
  • 60oz water tank with water level indicator and filtration system
  • Utilize De’Longhi’s specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest)

We no for a longer period cease at the chains as we have excellent coffee at residence (we invest in their beans and make it here). For a mocha we insert chocolate milk (very good quality) to the frother and adore this ‘hack’. We have mocha’s day to day and a couple at that.It also tends to make good coffee with the abundant crema on top. My parents purchased just one for every of their houses, and then gifted them to my brother and i for each individual of our residences- we both equally cannot suggest the order enough (although highly-priced, we determine it will fork out for itself quickly- as we were investing $10 working day on coffee’s out at the chains).

I just realized my mike container has only a person collection on the lid. The photograph shows that it need to has three foaming choice.

Like it having great coffee now.

De’Longhi ECAM23260SB Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker, Black : Setup was easy and quick with clear instructions. It came with a water filter and water hardness test. 260sb) does have an extractable brew unit for easy cleaning. The machine warms up very fast (less than 5 min) and cleans the milk spout after each milk based drink and the coffee spouts when you power off the machine. The milk container has only one option for the froth,not 3 as pictured here and on the delonghi website for this model. This was a bit dissapointing, but not a big deal to us. We like that we can purchase an extra milk container from delonghi, as one of us drinks cow milk and the other almond milk. The picture i attached is of a double almond milk cappuccino (double milk because i messed up the program). All drinks are pre-programmed for the amount of coffee and milk dispenced.

I bought this unit from an amazon distributor. I have made use of this machine for about four months now and waited to overview it to come across out all the quirks. The equipment can take up a rather little place for what it does. I have produced coffee applying pre grounded bustelo coffee and the whole bustello beans. Employing the pre floor espresso it seems to dump the extra coffee onto the back part of the slide out tray which triggers a mess so when you use the pre calculated scooper do not make it a comprehensive scoop but alternatively a flat coffee scoop wherever it reveals no espresso bulge at the leading this will save you from cleaning out the back again of the equipment, although at occasions when employing the grinder it also in some cases take place. Now for the grinder employing total beans. As i mentioned over i use bustelo espresso i will not know if these are oily or non oily beans. The grinder does not continuously grind the beans as i have to manipulate the beans frequently so it will grab beans and grind them. It seems to wildly spin except i force the beans into the opening and this receives tiring time right after time. I think that the grinder opening is as well modest and ought to have been designed greater.

I purchased this equipment via an amazon seller, so my confirmed buy will exhibit below a unique product, but in the celebration my assessment is overlooked there, thought i would share my responses below, as i located the opinions listed here to be handy, but preferred to include standpoint of someone who was in the marketplace for a thoroughly automated device, and did a large amount of research on amazon and elsewhere. I find it unbelievably complicated to precisely use a star rating for this solution since there are functions, and there is worth. I ordered this coffeemaker all around black friday, and really feel i got a good deal ($1050), most sites i have found this for sale it truly is concerning $1300 and $1500 and for the selling price issue i acquired it at, it is a great benefit and deserving of a 5 star score. Now, the other side of this is that i extremely approximately returned this equipment, mainly because inspite of undertaking all of the items it promised to do following studying many makes, and several price tag factors for absolutely automated makers i wasn’t positive this did almost everything i required, and it doesn’t do everything i want but i in the end determined that paying yet another $1400 to get a few of supplemental functions wasn’t worth the money. I’l attempt to reveal underneath i should point out that this was a drastic swap for me as we have utilized a french press for numerous decades however by means of this course of action, i’ve identified my spouse has a adore for lattes and a sturdy viewpoint on what tends to make a fantastic cup i am less discerning on specialty drinks, as i mostly consume espresso however, with this device i am making the most of far more of these specialty beverages now. I mention this, since although i did a large amount of analysis, my taste buds could not be as refined as some. I will not exhaustively evaluate this device, as you can come across several opinions on amazon and in other places that meticulously cover just about every element and advantage, i might fairly target on the problems that motivated my choice. What i liked, and what the equipment delivers:this equipment has all of the functions i preferred, and did so at a lessen price place than any other model. These features contain: capability to make espresso, cappuccino latte machiattos (frankly not sure if there is a variation among latte and latte machiatto or if it is just terminology), and theoretically i can make scorching chocolate far too (i am going to explore later on). There are some consumer controls which involve top adjustment, which is the cheapest device to have this attribute and i like getting capable to accommodate my tall sixteen oz coffee mug (several makers simply cannot accommodate this for the reason that it lacks peak adjustment) grind adjustment (though manual says only alter grind although it can be in use and it will take two drinks ahead of alterations will be designed) there are three coffee strength settings and by a trick, you can boost the heat of the coffee, if you want it a very little hotter.

Finest issue i’ve just about every bought myself. Suggest having 16oz obvious glass mugs to delight in the magnificence of earning a double cappuccino at dwelling. If my house was on hearth, would be the very first detail i grabbed right before i escaped.

Late arriving xmas present, thanks to practically nothing relevant to the solution. I’ll conserve that tale for my evaluation of the seller. I’ve applied it several times weekly for about a thirty day period, now. This cappuccino maker is incredible and worthy of the rate. The milk frother has been built by a genius as just about every drink is created with a pretty, frothy, considerable layer of crema, an critical ingredient for a top quality cappuccino. In addition, the espresso portion of the drink comes into the cup smoking cigarettes scorching, and is not cooled drastically by the crema layer. You can not guzzle a consume developed by this equipment, as it is too warm to drink more rapidly than a sip at a time. The sections that need to have cleaning periodically come off simply, cleanse up speedily, and go back jointly seamlessly, time immediately after time. If i had to arrive up with a criticism, it would be that i will need to retain a cup under the drink nozzles at all periods. When the machine turns on and gets by itself ready to make a consume, it dispenses some water most most likely, i suspect, to get warm drinking water out to the nozzle.

Very first of all, permit me condition that i acquired this equipment for free of charge so i could use it and overview it. I am in no way affiliated with the corporation, so this is my genuine overview of the item. Secondly, note that this a overview from the issue of view of a barista- i have about five several years of working experience between performing in a espresso store in faculty, and once again, most lately, through some weekends throughout the faculty year + during the summer time (i am a total time teacher usually). Last but not least, when i make lattes and cappuccinos at residence, i use a moka pot to brew espresso on the stove and an aeroccino device to froth milk. It truly is been a high-quality way to make my beloved drinks, but can get awhile and occasionally it would be pleasant to have anything a bit far more computerized (it’s effortless to burn espresso on the stove/with the moka pot if you’re not very careful. I find it complicated to make continuously excellent coffee with it). My to start with impressions of the device- it is incredibly smooth, fairly weighty (not a problem for me, but just an observation), not way too major, and it was packaged very well. The several compartments are intuitive to put back again with each other if you just take them aside, but you surely require to examine the recommendations ahead of working with the device for the initial time. That portion was a minimal obnoxious- the directions are really in depth and lengthy- and i’m the kind of individual who would somewhat have another person just exhibit me what to do. It would be pleasant if the organization experienced the manual moreover entry to visual guidelines, like a website link to a youtube online video or a dvd of details that would appear together with the machine.

The machine is particularly what we were searching for – totally automated and operates without a issue. We retain it clear to stop any long run complications, though we have only experienced it a person thirty day period but use it every working day. It tends to make fantastic expresso and capuaccino, but we are however hoping to come across superior espresso beans.

Superb so considerably, but a large amount of plashtic i hope doesnt split. May possibly make the ideal coffees ive ever experienced & i do like it. Get some italian med roast n brew away the dew.

Appreciated the most: value was reduce than previously product. Appreciated the minimum: bean grinder system does not pull beans into it effectively. Will need to push beans by hand into grinder commonly. Also user interface is not as pleasant as previously product.

I am going to od on caffeine. Works fantastic with a lot of fantastic capabilities.

We replaced our aged larger delonghi with this a single. It’s a lot more compact and does a much much better career frothing milk and the style of the espresso coming out of this unit is indescribable. It is really a improved much more modern-day design and style with the drinking water tank on the aspect so you can see when the level is receiving minimal. It also does a far better occupation of cleansing the milk wand just after dispensing which should really make it previous for a longer period. The steam unit went out on our previous a person a even though in the past and we steamed our milk individually as the coffee section of the equipment ongoing to get the job done correctly. Were being it not for the fact that you are unable to steam milk (like for sizzling chocolate) until you are requesting a capuccino, i would price this machine five stars. Continue to worth the great selling price we obtained on this unit over the holiday seasons and throughout the cyberweek gross sales.

It is a small loud and sluggish but worthy of it.

I owned a saecco prior to this invest in. The delonghi is in a class of its have. Took awhile to benefit from all the features but when i did, couldn’t cease making expresso’s or capaccino’s.

Froth could be airier, but grinds and dispenses perfectly. Options mild up to remind to fill water, beans and to vacant espresso ground pods and cleanse milk. We use daily, so will allow you know how extended it holds up.

I purchased this product about a 12 months ago and it has demonstrated itself to be unquestionably wonderful. At very first i had some troubles with beans having stuck in advance of reaching the grinder. This was quickly solved by unscrewing a small stopper that sits over the opening of the grinding unit. Also, it is essential that you acquire a excellent roast which is not oily. Oily beans tend to adhere ti the sides of the funnel and thus never reach the opening. I individually really like the herkimer roasts and they work correctly with this machine (more compact beans, non oily). Offered the rate point i was skeptical about this device, but it turned out to be an absolutely great acquisition.

I get pleasure from coffee from this machine each and every early morning.

We experienced to begin with purchased a nespresso vertuoline coffee maker, but just after actually looking at the value of employing it quite a few occasions a day for a yr extensive, it was as costly as a much better high-quality espresso maker would be. I investigated a great deal of distinct automated espresso makers and lastly decided to give this 1 a attempt. It would make wonderful coffee and so simple to use. This was best for my spouse and i, because he likes to just have typical coffee but i choose lattes, but now he will even make himself a cappuccino here and there. Undoubtedly the best buy we could have created for a not super high-priced computerized espresso maker.

DeLonghi EC5 Steam-Driven 4-Cup Espresso and Coffee Maker : expresso machine

This thing has a little learning curve, but if you read the instructions, it works really well. You have to froth the milk while the coffee is coming out. If you wait till it’s done, there’s no more steam. I use the included carafe to measure the water, then put the milk in it and open the steam valve and froth the milk as soon as the coffee starts dripping into the cup. Then i pour the froth into the coffee, rinse out the carafe, put warm water in it and use it to wash off the frothing nozzle. You’ll have to figure out to your taste how much coffee and how much milk to use, but there are guidelines and many markings on the carafe. Be stingy with the milk as it expands to about triple the amount you put in. It has an adapter to fill 2 espresso cups at once, but i prefer a big cup.

Makes good coffee but has design flaws. I bought this for my mother her krups stopped working after 7 years of daily use. I read bad reviews for the new krups so i decided on this one. I didn’t pay attention to the criticisms of the steam frothing valve because she doesn’t use it. But what has become a problem is that it gets in the way and it makes it difficult to get the carafe in and out. The top of the carafe has to be exactly right because of the way it’s designed and she’s had a few spills because of it. The coffee comes out ok- just like in the krups, now i’m sorry that i didn’t get that one- at least we’re familiar with the design. The price for this one, however, was better.

Just takes some getting used to. I agree with previous reviewers. If you read the directions and experiment, you can get the most perfect cappuccino out of this machine. I did find i needed to take off one of the contraptions where the coffee comes out or the lid of the carafe didn’t fit. Realized looking at photo above that the contraption is for two cups of espresso. Foamer is great, just takes some time to figure out how to get it best. I hold it right under the milk and then start to move the pitcher up and down and that seems to do it. Have had a few instances where my frothing pitcher started to foam over. Just turn it off then and pour out the foam and start again. Also, i start when it’s about at 3, not 2, seems to work better on my machine.

I’ve had this espresso machine for about four years now. I use it almost everyday and it is working as well as the first day i used it. It’s very easy to clean by hand and if i am about to run the dish washer, i just drop the strainer and its handle in there. I just ordered another one as gift and decided to update this review. Update: my ec5 ended up lasting a little under 5 years. The light on the switch would turn on but it just wouldn’t heat the water. Up until then, everything worked. One of the best purchases i’ve made. As i mentioned before, this little machine is an excellent value.

  • Not an espresso machine
  • A great coffee stand alternative!
  • If you like GOOD coffee, buy this.

DeLonghi EC5 Steam-Driven 4-Cup Espresso and Coffee Maker, Black

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Make two espressos simultaneously with the convenient 2-cup adapter.
  • Safe operation with patented steam-pressurized safety cap and heat resistant 8.5-ounce glass carafe
  • Easily prepares latte and coffee with the swivel jet frother, for perfect drinks every time.
  • Easy to clean with large removable drip tray
  • Easy operation with on/off switch and indicator light
  • Note: once you turn the product on, it takes about 3 minutes before the coffee starts to discharge. If enough time is not allowed to build up heat and pressure, the device might look like its not working.
  • There is a table on page 10 of the user manual that shows recommended amounts of coffee based on whether you are making coffee or espresso.
  • To use the frothing feature, its important to make sure to follow the details below. Please make sure there is more water in the machine than needed for just two cups of coffee(refer to page 10 of user manual for exact water requirements). Once the water has had time to heat up and the coffee has begun to discharge from the machine, please make sure to place the frothing nozzle in the cup with milk, so that the end is just below the top of the milk, then turn the knob on the right side of the machine to release the steam through the frothing valve. Next move the cup up and down, with the frothing nozzle inside of the milk, which creates the froth. Once you complete the frothing process, turn the steam knob back to the closed position and remove the nozzle from the milk. Wait until coffee is finished brewing, then add frothed milk into coffee using spoon.

The instructions are limited, and based on a different model, so once you figure out how to work the thing, it’s fine. It doesn’t have an option to just use the steamer, and if you close the steamer vent, it will come out the espresso part. Additionally, the steamer being open will not stop hot water from pouring out the espresso part, so do not try to steam milk without a cup under the espresso part.

Best espresso machine for this price range. Coffee, krupps etc for the last few years and most of them run in to issues and had to be replaced in about a year (or less) of use. Hopefully this one should last ( i will have to wait and see). But first impressions are:1. Other ones at this price range take a long time for a cup or two of espresso. Since espresso comes out quickly i thought it may not be strong enough, but i was mistaken again pleasantly – espresso is good3. Nice big coffee holder and enough clearance below the coffee holder. Only warning is this – have to tamp (press) the coffee well – otherwise, you will get watery espresso. Haven’t tried the steamer attachment so don’t know how well that works. Update: nov, 2011: even after a year, it is still going strong.

Great for what i need it for. I received one of these as a gift about four years ago and, until a couple days ago when it finally died, it has worked great for what i need. I use it just about every day (so it had a pretty long and active life) to make cappuccinos and while there is a bit of a learning curve for how to steam the milk properly, it’s no longer than other machines i’ve used. That’s actually one of the reasons i decided to re-buy this one the other day: because i don’t want to have to learn how to use another steamer. Overall this was a fantastic gift and for the price, it’s perfectly reasonable. I’m sure there’s better ones out there but for what i need it for, it’s been great.

This was my first machine for espresso and of course i’ve upgraded since. The espresso comes out decently. My problem with the machine was the steam wand. I didn’t like the clunky design and i always had trouble using it. It didn’t heat the milk very well like a stainless steel wand would. Sometimes it would even still be cold. This is a nice starter machine to learn on before you move on to something more expensive and complicated.

Let me just start by saying i’m not disappointed, i got exactly what i payed for. Let me just start by saying i’m not disappointed, i got exactly what i payed for. The steam wand, being short and built close to the body of the machine, makes frothing milk awkward but not impossible. I, with a little maneuvering, was able to froth enough milk for two small cappuccinos on my first go. What i haven’t mastered yet with the delonghi is the perfect crema. A tamper is not included with this system and is vital for making a decent espresso. As that i neglected to order one separately i’ve been tamping with a vitamin bottle. At any rate, what you’re looking at here is a $45 espresso machine and for the money you’ll not find one much better.

I bought this machine for my house since i fell in love with the delonghi in the office, which makes great espresso. I guess the price does make a difference because so far i have not been able to get as good of an espresso from mine. It’s not very frothy and it takes 3 min to make (which is ok and i got used to it). You also have to put exactly the amount of water you need for the coffee at this time unlike the one at the office, where you pour a reservoir of water for future use so you don’t have to refill. It’s worth the money and has definitely saved me from spending money on starbucks but i miss the rich foam.

We like our delonghi espresso maker. We like our delonghi espresso maker. It’s compact and easy to use. It’s also not too hard to clean. The milk steamer/frother is the worst. It doesn’t produce enough steam to actually froth the milk. We used it once and then never again. Instead we warm the milk on the stove and then use a hand-held frother to make foam.

I have had this little engine that could for over two years. It makes strong lattes that give you the real pick me up. I usually add caramel syrup or pumpkin syrup during season. When you first get the product it does takes some practice to get the hang of it & also break in the machine. Occasionally the steamer gets clogged & won’t push out any air. However, i haven’t had many problems since i started to clean it by steaming water directly after i steam my milk. Also wiping it down & cleaning it good helps. I use it a couple times a week for a pick me up as i am not a regular coffee drinker.

Great machine for single user. The machine works great, and fast. The steam arm is a bit short, but move the machine to the edge of the counter allowing a deeper foaming container. Otherwise, you need to use a shorter cup to steam your milk; i use a hefty glass, probably a pint and a half, 1/3 full of cold low fat milk, in a cold glass (lowfat gives much better foam than whole milk). My roommate has an machine with no name on it that is a couple of years old. It works quite well too, but is configured slightly differently. Her machine has a dial selector, you either make coffee or steam milk. This delonghi has a master on switch and a dial valve for the steam arm. When brewing capacity with this machine, you get 4 cups of espresso (with a nice creme top) and enough steam to do the milk for those 4 cups. When you get the hang of it, you will have made 2 good double latte’s just as the steam runs out.

Nice as a back-up, not for longterm use. I really wanted to like this machine, but it was really hit or miss when it came to brewing. Many times that water just didn’t come out i had to turn it off, wait, then turn it back on again to fake it out that it was making another espresso. I could not get it to brew 2 at a time either, it would only brew 1, and then the turn off/on ritual had to happen again. I used illy esspresso, which is a strong bean to begin with. Not getting enough water made it even stronger. I never got the foam topper either. Now that tassimo is shipping again, this will go back in the box and stored in the garage until i decide to just ditch it altogether.

If you like good coffee, buy this. . If you love quality coffee, & need something for small spaces- this is it.I used bustello mainly, and it worked great. The steamer thing on the side was a bit cumbersome for me. I usually made my morning coffee with this, occasionally a cup after dinner- and it was nice to have the steamer option for that. Too much work in the morning though- as the steamer tip would need to be cleaned quickly so the milk wouldn’t dry up inside of it.

Have been using this machine for a single cup of great coffee now for years. No need to make espresso, just fill the stainless cup about 3/4 full & place your bigger cup under the two spouts, and in a few minutes you have a great cup of coffee. Note, you may have to take the bottom tray out to accommodate your larger cup. Just experiment with it & you’ll love it. No coffee waste as with a percolator style unit.

So a little little bit about my coffee practices to assistance you improved evaluate my evaluate and your needs:1. I use to be a barista so i know great espresso. I have a pump driven delonghi at function that i like which is why i purchased this brand name all over again. I will not steam milk for the reason that i make americanos so i haven’t tried using to use the steamer. (espresso with sizzling drinking water, it is really the freshes cup of coffee you can get) so i can only evaluate the quality of espresso. Cost it can be about $40 with tax and shipping and it’s a very good offer for the rate simply because:1.

I like this machine thanks to the simple fact that it is brief and straightforward to use. I was presented a bag of espresso and was using these very small steel pot type factors wherever you pour the water as a result of and enable it drip out the base. Took way far too lengthy so i figured i might get the delonghi espresso maker. The only(incredibly pretty extremely) minimal default, on the arm of the equipment, there is a very small hook that (i think) is supposed to hold the filter in place so you can knock the applied grinds out. It does not continue to be on, falls proper off. This is truly not a significant deal. The metallic filter comes out and you can dump it devoid of the arm/manage. I like that you can steam milk with it too. I am tremendous joyful that i obtained this device.

Fantastic equipment, wants to be taller while. I got this equipment for the reason that it was quite inexpensive and it had good reviews. It does make fantastic espresso, haven’t tried out it for cappuccino nevertheless, and i have not been in a position to steam the milk for my latte’s as by the time i get my cup out and the milk into it the machine’s accomplished, but we’re performing on it. My most important gripe is that when the espresso spout is hooked up, it really is to major for a standard cup to suit less than there. Yes, i could just purchase a set of tiny espresso cups, but if i am generating a latte, i need a larger cup, particularly when i am placing double pictures in (or on a day when i will need a lot more, 4 photographs) and all those cups will not in shape under the spout with no tipping the cup. If you suggestion the cup then you have to suggestion it to get it back again out and then the espresso spills. I do like that it’s so simple to use, that it comes with the minimal pre-calculated pot (which is sweet, if it wasn’t glass i would permit my toddler engage in coffee maker with it), and all you have to do is press the button on the side. The device is brief and peaceful and easy to clean many thanks to the removable tray. Just wants an adjustable spout and it would be perfect.

It makes drip coffee and just transpires to have a tackle. I consume espresso at house and could not take the drip coffee at work any longer so i acquired this inexpensive ‘espresso’ device imagining it would be improved than drip. I bought espresso ground coffe just for it at do the job, it ends up supplying me drip coffee. You press a button, it warms up, then start out dripping out of the espresso manage with steam for demonstrate, just to make it look like an espresso machine. If you want a 1 cup bag considerably less drip machine this is for you. But it is not going to make creamy espresso. Also, it isn’t going to come with a tamper.

Utilizing for five yrs and love it, acquired a 2nd for the business office. I procured the initial 1 in 2004 immediately after looking through outstanding evaluations on the ‘crema’ quality. We’ve applied this device each day for the last five several years and look ahead to it just about every early morning. I am an americano drinker and have discovered the way to get the strongest, smoothest flavor from this equipment is to pull a double shot, then insert 50 percent an inch of boiling water, then cream. In this article in seattle, i use nearby lighthouse roasters or longbeach roasters coffee beans at property. The freshness of these substantial quality coffees helps make our property espresso drinks as great as we would get at a cafe. The second equipment i just purchased currently is for the workplace, wherever i’ve been paying out way way too a lot funds managing to the corner cafe for coffee in the afternoon. Because i bought our very first equipment five yrs in the past, the value of this unit has dropped by half (i compensated $sixty five for the very first a single).

Excellent order and as many others have mentioned, the steaming nosel must be more time. I remarkably endorse this espresso device. The only destructive is that it isn’t going to come with a steamer cup. Btw/make guaranteed the clip is secured on the ss cup or the coffee grinds will go everywhere when you throw absent the old grinds, that details not in instructions.

DeLonghi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker – Recommmended Gift for Those on a Budget that Seek Quality

Helps make a terrific cup of espresso. The steaming wand does a nice career. The only criticism is that the steaming wand is positioned in these types of a way as to make it a lot more tough than it has to be to get the steaming pitcher under and out of the wand.

Hugely endorse this terrific item and the vendor.Seriously take pleasure in the extras like the frothed and cups.

Recommmended reward for individuals on a price range that seek out good quality. Each individual element performs extremely perfectly. The accessories that accompany it are extremely handy, and as an individual who takes advantage of it every week i would propose to everyone who likes to have a excellent cappuccino.Here are the specifications for the DeLonghi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Use convenient pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder
  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the swivel jet frother, for perfect drinks every time
  • Eliminate annoying start-up preparation with the self-priming operation
  • Always brew espresso at the perfect temperature with two separate thermostats, which allow for water and steam pressure to be controlled separately
  • Enjoy delicious espresso for years to come with the durable, high-quality stainless steel boiler and 15 bar pump pressure

Good product or service for the selling price. Great solution, uncomplicated to use. Im loving my morning lattes.

Extremely happy with acquire & overall performance. Compact and does not get up a ton of space, but is a powerful minor device. Really delighted with purchase & efficiency.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Recommmended Gift for Those on a Budget that Seek Quality
  • DeLonghi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Bundle
  • Great price. And for the price

Utilized in our church coffee store.

Terrific price for an simple espresso device. I definitely appreciate how simple this espresso device is. My only criticism is the frothing pitcher is also tall for the equipment. The froth steamer on the machine is effective fantastic and will make yummy steamed milk for the best latte/cappuccino. This bundle pack is value the extra charge. I hope you get pleasure from this equipment as a lot as i have so significantly.

Other individuals have expressed problems with the metal frothing cup getting also tall. I have adressed the difficulty by relocating the equipment to the edge of the counter. This way i can froth milk for a person or two cups. I have not experienced a problem with applying pods. I use the two typical and decaf expresso.

Terrific replacement for my previous worn out espresso maker.

I completely love this espresso machine. I completely adore this espresso equipment. It is easy to use, and the bundle saved me income. I can make my have latte, now.

Makes the most scrumptious espresso – way far more delicious than. Helps make the most delightful espresso – way extra delectable than the $1500+ espresso device my father has. He in fact went and purchased just one of these soon after using mine.

I’m quite delighted with the merchandise. It will make pretty good expresso. I would endorse this merchandise to somebody that failed to want to spend a ton of funds on a equipment, but required a person that worked. Coffee expresso equipment and neither just one if them worked as excellent as this a person.

It really is fantastic and fullfil my expectation.

Only complaint is that the minimal white mugs vibrate off the system whilst the coffee brews. My spouse has to maintain the mugs in put whilst brewing. He’s eager to do this, but i’m not. So except if he is producing me the coffee, i will not likely use it. All round while, it will make great espresso. I give it a 3 star, but my spouse would most likely give it a four star.

It will make really superior espresso, that is the superior part. But, as has been mentioned by other folks, there is no peak to spare below the coffee cartridge. On my aged equipment (which died) i could place my latte cup below there, but it will not in shape this delonghi. And, the steaming wand is stupidly brief. And, just a slight nit, when you place demitasse cups beneath the dispenser the vibration helps make them transfer, quite possibly far ample to escape the stream of espresso. I use a little bit of paper towel to quit this. It does make superior espresso even though.

You have to obtain the accent kit. You have to acquire the accessory package with the pitcher and cups if you want an straightforward espresso. The steamer is near to the counter but i positioned it on the edge of the counter so i can use the pitcher with no problems.

Have had cappuccino devices in advance of. Have had cappuccino devices ahead of. Undoubtedly well worth the place on the counter.

I would advocate having a individual tamper. A number of notes on this espresso device as very well as the bundle:the espresso machine:the device capabilities perfectly. The basket is pressurized so if you’re a correct coffee snob this is not to your advantage. That currently being stated, it can be de-pressurized and re-pressurized if need be. (theres a attractive youtube movie on that approach). The tamper thats built on to the facet of the equipment isn’t really the most intuitive way to tamp your beans. You have to keep the equipment down on the back (over the water reservoir) due to the fact the metal all over the steam knob gets incredibly hot. I would advocate getting a independent tamper. (shocked that that failed to come with the bundle. I would have desired that to a scooper or the frother wand.

Will work good–can make good expression correct absent.

It truly is so a great deal quieter than our previous espresso device. We use this strictly for espresso so i are unable to remark on how the other options of the device are. It isn’t going to take lengthy to heat up, easy to use and will take up minimal house in our smaller kitchen area. We’ll see how the heating factor retains up.

Delonghi ec155 15 bar pump espresso and cappuccino maker bundle. My husband and i are obtaining a good time applying the delonghi ec155 15 bar pump espresso and cappuccino maker bundle. It operates wonderful and have experienced no issues utilizing it, quite simple to use.