DASH Greek Yogurt Maker Machine : A simple, easy-to-use, cost-effective yogurt-production facility

I had some confusion about which container to make the yogurt in as their instructions say one thing, but the images show the opposite. And for the record you make it in the blue container and strain it (if you choose) in the white container. I have made about 8 batches so far and for flavor and the right ‘sour’ taste 10. I’ve done regular milk, low fat, no lactose and goat’s milk and each batch came out great. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to make their own yogurt because you can really customize it to your liking.

For foolproof greek yogurt every time: 5 cups of milk (i use 0%) and 5. 3 oz container of greek yogurt at room temperature. Add 7 tablespoons of powdered milk. (middle dots on clock blink when on. )starter yogurt cultures, freeze dried in boxes, gave me yogurt that never thickened. Before i did the above, the yogurt consistency and flavor varied. I have never heated the milk nor used a thermometer. I have no reason to use the strainer, as it is as thick as the greek yogurt i use to make the batch. I make two batches per week since july, 2015. The above combination works every time, giving me a consistency i like. This version of the recipe should be printed in their booklet – as their recipe is too fussy and too many steps – with the possibility of error and inconsistency.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine with LCD Display + 2 BPA-Free Storage Containers with Lids, Blue

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  • HEALTHIER: Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine lets you make healthier, homemade yogurt right from your kitchen. You control the ingredients (Organic? Sweetened? Flavored? Plain?) making it better for you and your family
  • COMPACT + LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing 2lbs, this is a must-have for that first apartment, smaller kitchen, or college dorm. Plus, all accessories fit inside the base, taking up even less space, BONUS!
  • QUICK + EASY: Set it and forget it! Prep time takes just 10 minutes (add milk, yogurt starter and other custom ingredients), leave overnight, and you will enjoy fresh, homemade Greek yogurt in just 8-12 hours (up to 2qts)
  • PERFECT GIFT: The perfect wedding or new home gift. Its small size takes up little counter space, and its sleek design and trendy color options will match any kitchen décor (add to your registry now!)
  • INCLUDES: Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty, the 20-watt Dash Greek Yogurt Maker, includes 2 BPA-free buckets with lids, strainer basket, recipe book, and recipe database access. All non-electric parts are easily wiped clean

I just got this and so far, it worked really well. I used fat free milk and because i strained it too long, it turned into a kind of ricotta cheese, which is fine, as i made a really good fat free, sugar free lemon cheesecake with it. I started with 5 cups of milk and it yielded about a pint of the ‘ricotta’. I’m now experimenting with unsweetened soy milk from trader joe’s and have that working for another 6 hours or so. When i look inside it looks like it’s turning into yogurt, so i’m happy. The machine is super easy to use, doesn’t take up much space. My next task is to make kefir, as i got freeze dried grains and will try that out in the dash. I’ve never made yogurt before now, so i’m happy with this. All my appliances are stainless, but it’s ok that it’s pink.

I will admit that this machine and i got off to a rough start. The instructions are lacking (which container is for ‘cooking“?. Why is the basic recipe 5 pages away from the actual instructions?) now that i have memorized the process, i’m really pleased with it. Heating and cooling the milk is the most difficult step, quite onerous. I use stonybrook greek plain/organic/grass fed as a starter and the result is delicious. I love knowing that i made food for my family from nothing but grass fed milk. We mix these in jars with homemade fruit preserves, extracts, honey, syrups, etc. Or use them in other dishes. The whey (a byproduct of straining) can be used for making ricotta cheese or a variety of other things. I rated the dash 4 stars because of the yield, which is a very low 2. If you don’t strain it you won’t get the whey, but you will get extra nutrients and twice as much non-greek yogurt.

Update: editing to talk about my second and much improved batch – still rated 4 stars as original post. I still my pros and cons are accurate, though after getting the temperatures right and whisking more often while the milk was heating up, it left the yogurt maker looking like yogurt, rather than a watery clumpy mess like my first batch. Now my biggest problem is that i could not fit all the yogurt into the strainer and had to strain in two batches. Very happy with these results, though, because it really came out with a great texture (smooth but thick, not lumpy or watery) and tastes like the fage i used as a starter. My concerns now are perhaps to reduce slightly the amount of milk and amount of starter yogurt needed and also to try to find higher quality milk, since i just used whole milk that was from the grocery store. That might make everything a little better. I’m also really interested to try to reuse some of the yogurt made, which was impossible after that first monstrosity of a batch. I might not do that still for my next batch, just while i’m playing with ratios and quality of milk, but that’s my ultimate goal. I’m also wondering if opening a sprinkle capsule of probiotics might work, too, or might be good in addition to a starter yogurt. Overall i’m pretty happy with this purchase.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine with LCD Display + 2 BPA-Free Storage Containers with Lids, Blue : Yogurt makers are dead simple devices. Maintain 110 f for some time, controlled by a timer. Dash’s product is easy to use and clean, very well built, but very frustrating that the only way to tell it is on is if the colon on the very small led is blinking. I sorta messed up a batch because i thought it was on but it wasn’t because i didn’t notice that colon, probably 1/4th by 1/16th of an inch, wasn’t blinking. Please put a red led on light on this device then it’ll be perfect.

I bought this to make vegan yogurt. Or yogurt made from nuts rather than dairy milk. After a few tries using coconut milk and cashew milk i tried lactose-free milk , using milk is a winner. The yogurt comes out perfect. If i don’t drain it it’s like the thickness that you would get from a good quality yogurt from the store. However when you actually are draining it is when it becomes like greek yogurt i don’t time that i just leave for the day or whatever and come back and the yogurt is more of a thickness like ricotta cheese or a softened cream cheese. Well of course it tastes amazing. It’s very strong tart flavor. I add additional probiotics that have 11 different cultures and they are from a capsule. I found a really didn’t need to use additional made yogurt as a probiotic or culture just using lactose-free whole milk with the probiotic capsules was enough your choice. I am sensitive to lactose but i wasn’t sure about the milk and i’m probably not going to be doing that very much i would really rather use a nut milk so the next thing for me to do is to make a milk from the nut itself rather than purchasing it in a container. Or i had some lactose-free milk left over and i use those two cups with cashew milk and it came out with a thicker yogurt. But still not what i was looking for.

I would have given this a 5 star rating, however i very disappointed that this doesn’t come with the thermometer that is absolutely necessary to make yogurt. I’ve owned vintage older yogurt models from the 70’s and 80’s and back in the day, as a courtesy to the consumer a thermometer was included. Mind you it’s a cheap add on and i can run out to my local target or walmart store to buy one for around $4. 00 – but the inconvenience of having to go buy one annoys me. Why not raise the price of the product a couple bucks and add one?. You can’t make yogurt without it.

This is a great yogurt maker. I had an old one that i bought 40 years ago (it still works) that produces jars of regular yogurt. Who knew back then that we could drain that sad, sour, watery yogurt and make greek yogurt. Well, this was touted on cook’s country and i confess to being a die hard fanatic when it comes to the products they recommend and their very fine cookbooks. This product is no exception to the collection of fine cooking utensils and appliances i have purchased at their recommendation. The yogurt was really good, even more so since i could control the sourness a bit by controlling the time it ‘cooks’. I started with a live culture yogurt as my catalyst. Once you produce a batch, you can use your yogurt for the starter for another batch. It works with non-dairy milks too.

I read all the reviews of all the yogurt makers and like some others, was disappointed to find out that they don’t actually make a yogurt maker that does it all at the touch of a button. Looks like such a thing does not exist. I decided to try this one since i like greek yogurt, and the strainer that comes with it seemed like a necessity. I have not been disappointed. I have made 2 batches of yogurt (since getting this 5 days ago) and it is amazing. My first batch was made with yogurt starter, and my second was made with some of the yogurt from the first batch. Both have been creamy and delicious. I have been using organic whole milk and following the directions that come with the yogurt maker. The result has been a rich, creamy yogurt, and as an added bonus, my doggies are loving the whey that gets drained off as a treat. The process is easy (except for the extra inconvenience of having to heat the milk to 185 degrees and then cool it back to 110 degrees).

I am very pleased with my dash greek yogurt maker. It is quite easy to use and since i am completely in control of the ingredients, i am using an organic starter and organic non-gmo milk with no growth hormone.

This is a great yogurt maker – the recipes included, not so much. Here’s a greek yogurt recipe that’s much tastier: 5 cups milk (i use 1% braums), 3/4 cup sugar, 3/4 cup powdered milk. Mix all and microwave until at least 180. Put 3/4 cup yogurt starter into your yogurt maker and just let it set at room temp. Cool the milk mixture until it’s between 105 and 100 degrees f. Pour through a strainer (gotta catch any powdered milk bits you didn’t quite get mixed in) into the yogurt starter. Pop it in the yogurt maker for 5 hours. . Perfect greek yogurt that keeps the nutritious whey, has more protein due to the added powdered milk, and is less effort than straining. My kids say it tastes like vanilla ice cream. Tips: the starter you use does matter. All yogurt is not created equally – some has many more live probiotics than others. I use stonyfield farms organic or some from the batch i made.

I’ve only used it once and i loved it. It was super easy and the yogurt turned out great. I have made yogurt in the individual cups in a 1970’s style yogurt maker and using mason jars, styrofoam cooler and heating pad system. This was by far the easiesti used whole milk, heated it to 185° on stovetop (no double boiler); stirred in about a 1/4 cup of milk powder; let cool to 110°; stirred in 1/2 brown cow cup plain yogurt and set maker for 6 hours. I strained it too long for my liking but all you have to do is stir some whey back in. Also, the whey is delicious. I made a smoothie with frozen berries with some of the leftover whey.

I’m so happy with this little yogurt maker. It makes it so easy to make homemade yogurt, then i can change it up and store in smaller jars for different flavors. I’ve only had it a few days and i’m already on batch #5. Homemade yogurt also makes great frozen yogurt. Cherry extract, a little confectioners sugar and throw it in the ice cream maker. I’ve been making yogurt with 6 cups milk, which is over the recommended line, but drain in 2 separate containers. The drain that comes with this, then whatever remains i place in a colander with cheesecloth. This becomes my yogurt cheese (just drain the whey for longer). Add herbs and serve with veggies or crackers. Use the whey to add to soups, stock, smoothies, or anything else that uses liquid. I like the fact that my family is not getting the added ingredients in store-bought yogurt.

We go thru a fair amount of yogurt here, and we both prefer the greek style – our ‘store favorite’ goes for $2. 50 a pint; when i started finding uses for whey in my kitchen projects, i began searching for a new solution. That’s when i found this dash maker: it makes yogurt in bulk, not in tiny cups, and it is provisioned for draining the whey from the yogurt. It is a simple product: a single sealed unit with digital controls on the front, essentially a temperature-controlled ‘incubation chamber’ that holds the yogurt -to-be while the bacteria do their thing – and an outer lid, of course. It arrived with a chatty but useful manual/cookbook, a strainer/filter for separating the whey, a separation container that holds the strainer and catches the whey, and an inner lid. I made my first yogurt last night, and this morning, my wife pronounced it ‘better than the store-bought’. Per the directions, i used 5 cups of milk – and gained two pints of good yogurt and a pint of whey; this mean my dash yogurt maker will pay for itself with only five batches – and i’m 20% of the way there already. My first machine from amazon was dead on arrival; dash customer service was friendly, courteous and efficient, offering to send me a replacement directly, which i accepted. The replacement arrived a week later, and this one worked right out of the box. I am very happy with my purchase and my results, i am very happy with dash’s excellent customer care, and with amazon for allowing me to learn about this unit and buy it from them.

This yogurt maker works great, i’ve made several batches with no problems. It’s especially nice to have the strainer that comes with it to make greek yogurt; you don’t have to mess with cheesecloth etc. , and it fits right into one of the containers, so you can set it in the fridge to drain. I wish it had a larger capacity, i’m making yogurt almost every other day. Because of the fact that this only holds 5 cups of milk ending up with 2 or 3 cups of (greek style) yogurt after 9+ hours; i wish i’d checked out some other multi purpose appliances that hold larger amounts as well as cooking other things. If you don’t eat a lot of yogurt this machine does it’s one job very well.

Really like this greek yogurt maker. Use it for milk yogurt and coconut yogurt. For those interested in making coconut milk yogurt, here is a proven recipe that works. All the products can be obtained from amazon. Coconut yogurtingredients* 2 -13. 5 oz cans plus 1 cup of additive-free coconut milk (guar gum is ok). Native forest classic coconut milk* 2 tbl. Great lakes unflavored porcine gelatin* 1/4 tsp. Gi prostart (amazon)* 2 tbl.

We bought the dash greek yogurt maker not because it was cheap in comparison to some like products, which. But because we love to cook and eat. And a product review by the american test kitchen hailed this yogurt maker as the best.Since we’ve received this yogurt maker, we’ve made yogurt every day. We did not order a culture starter but bought some $1 plain yogurt with active culture at the local grocery store and made our first batch and it turned out great 🙂 it’s easy to use, instructions are plain and simple and the yogurt tastes absolutely wonderful.

We eat a lot of plain greek yogurt that we doctor up with our own fresh fruit or fruit-only jam. We also use greek yogurt in place of sour cream. My homemade greek yogurt is sweeter, milder, creamier, and significantly less expensive than what we used to buy in the store. Plus, i know exactly what’s in my yogurt. Organic milk and yogurt cultures. 7 cups of warmed milk + a scoop of yogurt + 8 hours brewing + 6 hours cooling + 2 hours straining = 1 quart of amazing greek yogurt.

It worked beautifully right from the first time i fumbled through it. I love making home made fresh yogurt now, no added salt, no preservatives, and it’s delish. It took making my first batch to get used to the routine, but by the second time i was on auto pilot. Not difficult, just a few steps before it goes in the maker. I’m so glad i got this maker, with the reusable strainer in it, so i don’t have to use cheese cloth. It also allows me to easily stop the draining in stages. Once freshly made i put 1/2 cup in a covered ramekin in the fridge, for a starter to the next batch. The rest i let drain for 2 hours in the fridge to get greek yogurt, i set 1/2 of that aside for hubbies fruit and for dollops on potatoes. I then let the rest drain in the fridge for up to over night and i get a cream cheese like consistency for putting in omelets.

I tried the crock pot method with soso success. The results out of this (at 12 hrs) was thick and creamy, the yoghurt i dreamed of. The results after greek-ing it was unbelievable. Actually without straining the yoghurt was so nice next time i think i will just make yogurt and skip the straining. But its good to know you have the option. I was also worried it was too small, but it makes a solid 4 cups at a time which is perfect as thats the size of my glass milk measuring cup. Just heat the milk in the mwave 4 mins then check the temp. Keep heating at 1 min intervals until you hit 185. Remove and put in a ice water bath until it cools to 110. Then stir in your room temp yogurt leftover, about a cup or 2. You can also use the whey from your greek production. Mix well and put in the machine.

I make yogurt twice a week, and this little machine makes it so easy to make greek yogurt. Just heat the milk to 190 degrees in a double boiler, then cool it to 110 degrees, add starter (i also add a little honey and vanilla to mine) then pour into the bucket, place it in the yogurt maker and set it to incubate. ) once the timer goes off (no beep, so i set an alarm on my phone), place the strainer into the white bucket and pour the yogurt into the strainer. Use the white lid and let it strain in the fridge for two or three hours. Pour into containers and add fruit on top, if you desire. My only complaint is that i cannot fit the entire batch into the strainer at once, so i have to let it strain in two batches. Other than that, great little machine for the moneyi wish the serving containers were dishwasher safe, but it’s not a big deal to hand wash them. Love the fruit container on the top and the yogurt on bottom.

DASH Premium Juice Extractor – Best Juicer ever

So you’re like me, didn’t want to spend that much money, and bought this juicer. I’ve been using this juicer for a month and knowing that i bought a low end juicer i did not jam full beats down it, i cut my gigner in bite size junks and i don’t force everything down the shoot super fast. Biggest tip ever: let the juicer do the work. The faster you shove everything down, the less juice you will get. I take an extra 45 seconds and push down on the veggies if they need me. I get at least 4 oz more of juice. I also re juice my pulp for an additional 2oz. Yeah that takes an extra minute. Well you get what you pay for. Yes it doesn’t juice kale that well or greens.

But, the blade is hard to remove when it needs to be cleaned.

A good juice extractor, i like it. The only negative point is that i don’t recieve the juice oulet. I hope to recieve the oulet.

Love this machine, easy to assemble and easy to wash.

We got the dash juicer on 26th jan, so its been about a month. We have been using it twice a day, every day since then. Its super easy to clean and to put pack together. The tougher the vegetable (carrots, beets) , the better it seems to work. Bigger chunks of vegetables work very well as well. I have not had good luck with small fruits like blue berries and strawberries which land in the bin without getting juiced much. Also its works much better with fully thawed stuff. My morning juicing session starting from assembly (there are 4 parts to put together) to cleaning and putting away the parts takes 15 minutes tops. This also includes some prep time for fruits and vegetables. It also looks great sitting on the counter top.

The juice is fresh and delicious but not sure it’s worth all the work needed to keep it clean.

  • I love it!
  • I would like to get refunded because of it being broken but
  • Update to past review

Excellent juicer, i can basically use it with any fruits, it functions really well, easy to clean and it’s sturdy.

I am very happy with this juicer. Have juiced everything in the kitchen with no problem.

. The design is really ‘flawless. ‘ it is extremely easy to clean. If you look at the pictures removing that bar lets you take out every piece except for the stainless steel part (motor itself). It has also done really well with producing juice from the vegetables and fruits. Don’t bother trying frozen fruits as it does not work whatsoever. For the most part the disposal box (black part) is mainly dry. It does have actual chunks left every so often, which is fine because you can just run it through again if you care that much. However, after 1 day it stopped working and wouldn’t turn on. After trying to understand (reasonably even a crappy motor, there was just no way it died already).

I’ve had my juicer for a little over a week and i absolutely love it. I did quite a bit of research before i decided to give the dash juicer a try. I was contemplating on the hamilton beach brand, but decided to spend more to get a quality juicer in my price range. Clean up is a snap and i couldn’t believe how easy it is to put together. I place a plastic bag in the discard container and clean up right afterwards before the food gets hard; this prevents cleanup from being a daunting task. Thanks to the dash juicer, juicing has become a part of my everyday health regimen.

This is my third juicer after an original juiceman and a jack lalane. All are the centrifugal type. It compares equally to juiceman. Similar power, juice quantity and pulp. I have read the other reviews and they are either extremely satisfied or very disappointed. I do not know why the disparity unless it is related to expectations. Pulp wetness seems to be a common complaint. All three juicers i have had has had equal pulp qualities. However, a clogged screen or a fast feed will result in wetter pulp. I feed very slowly, rarely using the plunger.

Features of Dash Premium Juice Extractor

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  • Chrome base with 3-inch feed tube
  • 800 watt motor/ 120 volts
  • Suction feet on base to eliminate sliding
  • 2 Juicing Speeds for maximum extraction
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty, recipe book and access to our growing database of recipes included

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Eta: i’ve come back to amend this review because while the original product did break as described below, dash/storebound has worked to remedy the problem. I called about the issue with little hope, considering the receipt, the box and the warranty that was in it were long gone. Despite this, the company sent me a return label and said ‘just box it up in whatever you can find and send it back’. I just received a brand new juicer in the mail, about three weeks after sending it in. It looks like a newer model so hopefully the problem with the motor has been fixed. I appreciate the customer serviceprevious review:had this juicer for 4 months before the motor burned out in a puff of smoke. I cleaned it after every use, always cut up the large pieces and only used it a few times a week – there is no reason it should have died so soon. I wish i had seen the other reviews that told of this same problem. For the price, i would have expected higher-quality components, but it seems like the company is using cheap parts. You can find far better juicers for the price.

I received a new replacement soon after the error that was made (used/dirty juicer). They were quick to take responsibility and send me the replacement.

This juicer is so nice an it’s very affordable. I love the big mouth, it allows you to drop in full apples and large vegetables. The only down side is it’s kind of a pain to clean but all juicers are like that. If you use the included brush to clean the mesh part it goes by very fast, you can clean the whole thing in about two minutes. This juicer is a great way to get all of your fruit and veggies in, i like to have two juices a day along with my breakfast and lunch.

Let me start by saying i really wanted a breville juicer but couldn’t make myself spend $150 bucks on a kitchen appliance. I have been juicing every day for two weeks and so far so good. This juicer is easy to use and clean and the juice tastes great. While it may throw the occasional chunk of fruit or leaf of spinach without juicing, i think that is a small price to pay. It is true you pay what you get for; for $59 this machine is a great bargain.

This is a great bargain juicer but you need to treat it for what it is, a bargain juicer. If you moderate your load on the motor it’s a great little juicer. If you want something more heavy duty, buy something more expensive.

I have had no problems with this juicer. I bought this type of juicer as my friend has this brand. It is a bit of work to clean up and if you are juicing a lot you have to clear out the pulp, but i love it.

Chrome base with 3-inch feed tube

I bought this juicer at macy’s last week on sale for $59. The juicer is very easy to clean and makes the best juice. The only thing it doesn’t take full apples or carrots, you have to cut them down. This is my veryfirst juicer and so far i love it, i use it several times per day.

I don’t understand all the positive reviews. I was so excited to get this juicer based on everyone’s glowing recommendations. I actually bought mine from macy’s during a one day sale. Based on the review and with the price i was excited. Taking it out of the box i was pleased (nice looking) but that was shortlived once i got into the instructional manual. What a joke, never seen such a poorly written ‘manual’. Had like 3 simple recipes and never did give complete instructions on how to use the juicer optimally (except to say don’t use for more than 5 min consecutively). Also, mfg warranty is only 6 months (better than lalanne 90 days but worse then breville’s 1 yr). I have been juicing using a vitamix and squeezing though a nylon bag so imagine my surprise when i got 1/3 less juice using this and 4 times more pulp leftover. Futhermore, the pulp had whole chunks of apple left in it and was soaking wet.

I bought this juicer used and it was broken. It juices fairly well but doesn’t dry the pulp and sometimes leaves behind large chunks of produce without juicing them. I would like to get refunded because of it being broken but for a beginners juicer, it may work fine.

Gave the first one to my friend. Best brand in my opinion as well.

It appears dash wanted to get in on the juice crave without putting in the effort. I am satisfied with the first use of the juicer. Dash has no respect for consumers and if you have not done your homework, i would just you do so before purchasing this product. There are no instruction on how to assemble or disassemble the product. It’s everyone for themselves. I must admit the product does come assembled but if you disassemble to identify what’s part 4, 3, etc. You were in for a treat when you place the product back together. Also, there is an extra part in the cup that you have to remove so that the sprout goes in. Would i recommend this product?. There are none and to make matters worse, they didn’t refer the consumer to any websites for recipes or assistance. Yup there was a lot and it was wet. Since this is my first juicer this doesn’t bother me much.

I love this affordable juicer.

800 watt motor/ 120 volts

For the price, it is awesome. Can you get a better made juice extractor with sturdier housing?. And you can pay upwards of $300. If you juice 3 or 4 times a day or double that for an entire family, then spend the $300. I juice once a day and spend less than 5 minutes at a time. This is just fine for my needs. The motor is strong, the pulp is nice and dry, i like the froth separator, it’s pretty easy to clean thanks to the little brush that comes with it — i really like it a lot.

We have been using a jack lalaine for years, going through one a year. It sucks in the veges with minimal effort, unlike the lalaine that needs careful pushing, not too fast or it overloads, too slow and it does not feed well. We are super satisfied with this with the catch cup that is graduated. The smaller size chopper basket is more efficient. The opening to put in the veges in is same size as the lalaine, so chopping is also minimal.

Have had it for over a year, have never has a problem with it. Considering the price point, it does exactly what’s expected.

We watched fat, sick and nearly dead and decided to give the juice reboot a go. We have been using this juicer for the last 3 weeks. We make at least 160 oz juice a day (about 20 cups) for the family. It came with a 1 year warranty which i was happy with.

It looks nice on the counter top and it performs very well. You can spend three times as much and get basically the same thing. It is also very easy to clean.

Easy clean up and now i am going strong with a healthy, vitamin packed juice everyday. Thanks for the great deal on a fantastic juicer.

Suction feet on base to eliminate sliding

2 Juicing Speeds for maximum extraction

DASH Dual Citrus Bar : Super simple to use and easy to clean

It is quicker than a single juicer for smaller oranges. Bought a box of 12 oranges of medium dimensions. This juicer juiced some of them, but had to use my solitary juicer for some mainly because they had been also massive. Guidelines do not condition to clean up in dishwasher, but with heat soapy drinking water – disappointment. This is opposite to amazon’s advertisement.

It works very well and it juices most of the orange.

Dash Dual Citrus Bar

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    by entering your model number.
  • The automatic on/off function makes juicing easy – simply press the fruit down to start and release pressure to stop
  • Built in citrus slicer makes cutting fruits easy and safe
  • Reamer cups catch pits and seeds
  • All non-electric parts are dishwasher safe
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty, recipe book and access to our growing database of recipes included

I appreciate the double electrical power and the plastic blade to minimize the orange helps make the entire encounter super quick. I would not trade it in for a lesser variation.

Had it for a 7 days and its fantastic. Quick cleanup and easy to use.

Quite very good merchandise with sensible price with pretty great excellent, uncomplicated to thoroughly clean, fantastic motor. It would just be greater if it supports 220 volts in addition to a hundred and ten volts.

Dash Dual Citrus Bar : Super simple to use and easy to clean.

So fantastic i beloved it , but the only trouble i have that i need to sieve the juice from the bits due to the fact the small compartments doesn’t do the task appropriately.

Tthe major manage portion does not always link correctly to juice the overall fruit.

This is the ideal juicer i have made use of and that involves electric powered and manual. What i like is the slicer and the double reamers. The dual reamers slash extraction in 50 percent and the slicer is a boon also. I have no problems with the stress on the reamers–no difficulties for arthritic hands. This product is an exceptional product in the adaptive devices space for the growing older and disabled. Just after this put up i am likely to the company’s website and thank the intelligent designers who sent a solution.

Operates great almost nothing beats fresh new oj.

Grapefruits are so large they will not work as effectively on this.

This device is incredible and pleasant in my kitchen.

The product or service arrived speedily, was properly packed and quick to assemble. It will come aside for uncomplicated cleaning and all of the parts retail store nicely inside of the device. It juices the fruit rapidly for the reason that the motor is potent. But, there are many issues i have with it. The dual holders ought to every have something on it to be juiced. The fruit has to be balanced on the juicing aspect just so, but it slides off or is tipped way as well effortlessly. The plastic filter bar is ridiculous. It will not filter out anything but massive seeds and it is difficult to spot just appropriate. I usually pour the juice through the screen into the glass simply because it is almost worthless within the juice container. The container keeping the juice is tiny for a double unit. The lid that is pushed down to press the fruit hasn’t essentially match over something to date.

Ordered from identical seller and have been working with because 3 years and nonetheless going. Have saved a great deal of $$$ and going to jamba juice.

Will work wonderfully and saves your wrist from twisting a huge amount of lemons/limes.

To start with, wherever are you likely to obtain a dual juicer that lets you do the get the job done in half the time?. It juices like nobody’s small business. Second, they use the most exceptional juicer reams than any other juicer on the market wherever. I have a regular juicer (cuisinart) as perfectly, and the reamer does pretty much almost nothing in comparison. If you search at the big difference in the reamers, (pictured), the common one is loaded in and the dash model has large areas in amongst which are infinitely extra successful at maximizing the amount of money of juice from every single fruit. Never have to disassemble anything, and due to the fact i use my palms to drive down alternatively of the handy lid, i you should not even have to clear the lid. Actually, all i do is choose out the reamers, shake the seeds into my garbage pail, swish them by way of warm dish h2o, and then i pour scorching water into the foundation in which the reamers sit, enabling it to flow into the collection bin under, wiping it out absolutely with paper towel till it is really thoroughly clean. It will take like two minutes, max.

It really is quicker than other methods.

Me encanto, y fácil d limpiarll.

It is rapid, simple to use, and completely reams out any citrus fruit with a person press on the go over. The entire top lifts off and it is dishwasher risk-free though i usually just operate it under the faucet and pop it ideal back on the equipment. Say goodbye to shopping for orange juice in the retail outlet.

Dash Chef Series 64 oz Blender, Did a great job on a smoothie

I acquired this as a substitute of vitamix and blendtec. We have had it around a 12 months and use it virtually every day, which i hardly ever envisioned. Largely make smoothies and shakes. Hardly ever when have i wished i would have used the further income for the vitamix.

Turns out it was as well huge for the kitchen. It overpowered the toaster and bullied the coffee pot. By no means experienced the opportunity to fire it up. Appears to be like it can crush your regular avocado.

Unbelievable at the rate position. I owned a blendtec – and like this even far better. Just as strong – smoothies just as sleek. Individuals explain this as loud – not in comparison to a blendtec it is not. Blendtec is so loud i would have to go away the area. The other opinions cover most all the good details so i will increase a number of. The unit comes with a card – abide by the connection on that card and sign up and they double the warranty to two many years. Even greater – at the website substitute pitchers are only $30. Just after paying out $a hundred for a blendtec substitution – that is a massive improve. I am gonna acquire an additional for soups with onions and garlic and many others – hold a single for inexperienced drinks and smoothies.

Key specs for Dash Chef Series 64 oz Blender with Stainless Steel Blades + Digital Display for Coffee Drinks, Frozen Cocktails, Smoothies, Soup, Fondue & More – White:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • POWER BLENDER: 6-point commercial grade Japanese stainless steel blades and 1400watt, 2.25 hp motor (same used in small lawn mowers) will grind, chop, dice, blend, puree, and juice, without ever going dull
  • HOT + COLD: Make smoothies, iced coffee drinks, frozen cocktails, or even snow cones & ice cream in minutes. Hot soups or purees in just 8 minutes; no stovetop! Make melted cheese, pesto, chocolate fondue & more
  • 8 PRESETS: Rinse, Puree, Soup, Smoothie, Crush, Frozen, Manual, & Pulse. Grind through even the toughest of substances: nuts, hummus, dips, and even mill grains into flour, all with NO BURNOUT; can your conventional blender do that?
  • SELF-CLEANING: The no-drip spout and self-cleaning function make cleaning a snap! When you’re done blending, choose Rinse function with some warm water and dish soap and the Chef Series Digital Blender does the rest
  • INCLUDES: Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty on parts (7-year motor warranty) and includes 64 oz. tritan blending jug (virtually unbreakable), tamper, recipe book and recipe database access (all non-electric parts are dishwasher safe)
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty, recipe book and access to our growing database of recipes included

Comments from buyers

“Great Heavey Duty Blender, Great Blender!!!, This is a winner!”

This machine is a massive stage up from a ninja and truly worth the extra funds when as opposed to the ninja. I have never been ready to bring myself to even take into consideration paying $five hundred+ on a blender. It truly is not anything i use usually ample to justify the expense. Dash is a good equilibrium of cost/effectiveness. It is simplistic style tends to make it quick to use and effortless to clean up. The ninja has normally annoyed me with how the lid has to go on the correct ideal way and obtaining the blades detached. None of these concerns exist on the dash. The dash’s style is basic nonetheless elegant. It is a pretty sizable piece of products to have on your countertop each day, but the performance significantly outweighs any issue i have. I have proposed this blender to several of my friends.

Improved than a vitamix, this is a steal. I appreciate the aesthetics of it, the flexibility and preset alternatives. I can convert it on and walk absent, realizing it will pause and quit when my smoothie is concluded. I have created frappes in this as nicely.

. Motor feels quite strong and tremendous fast. Been employing it for 1 12 months now and even now functions like manufacturer new. I use it largely for shakes in the early morning so no rough stuff in it but it truly is keeping very well. I went by the magicbullet and ninja initial, then this a person. It is definetely a action or two over the other two.

We chose this blender to exchange our oster experienced blender procured in 2007 soon after the all-metal generate sheared off, rendering the blender worthless. I experienced not been dissatisfied with it, but referred to purchaser stories just before choosing a substitution blender, understanding i will have it for quite a few years. We use a blender for producing smoothies and pureeing soups. This dash blender stood out in comparison to my previous blender in my initially hand experience using it, and compared to its opposition in the purchaser stories scores. It acquired significant marks in all places of efficiency, has a huge, eight cup ability pitcher, a 7 year guarantee and a quite aggressive priceadditionally, compared with our oster blender, the reliable steel blade assembly is integrated into the pitcher- you do not have to unscrew the base to eliminate and clean the blade. Simply because of this, the foundation cannot leak. We have made smoothies in it two times considering that its arrival, and the comparison concerning it and the outdated oster is outstanding. Just set in the components, find smoothie, force start and stand back. When it stops you have smoothies. No fiddling close to finding all the frozen fruit included.

I am terrified of this blender. This equipment is tremendous-powerful, and it has created rapid work of anything my husband and i have thrown at it. We have had it for a few months now, so cannot communicate to its longevity, but we have by now put it through a ton of function. We have employed it typically to make the common smoothies and soups, but the other working day i also applied it to make my individual ground turkey – it was perfect for the task. Do-it-yourself hummus is subsequent on the menu. A great added attribute is its tamper tool, which you can use to force products from the top down towards the blade – even while the blender is nevertheless operating. This blender is awesome because my husband would not like his smoothies ‘too chunky’, and this blender does a genuinely great job at the ‘pulverize to smithereens’ stint, so chunks are no challenge. If everything, my only criticism about this blender is that i can’t appear to be to figure out how to use it to ‘chop’ items like nuts or veggies. Like i talked about in advance of, it is truly finest at pulverizing – just about anything considerably less intensive takes some striving. A observe on the seem degree, you genuinely are unable to be expecting one thing with a motor this major to be peaceful, and this blender isn’t.

This is a really heavy duty blender but it can be tremendous fantastic for a informal cook like me. I make smoothies each individual morning for the young ones and myself and i also have created soup and tomato sauce in it. I really like how effortless it is to rinse out because the daily smoothie routine can be a chore if i have to clean out the blender first. This absolutely produces a smooth product or service for almost everything that we have tried using and the presets do the job fairly very well. There have been occasions i have run the smoothie placing 2 times in a row due to the fact i was not certain it was seriously carried out but that is no significant offer. The truth that it pulses means it does a good task of pulling all the elements down. I pack a lot of spinach in those people smoothies and with my old blender it would often get trapped in there and the blades would just be spinning in the air and not essentially obtaining something. One con i have observed with this blender is the measurement of the base. We experienced to go the cabinets all-around in the cupboard in which we retailer the blender base mainly because it is really so tall.

Quite strong, but significant and noisy. The initially 1 experienced to be despatched back mainly because it did not function.

I use my dash blender to make smoothies primarily. It will deal with uncooked carrots and frozen fruit as properly as walnuts and almonds. The automated smoothie placing is fantastic. It operates up to significant and stops a 2nd then repeats biking for 50 seconds then auto stops. This get all the chuncks and big peices as they tumble again to the blades during pauses. My only complaint about the method was it experienced a solid electrical smell from the motor primarily less than heavy hundreds when it was new. This turned fewer recognizable as the machine aged and is not visible now soon after two a long time of use.

It does a pleasant position of making soups, pizza sauce and so forth. At first i obtained it to make almond butter, but it started off to smoke with the engine overheating just about every single time, so i no more time use it for that. There was no lasting harm performed to the unit though and as soon as cooled down, it worked as perfectly as prior to. The structure of the jar with blades makes it challenging to vacant it for factors like guacamole, pesto and hummus, which makes it a bit of a discomfort to use. It bought so annoying that i acquired a food stuff processor alternatively in buy to make dips and thicker sauces as nicely as nut butters. For just about anything liquid, these as smoothies, purees, soup and many others, this unit is a actually superior selection at a fantastic selling price.

Suggested by our mates, we acquired a dash – high quality digital blender at the finish of march, 2014 at amazon. The blender utilized practically each day, incredibly effective and worked greatuntil just one working day in oct, when employing, i scent a thing burning but the blender nevertheless functioning good. I named the dash service quantity, immediately after hearing my tale of the blender, the purchaser consultant instructed me that he would e-mail me a shipping and delivery label to have the blender delivered again to dash, and would mail me a new a person.I received the transport label e-mail proper right after the talking, and i experienced the equipment shipped two months prior to the christmas 2014, due to the fact then i haven’t obtained and listened to nearly anything from dash. On jan 9, 2015, we obtained an surprising deal at our doorway– ‘dash’.

I use this for almondmilk, cashew cheese, nut butters, puréed soups & sauces, smoothies, hummus, mixing grains & seeds for selfmade crackers, for coconut cream, and more. It is such a high quality device & it cleans more quickly than any blender i’ve ever applied.

This receives utilized at the very least 5 occasions a 7 days and we have experienced it above a yr.

Its highly effective and i have not identified anything at all that appears to be to slow it down. Its main purpose in our home is for creating smoothies and shakes but we have applied it for a several other uses as well. Crushing cubed ice in this matter is no problem at all. The shape of the best component appears to be to do a excellent career of funneling almost everything down to the blades as necessary. The programmed features on the selector dial are great. It is not actual tranquil but much quieter than the cheapo blender it replaced. Its a major item and just feels like its a high quality merchandise. Its been in daily use for a number of months now and certainly satisfies our expectations. I be expecting it to final a large amount longer than the 3 blenders that preceded it in my household.

It tends to make good smoothies, soups etc. It is extremely effortless with the options for creating many things obviously proven. I employed the recipe reserve that arrived with it, the tomato soup recipe came out very effectively, just add a tiny sugar and some fresh new tomato. . It is huge and requires up room on the counter. It looks definitely good so invest in it in a colour that you can leave out. If you are in a very small house, it is much too big.

Awesome as far as operation. Much too tall for common cabinet heights. In any other case remarkably advised.

It does not go below the counter which is the only downfall i can listing. But i consider a whole lot of blenders are loud. It has carried out eerything i attempted to do. Smoothies, even using thick leafy greens. Unless you want to see the crimson light all the time you have to just take the pitcher component off. It will transform off if it overheats, but then it starts again.

Finest blender we have at any time owned. Remarkable as it whips through any chore. My only draw back is i have to lay the pitcher on its side to match into kitchen cupboard, it is very tall.

The ideal blender in the earth and it would make the most effective smooties and guacamole. It was a few periods more cost-effective than paying for it from the british isles and it took only four times to be shipped. The equipment is fantastic you can make sorbets, italian ice cream, it can be fairly noisy. I might definirely advise to any individual who is into wholesome food and balanced way of living.

I acquired this eleven months back. So considerably, it is been terrific – i do desire now that i would splurged and got the vitamix as i’d say the functionality has slowly deteriorated in excess of the past 12 months, but i make smoothies pretty much daily and use a great deal of ice and frozen fruit, which it continue to dealt with well. However, i went to use it yesterday and it started out smoking and smelled awful. I named dash buyer company and they were being terrific – they explained they would deliver me a new bottom unit the following 7 days, even nevertheless i reside in canada. Produced me a little nervous that the guarantee is only a year and that it unsuccessful at eleven months, but i experienced a excellent knowledge with shopper support and failed to get any type of operate all-around. Ideally just a manufacturer defect.

This is just one of the greatest value blenders i’ve owned (or appliances for that issue)pros:blendtec/vitamix qualityblends wellgreat setting optionseasy to clear and usegreat price at a fraction of the priceawesome colourscons:pretty significant. You need to have a ton of counter room and it may possibly not in good shape below a cupboard. Quite loud, but which is expected.

I have to do this smoothie matter for overall health factors, so this blender demands to final. I checked out reviews and located this just one rated best for ice crushing and smoothies, and at a value point i could live with. Make a decision what the main operate will be. Look at out professional examined critiques that kind out and amount what its fantastic for. No ponder my past blender died. It truly is most affordable rating was for ice/frozen crunching. So i really don’t will need it to make soup or wax my car or truck. Frozen smoothie ingredients and comfortable fresh new fruit and veggies is what it is a tremendous star at whaaa lah a match. So farit manufactured a big variance in the remaining outcome also.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker, Pays for itself in 2 batches

Significantly far better than keep-bought. It truly is a tiny additional perform, but i truly appreciate the closing product or service. I make about four six-8oz cups, toss a couple blueberries and a tiny granola on best. I fairly substantially have a process down to create a constant and constant product or service. I may well test cottage cheese working with meyer lemons just for a thing a minor unique.

This yogurt maker performs as marketed. You do have to warmth the milk yourself and then transfer it into the machine, but the timer and heat will work perfectly. I have experienced it for a thirty day period and in all probability currently saved about fifty percent the cost of the maker. The only issue that keeps this from 5 stars is the size. If you are generating greek yogurt, about 50 % the quantity of the milk is shed in straining. I normally make at least 2 batches to have me through a 7 days.

And i have it rigged so i can. And i have it rigged so i can set it in the fridge so i dont have to fear about things sitting down out immediately after it clicks off.

Key specs for Dash Greek Yogurt Maker:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Make up to 2 quarts of Greek yogurt at a time
  • Includes 2 BPA free buckets (1.5 quart per bucket with lid) and Greek strainer
  • LCD display with custom timer
  • Hidden cord storage, Parts are dishwasher safe
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty, recipe book and access to our growing database of recipes included

Comments from buyers

“Nothing fancy, but works well and includes pretty much everything you need, It does what it says it does., Life-Changing Yogurt Method- So Easy- Don’t Heat The Milk”

I have produced handmade yogurt for decades and strained it with a yogurt strainer (that i have experienced for 40 decades). What is now remaining promoted as ‘greek yogurt’. What this product or service is, is each in just one. A yogurt maker and a strainer.

Awesome yogurt maker that performs perfect everytime. . I have been producing my individual yogurt at property and was using the warm oven strategy. I determined to get this for far more constant success. It has been excellent and the yogurt usually turns out fantastic. The provided greek yogurt strainer is effective terrific and would make the great regularity.

Make a 50 % gallon at a time. Initially time out the shoot and the yogurt was excellent. I made use of a modest container of oikos (5. I heated a half gallon of total milk. Turn on the the incubation heater with the top rated on, even though milk is heating up. Designed certain the starter is at space temperature. Included the a minor of the milk with the starter, poured the mixture again into the milk and blended with a whisk just a couple of seconds. I used both of those containers the package will come with. I set the supplied strainer in the large container crammed it up and set the top rated on that was supplied. Since the provided strainer only retains 5 cups i applied a modest strainer lined with coffee filters and set it on top of the smaller container protected it with plastic wrap and set both equally containers in the fridge.

Been using this weekly for a number of months now. Have bought the course of action down to less than 50 percent an hour from cold milk to start out the timer. Use microwave and a huge glass measuring cup to heat five cups of milk to 190. Dump that into stainless pot in sink sitting in chilly h2o to great to 110. Dump in 1/two cup of very last batch, stir and put in blue tub and into maker. 10 hrs later on, help you save one/2 cup for upcoming week and dump remainder into included strainer and into refrigerator for two hrs to make greek. I consume some every morning with fruit. Been extremely useful to my digestion.

This is not a complex system to use. Immediately after watching a cooking exhibit on tv critique the dash greek yogurt maker i made the decision to buy just one. Amazon had the best price on-line – no shock there. Unboxing: the system is nicely packaged, and it was pretty uncomplicated to unbox. Setup: due to the fact there are only a number of pieces, i was equipped to get every little thing with each other and assembled alternatively promptly. To start with use: i manufactured a slip-up the very first time i experimented with to make yogurt with the dash. The guidance will not mention this but it really is extremely vital to your sanity. In its place of utilizing a stainless steel double boiler i put a pyrex bowl on prime of a pot stuffed with h2o. My pyrex bowl did not permit the milk to attain the expected temperature. It took close to two hours, and it barley produced it.

. Make yogurt quite a few situations weekly so that i in no way run out. It is uncomplicated to use, effortless to clean up and i genuinely respect the strainer and additional container. Make yogurt cheese and addy some spices or whichever for taste to a little amount of money of itand use it as product cheese. Also like to use my greek yogurt alternatively of bitter product onbaked potatoes and other foods.

Have now designed quite a few batches of yogurt in the dash & am quite delighted with the final results. Comes with a rapid dial reference ‘recipe’ card as nicely as a reserve. I would enjoy it even far more if it produced much larger batches of yogurt but because of the ease of planning, etc. , a fresh new batch can be built each individual pair of days.

Been using this weekly for a number of months now. Have bought the course of action down to less than 50 percent an hour from cold milk to start out the timer. Use microwave and a huge glass measuring cup to heat five cups of milk to 190. Dump that into stainless pot in sink sitting in chilly h2o to great to 110. Dump in 1/two cup of very last batch, stir and put in blue tub and into maker. 10 hrs later on, help you save one/2 cup for upcoming week and dump remainder into included strainer and into refrigerator for two hrs to make greek. I consume some every morning with fruit. Been extremely useful to my digestion.

The package deal was missing the instruction manuel, but i identified it on the web. The moment i did, it designed wonderful greek yogurt. Of system, all it does is retains the right temperature, we however experienced to get ready the blend.

I have completed several batches and they have arrive out perfect – even making use of skim milk. Straightforward to use, superior guidance, easy to thoroughly clean. I consume basic zero body fat greek yogurt every working day for breakfast with fruit and protein powder mixed in it – the dwelling made yogurt is so superior in comparison to any retailer bought yogurt, and no additives or preservatives. I see several posts from individuals who say this is labor intense, it will not appear that way to me. Heat up the milk, awesome it down, combine in the starter, and pour into the yogurt maker and when it really is finished, neat it and pressure it. It’s about as considerably do the job as cooking pasta imo. Alright i have now had this yogurt maker for one. 5 years, earning about two batches a 7 days. The people today who say it’s labor-intensive, i even now do not get it. Very well i guess it is really extra labor intensive than getting a cup of yogurt off a store shelf and buying it (scarcely) but the yogurt is ssooo much far better.

This yogurt maker makes the procedure very simple for rookies. . This yogurt maker helps make the system straightforward for newcomers. If you want to pressure the yogurt so it becomes thick you need to have to individual the batch and pressure each individual segment a single at a time. The straining basket would not maintain all of the yogurt made within just one particular batch.

I am incredibly perfectly-delighted with this yogurt maker. I like that it really is a person huge container, not quite a few small pots. With this equipment 1 makes a recipe of yogurt. That recipe, strained as a result of the offered mesh basket, makes greek yogurt. Via the straining approach, the unique quart of yogurt turns into 2-cups greek yogurt. I don’t like dropping half a recipe. So, i add 1/2-cup nonfat dry, powdered milk to my quart of two% milk and 1/4-cup plain yogurt containing reside, lively cultures (whole, reduced or nonfat isn’t going to matter). The addition of the powdered milk at the outset of the recipe creates a wonderful, dense yogurt that needs no straining. I bought the powdered milk matter from an alton brown fantastic eats episode.

Who knew producing greek yogurt could be so easy?. I’ve been buying yogurt from the grocery retailer for decades. Even so, i have often hated getting to pay out so a great deal for it. A although back again i started off exploring earning my individual yogurt, and it seemed so challenging since of the dedicated cookware that was necessary. Also, i wasn’t selected if i could established my gasoline cooking stove to the right temperature. No make a difference, each individual web site i went to went on and on about how straightforward it is to make yogurt. They also pressured that it truly is more healthy than what you acquire at the retailer for the reason that you can handle what goes into it. I was intrigued by the concept, but not to the place of essentially dashing off to the kitchen to warmth up a batch of milk. Someday later on, a buddy of mine suggested that i need to buy the euro delicacies ym100 automatic yogurt maker. The price was proper and it seemed so hassle-free to have the yogurt already in the jars.

Make a 50 % gallon at a time. Initially time out the shoot and the yogurt was excellent. I made use of a modest container of oikos (5. I heated a half gallon of total milk. Turn on the the incubation heater with the top rated on, even though milk is heating up. Designed certain the starter is at space temperature. Included the a minor of the milk with the starter, poured the mixture again into the milk and blended with a whisk just a couple of seconds. I used both of those containers the package will come with. I set the supplied strainer in the large container crammed it up and set the top rated on that was supplied. Since the provided strainer only retains 5 cups i applied a modest strainer lined with coffee filters and set it on top of the smaller container protected it with plastic wrap and set both equally containers in the fridge.

I have utilized 2% and full each are delicious and make very good thick yogurt. I use one/two cup retail outlet purchased yogurt for starter every time that, looks to do the job improved than applying the yogurt i make. The strainer does not get clogged like when you use cheese fabric and cleans quickly in the dishwasher. This has created the approach substantially less complicated.

I experienced a yogurt maker with the tiny jars and i liked it. Now i have this yogurt maker and i can make a major batch and it has a timer on it. Moreover you can use the strainer for greek model yogurt.

I have experienced this for really some time, and it continue to will work properly. I make yogurt cheese by straining it right until it has pretty much no whey.

Superb i bought this yogurt maker & appreciate it i. Superb i obtained this yogurt maker & love it i just will need to discover to warmth my milk superior this took what i thought was heading to be a flop and made it proper soon after i refrigerated it i would advise for fresh tasting creamy yogurt.

Daily life-changing yogurt system- so quick- really don’t heat the milk. I experienced by no means considered earning yogurt at household till i noticed the dash yogurt maker reviewed on america’s exam kitchen. They were being incredibly enthusiastic about it, but the laborous heating/cooling of the milk was so off-putting. I favored generating kefir rather mainly because the prep was simpler. I noticed a evaluate from a single blessed yogurt-maker on amazon that utilised milk straight from the refrigerator. I received the dash and have been making yogurt making use of this strategy ever given that- far more than a dozen thriving batches. Why warmth milk, clean pans and fret around temperature/timing when you can just pour milk from the carton into the dash container?. Thanks scrtn this is the backlink to the reviewhttps://smile. Com/gp/shopper-reviews/r1268q6wixtwk8/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl?ie=utf8&asin=b00ddxwx0q.

Significantly far better than keep-bought. It truly is a tiny additional perform, but i truly appreciate the closing product or service. I make about four six-8oz cups, toss a couple blueberries and a tiny granola on best. I fairly substantially have a process down to create a constant and constant product or service. I may well test cottage cheese working with meyer lemons just for a thing a minor unique.

Terrific yogurt maker – but there is an much easier much healthier way to make greek (recipe follows). This is a great yogurt maker – the recipes involved, not so much. Here is a greek yogurt recipe that’s considerably tastier: five cups milk (i use one% braums), 3/4 cup sugar, 3/four cup powdered milk. Combine all and microwave right until at the very least a hundred and eighty. Set 3/4 cup yogurt starter into your yogurt maker and just allow it set at space temp. Interesting the milk combination till it truly is concerning a hundred and five and one hundred levels f. Pour through a strainer (gotta catch any powdered milk bits you failed to pretty get mixed in) into the yogurt starter. Pop it in the yogurt maker for 5 hrs. . Ideal greek yogurt that keeps the wholesome whey, has more protein owing to the included powdered milk, and is fewer exertion than straining. My young ones say it tastes like vanilla ice product. Ideas: the starter you use does make a difference. All yogurt is not produced similarly – some has a lot of much more are living probiotics than some others.