Cuisinart Frozen Dessert Maker : Excelente

Bought this for our other daughter and she loves it.

The family i bought for as a gift, love it. They make ice cream all the time.

Ice cream is on the menu at least once a week now.

We generally use ours about once a week – sometimes more, sometimes less. The machine comes with a recipe booklet, but you can find all sorts of recipes on the internet for free. We mostly make sorbets since we are both diabetics.

Cuisinart Frozen Dessert Maker (RED) – Frozen Yogurt, Ice-Cream & Sourbet

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  • Quick Results – Mixing Passle makes up to 1 1/2 quarts in as little as 20 min!
  • Easy Operation – Its automatic. Just add ingredients and turn on the machine.
  • Delicious Desserts – Make fresh homemade frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet and more
  • Limited 3 Year warranty – Heavy Duty Motor
  • Easy Lock Lid with Wide ingredient spot – double insulated freezer bowl

The only downside is that i keep over-churning the ice cream but that’s on me not the machine.

We will be using this a lot this summer. One can get quite innovative with flavors using this unit. It is soooooooooo much better than the old fashioned ones using salt and a crank.

I have had one before and it was great. If you have 2 bowls it is better because you can make more.

I would have paid more for it. It is beautiful, sturdy, easy to use and easy to clean.

It does make good fresh ice cream fast. But you need to plan ahead to freeze the bowl. I got the one with the extra bowl so that will work well to make a bigger batch.

Arrived sooner than expected; works great — just as described. Ice cream at home in 20 minutes.

This is a great dessert maker. We have given a number of these as gifts to friends and family.

We have been through several ice cream makers but this is the one for us. Easy to use, easy to assemble, easy to clean.

I sent it to my daughter and family. The grand kids really enjoyed the process. They made ice cream from ingredients that had at home right away. It has become a family time project.

It is so easy to make the best ice cream ever. Best of all i can make real ice cream for my son in law and soy ice cream for my grandson. It makes a small batch but its just right in my rectangular airtight containers. Planning ahead, i make several flavors and they keep well in the freezer.

I received this frozen desert machine as a father’s day gift. Although i have never been interested in making my own ice creams, i decided it would be a nice family time activity. My wife decided to inaugurate the machine by making a batch of her favorite: plain vanilla. It didn’t take long, used the most basic ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, vanilla extract; and it turned out one incredibly smooth and tasty batch of the frozen treat. Spend time with the ones you love. Make something beautiful together.

I have allergies to dairy so making fresh gelato is a real treat for me. This machine performed like a champ just fallow the directions and your on your way, no hassle no fuss.

Easy to use and great recipes included in the information booklet found in the box. Makes a nice sized batch of ice cream.

Made sorbet and low fat frozen yogurt with fresh ingredients and both were delicious. The inside takes up a bit of room if you keep it in the freezer but its easier to keep it frozen so its always ready to use.

Great for the smaller family portions. Worked good and not too loud. Perfect for sugar free ice cream.

Kids love it and we’ve made a lot of ice cream since the purchase.

This makes the best ice cream ever. It’s fast, easy and we love it.

Too hard once leftovers are frozen.

Cuisinart CPT-170 Brushed Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster, A toaster that can’t

Ok i’ve read the reviews regarding this toaster not toasting evenly and i think i see the problem. If you are one who does a lot of toasting of only ‘1’ slice at a time, then this is not the toaster for you. It’s a ‘4’ slice toaster) what i’ve noticed is that if you only toast one slice at a time or if you turn the temp up towards 5 or 6 you may get one side of the bread toasted darker than the other although when 2 or more slices are in, the uneven problem is minimal. Conversely, if you toast at least 2 slices at a time i found no problem with the evenness of the toast except at the higher settings which is minimal. If you make one slice often then it can be controlled by using lighter settings. As to the lighted countdown timers, this is cup half full/cup half empty situation. We personally like the lights. They provide a built in night light for an otherwise dark kitchen and for its purpose, if they weren’t lit they would be hard to see even with the kitchen lights on. The appearance is neat and clean opposed to the next model down that looks like it came from the jetson’s era.

We bought this over a year ago and it is still working great. Was looking for a four slot toaster that would take longer bread and wanted stainless. This fit the bill all around. I noticed that the top reviewer had a problem with long bread. I had the same concern when buying it since we use some of the fancier breads that are wider than usual. The blue lights look nice but are a little bright in a dark kitchen, so depending on if you plan to keep it plugged in or how much two blue squares will bug you, consider that.

This is the best toaster i’ve ever seen. It evenly toasts all kinds of bread product using various settings. Finished product does not pop out of toaster, rather it rises gently. It also leave no crumbs under or around the unit. Easy, clean and perfect toast.

Key specs for Cuisinart CPT-170 Brushed Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster with Countdown Timer:

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  • Brushed stainless-steel toaster with dual 1-1/2-inch-wide toasting slots
  • 6 browning levels; bagel, reheat, and defrost options; LED indicators
  • Blue backlit LCD timer counts down minutes, then seconds, to pop-up
  • Extra-lift lever; cancel button; slide-out crumb tray; convenient cord wrap
  • Measures approximately 11 by 8 by 7 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Former DUALIT junkie defects to Cuisinart.
, Beautiful functional toaster
, Opinion On Uneven Toasting!

We purchased this toaster based upon a consumer reports review. Our last two toasters have been cheap to purchase but have not held up well. The cuisinart cpt-190 appears to be well made and is working well. Toasting of bread is not uniform but good enough for our purpose. Given the price of this toaster, i am hoping that it will last longer than the toaster it replaces.

Works great & i love wide places to place toast—-toasts bagels. Waffles-anything you need toasted.

Does what it was me to do reliably well.

My wife thinks i’m nuts for spending this much for a toaster when you can find one for $15 at wal-mart. Some toaster bagel settings turn off the outside elements, this isn’t one of them, it just adds extra time. The defrost setting works well for frozen waffles and pastries. I love the timer but you have to bend over to counter height to read it. Remember to remove the printed plastic film over the time display.

Timer is hard to read if not at eye level, which on a counter it isn’t. Toasts ok with one side of bread a bit less toasted than the other, but acceptable. Standard ‘made in china’ quality.

Cuisinart cpt-190 4 slice toaster. Looks good & is compact for a 4 slice toaster but what was the design engineer thinking when he had the electrical cord exit from the front center bottom of the unit. I understand that is where the controls are but they should have run the wiring from the connectors in the front under the base plate to the back and exited there as this unit already has a cord that is way too short and this only shortened it by another 10′ unless you want to plug it in from the front. Cuisinart cpt-190 brushed stainless-steel 4-slice toaster with countdown timer.

A decision to purchase this toaster was due to our old cuisinart 4-slice toaster finally burning out. I expected this toaster to be on par with my last one. To my enjoyment, this toaster has been a step up from my old one. But most importantly is how well this toaster browns evenly on both sides yet the inside of the toast remains soft. I am very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend it to others.

Bought the cuisinart cpt-170 2 slice toaster after reading many dozens of reviews of all types/brands of toasters online. Came to the realization that every product has negative reviews for one reason or another, so decided that the cuisinart had the fewest and those were not a concern to me. Since i have received it, it has been a terrific toaster for me. It suits my tastes and looks good, too. Stainless steel and a blue led count-down timer. I have toasted bread and english muffins without a problem. Browns evenly on both sides of the bread. Thanks for the pushup lever (for small items). It’s easy to keep clean, also.

As advertized this toaster makes a consistently great toast. It has a small footprint and nice clean design. I controls are simple, just a dial and setting buttons but it just works and works well. Update after a few months of use it still remains our favorite.

It was time to downsize and gain some space on our counter top. We decided to replace our 4-toaster cuisinart with a 2-toast model. We purchased the cpt-170 after reading a good consumer report on yahoo. I always hated trying to guess when the toast would be ready. The only design suggestion is to move the lcd timer higher up on the toaster so it is easier to read at counter top level. I now have to stand back or lean down a little see it clearly. Anyway the cusinart cpt-170 works great, takes less space, and we are very happy with in.

We’ve owned two dualits in the past 16 years. The first one lasted 12 years. The second one barely made it to four years before a widely reported flaw (the mechanical timer gets stuck) caused a thankfully contained fire in our kitchen. So we’ve been hunting for an affordable toaster that we don’t hate the look of and that, well, makes good toastafter weeks of reviewing, consumer reports finally tipped us over the edge in favor of this unit. It was highly rated and it doesn’t look entirely awful. While most appliance companies seem to be squeezing design with a capital d over their entire product ranges (silly lights, ridiculous shapes, too many controls), the cuisinart exercises some restraint by being a) mostly rectangular, b) brushed stainless and c) simple to control. Much better than our last dualit which was uneven and unpredictable.

I had previously bought a ‘cheap’ toaster, and it did the trick. After giving it to my nephew, i decided i wanted a better looking toaster but i didn’t want to spend a fortune, and i just wanted good performance. This cuisinart fit the bill perfectly. And i love the timer, which shows me how long until my food will be ready.

We bought this toaster to replace one that would toast white bread without getting it too dark. This one barely manages that, and when toasting just one slice is a flop. One side of the bread is not toasted, unless you burn the other side up. This toaster has been highly reviewed–obviously by people who never toast just one slice.

This is a consumer reports top pick. The first toaster i received only toasted the bread on the outside. The inside heat elements did not work. Amazon did an excellent job replacing the unit. The second toaster holds true to the consumer report: toasting is consistent. Once you zero in on the setting that makes you happy, it will toast that way every time. I have used the second toaster for about a month and the lcd timer is acting funny. I read one review where the lcd actually quit working. So, i expect mine to quit some day.

The reason i bought this particular toaster is that consumer report gave it a high rating. I have been using it for three months. I wanted a toaster that would toast both sides of the bread. I usually am just toasting one piece. This didn’t, at first, but after a few trys, it does a good job. I use it for toast and sometimes, bagels. It has a toasting countdown which i have found useful. It doesn’t make a sound when finished but has a blue countdown light. It is a good looking toaster. The only thing i do not like about the toaster is you must unplug it or the countdown light remains on.

It toasts just fine, seems to take a long time to get color on the toast, maybe it’s because i’ve never had a timer and didn’t realize how long it took to toast something. What bugs me is when it’s plugged in it has a blue light in the front, the timer, which never goes out, so i unplug it just so it doesn’t catch my eye every time i walk in the kitchen.

I like the stainless steel appearance of this toaster, as well as the blue timer countdown display. It matches our other appliances very well, and works fine. The countdown display is a nice feature, as well as the bagel button.

Usually, i don’t tend to spend $75. 00 on a bread toaster, but this one was rated well in consumer reports, and i really needed a toaster, so i took the plunge. Love the digital count-down display and different toasting options. Toasting is true to the dial selected and browns really well and very evenly. I am really pleased with this appliance.

There doesn’t seem to be a clear winner. I have other cuisinart stuff, and this one looks nice so i went with it. The blue led display doesn’t have a very good viewing angle. The blue led stays on all the time. The slots are not very wide. My standard size bread sometimes doesn’t go down when i push the lever, because it is touching both ends of the slot. These issues are not really a big deal. The real issue is that the max setting toasts for 3 minutes from a cold toaster and some 2. 5 minutes from a warm toaster.

I returned this toaster before even taking it oout of the box after i read an article in cooks magazine where they were rating toasters and although this one would have been their first choice, they could not recomend it because they said the outside got as hot as 150 degrees and that could burn little hands and fingers. I cannot imagine why the makers of this toaster would even market something that dangerous. Well, i am not taking a chance on it and i advise others to do the same.

After nearly forty years of marriage, my wife and i retired our sunbeam toaster that had been with us from the start. We chose the cuisinart cpt-170 based on a consumer reports blurb, and so far we have been very pleased. I don’t know that we are prepared to test it for the next forty years, but it seems durable enough.

Cuisinart DCC-2800W Perfec Temp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Looks Good & It’s 14 Cups

This unit was a replacement for the same model in black that just wore out. There is not a carafe temperture control on the new unit but, it delivers a good hot cup of coffee and automatically keeps it hot for up to 4 hours.

Fantastic coffee plot love it and it works like a charm.

Ok in all fairness maybe i love this because it makes more than one cup at a time. It does keep the coffee hot. I need to take a class in pouring water in without spilling it, but otherwise i love it.

Key specs for Cuisinart DCC-2800W Perfec Temp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, White:

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  • Recognized as a top-rated product in a leading consumer research magazine
  • Hotter coffee with expert coffee making technology to ensure hotter coffee temperature without giving up flavor or quality
  • Brew strength control allows you to select regular or bold coffee flavor
  • Brew pause feature lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing cycle has finished
  • 60-second reset recalls settings and position in the brewing process in case of loss of power

Comments from buyers

“Great Quality Coffee
, Greatly improved the taste of our morning brew.
, Meh

This coffeemaker makes the best cup of coffee of any coffee maker i’ve had in years. I just upgraded from the 2200, because when you lift the lid, water ran down the back of the unit to the counter top. On the 2800, it does have some leakage, but nowhere as bad. I have learned to put a kitchen towel across the top as soon as i lift the lid, the reason for 4 stars. As far as coffee making, i would recommend this pot definitely.

Wife and i really like this. After our old cuisinart died we tried a less expensive one (brand)–didn’t last but two days. The looks and the 14 cups are the highlights.

These specific style coffee makers are my favorites i have ever had. The 12 cup lid hinge got broken by a manhandler, and i recommend not forcing the lid back–be gentle. The 12 cup is still performing well with care using the lid. The display and performance otherwise make me not care about the lid. The new model i am writing on works great and no sign of lid hinge failure with proper care. I only hope the maker continues this model, with or without a hinge improvement.

Purchased this to replace a kitchenaide coffeemaker. I have another cuisinart coffeemaker that is more than 7 years old and still going strong. Glad to have found one in white.

This makes very hot coffee, hotter than most, but it’s not a particulary good looking coffee machine and it doesn’t feel very sturdy. I’d love it if cuisinart made a perfect temp machine with better industrial design.

Like how good the coffee is but don’t like the looks of the front of it.

Very very happy with this machine,, no complaintsstill 10/10still love it.

This is definitely a great coffee maker. For the price and for the ratings it got, it is pretty basic, and the buttons feel a little cheap. But otherwise makes a good cup and the programming works well and is easily done.

Best coffee maker i have ever used, no lie in the advertisement, it keeps coffee hot.

Very good coffee pot, cusinart always has good potswith the higher element booster in it to increase thetemp. Really makes for a good hot cup of coffee. I wasleary of the problems people were having with the lidrelease button, but i found it was not a problem aslong as you make sure the basket is in the right position. I wish it would have been in chrome. Buy it you will be satisfied.

When i touch the lcd display, it gets blurred.

With 14 cups and retirement time on my hands, my wife and i only need to make one pot per day. Hard to find 14 cup pot and in white. Temperature is nice and hot all the time with-out getting a burnt taste. It is a little slow, but the wait is worth the taste and the slowness allows for that ‘perfect temperature’*******update******** lots of comments about the lid. If you ensure the tab on the filter holder is aligned with the designated cut out every time you put the lid down, all is fine i love this pot and it works fine.

Perfect cup of coffee every time. Better than other machines costing hundreds more.

It comes with very good condition like described. So far so good and i’m glad to try it out for a big saving.

I’m not a huge coffee drinker (only weekends at home, otherwise i drink it a the office) this is a very nice set-up. Thank goodness we raised the cupboards when we remodeled. I give it five stars and a thumbs up.

We have had this coffee pot for about 3 weeks now, and so far it makes a perfect cup of coffee. We have our coffee sent in from costa rica, and the tip they gave us in the coffee plantation was temperature of the brew. This coffee maker brews the coffee at a very high temperature, and the result is perfection in the cup. We have encountered no difficulties using it, and are truly delighted with the result.

Makes good hot coffee but the lid broke after about a month of use. It doesn’t stay closed, but still works.

Disappointed because i thought this was stainless steel vs. Makes great coffee but prone to drip and spill through filter. Best asset of unit is the virtually drip free decanter. Which is my most important criteria.

It looks nice, fits under the cabinet nice and is very easy to operate. Our last coffeemaker would drip a few drops when you pull out the pot while it’s brewing—not with this one. Also, our last coffeemaker pot would tend to spill around the edges of the spout while filling a coffee cup—not with this one. We also like that it’s a 14-cup model.

Parents loved this as their christmas gift last year.

Makes excellent, super hot coffee that stays hot for more than 5 minutes after pouring.

Cuisinart CPT-140 Electronic Cool Touch 4-Slice Toaster : Three Stars

Very happy with this purchase.

My husband was not happy with our old toaster,,,,seemed it took longer every week for the toast to pop up. So off to the internet for a new one. We both love cool side toasters since we have limited counter space. I found the cuisinart 4 slice toaster with cool sides for a reasonable price and purchased it. Wow,,,i am so glad i did,,this toaster is wonderful. It has nice wide slots, two separate sides so i can have mine my way and he can have his another way at the same time. Plus having the cool sides makes it wonderful in my small space, no burned knuckles, fingers, hands or bread wrappers from the hot sides of most models. This one i recommend to everyone 100%. Its worth the price believe me. Thank you cuisinart ( now make the things here in the u.

Cuisinart CPT-140 Electronic Cool Touch 4-Slice Toaster, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-slice toaster with 2 independent LED touchpad controls
  • 1-1/2-inch-wide toasting slots; extra-lift carriage levers for removing smaller items
  • Functions consist of Bagel, Defrost, Reheat, and Cancel; 9-setting LED backlit browning dials
  • Slide-out crumb tray for quick cleanup; cord wrap; instruction book included
  • Measures approximately 12-4/5 by 11-2/7 by 8-2/7 inches; 3-year limited warranty

A very nice appliance that does what it’s supposed to w/ few compications.

This is the best toaster by far that i’ve ever owned. I love the clean look, the wide slots, the various function buttons and the reliable temperature settings. I especially like the fact that the levers slide up to help you extract smaller items. I bought my mom the same model 2 years ago and she continues to be as happy with it as i am with my new one, which was purchased about a month ago. I can’t think of anything negative to say about it, and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

We went back and forth forever trying to find a toaster. The reviews are so mixed on all toasters that it’s almost impossible to make a decision based on them. Seems like what one person thinks is ok will drive another person nuts. So, trying to lay aside my personal convictions, here are the pros and cons of this particular toaster. Pros:-the outside stays cool-large sliced whole-wheat bread fits in the slots-toasts things-has a lift system to help you reach smaller items-somewhat cheaper than comparable toasterscons:-kind of ugly-doesn’t toast particularly evenly-bagel setting only toasts longer–unlike most other toasters, this one toasts both sides of the bagel even on bagel setting-it has leds for no reason. They light up a manual dial–it isn’t truly digital. And they stay on all the time that the toaster is plugged in. Those last two points really drive me nuts, btw. I hope this information helps you make a choice. Who knew that buying a toaster was such a pain?.

Cuisinart CPT-140 Electronic Cool Touch 4-Slice Toaster, White : Sleek and excellent quality.

It has been over two and half years since i bought this toaster and it still works like a charm without any problem. I would recommend this to everyone. The only thing is that cuisinart didn’t have this one in stainless steel color. So, i had to settle with white one.

We had to replace a toaster-oven that succumbed to old age. Decided to return to a standard toaster as the oven was very little used. Upon reading all the various reviews on a large number of web sites we became frustrated. There didn’t seem to be a toaster on the market that generated very many positive reviews including the cuisinart cpt-140. Having a number of cuisinart counter top products that we are happy with we decided to take a chance on this toaster. Although we have only had it for a couple of months we are very happy with our decision. The main complaint on the reviews were very uneven heating ( one side would not be toasted ), but we have not found that to be the case. Everything has been evenly toasted. One feature we really appreciate is the independant controls as we each like different toast settings (one darker than the other). Also we keep our bread and pre-sliced bagels in the freezer and the defrost button works beautifuly.

This toaster is nice enough, however, compared to my previous cuisinart toaster, it takes quite a while to toast anything especially english muffins ( even on the baegel setting).

Love it because the controls are in the front, not on the side where i have4 to turn the toaster to see them.

It’s one of the best toasters i’ve ever purchased. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable appliance.

I had this toaster for more than ten years. I went in for a new one even though my old one worked fine because my cat soiled it. I checked other retail websites for this model. Com i was pleasantly surprised to see that their price was 20 percent less than the others. The toaster arrived within a week of placing the order and i am very happy to have my same model. It goes with my kitchen décor of white too.

When we started looking for a new toaster after the death of our last, we realized we needed to upgrade to a 4 slot with our growing family. We live in a small apartment however and lots of counter space was out of the question. So first we got a dualit, after reading all the reviews. Well, it needs to be prewarmed for best results and it gets incredibly hot to the touch, not too great for little fingers. So back it went and more reviews to read. We ended up getting the cuisinart cool touch and although we worried about the reviews that mentioned an uneven warming problem, it hasn’t happened for us. The toaster toasts quickly and well and yes, evenly on both sides–so far both toast and bagels have been great. It’s easy to use and clean, has a great ‘lift the toast higher’ feature and doesn’t get hot on the outside. Oh and yes, it doesn’t take up much room on the counter. So far, the best toaster we’ve ever had.

We had an older toaster of this model and have been happy with it. This one looks slighly different but works well.

This toaster does as promised: it’s a true 4-slice toaster, with 2 sets of 2 slots, each set independent of the other. (see my review of the breville ct40; it boasts ‘4 slot independent toasting’ but has only one setting for all 4 at once. ) so we can toast a bagel in one side and bread in the other, which is great for a family. The two control knobs are backlit numbers that glow red. It seems unnecessary, but harmless. At least i can tell from across the room whether it’s still plugged in. On the other hand, it probably uses more power this way. The only thing about this toaster that i’d consider a drawback is that the top surface retains heat, and that wasn’t an issue on our last toaster. But it’s easy to get used to. I think this price is great, and this toaster performs as well as more expensive models.

Well worth the money i paid for it. I would reccomendthis product to anyone.

This is an awesome addition to the cuisinart family. Numerous settings enable perfect toast every time. I really shopped toasters and i am happy i chose this one.

It was fine for toast, but cooked unevenly for english muffins. The reheat feature is convenient. It was a bargain for the price.

Within 2 months the right light indicating the color of the toast burned out. Now the right knob is loose too. Needed this smaller size but quality is iffy.

Though we had a working toaster, my husband complained bitterly about its performance. For his birthday, i ordered from amazon, the cuisinart [white 4-slice toaster. It displays four selection “buttons”; bagel defrost, reheat and cancel. So far, he id delighted with his new toaster. A very successful birthday present. ]

I liked white rather than medal because it stayed cleaner with no fingerprints.

Cuisinart DGB-600BC Grind & Brew : Ahh-smell the coffee

I do not like this coffee maker real well. I do get it out when i have company. It is more to clean than my bunn. It also leaves a taste in the coffee that no one notices but me 🙁 i also never received the rebate that i sent for.

I got this for my husband and he loves it. I read all the reviews before purchasing it, and can’t figure out how anyone can complain about the “noise. ” apparently they never tried to use other grinders, which are way more noisy & messy besides. We don’t pre-heat the carafe with hot water, and the coffee stays hot for hours. It does take a bit of clean-up, with especial attention needed for the grinder base to remove a buildup of residue, but any coffee maker should be thoroughly cleaned for good tasting coffee to continue to be made, so. . Get over it or hire a housekeeper. Either you want good brewed coffee at home or you want sheer convenience.

Have used this every day for 5 years.

My parents originally purchased this coffee maker five years ago. Over those five years, they never had any problems with it. Now, five years later, this is still the only coffee maker for me. The automatic grind is wonderful, as i’ve always had trouble with grinding coffee. Since this machine does it itself, i don’t need to worry that i’m grinding the coffee beans too coarsely or too finely. The machine does it perfectly. It’s been a dream of mine to be able to wake up to coffee for a very long time. My boyfriend doesn’t like coffee though, and doesn’t know how to make coffee. So, there’s no chance of him surprising me with coffee in the morning.

  • Grind and Brewlove this coffeemaker
  • Great Coffee Maker – But no Repair Parts
  • Better than previous non-thermal models

Cuisinart DGB-600BC Grind & Brew, Brushed Chrome

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Grinds coffee beans and brews coffee at preset time
  • Charcoal filter eliminates chlorine and odors from tap water
  • Brushed stainless steel, double-wall insulated thermal carafe keeps up to 10 5-ounce cups of brewed coffee
  • Grinder removes for easy clean-up; brew-pause for mid-brew pour
  • Measures 15 by 8 by 7-1/2 inches, 3-year warranty Features: Automatically grinds whole beans before brewing|24-hour fully programmable 10 (5oz) cup double-wall insulated thermal carafe|Brew Pause feature lets you enjoy a cup before brewing has finished|Automatically shuts off when brewing is complete|Grind-off feature|1 to 4 cup feature|Cord storage|Charcoal water filter (removes impurities)|Gold tone commercial-style permanent filter and measuring scoop|Paper basket filter starter kit|Instruction book|Limited 3-year warranty

Even after reading the reviews, i purchased this item to replace a cuisinart brew & grind that i have had for several years, for which i lost a part. It was starting to leak anyway, so i thought i would get a stainless steel model to match the rest of the kitchen. This is actually my 3rd grind and brew in 13 years. 1) it matches quite nicely and is easy to clean. The stainless steel does not appear to transfer fingerprints and smudges as readily as some stainless steel. 2) it seems quieter than the previous model, but i expect grinding to be noisy so this is not an issue for me. You really do have to prewarm the thermal carafe. But what annoyes me most is that the burner turns off almost immediately after the coffee has stopped brewing. I’m not sure why they removed the ability to time how long the burner stays on.

I think the coffee comes out tasting really good and it is hot. The biggest downfall is you have to clean it every single time thoroughly. It does steam up so if you pre-make your coffee the night before you have to dry the machine in additiont to cleaning. The programming works great, but the sensor for the carafe not so great. If you forget to put it out, the coffee still brews and all over your counter.

We have had this unit for a long time. Years, and it keeps on trucking. The whole bean coffee snobs will not like that it uses a blade grinder and the grinder is noisy. The thermal flask keeps the coffee warm without the need for a heated surface, which usually scorches the coffee. Not perfect but i would recommend.

This coffee maker grinds and brews great coffee, but has some limitations (comprimises). The unit is tall, and won’t fit under our cabinets (1960’s house). For best use, most components must be rinsed to remove underground beans (a few each time) and ground coffee sticking due to condensation. The carafe is heavy and awkward to pour from, but does keep coffee hot. So, not perfect, but we’ve decided to keep it after finding a spot on our limited counter space for the unit. We love our coffee, and so nice to have fresh ground for every cup.

In a very short time, this machine has become part of my daily grind. In the evening, i clean it, load it and set it up on the timer. In the morning, i wake-up to great coffee. I haven’t had the problems that the other reviewers have had. I’ve been using it every day for the past six months. It takes about five minutes to clean and set up. I save a lot of time staying out of the line at starbucks and dunkin’ donuts. I think the coffee is as good. I have tried a lot of different brands of beans.

It is so wonderful to wake up to freshly ground and brewed coffee. We never have a “burned” or “old” taste to the coffee, as it is stored in a thermos. The only negative is that we have found that the coffee maker only lasts a couple of years before having to be replaced. Otherwise, it is definitely an a+.

This is an extremely easy piece of equipment to prepare and use. It cleans up in minutes, and requires no unusual amount of maintenance. Disassembly and reassembly also take minutes. A 2lb bag of beans made by starbucks for costco is about ten bucks, and will fill your kitchen (or bedroom) with that wonderful coffee house aroma for many weeks. Speaking of costco, they currently have amazon beat on price. Still, i am very happy with all of the purchases that i have recently made through amazon. The thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm for many hours, and the special lid on it keeps the coffee fresh. A special valve on the basket allows you to pull the carafe out before the brewing is complete if you want to have a cup of coffee right away. Unlike most drip coffee makers, this unit takes a while to brew the coffee.

While it does the job, be careful how you seat the carafe in the machine. Unless it is perfectly flat, coffee will spill out on to the counter. It is also difficult to gauge how much water is in the machine for less than six cups.

The grinder is noisy but the coffee is great. Cleaning is easy, but do not put any parts in dishwasher even though manufactuer says it is safe. After serveral cleanings, if not done properly the button tends to stick. The grinder and bottom part need to be wipe out after every use. The company gives a 3 year warrenty and you can return the product to where it was purchased. I myself had had promblems with the side button and grinder after a period of time. I do take care of my coffer pot. I love the coffee but this product has not held up beyond the warrenty. I did purchase this product as a gift for my daughter because of the flavor of the coffee. I have also had one for several years but have had to return them because of malfuction. This is an inconvienced but the flavor of the coffee and thermal pot are well worth the effort. I do feel the company could desing a coffee pot of this cost better.

I’ve had this machine for a few months now and i still cant get used to it. The lid for the carafe is absolutely impossible. The coffee doesn’t stay hot and it drips onto the bottom plate even if you don’t remove the carafe for the “pause and pour” feature. Heaven forbid you should forget to put the little cover over the filter basket-omg.The grinder constantly has condensation, i don’t even like using it. Buy something simpler with a warmer and buy your grinder separate. It is pretty though, and the buttons are easy to use. Lol chief complaint is the coffee doesn’t stay hot, and trying to get the lid on the carafe just right is frustrating. Could be something wrong with the lid that i have??.

Okay, so it is nice to have fresh ground coffee with only one device, however. There is a significant mess to deal with due to the fact that the grounds inside the grinder become soaked from the steam of the brewing process so you have to disassemble the damned thing every time you brew a new pot of coffee. If you need a larger batch of coffee, plan 20 minutes to clean between pots and have plenty of paper towels available to wipe out the grinder piece so that the new coffee doesn’t gum up with the moisture left behind from cleaning. It would be nice if the passing of molecules thru the machine was a one way trip to avoid moisture doubling back into the grinder. This also makes a nasty slurry that leaks from inside of the machine on to the counter occasionally. The whole thing needs to be cleaned religiously. Also, any good barista (and alton brown, genius food scientist from the food network) will tell you that it should take exactly 4 minutes to brew coffee. Otherwise, too fast: weak coffee; too slow: you wind up extracting the bitter constituents within the coffee, making it taste burnt and generally like crap. This machine takes a whopping 10 to 15 minutes to brew a cup of coffee and my staff hates it due to the burnt taste.

We had an older model cuisinart grind and brew for years. We finally had to replace it. I thought i was ordering the style with the glass carafe but ended up with the thermal. We have not been able to get as good a cup of coffee out of this one for some reason. And we hate the way the coffee trickles out of the carafe. Like the old style much better. The thermal is not an improvement in our book.

We like this coffeemaker because it lasts a long time with our extremely hard water. If it does get plugged up we use dip-it on it and it’s fine, unlike other brands. We don’t often use the grinder on it, but i’ve used a lot of coffee makers and i like this one the best. . And it’s a great deal especially when you get them rebuilt by the manufacturer. They’re just as good as new.

We have had this coffee pot for one month and use it just about everyday. It is wonderfulload up the beans and program when you want it to start in the morning and then you’ll have fresh coffee. My trips to the coffee shop are pretty much very infrequent now. People complain about the steam that comes up in the grinder compartment. Although i have to agree that it would be nice if they had worked this problem out, it is no big deal. I always was a coffee pot after using it anyway so, again no problem. I was pretty worried about this because of all the complaints. All it means though is that when you put the beans in and then are done grinding and go down into the next compartment, there is a little residual coffee film left from the beans and then steam enters.

This is the third one of these i’ve purchased. The first one lasted about 5 years (which is far longer than any other brand i’ve owned) and i purchased a second one, which i’m using now. I then located this one on amazon at a great price and purchased as a backup to the current one. I have nothing but good to say about these coffeemakers. They make a great cup of coffee using either whole beans or previously-ground. True, it takes a little longer for cleaning (about 5 minutes a day), but this doesn’t present a huge problem to me. The only caveats i offer are to make sure the door containing the brew basket is properly closed (if not, it can come open while brewing and create a mess), and don’t try to pour too rapidly from the pot. The amazon price, as usual, is the lowest i could find, and with free shipping it still arrived within a week. I’m a coffee connoisseur and i won’t use any other unit.

Coffee to purchase this model. (it did not brew hot nor stay hot) very, very happy with how hot this product brews and keeps my coffee for hours, even without a hot plate. I do not use the on-board grinder (i do not want to have to clean after every use which is required because of the amount of moisture generated inside the grinding device) wish the opening for pouring was larger for better volume, but my guess is that this is one of the secrets of why this pot keeps coffee so hot so long. I would highly recommend this product. No problems yet on doors staying closed.

I’m an older union tradesman (57), i start at 7am and love my cup of liquid life in the early hrs. I like all the features, program, small pot(1-4 cups), water filter, grind off,i use 8 o clock colombian beans and it works like a charm. The program grind kicks in 5 min. The grinder is some what loud due in part that after grinding your beans the grinder forces the ground coffee into the brewing basket by spinning really fast. After the hot h2o passes through it shuts off. If you pre warm the carafe your joe will stay hot for 6hrs. Great for saturday chore breaks. I like the program and shut off features best & it’s easy to keep clean a plus for a single old guy. I bought mine re-furbished with s&h 73 bucks.

This was my second time purchasing this coffeemaker. The first one made great coffee; i used to prefer plunge pot coffee, but this tastes nearly as good without all the ‘mud’ in my cup. I love that it’s programmable – i wake up to fresh brew 7 days a week, and it’s loud enough to work as a good back-up alarm. The thermal pot works really well – coffee stays hot enough for at least 4-5 hours, although it rarely lasts that long in my house. My only complaint with my first machine was that it only lasted three years, but i never had a problem with it until the day it died. This model is almost identical and has been performing exactly the same as my old machine, so i’m happy with it.

Cuisinart Waring FS150 Food Slicer – too small for large cuts of meat buts works good for everything

I’ve used it to slice meats, cheeses and vegetables all thick or paper thin with consistently good results. There is a learning curve, for example a very hot roast straight out of the oven will be difficult to slice. Let oven hot meat stand fifteen minutes (which should be a regular practice) and it will work just fine. As with any new tool, it takes some practice and effort. The upside is that you get to eat the practice material. I’ve read many reviews by folks whining about cleaning this tool. Remove the blade and plastic food guide and wash in the sink (be careful the blade is sharp), wipe any debris in the blade housing (there’s usually very little if any), wipe the whole unit with a damp paper towel to remove any food particles, spray the whole thing lightly with windex wipe dry and reinstall the blade. The whole process takes 3-4 miuntes.

The criticism i’ve read about this slicer being hard to clean is unfounded. It almost stopped me from buying this machine. It slices well if your feed rate is adjusted to the hardness of what your cutting. The blade comes off and reattaches easily. A wet sponge with soap is all you need.

I’ve read all the complaints and found them groundless. What did you expect from a $100. I worked in a butch shop as a kid and did all the lunchmeat slicing, and i can tell you this is not one of those slicers. And i never expected it to bei bought this machine specifically to slice roast pork, roast beef, tender loin and brisket. I smoke these meats in my weber smokey mountain cooker. I don’t slice the meats after they’re done cooking on the slicer, especially if i want half inch or larger slices. For that, i use a good 12 inch slicing knife for that job. If you want to use the slicer to cut the meat right after cooking, be prepared for the juices to run everywhere and the meat to be almost unmanageable while slicing. I slice them after they’ve been refrigerated overnight.

The product was very nice it arrived quickly, its like brand new.

I have used this machine for a number of years. The cleaning is an issue but not one to be really concerned about. The only issue i have is the plastic pinion gear which drives the blade. I have gone through four of them in the last month. They do not stand up to the use. The gears strip and have to be replaced. Last gear stripped cutting cheese. I will be looking for something more substantial on my next purchase. The unit is used at home maybe once a month.

Received fs155 which is not the model # described.

  • FS 150: Very Nice Slicer, Higly Recommended
  • too small for large cuts of meat buts works good for everything
  • Blade seems good rest rather cheap

We received it sooner than promised and used to cut ham. We truly love the product and the prompt service.

I’ve had this unit for a year. My background is in professional food prep and i have used a commercial unit for many years. I will admit to being slightly surprised at the good performance of this product. I make beef and other jerky and i love this machine. Also wonderful for turkey and roasts. Easy to make a great presentation with foods sliced nicely. Clean up really isn’t that bad.

I gave this food slicer to my husband for christmas. He has used it for beef and cheese so far. It was far superior to the one he used previously. The blade glided through the food with ease and did not crumble the meat or the cheese, something our old slicer did. He is very pleased with his gift, which also pleases me.

Absolutely love this slicer. It cuts well, simple to use. I cut up a whole salami with no problems. Cut up a corned beef brisket, absolutely perfect. The clean up is not a hassle. All you need is a coin out of your pocket to remove the blade, food tray tilts up, gives you access to the base of the machine for easy clean up. Enuff power for any household slicing job.

I use it for slicing half frozen london broil for jerky. It seems to work fine for that. I have even cut up tomatoes, onions and lettuce without any problems. The clean up is a little more than the average home user would expect. It is pretty easy for someone that has good common sense. The blade comes off with a flat blade screwdriver. It has a gear on the back and a gear inside the unit that drives it. Both are plastic which i do not like, but both are coated with a food grade grease. . I got this info from waring, and yes, i was curious so i just called and asked. The blade is very sharp so be careful. I wiped out the inside of the unit and the back side of the blade with disinfecting wipes. Took all of 5 to 10 minutes. There wasn’t much food inside the unit behind the blade anyways.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The waring food slicer that i purchased was more than i had expected, easy to use, high quality and a great pleasure to work with.

I bought this slicer about 5 years ago and it’s the best slicer. It slices with ease and yes it does have to be cleaned. Cleaning this is a breeze with it’s smooth stainless steel finish all you need to do is wipe it out never need to scrub and it only takes a few miutes. The gliding tray does not come off for very good reasons so you don’t take your arm off. This is the way professional slicers are made. It is a great size for home use and it does a professional job every time. When i am done using it i clean it dry it and wrap in a plastic bag so its ready to go the next time i use it. This is the only one on the market worth buying.

Just a little too small for large cuts of meat buts works good for everything else.

I use this machine every time i want to slice my chicken thin for cutlets. I also use this for my cold cuts for sandwiches. This machine is easy to used and to clean when done using.

Its a good slicer, but my wife is living with it. And noisy and dose not6 cut properly.

Maybe i was expecting too much, but i wanted a meat slicer that would give me nice even thickness cuts, and this slicer doesn’t do that. Unless you’re doing thick slices, they come out the thickness you have set on one side, but thinner as you progress thru the cut. I’ve tried varying amounts of pressure, but haven’t been successful. Guess i should have spent more.

This product is highly durable

I used this slicer to cut tomatoes as well as meat.

The blade mechanism seems good. Disappointed in the setting dial for thickness adjustment. It is plastic and i don’t expect it to last long.

Waring pro fs150 food slicerthis slicer is well constructed and works great. I’ve been using it almost every day for over a month now. I was a little tentative, after reading some bad reviews. I had none of the problems i read about. Maybe the new model is improved over what was sold in the past. For one, the blade comes right off, one handed, with no tools. I had no problem cleaning it – it is easier to clean than a george foreman grill, for sure. About 2-5 minutes for a normal amount of grime, 10 minutes for a really juicy roast beef. Still much easier and better results than slicing with a knife. I had read a complaint about noise – but this thing is much quieter than say, a faucet running, or my kitchen aid mixer.

The product is manufactured in China

The product is easy to use

Cuisinart CGC-4BCPC – Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor – Great Lil machine for the price!

I use it every day, it’s so easy to use and to clean. It does a great job chopping as well.

Already used it to make crust for my whitevelvet cheesecake by gayle. As always, quisinart worked great.

Great little powerhouse – worth every penny. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart CGC-4BCPC – Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large 4- cup capacity bowl holds more ingredients.
  • Smartpower Blade; Durable, auto-reversing blade chops and grinds to achieve desired consistency.
  • Touchpad Controls; Easy to use chop and grind functions.
  • BPA Free; All materials that come in contact with food are BPA free.
  • Easily chops soft foods like veggies and herbs and grinds hard foods like nuts

This product vibrates a lot, so i have to hold onto it while it’s running, but it’s a great lil machine and i’m happy with my purchase since it was so inexpensive. I think this is the best machine at the price. I have a smaller cuisinart food processor that i purchased several years ago. It doesn’t work very well as most of the food stays at the bottom. But i’m happy with this product and glad i purchased it.

Great little food processor for the price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great in ALMOST every way.
  • a little bumpy
  • Great Lil machine for the price!

Great little gadget for prepping in small scale. Sharp blades and does the job.

I love this little food processor. I used the heck out of the last one and dropped the lid in moving so it broke the piece off that goes into the slot to make it run. I have a larger one but this is great in a pinch to make my cashew mayo and my hummus.

Ordered this for my wife who lives in our kitchen. She’s very pleased with how it operates. It gets 4 stars because the plastic container feels thin. Not bad, but borderline cheap. Perhaps that’s intentional for flexibility?. She did drop it on our wood floor with no problem and said she’d buy it again.

I love this so much but my is older so bought this as a back up when my current one finally goes.

Perfect size and functionality for the price.

This is compact but powerful. Exactly what i needed for making dinners for two.

I love my cuisinart mini prep plus food processor. I recently made chicken liver pate using my cuisinart mini prep food processor. I made two batches of chicken liver pate.I love my cuisinart mini prep food processor. I also chop nuts and graham crackers for cookie and pie crusts for lilikoi cheesecakes and almond butter (or peanut butter) chocolate frozen pies. I wish i could afford to buy a larger food processor. Maybe next year during black friday sales???.

I purchased this for myself about 4 years ago and it is still going strong. When my aunt saw how well it worked she wanted one so i bought it for her and she also swears by it. Thank you for a great little product with lots of heart.

I purchased this for two reasons. 1) the larger processors are too heavy for me. 2) saw video of how great they handle forward and backward grinding. It is true, it does grind forward and backward. It jumps all over the place. (literally) i have to hold it down, the lid comes unlatched which means it stops running. The concept is there, but there are kinks to work out. I have a 5 year old smaller cheaper processor that kicks this ones butt.

I absolutely love this little food processer. It does the same as my big one, which i do not use anymore since i have this one. It is a great product and i would recommend it to anyone.

She uses it daily for everything from pico de gallo, blueberry crumble, guac, hummus, bean dips, puddings, etc.

Liked it so much that i bought another, so i can keep one in each home. It was time to replace the ld ones & the best price was on amazon.

Great little processor at a great price.

Great little device, hefty for its size, a great processor for the kitchen and can be easily tucked away and brought out when needed.

I love the job this does however the bowl is so very thin and very poor design. I know no matter how careful i am with it the handle and bowl is going to crack.

My wife can’t say enough good things about this food processor. It’s her new favorite toy and we ended up in buying a second for the granddaughter. No more lugging out the 11 or 14 cup machine for those little jobs like chopping an onion or dicing up some chocolate. , the job is done it’s better than a ‘ron popell’ slicer/dicer .

Cuisinart CBT-700 PowerEdge Die-Cast 700-Watt Blender – Blender

I’m 61, have had a fair number of blenders,this is the best for any job, but really too bad the top sucks. It does not fit unless you use a rubber mallet, and i’m afraid it would shatter or you would not be able to get it off. I’ll use a palm sander and see if i can make it work a little easier.

Has auto setting just trun on and what the unit make a smoothie. Crushes ice like advertised and the reason of purchase.

Thank you, reviewers, especially g. Harkness, who i followed all over the web while researching this. The puree and smoothie features on this blender are very useful, and not as noisy as using it at high. I have small hands so sometimes it’s hard unscrewing the bottom, but i’ve learned first to tug on the side of the base, and if that doesn’t work (perhaps because the frozen fruit in the smoothie has caused the plastic to contract), i let the jar sit for a minute or two and then put it back on the base to give me extra leverage for untwisting. So far i’ve use this blender for smoothies, soups (several kinds), pesto (which is much easier to make than in a narrower blender because there’s more room to push down the basil leaves), and mixing oj from concentrate. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart CBT-700 PowerEdge Die-Cast 700-Watt Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 700-Watt of blending power
  • Die-cast metal housing with backlit functions
  • Dishwasher safe 56-ounce; glass easy-pour blender jar
  • Pre-programmed smoothie and ice crush functions
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Many processes are pre-programed. There are never any residual lumps of ice or other frozen product in a smoothie.

I was recently on vacation with a group of friends, and one of them brought along this blender to use for making frozen drinks. I couldn’t believe the way it crushed ice – it did a fantastic job. The blender automatically cycles the blades off and on several times while using the ice crush button. I would fill the blender over half way up with ice, and it would crush the ice without any issues – no chunks.Other blenders i have used in the past would leave small chunks of ice in the drink, which can be annoying when trying to drink it through a straw. I did notice a slight problem with the cover; you do need to use a little muscle to get it all the way on – but at least you know that it won’t leak while blending. Based on how well this blender worked, i am ordering one for myself.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wonderful Blender
  • Chop it up
  • Husband Loves This Blender

I really enjoy this blender. I’ve had it seventeen months and use it twice a day to make fruit and vegetable smoothies. It works better to put soft foods and liquids in first, then frozen and use the pre-programmed smoothie setting. I wear noise protection headphones as it’s a bit loud. The lid is a tight fit so i just hold it on while blending. The glass carafe is good for food, easy to clean and looks good as new. Bought a vitamix at the same time and his copolyester carafe looks grungy now. The cuisinart is a much better price, has a timer and smoothies taste just as good.

I wanted to love this blender, and even defended it against the vitamix. But it never once made a smoothie without me having to turn it off, add more liquid, and stir it up to release the air bubbles that were trapped in the bottom. I had to do it several times to make one batch. Great for soups and other very liquidy things though. After 2 years it just crapped out on me (power and buttons lit up but motor was apparently dead) so i returned it and am looking at other brands. Hope my cuisinart food processor lasts longer.

The lid fit great out of the box, but after putting it through the dishwasher once, it seemed to change shape and now has the same problem as other reviews. However, it still sits on top and keeps everything in. I would recommend, just know you may have issue with lid.

Before i write my review i wanted to add that this is literally the fifth blender we have tried in the last 45 days in our search for something decent. To date we have throughly tested the following and found them all lacking in one way or another:oster 4093 classic beehive blender, chromewaring pbb25 professional bar blender, black and stainless steelvita-mix 1700 turbo blend 4500 countertop blender with 2+ hp motoroster bpst02-b professional series blender, blacknow our cbt-700 review:the cuisinart cbt-700 is the latest blender model to be released by the company. It combines the wide glass jar design of earlier models with a new smart electronics system that provides preprogrammed functions for common uses such as making smoothies and crushing ice. So far our results have been good, but we have noticed that the jar design does not funnel ingredients down into the blades as well as the oster beehive blender we tried. However, since as many other reviewers have mentioned on those product pages, oster blenders suffer from a serious design flaw in which the drive system snaps in half, it really can’t be compared to something that will actually last more than a few weeks. The fact that oster claims in their product ads that they use an all metal drive, yet the main component of the drive is rubber left us feeling deceived. Especially when the machines we tried repeatedly broke down within weeks of receiving them. Stay away from osterback to the cbt-700. If the blades used on the cbt-700 were larger and filled more of the jar area, i have no doubt that nothing would work better, but since that is not the case, you may have situations where an air pocket prevents thick contents from reaching the blades. I am still wondering why this design uses such a wide jar, yet incorporates a blade system that is the same size or smaller than many models with narrow jars.

This is the best blender ever. It is super power to crush ice and blend my protein mix with frozen fruit in it after workout. Powerful motor and built solid with a glass pouring unit not plastic. Well made solid construction like good ol’ fashion products.

Undoubtably the best blender i’ve ever had. I especially like the power. Finally i can blend the things i’ve always wanted to blend.

I read many reviews on various sites and decided all blenders have their problems at this price point. I felt this cuisinart seemed to have enough positive reviews and good features so i purchased it december 2010. With almost daily use making great smoothies with fresh fruit, the motor quit july 2011. I am now waiting for a replacement from customer service. Looks like the 3 year warranty is a necessary feature of this blender.

The unit met all of our requirements for heavy home kitchen use.

After using several different high-priced blenders, this is the absolutely best blender we have ever bought. I especially like the lightweight container that is not heavy glass but some other material that is easier to keep clean because there is no need to disassemble the blade. Just put it in the dishwasher. It also blends everything very well.

So far this blender has done all i ask. I make a smoothy for my mornings in batches of 4 days. Said smoothie has celery, ginder, frozen berries and some powder mixes in it which can get very thick. Everything is always ground up just the way it should be. It did take a bit for me to get use to the on/off automatic settings. . Kind of threw me the first time, lol. However, i know that feature is in place so the motor does not over heat. Have not tried it on anything else yet feel it will produce great results when i do.

I’ve seen the other reviewers talking about the issues they’ve had with their blenders. Fortunately, i have not had those issues. No burnt smell, no burn out, no leaking so far. If anything goes wrong, i’ll update my review appropriately. But as of now this is a pretty solid blender. What i use a blender for is for smoothies. I tried this one with fruit, yogurt and ice and found it blended well and did so pretty quickly. I didn’t find huge chunks of fruit or ice after allowing it to blend for a minute.

For serious blending, we prefer or 1000 watt breville but at more than the price you’d expect a significant jump in functioning. What i didn’t expect was to prefer the cheap hamilton beach wave crusher ($30) that the kids use for smoothies to out perform a cuisinart. I have a lot of cuisinart appliances and consider it to be a reliable manufacturer but this machine doesn’t live up to expectations. It’s a nice looking blender with easy to read, intuitive buttons, a solid feel and good weight. But it’s not as strong as one would expect from a 700 watt machine and doesn’t blend my fruits and vegetables as well as the hamilton beach. The lid is difficult to get on and off, complicated by my arthritis. For the money, you can do better.

I hate buying blenders because it is hard to find a good one. Here is the reason i love this one:large glass container with very clear markers. Heavy duty base with multiple speed optionswide open top with sturdy coverpower. (sp)good lookingreasonably priced.

This is a christmas gift so i don’t think you can have a review. I’m not even sure it was good to get this item early for a gift. If there’s something wrong with the itemm it won’t be until after christmas that it will happen, by then all warenties will be over.

I took a few months and looked at so many blenders and reviews for blenders when finally i asked around my office and two guys said they had this blender and liked it alot. Well, i bought it–with no regrets. I’ve used if for a couple of months and it does a wonderful job of blending shakes and smoothies–which is what i got it for. I love the way it starts and stops and pulls everything down and thoroughly blends all the frozen fruit and ice cream–yum.It is super easy to clean but, as you might guess, be careful of the blades. They are sharp for a reason.

Great blender except you cannot get the top on. No matter what you try it will only fit tight on three corners and the fourth just sits on top. If the top would fit i would give this blender 4 stars.

Cuisinart CVR-1000 Vertical Countertop Rotisserie, Great product

Works exactly as advertised. You put in a chicken and about an hour later it is perfectly roasted and ready to eat. Can clean the inside with a damp paper towel and it’s ready to go again. Haven’t cooked anything else in it.

Our first rotisserie was an older compact ronco with a cylindrical cooking chamber and a horizontal spit, a nice enough product that delivered fine results — but it was a hassle. The chicken had to be very carefully and tightly trussed, because of the side-to-side orientation of the spit. The quad spikes that made up the spit had to be very carefully centered on the bird, so that the relatively weak motor wouldn’t hang up as it tried to lift the heavier side, a process complicated by moving bird parts if the chicken wasn’t perfectly trussed. 5-4 pound bird ran the risk of brushing up against the drip tray on every rotation, and in general, we found the whole process to be more trouble than it was worth. We just didn’t use it very often. Enter the cuisinart cvr-1000. Everything that was wrong about the ronco was right about this one. The vertical spit, the spacious interior cooking space, the ability to choose different temperature settings, even the clean lines and stainless exterior. The cooking process couldn’t be much easier and more convenient.

Just know that when you use it for a chicken the chicken will slump slightly on the stand. This does not happen with one where the chick is horizontal. Just a detail and cooking is not affected but this is still a nicer unit than my previous one.

Key specs for Cuisinart CVR-1000 Vertical Countertop Rotisserie with Touchpad Controls:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Vertical countertop rotisserie in brushed stainless steel with 8-pound food capacity
  • Touchpad controls and LCD readout; 5 preset temperature settings; nonstick interior
  • Removable chrome insert for even heating; interior light; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Includes 8-piece skewer set, roasting rack, poultry tower, multi-purpose basket, and drip tray
  • Measures approximately 16 by 15-3/5 by 17-1/2 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Easy, clean, attractive, quiet, and delicious results.
, My husband’s new best friend
, Better than anticipated!!

This cooks up some wonderfully delish chicken and many other meats and veggies to. I can’t believe how convenient it is and super easy to clean. I just set my whole chicken on it now and don’t even bother with tying it. No problems and just set the timer and forget it till it’s time to take out the bird. Looks great with the light on when cooking. I sure wish my breville countertop oven had a light in it.

From the moment we opened the box – well let my wife finishe this. I popped this attractive product on my counter, and we immediately decided to try it. Well after three weeks we use it almost every day and it still looks like it just came out of the box. I am so impressed with how easy it is to use, to keep clean, and it’s such a beautiful item. I have done prime rib roasts that rivel any we’re had in restaurants. And clean up is such a breeze. I use a spray on the pan and the other items before i put the meat in place and then just walk away or grab my chair to watch it. Afterwards even if i leave the pan and items overnight, they just rinse right off, and the inside of the unit is as clean as it was when i first used it. I cannot say enough good things about this beautiful item.

I got this as a christmas present for my husband who is a chef and he looooves it. Its very easy to clean and use. The first time he used it he did a 9. 5lb roast and it was perfectly cooked and super moist. He used the drip pan drippings for his gravy base. We use this quite often from wings/salmon/roast/whole chicken/turkey breast. You cant go wrong with this.

This rotisserie has surpassed our expectations. Let’s get past the quick delivery and the pristine condition of the package so we can talk about food. My advice is that the best ingredients should be used with this oven, and i would like to offer that you simply cannot go wrong with cooking an empire rock cornish game chicken in this cooker. First off, all empire chickens are already brined, so you don’t have to deal with that process. And the size of their cornish game hens are a little over 3 pounds, so that’s a nice size for two people, and there will be leftovers. It’s the perfect size for the rotisserie. We made the simple marinade on page 5 of the recipe booklet, followed the instructions on page 9 for the game hen, and voila. In 75 minutes, the chicken was done to perfection. Crispy skin, juicy meat, great taste. And it’s really nice looking in our kitchen. What more can i say?on monday, memorial day, we are going to do st. Louis ribs in the rotisserie.

The cuisinart cvr-1000 vertical countertop rotisserie is a great addition to the kitchen. Truss up a chicken, put it on the rack, set the timer for 1 hour 30 minutes, the temperature for 350, and press start. The unit will sound when the time is up. Doesn’t heat the kitchen up like the oven. We use it once or twice a week.

We have been using this rotisserie regularly (once or twice a week) since we received it 4 or 5 months ago. It is wonderful and i would purchase it again and highly recommend it. So far we have only cooked 5-6 pound whole chickens in it. As a cooking guide for whole chickens at 400 degrees cook 20 minutes per pound of chicken and it will come out just right. You might want to use the skewers to pin the wings to bird as once a wing got caught on the chrome back splash plate and would have been a problem had we not heard all the noise and went out to hit the stop button and skewer the wing in place. So far this unit seems like a real work horse although i will try to resubmit a review after a year or so as a follow-up. If you are looking for a rotisserie, this is your best choice.

We’ve had the vertical rotisserie for over two years and think it is great. Since we’ve had ours, we’ve bought four more for our family. And, the’ve gone through a lot of chickens, roasts, and veggies. As of their availability, they’re almost impossible to find, which doesn’t make much sense, since most people really believe they are wonderful.

Everyone should have one of these.

Consider buying another one so i can make two chickens at a time. Love the the chicken turns out from being basted in its own juices.

I have cooked chicken, turkey, pork, ribs, it is amazing.

My husband and i can’t stop using it, it’s awesome. Easy to clean and fits perfect in a corner area on your counter.

I read the reviews, and watched the video–but i still was not a believer. But i really wanted a rotisserie and decided to take a chance. This machine is my best buy of the year. It makes me look like a great cook. So easy to use and as the other reviewers have said so easy to cleani made my boyfriend a rotisserie chicken last night and it was perfect. Smiling at me–he plucked a piece of chicken from the rotisserie and said, ‘this is so good. It is just like the store bought rotisseries. Seriously, if you are on the fence about this one, let me assure you this is worth itwell, i don’t know how it will hold up over years of use, but this va girl is happy to have taken the chance on this rotisserie.

I bought this item for my son-in-law for christmas. He is a very hard person to buy for as he would rather ‘buy things for himself’. He is the cook in the family 75% of the time. He borrows his sister’s ronco rotisseri at times and mentioned he would like to have one. I purchased the cuisinart one instead of the ronco based on reviews on this site. He was excited when he opened it, but what really made my day was he called me three days later to say how great a product it was. He said it topped the ronco in every way. Less counter space used, easier clean up, easier loading of meat and that the food on it was great. It is the only time in 5 years he has been super excited about a christmas gift.

I am very impressed with this product. I have a showtime rotisserie and the cuisinart vertical rotisserie is so much easier to clean, it is very quite and very attractive enough to keep on your counter. Thus far i have cooked a purdue roaster and a ribeye roast and both were cooked to perfection. I would definitely recommend this rotisserie, oh. And i gave the showtime to my daughter. Now i will await your single cup coffee maker that will hold the k-cups :-).

Used my new rotisserie for the first time tonight, and i am so impressed. 45 lb chicken in it, and it was every bit as delicious and juicy as picking up a rotisserie at your local restaurant. Very tasty, and what surprised me most was the speed. It would have taken me an hour and a half to two hours to bake a whole chicken in my oven, but this bird took only an hour. We realized we could have even made half the size of this chicken, which would have only taken about 30 mins, and had enough to feed my family of four. The nice thing about making the bigger bird is the leftovers will give us chicken sandwhiches tomorrow. The ease of use of this appliance is supreme, and the clean up is equally as good. I cannot wait to try out the other types of meats in this wonderful machine. The machine did not stink up the house or kick out a bunch of cooking smoke smell. Just a wonderful mild roasting smell that had my kids asking when dinner would be ready every 5 mins. Really great product, and i can’t say enough about it at this point, other than i think i might consider getting one for my mother. If she had only had one of these when i grew up.

I love rotisserie chicken, therefore, i’ve always owned a rotisserie. While my ronco rotisseries get the job done well, the cuisinart vertical rotisserie is amazing. I particularly like the digital functions; the fact that there is a timing and variable temperature control. The vertical meat attachment turns out the most delicious juicy roasts. The unit is easy to clean and it’s so attractive that i store it permanently in my kitchen (instead of the basement storage shelves) despite the fact that i prefer my counters completely empty. I would highly recommend this item.

Took away one star for only one reason, the capacity. Limited to one whole chicken, or roasts of a moderate size. I replaced a ronc showtime professional size that was damaged during moving. That would take four chickens or a fairly good sized turkey. That said, the quality of the cusinart is far superior. It is much quieter offers a selection of temperatures (the ronco did not), and the ease of cleaning is a big plus. My household is only two, so it is perfect for us as long as there is no company. Very highly recommend for smaller households. It gets a lot of use in my home.

This works great for so many things. Our favorite is to cook our holiday roast, creates a perfect, moist, charred on outside roast. Also makes a great whole chicken & we’ve done turkey & other meats for lunch meats. Even comes w/ stuff to do shish kebab.

I’m delighted with my rotisserie. For the first time in my (considerable) life, i’ve made a decent meatloaf. I used the basket and a recipe from diane phillip’s ultimate rotisserie cookbook that has minimal sloppy ingredients – i suspect that may be a key factor. The great part is, the meatloaf turns out crispy on all sides and all the grease drips out. The second tme, i brushed it with bbq sauce a couple of times during the last 15 minutes and let that carmelize. Perfect cold meatloaf sandwiches. Have done a whole chicken a couple of times (light brine, 1/2 lemon in the cavity, rub with olive oil, cook at 400 for 20 min/lb – great). Only thing that did not work out too well was carmalized apple slices on the skewers – they slid off, and i suspect that is an issue with vertical skewers. However, alligator clips at the bottom of the skewers should solve that. Rotisserie is easy to clean, quiet (particularly if you put the little wheeled thingy that the tray sits on in correctly), attractive – what more could one ask for.

Haven’t found anything i don’t like about the rotisseri. Chicken comes out crispy outside and juicy inside. I especiall like the quietness of the machine. It runs as quiet as a mouse.

The vertical rotisserie has met all my expections. After reading the reviews from this site, it seemed a perfect match to our outdoor rotisserie. We no longer have to use our rotisserie in the outdoor country kitchen in bad weather. I was surprised how easy it is to clean and load. I still don’t know what happens to the fumes and heat. It is perfect counter top appliance. The only downer is i have not found the ‘off’ button, i just pull the plug.

Cuisinart Conair WCM11S, Wonderful Machine

This is a really handy easy-to-use coffeemaker for our tiny guest house. Be aware that it is totally geared to the commercial hospitality market, and we have to buy the coffee pods on line, as all i can find in the walk-in stores are k-cups.

Tried this at the brentwood hilton in nashville. The coffee is quick and easy to make. I received my order quickly.

This was a gift for my daughter and she loves it.

Key specs for Conair Cuisinart WCM11S, 2 Cup Coffee Maker – 120V:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Upscale stainless steel finish
  • Uses standard single-serve coffee pods (not included)
  • Reusable filter basket – dishwasher safe
  • Fits mugs or cups up to 5 inches tall (not included)

Comments from buyers

“Great Coffee Maker
, Sprays water
, I am so happy I was able to find the same one again

Quickly makes a very hot cup of coffee or water for a tea bag. Small, looks great on a mirrored tray on the guest room dresser.

Small but makes a great cup of coffee.

Great coffee pot, easy to use and clean of coffee grounds.

We used one in a hotel and liked it. Came home and immediately went to amazon. This operates just as we experienced in the hotel. Easy, fast, and makes good coffee,.

I received this coffee maker as a christmas gift, and thus far, it’s working great. I recall other reviewers having trouble with the dual cup function, but i haven’t had a problem with it. Anyway, for a small, light-duty coffee maker, it creates less waste than a k-cup machine, works great and fast, and costs less too.

I’ve been using it every day since i bought it and i have no complaints. Truly a fantastic product and i highly recommend this product.

It is very practical coffee maker for our morning cup. I had one before for about 5 years and accidentally press the on switch without having water in. Well it was ready for retirement. I am so happy i was able to find the same one again on amazon.

Does what it is supposed to do. Water is boiling hot within seconds. Love this product and would get another one in a minute.

Used these coffee makers in the hilton hotels. Great coffee flavor and easy to make 1 or 2 cups at a time. My mother is 72 yrs old and she loves the easy way to make coffee.

Gone with the 4 keurig coffee makers that we have purchased over the years. Too many electronic and water flow issues. This is simple design, easy to descale, and shuts off automatically. The 1 or 2 mugs of coffee are perfect.And the size of the unit takes up little counter space.

Had to have it since it was the coffee pot in the hotel i stayed at in hawaii.

Small portable and quick – when you need coffee and your traveling. We use the folgers, teabag looking coffee. The coffee pods are hard to find, but the folgers single serving bags works just fine.

After staying at many hilton hotels that use this cusinart stainless steel coffee pod brewer, i had to have one to put in my bedroom. My bedroom now feels like a hotel room, the coffee takes no time at all and i reccomend getting ‘the pod’ world blend coffee pods (sold here on amazon). I’ve since sent one to my best friend and she said it’s ‘the best present she ever got’. So convienient to have a coffee maker next to your bed.

The only thing i like about this machine is that it makes 1 cup at a time. It leaks water out of the second cup side despite having it set to one cup and has sprays of steam that completely miss the cup on the side your brewing. This means cleaning up after each brew.