Crock-Pot SCDD 32-Ounce Manual Double Dipper Warmer : Double Crock Pot

Just what we were looking for. Something not too big for two food tastes at once. We’re enjoying it tremendously.

Very nice “gadget” to add to the household *appliances”. Great for a small or larger crowd. No need to cook the dip in themicrowave first – this little dipper does it all.

I love this i had been looking for a double fondue maker or white and milk choc. These electric ones are basically the same as a crock pot. And crock pot half the price. Wont even fit a can of soup per side. But it works great for fondue for my husband and i and we enjoy it for sure.

This is a cute little crock pot with two compartments. I bought it because i was hosting a velata chocolate fondue party. I used this crock pot warmer for dark chocolate on one side and white chocolate on the other side. (i have two velata warmers which i used for milk chocolate and caramel milk chocolate. )like others have said, it’s annoying that there is no high/low setting — only off/on. As a result, when left on for any length of time, it can get too hot. Having read that ahead of time, i turned the warmer off after an hour and just left it alone to keep the chocolate warm while the party continued. When the party was over and i was cleaning up, the white chocolate in this crock pot warmer was scorched and burned and nasty. All in all, this crock pot is okay, and i will use it again for appetizers and dips. However, i will probably never use it for chocolate again.

  • Most Excellent
  • Heat Varies Between Sides
  • Love it!!!

Crock-Pot SCDD 32-Ounce Manual Double Dipper Warmer, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Divided stoneware allows you to warm two dips at once
  • Removable oval stoneware for easy cleaning
  • Perfect for parties and at home entertaining
  • Dishwasher-safe stoneware and lid
  • Measures approximately 13 by 9 x 11 inches

Works great in my home theater along with my hot dog roller for hot kraut and chili toppings. Insert slips out and into the dishwasher. Each side fits a standard can of toppings.

I got this to use for christmas dinner and it’s great. Just the right size for dips and can be used for one or two different dips. Keeps the dip just the right temperature.

She said it was easy to use and was great for party dips etc. . She said this is what she has wanted for a long time.

This was perfect for making chocolate fondue. It doesn’t look that big when you take it out of the box, but the dishes is quite deep and it melted the chocolate fast.

Received my crock pot a day earlier than scheduled & used it the same day. It seems fairly small in each side of the crock, but it is only a dip warmer after all (16 oz. On each compartment of the crock). I only used one side as i was only making a small amount of one dip. The only downside to this is that there’s no high-low setting, just on-off. I put my dip on & had to leave for a couple hours, & when i got back it was super hot & the dip at the very bottom of the crock was overcooked. Not really a big deal to me last night, but this is definitely something you would want to use when you can keep an eye on it. This will be great to have for parties.

Had one spot on one side towards the outside corner that got our product a little crusted. Don’t know if that area could have been a little more hot than the rest or not. Surprised that was the only spot.

The title of my review explains my main issue with this little appliance. We gave it its trial run with a batch of spinach artichoke dip, filling each receptacle about 2/3 of the way. Before long, the right side was bubbling while the left wasn’t doing much of anything other than staying warm. I’m not nuts about the uneven heating factor and i’m also not nuts about the two speeds: on or off. However, the latter i knew about prior to ordering and it isn’t that big of a deal to remove the lid and stir now and then. This thing will work just fine for the football parties we go to so my gripes aren’t driving me to send it back.

Matches the large crock pot version, great for appetizers for entertaining. Amazon has the best price and free shipping. Watch it, your guests may just want to take it home.

It ended up being a lot smaller than i had anticipated. It is good for use for a couple people but not ideal for use at a party.

Update: i think a wire may have come loose in my first pot. I have now used my replacement pot for 6 hours and it worked great. I’ve used it often–and the pot i gave as a gift is working great. So, in spite of the fact i had a glitch in the first pot i bought, all is working great now and i love this pot. So with amazon’s free exchange for a new pot, and new pots working perfectly, i have raised my review rating. I am glad i didn’t give up on it. My original review:the concept behind this is wonderful; each side holds 16 oz of dip. That’s a decent sized jar if you buy a dip or 2 cups worth if you make your own on each side, it takes up little counter space and you can do 2 dips at a time for your quests in one small pot. I did a spinach artichoke dip and a jalapeno bean dip and it kept everything hot for almost 4 hours. The instructions suggested to only warm dips for 4 hours–it failed, however, to say why. I figured that meant because that’s the time window when they can start not being a healthy choice to eat anymore via bacteria. I turned it off after 4 hours. But apparently they meant to say 3 hours and 50 minutes.

This is a cure little crock pot. While the photos are accurate it is small. I bought it to warm up soup as the children like one kind and parents like another. Only the ceramic part has a split, not the holder.

Very small in size, but i’ll use it for something. Would have preferred it to be at least 2 cups per side.

The pot heats nicely, but i’m no longer ok with heating food in/near plastics because of risk of leaching toxins. That would be especially true of something that is kept warm for hours. I was disappointed to have to send it back. It wasn’t obvious from the picture or description that the lid is clear plastic.

This mini crockpot is the best. My teenagers melt cheese in it for nachos. My children and i melt: chocolate, yogurt chips, frosting, you name it to coat the cake pops we make for different functions. The two sides are the best, we use food coloring to color whatever we melted to go along with the function. (one color per side) (school colors for bake sales, themed parties, etc. ) very easy to use and so much fun.

I was kind of worried after i had ordered and then read the reviews about hpw small it is. Well, it’s exactly the size as it was described. If people can’t read for comprehension, it is not the fault of the product or the manufacturer. It’s for keeping dips warm, not for making a complete meal.

Easy to wash and pretty on the table. Removable dish is greatvery versatile.

It was fun to offer two different dips (i did the spinach artichoke and cheese dip as shown in picture) and they were delicious and kept to a great temperature. The only slight problem i had was that i could only load a half batch of my dips in each side so i had to refill during the evening.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S 6-Quart Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker : Love it!

I bought this crockpot for $35 as a deal of the day. As i was returning to fulltime work, i needed to change up my old pot into something programmable to cook in my absence. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. The programming is very basic and easy to do (you don’t set a start and end time, its more like as you are leaving you set it to cook on high or low for x hours and after that it just flips to the warming cycle until you return). The lid has a rubber seal to keep the heat in. The pot and lid parts can go in the dishwasher. If you had an old crockpot, as i did, you may have to adjust your expectations around the heat. I find that the low setting on this one is equivalent to the high setting on my old one (so yes, my old one really was pretty terrible lol).

My crockpot i have had for 5 years broke. I didnt want to get another version and not like it as much, but this one is great. It heatsevenly, and switches to warming at the end of the cook time. Which is great because i work 10hr days and when i get home the food is done and ready to eat without being over cooked.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S 6-Quart Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker, Includes One Bonus Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bonus Includes: One(1) Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce, Tavern Style Pot Roast with Mushrooms and Roasted Garlic, 13 Ounce
  • 6 quart capacity is perfect for 7+ people or a 6 lb. roast
  • Easy-to-use locking lid featuring lid gasket for extra seal for less mess on-the-go
  • Programmable Digital Control lets you program cook times anywhere from 30 minutes up to 20 hours
  • Shifts to Warm Setting Automatically once the cook time is complete; Removable oval stoneware that is also stylish for your table

Two settings, low and high, plus a ‘keep warm’ setting.

Crockpot works well, one star off for the lid. The top handle area is screwed on, and when you wash the lid dishwater/liquid get trapped between the glass and the handle that is screwed on. Impossible to get it out — i end up tapping it trying to get as much to come out as i can but very annoying design.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S 6-Quart Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker, Includes One Bonus Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce : I cooked in it during the cold weather and it worked so good it did cut off and just kept the food warm i love it.

This was bought as a gift and the recipient reports its wonderful and works exactly the way she anticipated. Provides exact temperature and time control. She recommends it for anyone who wants to explore the advantages of crockpot cooking.

Once you learn how long to cook specific meals this thing is very good. We had a crock with just a high and low setting before this one and almost ever time our food was overcooked. We would usually cook for 8 hours while at work wondering what we would find when we returned home. Usually a very dried out piece of meat or overcooked meal. We use this crock at least 2 or 3 times a week and now have a pretty good feel for cooking times. The ability to go to the keep warm setting automatically is great. I would recommend this crock.

I bought two of these, one as a gift and one for myself. Haven’t used a crock pot in years, and really enjoy this one. It performs as expected, easy to clean (i like the crock inside as opposed to a plastic one i had some years ago).

I like the programmable feature. I haven’t had it that long so i can’t comment on its durability.

My wife and i have used this crock pot about once a week since we got it and absolutely love it. We look forward to trying new things and recipes with it and the food comes out amazing. Wished we would have gotten one much sooner.

Basically just like my older digital model except for a few things. I really like that the buttons are quiet without that annoying beep for each 30 minutes like my old model had. Cooks quite well, nice and hot, recipes come out fine in time indicated in recipes, everything is cooked. If you can find this without, i’d go with that one instead, unless you’re absolutely going to use it for travel. The rubber gasket around the lid makes it difficult to align the lid properly, especially when trying to lock it (which i only do when i store it). Not sure if this is the same on all molds now or not. Also, this lid is worse than my old model since the condensation under the portion where the handle attaches is even worse. I have to unscrew it to dry out every time, eventually i’m afraid it will no longer tighten. There also seems to be a residue on the insert no matter how much i clean it.

Excellent cooker – easy to clean, cooks very well, low heat is still a little on the hot side, so be careful.

The timer setting with the auto warm cook function makes this the best crockpot to own and use.

I love that i can set the cook timer and then it goes to warm mode.

Use this at least one per week, and it works great.

Wish it were a lighter because, when full of food, it is almost too heavy to carry. I guess that is what i have a husband for. Someday, they will make a crock pot with some sort of silicon crock.

Been using crock pots for years. This one incorporates everything i want and love about crock pots.

The outside does not get too hot — feel very safe leaving this plugged in all day at home with nobody else there (with the 200 year old timbers in my home). The timing mechanism is good. I wish that the timer also allowed one to set the slow cooker to *start* later, instead of just setting how long it would cook before shifting to ‘warm.

The staff is comfortable and fit,i am very satisfied. Delivried on time and the package is nice and easy to open.

I bought this model for 2 reasons: 1) i needed a locking lid for travel and this one seals perfectly. 2) and the most important deciding factor – the time and temp can be set independently from one another. If i want to cook on high for 8 hrs, i can. If i want to cook on low for 4 hrs, i can as well. Save yourself some frustration and avoid the pre-set models at all cost.

My old crockpot did not all me to chose the exact cooking time so that is a great feature. Has warm setting and handles, nice bonus.

Crock-Pot SCCPMD4-R Hook Up Warming Tray Connectable Entertaining Slow Cooker System, Great for parties.

The warming tray is perfect for appetizers that need to stay warm (i make stuffed mushrooms and remove the tray from the oven and place it directly on the warmer). Also, works great for biscuits and rolls. I have 6 hook-ups that i line up on the counter when we have family gatherings and holiday dinners. I can cook everything ahead of time and keep it warm in the crock-pots. They stack nicely in my pantry between uses. Large surface area is perfect.

Keeps our family dinners ready at all times.

I purchased 2 and will most likely buy more in the future. It keeps the food really hot and love the ability to connect multiple units, plus the design is very nice.

Key specs for Crock-Pot SCCPMD4-R Hook Up Warming Tray Connectable Entertaining Slow Cooker System, Red:

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    by entering your model number.
  • This unit plugs into other units included in the Hook up Connectable Entertaining System so you can mix and match units for any occasion
  • Includes special cord that pulls out to use with standard outlets or stores inside the base to connect multiple units together
  • Warming Tray is perfect for warming baked dishes, bread, pizza and more
  • Features Low, High and Warm Settings for added convenience and flexibility
  • Stainless Steel top is easy to clean

Comments from buyers

“Perfect for keeping appetizers warm!
, Mine work fine. Not sure whey they don’t make these anymore.
, Great for parties.

We used these for keeping lasagna warm that were in corning glass baking dishes. When i first opened the box, they seemed too light in weight to be of sufficient quality, but now that they have been used (bought two of them) i can only rate them five stars. They kept food warm over a three hour party as we circulated new dishes of food onto them as they were depleted. The heat setting was well calibrated and neither scorched nor let the food cool. The size is good for even a larger dish, but does not dominate the landscape. Also, the appearance of the trays is top shelf. We had some italian sausage in red sauce keeping warm in crock pots, and now i want to buy more warming trays and improve the table setting appearance. Btw, the food was good; you should have stopped by.

Kept the casserole warm for hours without burning the bottom during a football potluck gathering.

I purchased this unit along with another 5 1/2 qt (?) unit to compliment my 3 piece hook up set. I wondered if i really could hook up 5 units together and more importantly, i was concerned that this platter warming unit would not be big enough for my large meat platters. I worried that the platter would not be able to be centered if hooked up to the other units. I decided if that happened i would just keep the unit separate from the others. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this unit is much bigger than it looks, in fact the base unit is larger that all the other base units. I was able to put my largest meat platter on it and it was centered beautifully. While i was slicing the prime rib (a ten pound roast that would all go on the platter at one time. So you have an idea of just how big this platter was) i set the empty platter on the warmer so that my meat would not be on a cold platter. When it was time to transfer the meat to the platter, as i grabbed the rim of the platter it was cold.I thought the unit wasn’t working until i felt the main base of the platter and it was warmed perfectly.

The warming tray connects and performs as expected, but the delivery exceeded my expectations, arriving 4 days before the projected delivery date.

Overall, i like this, especially for sale price. It is really light and works well. My only complaint is that the cord is pretty short if you have it on a table instead of a counter, you will need an extension cord. I do wish it was more of a rectangle shape for some of my larger dishes.

Very helpful to keep trays warm.

Lightweight but well insulated for counter or table. I have a breakfast nook and it keeps things warm/hot as i eat. Equivalent heat to a 100+ standard lightbulb. Switch is on / off and cord retracts inside. I do not place food directly on stainless top. I think it will get various stains anyway judged by limited use so far.

I use this fairly frequently. Most recently, i made fresh flour tortillas. The bottom 2 were pretty crispy by the time we got to them. There is only one setting- warm- and it can get too warm. Also, the unit cannot go in water, i now put a piece of foil on it for easier clean up.

I love these connecting units.

I have a few of these and they are very good for entertaining when you have a variety of items that you want to keep warm(ish) during the party. They aren’t bad looking, although they aren’t exactly stylish either. Linking them to each other is the biggest plus, so we don’t have cords all over the counter. All in all, i’m happy with them, but i’m concerned that the company isn’t making them anymore. Before you buy, i would recommend searching online to see if the reason they stopped making them is because they had a problem.

Used it tis morning for the first time. Kept our pancakes warm for serving. No cold ones on the bottom of the stack.

It’s great to use as attachment to other crock. Easy to travel with and stays hot.

Love the capability to plug into other units.

Crock-Pot 2 Unit Hook-Up 2 Qt, Best crock-pot for party or catering use for the money

They make keeping food hot for a party so much easier.

I bought this 2-unit hook up and love it. I love to serve food on the our kitchen island, but only have one outlet available. With the technology that the crock-pot hook up offers, i now can serve many kids of foods and keep them hot all at the same time. We love to host, so this is the perfect cooking utensil for those who have company often.

It was a gift for my daughter-in-law.

Key specs for Crock-Pot 2 Unit Hook-Up 2 Qt. Round 3.5 Qt. Oval by Crock-Pot:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Crock-Pot 2 Unit Hook-Up 2 Qt. Round 3.5 Qt. Oval

Comments from buyers

“Best crock-pot for party or catering use for the money
, We used these at Christmas. Worked perfectly. We
, Perfect for entertaining!

Wonderful for entertaining both indoor and out.

It was a christmas gift and she plans on adding one more of them for herself.

We washed and heated them before use.

The person that received this gift was very pleased. I would recommend and it will be nice when the price comes down on them a little.

I host quite a few parties and functions and up till recently i always had to reach out to my friends who own a catering business to use their chaffing dishes and crock-pots. Then last month they went out of town and i had a last minute event come up and needed to purchase a crock-pot that i could use to serve from. I needed something that day so i went online and found these at target and ran down and bought two of the 2x1qt units. The thing i fell in love with was how professional they looked and how clean they looked sitting out. Unlike many conventional crock-pots where not only would you have cords going everywhere but you also have to either change everything out into a chaffing dish or have an unsightly crock-pot sitting in the middle of your catering table or buffet line. With this kit all you have to do is plug them all together inline and run one single cord, plus they look really nice so leaving them on the table is fine. This was also a benefit as then you don’t have an open flame sitting in reach of children like you do with chaffing dishes. Since that original purchase i have now added these two to my collection and am more then likely going to pick up one more of the 2qt round units since these worked out so well. I have used them for not only keeping the food warm for periods of over 10hours but i have also cooked in the larger one and it cooked just as good as the old style crock-pots did. Almost forgot, another nice feature is that they are stackable so when you have to store them they take up much less room then the conventional style crock-pots.

Crock-Pot 3040-VG 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker – very good slow cooker

After thirtysome years my crockpot finally stopped heating. I bought this to replace my old one and it does a nice job. It cooks as well as my old model.

Very happy with this simpler model without the electronic bells and whistles some newer ones have. My first use for it was in cooking beef tongue, and it worked great.

Haven’t had any issues with mine, and i’ve had it for over a year now. I do wish this product had a timer or a warming setting, but for the price, this is a great deal. It works well for busy college students. Here are the specifications for the Crock-Pot 3040-VG 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-quart slow cooker in white with decorative vegetable design
  • Stoneware crock insert offers stick-resistant coating for easy cleaning
  • User-friendly control knob; low and high heat settings
  • Tempered glass lid; stay-cool side handles for safe transport; recipes included
  • Measures 12 by 12 by 10-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

It is an updated version of the late 60’s crock pot. It is simplicity itself to use, but it doesn’t quite fit the anodized aluminum ‘bread and cake bake’ insert which is all that remains from my original crock pot. I have an old domed glass lid from my old crock pot that i had the foresight not to discard when the old crock pot’s line cord rotted off. With it, i can use the insert. As far as the mechanics of shipping it here, it was delivered in the advertised time, as exactly was as advertised. I just wish they had said it doesn’t fit the insert. Nevertheless, i’m pretty happy with it.

This is the best looking crock-pot on amazon. It is well made and just the right size. Does not take up too much room.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Crock pot — updated version of the late 60’s cooker
  • very happy with this simpler model without the electronic bells and
  • but to the best of my knowledge

Does the job, but not as good at slow-cooking as the old-fashioned ceramic crock-pot.

Pot, i use it 4x a week at least. Wish i had room for 2 of them on the counter.

This replaced a rival brand crock pot/slow cooker that i used for ~20 years. The ‘crock’ was dropped and broke. My previous one was set on 3 ‘legs’ and i had absolutely no problem with it being stable enough to sit on the kitchen counter top. I suppose if there was a problem with that sort of design the manufacturers of this style crock pot would have included 4 or 5 legs and they would have done that 30 or 40+ years ago when slow cookers/crock pots of this type came out in mass production. Yes there have a recall(s) over the years, but to the best of my knowledge, never for only having 3 legs and turning over. I don’t care for the vegetables on the cooker, but i guess they could have put some animals on the outside, like a moo moo cow or some yard bird you’ll about to eat.

I ;ove the cooker and the recipes that came with it. I work all day and it is so nice to come home to the smell of homeade soup, pot roast or meatloaf.

Very good slow cooker stick to the original.

Hi, i bought 2 of these crockpots, one for me and one for my daughter for christmas. The price is awesome and the product is great. I just checked and the price is even lower. There is also a great cookbook to get with lots of pictures. ‘three books in one, rival crockpot cookbook’. The best crockpot cookbook ever. I have my husband pick a picture and i make it and they are delicious.

The only negative thing is i wish it was bigger. I got a smaller one than i had ’cause my husband said i shouldn’t cook so much food just for the two of us. This, in no way, is a criticism of an excellent product.

It was a replacement for the i had that had broken.

Modern crockpots just aren’t made like they used to make them. This is my third recently-purchased crockpot. Two were awful (kalorik, hamilton beach) because they got too hot to touch and there was no difference between the high and low settings. It does what i expect and four quarts is the right size for me.

I bought this crockpot used so i didn’t get the booklet, but there are now so many recipes online i’m not hurting for ideas of what to do with it ( [. is a great site – you can get “slow cooker” recipes by entering it into the search field. They will also send you new recipes weekly if you wish. )the main thing i love about this crockpot (besides it’s really cute decorative design) is, the interior of the crockery is coated with something that virtually “melts” hardened and burned-on residue with a quick soak in soapy hot water. With the crockery in my old pot, you’d have to soak overnight and apply much ‘elbow grease’ to get it clean. The crock of this rival is effortless in comparison. It advertises this easy-off feature, and they’re not kiddingi agree about the price. Unless you want a different shape or size, i see no reason to go any higher. And the shipping price around $11-12 is reasonably in-line with others that weigh the same but cost more. So you’re still a bit ahead. ]

Greet for cooking for 2 people.

Work well, but i found quart it’s too much for me.

Great for soups, stews, etc. No problems with the lid or the liner.

Just as described nice unit very happy works good perfect for me.

Purchased this to replace a crock pot i’ve had for over 30 years but which had started to lose control over the heat (was getting too hot on low). No frill, no electronic displays, just cooks on low or on high. Easy to clean/perfect size for us.

Crock-Pot 3040-BC 4-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker – solid workhorse

Its easy to clean and looks really nice. I haven’t had any issues with the handles or knobs. It seems like the temperature is a little warmer than it should be ( i have crockpot brand cookbooks and i have to significantly cut the cooking time for the recipes). The lid does rattle a bit, but that’s fine. My only complaint is that i think the cord is way too short. I get that you want the crockpot back against the wall and away from the edge or the counter, but it ends up getting too close to other appliances and i then have to move a bunch of appliances to get it back against the wall.

I was going to replace this because i’m afraid someone will get hurt carrying hot food. The handles are badly cracked. But it does a great job on cooking. Seems like they could fix the handle issue.

This is a great designed product, essentially true to the original avocado green crock-pot built by rival. Now available under rival – sunbeam – crock pot brands. The problems with this particular pot is that it is now being made in china and not in the usa. The quality of the plastic used in the handles is not per the original specifications. The assembly bolt that is use to hold the unit together is now a press-fit locking washer rather than a threaded bolt/screw. I also know the original did indeed get very hot, but it does seem that this particular unit gets just a little hotter on either of the two settings when compared to the original. The original did indeed have a different designed lid, which minimized the loss of moisture and hence less spattering. Most of the problems can be overcome, and i suspect all the problems are caused by some management decision within the chinese manufacturer rather than a design change done by the rival/sunbeam/oster company ((jarden consumer solutions)). *** place the crock pot on a bread board or trivet to help protect a formica counter top. This was also a recommendation with the original.

This item met and or exceeded my expectations and does a very good job.

When i worked at a sandwich shop last summer, we used these crock pots to keep sausage and meatballs in sauce hot. They do have the ‘spitting’ problem and the handle problem. On the other hand they were on 12 hours a day and held up to fairly intense use. They were as good as the crock pots previously used (i think they were replaced every couple of years, but the older, green style apparently has been discontinued. So the boss bought these new metal ones. ) the crocks heat faster than the old ones, so you might need to watch leaving it on high for long periods of time. Overall, it’s as good as any other crock on the market. All of them burned out after being used 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 360 days out of the year.

Gift for my daughter– she loves it. They have a family of four so it’s great i think it is very big.

  • Great Crockpot
  • solid workhorse
  • Five Stars

Overall i am quite happy with this product. I don’t have much experience in using a crockpot but this was very well priced and is extremely easy to use. The only thing that i do not like is the fact that there is no light to show whether it is really on or not.

My 4-quart cooker model 3040 only held 3 1/2 quarts to the very top.

If not aware, there’s a product safety recall available for this model and others. All effected models and info here: [.

I have made chili in this slow cooker twice, and both times it was nummy. I have also made vegetarian baked beans, and those were great, too. It cooks evenly and thoroughly. The see-through cover is great, so you can tell if you need to turn the heat up or not. It’s heavy and solid, much more durable than my other slow cooker, which i’ve relegated to craft projects only now, thanks to uneven heating. This is a good looking appliance as well, and clean up is pretty darn easy.

It does everything i need it to and is easy to clean. I’ve seen others with more bells and whistles, but this does the job.

Features of Crock-Pot 3040-BC 4-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-quart slow cooker attractively housed in durable stainless steel
  • Stoneware crock insert with stick-resistant coating for easy cleaning
  • User-friendly control knob offers low and high heat settings
  • Tempered glass lid; stay-cool side handles for safe transport; recipes included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I was actually looking for a new crockpot when i saw my current crockpot has terrible reviews so i figured i’d post my own experience. After reading all the other reviews, i figured that i must have got the crockpot that was made during employee evaluation week or when the government safety inspector was dropping by. I haven’t had a single problem with the handles or temperature knob falling off and i have never noticed the outside of the pot being dangerously hot. That’s after using it at least 15 times. Also, i fully endorse the removable pot for washing and i honestly can’t imagine a crockpot without this feature. That said, i was looking for another crockpot because this one seems about a quart shy of what it should be. It also doesn’t help that the design of this particular pot makes it so that the condensation doesn’t remain trapped in the crockpot. Instead, the lid burbles and rattles and the entire countertop surrounding the crockpot gets a splattered coating of whatever you are cooking. In summary: i haven’t had the same problems as those 30+ negative reviews as far as product quality is concerned but i do think that the poor design without those problems makes this a non-purchase for anyone looking for a new crockpot.

I’m so impressed to see a lot of bad reviews because i have had this slow cooker since 2010 and i have never had problems with it. I have prepared garbanzos and others beans that actually are so difficult to cook at time. I let the crockpot all night so in the morning i wake up with the smell of hot- rich- mouthwatering meals. The metal base may be hot when it is cooking but as i use it at niche or when theres nothing in the kitchen i don’t have problem. I recommend this slow cooker. I have prepared a few different meals and i’m happy with my purchase. You need to know your crockpot to understand the times for each meal.

I recieved this crock pot as a wedding gift over a year ago, and i absolutely love it. I’ve used it to make pot roast, chili and chicken & dumplings, and it has performed wonderfully everytime. Mine sits on the counter and i have not had to lift it a lot, but have had no problems with the handles. I would highly recommend this crock pot, the stainless steel looks great, the black crock is easy to clean and doesn’t stain, it’s easy to use and lets me cook dinner while i’m at work.

It cooks hotter than my old one so food gets done much faster. So that is the only thing i don’t like because food is done faster than i want it to be.

Our handles are cracked too, the temperature is real high so it cooks great. Works well, but i’m upset the handles are broken, but it looks nice – and it still works, easy to clean too.

Cooks evenly, the pot is of better quality than most i have used in the past. Holds heat well, simple to use great value for the budget conscious.

4-quart slow cooker attractively housed in durable stainless steel

This was a gift for my wife at christmas. She had used her old crockpot until it stopped working. So i purchased this one as a replacement. She likes to make stew or stoup as she refers to it, in the fall. It is great to go out hunting all day and when we get home we have a warm stoup waiting for us. It works great, looks good and cleans up easily.

Have used this slow cooker for over ten years with no problems,, until one handle broke off,, checked google for replacement and foundthat rival has had a recall for this crock pot,, call 800-299-1284 for instructions to get a replacement cooker basecheck cooker base for model numbers; 3040,,3735,,5025,,5070,,5445,,, and the wall plug for the 4 digit date codei called and qualified for a new cooker base,,,,,.

Crock pot brand is nothing but the best, in my opinion. We use this crock-pot for all kinds of things at church throughout the year in our various meals, potlucks, luncheons, fellowships, etc. It works especially great for cream of tomato soup, chili, gravy for large luncheons, etc. It is also excellent for keeping garlic bread, pancakes, french toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and the like warm for meals when bringing these items off the stovetop. We have an array of five different size crock-pots here for use besides two additional units at home for personal use (although they sometimes get transported to church for use there also). These are great additions to any kitchen, big or small, home or other.

We have owned this product for years but hadn’t used it. While while looking for misplaced instructions online this morning i came across these reviews and did some research. This model received horrible early reviews for issues that were subsequently subject to recall, as follows. ‘a date code is stamped onto the plug at the end of the power cord attached to each unit. The first two digits represent the week of manufacture and the last two digits represent the year of manufacture. Any plug with a date code from 0199 (1st week of 1999) to 1802 (18th week of 2002) is included in this recall. ‘ the manufacture date is literally stamped onto one of the prongs on the plug so look for it there. Our unit is dated subsequent to the recall – it appears that all or most highly positive reviews also post-date the recall. I will note that it looks like this model ultimately was discontinued, for whatever that implies. We finally used the crock pot tonight and it worked beautifully.

Works perfectly and was delivered at time promised.

For all of negative comments concerning the handles, please be advised that iwas informed of a product recall concerning this problem. I followed the recall instructions and received a replacement heating element in july of 2005 that so far has not been a problem. Why the other people did not know of the recall i can’t answer, but i did register my purchase with the manufacturer.

Stoneware crock insert with stick-resistant coating for easy cleaning

I found this site before getting to the real rival site. Like many, i was searching for the site for replacement parts. I realized that many of us were having problems with the same parts and that there was also a recall. After reading some of the negative reviews i decided to call rival for new parts anyway. After a rather long wait on "hold" i did get to speak to a fellow who was very nice. He gladly handled the problem and my new base is on the way. So give the company some credit for standing behind it’s product and having some integrity.

8 years ago, my wife and i were lucky enough to receive 2 crock pots for our wedding. This one and the larger programmable one also from rival. We love both of them and i couldn’t imagine life without these crocks. I love this one for the smaller size. This product is like an old car. It doesn’t come with any bells and whistles, but it works and it works well. Nothing has broke and nothing has burned (unless i left it on for too long). We use ours reguarly, about 3-4 times a month, so the crocks have seen their fair share of use. I love that the crock comes out and is very easy to clean because of that. I don’t have any complaints about this crock whatsoever.

As always, crock-pot is the definitive slow cooker, and it works just as you would expect it to, very well.

User-friendly control knob offers low and high heat settings

Tempered glass lid; stay-cool side handles for safe transport; recipes included

Crock-Pot SCCPVC600AS-B 6-Quart Oval Programmable Digital Slow Cooker : Self-stirring feature is AMAZING

I bought this crockpot about a month ago and have not been able to stop using it. I currently started working longer hours and didn’t want to have to pick up food bc i wouldn’t feel like cooking at night and was afraid my old crockpot would burn. This stirs it constantly keeping it from burning around the edges.

This is the crock pot you want to own. This is a much better slow cooker than my previous one. I love the fact that it will stir things for you if you want it to. Now can make soups and chili while at work with no fear of anything sticking to the crock.

Self stirring slow cooker is a hit. My wife and i were intrigued by the concept of a slow cooker that self stirs. We bought it and gave it a try. Pretty amazing how it self stirred every 30 minutes making a stew that we set for 4 hours. Came out perfect and delicious. We”d recommend this to everyone we know. Thanks tsr for your quick delivery and awesome customer service.

My wife is a crock pot connoisseur and she loves this thing. Built in stirring mechanism is very useful for many of her astonishingly delicious meals. Gotta have this to complete your crock pot collection.

  • The Stir feature is a nice bonus, but it doesn’t really stir that well
  • Worth the price for the auto-stir alone!
  • Self stirring slow cooker is a hit

Crock-pot SCCPVC600AS-B 6-Quart Black Oval Programmable Digital Slow Cooker, Auto Stir System

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Includes iStir Automatic stirring system with two removable stirring paddles: a general purpose paddle and stew paddle
  • Programmable control panel with digital countdown timer allows you to set cooking time anywhere between 30 minutes to 20 hours
  • Automatically shifts to Warm when cooking is complete
  • Also includes removable classic lid handle
  • Recipes included

The “pulse” or stir mechanism is so great. Very easy to operate, easy to clean. The “keep warm” setting is still very hot so if you are setting out at a party i would just turn it off otherwise you will need to blow on the food.

You can set it up in the morning, and by dinner time you will have a hot delicious dinner for the whole family.

The i stir is simple and works perfect.

The stirring option is fantastic. I put all ingredients in crockpot at 6am before leaving for work and come home to shredded chicken that’s perfectly cooked.Love that i set the timer and once the meal is done cooking, the crockpot switches to “warm”. No more dried out or over cooked crockpot dinners.

Previously i had an off brand crock pot and had many issues with it: the ceramic bowl that the food goes in would get stuck in the outer metal part unless i took it off while still (very) hot; the lid would get water stuck inside of it; and i had to pull it all the way to the edge of my counter to be able to open the lid since it would hit the cabinets above. With this one, the lid easily comes all off the way, is solid glass and won’t get stuff stuck inside, and while some fog inevitably gets on the lid when it’s first heating up, it eventually clears and you can see your food very well, eliminating the urge to open the crock pot to check on it.The ceramic bowl comes out very easily for cleaning because it sits somewhat loosely in the metal container. Also, when your food is done cooking, it automatically switches over to “keep warm” which is a very nice feature. This slow cooker feels like a luxury(this is my first review i’ve ever written, i love it that much).

Love the stirring feature because it’s makes the cooking process even on all sides.

Used one of the attachments on the istir system and it cooked the meal evenly and cleanup was a breeze since there was no stuck on food on the pot.

Worth the price for the auto-stir alone. I’ve had this for a bit over a month now, and have had a chance to use it a couple of times. It works great, and the auto-stir really works well. That alone made it worth the purchase for me – i’m the type of person who will get caught up in a project or be gone all day, and i needed something which will let me totally neglect my food until i’m ready to eat it. 🙂 when you start it, it waits two hours before its first stir, which runs for five minutes. After that, every thirty minutes it will do the five-minute stir, and if you happen to want to give an extra stir, hit the “pulse” button on top and it will stir for a minute – which is great, since that means you don’t have to lift the lid and let heat out. It seems to alternate the direction of stir each time it kicks in, so that helps to further mix things well. Very happy with this purchase.

This is an amazing crock pot and worth the cost. I got it the same day i ordered it, and i have used it almost every night. The storing is mind blowing for any working mom, love it.

I was able to observe the automatic stirring feature so that was nice. I used it for a company pot luck and it did really well. I was able to observe the automatic stirring feature so that was nice. And i like the locking lid, which makes it convenient for carrying in from the car.

The best crock-pot money can buy. No more lifting the lid to stir. Whatever you’re cooking, there is a paddle to stir it. The lid locks down for no leaks. The pot lifts out for easy cleaning. I bought one for my niece, who graduated from johnson and wales culinary institute and she is having a great time with it, making several recipes every week. I would give it 6 stars if i could.

Taking one star off for the tangle of power cables that the top stirring attachment makes. Why not make an auxilary receptacle on the crockpot and short cable for the stirrer?. I’m so tempted to take dremel and modify it myself.

Cooks excellent and assists make my everyday living a lot less complicated.

In which has this been all my life?. I know it suggests a lot about my daily life but this may well be the greatest matter to happen to me in a when. A crockpot that stirs all by by itself without me acquiring to open the lid?.I arrived house to by now shredded chicken. I adore merchandise that conserve me time.

This detail is actually neat but really don’t be fooled – you are going to under no circumstances use the stirrer (unless you are just definitely into soups). The timer is good but this definitely is a massive crock-pot. I detest that you can only get the truly interesting options with the six qt size but i predominantly use it to bake bread so the additional space isn’t going to induce as well substantially of a difficulty. Just keep in head, it will just take a great deal of liquid to cover hunks of meat in this big pot mainly because it’s huge. Also, the twine is super, tremendous shorter. If you just take your crockpot to any functions or everywhere where by you’re not confident you can be within just three feet of an outlet, you can expect to require to provide an extension twine with you. It is practically comically small.

It works very well and i have used the programmable feature – it also works well. It seems well made and is very functional.

Excellent, but beware the plastic flavor from the stirrers. The stirring feature is good to have, but make guaranteed to seriously seriously clean the stirring implements effectively prior to applying. So far, i’ve experienced a pair of batches of plasticky-tasting dinners, despite undertaking a swift heat soapy drinking water wash forward of time. I am far more possible to use it devoid of the stirring from now on. Possibly vinegar or anything will help?.

A self stiring crock pot you say?. I know some will say you you should not need it, and absolutely sure not all foods will need it but a great deal could gain from it. It really is the identical excellent you get from your regular crockpot with the additional option of the stiring lid. You do not have to generally use it as you can just snap on the handle for usual meals. It will come with two forms of stiring attachments, a person is a paddle style, identical to a kitchenaid mixer style. The other is just four thick wire prongs. It does have two plugs, but you can plug the crock pot into the stiring lid plug to only use 1 outlet- similar to xmas lights.

Crock-Pot SCCPCCP350-SS Programmable Digital Casserole Crock Slow Cooker – Great Crock Pot Improvement!

Can make the best 24-hour crimson wine braised shorter ribs and bbq bourbon pork shoulder. Downside, i’m heading to get extra fat for the reason that this is way also uncomplicated to make an excessive volume of cafe high-quality dinner with negligible exertion.

This the smallest but most cellular. I like that it is rectangular fairly than oval. It is programmable with a warm setting, which for me is a must have attribute. I have normally ordered the crock-pot model when taking into consideration a reward or for own use.

This is the bomb, that is all there is to it. It really is the ideal condition, the ideal sizing, it is effortless to clean, effortless to use and it is really wonderful aside from.Here are the specifications for the Crock-Pot SCCPCCP350-SS Programmable Digital Casserole Crock Slow Cooker:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Slow cook delicious casseroles, lasagna, dessert and more
  • Programmable controls with cook time ranging from 30 minutes to 20 hours
  • Digital timer counts down cooking time
  • Automatically shifts to warm setting when cook time is complete
  • Secure-fit locking lid featuring; Carry system for mess-free portability
  • Dimensions: H:6.7″ x W: 19″ x D: 11.6″
  • Cord length: 24″

This is the very first rectangular crock pot i have owned and it is excellent for building casseroles. It retains a good deal and is quick to use. It cleans up well but requires up a great deal of counter place.

I’ve employed this a pair of times and so far it’s just ok. I seriously like getting in a position to use the insert in the oven. I’m made use of to typical crock pots getting sizzling on the outdoors, but not so very hot that you burn up your hand. Make confident this is not anyplace tiny fingers can get to it, or anywhere in the vicinity of anything that could melt. I burned my finger and it was only on there for a sec.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Did a great job!
  • Perfect for casseroles
  • Favorite Kitchen appliance

Quick to plan, we used it the to start with time nowadays and it labored like a champ. Clear up was amazingly uncomplicated.

Great crock pot improvement. Love this item as the full dish can be on the bottom around the heat source. Will not know why it tookthem so long to make a crock-pot in a casserole layout but it is a superb improvement. Can gofrom cooking to the table with the insert getting eye-catching. Does not splatter like the aged a person did whenit is cooking.

Appreciate the glimpse and dimensions having said that, the outdoors is dangerous when in use. The outside turns into incredibly very hot and i flippantly burnt my fingertips even though striving to open the lid throughout cooking. I would not endorse this product or service for families with young children or for use at functions or potlucks.

Designed a good eco-friendly bean casserole for thanksgiving in this crock-pot. It had a small also a great deal liquid when finished, i believe mainly because of the sum of moisture that accumulated on the lid. Will place a humidity barrier beneath the lid future time. Am on the lookout forward to employing with lots of more recipes. I consider it is a fantastic dimension. We are living in a moyorhome with quite restricted oven place, so this cooker was fantastic for making ready our thanksgiving dinner.

This is an brilliant slow cooker – ideal for church casseroles, etc. With the locking lid, i can even use my auto ability inverter and cook even though i am driving.

Crock-Pot 16-Ounce Little Triple Dipper Slow Cooker : Does just what it should

Just used this last night for a get together. I made 2 of the recipes included in the instruction booklet. The spinach dip was a huge hit.And the mexican dip was very good as well. I made the dips too close to the arrival of guests so i just microwaved the ingredients in the pots, gave a stir, and let it continue to heat in the crock holder. I am not sure this could be used to cook anything, but it does get and stay very hot. Would purchase again in a heart beat. Can’t wait to try other recipes. If you have any, please share.

Great for melting chocolate. I bought this intending to use it for melting chocolate coating for dipping cake pops. I’m pleased to say that it works wonderfully for this purpose. I can melt three different kind of chocolate and it doesn’t get too hot, which is important when you are dealing with chocolate coating. The crocks are removable which makes for easy cleanup. The crock pot has only the one setting “warm”, which was fine for my purposes. It comes with a carrying bag for portability, which was ideal for me because i used it at the county fair to demo cake pop decorating, and i did not have access to a microwave. It’s also very sturdy and well made. I’m certain that i will get a lot of use out of this.

These little dippers came in handy during thanksgiving. Just be careful with the metal top, it does get very hot. There is a warning on it but if you’re busy cleaning you can burn yourself if you’re not careful. They also take some time to warm up but once they are warm they stay warm for hours.

Great for small amounts of dips or similar items. The crocks are super cute and clean up easily. My only gripe is that there is no temp control. But on the plus side, it keeps the food rippin’ hot. And the travel bag is fantastic.

  • Great for melting chocolate
  • Perfect for melting chocolate!
  • Crocks are a LITTLE small but perfect for small parties or family get togethers

Crock-Pot 16-Ounce Little Triple Dipper Slow Cooker, Silver and Black, SCRMTD307-DK

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Three 16-ounce removable stoneware crocks
  • Black portable travel bag included for ease on-the-go
  • Dishwasher-safe stoneware and glass lids
  • Silver and black coloring
  • Perfect for entertaining

Used this little dipper for my 30th birthday party and it worked great. It kept the chocolate dip warm and melted and kept the cheese dip at a perfect temp. The travel case is super handy and can’t wait to bring something to a party with it. Really a great product and way cheaper then having to buy individual dippers on their own.

This is a great little item for dips but it keeps it extremely. This is a great little item for dips but it keeps it extremely hot so be careful. If you’re expecting to keep something only warm i would look for something else.

“herb” and coconut oil caps and it worked really great – got the herb/oil mixture just warm enough to. I bought this so i could make “herb” and coconut oil caps and it worked really great – got the herb/oil mixture just warm enough to melt the coconut oil so i could put the mixture into the caps i also got from amazon. I also plan on using this for dipping different cheese dips during christmas so people can have chips and cheese dip. Great little product, i recommend it.

Used it for a christmas party this year and it worked fabulously. I wish it had separate controls for each pot, but if i wasn’t using one i just put some water in there so it had something to heat up.

Perfect for melting chocolate. Got this to melt chocolate for candy. It is much better to use than the large single-bowl melter for a couple of reasons. First, obviously, you have three crocks to melt three different flavors or colors all at one time. Second, the gentle heat melts the chocolate gradually and keeps it warm without scorching (just remember you need to stir the chocolate to get it fully melted and keep it fluid, but you need to do that in the large melting pot too). The crocks are small, so i need to add more chocolate halfway through, but that is a minor issue compared to the convenience of having a variety of chocolate available in a compact space. The crocks are ceramic and removable from the base and the lids are glass. Both lid and crock can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The base wipes down with a damp cloth. There aren’t any settings to this–it’s on or off–and the temperature it gets to is very warm, but not hot enough to actually cook anything.

Bought this as a christmas gift for my aunt because. Bought this as a christmas gift for my aunt because she hosts a ton of parties for friends. Apparently it’s in use quite a bit, and she loves it for making buffalo chicken dip, and spinach/cheese dip.

I love the triple dipper crock-pot it’s easy to clean and transport in its travel bag. Remember to cover the containers when full of dip sauces with saran wrap while in travel bag for transport.

I have just received this little triple crock pot, so i have not had a chance to use it yet, but i will love it for hot dips when entertaining. The zippered cover is a real plus. To compliment this crock pot, i purchased the cookbook “fondues and hot dips” (a nitty gritty cookbook) available on amazon for a reasonable price. I think that this would be a great gift for anyone.

At 20 bucks, an awesome deal. Some months ago, i stumbled on this and thought it was an incredible deal and a terrific idea for entertaining. Figured it was a perfect gift, but did not order it then. When i went back to look again, to place an order, found it had shot up in price and shelved the idea. I have been monitoring the price since. I was not about to miss out on this deal again when it came back around, i ordered two. One for self and one for gift. Even if you don’t make 3 hot dips, you can portion them out – maybe just one dip – and not have to open the lid on one big batch, making the temp drop. With a carrying case – really, what’s there to think about?.One of the best deals around at 20 bucks.

Bought this to melt chocolate as other reviewers suggested. It does well, but you have to be careful, if the level gets low and you aren’t attentive, you can still scorch your chocolate. I found that out by not staying with my candy making project and walking away one too many times. My fault, not the products, but it can happen.

Love using this for fondu, keeping hot dips warm. Even works well for little sausages, etc. Nice crocks removable for cleaning. Excellent value for the money.

I read all the reviews about this product and based on those i purchased it. If you are into candy making this is the most wonderful thing you can own. I really bought it for my daughter for mothers day but i used it for making candy coated pretzels. But i used some white chips and also chocolate chips but i would not recommed it. They came out very thick and hard to spread on the pretzels. I also used the candy melts and they came out like spreading butter. I used a pantry brush to spread the icing on the pretels and then coated with various sprinkles and nuts. I highly recommed using candy melts and not chips. I did turn it on 15 minutes before use and it took about another 10-15 minutes after i droped the melts in to melt. The 16 oz cups are a very nice size and provide plenty of product to use. We have tried melting the candy melts in the microwave but really not successful. This was so easy, heat it up, drop in the melts, wait about 10-15 minutes and comes out like spreading butter. Can’t say enough wonderful things about this product.

This little man came in so helpful this vacation. It was a big hit at the personnel christmas social gathering and on xmas working day. I utilized the trio for white chocolate, chocolate and caramel, served it with strawberries, marshmallows bananas and apples. I also was equipped to make chocolate coated pretzels soooo quick. Appears like a good deal of operate but nope. All i did was stir the chocolate a few of times. This is going to be to little.

It may well have constrained use total but what it does (warm up your dips, gentleman) it does perfectly. We like the carry circumstance it arrives with and the little pots every single have their individual addresses that assistance hold your dip awesome and warm and creamy. Rather great little merchandise genuinely and has gotten some ooohs and ahhhhs when we have introduced it to football parties and get together’s with our friends.

This is a wonderful little deal that retains matters toasty and fantastic-looking throughout an full evening, making it possible for for refills when required and with three, option/range in serving options. Following i purchased a person for my daughter, i bought 1 for myself and good friend listed here overseas.

I used this for an office ice cream social to continue to keep toppings warm. It is also fairly compact so you can use it in a scaled-down place for functions. I prepare to use it at the vacations to make an assortment of dips.

Ahh, this is so lovable and sensible. I use this for several items: nacho station for me and my hubbs on motion picture night time, also melted chocolate to dip strawberries on intimate evening, i have even employed it to maintain our breakfast warm. Eggs in one crock, turkey bacon in a different and veggies in the third.

This a person is all it advertises to be. I have identified the pots to be huge more than enough – so considerably so i have to be thorough in any other case we squander a great deal of sauce.

Crock-Pot SCR503SP 5-Quart Smudgeproof Round Manual Slow Cooker – Works as it should

Works perfectly so significantly for me, i used it most not long ago to make meat sauce for spaghetti. I would say design of this item is ordinary for the value i compensated. The handles on the sides are perfectly attached, the lid seems a little bit cheaply built but displays no indicator of falling apart or supplying me any other form of problem. The internal crock is stable and wholly glazed so there are no concerns cleansing it. I have however but to attempt the mini crock that arrived with it. The mini crock is a one particular piece affair so it seems to be like a hand clean offer, also the lid for it is just inexpensive plastic. It must be very good for warming cheese dip.

Finest crockpot i have ever owned. I’ve had the metal sort that arrived out and could be washed. But with this just one, my roasts, chicken, whatever i cook is tender and juicy. I endorse this crockpot to any one who desires to build delectable meals.

Looks to ‘run’ a little hotter than our preceding slow cooker but other than that it fits neatly on the counter best and does its position as it should. The internal packaging from crockpot was dented/broken but the outer amazon box and more packing content saved the ceramic ‘pot’.Here are the specifications for the Crock-Pot SCR503SP 5-Quart Smudgeproof Round Manual Slow Cooker:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 5-quart round stoneware with a smudge-proof finish
  • High, low and warm settings are perfect for making chilis, stews, sauces and more
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and lid
  • Bonus Little Dipper Warmer is perfect for warming dips and sauces

Is effective as anticipated and appears to be like good:).

Retains cooking straightforward with basic options – very low, higher, warm, and off.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A good no frills crock pot
  • Household Favorite
  • Love this slowcooker

Obtained to swap my twenty+ yr.

This is excellent to cook pork in.

Just what i was wanting for have a further. Just what i was seeking for. Have another crock pot but preferred 1 of the outdated fashioned type. This matches the bill completely.

Great for a smaller loved ones dinners.

I experienced a larger sizing of this actual crock pot with one particular huge and really great variation in this model’s favor the weep channel around the rim. I want i experienced gotten the bigger dimensions, but that’s my fault. A compact complete hen could possibly in shape in in this article, but it will not likely in shape on the bottom unless it really is defrosted and squished. The weep channel around the rim is an magnificent feature that makes certain you will not hear the simmery, popping audio all night time or get spatter from the liquid. The channeless design produced cleanup much even worse and would create spillage if i did not supervise it or offset the lid. The crock pot works properly and experienced i not cracked the outdated a single, i would expect it lasts a extensive time. I will update my critique if at any time i have a issue with this. Bear in mind, this is a very simple model and easier is superior for longevity.

It changed a thirty year aged rival crockpot i was unable to get areas for. I specially like the stainless steel appearance. I like possessing a rotary swap, which must outlast the flimsy membrane ‘push button’ controls on fancier types.

This was specified as a reward and the recipient completely loves this crock pot.

I acquired this for my aunt as a reward. Good measurement and it has extra options than her older one particular experienced. We enjoy to use a crock pot in the summertime as we reside in the desert and it is really far too scorching to cook dinner in the oven.

Extremely joyful with this crock=pot. Required a lesser just one for scaled-down foods and appetizers.

Terrific cooker, but are unable to get alternative parts. I acquired this slow cooker from my grocery store. They had a specific on it so i was in a position to buy this at a really good price tag. I only bought to use it about four or 5 times just before i dropped the insert and broke it. I went to the crock pot website and ordered the 5 quart replacement. They experienced two five quart round inserts detailed. They inform you which inserts healthy which product. I did not see an insert for scr503sp, but there was a person for scr503nu. The insert i requested was also significant.

I would suggest it to any individual who wants a pleasant, straightforward, durable equipment.

This was reward, but i generally buy crockpot manufacturer. This was present, but i constantly invest in crockpot manufacturer, had purchased a hamilton seashore some time back and it did not perform and they would not return it so i never acquire that model any much more.

Resists corrosion with removable insert. . A detachable insert is the only way to go, any other design collects humidity forming rust that flakes till the thermostat is a fire hazard.

This really saved me from starving in university.

Very good dimensions for a large roast. Significantly like the addition of the ‘warm’ location. Lid structure permits straightforward cleansing – no concealed cracks all-around the cope with to get filthy.