BUNN Ronco Inventions ST4000 Showtime Indoor Rotisserie and BBQ – Ronco Oven

I have really enjoyed this machine. I read many reviews on the product before i purchased it and as a result of some of the negative reviews i decided to purchase a remanufactured rotisserie (st4000) for only $79 and free shipping. I thought perhaps purchasing a remanufacture product would take care the glitches mentioned in the other reviews. The unit comes fully packaged and looks new. It is a title on the tall side, but not too wide & not much bigger than a convection oven. For those of you who have low cabinet space consider purchasing the smaller unit. I have and island in my kitchen so its perfect. The key is to clean the unit as soon as your meal is done.

I always clean it right after use and have no problems with it.

I was extemely skeptical, but being somewhat of an impulse shopper, my wife and i decided to order one with our wedding money after getting back from our honeymoon. We’ve never regretted it, as we use it more than our conventional oven. Particularly delicious is poultry and fowl. We’ve never tried ribs, but we tried roasts and other types of meat, however, turkey and chicken always come out the best. The shishkabobs come out pretty nice as well. So why four stars, instead of five?. Basically the one problem we ran into with this unit was not in the rotisserie, but the steam tray. It worked pretty good until the paint began chipping underneath the steam part which holds the vegetables. (although not on the main unit itself. ) also fish came out dry until we figured out how many, and what type of, vegetables to place in the basket with the fish. Here are the specifications for the BUNN Ronco Inventions ST4000 Showtime Indoor Rotisserie and BBQ:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large enough to hold two chickens or a 15-pound turkey
  • Pause setting permits meats to be browned on spit
  • Tray fits atop rotisserie for steaming foods
  • Included: 6 kabob rods, flavor-injecting syringe, heavy gloves, 12 elastic ties
  • Special Packaging includes Knife and Shear set

I was flipping channels one night, and the showtime rotisserie infomercial caught my eye. While i am a lifelong vegetarian, my husband loves a good roast, so i bought the rotisserie (i would’ve preferred the compact model, but it wasn’t offered here in australia). This appliance appears to be of good quality. I can’t say how durable it is, as we’ve only used it once (that was enough, as some will find at clean-up time). Thankfully, the glass door is removable so that it can be washed in the sink, but i was a nervous wreck about knocking it and breaking it (i have no idea if it’s even possible to get a replacement door). It is difficult to clean inside, as there is a reflective shield behind the heating elements. Vaporized grease would surely migrate there. Imagine having to fully clean your normal oven every time you use it. That’s what this is like, except that it’s really greasy. The showtime was used for a christmas roast, and as christmas is in the summer down here, it made the kitchen really heat up.

Having read through the many reviews of this product, i thought i would weigh in with my two cents. I purchased the showtime the first time i saw it on an infomercial over five years ago. I have made a ten pound prime rib roast, a fifteen pound turkey, whole chickens and countless chicken parts. I have never had a meal turn out less than perfect. I have had to replace the bulb for the interior light so this should tell you how often i have used the rotisserie. To be sure, the unit looks used, with paint chips and burn marks around the exterior where the glass door meets the metal but this is a testament to its reliability throughout the years. I use this product more than any other appliance in the kitchen and when it ceases to function, i will replace it immediately. I have read complaints about smoke and fumes and i have to say that this has never occured when i have used my showtime. If i was to complain at all about the unit, it would concern the cleanup. The non-stick drip tray isn’t all that easy to clean and you really have to spray the interior of the unit (i use simple green) each time to avoid unpleasant odors.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Tacky advertising – but it works as advertised!
  • everything I put in that rotisserie comes off nice I wouldn’t trade it in for the world I
  • Great.

This is without a doubt one of the best birthday gifts i’ve every received. Chicken, pork, duck, pot roast. All prepared in the rotisserie with succulent results. I also tried to cook corned beef in the rotisserie but that didn’t turn out so well (it was a little tough and undercooked in the middle). The vegetable steamer works wonderfully as long as you time the veggies so that they don’t overcook. I live in a condo building and the neighbors always know when the rotisserie is going. This is a must have kitchen appliance. It uses very little space (i sit mine on top of the microwave). I figure i’ll experiment with just about every type of meat i can think of.

After over a year of use, we are still happy with our ‘ronco’. Without a doubt, the best use is for rotisserie style chicken. It cooks them quickly, evenly and juicy. Beef products have been a disappointment. It disassembles easily for cleaning. And you really can ‘set it – and forget it’.

After seing it in an info-commercial, i have decided to purchase it and give it a try. At first, i was rather pleased. The machine started making squeaky noises as the wheel would turn. After that, i noticed that the built-in timer wasn’t accurate. The metal vegetable compartment is a real joke. Vegetables turn out dry and the container is cheap. Cleaning is a lot of trouble. The metal reflector behind the element becomes very dirty & practically uncleanable. The good side to the rotisserie is that the poultry comes out delicious.

I watched the commercials and after seeing about 10 finally bought it off qvc for a lower price. I am very happy with it, i am a mess in the kitchen and this has saved dinner for my family. It cooks chicken that is very tender and full of flavor not dry at all. I have cooked meats that were right out of the freezer and that didn’t seem to make a difference. Also it cooks so many different meats, veggies. It is large enough to handle large turkies and roasts, but takes up only a resonable amount of space. It does get very hot when cooking so keep kids away. But it is so easy to use and clean and great food comes out with almost no effort. I definitly recommend this to anyone who needs or wants a helping hand in the kitchen.

The first weeks after i got the showtime rotisserie, i cooked everything in it that i could think of. Turkey, ham, chickens, fish, pork chops, vegetables, burgers, steaks, hot dogs, etc. I kept thinking that it couldn’t be as good as they say it is. But everytime, it exceeded my expectations. It makes the moistest, most flavorful meats, vegetables, fish and poulty that i have ever seen. I even took it to my office for our holiday potluck and cooked the ham right in the office. If you like great food that is super easy to cook, get this item. The only thing i had to adjust is on larger meats, i check it with a meat thermometer and have had to cook it a little longer but it still turns out great.

I love rotisserie chicken and turkey. So much so that i used to purchase several chickens and 1 or 2 turkey breast halves each week at the deli department of my local supermarket (my entire family shares my love of poultry cooked in a rotisserie). Three months ago, i bought this machine and have never looked back. I was paying $7 for a small chicken and $10 for half of a very small turkey breast. Now, i get them for half that amount and they are ready whenever i am in the mood. Plus it may be my imagination, but i think the ones i cook are better than the ones i used to buy. Just the other day, the deli department was asking why i never buy from them and i couldn’t help telling about my showtime rotisserie and how great everything cooked in it tastes. I discovered that if i am careful to center the chicken/turkey/or other meat on the spit not only from end to end but also so that parts of the item cooking are always equi-distance from the cooking surface as it rotates. Since i have begun being exacting about placement, it has always cooked within the time estimated.

I asked for this about 2 years ago for my birthday and my wife obliged. It looked like it was worth the gamble back then. The showtime makes the best (juicy) poultry i have ever had at home consistently. Chickens, ducks, and poussin are my favorite items to make along with a boneless rib roast and leg of lamb. The machine does let smoke escape, so you should place it near a venting unit or an open window when in operation. It is very easy to clean up thanks to the nonstick coatings on many of the pieces. The kebab rods are really good too as they rotate individually in addition to the wheel rotation. This is a great, compact unit that does a wonderful job on poultry and roasts. It is well worth the money and my kitchen will not be without one of these (will replace my unit if it ever needs to be).

Great product – i stand mine on top of my electric oven, on a rigid heat-resistant mat, under the fan hood. A timer that stops the cooking instead of just beeping is brilliant. As are the removable parts which all go into the dishwasher. As for counter space, i never use my oven anymore. That took 15 minutes to heat up – the rotisserie needs no warming time; it’s great. I do add five – eight minutes onto the cooking times for chicken from the fridge, it needs that. But all the instructions are focused on the great results with meat. I’ve gotten used to microwaving vegetables – and i wish someone had recommended steaming times?.Obviously you can’t add vegetables for as long as roasted meat – but it would help to know when you could add them on top – half an hour before the end, perhaps?.

This was a corny gift i received, but i like to cook so i put it on my xmas list. My kids got a kick out of buying it for me, i get a kick out of using it. Pretty well made, replacement parts are available from ronco. Com, and this thing makes the best darn chicken i have ever cooked at home. I even tried steaks and they came out pretty good too. Easy to clean, easy to cook, easy to buy accessories. . I was surprised and impressed, now i have to lobby with my wife to leave it on the counter all the time. . You really cannot make a mistake with this, and the price is really reasonable for what it does.

It arrived in great condition.

The rotisserie works very well so far. Positives — we like the way it cooks food, but it takes longer to cook to our taste than the instructions indicate. Cleanup is really easy (but follow the instructions to line the back with foil). We use it on the porch which gets the heat and cooking odors out of the house. It has done a turkey, chickens and a beef top round roast (which came out tough). Not so positives — it is supposed to hold a 15 pound turkey but we had to squeeze to get a 14 pounder in. Don’t put onions, carrots, etc. In the bird – instant ejection. Plan on 50% additional cooking time. We haven’t used the basket yet because the food in the center is a lot farther from the heat than the food on the sides of the basket.

I have had the same 4000 rotisserie for 18 years now. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Remove the spit unit and bottom trays and heat shield and put them in your dishwasher. Spray some krud kutter on the inside walls and wipe off, rinse your sponge and re-wipe the walls a couple of times. The door also fits nicely in the dishwasher and comes out very clean. If you haven’t cleaned it for a long time, use two detergent pods. Yes it gets hot, but i have it sitting on top of my clothes dryer and do not think it overheats the laundry area/kitchen in my home, even in the summer. It makes the best chicken, pork loin, prime rib and leg of lamb you have ever eaten. I do check the timer and periodically the temp of the meat, so i guess i don’t really ‘forget it’. If i have company i can turn off the heat for a while to delay the meat being finished too soon. It is just about fool proof. 00 for it, 18 years ago and it is still going strong.

Everything i put in that rotisserie comes off nice i wouldn’t trade it in for the world i love my rotisserie i really got my money’s worth out of that it’s really worth the money.

Overall this product was remarkable. It cooked the best prime rib i have ever eaten, but their is a downside to this oven just to let you all know. The oven is not as smoke free as it is shown in the infomercial. When we were cooking a prime rib roast, the whole first floor was engulfed with a thick smoke similar to cooking with a wok. You maybe saying that i did not read the instructions before using it, but i got other people to look at it and it is just the way it is when the oil falls onto the tray and evaporates due to the hot temperature which produces smoke. By smoke i do not mean like the kind you get when you burn wood. Other than that the oven performed very well from what i can see. Unfortunately, i used this only 6 times, the rotating motor failed. The heating elements will not work if the rotating motor fails. Because it costs so much to repair, we rest it to the landfills.

This machine is a great addition to any home. It does have its cons, but overall the meals produce from this modern marvel are awesome. I have never had dry chicken come out of this machine, ribs are moist and delicious, lamb comes out awesome. Heck, i have even done some venison roast with this insane carnivore contraption, and they came out mouth-watering good. Couple of weak points, this thing can be a pain to clean. I recommend soaking the basket in dishwater while you are eating your meal. This will loosen the crusted on skin and fat to a level that well allow it to be removed by hand scrubbing. I have tried using pam cooking spray on the basket but again, remnants of baked on food remains. The plastic gloves suck, they stick to everything that is hot, so invest in some heavy duty oven mitts. In addition, that ridiculous plastic chicken carver stand that comes with this unit is better used as watering dish for your pets.

I acutally have the smaller version of this machine, that cooks up to a 12 pound turkey. It was purchased for me as a gift, since i would have never bought something like this for myself. My family has adopted the ‘atkins’ eating plan and are always looking for new ways to easily cook meats. Well this machine does it all. My friends thought i was the greatest cook in the world when i easily cooked a chicken in the machine. It smells yummy when it cooks and i have found clean up to be very easy when you line the drip pan with aluminum foil. You can also use the drippings in the pan to make great gravy if you are so inclined. The final scoop-if you live a busy life(like me) and don’t have lots of time to spend in the kitchen but want quality, quick cooking options, this machine should be on your list.

BUNN Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer – A juicer after my own heart!

This juicer was effective in pulling out pure juice. And, the juices were very concentrated. It is true to its promise to get juice from everything. The chrome finish was a definite plus for matching my appliances, which made me not have to always put it away. And, that’s great because this juicer is bulkyit was easy to take apart and clean, a definite step up from the white one i had that always had green stains. The components disassemble was super easymy only wish is that the top of the solid fruit feeder was steel as well. And doesn’t withstand wear well.

I have been using this juicer for 2 years and would not buy another type or model. Like all good equipment, it does what it is intended to do when used properly. I juice carrots, apples, beets and beet greens, kale, collard greens, ginger, celery, cucumbers, pumpkin cubes, and summer squash. I usually make a 1/2 gallon each morning for my wife and myself. Some procedures will make it easier to use. Be aware that juicy fruits, ie. Citrus, melons, mangoes do produce a mushy pulp that will tend to clog the fine filter screen. You have to be careful by checking the screen often to make sure that the pulp is not clogging the screen and the drain opening.

Love my juicer–it is a work horse never leaves the counter–easy to assemble/ dis-assemble/ clean, i’ve only had it bog down on carrots–my fault i’m sure. Lol cost effective, great machine–some parts are not stainless. Which surprised me, but parts are available through the manual. If you are looking for a non expensive solution to restoring your health, this juicer will get you well on your way–hey.Jack lelane one of my first tv memories, he stayed fit and buff into grandparenthood. Here are the specifications for the BUNN Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless-steel electric juicer produces fresh juice quickly and easily
  • Extra-large round chute; stainless-steel blade and mesh filter
  • Whisper-quiet 3,600 RPM motor; patented extraction technology
  • Large-capacity pulp collector; non-drip spout; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

I wanted to give juicing a try and researched various models but decided that the jack lalanne model was perfect for my needs. I have to say, after several months of using the item i am very satisfied with its capabilities. Adding this to the kitchen has been fantastic and certainly adds to healthy living. The only drawback is that ocassionally the juicer will automatically shut down. When this happens, it takes several minutes for the juicer motor to start again. I’m not sure if this is a safety mechanism built in to the juicer (but i hope so). This has happend only a few times so i’m not toom concerned – and i didn’t overload the drop chute and apply any undue pressure on the grater to stress the motor. Outside of this, i am very satisfied.

Wow, my daughter loves her jack lalanne juicershe owned a deli at one time and all her appliances were stainless steel. She told me her juicer is the brightest, nicest thing in her house, and works like a dream.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This is an excellent juicer!
  • Not as I was expecting
  • Excellent juicer

The product def does what it supposed to; however, the trash recepticle on the back side doesnt always catch the excess garabage like it should, it is very loud and you have to be super fast between throwing in the items and putting on the top as it will spit the food back out the top. Though the parts come apart easily it is a huge pain to clean as there are so many. And don’t loose or misplace that handle piece or you’ll be out of luck when you want to take it apart to clean it. Def an item that has to be cleaned after every use as well. With all that being said we’ve only used it a couple times, but it does make great juice.

I have owned this juicer for a little more than a month and have enjoyed using it. It is easy to operate, the sound is minimal and clean-up is quick. When cleaning, be sure to clean the hood thoroughly. That is, verify that all of the pulp is out of the crevices. I overlooked this once and it was not pretty. Also, sometimes the juice is leaks out from under the spout, causing a minor mess on the countertop.

Very sturdy and quite unit and is well made. Perfect for juicing carrots and celery, clean up is a breeze. I love this all stainless pro model.

It turns fruits into juice in no time and clean up is not bad once you are done. You will need plenty of fruit to make a good amount of juice.

Product seems to be of high quality, but the whole juicing/cleaning and throwing away so much bulk was not for me. Returned it w/in 30 days for a full refund. So, the ability to return it was a big plus.

After several years it retained its quality.

I am an avid juicer; have been for years. I have owned other brands of juicers, none of them produce juice this clean. The lalanne power juicer pro (stainless steel) is the best on the market hands down. Pulp is dry, juice is clean, and there is almost no foam at all. Anyone else saying different on here either doesn’t know how to properly use a juicer or is getting paid by another company to make false claims. This juicer is the real deal folks. It combines the best features from all centrifugal juicers as well as masticating. And for this price it is a steal. Do yourself a favor and trust me.

Juicing in any form is a messy endeavor and not the easiest thing in the world to do. I am disappointed that the pulp is so wet and that some of my veggies don’t fully grind up in this juicer. I have found only one thing to produce dry pulp and that is a ‘press’ which is a two step process and very laborious, time consuming and messy. Looking forward to better technology to get the job done.

I bought this juicer not really knowing what to expect and i love it. It has safety features, easy instructions, easier cleanup and the results are perfect. You can spend more money on bigger juicers, but you wont get better.

I have been using this for 2 years now and i love it. The stainless steel is easy to clean as long as it is cleaned right away after use (mainly because of the blade and basket) and it doesn’t leave stained in color like the white plastic jack lalanne model that my friend has. I always save my plastic produce bags to use in the pulp collector for easy clean up. The chute is large enough that i am easily able to put full apples, cucumbers, multiple carrots in without an issue. It also is fairly quiet and doesn’t shake violently like a target bought model that my other friend owns. The non drip spout is a great little feature as well. One small complaint is the height of the spout, but i use a pyrex quart measuring cup which sits under the spout perfectly and works out well. My usual recipe is half a lemon, half a cucumber, a small apple, 3 stalks of a heart of celery and a good size piece of ginger. I’ll add carrots, beets, or greens like parsley, collard greens or kale to this recipe at times as well. It has also been very beneficial for my acid reflux, better then any pill.

I love using my juicier every day. Its easy to use, but a pain to clean. Since i started substituting a juice for breakfast and lunch (along with healthy snacks in between) ive lost 10 pounds in one month. Either meal so i was starving by dinner time. Now i still get nutrients and vitamins and have lots of energy. With only that little change i feel better than ever. So happy with the results, and am exited.

I received the jack lalanne pjp about 3 weeks ago, and my family & i have been using it every day since thenit’s quiet, efficient, and the stainless steel styling makes it gorgeous. We’ve really enjoyed experimenting with it by combining different fruit and vegetables to make various healthy concoctions. One of our favorites is to combine 1 peeled orange with a full apple plus a carrot or two. It’s kind of fun to just toss a hunk of fruit down the chute, then watch all the delicious, fresh juice just shoot out of the front of the machine. Even the kids love itcleaning it up is actually pretty easy, too. Once you get a system going. I guess the only bad thing is all the money we’re spending on fruits & veggies nowbut if you’re considering ‘the juicing lifestyle,’ i personally think you’ll be extremely happy with this powerful, sexy machine.

Indeed it is super quite and easy to clean, although some components are to big and not easy to handle if you don’t own a dish washer. The juice is fine and clean, but be aware of what kind of vegetables/fruits are you trying to juice, for instance: it works very good with carrots, celery, apples and pears; but not that good with lettuce or spinach. So, be careful trying to get juice from any kind of ‘leaves’, ’cause you won’t wet almost any from them. In my case, the best way i have found to combine all the ingredientes i want in my morning smoothie is by getting the juice (from vegetables/fruits with similar texture of my example) on the power juicer and then using a blender to mix any kind of ‘leaf’. Now i am wondering if it worth my money if i still have to use one extra device to get my morning juice (??).

With any juicer there is a lot of pulp cleanup. This is nice and very sturdy. The pieces are easy to clean, but it does make a ton of pulp when juicing items.

I searched all over the internet for the best juicer for the best price. After studying all the reviews, i bought a jack lalanne pjp power juicer pro about a month ago. I use it twice a day–i make a green drink every morning and fruit juice smoothie every evening–and i love it. It is totally worth the money, is very easy to use, and easy to clean. For those people who are worried about how much clean up time is required (like i was), don’t be; it only takes a few minutes. I recommend washing it immediately after juicing so the pulp won’t dry in the juicer. Also, put a small plastic bag (trash bag, grocery store bag, etc. ) in the pulp catcher & that cuts clean up time in half. If i’m rushed, i just put it in the dishwasher.

I like this juicer a lot, however, it does tend to clog when there’s too much pulp. I think it could use a different spout. And, i have to break up celery and feed it in last or the fibers get stuck in the blades and it can’t finish with the other vegetation.

BUNN Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine : of the line juice machine but it does a great job at making a very delicious cup of juice

This juicer (in my opinion) is one of the best out. Did a lot of research on various juicer and found this to one of the best. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

This product works well for the most part; it juices fruits and veggies with ease. The one thing i noticed however is that it the machine itself could be a bit higher so that you can place a regular size glass under the spout. It is a bit inconvenient & time consuming to have to use a smaller size glass/container and then have to transfer the juice to a larger container.

Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Special patented juice extraction technology with extra-large round feeder and super sized detachable pulp collector
  • 3,600 rpm motor has lifetime guarantee and whisper quiet operation
  • Commercial quality with good housekeeping seal of approval
  • Bonus power juicing recipe guide
  • Built-in safety features
  • Countertop juicing machine with an extra-large feeder chute
  • Powerful 3,600-RPM motor offers whisper-quiet operation
  • Surgical-quality stainless-steel cutting blade; super-sized, removable pulp collector
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts; includes recipe/instruction booklet
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Have had this juicer before. The catch tray is useless, doing opposite of what it is for and causes a mess so i don’t use it but otherwise i like the juicer.

I use this product almost everyday. It’s easy to clean and i found that if i use a plastic grocery bag in the mulch container it’s easier to clean too. If you’re into composting then you can use the mulch as compost – or depending upon what you have used to juice, use the pulp in recipes like chile and meatloaf (for veggies), or breads and cakes (for fruits) it adds a lot of flavor and texture.

I borrowed a jlpjb from a friend, and used hers for a month before i purchased one. Found it was easy to clean, operate and did great. Inexpensive enough to be affordable, you can also get parts online like a blade, etc. Worked with all kinds of veggies and fruits. I would recommend this machine to anyone starting juicing, i love mine.

Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine : This machine produces great juices but it get clogged a lot. I also find that the pulp i’m supposed to throw out has a lot of juice. Not bad fir the price, but they could do better.

The knife was not sharp enough, to cut the fruits. Which was very disappointing, but i replaced it with my older juicer’s.

I purchased this juicer because the one i had just like it for over 4 years needed to be replaced because the big plastic screw that holds the blade cracked away little by little, but the power was still going strong. When i saw this one used, i decided to by and was very pleased with my order. When the juicer arrived, ur looked as if it was brand new and it arrived very quickly. Overall, i am very pleased with my order and i love when my purchase exceeds my expectation.

Then after heavy use it started to produce more pulp/ leave more juice in the pulp. It also started leaving bits of pulp in the juice if the filter basket was not cleaned frequently. It still works great and i love it. I just love it a little more for the first few batches. We managed to can 10 gallons of apple cider this year with the help of this machine. Can’t wait to try it on other produce.

I have only owned three juicers but this is the best so far. The large opening takes apples and oranges easily. Unlike most centrifugal juicers, it is actually able to get some liquid out of leafy greens. Not as well as an auger juice extractor, but well enough that you can get value from the greens that you buy for juicing. Disassembly, cleaning and reassembly is fast and easy. Almost all of the pulp makes it into the ejection bin and what little sticks to the top cowl is easily scooped off with the fingers and dropped into the bin. The pulp is very dry which shows that most juice was successfully extracted. This juicer is also much quieter than my last one. I bought it used-as-new and it really was as-new. I would buy the same model again if i needed another one.

I like the size because you can make a lot of juice at one time.

I bought the juicer so i could make juice for my three year old son who will not eat veggies, and i want him to have good healthy juice that is not loaded with sugar. Juicer works quickly and quietly and i am very happy with it. My son loves the whole process nad is happily drinking vegies every day. 🙂 it can be a bummer to clean but the quality and flavor of fresh juice makes it a non issue.

This juicer works real good on lemons, oranges and even grapes but don’t recommend it for mangos, pineapples or even apples, just not heavy duty enough for those, but for the price its a good deal. Make sure to clean it well after each use and it works fine and hopefully will last longer.

Love this juicer as a first time juicer this was so nice. Easy to clean and very easy to prepare and use. I highly reccomend for the price it is awesome. I only switched because i wanted to upgrade to a cold press juicer.

Just wanted something more simple then the greenstar juicer for my morning celery juice from medical medium. Easier clean up, and i’ll do it more.

Product does as advertised and is useful. And the price cannot be beaten. Will buy this product again.

After reading many reviews i chose to buy jack la lane juicer. I find it easy to use and many receipes to follow in their book. Makes great juice without pulp. Fruit and vegtables are ground into a course pulp and dumpedinto the lage container in the back of the unit. The shredder is very sharp and does an amazing job. One must take every precaution when handling the shredder as to notinjure oneself by cutting a finger. A brush is recommended when cleaning it. Be sure to rinse and wash the entire removable parts of the unit as soon asyour preparation of fruits and vegtables are complete as the clean up at thatstage is a breeze. I would not recommend letting it stand and get dry, as it is harder toremove, i am told. I wash mine by hand though it maybe put into a dishwasher.

Love it, still running strong after many, many uses. Don’t put the parts in the dishwasher though.

The jack lalanne is not a top of the line juice machine but it does a great job at making a very delicious cup of juice.

I own a jack la lanne for about 2 years now. Since then, i`ve bought my boyfiend a very expensive breville elite juicer, which is very good, much easier to clean an assemble and dissemble, but it just doesn`t make as much juice out of the same amount of fruit as the jll. The left over pulp is moist and you can still squeeze a little juice out of it with your hands. Than i bought my dad a breville regular juicer, and it is basically the same as the elite, only cheaper. Now for my brother i have bouth the jll. In my opinion it is the best, the pulp is dry, it really takes all the juice out of the fruit. If you want more juice, buy this. If you want ease to use and clean, buy one made of stainless steel.

Easiest to use and clean and lasts forever.

BUNN Nostalgia Electrics SPF-200 Soft Pretzel Factory – pretzel machine

I bought this for my son because he loves soft pretzels. I have not been disappointed. I’ve experimented with different methods, and what he likes the best is crescent roll dough. I just open the package, cut it into 4 long strips and roll or squeeze them into pretzel size and fit them into the mold. I squeeze at the seams so they won’t fall apart when i take them out. After cooking i brush them with butter and dip them in sugar/cinnamon. I bought a crescent dough from trader joe’s that doesn’t have as many additives/preservatives and this works the best. It is a very quick process from start to finish which makes it worth it. Remember that one red light means it is heated up- so you need to let it reheat between batches.

It cooks hotter on the bottom than on the top so makes for uneven baking. The cutters do not cut completely and are hard to clean.

I am a manager of auntie annes pretzels and i was given this as a gift kinda as a joke but its awesome. Size of a pencil twist the dough in the air and then dip it in the bath wash. Bake and then brush with butter and salt and then yummy. Thats the way we do it here at auntie annes. Or brush with butter and then add cinnamon and sugar blend. Or you can add pepperoni on the top while baking and then dip in maranara sauce for pizza pretzels. A big seller here at the store. We also roll in jalapenos in the dough then sprinkle on cheese before baking. And you get the real kind like at the store.

It makes what you might consider pretzels, but not in my book. They have a rather odd texture and are a bit on the soggy side. I think i’ll go back to the guy on the corner of 5th and 42nd st.

I don’t think i ever got over my love affair with the easy bake oven i had as a kid. I had so much fun making cute little pretzels and my kids ate them as fast as i could make them. I used one of the recipes in the booklet it came with but i’m sure you could use your favorite recipe if you wanted. They are great for my grandchildren too, little treats for little hands.

I like this pretzel factory so much. I bake them with my baby girl and this way, she eats more easily.

  • Great for Gluten Free Pretzels
  • This product is Fun and Easy to use
  • A gift for my grandauther

I do everything ‘quick and dirty’. . The pretzel cutter took too long. Instead i used a heart shaped biscuit cutter(any kitchen dept. Carries them)i placed this on the appropriate shaped pretzel mold on the pretzel factory. The hot mold does a good job of stamping the heart shaped dough into the traditional pretzel knot. The cutting goes quick and the pretzel still looks great. I think the pretzel factory soft pretzels are perfectly browned and taste great. The best part you can customize your dough or just buy ready made dough at the store. A little practice and you’ll be a pro. As other posters have mentioned there is a bit of trial and error in rolling out the best thickness for the dough.

She likes it and uses it quit often. We all can have fresh presels at any time.

This was a gift for family and i doubt it was ever used.

Received my pretzel maker today. Very happy with my first try at making gluten free soft pretzels. I adapted the irish soda bread pretzel recipe in the book for my gluten free flour blend and they came out great. I think i need to roll the dough a bit thicker though. Might even try just making half inch diameter dough ropes, giving them a twist and laying them in the molds next time. Tried the recipe again this morning. I made the dough, divided it into 6 portions and rolled each one into a 20 inch rope. Took the ropes and dipped them in soda water.

It is really great i’m looking forward to using it. And i thought the price was quite resonable.

Features of Nostalgia Electrics SPF-200 Soft Pretzel Factory

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes 2 large or 6 small soft pretzels at one time
  • Non-stick coating
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Power and preheat indicator lights
  • 3 minutes cooking time
  • Makes 2 large or 6 small soft pretzels at one time
  • Non-stick coating
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Power and preheat indicator lights
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This pretzel machine is perfect for a home snack or meal, they taste delishous. I make them for my family and they love themthis was a great buy.

Don’t know if they made any pretzels yet but they were sure excited to open it. I got this for them because they love the soft pretzels.

As stated in pretzel kit, a lot to go thru to make pretzels @ home. Refurbished unit was a good price.

It cooks the pretzels pretty well, but we misplaced the instruction booklet for the first try, and they came out hard. We haven’t used it since we found the instructions. It was very easy to use, heats up fast, and the size plates are very easy to switch out. We are very pleased with the pretzel maker.

Glad we bought it and tried it.

I didn’t get a recipe book with the pretzel maker???. Can you send me recipe book?.

Makes 2 large or 6 small soft pretzels at one time

My son loves this little pretzel maker.

Dies exactly what is supposed to do. We used with aunt annie’s pretzel mix. It is time consuming but most homemade items are.

My husband loves it and so do i. We can now have pretzels whenever we want and don’t have to buy them on the street corners of new york.

Gave this to my sister for christmas, she loves it. So easy to use and the pretzels taste wonderful.

It came almost the next day, and it is so cute. I am so excited to give this as a gift for christmas.

Non-stick coating

My husband bought this for me as a gift. I scoffed – out of earshot – at the idea of making 2 pretzels at a time when i could bake an entire panful in the oven. Starting from scratch with homemade dough, it took me 2 hrs from start to final clean-up to make one batch of 14 ‘jumbo’ pretzels. Next time will be considerably faster, but this is not a snack to just ‘whip up. ‘the instructions are lacking in some key areas: thickness of dough (about 1/3’), clarity regarding the intent of the spring on the cutters (do not press the spring when trying to cut, but only if the pretzel sticks in the mold after lifting the cutter from the board), how to tell when the pretzels are done (when the green light goes off – no timer necessary). I figured out only at the very end of the first batch that a quick dip in the water-soda bath and then straight to the cooking plate makes for much less floppy dough than the recipe in which 45 seconds of soaking was called for. And no, the plates are not dishwasher safe as advertised in the box. The inside directions clearly indicate otherwise. But the unit cools to touch relatively quickly, the plates pop out and clean easily with soapy water.

This pretzel machine has been an amazing addition to our sunday football gatherings and has been a huge hit. The machine is very easy to use, the recipes are completely on par, and the pretzels are delicious. It is very easy to over bake the pretzels, so i only bake a batch for 3 minutes at a time. For delicious pretzels, use the original recipe in the supplied book, add chopped green onions and minced garlic to the dough, brush baked pretzels with garlic butter, and then dip in the beer cheese recipe provided in the book – perfection.Five stars for this product for ease of use, ease of cleanup, durability, and delicious pretzels.

It is a little different then you might expect. I made pretzels and they tasted good but the outside did not brown up that much and if you leave it in longer to brown you get hard pretzels instead of soft. Would be a fun family activity though as all enjoyed and took part on christmas.

I bought a premade mix (auntie anne’s) and this pretzel maker for a christmas gift for my husband. He used the plate to make 2 larger size pretzels and they turned out delicious. Making pretzel dough is a little time consuming with having to wait for the dough to rise, rolling it out and cutting the exact shapes, but it wasn’t so long that were aren’t willing to do it again. I hope we make them again soon as the pretzels turned out great.

They love making and kneading the dough. While it rises, they can do something else. My daughter loved making the mini pretzels and sprinkling stuff on top( cinnamon/sugar, poppy seeds, salt. The results are some nice tasting pretzels she was happy to share with her friend. They keep well in the freezer and can be reheated in the microwave. Time consuming but most fun things are.

I love soft pretzels and had my eye on this for awhile. I was a little surprised at the skill level required – if kneading and rolling aren’t your thing this can be quite challenging. I prepared the basic recipe straight from the manual but found key info missing – like how many per batch and just how much extra flour was needed to keep the dough from sticking to everything. I also struggled to figure out how long to cook each set without a timer or sound on the machine. It took me over two hours from start to clean-up, so this is not a spur of the moment project. The finished product tasted good but seemed limp, not crispy on the outside. I am not sure i would recommend this product, there are probably easier ways to get good soft pretzels.

Just made a full batch of pretzels. The included recipes are so easy and they turned out fantastic. They tasted just as good as the ones in the mall. My wife doubted that the machine would work but she is now a huge fan.

Convenient cord storage

We enjoyed the pretzel maker, once i find a good pretzel dough recipe i’m sure i’ll get some good use out of this.

Power and preheat indicator lights

BUNN & Decker HS1000 Handy Steamer : B&D Steamer

Okay, title may be a bit of an exageration, but. This steamed had to replace its b&d predecessor that, after about 18 years, finally steamed its last brussels sprout. Simple design, extremely effective workhorse. I steam all kinds of things, from beets to eggs to chicken (and rice, of course). I’ve even made split pea soup in this thing. It’s one of those things that you think you’ll seldom use, until you use it.

Had this for years, still works great.

I could eat broccoli for the rest of my life and never want for anything else. I used to steam it in the microwave but it’s not as good as steaming traditionally. This steamer is very nice, it holds a fair amount of veggies and cooks quickly. The manual comes times for lots of different stuff but that’ll get lost in no time. They were smart and included a sticker on the back with times for some of the more common foods. This is bulkier and messier than just steaming in the same bowl i’ll use to eat the food but it’s not too bad. The pieces do well in the dishwasher and don’t take up too much space if you separate the basket grill and angle the white plastic base plate inside of the basket. It’s a little more hassle but seems worth it. You can even hard “boil” eggs thanks to some clever little divots that prop the eggs up. I made some rice with it and it turned out well.

I had a previous black & decker rice steamer. I dropped the lid & broke it into 2 pieces, so i got another black & decker. Unlike the previous one, with which i was very happy, this one has a window so that you can check the water level in the reservoir and add more water without removing a thing. The water window has a “maximum” and “minimum” level, which is very helpful. It also has a place for adding seasonings of your choice. Some steamers do not have a timer, and i would not have a steamer without one. I know exactly how long it takes to cook rice and set the timer accordingly. It never will be be over or undercooked. I have been using distilled water, and i think it probably helps to extend the life of the steamer.

  • Great little steamer
  • Making veggies has never been so easy!
  • Fantastic!

Black & Decker HS1000 Handy Steamer with Flavor Scenter Screen

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Food steamer and rice cooker for healthy meals in minutes
  • 4-quart steam basket; 5-cup rice bowl; built-in egg holder; drip tray
  • 75-minute timer with auto shut-off and signal; external water-fill inlet
  • Built-in flavor-scenter screen for flavoring foods with herbs and spices
  • Measures approximately 12-1/5 by 9-1/5 by 10-2/5 inches

Since getting this i must say i eat more veggies than i ever have in my life (and i’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years). It’s really very simple to use and very convenient: rinse veggies and place them in basket, fill the device with water, turn the dial and voila. In the designated time, you have perfectly steamed and delicious veggies. There is a screen in between the basket and the base where you can put spices to enhance your meal with flavor. I use it for rice too and there is a place for eggs in the basket. I love my handy steamer and can’t imagine living without it. One of the most valuable things in my kitchen, without a doubtwhy 4 stars instead of 5?.The basket is made of plastic and after having it for less than a year, the bottom of the basket started to crack.

This black and decker steamer works wonders, i was amazed at how it worked with steaming my veggies. I continue to use this steamer on a weekly basis.

Had a b&d steamer for years but the large bowl cracked. It was still operable but i wanted to replace it. The new steamer has a different (oval) configuration, and requires the use of the flavor assembly in order for the business end to work. The “flavor assembly” allows you to add herbs or other stuff to flavor what you are steaming. It’s alittle corroded after only 3 uses (i added nothing to the actual flavor screen,but the steam probably corroded it a little. For the price it is an excellent way to prepare rice with never, never a sticky mess.

I’ve had this steamer for about 3 months now – purchased mostly for rice but i wanted the added ability to steam veggies as well. Everything i have tried has come out perfectly from rice soft and hard boiled eggs to potatoes to cauliflour, etc. I will agree, as other reviewers have stated, the rice bowl feels a bit flimsy which i don’t like, and you do need to be careful when taking off the lid lest you burn self. These are the only reasons i gave 4 stars _ think with just a bit better material for the bowl and a bit better design on the lid, these issues could have been resolved. Filling it is not really an issue if you use a spouted cup (i use my pyrex measuring cup). The times within the enclosed booklet are dead on. Love this, it has earned its spot on my counter as i use it at least 3x per week – and i just purchased one for my daughter as well.

I’m eating way more veggies because they taste better coming out of this steamer. Because of this, much of my diet has increased veggie intake, and i’ve lost 18 pounds in 3 months. Highly recommend for folks who have trouble getting your vegetables down. I steam fresh string beans in here, as well as asparagus, squash and peppers. They are just so much more yummy. Add goya adobo seasoning to your veggies that you’re steaming (right in the steamer itself, i dont’ really use the flavor scenter screen – i like the seasoning right on the veggies) and you will absolutely love it.

I have never bought an electric steamer before so i don’t know how to compare. The veggies are tasty cooked in this and you can get perfect rice. Once you have it loaded and turned on– you don’t have to remember anything else. The timer will let you know when all done. It does seem a little flimsy and the clear plastic would not take a lot of abuse.

I would not recommend putting the basket in a dishwater as it will eventually get brittle and crack, hence my second one,.

We had a version of this that was about 13 years old. It lasted a long time and finally it began dying on us. I was glad to see that they’re still making this guy. We use it mostly for rice, but we like that it’s oval shaped so you can steam asparagus and other longish vegetables. If you need to make a lot of rice, this is not the steamer for you. You can’t really make more than 1 1/2 cups (before cooking) rice. With the old one, you could do 2 cups. I imagine there’s a better steamer out there, but the price is right on this one and if it’s even half as reliable as its predecessor, i will have gotten my money’s worth.

Not as good as original models but it does the job.

It works like a charm and the design is excellent. I had a black and decker steamer for many years and it finally gave up the ghost, which is why i bought this one. By the way, the new one is not as heavy to lift and easier to clean than my old one.

This steamer does its job well, but the components are quite flimsy. I worry it won’t last as long as black & decker’s earlier model that i had for many years. It does have a greater capacity than the previous version, which i enjoy.

I’ve been looking for a steamer like this for almost a year — and i’m glad i waited until i got the best. Great performance; great price.

Very nice , easy to clean and use.

When my old steamer died, i had a hard time finding another steamer. Our local stores don’t carry them, so i was pleased to see this online. This one really has everything i need. The size is just right, and veggies and rice are done exactly the way i like them. The bottom reservoir is easy to fill, and best of all, the timer is manual-no digital parts to break or replace. Would make a great christmas gift.

We purchased this steamer to replace one we’ve had for years. The old one finally gave up. It’s a great appliance to have; no worries about over cooked vegetables, simple to use and easy to clean. My only concern was that the basket is a little flimsy and not as sturdy feeling as my old basket. Other than that, we got a great product for the price we paid.

We had an earlier model of this steamer for over 17 years and it worked perfectly. Since we have hard water in our area, we finally got too much of a calcium buildup on the heating element so we sadly had to say bye-bye to it, then we purchased this similar product and have used it many times and love it just as much. We mostly use it for rice, but it works great for vegetables too. We are very happy with this steamer and have also purchased one for each of our daughters.

This item was purchased as a rice cooker, however, the 6 slotted boiled egg cooker is fantastic. The egg shells peel off easily. I am considering buying another just to have on hand.

I have been shopping and hopping from one rice cooker to another, in search of perfection + ease of cooking. Recently bought a conventional fuzzy logic rice cooker; the cooker is fantastic, but the non-stick coated inner pot is now a turn-off after my recent education about its evils. So, this food steamer was my next investment. There is no escaping the no brainer rice perfection. You fill the bottom compartment with water all the way to max, place your rice container (with rice plus suggested water measurement) and then turn the thing on. It takes 60 mins to cook 2 cups of dried rice to result in 4 to 6 cups of cooked rice (depending on the variety you use). The timer switch is an old-fashioned dial, but does its job and turns off faithfully at the end. After that is all rice heaven.

BUNN HG Phase Brew 8-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, Excellent Coffee Maker – Great Value

I think this unit makes a better tasting cup of coffee which is why i bought it. The only problem i have with it is the carafe. I cant believe the folks at bunn put this carafe in production. I’ve seen some other comments on this too. You have to pour so slow in order not to drizzle coffee all over your counter (more so when full). I thought at first, maybe i forgot how to pour coffee. Lol but everybody who pours from it, same thing. Other things to consider is that it is very tall.

My krups aroma control type 229 coffee maker has been running strong now for 12 years, but i thought it time to change up my brewing station. I ordered this bunn hg phase brew coffee brewer based off of reviews i read online. This machine made two incredible batches of coffee and then broke by the third time. Not much more i can say about this other than bunn customer support is fantastic.Within 2 minutes on the phone with their customer department, i had a new unit sent out to me and a pre-paid return for the broken item. I am giving this unit 2 stars due to faulty quality control and/or design. I hope the next one works better. For now, i’ll continue using my 12 year old krups. Update:i received my new bunn hg phase brew 8-cup from bunn. As mentioned earlier in my review, they replaced my broken unit, no questions asked.

I love this coffee maker for a lot of reasons and after much research i’m very happy with my choice. Like many i was tired of replacing cheaper units every couple of yrs. That only made mediocre coffee. As a school bus driver up at 5am i need my morning coffee hot and ready to go into a travel mug and this one delivers. I’m the only coffee drinker in the house and the 8-cup brew size is perfect for me. It does make a little noise getting the water temperature just right before starting the brew cycle but not a deal breaker. For a full brew cycle and doesnt have a pause feature. To be honest i’ve never understood the need for the sneek-a-cup option since the coffee is not completely done brewing anyway. When my old coffee maker broke i had to use my back-up french press which makes the best coffee of any brew system but is not very convenient.

Key specs for BUNN HG Phase Brew 8-Cup Home Coffee Brewer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brews 4 to 8 cups (20 to 40 -ounces)
  • Glass carafe and stainless brew funnel
  • 6-Minute heating phase + 4-minute brewing phase = 10 minutes to better coffee
  • Programmable auto-start, easy to read LCD display, time-to-clean indicator, and warmer that automatically shuts off after 2 hours
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Comments from buyers

“Big improvement over BUNN Velocity models.
, Mixed Review – I Own Two
, Love Bunn Products and Especially Their Customer Service and Warranties

I don’t beleive you can find a better coffeemaker for the price. Simple in design and easy to use, this bunn makes a great cup of coffee with no fuss or bother. Could one ask for more?only downside i found is that the carafe is designed so that it doesn’t empty fully of water after being washed so it requires a wipe down. I may try the optional thermal carafe sold on the bunn website as see it this resolves the issue. A very good overall product.

Even after five months of daily use, the coffee tastes like plastic if i leave water sitting in the reservoir or if the reservoir lid is closed between uses. I can’t detect any plastic taste if i pour water in immediately before brewing, so i do that. If you need to let your water off-gas overnight to reduce the chlorine, you’ll have to do that in the carafe. This also means that the clock and timer are worthless to me. The other electronics work oddly too. It frequently flashes its bright, annoying cleaning request just after i’ve cleaned it. Or two days later, just for a half-hour. Sometimes the reservoir heater kicks on an hour after brewing has finished. One time after a power outage the reservoir heater wouldn’t turn on at all.

This coffee maker promises to make delicious, hot, flavorful coffee. And on that promise, it deliversthe water is heated to the perfect temperature before brewing (if it’s too cold, it leaves flavor behind; too hot, it makes coffee taste bitter). Measure out a good amount of coffee grounds, pour in the water, wait about 10 minutes, and you have one of the best cups of coffee you’ve ever tasted. It rivals all the best coffee makers – biggby, starbucks, caribou, pancake house, whatever you love. You can match the quality or get even better with this machine. Here’s why i gave it only 4 stars:i love the shape, design, and size; i was actually looking for a pot that brewed about 8 cups so it worked out perfectly for me. I never thought i’d be questioning the quality of a product made by bunn, but there are a few issues with it. A bunn carafe actually begins to leak when pouring coffee. Maybe i’m pouring my coffee to fast – i don’t know – but it starts to drip down the glass and on the table or floor while i’m pouring it. Second:there’s no drip stopper under the filter. I know you should let the coffee fully brew before pouring a cup, but this coffee maker takes a full ten minutes or more to finish (it warms the water to the ideal temp – like 210 degrees – before it begins the drip cycle) and it seems to continue dripping for a few minutes after finishing. So when i get impatient and pull the pot out to pour myself a cup it drips all over the hot burner and sizzles a little.

Metal filter-basket, no crappy plastic drip-stop nozzle — the coffee drips directly down into the carafe. Cons: the carafe is a bit smaller than most kitchen coffee makers. 8 cups is the absolute top-line max. Also, the reservoir in which water is poured, and heated, appears to be plastic. Notes: doesn’t store preheated water, like most of the commercial-grade bunn machines. You pour water in, it heats up, then brews.

I was a little apprehensive about this brewer – the reviews aren’t quite as great as other bunn brewers – but it’s been great so far. It appears that they’ve corrected the carafe dripping issue and it brews nice hot coffee. I decided to go with this brewer because bunn has such a great reputation but i didn’t want the continuously heated water – i don’t mind waiting the additional 6 minutes the machine takes to heat the water. Based on the reviews it appears that bunn’s customer service is also really good so i figured i had nothing to lose. The unit looks cool but it’s a bit bigger than i expected. I can find bunn filters for much cheaper than amazon at both our local grocer and wal mart. My only complaint, similar to other reviews, is that it is hard to see the water level in the window at top.

I don’t think this model has even been on the market 3 years, and this model comes with a 3-year warranty. I went on the bunn website, emailed them about my concerns, and 2 days later got an email saying they’ve ordered a replacement unit to be shipped to me. The only thing wrong with mine was the paint peeling off of the warming tray; it functioned perfectly otherwise. Bunn uses items that fail during the warranty period as research items to determine how they can improve their product. I’ve had to use their warranty service more than once in my life and they’ve always been very gracious. No arguments, no hassle returns, just the way i like it. I’m so pleased with their customer service, i bought their single-serve machine directly from their website the same day they addressed my phase brew issue. I will continue to support them as they have supported me through the years. Some reviewers here are new to the product and don’t get the concept of how to properly use this machine. If you’re using the bare minimum amount of water, more than likely it won’t brew.

I have been using a bunn nhbb velocity brew 10-cup home coffee brewer for about 6 years. It makes good coffee, and it does it fast (approximately 3 minutes). The reason it is so fast is because it maintains a tank of heated water, so when you press brew it uses this already hot water to brew, and then takes the water you just added and heats it up in preparation for the next brew. Despite the fact that you got good coffee fast, there were a couple bothersome points with this strategy:1) it was an energy hog, constantly maintaining a tank of hot water even though you might only use the maker once a day. 2) the amount of coffee made is not based on how much water you poured into the maker, it is based on how much water was added on the previous brew. So if you poured in 10 cups yesterday, and you want to only make 4 cups today – sorry, you will get 10 cups now, but next time it will be 4. 3) if you don;t use the brewer for a few days, the heated reservoir tends to evaporate, delivering less that the expected amount on the next use. I recently replaced this older model with the bunn hg phase brew 8-cup home coffee brewer. They have managed to correct all of the problems i had with the older brewer. 1) the water you pour in is used to brew the coffee.

Makes a great cup of coffee, nice and strong, very hot. Requires less coffee to get a good cup of coffee than any other unit i have tried. Not as fast as i would like (10 minutes is a long time to wait for my coffee 🙂 )the bad. The carafe leaks when you pour like a sieve. No matter what i try i end up pouring coffee all over the counter. Come on bunn, can’t you design a better carafe?????.

I bought this coffee maker to replace an aged cuisinart maker. As usual with anything i buy from amazon, it was delivered a lot faster than expected. Setting up this unit was a breeze and within minutes, i had it set up to brew my first pot of coffee on auto timer which i am enjoying right now. It is the first hot, straight out of the pot, cup of coffee (bunn, if you use this ‘great line’ for your ads, i want royalties) i ever had from a home coffee brewer. Great job with this coffee maker bunn.

I had a bunn years ago but i switched teams and i’ve a owned few different coffee makers the past few years. The last one was a cuisinart that failed in less than three years. I love the brew that bunn produces but i could not give it five stars. Just as my old unit did, the carafe still drips and spills when you pour. I also have problem with the fill window. It has a ‘frosted’ finish which makes it difficult to see the water level and i have to shake the unit a little to see how much it’s filled. In addition, be sure to stock filters because the bunn brand fits best and is not readily available in local stores. One other thing is the four cup minimum brewing. Although it fills my largest mug with a half cup wasted, this adds up over time to money wasted. What i love about bunn is the water distribution so all of the grinds get wet.

It’s the perfect size and style for a medium sized, modern kitchen. I make coffee at home every day and the 4-cup amount is just the right amount for a large mug or my travel mug. But from day 1 of having this brewer it has said ‘cle’ on the display and despite following cleaning instructions i can’t get that to go away. It doesn’t seem to affect anything so i’ve just been trying to ignore it so i don’t have to go through the hassle of a return. But now i’m also noticing that the warming plate absolutely not does keep a pot of coffee warm for 2 hours; try 30 minutes max. I am disappointed but it still does what i need it to do so i’ll probably keep it rather than deal with a return or warranty situation.

I have bought two of these brewers in the last two months, one for my mother and one for me. I read the plethora of negative reviews after i bought the first one and was quite concerned as my 80 year old mother who lives alone would be disappointed if hers started malfunctioning, leaked, or quit working. We’ve had great success and everyone raves over the coffee we brew. I had a kuerig previously-no comparison, the bunn is a ‘coffeemaker’.As to the people who get the ‘clean’ display often-you must be living where the water is awful. We use reverse osmosis water and have yet to see the ‘clean’ prompt. As for the dribbling pots, i have yet to spill a drop. Well, it’s not silent – set it to come on 5 minutes after your alarm as a snooze alarm, if the sound doesn’t get you up the aroma a few minutes later will.

When it comes to the features of this brewer it’s possible to find some faults, but in the end, there’s no denying that it simply makes a good cup of coffee that isn’t bitter. I think this is because they got the brew temperature and brew time about right. I measured the stream flowing into the pot at 200 f with a thermopen, which is in the recommended range. We’ve only had it one week, but we haven’t seen any of the reliability problems or cleaning issues described in other reviews. Our carafe pours great without any leaks or dripping. It does make noise when the water is being heated. It’s comparable to the noise other drip makers during their brewing cycle, possibly a little more, but we don’t find it intolerable. However, it’s definitely there. Once the heating phase is done there is no noise during the brewing cycle. Put a smidgen less than 4 cups of water into the system, and the water will heat but nothing will come out.

Definitely makes hot coffee. It is also very easy to use, compared to a cuisinart i was using before which had a couple of extra parts that had to be messed with when making coffee. The coffee pot definitely drips when pouring. Always have to pour over the sink. Refuses to make 4 cups, when i put the water to the 4 cup line, it just heats the water without ever advancing to the brew stage. As soon as i up the water to the 6 cups line, it starts brewing. Timer button sticks sometimes, which is a problem because it thinks i am trying to set the time on the timer rather than turning it on. Overall, makes a good cup of coffee, but definitely has some minor defects.

Over the last 20 years, i’ve owned several home coffee makers and this one has brewed the best tasting coffee; however, my experience has been it requires about 10% more coffee than i was using in my delonghi brewer. Brew times are under 10 minutes, which is good. At first, i had a hard time pouring coffee without spilling a little, and this due largely to how the pour spout is designed on the carafe; this is no longer a problem now that i figured out to pour a lot slower than i’ve been used to. I also like the very modern looking design of this unit–it’s much better looking than most of the other bunn home brewers i’ve seen. Lastly, my hope now is this appliance will be reliable and last for several years. If so, i will stick with bunn.

I purchased this particular brand and unit because of the prior reputation of the company’s products and their supportive customer service and easy parts repairs; and also for the small size serving we preferred. It arrived quickly and worked the first two days as expected and then the heating element failed to work. I called the customer service center at bunn, explained the problem and they shipped a new replacement model the same day. A small chip was defective on the unit and they simply replaced it with a new one. No problems what so ever with their support. This unit is great for the size cups we wanted. It makes a louder sound initially than prior models when it heats the water but the resulting extra hot coffee is simply great. The clean see through design and engineering is what makes this better than most others i reviewed. I happen to be an engineer by education and wanted a well designed product with great customer support and parts availability when ever needed.

My husband and i love our fresh morning coffee, ground in a burr grinder and brewed at the perfect temperature to extract the maximum flavor from our beans. We just purchased our second phase brew coffee brewer. The first one still sits on the counter at our primary residence where we use it daily. The second one sits at our secondary residence. We use it daily when we are here. I have mixed feelings about this appliance. First of all, it does brew coffee at the perfect temperature. It makes the best tasting pot of joe i’ve ever had. But there are a couple of downsides.

I have used my bunn hg phase brewer for 8 months now and have really been pleased with this product. It is an unconventional looking coffee brewer and at 15 1/2 inches high it could present storage problems in some kitchens. I choose this model over the other bunn velocity models because i did not want to use more energy in keeping a 10 cup or more container constantly hot so that there could be ‘instant’ coffee brewing (in 4 minutes or less). With this model i grind and prepare my coffee the night before and use the convenient ‘auto start’ button to set the timer to start brewing in the morning at about the time that i wake up. It generally takes about 8 – 10 minutes to prepare hot, delicious coffee that is at just the right temperature. As other reviewers have mentioned it is somewhat noisy as it heats up the water prior to dispensing but i have come to actually enjoy the sounds which are then followed by the aroma of fresh coffee in the mornings.

I originally gave this coffee maker five stars, because it simply made what i can honestly call the best coffee i’ve ever had. Unfortunately, that was, to quote camelot lyricist alan jay lerner, ‘for one brief, shining moment. ‘ in less than a year, the heating element died, and bunn does not make any repairs on home coffee makers. The coffee maker was still under warranty, and i will give bunn credit for having an outstanding customer service team, but sadly they were no longer making this model. Apparently for americans on the go, 10 whole minutes to make a superlative pot of coffee was just too darn long, so bunn discontinued it. They did replace my phase brew with another of their models that makes a pot of coffee in 3 minutes, by keeping a tank of water at brewing temperature constantly, 24/7, a concept i’m not fond of. Worse, the replacement coffee maker does not make coffee as good as the phase brew, and i am nowhere near as enthusiastic with the final product as i had been. The customer service rep said she had heard that they might start making something comparable to the original phase brew in the near future, but that hasn’t happened yet. The one original phase brew maker amazon has lists at something like three times the price i originally paid, and since they conk out so quickly, it’s just not worth it. I hope all those fast-paced americans whose impatience spelled the death of this maker make good use of those 7 extra minutes they have gained.

After having this coffee maker for 2 month it failed. Nothing lights up on the display. When the ‘brew’ button is pressed, you can hear the click but the heating element never comes on. The phase brew makes good coffee when it works. Wish i had not recommended it to my friends now. Contacted bunn and they sent me a new phase brew before i sent them the broken one. They also paid for all shipping. Good companymay 2011 update: 2nd phase brew heating element failed may 10, 2011. Bunn sent me another new phase brew in two days. I still like this bunn coffee maker and the company.

I ordered this coffee brewer after reading other reviews online about it about how hot the coffee is and the good taste. My main goal for coffee is for it to be very hot which in my experience never happens with home coffee brewers. This phase brew is the hottest coffee i have made from a home coffee brewer but, in my opinion, i would like it even hotter, but, i know that is probably not possible. A lot of the reviews said that the coffee was strong but, i found it to be just regular and not strong which is fine. The carafe is as other reviewers stated two cups smaller than a regular size which fine unless you have company over or you drink more than four large mugs of coffee. A full carafe will make about 4 large mugs of coffee. The height is no problem as it fits under my kitchen cabinets. I did have a problem with it as the ‘clean’ message started coming on a week after i purchased it which meant i was supposed to clean the minerals, etc. So, even though it was one week old, i cleaned it and the light came back on.

Bunn Nostalgia Electrics RRF300DNCBLK 3 : Sparkly and Retro

Love the fridge but it had a few dings and dents when it arrived.

Beautiful overall appearance and function however we have been unable to get the cover to fit over the water dispenser on the front of the door. Had to drill a hole for the bottom screw to fit into but the side tabs don’t snap in to anything so it was not flush against door. This does not affect function but appearance. Will have to make more holes in door front for tabs (and hopefully not damage it) but my husband was too frustrated to complete and had to walk away.

Loved it for almost 3 years, then dead.

Great looking fridge, stays super cold. Ive used it about a year now. The dispenser on the front is perfect in the man cave for some some ice cold shots. The packaging it came in was poor as the back corner came severely dented and paint chipped. I was too lazy and impatient to return it so i just set it up where the corner faces away. Also, the metallic looking grip and dispenser cover are actually just cheap plastic so be careful putting them on as my dispenser cover broke while trying to snap it in place. Nothing a little crazy glue won’t fix, but hey i still felt it was a bargain as i love this thing.

  • Great funcionality, design. Mediocre materials
  • Sparkly and Retro
  • Awesome. Super quiet and can get VERY cold

Nostalgia Electrics RRF300DNCBLK 3.0 Retro Series 3.0-Cubic Foot Compact Refrigerator with Exterior Beverage Dispenser, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Adjustable thermostat dial control
  • Chrome dispenser w/ one-liter tank
  • Interior light
  • Freezer compartment
  • Ice cube tray

Purchased this for my husbands office all of his coworkers think it’s the coolest thing.

Bought at nebraska furniture mart for $78. Now i see what a steal that was. Easy to assemble and works great. I’m not using the water dispenser since i don’t like water and worry it’d be hard to keep clean. It’s in my office and i’ve gotten a ton of compliments.

Super quiet and can get very cold, we never have to turn it above setting number “3” to keep our sodas nice and cold.

The shipping was terrible and it came with bumps and scratches. The fridge works fine and it’s beautiful.

However back corner was damaged in shipping .

With this fridge in your room no way your not in a frat.

I’ll start out with saying this product is probably more of a 3. 5 star than 3 star, but it slides that way when forced to pick. I looked at a lot of mini fridges to give as gifts and kept coming back to this one due to its dispenser function. It’s unique, cool and useful at the sametime. The unit looks great from the pictures and it seems to be everything you’d want in a mini fridge (although the freezer i tend to think is a waste of space). But in reality it’s a lot cheaper than it should be (in a bad way). There’s a cardboard backing where the components are (what?), the “chrome” pieces are simply chromed plastic (really disappointing) and the overall design doesn’t lend any confidence in the company or manufacturing behind it. To add to the annoyances, whether it is the distribution company or the manufacturing company for their shoddy packaging, these things seem to come dented by default. I thought perhaps i’d be the exception to the rule but to no avail, there’s a solid dent in the side of the door. Fortunately it’s black and not noticeable.

Got this product boxed very nicely. Gets cold and stays cold like a normal frige. Be sure to consistently wash or rinse out liquid (water/juice) despenser.

I love his dispenser water, the red color, and i received it without scratches or damage. It’s a little noisy, and his components looks cheaper.

I’ve never used the water dispenser bit. But i guess it’s still nice to have.

BUNN Jack LaLanne’s PJEW Power Juicer Express : I didnt try it yet

Easy to use and effortless to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.

This is a fantastic solution for the starting juicer (which is me) or for anyone who would not require to make a great deal of juice at 1 time, like quarts or one thing (jack lalanne has a larger unit for that) i have experienced juicers in the earlier yrs ago and never acquired one more a person for the reason that they ended up always so loud you essential ear plugs. This device is truly whisper quiet and cleans up in a snap (especially if you put a bag in to catch the pulp). I actually have not problems. The only issue i would advise is cutting significant fruit into more compact pieces. The movies say you can insert a total (modest) apple at at the time but you truly won’t be able to. I just reduce my apples or pears into quarters and it operates a lot greater. You will not be sorry if you buy this device.

Jack LaLanne’s PJEW Power Juicer Express, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Non-drip spout
  • Special patented extraction technology
  • Extra-large round feeder accommodates most fruits and vegetables
  • Whisper-quiet 3600 RPM motor. Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
  • “>Trouble shooting guide

This is a fantastic merchandise, you can make your personal concoctions of any kind of fruit or vegetable. Because possessing it, we use it day-to-day and like it. It is a will have to have about the residence. Then only downside i can see by it, is how to clean up it, its not hard, it is some of the nooks and crannies are a challenge to cleanse.

I appreciate the juicer it self but. I really don’t like that the spout in which the juice will come out and into you glass is a terrific layout. There is a very little rubber piece that goes in the gap. I don’t know why they even have it. You would never ever want the juice heading by means of the hole. My pal has the exact same juicer but he spout is different. And essentially in advance of getting this juice i had acquired to other jack lalanne juicers and returned them mainly because they all had some slight improve a thing has been unique about every single juicer by the similar maker and i really don’t genuinely know what the objective of that is. But it does a great career just a good deal of function to clear up and with all juicers there is aot of waste from the fruit or greens.

I got my juicer very last week, and i’ve been juicing because then. I browse a great deal of evaluations about centrifrugal and masticating juicers before, and i made a decision to go with this one particular. I am not disappointed at this stage. The only purpose i am not providing it 5 stars is mainly because it is smaller sized than i anticipicated. I know the proportions have been posted but who actually seems at those people?. It appears just like the a person my girlfriend has and hers is significantly greater. Perhaps it would be beneficial if the sizing was notated somewhere in the description. Also, while juicing some carrots, it designed a bizarre sounds that did not audio very good. I am new to juicing with this style of device, so that may have been standard.

Jack LaLanne’s PJEW Power Juicer Express, White : I wish it would extract more juice, produce is expensive and it’s hard to shove $20 worth of produce in it when you lucky to extract half a gallon of juice. The pulp is quite moist unlike how it showed on the television advertisements.

Orders this as a xmas gift for my mothers and fathers. They have citrus trees at their wintertime home and have experimented with several diverse juicers with no luck. Straightforward to use (even with mom’s arthritis). It juices to nicely, the waste (peel, etcetera) is practically dry.

I juice after or two times a working day and in a minor more than a thirty day period the juicer plug that stops the juice from flowing ripped off so now i have to see what i can do about that. Also there are little chunks of regardless of what i am juicing that stop up in the bin, not guaranteed if i’m not juicing right but this hardly ever transpired to me with the older model of the power juicer so im hoping it is really a thing that is fixed in the potential.

Great juicer as my mother obtained me getting this brand name soon after many trials to others.

Jack, my new machine is attractive to look at, plenty of chrome and gleaming white, extremely thoroughly clean, and i have currently tried it out and it isa joy to use. It extracted the juice beautifully from my tomatoies (all i have tried using so much, it is new) and i made great pico de gallo withthe pulp. It came accurately the working day you claimed it would, very well packaged. Thank you so considerably for the assistance as very well as my juicer. If they had 10 stars, you would get them alljudy adamstexas.

I acquired this after my manager introduced his to work for a juicing day. This would make my daily life so much less complicated considering the fact that i have an ailment that can make it difficult to get hungry and don’t forget to try to eat. I use a saggy in the collector to make throwing away the unused things, other than that its from time to time a soreness to cleanse, but really worth it. Also has a basic safety perform so if its not collectively the right way it will not run.

I will not juice any longer and you can find a million of them out there now.

Juicing of fruits and greens is a basic principle that was released to me by mom and dad but reinforced by the documentary ‘fat, sick and virtually dead’. I wanted to consider get as a great deal minerals and nutritional vitamins into my system as probable considering the fact that my hectic job and university did not allow me to have the good nutrition. I was pleasingly amazed the 1st time i applied this juicer as it extracted all the vast majority of the liquid from carrots, tomatoes, kale and fruits. Considering that the fruits mask the flavor of the greens it is an effortless trick for mom and dad to feed their youngsters vegetables without the need of them figuring out it, because it simply tastes wonderful. Appear i fully grasp that a juicer is quite controversial and divisive software, some people today hate it other individuals adore it. I am component of the latter group because i feel that it is instrument that if applied wisely can adjust your life style and your kitchen area.

. I had an earlier design of this, and i like the more recent upgraded even improved. Less complicated to thoroughly clean, and performs terrific.

I bough this juicer for mum and she is very content with it. She actual experienced one before but to me it was a great deal of function feeding the vegetable as a result of but she enjoys working with it so who am i to test and alter the model she is used to.

Works fantastic and effortless to assemble‼️.

I at present very own a single juicer like this 1 but white and just a minimal even larger the high quality of the product is very fantastic i beloved it as soon as i started off to use it, so i resolved to get this just one for a gift and i was a little scared i waited way too lengthy to purchase and then i wanted to have it delivered by a certain date, anyways i took the chance knowing my shipping was no cost and i would have to wait any where between five to 8 days to my shock i only had to wait 2 times i was extremely happy when i received it, i hugely recomend this solution to anyone is really simple to cleanse and use and the glance of it is just pretty awesome.

Much better than the previos versión, additional straightforward to thoroughly clean ,to storage and much easier to assemble.

I would not be stunned if this juicer could get juice from a stone, it is highly effective, peaceful, and extracts massive quantities of juice. So considerably so that i have to place the juicer on a stand so i can get a huge ample glass less than the spout. four stalks of celery, two medium tomatoes, a handful of baby carrots and 1 lemon fill up a large mug. The breakdown is easy so retaining it cleanse is not a inconvenience, but do maintain it cleanse, it will carry out far better and previous extended.

I obtained my jack lallanne juicer, but i really don’t know if i ought to returned mainly because as you see in the photograph it says the identify ‘jack lalanne’ also in the textbooks. The product i acquired does not say that name any place, no in the juicer no in the textbooks.

I have been wanting a juicer for many years but the charge of a actually superior machine has prohibited me from acquiring one particular. I 1st saw jack’s when channel surfing and hitting on his data-mercial. It looked like a top quality product or service, silent, effortless to cleanse (only four sections) and rather styling design and style. I have experienced it for a few of months and it is huts as tranquil now as it was coming out of the box. I hugely endorse this juicer.

Also acquired in contact with me to make absolutely sure i was glad. I have had four jack lalanne juicers above the a long time, but i am not as happy with this one. It usually takes a lengthy time to get it in the ‘lock mode’ and also has no cup dispenser for the juice. The juicing it self is similar to the other kinds i experienced. So for the cost, i give it 5 stars.

BUNN BX Velocity Brew 10-Cup Coffee Brewer – Best Coffee maker and worth every penny.

This is the 4th bunn acquired in our loved ones. Shopper service is exceptional, even outside warranty time. Originals lasted 10 many years just before the heating aspect arrived unfastened. Could have repaired, but felt like time to upgrade. Only negatives you will working experience: the initially time you near the lid in advance of inserting the carafe beneath the lousy spout (thinking you are rapidly enough) you will make a mess. The other is you need to center the carafe below the spout. The heating pad is greater than the base of the carafe and will seat way too significantly in, likely making a mess. Place it all the way again, then pull towards you a quarter inch to half an inch.

Can’t say sufficient very good factors about this coffee pot. I’ve used and acquired bunn coffee makers in my offices in the earlier on the other hand have by no means bought a single for my household. Just after 3 coffee makers in as many decades i desired to get a person that i would very last. Bunn is not the most affordable manufacturer by any extend of the imagination. If you are a cost shopper bunn is not for you, if nevertheless you want a coffee maker that will last…you cannot go improper. One issue to notice if you have hardly ever owned a bunn although, they are distinct than your standard coffee maker. They brew rapid, incredibly rapidly but you have to go away the major swap on. Not the warm plate change on the front, that is for the coffee hotter only…that can and should remain off except you have coffee on. There is a next switch on the base side of the unit…. That stays on for all the bunns and retains sizzling h2o prepared to go.

I experimented with the very rated cuisinart fourteen cup, and then i returned it and acquired this instead. I like that this machine looks to have great longevity. It really is fundamental and very simple and i you should not need to have just about anything extra. This device at the very least serves as an always prepared electrical kettle for very hot water if i choose to make tea or use my french press, but also makes a very great pot of coffee if i really don’t want to acquire the time for the other approaches. I read through lots of assessments about the coffee grounds overflowing and that did come about to me when earning a pot of 10 cups and even eight cups. So, i examine the guide and it states that if you use great floor coffee or have delicate water (which we do) you will will need a diverse valve. They give you the # to simply call or the e-mail and you can ask for one which they send you speedily for no cost. I put in mine and haven’t experienced any much more challenges with overflowing. I would unquestionably advise this coffee maker.

This one is produced in the united states of america. We have utilised bunns for yrs and have been very contented with all of them. We use folgers vintage and master chef coffee from walmart, which are fairly coarsely ground, most likely. Made the very first 2 pots this early morning and had no spillover of the grounds, as many others have claimed. I when compared the h2o dispenser that allows drinking water out into the grounds with the a single from my outdated pot and they were equivalent. This leads me to consider that men and women acquiring overflow of grounds may possibly be working with pretty finely ground coffee. Bunn instructed me on the mobile phone that walmart retains their bunn filters with the coffee pots, not the coffee, must you be hunting for them there.

For all those of who expertise splashing coffee grounds within the funnel, i have a basic no-brainer answer for you as follows: location your floor coffee beans inside a person paper coffee filter—thereafter, place one more (two whole) vacant paper coffee filter on top rated of all those floor beans. One filter on base—then pour in your floor-beans—then put one more second paper filter on top rated of your floor beans. Insert your coffee funnel into machine and make coffee. The second empty coffee filter paper on major of the beans will avoid your ground beans from spraying upward all around everythingthere you have it, kids. It is the quickest coffee maker all around.

I purchased this in august of 2014 and it is continue to working as they stated it really should. It is utilised once day by day to brew a pot and on exceptional instances twice in a day. Supplied the pretty difficult drinking water exactly where i reside, it involves a good cleaning about every three-4 months. You can explain to when it desires a single, as it begins making heaps of sounds as it heats the cold h2o. I have had no troubles with this pot and to appropriate a little something i go through in an additional review, the pot pours just wonderful if you don’t suggestion it way too steeply at first. Getting experienced various difficulties with other brand names, i’ll stick with bunn so extensive as they make this form of good quality. It is really extra pricey than several some others, but it is effective. I went as a result of 3 kitchen-assist coffee pots in a year and a 50 percent. It’s pleasant to see high-quality is still readily available in the united states.

  • Great coffee maker, fast brewing, hot coffee.
  • Customer service is excellent, even outside warranty time
  • Good, but not like the older Bunns.

This is my first bunn device, i’ve utilized it for a 7 days now and i like it. The brew time is extremely quick, one-1. The coffee is incredibly hot and the style is terrific. A person of the features of this system is that you can brew a complete pot of coffee in about three minutes. The trade off for this ‘time saver’ is the reservoir that holds the h2o has to stay very hot which suggest that the device is plugged in and on all the time. (of study course you can switch the machine off and unplug it until eventually you use it again then wait 15 minutes for the reservoir to heat up to the appropriate temperature each and every time. ) i am pondering the trade off amongst owning coffee instantaneously vs. Working with the electrical energy to preserve the h2o scorching all the time. I would guess it is pennies not dollars additional to the every month electrical bill.

I procured the bunn bxb velocity brew coffee maker to substitute my outdated 1989 bunn which begun leaking at the bottom. My coffee pot was only a handful of several years more youthful than me and i cherished that thing. But, it was leaking so i considered it was completed for and ordered this bunn to swap it. The 1st two i obtained were both damaged or scratched so i sent them back. The third time was a charm while, due to the fact the 3rd a person that arrived wasn’t broke, scratched, or experienced everything else wrong with it that i could explain to. Also, no burning scent like other people today have experienced. Which is not regular imo and if you have that issue, i advocate sending it back again. We bought it established up and so significantly it’s functioning as a bunn need to. I would like to note nevertheless, that just after the initial established up, rather a little bit of h2o retained dripping from the nozzle.

Features of Bunn BUNN BX Velocity Brew 10-Cup Coffee Brewer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • When you want coffee now with a drip-free carafe
  • Pour-o-matic drip-free glass carafe eliminates messes
  • Brew ten cups in approximately three minutes. Vacation switch automatically turns heat off
  • Internal hot water tank keeps water constantly heated to optimal temperature
  • Brews 4 to 10 cups (20 to 50 oz) in about 3 minutes
  • Glass carafe and porcelain-coated warming plate with lighted on/off switch
  • Unique sprayhead ensures even, complete coffee flavor extraction
  • Stainless steel internal hot water tank keeps water heated to optimal brewing temperature of 200 degrees F
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

From the manufacturer

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

When you want coffee now with a drip-free carafe

Pour-o-matic drip-free glass carafe eliminates messes

Brew ten cups in approximately three minutes.

Internal hot water tank keeps water constantly heated to optimal temperature

Bunn BUN383000020 BX-B Sprayhead Coffee Maker – Love My Coffee Maker

I are not able to convey how a great deal i like this coffee maker. I have had the clocks, timers, etc. This is just a essential, no frills coffee maker that does the job and does the task good. I waited a thirty day period prior to writing a overview just to make certain i favored it. Use bunn filters, make certain the major is protected on the carafe.

Keeps warm and tastes like each individual cup is freshly. Brews coffee inside of minutes. Keeps warm and tastes like every cup is freshly brewed.

Terrific seller speedy deliverys have never ever experienced a broblem with them at all. Hey i have experienced 3 bunn coffee makers in my life i bought the very first, lasted 8 many years omg. My 2nd arrived from my mom -in-law who experienced a person in her home in the florida keys, we all know almost nothing in the keys lasts almost everything rusts so terribly but unhuh not this minor bunn it kept on a brewin for thirteen a long time which is a double omg. This is a new type for me with the steele tank it adds a little bit of class to the glimpse, will not you think. Hey it works great and i am just as excited to see how lengthy this tiny beauty will past. I received wonderful service and in unbeliveable time.

It really is slower than a seven 12 months itch. It really is slower than a 7 year itch. We have been bunn users for 18 several years, but this is our third bunn in two several years. And the plastic burn smell however solid right after a thirty day period.

This design changed a bunn coffee maker that we would had for rather some time. I was a little leery b/c reviewers experienced said that it leaked when pouring the coffee. But, if you place the lid on very carefully and tightly — it does not leak. Very delighted with this coffee maker. And, in the past, bunn has been wonderful about responding to any ‘glitches. ‘ i’m assuming they continue to are as responsive (must we need to have them).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It’s slower than a seven year itch. We have
  • how fast my coffee is ready love this also my burner stays on until i turn
  • Bunny is fantastic

Terrific coffee and straightforward to clean. 1st, the motives this is a keeper. It tends to make fantastic coffee, and swiftly. The carafe is stainless within and out, and keeps the coffee incredibly hot for at the very least a few of several hours. I won’t be able to envision it will at any time need to be replaced. The water tank is also stainless. The drinking water filler is accessible so this coffee maker is easy to set h2o into, and to cleanse. There is no way to measure drinking water, no calibrated marks or tubes so we have to measure with a marked h2o carafe. Future, we grind coffee fantastic, to a coarse espresso grind.

Cannot deny bunn tends to make the ideal coffee maker time period.

My hubby always complained mainly because i make coffee at four am from time to time, and most coffee makers will not hold it heat when he needs it at 8. And it won’t even have a warming ingredient beneath the carafe.Great for the price tag, as well.

Not same as picture, coffee pot opening to little for cleansing inside.

I have experienced numerous bunn coffee makers and love them all. It is speedy and successful and straightforward to clean up.

Next unit – the initially a person lasted 5 a long time. I make coffee day to day and enjoy it. Retains coffee scorching for at the very least two hours but have uncovered that it was however warm 7 hours later on. I can set it alongside one another and brew coffee in 5 minutes.

We are very delighted with our bunn. Had a person several a long time ago, forgot how excellent the coffee was and how rapid it brews. It will have a long lasting place in our house now.

Shipping took a little for a longer period than envisioned, but it arrived safe. The directions for use were really beneficial and effortless to follow. It is effective great & my wife commented on how good the 1st pot of coffee tasted.

How rapid my coffee is prepared love this also my burner stays on right until i change. How rapidly my coffee is completely ready enjoy this also my burner stays on until finally i flip it off , no more cold coffee.

Functions wonderful and fast when you need your coffee asap.

This is the greatest coffee maker i have at any time owned and i have. This is the very best coffee maker i have ever owned and i have applied numerous (cuisinart, brewmasters, krups ect,ect) the bunn wins hand down and its designed so perfectly it may perhaps outlast me thank you bob.

First bunn coffeemaker extremely amazed.

It brews fast and would make good very hot coffee. The best element is the thermal carafe definitely does the trick with keeping the coffee heat. The explanation why we were being in the market for a new maker was mainly because our old pot took so extended to brew and only create warm coffee. I am not sure why we did not obtain a superior pot sooner.

I’ve owned many coffee makers throughout the decades, but the bunn thermofresh coffee brewer is the only just one that helps make continually delectable coffee each time. Because the drinking water stays very hot, making a fresh new pot is super speedy. And for the reason that it does not have a warming plate, the coffee stays hot in the thermal carafe and does not build a burned taste. A high-quality products manufactured with thick stainless steel. We’ve savored our bunn thermofresh coffee brewer for above ten many years with out a trouble.

These are good coffee makers. These are excellent coffee makers. They are nevertheless created in canada and i understand there are no designs to improve that. This was a alternative for the identical model that served us nicely for many years. I generally figured when the 1st one died i would invest in a replacement and then buy the essential fix aspect for the initial 1. This way we will by no means skip a working day without a good cup of coffee. Tips to first time buyers use the bunn filters. They are higher than normal model filters. The pot brews incredibly rapidly and can splash about decreased filters and permit grounds between the filter and the holder. You can get a circumstance and have a life span provide at a huge cost savings.