Breville 800CPXL Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press : Five Stars

Easy to use no effort required. Snap out holder is should be easier to reassemble,but, still love the juicer.

This is the easiest citrus juicer we have ever used. My 8 year old son makes oj everyday.

Breville 800CPXL Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press with DVD

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  • Breville 800CPXL Bundle
  • includes Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press
  • and also Breville Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead DVD
  • The DVD is a $19.99 value and included at No Extra cost

It’s a really terrific machine – fast, easy to clean, with a sleek design. I hesitate to deduct a star; however, there is an issue with the top of juicer, which is attached to the lever. It pops off often, and it is hard to hold in place. The first model i received was damaged, and it looked like someone tied to force it in. I returned it and received a new model, which looked fine, but i soon found out why the first had been damaged. It is really hard to secure, and although extra rings are supplied, it is not a very sound system. Other than that, the juicer is brilliant.

We bought our first breville 800cplx 3 years ago after trying a cheaper brand that was underpowered and obviously going to burn out within a month or two (we returned it). We make fresh oj every day, and the machine has held up well. We just purchased a second one for our vacation home, so we don’t have to go without fresh oj. Works for oranges, grapefruit and lemons.

We have a dozen fruit trees, and needed a reliable machine that can handle the work loan.

Breville 800CPXL Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press with DVD : Great juicer but just too bad it’s made in china. We need more american made products.

Now, i have had this juicer for several weeks and i am pleased with it. Breville makes such good products.

This juicer is the cream of the crop. It is so easy to use and its fun as well. I bought this for my dad who used one of those press juicers that made his hand sore from the repetitive force he had to exert. This juicer takes care of that problem and then some. Hardly any pressure is needed and it gets everything. Takes about 5 seconds to do each half of fruit. It is pricey but i think its well worth the cost.

Love this and i would recommend it to anyone who wants perfect juice.

I removed one star because it comes only in 110 volts and i needed to buy a transfo to use it where am living (220 volts).

Wonderfull machine, operate with one finger, i feel happy made orange juice, excelent perfomance, it’s so better tha others that i bought.

. Just extra money for no reason.

So easy to operate and so easy to clean. I bought it for my husband and he loves it.

Love it now i make fresh orange juice everyday. Machine is high quality and easy to clean.

Works great and very high quality.

We bought this juicer four years ago when the arthritis in my hand just complained too much after using a black & decker juiceman which required pressure on the fruit to activate the machine. We have nine varieties of citrus trees (oranges to grapefruit) which provide two 14 ounce glasses of juice about every morning from early november until may. We also have a mayer lemon from which we put up five gallons of juice for lemonade during the summer (we live in tucson). I tell you those details because this breville probably does at least 800 fruits a year, plus the lemons. It could die tomorrow, and we would buy another the next day, but so far it has worked perfectly and i just push down on the handle without gripping anything. Why you need a dvd to figure out how to juice a fruit, i can’t help you with.

Works with grapefruit and even my small lemons.

It works well you do have to clean out the pulp a lot but it works not flimsy , don’t press to hard or there will be taste from the peel.

My 12 year old daughter uses it all the time. Definitely met my expectations.

Breville products are built to last and do the job they were designed to do. Easy to use, easy to clean up, and it looks nice on the counter so you are more likely to use it.

It’s fast and gets every drop. The tray catches all the pulp and it is so easy to clean .

We use it numerous times per month and it always does a great job. I would highly recommend it.

Breville 800BLXL Die-Cast Hemisphere 2-Speed Blender : I asked for something like a vitamix

When our lower-powered breville blender gave out after long service, we first replaced it with a vitamix, thinking that was the best of breed — wrong. We found the vitamix flimsy in feel and unstable during use, and returned it to get this breville instead. It is a delight – handles a wide variety tasks with great efficiency, and i love the automatic turn-off on the controls, so that you don’t have to stand there watching it.

Very pleased with the product. The jar is large, and easy to clean. Best of all, the machine is powerful, so making smoothies with frozen fruit is a breeze. Only strange feature is the smoothie function, that uses alternating blasts of power – to chop frozen fruit – but after 2nd time through the cycle, it ends up shooting the liquid up the jar, totally covering the inside of the lid.

Breville 800BLXL Die-Cast Hemisphere 2-Speed Blender with 67-Ounce Polycarbonate Jar

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  • 1000-watt blender offers push-button controls and 2 speed settings plus pulse
  • Extra-wide stainless-steel blades hug bowl to prevent food from being trapped
  • Stainless-steel and polymer motor helps eliminate friction and create quiet blending
  • Dishwasher-safe 67-ounce polycarbonate jar with measurement markings and leak-free lid
  • Measures 7 by 7-3/4 by 18-1/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

My brother is a serious cook so we tend to buy heavy duty equipment for him. This was the sturdiest blender we could find and he loved it from the start. He has used it numerous times over the past four years and it still performs as good as new. One star ratings because of perceived ‘pockets of air’ seem off-base to me.

I got this blender approximately a year ago after doing research and deciding i didn’t want to spend the money on a vitamix. Overall, i am pretty satisfied with the product and am happy knowing breville will stand behind their product. On the other hand, as other reviewers have said, there is a very obnoxious ‘air bubble’ problem that requires me to stop the blender constantly then shake and stir the contents. This makes making a smoothie a longer process than i’d really prefer. I’d say over 50% of the time i just take out my little magic bullet blender that gets the job done a lot quicker (albeit not as quietly as the breville).

I got this blender as a christmas present 2 years ago. I asked for something like a vitamix. I liked it immediately because of the power, how easily it chopped frozen fruit as my plan was to make frozen smoothies daily. I immediately determined that it was not as good as the vitamix because it did not totally break down greens in my smoothie but i still liked it for the price. Over time i started to notice that liquids would leak from the bottom. Now 2 years after having this blender it has gotten to the point that at least 2-3 ounces of liquid pour from the bottom during each use. This is disappointing because of course i am outside the warranty. Some reviewers have mentioned only removing the blade a few times a year, if i dont take the blade off at least every other use it smells. I think its poorly designed. Overall its been ok for 2 years but for the money i’d expect it to last longer.

Breville 800BLXL Die-Cast Hemisphere 2-Speed Blender with 67-Ounce Polycarbonate Jar : I have used it for shakes and smoothies and it really is efficient.

I love the one touch snow cone :).

The best blender i’ve ever owned.

This blender kicks a**my wife and i use the blender for smoothies and protein shakes, at least 2x-3x/day. We’ve burned our way through a couple of cuisinarts, and a few other lesser brands. This machine is rock solid, and crushes ice perfectly. Very easy to clean, and more importantly, very easy to take apart and put back together. Was a bit skeptical at first, given some of the reviews; however, we’re about a month into it and love this machine.

Every bit as good as a the ‘big money’ models, at 1/3 the price.

I’d not expect that it’s so quiet but mine one has different color of jar and buttom.

I have had this blender for over two years, i have also had the vitamix 6300 during a 30 day trial period and i would have kept it if i could justify the price and considering my breville could do most of the stuff the vitamix could do with some patience and time. Below are pros and cons and my honest review. Powerful 1000w motorbacked by breville, a well known company with a great reputation. Programs do what they are supposed to do. Options for blend, smoothie or ice (auto pulsate)lightweight yet durable container. Purchased for less than $200, half the price of a basic vita-mix. Easy to disassemble for deep cleaning. Replacement jugs and blades are cheap and can be easily purchased from breville. Cons:metal plating tends to peel, would love to be able to restore it.

This literally crush ice to powder awesome blender.

I have been trying to find the perfect blender for smoothies and some lighter duty kitchen work. It’s the best blender i have ever used. I was concerned that it would be super noisy with such a powerful motor, but was pleasantly surprised that it made no more noise than a standard blender. It was a breeze to use, crushes ice easily and cleans up easily. Highly recommend this model. Few things in life are ever worth what you pay for them these days, but breville has made a wonderful product here.

I got this blender for christmas and i love it. Obvious good quality and performs flawlessly. I love the very simple settings, which are automatically programmed to pulse correctly. Much easier to use than standard blenders with a zillion small buttons. I don’t know what to think about the user who’s blender ‘blew up’ and the user whose blender motor failed; i will report back if that happens to me. I have read the entire instruction manual; it does warn not to process heavy loads longer than 10 seconds. Any blender motor will burn out eventually under those circumstances but it’s always possible a couple of lemons made it through the manufacturing process. I hope that isn’t the case with this product.

I am very satisfied with this blender. The motor is very powerfull. The sharp blades crushes ice in no time at all. However it is taller than expected. The pull hole on the top brings it to the hight of my upper cabinets. Love the fact my smoothies come out perfect every time. Make sure not to over fill the jar. To much capacity may cause the lid to blow or over heat your motor. Had to unplug the blender and pore some out before starting again. The controls all light up at once and begin to flash; letting you know there is a problem. Saftey button on the blender and the breville juicer are great features. Had to use it on my juicer to turn it back on after a few minutes. After an automatic shut down.

I bought this blender to make vegatable smoothies. I find i can blend everything i put in it. I guess maybe the vit-a-mix may be better for some things but this works very well for my needs and the cost wasn’t out of the ball park.

The lid was too difficult to remove for my wife. Did an ok job chopping ice, but not smooth enough for our tastes.

Looks good work fine so far.

You wont be disapointed with this blender. I have tryed many others over the years and will testity of its quality. It has blended dozens of fruit smoothies for a year now with no problems.

This blender, quite simply, exceeds all of my expectations. Admittedly, i didn’t purchase mine from amazon. Com because sur la table offers me a substantial discount on all my purchases which comes in below amazon’s price and i don’t have to wait for shipping. I use my breville hemisphere daily to blend a healthy protein shake for my family’s breakfast comprised of a variety of powdered supplements (no chemicals or artificial anything, things like protein powder, powdered peanut butter, powdered super-food, true cinnamon (not cassia), etc. ), uncooked organic oatmeal, raw eggs, and almond milk. My last blender, a just-ok cuisinart cbt-500 i bought years ago before i knew better, routinely left me with ice chunks, bits of oatmeal, and the like. This blender delivers a perfectly smooth and velvety shake with hardly a trace of oatmeal, nothing else distinguishable aside from great taste, and especially no ice chips. Although i haven’t yet used it to blend anything else (we use our breville sous chef for the bulk of our food ‘processing’), i am betting i’d be highly impressed. Oh, and this blender is *very* quiet.

I’m writing this review because of my dismay at what some negative reviewers wrote. I’m not confident they have this blender. I bought mine 3 years ago and love it. I use it five days a week to make a breakfast drink of various cut frozen fruit and milk and i make frozen cocktails a couple times a month. This is one of the most powerful blenders on the market. All blenders are loud, but the pitch of the ‘whir’ is deeper than other blenders i’ve owned. First: it is beautifully designed. Without any effort, you just set the jar on the base and push a button and that’s it. You have nothing to line up or twist to lock; just set it down on the base. No worries about it falling over or the bottom falling out and spilling everything. No particles get stuck under the blades and there are no places for particles to get stuck inside the jar/blade mechanism. It is heavy and sturdy on the counter with thick rubber feet. It doesn’t ‘migrate’ at all.

Breville BBL605XL Remanufactured Hemisphere Control Electric Blender : Excellent blender

After using the breville, i have no idea why i wasted all of my time with cheap blenders. This blender has all of the bells and whistles. We made smoothies and i love the fact that it has a timer and goes through the various speeds on it’s own. Our margaritas were also great with crushed ice that was perfect.

Rated top of the line by americas test kitchen. This blender is rated up there with the quality and durability of the high speed blenders costing over $500. I enjoy mine most every day. See test kitchens video review.

00 does and and you don’t have to use some kind of stick to be sure it all gets blended.

The first one i recd didn’t work right so i returned it and amazon sent the replacement before i even got the malfunctioning one in the mail. Thanks to amazon, the return was easy and i love the blender.

  • Great way to improve one’s diet
  • Maybe this one will make my husband happy!
  • Great Blender

Breville BBL605XL Remanufactured Hemisphere Control Electric Blender

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    by entering your model number.
  • Permanent Hemisphere Bowl and Blade System with central blades that draw down what’s on top and wide sweeping blades hug the bottom of the jug
  • Electronic 5 speed control plus PULSE electronic controls ensure that the RPM speed is maintained for consistent results every time
  • Made from BPA-free, lightweight, superior clarity and shatter resistant Eastman Tritan copolyester
  • LCD timer counts up on speed settings and down for pre-programmed settings for complete control when blending
  • Illuminated buttons for clarity and ease of reading

My wife uses it every day where it breaks down ice and frozen fruit to make sports drinks. It works wonderfully for the task. The first one he had did break down after 4 years of daily use but i really feel like we got our money’s worth given the high number of hours we put on the device. So we bought another of the same type.

Highest ratings from cook’s illustrated. Its footprint is smaller than the vitamix and it’s not as noisy. Very well made with an elegant design. Since it’s “refurbished,” i also bought the square trade guarantee to protect my purchase. My husband hated the vitamix. It has only two speeds, is loud and finicky. The capacity of the container wasn’t large enough for him to make orange juice. The breville definitely has all the features he wants.

I highly recommend the remanufactured breville. It works great and has an excellent price. I have told family and friends to go and buy.

Does everything it should, from soup to nuts.

I bought this specifically for making smoothies, because the blender we had was cheap and doing a terrible job. After a lot of researching, this seemed to be the only viable candidate that wasn’t a blendtec or vitamix. I’m sure there are some advantages to the more expensive blenders, but this was has been great. The different settings and auto-blend modes work really well, the counter is handy, and the motor seems good enough to stand up to just about anything.

This refurbished breville blender arrived in like new condition and perfect working order. The only reason a previous owner might have returned it is the slight burnt insulation smell it produces after about 25 seconds at high speed. Others have mentioned this with this and other brands of power blenders. This smell does not concern me because the breville is putting out an intense amount of instant torque from a powerful electric motor. I bought the breville to produce green smoothies and it does a spectacular job at turning a big handful of greens, frozen fruit, protein powder, ginger root, ice, yogurt, and some fruit juice and water into the major component of a really fun meal. I have even used broccoli in the mix and the breville did a good job at pulverizing it although greens are a better choice. Rather than going on a diet, i am working to change my eating habits, which is easy with these great smoothies. The unit has only three components: the lid, the pitcher, and the base. With the rounded pitcher bottom, it blends every scrap and is easy to rinse after use. The blades are attached to the pitcher and are not removable.

With much hesitation, i finally replaced my oster blender with this one. I did a significant amount of research on blenders because, after 18 years of using an oster, things have changed a lot. I tried to limit the amount of computerized parts to my products as it tends to increase the potential for costly repairs or replacement. There is still something to be said about manual or analog items. I reviewed many different kinds of blenders before making a purchase, but my main purpose was for smoothies. I don’t really care about mixing drinks or crushing ice. My maiden voyage with the blender was not successful: i made my typical smoothie recipe too think for the blender to handle, and i needed to occasionally turn it off and stir it–something that i had to do with the oster. I adjusted the recipe a little the second time, and it was too runny, but i didn’t need to stir it. The motor is very powerful and quiet when i use it for just cleaning.

I’ve used this product on a daily basis for almost 2 month now. It has 6 month warranty, but not from breville though. Warranty is from a third-party company that performs the refurbishing (with a breville licence obviously).

Good and we daily use it very light weight. Better than the 600 model but priced little higher.

If you want to make a snowball in summer then just fill it will ice cubes and let it do the rest.

Wife loves the breville rm-bbl605xl. It has been a performance machine, and the family likes watching the way this machine breaks ice down. It has not been a problem, from set up and running the first time, to the 16th set of smoothies that we have made. I would have paid full price for it in a heartbeat had i know how great this machine would have been. The over-heat protection feature hasn’t even been needed yet, but we haven’t let our children touch it yet.

I bought this blender after watching an episode of “americas test kitchen” where they review blenders in their equipment corner. This blender was the second place winner after the vitamix with similar performance at half the price. Refurbished but still covered by manufactures warranty for one year i highly recommend this blender. Unique domed base of blender keeps ingredients flowing giving you smooth results every time. I use this blender 3 times a week for smoothies and less often for daiquiri’s and always impressed with the results. Many different settings and modes. I love the loop in the power plug it makes unplugging effortless, should be one on every plug. Also love cord wrap base that hides extra cord. Best blender at this price on amazon can’t go wrong. All other blenders at this price range don’t blend smooth all foods and will leave you chewing your smoothie, just read the reviews.

I own an older vitamix and use it regularly to blend kale, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables for a green drink base which i freeze. I was using an oster blender to mix up this base with protein powder and other goodies for the actual drink. The oster was loud and lame. I bought the breville after reading some reviews and i am thrilled. I haven’t used it to grind vegetables though i’m sure it would. I just love the way it handles the mix i put in it. It is efficient, relatively quiet, very sturdy, easy to clean, attractive and i just like using it. It’s motor isn’t as powerful as the vitamix but it is quieter and compared to the oster it is fun to use. It is a well designed machine.

This blender does everything. It has a digital timer to which runs so you know exactly how long the machine has been running. Thats a feature i don’t think i have seen on any other blender. You can just press the ‘smoothie’ function button and it goes automatically through the different settings needed to give you a perfect smoothie. I highly recommend this product and getting one that is factory re-certified saved me about $60.

I’ve been using the blender since september. I’m not sure if this is normal, but the blender makes a high pitched squealing sound when it is under any kind of load (1c water,. 5c milk, 1c blueberries, 2c spinach). It otherwise blends well, but i’m afraid to blend anything with more consistency than a liquid. I’m under the impression that i will have to utilize the 6 month warranty period.

This is a refurbished unit but it looks or operates like a new product off the shelf. High quality all the way, it’s powerful, and does a fantastic job with whatever i have used it for. I’ve owned it for about 1 1/2 years now and have never had a problem with it. This was a great buy on an awesome blender.

This blender has abour 6 settings for every type of blending but what i use it for is smoothies and i like the pulse setting. It has 2 blades in the bottom, one for pulling what is on the top down to the bottom and the other is on the bottom to make sure your concoction is well blended with no chunks. I must say that i have never had a really nice blender and i thought that chunks were normal.

I purchased this blender in june, and i am really happy with my purchase. I’ve been making smoothies everyday, and i am very pleased with the blender’s ability to thoroughly blend kale, apples, oats, mangoes or whatever i put in to make a truly smooth smoothie. I purchased this after i saw the review of it on america’s test kitchen. The six blades and curved bottom of the blender are key to making this blender work as well as it does.

Breville USA BEM600XL Handy Stand Mixer – Great little mixer

After trying two stand mixers, both long standing well known brands, and having them break upon 2nd or 3rd use, i decided to go with an unknown. This mixer is light weight and easy to use. The two motor concept is new to me but i easily adapted. I have used it almost every day since i received it and have no complaints. I have used it both as a stand mixer and as a hand mixer. I find the design of this mixer to be very well thought out. The added timer on the digital speed display is a bonus. I will note that the digital speed display is difficult to see when one is short.

Everything has a quality appropriate to the price range. No glaring faults except perhaps the noisy bowl rotate motor. The mixer it’s self is quiet and powerful. The boost button cleans clogged beaters without fuss or slinging batter everywhere.

Looks very nice and work great. Easy to use easy to clean love that it detaches from the base to become a hand mixer. I also love the turning mixing bowl. The only beef i have with it is that i paid $16 more than what is being advertised now. If you need a reasonable mixer grab this. Here are the specifications for the Breville USA BEM600XL Handy Stand Mixer:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Fully Detachable Hand Mixer
  • One motor drives the beaters while a second independent motor drives the bowl, allowing power to be put where it is needed
  • Heavy-duty V-groove spring loaded beaters with patented soft tips ensure excellent mixing results
  • Electronic load sensing for heavy mixes
  • BPA Free Materials

I gave it only 4 stars since i gave it as a gift and haven’t used it personally. It has many nice features: the timer, the protection on the end of the beaters, the slight flare of the bowl that makes it easier to add ingredients while mixing, and of course being able to use it as a hand mixer. If my current mixer breaks i will buy one for myself. I did read that some thought it was too loud. I did check for that before giving it away and it seemed fine to me.

Why isn’t the name ‘breville’ better known?. I suppose those who are serious about quality are aware of it – as i have become. Since acquiring this mixer, i have developed the habit of baking something every week, my favorites being biscuits and scones whose heavy batter would be a challenge for a less well-built unit. I have even started making cakes (no frosting) and am looking for other excuses to use this mixer. It has a solid feel, is easy to use and takes up minimal space when not being used. My other breville product is a convection / toaster oven which is used on a daily basis. When the plug got jammed against the wall and the cord became pinched, creating a short-circuit problem, breville replaced the entire unit with a re-manufactured unit – that is as good as a new one. I plan on buying another breville product in the near future – a food processor.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • please know this is nothing like a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and there really is
  • Terrific mixer for those who want a lighter, smaller, detachable machine!
  • mixer for only a short time but I am amazed at its mixing capabilities

I wanted a kitchen aid, but they are so heavy i wouldn’t be able to move it off of my countertop when not in use. This mixer is much lighter and much less expensive, ​and i am quite happy with it. It was also the only brand of mixer i liked with a detachable hand mixer.

I do a fair amount of cooking using this and i love that it separates to be a handheld mixer as well as stand mixer. The lock in bowl is wonderful too as other stand beaters i’ve had in the past did not offer this feature. It works great, only thing lacking is a mixing paddle, but a hand scraper and the beaters and dough hooks included all work perfectly. The choice of various speeds with the boost is a good feature as well. I definitely recommend this appliance.

I had a kitchen aid professional mixer and hated it. This breville mixer is perfect. Easy to use, easy to clean, not heavy like the kitchen aid. I also like that i can detach the mixer from the base and use it as a hand mixer. I would highly recommend this mixer.

I previously used a hand mixer with mixed results(no pun intended). I cooked a pound cake, using the breville. I do not know if it was expertise on my part, but i give credit to the new mixer. My cake was perfect, and i received many compliments. I am totally satisfied with the product. It is not too heavy, just right. I would recommend this to anyone who do not want to purchase or use the heavy duty mixers.

Great for mixing medium to light weight batters. Love the offset bowl which is super for adding ingredients without stopping the mixer or making a mess. This mixer reminds me of my mother’s old mix master which we used for years. Probably not the mixer for lots of heavy mixing chores but for cookies, pancakes, crepes, etc.

It is heavy duty enough to be an investment, not a disposable appliance. I like the settings, easy to use and clean and best of all it is quiet. I don’t feel the need to get ear plugs to use it.

If you do a lot of heavy baking, please know this is nothing like a kitchen aid stand mixer and there really is no substitute. However, if you’re looking for something less heavy duty this fits the bill. I needed a new hand held beater and when i saw this, i liked the fact that you could use the beater independently or attach it to the base for jobs that require several stages of mixing. It’s hands down the best hand held beater i’ve used and i have had cuisinart and kitchenaid beaters in the past. It has 12 speeds and the 1st speed is very low, which is nice when beating in dry ingredients so they don’t get blown out of the bowl. It’s also nice how the speed increases slowly and speed 12 is very powerful. I’ve used it in the stand several times and it’s just not that great at mixing the contents of the bottom of the bowl. For example, when i’m done mixing i stir the ingredients around and right in the center of the bowl at the bottom there are unmixed ingredients. It just takes a bit more work to mix that part up by hand. That being said, some hand held mixers can be upwards of $100 and not as good as this one and you get the option of attaching it to a base, which i think is a great deal overall.

Mixer has excellent power and good mixing capability. Offset of blades in mixer bowl makes for less having to scrape sides. Does good job of scrapping bottom. A little noisey on the metal bowl, so i gave it one star less. Hight recommend for everyday mixinng uses.

I used to have the big heavy kitchensid mixer. If only it had all those nice attachments. But this is a very good product, i’ve never been disappointed with a breville products.

Had plenty of power for mixing cookie dough, blades easily unsnapped for cleaning (licking), and smaller mixer size was a plus in my tiny kitchen.

I was searching for a mixer that is lighter and took up less room than a kitchenaid. It is especially good for apartment dwellers with smaller kitchens. The mixer part separates from the stand so it can be used as a hand mixer. This makes it very easy to store. The blades are powered by a motor and the stand is powered by a separate motor which makes the bowl go around. It has many speeds which are electronic and high and low. It does an excellent job on all types of batter and whipping cream and egg whites. The breville mixer is made in such a way that it is easy to clean. There are few ‘nooks and crannies’ where batter can lodge.

Works great, but it is noisy. Makes great breads, cookies, frosting and cakes.

I received this mixer for christmas from my son and i totally love it. I am retired, and at the place where i no longer want to stand in place mixing ‘forever’, and this little guy does the mixing for me . It’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t ‘kill me’ when i take it down from the shelf. Yet it is very sturdy on the counter top when mixing anything. Yes, maybe the mixing blades do have some extra little parts that help to get the sides of the bowl mixed, but, all you have to do is soak them while you are cleaning up the kitchen, and viola. It amazes me how many women complain about how difficult things are to clean. In my day, we called it ‘use a little elbow grease’ you will be very happy with this little mixer. Especially you retirees that are tired of standing.

It was given as a christmas gift for my aunt, whose broke. It was ver4y difficult finding a removable hand mixer.

This machine is easily stored and still powerful enough to knead pizza dough. I have used it on several different things and it preformed well both as a hand mixer and a stand mixer.

The twin motor system where one motor drives the beaters while the second motor drives the bowl, what a cool idea. But unfortunately the experience shows that usually all those cool ideas fall short on execution so i can tell you honestly that i was rather skeptical ordering this mixer. To my pleasant surprise with this cool idea breville delivered on the execution as well. This mixer does very well everything advertised and i am sure that it would be very useful addition to anyone’s kitchen and you do not even have to buy separately a stand mixer and a hand mixer because it has both of them in one.You can use it as a stand mixer or just as a hand mixer if needed, because it has completely detachable hand mixer. However, i have to say that even though, the motor which drives beaters is nice and quiet, the motor which drives the bowl is noisy, but it can be turned off independently if not needed. Also i think this mixer would be perfect if its beaters would be made out of stainless steel with no possibility to rust.

Breville BHM500RXL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer : Just what I imagined

This is the best hand mixer i’ve owned in years. My last one broke where the one beater went in (plastic casing) and all i was mixing up were chocolate chip cookies. This is a powerful mixer, well made and easy to use. Some reviews had stated it was too powerful even starting out on the 1 setting. I don’t find that to be true on my part, but to each ones’ preference. Am very glad i purchased this and love using it (which is quite often). You just can’t find well usa made and durable hand mixers in the stores anymore.

Got this to replace a lesser quality hand mixer. Works ok, but replacing it because one of the beater gears stripped out. This mixer’s controls are a bit awkward for larger hands – i frequently changed speeds without wanting to, since the lower and upper speed buttons were too close to my grip. Ejector button also a bit tight (got to push hard to eject the beaters).

Breville BHM500RXL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 16 speeds for light mixing to high speed whipping
  • Backlit lcd with timer function
  • Non tip heel rest
  • 200-Watt Twin Beater Action
  • Includes two flat beaters, one wire whisk, and two dough hook attachements

I do a lot of baking and this is the best mixer i have ever owned. It is worth the money and the 16 speeds helps so much.

I wanted a mixer that would be reliable,so i read all the mixer reviews and picked the breville. It has a lot of power,so it should be reliable,but it really has no low speed. If you add dry ingredients to your bowl,you might get them all over you. I like the fact that it is digital and it is easy to hold. It is great for heavy batters,but be sure to keep it down in the bowl.

Difficult to eject the beaters. While using it to make icing it started sounding funny then stopped. I tried it later on and it worked fine while not mixing anything but when added ingredients to the bow, it quit again. I will try it once more before giving up. I need a dependable workhorse with the holiday season upon us. I’m beginning to think these applicances are not meant to hold up to the workload. I like to cook/bake so i need something that will do it justice.

Breville BHM500RXL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer, Red : How many times has the recipe called for you to beat for two minutes and you’re not sure when you started. This mixer actually times it. Love the different beaters that come with it. Plus it is not too heavy to hold.

It is very sturdy compared to others i have had. It is very difficult to eject the beaters.

It is a good mixer for the price, although i dont think i would buy it again since the first speed setting is way to fast for what i like. Also it isnt the greatest mixer when using it for dough as i can feel the motor has a hard time mixing with pizza dough for example.

I had a mixer that lasted me about 11 years, when it died i tried another one of a same or similar brand and i went through 3 more in a short amount of time. I wanted one that would last a long time again. I have had this mixer for a couple of months and have used it many times. I love how many settings it has and it has a guide printed on the mixer so if it is a stiffer dough you don’t put the mixer too high. The low is lower than some of the other mixers i have used, which is nice because then in doesn’t cause a cloud of dust when mixing in flour or powdered sugar. I have not tried it with bread dough, i use my bigger mixer for that, but i have done many other less stiff doughs.

Still noisier than i had hoped for. I love the whip attachment, it is awsome for whipping cream.

I’m really impressed with this mixer. Not only does it look great, but it’s hands down the best mixer i’ve ever owned. From whipping cream to cake mix batter, to egg whites, this does a superior job and has become my culinary workhorse.

I owned this mixer for well over a year now and all i can say is wow. Had not heard of this brand before finding it on amazon so i browsed the reviews and decided to take a chance on it.

This is an attractive mixer that works well. I love the fact that it has a turbo button for an extra push of speed. The digital window is clear to see with a timer that is a great feature to use. It does take a little effort to pull out the beaters, but not a big deal to me. This mixer comes with dough hooks, whisk and regular beaters. I only wish this had a retractable power cord, recommended.

I chose this mixer because of the color and the reviews it received. I used it to mix chocolate chip cookie dough and it lasted through the whole process without slowing down or smoking. It fit well in my hand and was not overly heavy. I’ve used my mother’s 25 year old hand mixer for the last several years. It still runs, but i’m glad to switch to the breville now. The old one never made it through the whole cookie dough process.

So far, i am happy with this mixer. I dont think it is too loud and it stands and stores nicely. I like having a whisk attachment along with the bread dough hooks, although i have not used them yet. There is a lot of power for big jobs with all the settings. The built in timer is a nice feature. No more setting the timer on the microwave or looking at the clock. I feel confident in the breville name and believe this mixer wil last a long time.

This was the perfect alternative to a stand mixer. I don’t do alot of serious baking, but needed something more substantial than an average hand mixer. This fit the need perfectly .

Worked ok for less than a year. Nice mixer, not as much power and torque as expected. Electronics stopped working properly. When the high speed was pressed it would only work sporadically. Same thing started happening with regular speed functions. Progressively got worse and worse till became unreliable. Called breville and was told it was passed warranty period. Offered to sell me one with 20% discount from them. A bit of an insult as you can by it even cheaper than that on amazon.

I have several breville appliances and am very pleased with them all. When my old hand mixer died i was pleased to find that breville has a hand mixer. I like its wide blade standard beaters (some hand mixers don’t feature these any more). I haven’t used the dough hooks, but the whisk makes wonderful whipped cream and meringue. I especially like the flat base. No more hanging the beaters over the bowl edge while adding ingredients. It has nothing to do with the mixer’s great performance, but i do love the red color. Breville has another winner.

The lcd display for speed and timing seem stuck on 16 and 01:27 no matter what i did. The booklet said nothing about a display sticker that you must first peel off. D’ohthe beaters did not self-eject. The booklet seemed to imply that pressing the eject button would release the beaters and it does but they don’t fall out. I had my old beater for 30 years and have had two high-end replacements which i returned for various reasons.

Bought this for my sister as a christmas gift. I decided to go with breville because they have way more power than kitchen aid. I am on my 3rd kitchen aid hand mixer in 5 years – the only reason i go back is because its replaced due to warranty. After buying a breville blender and having great success i decided this was the way to go for my sister. There is so much power and it mixes like a champ. No need for a stand mixer, this one will do it all. Now i have to break down and buy myself one.

Bought as gift for daughter. She enjoys cooking a lot so we also gave her a 1hp kitchenaid. She actually likes the breville better.

I choose this five star because that is what this is five stars, mixed a heavy heavy batter of oatmeal cookies and fresh apple cookies and no problem with this mixer so far. Mixed my heavy dough that i usually have to mix by hand and never even had to turn this way up, doesnt seem to have a problem with any mixing so far. Looks great and cleans up very easily. The only little thing is the turbo power button i have hit and had to change the way i control the mixer, other than that, love this mixer and would highly recommend to family and others.

Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker, Feature rich, but small concerns

I bought this brewer about 4 months ago…we are a bit of coffee snobs and thought $$$=:):):). Well, i now have very mixed reviews. We knew this going in, but at 0400 everyone but the deepest of sleepers will awake to the loud 60+ sec loud full pot grind. #2 grounds overflow: i think the design should have a deeper/bigger basket because it is almost always overflowing/messy when you even take the basket out to dump. Too afraid to find out if i actually added a paper basket (when i use pre-ground)=huge overflow. Not always, but sometimes…haven’t been able to completely figure out why some days and not others (we ~90%/time use whole beans + grinder) #4: 12 cups water = mess. We only fill to 11 cups because whenever we fill to 12, it makes an overflow mess all over the counter. #5: coffee in the carafe stays hot consistently for about 2 hours+ (without the ‘hot rinse’).

I have had this coffee pot 6 months and really like it. The only downside isthat it took several days to figure out how to get it to work and about a month until i got the adjustments made to produce my perfect cup of coffee. I love the fact that i can use fresh beans or put in ground coffee. I have even made adjustments so i can throw in a little ground flavored coffee while still using the grinder. Having room to use a travel mug is great too. The customer service is superior. When i tried to clean it as suggested, some part would not open for cleaning. I called cs, they had me make some tests and when they were sure it was defective, told me to pack it up and return it and they’d send me a new one. They promptly sent me a brand new one as soon as they received my return.

Bought this to replace a melita grind and brew, and i’m really glad i did. It makes a good coffee, and allows you to select the strength of your brew. I’m using paper filters instead of just the gold-tone basket that comes with it because i found there were grounds in the bottom of the cup with out them. The single cup brewing option works quite well too;; in addition to strength of the brew, you can select how long it steeps and make a perfect mug of coffee. Some other people have complained that they use too much coffee, but i find that i make a smaller pot for first thing in the morning then make a single mug after breakfast if i want another cup. I’m using less coffee because i used to make a larger pot and often threw part of it away. It’s a little fiddly to get set up like you want, but read the manual; everything you need to know is in there.

Key specs for Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brewing system doses the right amount of coffee with the right amount of water while heating water to the optimum temperature
  • Built-in 0.5-lb bean hopper and integrated burr grinder
  • Carafe’ setting with brew pause feature and makes up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Single Cup’ setting from regular to extra-large cup size
  • Adjustable strength settings

Comments from buyers

“Conceptually a great idea, but in practice does not live up to expectations
, Life changing (ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration)
, Simply fantastic

So far this coffee pot seems like a winner. The coffee tastes great and the grinder functions as expected. The unit determines how much coffee to grind based on the cups you’re brewing. I knew it was on the bigger side of coffee pots though i was surprised by how tall it is. Measure the height of the unit for the space you have. Not really that much wider than your average coffee pot. The custom options are great. You can select the brew strength. You can also fill the water reservoir to the top though brew the number of cups you desire.

I received my youbrew yesterday and brewed my first cup this morning. My first impression is good. I selected ‘strong’ and can already tell i need to bump it up to ‘intense’. From other reviews i expected the grinder to make some noise. I didn’t think it was that bad though. I have their espresso machine and it makes the same amount of noise. My only new complaint has to do with the one-cup setting. When you use a cup, it doesn’t come like a shirt size (small, medium, and large). Typically the cup is labeled with how many ounces it will hold. I used a 16 ounce cup and went down 2 notches on the size, knowing the max size is 20 ounces. I chose poorly and coffee poured over the top. So why not choose the number of ounces you want?i’ll add more as i go along. . *******update*******i have had the youbrew for several days now. I am very pleased, however, it has caused me to rethink my coffee mug collection.

Firstly, the idea behind this brewer is nearly perfect. Grind, preheat water to correct brew temp, bloom the grounds (steep grounds before extraction), brew. The execution is where things fail. Here’s a listing of good and bad within each step. At first i thought i may have been doing something wrong, and just needed to ‘dial in’ the machine. But, after spending 3 hours of time playing with it the other night, i still cannot get consistent or desired results. My primary desire for this machine was to have an automatic machine that will produce a cup of freshly ground/brewed coffee first thing in the morning. During other times of the day i make coffee with other methods (press pot, pour over/chemex, clever coffee dripper)for reference, i am using mix of columbian supremo (city+ roast) and starbucks verona and yukon blend. 1) grinding – uses flat burr grinder.

To be fair, i have only had this coffee maker for a month. The being said, i absolutely love it. The amount of customization that is possible, is wonderful. The ability to make 6 cups of coffee, and still have 6 cups of water in the reservoir for the next day is a huge time saver. I usually make 2 cups for me in the morning, and just take 4 to work. I use paper filters, but it does come with a gold mesh basket. I also really like the ability to make a single cup, and have a range of coffee mug sizes to choose from. The only thing i am a bit disappointed with, is that you have to continually program the machine when you want it to come on and start making coffee automatically. It’s not set it and forget it. Not a big deal, but it’s the only drawback.

So i rarely write reviews, however felt it necessary to share my absolute love of this coffee maker. We previously had the capresso team which lasted a good 6 years, a wonderful coffee maker untill it just stopped working several weeks ago. I did my due diligence and researched every coffee maker with a grinder out there. I was tempted to just go back to the capresso, but read reviews that were not flattering about the newer versions. The breville had the best reviews out of many, the biggest complaints seemed to be noise with the grinder and other strange malfunctions. We decided to take the leap and get it and couldnt be happier. This blows the capresso out of the water, from the taste of the coffee to the little things like the ridges in the carafe spout that make the liquid flow out without any spillage. While the grinder is a little noisy, its a grinder people i dont know what people expect, it not as loud as the capresso for sure. When i first got it i was afraid it might be complex from the looks of it but its literally point and click, you just add beans and pour the water in, select the strength, press start and boom wonderful coffee. Just a wonderful machinepros: well designed, great coffee, easy to use despite looking complex, easy clean up, easy pouringcons: takes more beans than most.

I have used another major brand of grind and brew coffee maker for a few years. . Or i should say i’ve used several of them from this maker, as the grinder is forever tearing up on it. I went thru 4 under warranty. I finally decided to try this breville version of grind and brew back in 2012. I have meant to report many times how much i love this coffee maker. Two years later and its running strong and gets used at least two or three times a day. You can’t beat the build quality and great cup of coffee that comes from this machine.

I’ve owned the cuisinart grind and brew models for many years. The steaming water always entered the chamber where the beans are ground, requiring the grinding section to be cleaned regularly. Upon reading reviews, i reluctantly tried this model. I was hoping for the best as i have learned to appreciate coffee made from fresh grounds. My wife had adopted to the daily cleaning and preparation required from the old models. We are both delighted with the breville. It is so much easier to operate and clean. It makes great coffee and provides so many easy options for preparation. The coffee bean and grinding chambers remain isolated and clean.

Have been using this for just over a month. Previously i had a very high maintenance jura bean-to-cup maker and got sick of all the coddling that it required to keep running. This machine is nothing like that. It’s really well built and designed for easy cleaning. It brews great coffee with settings that go right up to intense if you need it. Every day after use it requires the grinds to be washed out and the disk that stops the steam from leaving the brew engine once the water is in. Love the design and it has a clear, easy to operate interface. It can make either a cup or a carafe of coffee (needs the same cleaning after both). The insulated carafe keeps the coffee warm for a few hours without burning it, or turning it to syrup.

I must drink decaf, and in my quest for the best cup of coffee, this coffeemaker does a very good job. I have tried everything from old percolator style to high dollar drip coffeemakers. I have had this one for two weeks now. As other customers have noted it does have some quirks. As for using too much coffee and making the coffee too strong when brewing in the carafe, yes it does, if you fill the bean hopper up. I do not leave beans in the hopper. I measure out how much i need for the amount i’m brewing whether in the carafe or in a cup. I adjust the strength button on the coffeemaker to make sure all the beans i put in are ground. There are too many variables, size of beans, amount in hopper, the rate the beans fall into the burr grinder, and grinding time to grind the same amount of coffee beans each time to create a consistent cup of coffee. By taking an extra minute in my morning to measure my beans and add only the amount of water i need, i get a great cup of coffee each morning, consistently.

I’ve had this coffee maker for many months now and i cannot say anything negative about it. My husband likes regular french roast so i fix a pot for him in the morning. Decaf can be a fragile coffee, so i buy beans and use the large cup feature. It grinds it, brews it in the basket, and dispenses it into a thermal coffee mug and it is perfect every time. I have other breville products and they are all outstanding. Great engineering, quality build.

I’ve been using a french press for several years but i was tired of boiling water, waiting for it to steep and then cleaning etc. This machine is like a spa for my coffee making. I was afraid at first that the brew wouldn’t be strong enough after reading several reviews and also when my first carafe looked like it brewed just a few beans. I then brewed a cup instead of a carafe and i had the same issue. The hopper wasn’t feeding into the burr grinder and getting clogged. I then opened the shoot and cleaned out the whole beans stuck in the hopper. I then put the hopper back on and tried it again while sitting the beans until they fell into the grinder. The result was a very dark and steeped cup of coffee. Actually to strong for my bold tastes at the highest level.

Typical robust breville build, lots of stainless steel, less plastic, from a company that knows how to make appliances. Pros:- customizable to a fare-thee-well; if you can’t get a cup or carafe of coffee to your exact taste, you’re doing something wrong. Including the ability to adjust flavor (steeping time) for cups, and flavor and strength (amount of coffee) for cups and carafe, as well as multiple sizes for both. – with this version you can easily brew a partial carafe if you want more than a cup but not a whole pot – just program the number of cups you want to brew; you can start with a full tank. With the glass carafe version: breville bdc550xl the youbrew glass drip coffee maker, you need to add the exact amount of water you intend to use (it empties the tank). If you haven’t used a brew/grind before, get used to some maintenance. This one is one of the easiest i’ve used to clean and maintain, but it’s not a pod machine; couple of minutes after brewing to dump the grounds and rinse the basket holder.

I will start by saying before purchasing the breville bdc600xl a month ago i had used the cuisinart grind n’ brew for almost 7 years. I did my homework and research before purchasing this new coffee maker and always look over several sites with many reviews. Some of the negatives that i read were mainly regarding noise of the grinder and the coffee not being hot enough. I can say from my perspective this is not the case. The cuisinart grind and brew was extremely loud as well so maybe i’m just used to that. And i’m not quite sure other than making coffee in a metal coffee pot over a camp fire how much hotter you could get your coffee. I think the breville is definitely hot and the stainless carafe is a must for me, since the previous cuisinart was also a stainless carafe i could never go back to glass. I don’t like the gold filter as it is messy to clean up so i like many other’s went back to the good ol’ brown paper filters. I also will agree with others that you will use more beans than in a typical grind n’ brew coffee maker, i attribute this to the burr grinder vs.

Despite many negative reviews here, i bought this for our family christmas gift. Made our first carafe of coffee yesterday and we are all thrilled. It was easy to clean and set up. Even my husband doesn’t think it will be a pain and he doesn’t enjoy fiddling with toys just to get a cup of coffee. 1-yes it makes noise when it grinds coffee, but it’s far less noisy than my old krups grinder was and it’s much easier to simply load the whole beans in the back and not worry about transferring the grounds. Not that i ever truly worried about that before, but this is super easy2-this is actually smaller in size than my old kitchen aid pro line drip coffee maker. It’s shorter and smaller in footprint and does much more. I have no problem with this fitting under my cabinets. I put cold creamer in my coffee and it’s stll hot. I did pre warm the carafe and the coffee was still hot 2 hours later. 4-brewed into a cup this morning and it’s so nice to have so many sizes, strengths and intensities to choose from. It remembers your last setting, but allows so many combos that this will be a blast to play with5-far more economical and environmentally friendly than the k-cups are. I’m even considering roasting my own beans so i can kick it up a notch and save even more money to boot.

I have been asking myself for years why coffee maker manufacturers don’t make an ‘all-in-one’ machine that allows the user to choose between ground coffee and whole bean, coffee carafe or coffee cup, small coffee cup or travel coffee cup, etc, etc. Imagine my happiness when i found that breville tackled these questions.I love, love, love this machine. I have had it for about a month now and look forward to using it everyday. I am the only coffee drinker in my household so the various single cup options are fantastic, and when i have coffee drinking company, voila. A carafe full of coffee from the same machine. And, whether it is a cup or a carafe, i can have coffee brewed to meet my taste as well as the tastes of others. Okay, so i do have one small complaint about the entire set up.

First, we are coffee snobs and have tried a multitude of coffee makers, french press etc. This by far makes the best coffee ever. We love the coffee and don’t even mind the noisy grinder. The bottom line is, grinding coffee is noisy. Other coffee makers with grinders are often reviewed as messy, leaving grinds on the counter. I thought i was going to be annoyed by the cleaning because to do it properly is several steps. In addition to the normal rinsing of the carafe and filter there is an area on the machine that where the grounds come out that needs to be wiped each time and a little tray below that needs to be rinsed. Happy to do it to ensure more smooth amazing coffee.

I have owned a lot of different grind-and-brew coffee makers over the years and so far the breville is the best, albiet the most expensive. After a couple of months on the job, the breville has proved capable of making excellent coffee with a minimum of guesswork and elbow grease. This is the first machine i have owned that is really designed for those who want to make less, sometimes much less, coffee than the machine’s capacity of twelve cups. I like being able to simply fill it with water and beans, tell it how many cups to make, and let the machine decide how much water and how many beans to use for each batch. The breville is large and imposing–needs a lot of space on the counter–but is also pleasing to the eye. The big issue with all grind-and-brew coffee machines is cleaning, and moving the coffee grinds smoothly from the grinder to the filter basket and then shutting off the passageway so when the water comes into the basket it does not seep back into the grinder passageway causing clogs from wet coffee grinds. Other machines have multiple parts that must be disassembled for cleaning, and eventually they can break of get clogged with wet coffee grinds. The breville has come up with a simple system with a trap door that opens and closes each time, and that seems to work very well, although even the trap door needs to be wiped down regularly to avoid clogging, something that the directions don’t mention. The only component that is removed for cleaning is the filter basket which is easy to rinse under the kitchen faucet. Also, periodic descaling is done with white vinegar instead of expensive high-end cleaning solvents which many other brands recommend.

We have had several brands & models of coffee makers through the years and not been completely satisfied with any of them. Then my wife bought a breville toaster which has elevated making toast in a way i couldn’t have imagined. It simply has convenience features no other toaster possesses. Then we saw the coffee maker in a kitchen supply store and started researching the coffee maker universe. To start, it’s expensive and physically imposing. If those two things are important, go no further. I downloaded the owner’s manual from the breville website & watched the online videos. Somebody at breville had gathered all the possible problems you can suffer with a coffee maker and designed a unit that eliminated them. And, the unit has instructions printed anywhere on the unit that you might need help. The control panel virtually eliminates screw-ups on your behalf and makes using it quite simple.

I absolutely, positively love this coffee maker. I agonized for months over spending this much money to replace an appliance that cost $45. What really drew me to this machine were the integrated bean grinder, the ability to brew a single cup without having to use k-cups, and the customization options. Like our mattress (where he prefers a softer surface and i’m happiest with something equivalent to concrete), my husband and i have differing views on what makes a great cup of coffee. I cannot tell you how many times i made a pot of coffee in the morning only to have my husband turn his nose up at it. We were spending may too much at coffee houses where we could each get our own concoction. That’s how i justified the expense. I figured it would cut down on our coffee-shop spending. Prosit makes a great cup of coffee.

I rarely write these reviews, but i thought i should given the large number of very high and very low reviews for this high-end coffee maker (and quite frankly, for most of them). I did a lot of research before buying this breville. Given the expense, i did not want to make a mistake. Keeping mind that i have only used the coffee maker for 4 days, here is what i have found:1) it is easy to use;2) it is easy to clean;3) the carafe is excellent (even if it is difficult to get the last bit of coffee out of it); and most importantly,4) the coffee is superb. It is surely better than starbucks and every bit as good as the local coffee shop i (used to) go to, where they roast their own beans and take great pride in their coffee. This breville machine makes a stunning cup of coffee. I wish to update my initial review. I’ve had this breville coffee maker for three years now. In addition to what i wrote three years ago, i can now say that the maker has been reliable. I have not had a single problem (after making about 8 cups of coffee practically every day for 3 years).

Yes, this is an expensive coffee maker, and yes, it takes up a bit of counter space, but it is so worth it. I have been on a bad streak, the past four years, as i have had 3 cuisinart coffee makers die on me, and then after upgrading to a capresso, that sucker lasted less than one year as well. Then i ordered the breville and i have been very, very pleased. Not only does it make an excellent cup of coffee, it is so easy to adjust the brewing cycles and set times. I read comments about the noise, but it makes no more noise than a hand grinder. The bottom line is, if you are a coffee aficionado, as i am, this bdc600xl is simply the best coffee maker i have ever used, period. The carafe is excellent as well, and when i return home in the evening and open the pot to clean it for the next day, the coffee is still warm after several hours.

Breville Premium Plastic Immersion Blender, The immersion blender works great! The ‘food processor’ attachment is only okay

Excellent, easy to use product with loads of features.

Hand grip is a little large for my hand but is working great.

Not much to say except it is a great blender. Strong and powerful, easy to use. In a home environment 280w blender is more than enough, no slowness and it’s blending everything what we throw under the blades.

Key specs for Breville Premium Plastic Immersion Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bell shaped base, revolutionary shape plus internal ribbing reduces the suction for greater control and efficient blending
  • Ergonomic pistol-like control grip with trigger operation
  • 8-Inch immersion depth for large quantities or tall pots
  • Adjustable speed
  • Non-scratch base to prevent scratching pots

Comments from buyers

, Good blender, but read the caveats first!
, Nice and sturdy with a no scratch bottom!

We haven’t used our blender or food processor since we bought this. We use it several times a week, works greats and is sooo much easier to clean than the blender–.

The blade section comes off for easier cleaning – a real chore on my last blender. I make a lot of soups and the lower speed works well to blend without pulverizing. And if you need something more blended, the higher speed works well. This is a small thing, but i really love the plug, which has a little hole in it — this lets you pull the plug so easily without yanking on the cord. I wish every appliance i have used this plug. The grip is nice and the blender is well balanced in my hand and it will stand up in a pan without tipping over, if i need to stop blending and reach for something. The attachments are very useful, also. I looked at a lot of blenders before deciding to try this one and i’m very pleased with my choice.

Someone posted a review on youtube about this immersion blender and how easy it was to use. That may be but if you have weak hands or arthritis in your hands, you will find it difficult to separate the body from the blade shaft. I returned it and got a cuisinart immersion blender. It only has one button to push to remove the blade assembly and is much easier to use. Sorry breville, these old hands need easy. The other design attributes – handle and plastic around the bottom of the blade assembly are nice touches. If you have strong hands, you’ll probably like this one.

This has been used a lot for the last month or so. I can reach for it instead of our vitamix-knockoff and the clean-up is easy. I appreciate the higher wattage and the adjustable speed. Well made and the pieces and parts are fine.

Got this blender for my lady and she totally loves it. Although the applications are limited for this kitchen tool, the tool is extremely useful. We used it to make a pineapple puree for a desert. I would totally recommend this product for the novice to expert kitchen foodie.

We use the chopper function most to speed through prep of garlic, ginger, onions, nuts, spices, tomato dicing, etc. Using speed control for less or more fineness in chop. Takes seconds and replaces graters, hand dicing. Throw each item into holder cup to keep counter clean. The ingenious wavy top goes on in seconds and off, and on and off so easily. The designed handle works great for my spouse with parkinson’s and grip difficulties. Immersion blender used mostly for quick smoothies.

I’ve used this for soups and to chop. The blade doesn’t contact or scratch my pans.

After killing my braun stick blender by running it longer than 1 minute continuously, (ahem), i decided to upgrade a bit. I couldn’t be happier – an extra $30 bought a highly superior model with two blending containers, solid constuction, super easy to use, with two blending speeds. Performs much better than the braun. Note to self: you cannot run any of these stick blenders continuously longer than 1 minute.

I am very happy with the breville immersion blender. This replaces my disappointing, broken, seldom used cuisinart mini chopper and almost-run-into-the-ground magic bullet. I use this blender almost every day for a smoothie or milkshake style protein shake. I did try chopping some sweet peppers in it. Next time i won’t put it on ‘high’ for that. I have no complaints at all with this product. I hope you get one, too, and enjoy it.

I use this product a lot in my kitchen for soups and chopping. I like the blending canisters (two) which come free with the product. I would have rated it 5 stars except this it is hard to detach the wand from the power bass.

I bought this 2 years ago and have been happy with it. Here are some thoughts:pros:- works very well when blending foods in a pot (eg. Soups)- make smoothies well- very versatile. It’s really not only 2-speeds (high and low). If you adjust the dial midway, it will adjust accordingly to a speed in the middlecons:- when i received it, there were black marks and scratches on a few of the pieces. I exchanged for a new one, the new one came with similar issues. It’s not a a cheap priced immersion blender, so it shouldn’t come with dings and marks on it. – does not work too well with ice, just tends to throw it around whenever it makes contact with the blade- sometimes when making smoothies and filling 3/4 of the container, starting on the high setting will make content flow out the top even though you’re pressing down to avoid this.

I had this for over a year and it is great. It’s working great and, the accessories are very helpful. I am using it every day and i am very satisfied.

Comfortable to use, does what it’s supposed to do. Seems well made and practical. I plan on using it frequently.

Works well, but wish it was longer to use in big pots.

Your only as good as your tools.

The immersion blender works great. The ‘food processor’ attachment is only okay. You can’t put too much in or else it will squirt out of the top and make a huge mess. It isn’t great when making salsa for this reason.Most of it ends up on the counter. I have a system worked out at this point.

After looking at several brands, lots of models, and scads of reviews, i decided to take the leap and order this immersion blender. I’m usually tempted to buy the most expensive version of a product, but this time decided that having stainless steel and more blender speed options just wasn’t important enough to justify additional cost. I knew i wanted a container for blending and storing, and the fact that this model came with a chopper attachment was an added bonus. And from what i gathered from my research, the plastic used is bpa free. (i could be wrong about this, but what i read indicated that this is the case. I’m totally happy with my purchase, and i’m known to be extremely picky. I have a vitamix blender that i love, but the breville bsb400xl makes blending soups in the pot so much easier. It’s also perfect for blending one-serving smoothies when i don’t feel like messing with the vitamix. It’s the perfect size, easy to use, and super easy to clean.

Love the extra length and power. Only difficulty is removing the blender from the wand – perhaps it will loosen up a little with use. Takes two strong fingers, which i don’t have. Would not hesitate to buy again or as a gift.

Just received this blender, and i love it. So far i have chopped onions in the chopper (it did a great job), and made a tomato puree and smoothies with frozen fruit. I am very happy with my purchase.

Works great fast friendly service and product looks like it will last longer then most immersion blenders that i have gotten in the past.

We needed a new immersion blender (mostly for protein shakes) and i love my breville espresso machine, so we thought we’d give them a chance on the blender. Overall (and so far) a very good product. Only complaint we have is the mixing pitcher. But the markings are unhelpful. Clearly someone who is used to the metric system (‘check out the big brain on bret’) created this pitcher. It has both ml and oz but the ounces are marked 10-15-20-25 etc. I have a hard time believing a company that has sold kitchen products this long in the us simply overlooked the fact that nothing in the us standard measuring system goes by fives or tens.

Breville BSG1974XL the Original Sandwich Maker : the ultimate hot pocket

So easy, even the kids use it.

I was in awe at how much more expensive this item is here on amazon. I nearly purchased this for $30 more using prime.

Breville BSG1974XL the Original Sandwich Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cooks 2 large toasted sandwiches in minutes
  • Premium quality PFOA free non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • Scissor action automatically seals in ingredients and cuts sandwiches in half
  • Deep pockets for more filling
  • Stands upright for convenient storage

Very happy with this breville is the best.

I like it, although it could be a tad bit bigger. There needs to be an easier way to eject the sandwich without scratching the surface. Wooden tongs and wooden utensils still make it difficult to remove the sandwich.

Replaced our old sandwich maker – took forever to find one like the old one and this is it. My favorite ‘sandwich’ is tunafish in a tortilla and grilled – yummy.

Breville BSG1974XL the Original Sandwich Maker : Recommend this product without hesitation. I can even use bread which is smaller than the large square and the sandwich filling does not leak out of the machine all over the back of the appliance as it did with our old (not breville) sandwich maker.

This is not like those cheap plastic ones where it feels like it’s going to break when you clamp it shut.

The pockets for this sandwich maker is deep enough for you to fill your sandwich with more ingredients.

This appliance is fantastic. Very well made, easy to store, and produces delectable toasty sandwiches. Worth the price, i have recommended this wonderful item to many people.

I bought this machine after snapping handles on lesser models made by cuisinart. I’ve had it now for a little over 3 months and i have to say this is the best sandwich maker i’ve used to date. The machine seems to take my stacked sandwich creations and just swallows them up.The pockets are deep as in: 2 slices of bread, thick slice of cheddar, slice of tomato, 0. 5 in cube chunks of chicken big and it closed right down on all of that and made perfectly melted ooey gooey sandwiches. Don’t waste your time on lesser machines. Any of the cuisinart or t-fal machines with the integrated handle (the handle is part of the casing) would have just snapped. This unit also doesn’t seem to have some of the nooks and crannies that build up oil and goo like some of the other machines. It’s very easy to wipe it down to clean it off.

Not all sammy’s turn out automatically amazing using this method. Sometimes i put too much butter on which i didn’t think was possible, however there’s other oil’s and spreads you can use as well which often work very well. As you gain skill and experience using it, you will probably find it a useful kitchen appliance (which i cannot say the same for a half dozen or ten other kitchen appliances that i thought would solve all of lifes problems that are now sitting in the corner of our basement collecting dust waiting for a yard sale that never seems to happen. **great for cooking eggs/sausage on one side and toast on the other.

Heavy construction, well made, heats quickly, easy clean-up, indicator light. Use it several times a week. Breville name means quality to me. I’ve also owned a breville juicer.

Ok i am either good at using kitchen appliances right out the box or breville makes excellent easy to use products. My first purchase from breville was the bsg800xl smart grinder and theesp8xl cafe roma which are a perfect pair for making espresso which i am drinking now. There the right size, design and priced just right. I decided to stick with breville for the sandwich maker. I use to make my sandwiches by toasting the bread in the toaster or on the frying pan or oven. I stopped doing that a long time ago. Lately i had the urge for going back to old school but wanted too see what options were out there for toasty sandwiches. So i read about sandwich makers i thought was kind of strange ‘what sandwich maker??’. After looking at videos and reading reviews i was hooked. I knew that’s what i wanted.

This was more expensive than similar sandwich makers in the class, but works very well. The deeper pockets allow for a fuller sandwich than the previous maker i had in the past. No stick surface works well. I found that there is no need to butter bread, but a light coating of cooking spray makes a less greasy and more tasty sandwich. Worth the price and is best in class.

The only best sandwich maker on earth.

My kids think they are chefs with this product. They certainly can now cook better than my wife.

We were watching a movie and there was a sandwich maker in the kitchen. I don’t do impulse buys, but this took me back to a happy childhood. After some research i decided to spend the money on a breville. Great quality, nice and heavy construction. Cleans up easy and the non stick surfaces are truly non stick. All in all, money well spend.

This is my fourth sandwich maker and by far it is the best one, i had 2 problems with other makers, first the plastic latch that close the unit is flimsy and get broken after a while, second though the removable plates sounds like a better way to clean the plates but actually it is not because there is always a gap between the removable plates and where it go and the grilled cheese spill into his gap and contact the heaters causing smoke. This unit is sturdy and very well made, my only complaint is that it takes giant slices and a really huge amount of filling to get the shell shaped sandwich, i use 2 toasts 2 cheese slices, 1 tomato slice, 1 salami slice, couple of mushroom slices and still my sandwich was too thin to take the shell shape. It is worth the money instead of buying a cheaper one that would be replaced in couple of months, i have got it from the manufacturer website for $50, amazon should review the price.

Lights signify when is warm and when sandwich is ready. Would be kind of difficult to mess up. Would not hesitate to buy again or give as gift.

I’m so glad i didn’t buy one of those cheap sandwich makers. This is a solid well made product, it will definitely last a life time and makes beautiful sandwiches.

I am so happy with this purchase. It is the best sandwich maker in the market. Takes a little extra counter space but is sturdy and built to last.

Breville BBL405BAL Hemisphere Twist Blender : sturdy, makes excellent smoothies

We acquired this blender precisely to make smoothies, but we are employing it for so a lot of other dishes also. It is the best blender we have at any time experienced. The blade structure completely blends all elements into the mixture. No lumps, no additional obtaining to end and stir up clumps. In addition, it blends ice cubes very rapidly, easily and completely. As opposed to a whole lot of blenders on the industry, this one particular is really quick to clean up. Very pleased with this excellent blender.

The blender alone is functioning wonderful and i like the style. The lid is a nightmare and smoothie sprays everywhere when you pull the lid off. I reckon, i will have to go again to college or university and acquire a course in breville lid lifting if i want to get the most out of this item devoid of ruining foreseeable future shirts ideal just before i run off to function. That currently being stated, in spite of my absence of lid lifting experience, for some cause i’ve never ever experienced this difficulty with less expensive designs of blenders which shockingly blend the exact way this breville products does. Would make me marvel if i have been experienced. Ah properly, let us hope i get yrs of splashes from this point. To get my money’s truly worth and all.

Breville BBL405BAL Hemisphere Twist Blender, Silver

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • MiniHemisphere blade and bowl system combines functionality and power for even blending performance
  • Blade design and high torque motor delivers great results from smoothies to soups, dips to purees and drinks to desserts
  • Large 50 oz BPA‐Free Tritan jug
  • 6 Control Functions: 1Mix 2 Chop 3 Blend 4 Liquify 5 Pulse 6 Smoothie/Auto
  • One touch smoothie function – add your smoothie ingredients and hit the button for the perfect smoothie consistency

A good product changed my inexpensive blender and it does what it needs to.

This wonderful blender can make a raspberry cheesecake. I ordered thirty oz stainless metal cups for my milkshakes which will be designed the breville way.

Each breville appliance we have purchased has remarkable good quality.

Breville BBL405BAL Hemisphere Twist Blender, Silver : Perfect choice if you want breville quality but don’t want to go overboard. This model is the perfect size, destroys ice cubes very well and has a reasonable number of options to keep me satisfied.

My fruit smoothies come out terrific. I love the ‘smoothie’ perform.

Blends all the things i have thrown at it. It does have a slight issue rapidly mixing kale (just usually takes a minor extended), but with everything else it has excelled. Utilized it for smoothies, hot soups, gazpacho, frozen cocktails, even grinding up sizzling peppers for hot sauce. It has a remarkably very well-intended blade system so that components get pulled down into the blades quickly and get chopped down to a sleek regularity promptly. The twist-to-open up segment of the best for introducing liquids is good and it doubles as a measuring cup. It operates way greater than the aged-type pop-out tops. The design and style even lets you to insert liquids to the blender without getting the top out, so you can find no worry about unintentionally re-portray your ceiling. That element also will come in incredibly useful when mixing scorching food items given that giving the best a swift twist (loosening the seal without having removing the top rated) lets you to vent steam, without the need of resorting to the aged towel-on-best trick, like more mature, traditional blenders. The push-on cover is remarkably potent, i have no concerns about it coming loose mid-mix.

Potent, durable, ton of settings. Only drawback is the plastic jug rather of glass.

Not as excellent as the design that is much more exspensive than this design.

This is my first large-run blender so i can only examine it to the uncomplicated blender i had in the earlier. I love how it blends and i like the computerized settings. I detest how noisy it is and i truly despise how the best leaks even when i never fill it past the highest 8 cups. I am attaching a picture of what transpires to my standard smoothie crammed with seven cups of chilly solids and liquids blended on the eco-friendly smoothie setting. I contacted buyer services about this challenge and they sent me a new lid but i have the identical challenge. I hope breville will improve the lid. 5 stars since at this value, it should perform properly.

Want a new blender and it is performing extremely perfectly.

It really is fantastic, but i expected a minor superior from it.

Lightweight, durable, makes great smoothies. Juicing instrument on lid is pretty useful and makes it possible for you to get all of the juice from lime, lemon or orange. This changed a 1990’s product cuisinart blender that finally little bit the dust, and i am pretty joyful with the substitution.

But i like the way it cleans so effortlessly. Most anything just rinses out.

Use this just about every day for smoothies with ice cubes. It pulverizes the ice entirely and mixes my 18 shake, banana, and pb to a good smoothie regularity. Wife did not want it since we by now experienced a blender. Now she is a believer and i am king of the house once more following making this knowledgeable order.

Very respectable blender (i make eco-friendly smoothies) for an astounding cost :).

I use to make my smoothies daily.

I also owned the a lot more expensive breville blender but i lost it in the transfer. I was pleased to exchange it with a fewer expensive merchandise and i have not been dissatisfied with this blender at all. No surprise cooks illustrated ranks blender (the other hemisphere product) as ther top choose and as functional as the significantly pricier vitamix.

I acquired this because it has a ‘chop’ location. My previous blender had this kind of a location, the place it would regularly pulse to chop food items. I was a little bit surprised to uncover that on this gadget, ‘chop’ is just a single of the (continuous) speeds. I went ahead and attempted chopping some baking chocolate, and it did a good position. Looks the hemisphere assists with dry stuff as well. It does a great job with liquids. The blade does not occur off for cleansing, but cleansing it is easy regardless. You could want to know that the manual suggests to mix typically for no more than 1 minute, and thick mixtures for no longer than 10 seconds so i am not guaranteed how it would fare on incredibly thick smoothies. For my uses it is operating really effectively.

I purchased it to change a extremely old one that was so noisy i couldn’t consider it any more. I make largely smoothies with this and they come out terrific each time.

Breville BEF450XL Thermal Pro Banquet Skillet, Everything I wanted and more

It is a excellent solution, specifically what i expected.

Almost everything i desired and far more. Major responsibility, not light-weight and flimsy like the ones in concentrate on. I particularly adore that the plug has a lock system into the equipment, and the plug itself is intended to be plugged or unplugged with ease.

Exceptional piece of kitchen area devices. This breville skillet is just about the ideal detail we have at any time additional to our cooking arsenal. We organized brussel sprouts in it, which are sauteed coated with crumbs and honey. They turned out far better than we experienced at any time experienced them ahead of. Most exceptional, although, was the cleanup. Supplied the over listed elements, one would think substantial operate. Nope, simply just applied the sprayer and the incredibly hot water cleaned it totally.

Key specs for Breville BEF450XL Thermal Pro Banquet Skillet:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 15 heat settings, from simmer to high sear
  • Pan tilt lever allows fat and juices to drain from food
  • To make cleaning easier, fry pan is coated twice with a premium PFOA free non-stick surface
  • Large 6 quart capacity
  • Dual-ply construction of aluminum bonded to stainless steel for optimal heat retention and distribution

Comments from buyers

“great quality. Last for a while, manual is a little vague but the skillet is great. I’ve made found that the skillet is very , This pan is a gourmet’s dream!”

Breville solutions are the finest. Really like the size, the fat, the finish, the versatility.

This is the very best electric skillet i have at any time owned. This is the ideal electrical skillet i’ve ever owned. By significantly the pretty greatest and i’ve owned rather a handful of thru the yrs. If you get one particular i assure you will be joyful you did, it is really value every single penny.

Evidently breville has discontinued this product. . This was a distinct requested product.

I at times i use it out on the deck.

Replaced these for the business office, excellent excellent. Cooks excellent, we make spaghetti, cook dinner eggs, chili, all types of dishes in this issue.

It heats evenly, is long lasting, and uncomplicated to clean.

It truly is excellent good quality and achieved all my expiations. I would really recommend this device.

This pan is a gourmet’s desire. I searched significant & low for a pan like this. I was tired of pans that heated in a ring and burnt out the area. This pan is a gourmet’s dream. I use it for all the things and i am confident i am going to have it for a life span.

If you can get it at a fantastic price and comprehend its limitations. I have to concur with other buyers. The warmth cycle is fairly spectacular. If you are cooking pancakes, it will cycle down and you have to wait quite a when for it to brown them. I have professional the identical matter with shallow frying the oil will get chilly leading to your food stuff to get chilly. That remaining mentioned i use mine for skillet dishes and roasting. It is very well created for what is essentially an electric skillet. If you can get it at a great selling price and recognize its constraints, it is a handy equipment.

Total heartily advise the breville skillet. . I procured this skillet about a thirty day period back. I have made use of it every single working day considering the fact that and find that this is just one of the ideal kitchen area merchandise i have at any time utilised. I pretty much did not buy it due to the fact of some adverse opinions. Truthfully, i do not recognize them. I am having my kitchen area transformed and do not presently have a stove. This skillet can be utilized for almost everything you require to cook dinner.

Fulfills or exceeds expectations. This is a pretty great substitution for an old, lesser electric skillet. It can be perfectly intended, superior good quality, heats swiftly and evenly, and is straightforward to cleanse.

Wow, heats swiftly, quick cleanse up. Quality design significant metallic and tempered glass. Excellent for all forms of cooking and leftovers are so a great deal better than in the microwave. Use it for searing and large adequate to prepare dinner overall meal for 2.

It cooks evenly and is a excellent merchandise.

The nonstick surface calls for really minor oil and cleans easily with a sponge. The pan heats swiftly and evenly. The tilt element and pouring spout make it quick to take out excessive unwanted fat. I created a lasagna with raw noodles applying medium heat. It cooked deliciously in 35 minutes using fewer heat then the oven. The huge potential would make cooking up a meal for 5 uncomplicated and speedy with adequate for some leftovers. Are unable to wait around to consider the roasting aspect.

Revenue wise, you shell out for what you get and this was value the money,.

This is a fantastic appliance for the money.

Arrives in helpful when you you should not want to make a mess of your stovetop. The dimensions is specially good when cooking for a massive celebration.

Handbook is a minor vague but the skillet is wonderful. I’ve manufactured observed that the skillet is very. The manual is a minor imprecise but the skillet is wonderful. I’ve found that the skillet is incredibly perfectly created, simple to clean up and keeps a rather limited temperature control. There is a studying curve due to the fact the configurations are in figures not temperatures. I tried out to contact customer service and they have a call back again system so that you might be not left ready on keep. I applied that selection but didn’t get a connect with backbut possibly that was a little something out of their management. I did not test a second time.

Rave evaluations form the prepare dinner in the house.