BLACK+DECKER & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker : Economical even though the look suggests otherwise

Nothing to complain about here, even if the item isn’t anything you’d jump up and down about. It’s a fairly basic affordable coffeemaker from black & decker, a trusted name brand. It is designed well to use a minimal amount of counter space. I love that you can program the machine to make coffee whenever you want.

Very disappointed that the clock face/control panel does not light up. This subtracts an entire star.

I purchased this machine since my kitchen aid finally died. Love this coffeemaker, it is does a great job in making the coffee. Yes, as one other person mentioned, it does beep after 1 minute of turning it on and still brews for another 5 minutes or so. But it does make a great cup of coffee, or should i say my husband makes a great pot of coffee :). Happy we purchased this, it is just as good as our kitchen aid which we had for 7 years.

I got this because i was having guests who drink coffee. It won’t get lots of use so i can’t yet comment on reliability.

  • better than “meh,” but not as good as i thought
  • Three Stars
  • Five Stars

Black & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fast Brew Technology
  • Brew Strength Selector
  • Sneak-A-Cup Feature
  • Auto Clean System
  • Optimal Brewing Temperature
  • Note: Cup equals approximately 5 oz. (varies by brewing technique)

I had a black and decker before which lasted a long time and was so reliable. So i went with it again and am very satisfied again.

It makes a good cup of coffee quickly and is simple to use.

Purchased this coffee maker about 6 months ago in a rush as our prior maker died the morning before a cross country move. We purchased this coffee maker at a target store. The coffee doesnt taste too bad and i enjoy both the auto and strong brew options. What i dont like is that it beeps to say its done brewing but continues brewing for another 5 minutes after beeping. It constantly drips when the carafe is removed (the hot plate coating is now peeling off due to this). The carafe also hemorrages water or coffee when pouring. I lose almost an entire cup when pouring water into the maker – i have to hold a towel against the carafe when pouring and then have to wring the towel out.

This coffee maker is very noisy. It did produce a nice cup of coffee, but i am not sure if that is because i used a new brand of coffee as well (eight o’clock brand) my bedroom is right off the kitchen and when it started brewing this morning it woke me up. It pings and spits and is just noisy in general. That is really the reason i am taking it back today. This is what i get for buying it on the spot and not checking reviews as i usually do.

I”ve owned many coffee pots. . This was the correct purchase. Love this black and decker coffee pot especially the strong brew options.

Makes an excellent, hot cup of coffee. However, the basket is poorly designed — it will not stand on countertop, so it must be filled as it sits in the machine. One side of the handle pulled out of its attachment and i am unable to get it to stay back in. Also, the led clock is poorly lit and can’t be read in most lights. All minor points, to be sure, but worth redoing on the next incarnation of the coffee maker.

I’m putting this 12-cup coffee maker on the shelf until i really need to make a big pot of coffee. I just don’t like the coffee. Almost everything about this coffee maker works well. You can make four to 12 cups in no time. You can program the coffee maker and have fresh coffee when you wake up. You can do an automatic cleaning. But if you don’t like the coffee, it’s no pleasure to have all the bells and whistles. Perhaps if it were possible to measure water accurately for less than four cups, it might be better, but there’s no way to accurately measure the amount of water for less than four cups.

If you want a simple but well-designed coffeemaker, this is it. It is faster than my old one and makes very hot coffee (which is a plus for taste). I also like the way the basket is nested inside, which makes it difficult for the grounds to spill out. I have a little difficulty seeing the digital time display with its indication for strong coffee, but the coffee tastes fine.

I purchased this in a physical store, so i cannot comment as to the online seller. However, this is a great coffee maker. We purchased it last year because our old keurig had broken and the coffee maker we were using in our previous home was 7 years old and the clock never displayed all the way the whole 7 years we had had it. We figured we deserved a new coffee maker and i have had pretty good experiences with black and decker appliances. The machine works perfectly well and does what it needs to do – brew coffee. It’s pretty efficient and the auto feature has never failed us. The parts remove easily for washing and go back on the machine with no issues. I really have nothing bad to say about it.

I like:-how it looks;-where the controls are placed;-how the water level is marked inside the tank;-and the programmable/auto-off features. I dislike:-the loud beep when the brewing cycle’s finished that can’t be turned off;the substantial drip that happens when removing the carafe, whether or not it’s finished brewing.

Standard 12 cup coffee maker, with some programable features.

This coffee maker from black and decker sets up easily, programs simply, and brews wonderfully. It takes standard low cost paper filters, not the expensive cone shaped ones that drain your budget. The machine works fast at making the 12 cups, and does this in around 5 minutes. The alarm can be annoying, but this may be useful early in the morning when you need a fire lit under your rear to get moving. I highly recommend this coffee maker.

Usually a breville/keurig k-cup lover, i’m really liking this coffee maker, especially for family gatherings when you need to make a large quantity economically and quickly. It performs great and perks my coffee so fast and always with consistent taste. I consider myself a coffee connoisseur so i am very picky when it comes to coffee makers. This unit has the ability to pre-set on a timer and you can wake yourself up to a delicious pot of coffee instead of an annoying beeping alarm clock. I am thoroughly enjoying this coffee maker and feel that it is an excellent value for the price point. When what you need is a great cup of coffee, this is the maker. It has the look of an expensive appliance with the value and performance and the reliability of more pricey unit. One con to mention, i dislike that you cannot see from the outside how much water you are filling the tank with.

So far, we have had nice luck with this coffee maker. We enjoy the fast brewing time (5 to 6 minutes for a pot), the auto brew, the cleaning button, and the auto 2 hour shut off. We also found it easy to program. Like many have mentioned, the beeper and the machine itself is noisier than other machines. But i kind of like to hear the brewing sound. I think i must be a little clumsy. . Because with any coffee pot we’ve had, i’ve managed to spill water when pouring water in and when grabbing the pot for a cup before it’s finished brewing. (you are suppose to be able to do this, but i still get some spillage, and then sizzling). We use dunkin donuts coffee, and we always seem to get a good cup of coffee. I always put cream and sugar in mine.

Great and the coffee comes out perfect.

This coffee maker sounds like the little engine that could. There’s quite a bit of gurgling while the coffee is brewing. It’s way noisier than any coffee maker i’ve ever owned. It’s easy to use, mostly because there aren’t that many choices. I followed the instructions, cleaning the pot and insides while running plain water through the cycle once. It operates pretty much like any other coffee pot — except for that infernal noise. Then, at the end of the cycle, there’s a high-pitched beep that my dog hates. (i’m not too fond of it either. ) at least it does it only once. The clock on the front is not illuminated and you have to look at it just right to see the time.

Not a she already one car is actually makes a pot of coffee does a nice job i would use the timer yeah i’m sure it’ll be just fine.

I’ve had this for a couple weeks now and i love it. It brews fast and is easy to use.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker CM1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – A nice little coffeemaker

Great purchase for my husband and i.

I know that some reviews mark this maker as having issues right out of the box. I cannot speak for anyone who had such issues, but i am very happy with my purchase. The auto-off burner, easy to fill reservoir, and programmable brew options are great for a piece that cost under $30. So far i have had no issues with the brewing process and the resulting coffee is very tasty. A great improvement over our normal office coffee.

It’s not as substantial as my last b&d coffee maker the lasted 8 years. It’s not heavy duty by any means. The label for the controls peeled off. I had to apply glue to make it adhere.

This is the best coffee pot i have ever had. Easy to load with coffee and water – no tricky interior parts to work around, spotlessly clean, shuts off if we forget it. Steal a cup while it’s still brewing works well.

Set this up every evening, and wake up in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee. Sorry starbucks but i will have to save money this year. I cannot keep on spending $1500+ yearly on your delicious cups, i will make them on my own from now on using this simple and easy to use b&d programmable coffeemaker. It is simple easy to use, and looks durable to me. It is my first coffee maker so we will see. If anything out of the ordinary happens. I will be sure to update this review.

This coffee pot is a good size one and really nice looking. No more waiting for coffee to brew. If your up early you can simply turn on, and the pot has the ability to allow you to grab a cup before it is totally finished brewing if ya need one in a hurry.Love how the coffee tastes also. The temp the coffee is brewed at makes a huge difference in flavor. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  • Works!
  • Holy cow it makes coffee
  • Okay but not great

‘love it’ might be an overstatement for a coffeemaker, but given how much crap is out there, my appreciation level is quite high. If you’re doing the search to replace your coffeemaker that died after just a few years, then you’re probably a little hesitant to spend a lot of money on a new one. That’s what brought me to this black & decker, which was selling for under $20 on amazon. However, i was also keeping an eye open for a unit that would last me more than just a few years – like the one i had 10 years ago. Although i didn’t try out all the expensive machines, i had a couple, and i’ve come to the conclusion that durable, problem-free coffeemakers are a thing of the past. So here’s hoping this machine has a decent lifespan, for it does make good coffee, has everything on it to make it a simple process and doesn’t leak anywhere. Make sure you twist the filter cup into the lock position and the cm1050b 12 cup programmable black & decker coffeemaker should be perfect right out of the box.

Seems like very good machine. I received it today, connected it to power and followed the cleaning instructions. Suddenly i hear boooom, and the machine turned off. It turns out that this machine supports 120v only, and i have 220v at home (i don’t live in the us. I just wish they wrote it in the manual rather than on the bottom of the machine. Anyway, it worked as expected for the few seconds it was on.

You will not find a nicer coffeemaker . My money is on this pot i bought a 2nd one at the same time for a back up over a year now im steel waiting to open the 2nd one grate pot makes grate coffee. The water is very evenly pumped out over the coffee while it brews that’s the secret .

Bought this about a year ago, replaced a commercial bunn coffee maker. And the coffee stays hot for hour.

I have had a black and decker coffee maker before so i bought another one.

Features of Black & Decker CM1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Quicktouch programming allows you to set the clock and program the 24-hour auto brew system at the touch of a button
  • Duralife 12-cup glass carafe is reinforced for added durability with convenient measurement markings for coffee and water
  • Sneak-a-cup feature pauses brewing to let you grab your first cup without a mess before brewing ends
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts plus easy-clean control panel makes cleanup a snap
  • Measures 13.9-inch by 11-1/2-inch by 8.9-inch; 2-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Bought this when my last $10 coffee maker died. Black – no more coffee stains on a white machine that will never come out. 2-hour auto shut off – a pro unless i’m home all dayproduces quality coffee. I also like the fact that it doesn’t have an internal purifier – i fill up with purified water and those little parts are so easily broken and hard and/or costly to replace. Never had an issue with dripping coffeeeasy to use – which is how it should be. Cons:programming it is not intuitive. I wish the pot was an insulated/thermos type pot, but i can replace that part pretty easy.

It does the job that just about every other coffee maker should perform, and without any issues. The programmable features are easy to use even if you lose the manual. It brews quickly enough that i only have to dance around in impatience for just a few minutes. The opening for the reservoir is wide enough that i haven’t yet poured any water on the counter in my pre-caffeinated state. I make the sweet nectar of caffeinated life every morning in this baby. My french press is starting to feel ignored. This lost a star because the measurements on the reservoir are very difficult to read unless it’s in direct sunlight, a condition that is highly undesirable before coffee. Pro-tip: if you don’t want to feel like stabbing yourself in the face every morning because the basket is so wiggly and fiddly, before you put the carafe in, close the top. This will reduce coffee angst by 96%.

This is definitely not the best coffee maker i’ve ever had. I needed a 12 cup replacement and nothing else in a reasonable price range seemed to be available. The basket is difficult to seat just right to ensure that you don’t get drips when trying to pour a cup before it has finished brewing and the on-off mechanism is very low-tech so you need to make sure the light is on before walking away and expecting to come back for a cup of coffee. Since it’s a basket, the quality of the coffee it makes is not as good as what you get with a cone, but i knew that going in.

This little coffee maker worked great. Poor little trooper was abused as well. On some occasions made 10 pots with this thing. People i worked with littlerly chugged the coffee.

This is a great product especially for the price. It is quiet and quick and has auto shut off after 2 hours which is amazing. The only reason that i only gave it 4 stars is because i have used it 10 times and 2 of the times the carafe was not positioned correctly and the sneak a cup function malfunctioned and resulted in coffee all over the counter. Make sure that you line it all up or else.This is the second one i purchased. My last one was white and then we moved and now everything is black so i had to change. My last one has worked just fine for over a year.

Bought this for my parents to replace what had to be the oldest made coffee maker in existence. This one is simple, off and on, inexpensive, has a schedule function if you want to wake up to a drip, and fit well in their kitchen. I’m happy with the purchase and they are as well.

Quicktouch programming allows you to set the clock and program the 24-hour auto brew system at the touch of a button

Black & decker cm1050b 12-cup programmable coffeemaker, blackthis was an excellent buy. The coffeemaker is made out of very sturdy materials. The pot actually lets you pour without coffee going everywhere because of poor design of the spout area like most. The clock and timer work great. It’s very easy to set and one button turns the timer on once you have it set. It turns itself off after awhile so if you forget to turn it off it will do so on it’s own. I would definitely send this as a gift as well.

I like the design and it works well, only glitch was the front silver ‘plate’ is plastic that didnt stick. It arrived peeling off (all the packaging intact but box was re-taped as though someone may have seen this and returned it). I just glued it in place so should be fine, but does not instill confidence when it appears to be falling apart before use.

So i have had this for about 6 months and it works great. We have incredibly hard water and even though i clean regularly, seems i always have to replace a drip coffee maker every 18 months or so. For the price this is perfect.

I bought this one to replace my old black & decker smart brew coffee maker. I was disappointed that the hot plate doesn’t keep the coffee as warm as my old coffee maker. Otherwise, coffee tastes fine and it is easy to program and clean. Guess i just like my coffee a bit hotter.

Suddenly, my coffeemaker was broken. In a hazy, non-caffeinated fog, i browsed amazon for an inexpensive, yet hopefully reliable, replacement. I found this item and read the reviews. Some of the less expensive brands don’t have the features this one had, and black & decker is a good name, so i gave it a shot. First of all, it arrived earlier than anticipated. The coffee brews quickly, the time display was bright and clear, and the coffee was delightful. I have nothing but good thoughts about this coffeemaker and will end this review now so i can finish my first cup of the day. It’s a great item for the money.

We’ve had this coffee maker about 2 weeks and we are super pleased. Unlike our old krups coffee maker, this one does not drip when you pour out a cup of coffee. Also, it is much easier to slide in and out of the warmer than our old one. Haven’t used the programmable function yet.

Duralife 12-cup glass carafe is reinforced for added durability with convenient measurement markings for coffee and water

When my last coffee maker of this type went bad, i brought up a brand new gevalia coffee maker from the basement. Hated it so i went shopping. Probably would’ve bought a bunn but the ones in nearby stores were only 10 cup & i wanted one that was 12 cup. Coffee was too hot to drink & kept getting grounds in my coffee pot (like the gevalia). Got online & found this one; which was exactly like my old one except that it cost less (i paid $40 for the last one several years ago). Love, love, love this coffee maker. You can pull out the caraffe to pour a cup & it’ll pause brewing till you put it back. Hope they never discontinue this one.

It does what i need it to do and i like that about it.

This coffee pot makes a great cup of coffee. The temperature control allows only the richest, smoothest flavors to come out of the coffee. Even though the filter moves around when you move the carafe (which can make the lid not close perfectly at all times), this pot is one of the best. If you can overcome the small ‘flaws’ you will appreciate the price and the quality.

Takes up a very small amount of counter space. . The auto shut off was an important must have feature. We also purcahased the brass screen filter so no more paper filters. . One person complained about water leaking , they did not place the drip cup properly in the machine. Buy it it does a great job .

The device works as advertised,with only 2 issues. Setup for programmed start is not what is stated on the paperwork accompanied with the coffee maker. The carafe has to be exactly seated or the water will overflow the basket and spill onto the counter top which leads to grounds in the carafe/coffee.

My main complaint is that it is too easy to change the time. Usually you have to hold 2 buttons or slide a switch to set the time on alarm clocks. On this if you accidentally hit the hour button it just changes the clock instantly and your coffee will get made at the wrong time the next day. Aside from that nit pick, it is a good economical coffee maker that holds a lot of coffee.

My husband coffeemaker was falling apart so i picked this one and i was sure glad. He said he didn’t need a new one but from the first pot on he has done nothing but rave about this maker to everyone. It makes his coffee perfect and he can use less coffee which he likes. Now when i get it ready for the morning i know that i sleep a little longer as he is enjoying his cups of coffee.

Sneak-a-cup feature pauses brewing to let you grab your first cup without a mess before brewing ends

Well, it messed up it’s primarily function. The measurements are way off. The 1st brew was for 4 cups. I filled the carafe with water to the 4c line and what do i get?. I had to add some more water to brew over the old grounds. Note: i used the same exact coffee and same filters that i use in a similar coffee maker at work, so i know that those are not contributing factors.

I got this for my mother’s house and she finds it easy to use. Also, the pot has a nice, substantial weight. It’s design includes an odd way to indicate the machine is in use by illuminating a small green light in one of the programming keys. Other than that, it’s a good buy and a good machine.

Had to replace a high price coffee maker after 6 months (quit working) so purchased this b&d at reasonable lower price at amazon, works great every day still keeps on cooking, and coffee stays hot all two hours.

I had to purchase a new maker when my pot for my gevalia broke and i was unable to replace it. Bought this and so far it’s working perfectly. I love the ability to program my maker to wake up to a hot pot of coffee right away in the morning.

I bought this coffee maker because i was looking for a model where i wouldn’t need to program 15 buttons to get a cup of coffee. It’s not as fancy as others but that’s what drew me to it. I do like the pause feature so i can get a up before the whole pot brews and although i don’t recall seeing it mentioned it does have an auto-shut off feature (after 2 hours) that was a perk. My only complaint is that it is bit noisier than i would like, but it was such a good deal that i can overlook that.

Unfortunately the carafe was cracked. But that can happen in shipping. Sent it back for immediate credit. And will definitely buy another one.

Dishwasher-safe removable parts plus easy-clean control panel makes cleanup a snap

I bought this item after our existing black and decker coffee pot went belly up. I did some research, read customer reviews and selected this one as the price was right, $25. It’s a nice coffee pot and looks as displayed however the display window on the side of the coffee maker is located on the right side instead of the left which is ok, but not preferred as my last one was on the left. I’ve also had some problems getting the number of cups reflected on the pot to be accurately reflected on the side of the maker when i pour the water in. This could be operator error but when i fill the pot to 12 cups, the maker only reflects 10 which makes the ratio of coffee to water challenging. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener Jw275, Opens Jars no Taller than 8 1/2 Inches

This is a great product for those who have trouble opening jars due to hand injuries or arthritis , i purchased this product for my mother, who has severe arthritis in her arm’s and hands, which makes opening jars almost impossible for her. I highly recommend this product.

I purchased a lids off jar opener for my best friend and it was supposed to be her birthday gift in december. She hurt her wrist trying to open a jar and it hurt for a couple of days. I decided to give her the gift before her birthday to ward off future injuries. She said that is ‘the best gift i have ever gotten in all these 55 years’.She and her husband love it. This item was an amazon verified purchase, and i would recommend purchasing from them to anyone. I received my lids off two years ago after seeing the one my sister had received from her son as a gift. I told my son, when asked, that i wanted a lids off for christmas, he gave me one and i use it and wouldn’t do without it, no way. Thanks for making a most handy product that women love and appreciate.

I purchased this for my 96 year old mother in law. She has been thrilled that she can caw open various hars on her own. She has finally been able to open the saurkraut jar without calling for help. Great product and easy to use.

Key specs for Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener Jw275:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Will open virtually any size jar in one simple operation
  • Opening jars has never been quicker or easier
  • Easy to store
  • Compliments any kitchen

Comments from buyers

“Opens Jars no Taller than 8 1/2 Inches
, Superior Jar Opener!
, Life saver after shoulder surgery

Chewed up and spit out one of the automatic openers that you put on the lid of the jar. This unit is much more substantial and engineered for heavy duty work and supports the entire jar, can, or whatever is being opened. It’s also corded so the motor is stronger and it won’t die in the middle of opening something.

I have weak grip when it comes to opening a jar and this opener is wonderful,works great. I would recommend it to anyone to use. Black and decker has scored again.

Not for say, catsup bottles.

My doctor highly suggested getting this because i i can’t open jars with my left hand.

My mother-in-law loves this. Her house got on fire and see lost it in the fire. This is the second one we got her. She has very weak hands and this really works.

This product is really helpful for opening stubborn jars and bottles. It automatically adjusts to the size of the jar or bottle you are trying to open. The only thing it doesn’t do well is tall water bottles but even then you can sort of force them in. But it is definitely great for things like jam, jelly, peanut butter, even medicine bottles.

With my arthritis getting worse, i could not open jars and this device saved me. It is simple to operate and very effective.

Got this as a christmas gift for my mom, as she’s older and has problems with jar lids. She was a bit daunted by it at first, but now uses it all the time and loves it. Opens jars of varying sizes easily and quickly. One caveat: the rubber pads inside the grips are utterly useless. They’re just glued on, so they peel right off with the first recalcitrant jar lid. Better to just remove them and clean the glue off, as the grips hold the jars just fine without them. Also, it could use a longer cord.

The black & decker lids off jar opener is not just another kitchen gadget. I have been using one for over 2 years after having received one as a christmas gift. This item is especially useful for all who are faced daily with issues concerning arthritis, other strength or motion limitations in our hands. It is very reliable and will accommodate almost all of our challenges in opening jars. I have given two away as gifts to those who have found themselves similarly challenged. The item is also of interest to physical therapists who are working with folks who have limitations related to those i have described.

Gave this as a gift to family member who had shoulder surgery. They loved it and said it opened all jars easy without having to even grip anything.

At first i was a little confused at the lack of an on-off switch, but after reading the manual, i saw that it works automatically by pushing down on the top section. I guess that when the bottom platform (a rubberized mat) feels enough pressure being exerted, it starts itself. It was easy to use, & the directions were clear & direct (with labeled illustrations). The top & bottom clamps also work automatically, in adjusting their grips on the jar. I tried it with three of the jars i have the toughest time with: 1) a 24 oz. Gulden’s mustard jar (the wide bottom of this jar just barely fit into the bottom clamps of the unit, but it did), 2) a 24 oz. Spaghetti sauce jar, & 3) a 32 oz. The jar opener easily opened all three without a problem. This unit is expensive, but when compared with not being able to open jars & having to give up foods i like, it’s well worth the money.

I had one before, and loved it. This one is the same item, i hope it lasts as long as the other one did. They’re great when you’ve lost the strength in your hands.

My daughter has eds and with no strength in her hands this item helps her a lot.

My hands are in bad shape and this will help me. First thing i did with it was open a jar of pickles that i’ve been looking at in pantry but unable to open. This worked first time i tried with no problem. I am glad such items are available for everyday use.

A fantastic product that allows me to open all kinds of jars and bottles, allowing me to have some independence again. I would definitely recommend to people.

Once in a while i run across a jar i cannot get to fit the opener but the ones that do, so far the little thing has opened them for me.

Bought a used one through amazon for a great price and got super fast shipping. I have not gotten used to remembering that i have it, so i have only tried it 3 times. Only problem so far is that 2 of the 3 times i tried to use it, the jar was either too tall to fit in the chamber and/or the lid width was too narrow. For example: it will not open 2 liter soda bottles because the lid is too narrow in width. I have not tried a 2 liter for height though, but i doubt that it is short enough. The jar needs to be not more than 8 1/4 inches [21 cm tall, and the cap (aspirin bottle) or lid of the jar not less than 2″ wide and not more than 3 3/4 wide — approximately. I have not found the manufacture’s dimensions concerning acceptable jar height and lid width, but i could have missed it, so i measured the best i could. I think that it would be great for opening those sticky pickle jars and anything (within dimensions) that hurts or cracks your wrists to open. I am in the market for something that will open beyond these approximate dimensions, but i am keeping this one because of the special price deal. ]

This is great for opening most jars. What would make it better would be if it could open wider jars. But as someone who has lost the magic grip i used to have & has arthritic hands this is a miraculous gift. I can open most jars with no stress or strain on my hands.

It works great for hands that aren’t as strong as they used to be.

We purchase these types of items for our elderly and disabled clients for our program and can’t find these items locally. So glad amazon is able to help us help our clients in need, and the best part is that they are affordable and arrive sometimes in just a few day.

This product works great on straight jars. I had to add rubber adapters to the gripping pads to provide additional surface contact on oval or slanted jars but that has been the only possible point of fault. I think this fault could be corrected by adding a swivel function to the jar gripping pads.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker CM620B Programmable Single Serve Coffee Maker – It’s convenient and easy to clean

Husband is very anti-keurig and wanted to be able to make his cup of coffee stronger so he loves this. I had bought one for my best friend for her birthday since she didn’t want a keurig and hubby saw it and was jealous so i turned around and ordered him one too.

Perfect proportion for one person and just what i wanted. Fits the normal size travel cups.

This machine is absolutely incredible. I don’t understand how keurig is in business with these things floating around. You can dump whatever coffee you want, and make it as strong as you want. Just rinse out the removable permanent filter, and you’re good to go for another cup.The time programming works flawlessly, and it is so easy to run this with just a tea bag, for those tea drinkers out there like myself. I wish there was a way to increase the height, so that i could fit a thermos or travel mug under there, but as long as i find something under 8′ tall (the size of the gap), i think i’ll manage.

Works great, fits in my room without taking up much dresser space, and the filter is easy to clean.

It’s a little slow to brew 1 cup of coffee. If i knew it was this slow, i would have not bought it. I do like the little filter and being able to put coffee grinds in it but kuerig is way faster.

I’ve had this coffee maker a several years and love it. My husband likes strong coffee so he uses senseo extra strong (sometimes 2 soft pods) and i like colombian so i use senseo columbia blend. When i called black & decker for a new permanent filter they didn’t have my model so sent a whole new coffee maker for a big discount (1/2 price, i think).

  • Best coffeemaker I have ever used.
  • Keurig-Killer
  • Great, affordable, programmable coffee maker

We bought this one for my husband to take to work, since we have one at home and really liked it.

This works quite a bit better than other similar coffee makers i’ve had. The timer function is kind of useless as there is no warming plate to keep coffee hot. That said, it takes 3 minutes tops to brew a cup.

I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but this works well enough for me. It’s convenient and easy to clean.

I really like my new coffee maker.

I’ve had my coffee maker for two weeks now and it’s exactly what i wanted. I am the only person who drinks coffee in my household and i love to just make a cup or thermos of coffee. The coffee tastes great (i ran the coffee maker twice with just plain water as instructed, did not try any other tricks like lemon or vinegar) and i never experienced any ‘plastic’ taste that other reviewers mention with the permanent filter. Perma filter very easy to clean. The adjustable stand is a little silly (you stack the tray by flipping both pieces upside down to make the stand taller for a cup as opposed to a thermos) and i was taken off guard by the leftover coffee drips that came spilling out when i first tried, but otherwise it is great. I am glad i spent a little extra money for the programmable feature. Attractive and takes up very little space.

Features of Black & Decker CM620B Programmable Single Serve Coffee Maker, Black

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  • Programmable
  • Removable filter basket
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Indicator light
  • Clock timer

From the manufacturer


Single serve size with programmable convenience is ideal for any space!

Use coffee grounds or pre-packaged coffee pods to brew directly into travel or household mugs. Adjustable tray accommodates a variety of mug sizes. Convenient Quicktouch programming and features like a removable filter basket with included permanent filter and auto-off will make brewing easy anytime.


Brew Two Ways

Quick Touch Programming

Adjustable Tray

Digital Controls

Brew Two Ways

Brew two ways for the ultimate convenience. This model handles both ground coffee and pre-packed coffee pods for the brew that you want.

Quick Touch Programming

Large, easy-press buttons simplify the process of programming your coffeemaker.

Adjustable Tray

The adjustable brewing tray accommodates a variety of mug sizes.

Digital Controls

Easy to use controls and a digital display screen make use a breeze.

Permanent Filter


  • Auto-off: Yes
  • Carafe Plate: Nonstick
  • Color: Black
  • Cord Storage: Yes
  • Dimensions: 7.4 x 5.9 x 12.1 Inches
  • Dishwasher Safe Carafe: Yes
  • Number of Cups: 2 Cups
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited

Permanent Filter

The removable filter basket is easy to clean and reuse, removing the need for paper filters.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Item # CM618

This is an ideal coffeemaker for an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Use coffee grounds or pre-packaged coffee pods to brew directly into the 16-ounce. thermal mug that fits most car cup holders.

12-Cup Mill & Brew Coffeemaker (Black)

12-Cup Mill & Brew Coffeemaker (Black)

Item # CM5000B

Discover the coffeemaker that’s as sophisticated as your tastes. The Black+Decker CM5000B 12-Cup Mill & Brew Coffeemaker turns your favorite whole beans into a satisfying cup that’s as strong or as mild as you want it.

12-Cup Tea and Coffee Maker

12-Cup Tea and Coffee Maker

Item # CM3005S

Enjoy both tea and coffee made from the same system two-in-one marvel from Black & Decker. This stainless steel unit touts two specialized permanent filters for coffee grounds and tea leaves, plus a unique water filtration system, ensuring pure, piping hot cups of your favorite brews each time.

12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

Item # CM2035B

Get your fix throughout the day with the Black & Decker CM2035B 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker. The stainless steel thermal carafe is vacuum-sealed to ensure your coffee stays hot and drinkable for hours, and the Perfect Pour spout does away with spills and drips.

Single Serve Coffee Maker


12-Cup Mill & Brew Coffeemaker (Black)


12-Cup Tea and Coffee Maker


12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker


Single Serve Programmable Coffeemaker

Single Serve Programmable Coffeemaker

Wake up to a hot, fresh cup of coffee every morning with the programmable Auto Brew feature.

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Looks good, and is space efficient but other than that it’s a waste of money. Maybe it’s defective but i wouldn’t recommend this product. Updated: the first that i received was defective and i was contacted by the company and sent a replacement. So i’m updating my review due to the great business practices of the company. My coffee maker that has been replaced seems to work just fine.

I’ve had it for a couple months now, making about a cup a day, and it’s working fine. The instructions for setting the timer were wrong but i figured it out – you hold the button instead of pressing it, i think was the problem. I forget; i actually rarely use the timer because it’s so quick to just make a cup in the morning. On the advice of other reviewers i’ve been getting cone-shaped filters and cutting them to fit, which makes it super easy to clean.

This is a fine little coffee maker if you are willing to put up with the following. There are coffee dregs at the bottom of each cup i make. I’ve even customized a filter and the dregs are still there. Once the coffee is brewed, the machine shuts off. I like this because i can’t go away for the weekend and leave the unit on. I dont like it because the bottom plate is not a warmer, so once your coffee is ready, you should not leave it for later consumption (this explains why an earlier review said it didn’t keep the coffee warm – not designed to hold temperature). Not all of the water passes through at each brewing so you need to add a little extra to compensate. I like the small footprint for less counter space used.

Nice product except for not having the option of using a paper filter. I accepted this tradeoff for the benefit of well made coffee (temperature and water flow are good), and a 1-2 cup brewer that has a clock based brewing setting. The built in filter is ok, but it yields coffee that has fines like a french press (the coffee tastes good for that style though). As soon as one comes out that has makes coffee well, has timer based brewing, and allows using a paper filter, this one will go to the local goodwill though.

Amazon tells me i bought this little trooper 2. Since then, it’s been with me for a cup every morning and two on weekends. I live on my own, which is good, since it’s easily overwhelmed– it heats up quite a bit, and it probably needs to rest half an hour or so between cups of coffee. The little clock on the side is so bright that it doubles as an emergency beacon/batsignal/personal lighthouse/ night light, if you’re in a studio (i put two post-its over mine).

I was looking for a single cup coffee maker that is easy to use and affordable and this product fit what i wanted. The price of this b&d coffee maker was similar in price to others, however it contained a plastic re-usable coffee filter and have a programmable system as well.


This is great for making one cup of coffee in the morning. I can let it brew right into my travel mug.

Fantastic deal for the price. I use it to brew 20 ounces of coffee in the morning, so i brew 10 ounces twice. Brew 1st 10oz, empty used grounds from filter cup, rinse cup, re-fill ground coffee & water, ready to brew again.

Does the same exact thing your keurig would (except you can make a lot larger cup) for a lot less money. Plus you can buy your favorite coffee in bulk without relying on the expensive k-cups. It might take you two minutes instead of 30 seconds like the keurig but it is well worth it.

Had this for about 6 months now and love it. It’s simple to operate and at a good price. The programmable feature is easy to set and reset, and there’s a nice amount of room for tall cups.

Bought this for my son’s first apartment. Small, simple does the trick for one person. Just not so good for a several person home since it only holds enough water for one cup.

It produces a hot cup of coffee just like it promises. I like how i add as much water as i want coffee. Unlike the kurig that only has 2 settings. Another bonus is it has a clock timer.

Removable filter basket

Has a whole in the back for overflow but that is messy if you do that. Size is nicer than the unit i replaced. Programming is fine but i do not use that. Wish it brewed faster as it is closer to five min.

I do really like it, but it is not the easiest to clean sometimes. The reusable basket is especially something i worry is not clean enough, but i do like that it’s keeping me from making additional waste, plus you save money on coffee filters/ not having to buy single serve k cups. I used to use a keurig, and i like that this one takes up much less space on the counter, plus it’s tall enough to fit my travel mugs, and it has the programable option my keurig didn’t. I’ve had this for a while but only used it for a few months, and i feel like it has held up nicely, especially for the price.

Great product for a great price.

A gift for mom works great as would expect with consumer reports high rating.

I have had it for a while now and works great. I read in previews reviews that it is slow; and yes it is, however to me that is key to getting a great tasting cup of coffee with out wasting coffee. I simply have it set for auto brew so in the morning when i get downstairs my coffee is ready and to perfection. You do have to play with the coffee to water ratios but once you know your measurements you are set.

Medium quality coffee compliments a wonderful timer, simple interface, and overall good build quality. This has become a great every-day tool at a pretty affordable price. The missing star is because the coffee gets a little burnt. But quite frankly, this is for the amazing convenience, not the coffee quality.

I don’t have the financial resources to try every single-serve coffeemaker out there only to dispose of it or donate it after a period of time. I learned of this model from consumer reports and read every review out there before making the final decision to buy it. The result: best coffeemaker i have ever used and purchased. I drink coffee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year because i am addicted to caffeine and this coffeemaker works like a heavyweight champion. It can brew and fill up my contigo 16-oz travel mugs with hot fresh coffee within 5 minutes. It is so light and portable that i can bring it to work and brew up coffee when i need it. In addition, it saves me tons of $$$ by allowing to me to use the best brands of ground coffee on sale instead of resorting to using wasteful keurig k-cup single serve coffee. Furthermore, you can program the coffeemaker to brew coffee at a set time so that it is ready when you need it. No negatives i can think of with this model.

Automatic shutoff

Well, this coffee does what it’s supposed to do; make coffee. It’s perfect for us because we don’t drink that much coffee, but a just cup here and there. The programmable feature is nice, however we unplug this most of the time and the time it takes to program it over and over again is not worth it. So we just hit the start button in the morning instead, which is very easy to do. I was bordering on 4 stars for this, but because of the strange smell it had for the first, maybe couple months, after we bough it?. I had to knock it down to 3. It has a weird plastic/ chemical smell to it after arriving. I cleaned and used vinegar and boiling water over and over again and it just wouldn’t go away. I could slightly taste the smell in the coffee as well. Luckily the smell is gone now.

Only issue is i can’t figure out why the cover pops open right at the end of the brew cycle. Coffee is hot and delicious.

It’s exactly what i needed and the water was hot enough for me.

Got it today, got it set up. Nothing fancy, just like i wanted. Makes one very tasty cup at a time for my death wish coffee. 🙂 coffee basket is huge which i love, i use 3 scoops at a time. Holds enough water for my big mugs, no problem. If ya want it simple, no k-cups, just brew your own coffee, this it a great little machine. Very small footprint on the counter top.

Indicator light

BLACK+DECKER & Decker FP1140BD 8-Cup Food Processor : Awesome product!

It is very convenient and easy to use.

The veggies in my salsa were more shredded than diced 🙁 it’s fine for making soups or salsa (as long as it you don’t mind the it not being pretty). I’m a little disappointed, i expected to never have to chop another veggie again.

Black & Decker FP1140BD 8-Cup Food Processor, Black

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  • Product note: the logo design of this item may vary depending on when the product was manufactured
  • Two speeds plus pulse
  • Simple assembly – less parts and intuitive assembly
  • Cord storage – keeps excess power cord out of the way and out of sight
  • Mix, shred and slice – this food processor comes with s-blade and shredding and slicing reversible disc, 2 Year Limited warranty

Great product, packaging acceptable since product was not damaged at all.

Perfect size for medium to large jobs.

I bought this for a bridal shower. Love thats its black and decker. Would buy again thats for sure.

Black & Decker FP1140BD 8-Cup Food Processor, Black : It works great overall, however if you’re making sunbutter especially, you need to add a liquid or some coconut oil to the shelled sunflower seeds in order for the processor to puree them (otherwise it gets clogged up underneath the blade & on the sides of the container – which i periodically stop & scrape it down & then continue on). I’ve even used my processor to easily shred bars of soap for homemade laundry detergent. The processor locks into place fine, but it is pretty loud.

I cook with a lot of fresh vegetables so decided to put it to the test and see how each different item would come out. Most items were ‘perfect’ but some, like green onions, were not at ‘pretty’ as when i cut them by hand but for cooking with they still are much quicker. For salads or baked potatoes, i still chop them by hand. I am now able to chop my vegetables is a mere fraction of the time it used to take me.Even if i just need to chop a small amount, it is still faster to use this product and wash it than doing it by hand. Would recommend to anyone who likes fresh vegetables.

I don’t like the seller (amazon) at all. However, the machine did what i wanted done, and guess what – it did even more than expected. I prefer to make my own butter. I have been for a while now. Usually i use a stand mixer and it takes about 20 minutes or so. This time i pulled out the processor and within five minutes i was done with the mechanical part, and was on to putting my butter away. I’ve only used it a couple of times, this being the first for butter, but i look forward to a lot of good use of it.

Very easy to use once you figure it out. I especially like the ease of getting this by ordering via amazon.

I’ve been slicing my veggies for dips and salads for a while. I tried using one of those washboard combo slicer grater things, but usually use a knife. Yesterday i decided to come into the 21st century and buy something to ease my labor. Years ago my wife had a food processor that was so complicated she never used it and finally gave it away. I wanted something easy to use and minimal cleanup. Well, today i went to target and there it was, marked down to $19. Anyway, it’s just what i wanted, easy to use, easy cleanup and cut my 15 -20 minute veggie cutting to mere seconds with a quick rinse between veggies. My only druther would be a little thicker slices.

This food processor works ok in a pinch and is ok for the money. The knob is kind of hard to turn on the pulse cycle. I would definitely not recommend this unit to anyone with arthritis or other joint problems.

This is my 3rd black and decker 8 cup food processor (in 15 years). They work great, the motor is powerful and the blades are simple. But they suffer form same problem as all appliances these days – cheap plastic breaks and then it is cheaper to replace entire unit than the piece that broke.

I have used this twice so far and really like it and looking forward to future uses. When they say sharp blades, they mean sharp blades. I varely bumped my pinky against a blade viola blood. So be very, very careful when cleaning (of course i don’t have a dish washer). I think i made a great investment and it will definitley going to save time and make it easier for these fibro hands.

It works better than anything i have had before.

Originally i had posted a negative review of this food processor because the lid was very difficult to lock into place, which was required for the unit to operate. Within a day of posting the bad review, i got the comment below from black & decker. I called them, and they offered to replace the entire unit. I was really surprised and impressed-i didn’t expect action on the manufacturer’s part. **update: i received a replacement unit from black & decker. I’ve only used it a few times so far, but it works well. A quick note on the assembly: this unit can be a little tricky and frustrating to assemble. To lock the food container onto the base, attach it and twist where the unlock/lock icons are on the base. You’ll find that the food container can attach and ‘click’ into place on other parts of the base, but the lid won’t lock into place if you don’t line the container up with the base icons.

I used to have a very and i mean very cheap food processor that just never seemed to work well enough. This works for all that i do. I don’t understand the poor reviews. Maybe people just did not follow instructions or were too rough with it?. The only issue i would see is over-filling it. It is powerful but you need to be careful with not over-stuffing it. Sometimes a small amount of water is needed to get things going. I make pancake batter, nicecream, and date balls with this thing.

This is a great little processor.

Love it and i got it on sale at amazo. . My daughter bought the same one weeks ago at target for $35. 00 i recommend this product.

No idea why this processor is getting bad reviews. It’s been a solid workhorse for me for 2 1/2 years so far, and i cook nearly every night. I use it to power through huge onions, chop up chicken for some recipes, as well as to mix up dough for homemade noodles and pizza crusts. It’s powerful, even mixing bread flour or durem wheat into super sticky dough is no issue. I see complaints that it doesn’t liquefy items easily, which i see as a huge plus. Other processors turn the bottom of the container to mush, while leaving the top untouched, this bad boy (with an occasional scrape down the sides with a spatula) beautifully chops a whole onion into evenly sized bits. It’s been awesome for me, but seemingly your miliage may vary.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker BCM1410B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – Great coffee pot at first but it quit working after

This unit makes good coffee. It is simple, convenient to use, and does what it says it will do. Pros: brews enough coffee for me and my wife to each have two large cups. Keeps the coffee warm for two hours after it is made. The ‘sneak a cup’ feature while still brewiing works perfectly. It is easy to program the unit to start brewing automatically at a future time. Cons: perhaps it is the lighting in my kitchen, but it is hard to see the numbers when programming the time. The handle of the carafe seems a bit flimsy; it hasn’t broken but it just doesn’t feel solid when i pick up a full pot of coffee. I’ve only had it a bit over a month but so far i’m very satisfied with it.

I’ve had a b&d no carafe brewer [3 cup max forever, used it nearly to death. Decided to step up to a 10 – 12 cup brewer, since winter is coming and i’ll be drinking more java now. After unpacking it and running the obligatory 2 cups of vinegar and water brew thru this machine [then flushing it 2 more times with clear water] i made a fresh batch of kona roast. . Outstanding the timer works fine, the warmer works great. I hope this one lasts 3 years too. ]

I like this coffee maker but it has 2 drawbacks; 1- it takes forever to get a hot cup of coffee. The coffee right out of the drip is tepid at best and if you need a cup of coffee now you’d have to microwave it. 2- the grounds basket for some reason does not drain completely and they are always soppy wet grounds to be dealt with. Does anyone else have this problem with the coffee not being hot?.If i leave it on the warmer pad then it will be hot but it takes forever.

The price and simplicity were exactly as i was looking for. Love that we now have the programmable option. . Though i keep forgetting to set it.

Love the part that it will automatically shuts off after 2 hours.

Bought it for the wife for christmas.

  • I like it hot
  • Great cup of coffee
  • Works great so far but its a little different from the

Works great so far but its a little different from the bd i had before. As soon as i received i ran two pots of water though it and it was 2 days without coffee i instantly made a pot. Hope it last like my other bd.

This coffeemaker is classic and easy to use. It can be programmed, which my husband and i love, and the coffee always comes hot and delicious. Plus, it has a stopper so when you take the pot off while it is still brewing, it won’t drip or spill.

We have it for couple months so far and it’s doing good. Just what we need – timer for early morning and auto shutoff after 2 hours, and simple brewing. Simple and cheap coffee maker.

I ordered this coffee maker to replace my old one, same brand. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because even though the well is much larger than other brands, the carafe still leaks when filling the machine. Programming is easy and reliable.

Small price to pay for a good coffee maker. Kind of difficult to see the fill up line. Easy to read the clock and set the timer.

Features of Black & Decker BCM1410B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe

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  • 12-cup coffeemaker with 60-ounce Duralife glass carafe
  • Push-button controls; LCD display; programmable clock and timer
  • Auto-brew; brew-pause function; 2-hour keep warm with auto shut-off
  • Removable filter basket; easy-view water window offers handy cup levels
  • Measures approximately 11 by 9 by 13-1/2 inches; 2-year limited warranty
  • Note: Cup equals approximately 5 oz. (varies by brewing technique)

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

My parents love this coffee pot.

The delivery took longer than i expected, but when it came it works good. Only thing is i snuck a quick cup of coffee before it was completed, and the coffee maker did not stop.

I real glad bought this after return that stupid kitchenaid coffee maker as i paid close to $100 & was a peace of s. Just wish i was reading reviews about it before purchasing iti was lucky bought this around $20,works real good, easy to work with and keep the coffee warm for few hours, but the pot made by real thin glass. Just be careful when u wash it in sink don’t banged it around or dont drop it in the sink or so ,breaks easily & even if is breaks, amazon put this pot around $11,so is not that badanyway is simple & cheap coffee maker , works well & makes a good quick coffee. Thats all i wanted to do & in did. Up date :4/29/13maker just died on me,less then a year. Same thing happened to my old back & decker brand,before this one,i guess thats american made for ubasically, the red bottom turns on but not,turn on the maker. Almost new machine less then year & same thing happened with same damn brand/coffeemaker in pass. Awfulsome of the reviews here & some where else ,says it the same thing after while stop working.

An article of top quality and utility. An article of top quality and utility. And easy to use with quality materials for life and 100% recommended.

This was purchased for a break room and would be used by several different people. It is easy to use and has the shut off feature if left unattended.

Fairly standard cheap coffee maker. I purchased one in a store (brand new) and it worked fine for a month. After a month the material that covers the hot plate started chipping off. Black & decker is making me pay almost as much as i paid for the coffee maker to get a replacement by shipping it back. Edit: increase rating because b&d support is amazing.

12-cup coffeemaker with 60-ounce Duralife glass carafe

I originally chose this coffee maker 3 years ago after doing extensive research for a quality machine (along with some painful soul searching). I really, really wanted something sleek, fancy and trendy to put on my counter but the reality was i just needed a nice looking and reliable maker that made great coffee. What i did not want was to pay an outrageous price for a machine that could make only one cup at a time, have two makers (to supply a single cup or a full pot for family dinners) or non-recycleable waste to put into the environment (think how many of those little cups go into the trash each morning). This machine has supplied my husband and i with good, hot coffee each morning for the last 3 years. No breakdowns, no overflows, no clogged lines and my grounds and filters go into the compost. I broke the carafe about 2 weeks ago (my fault) and decided to go ahead and replace the maker as well – otherwise i am confident the maker would still be ‘perking’ along.

Still my favorite coffee machine.

The coffee pot works well for a low end device. It has essential features for day to day use. The caraffe is a bit light / feels fragile.

A good product for the money. May want to purchase separate coffee filter so you don’t have to buy paper ones.

For the price this is a very nice coffeemaker. It makes good coffee and doesn’t spill when you pour it out. Only wish the clock was a bit bigger so you could read the time across the room.

The finish of the coffeemaker is not so much a matte black (as it looks in the picture) and more of the usual shiny black.

Push-button controls; LCD display; programmable clock and timer

Bought for my son away at school.

Looks great, but didn’t get any coffee yet, so i don’t know how it performs. I bought it as a present, and my daughter loves it. I will adjust my view after she uses it.

Perfect coffee maker for my house. Easy to use, easy to clean, although i do hand clean the glass carafe instead of putting it in the dishwasher. Definitely, the price was right.

It makes it so easy to wake up in the morning and have my coffee waiting for me instead of me waiting for it.

This coffee pot does not have permanent filter, as amazon claims it does. Otherwise it’s a great coffee pot. It looks nice, fits well, performs as it should. The best featurs is how hot the coffee comes out and stays for at least 3 hours.

-no spills while pouring-2 hour keep warm is really nice-makes good coffee-timer works wellno complaints here.

We decided not to go the keurig route. This is not too huge, yet is a 12-cup machine. Works very well, is quiet and has the automatic stopper when you pour a cup before the pot is finished brewing. Coffee is really hot and i have no complaints whatever. The landfills are now blessed with a new #1 polluter. This is so simple and so inexpensive a way to have a good cup of coffee.

Auto-brew; brew-pause function; 2-hour keep warm with auto shut-off

Great coffee pot at first but it quit working after a year after only once a day use in home.

This is a wonderful coffee maker. Love the taste of the coffee. Love that we can program it and that it shuts off after 2 hours. Worth the amount of purchase.

Have bought two of these over the last 6 years, they work alright. Going to replace again, checking prices. Thirty dollars less at walmart. At that price it’s a good value. This cost at forty eight, very high would kind of feel violated.

Removable filter basket; easy-view water window offers handy cup levels

BLACK+DECKER & Decker TRO480BS 4-Slice Toaster Oven – Perfect for my toasted bagel

The cord is not even 2′ long, so unless you are putting this at a plug it will not reach; there is absolutely no way i can put mine in my kitchen without buying an extension cord. Also the crumb tray does not sit in very snug leaving a nice big gap for heat to escape through. That being said it is a good size and so far heats quickly and evenly. Edited 1/24/14: after having this for a while i bumped it up to 5 stars. Yes the cord is super-short and i had to purchase an small extension cord to plug it in even though it sits right in front of the outlet, but it works very well. Heats up very quickly and heat seems very well-balanced between the elements, toasts both sides of bread almost exactly the same. I have seen some reviews that complain about it not toasting well but i think most of those people don’t understand that it cooks with heat and even when elements are not actively/visibly heating they are still giving off heat. I was pleasantly surprised that even though there is a fairly large gap where the crumb tray inserts that it has enough of a convection effect with the vents to keep much heat from coming out there.

This is your basic classic toaster oven. A single radiant heating tube across the top, a single one across the bottom (most fuller featured units have two top and two bottom). Compared to the original toaster ovens, these are ‘quartz’ radiant tubes which radiate better than the old fashioned solid iron rods. Unfortunately there is a perforated ‘safety shield’ over each tube which interferes slightly with the radiant effect. No ‘pizza bump’ or circular bulge at the back to better accomodate a round pizza. There is a very handy drip tray which we definitely need for our grilling. We got this in conjunction with an ‘upscale’ toaster oven black & decker cto4500s 6-slice countertop convection oven with pizza bump, stainless steel which i am separately reviewing. Our thinking is to treat this one as ‘semi-disposable’ and use it solely for grilling chicken thighs/legs/wings on our condo patio. Should be fine for this limited purpose, and when it gets irretrievably gunked up from spatters, our hearts won’t break to see it go. The ‘upscale’ version will be used for pizza and baking – non ‘spatter’ cooking, in other words. Don’t use these as toasters – a dedicated toaster does a much better job with less power consumption, and they aren’t very expensive these days; for better results with pizza, get the one linked above. ————–update:since it only has one quartz heater element top and bottom, it won’t ‘sear’ your meats as much. We run ours in ‘bake’ mode to assure there is plenty of heat to actually cook our chicken pieces and pork rib pieces, and our meat takes a long time to cook (about 45 minutes to an hour) but comes out incredibly juicy as though ‘slow cooked. ‘ only a light browning/crisping, none of the ‘scorching’ common to quad or dual top element toaster ovens.

I just threw away yet another burned bagel, so i probably shouldn’t be writing this review right now, but here goes. I pretty much despise this toaster oven. The best thing about it is the price. To toast something, you have to make sure both top dials are on toast, which is annoying, and even more annoying, you have to turn the toast setting dial clockwise to 12:00 and then back counter-clockwise to the toast setting you want. There are pictures on the dial for dark, medium, and light and i find i have to set it just a hair above light to avoid burning my toast/bagel/waffle. Then sometimes it’s still too light, so i have to set it again and it frequently burns. I can’t imagine anyone ever using medium or dark on this thing. And heaven forbid the toaster has been used in the last hour before i need to make some toast. Then i have to set it on the lightest possible setting and watch it like a hawk to avoid burning. The controls on this thing are just a pain and i grow tired of monkeying with them to try to get my toast to turn out right.

I wanted something small and attractive in my kitchen that would evenly toast a bagel without toasting my wallet. It’s small, attractive and consistent. It’s also lightweight, which means it’s easily portable for the person on the move. My bagels get evenly toasted within two minutes. The swiss cheese i place on top of each half gets melted but doesn’t liquify nor get browned. The appliance has settings for ‘bagel’ ‘broil’ ‘bake’ and ‘toast’ but i prefer the ‘toast’ setting for my bagel. The toaster can heat for up to 30 minutes at a time at maximum heat of 450f degrees. The ticking timer is audible and dings when the food is ready. This is a great little breakfast toaster.

I was tired of making toast in the oven for the last 20 years, so we finally splurged and bought this black & decker tro480bs toast-r-oven. 00, the price seemed right (though i see that in the past few days since i ordered it, the price has dropped. Our toaster just arrived today. After i unpacked it and washed the rack and the little pan it came with, i followed the simple pre-baking instructions: i turned it on for 15 minutes to sear off the manufacturer’s residue. Light smoke came up, which quickly disappeared. Keep your eyes on the toaster during this process to be sure there are no defects that might appear the first time you use it. So far, i have only made toast, which is one of the few functions i wanted a toaster oven for, such as reheating pizza or baking snacks, etc. I certainly don’t intend on using it to make a pot roast.

Honestly, i don’t know what more you can want out of a toaster oven. I am definitely surprised that this toaster oven is so well made and works exactly as it should despite being far lower priced than the over ovens on amazon. I actually have purchased 3 of these. My sister bought me the first one 3 years ago as a house warming gift to heat up my beloved pizza slices. It’s still in great condition, heats up quick and consistently. I live alone, so i bake small quantities of fish fillets or chicken in it and they always come out exactly as they did the last time. I was so satisfied with it, i bought one for my boyfriend and for my boss, both of whom like to cook/reheat food quick and easy like me. You remove the bottom tray and stick in the dishwasher, same for the wire rack and pan that comes with. If i want to be extra lazy, i just coat the wire rack with foil to keep the drippings off the bottom, crumple and toss after. The design is really sleek, the knobs are sturdy. I didn’t find there was an ostentatious ticking. I love that the ‘on’ light is blue, rather than red/orange, nor does it have a crazy, loud and annoying ‘ding’.

  • Not a big fan of this toaster oven
  • This is a great toaster oven
  • Not the best we’ve ever had

This was definitely a good purchase. I’ll just break this down to pros and cons, for simplicity’s sake. Pros:-toasts bread, english muffins, and bagels evenly. -bakes frozen foods quite well. I’ve only recently started to use it to cook fish sticks for my young son, and it really did a great job. Keeps on ticking-easy to clean. Cons:-while in use, the top and sides do get quite hot to the touch. Do not store anything on top of the oven. -for someone who lacks patience, the controls can seem quite confusing.

We are definitely a ‘toaster over’ family, and would be lost without one. Over the years we’ve had our share of various brands of toaster ovens, so when our last one broke a year ago i searched amazon’s reviews for a replacement. I opted for this because of the name and the reviews. I have to say that after a year, i am not thrilled with it. The most bothersome feature is the three knobs. Running a busy household means that you need appliances to be simple and easy to use. Extras can sometimes just get in the way. It is very annoying to have to set three knobs each time you want to pop in some waffles, an english muffin, or heat up a leftover slice of pizza. My kids agree with me that it is a bit of a pain to have to do. I do like the crumb tray that pulls out.

We first got this off of our wedding registry, so we were a little overwhelmed with everything else to really research, you know, toaster ovens. I’ve used it for everything but casseroles, cookies, and cakes. The top gets hot but the sides and everything seem to be ok. Probably don’t want to put anything exceedingly susceptible to heat next to it while it’s on, but i don’t think it’s really that bad. Certainly doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen. It’s definitely been a livesaver in this ridiculous heat wave – when the ac can’t get the temperature down below 80 i don’t really want to worsen things by cooking, but the toaster oven doesn’t contribute to heat. The controls are pretty intuitive. Our kitchen is small, so the bread is kept on top of it, except when we use it. Hubby forgot to take the bread off one day so the top of the toaster oven seems permanently imprinted with the bread label. Aesthetically that’s not really very charming, so i went researching for another toaster oven. Figured we could get something better since we seem to use it so much. After a few hours of looking around, everything else either seems smaller or less reliable or harder to clean (crumb catcher and wide open space in this one makes it very easy).

Features of Black & Decker TRO480BS 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Black/Silver

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  • Large-capacity 1200-watt 4-slice toaster oven
  • Bake, broil, bagel, toast, and keep-warm functions
  • Adjustable temperature up to 450 degrees F
  • 30-minute timer; slide-out crumb tray; baking pan included
  • Measures approximately 10 by 8.5 by 16 inches

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Large-capacity 1200-watt 4-slice toaster oven

Bake, broil, bagel, toast, and keep-warm functions

Adjustable temperature up to 450 degrees F

30-minute timer; slide-out crumb tray; baking pan included

BLACK+DECKER And Decker G49TD Sandwich Grill/Waffle Baker, American waffles

Bought this for my mom-in-regulation and she enjoys it. We seemed in all places for one that the grills arrived off with a setter like this 1.

The significant providing stage of this product is an inexpensive detachable flat:waffle metal plate style and design that evenly distribute heat. It truly is also a uncomplicated beautiful layout with good countrywide customer provider ( i received a section replaced without having stress). However, it can be regrettable b&d did almost nothing to update this 10 years previous design past flipping the plates in excess of in advance of shipping it out. Look for for g48td and you can expect to uncover a thousand evaluations all echo the same considerations. This 900w style takes a very long time to warmth because the components are not in call with the metal grill. The way the plate clips and hinge perform can induce the plate hole through cooking to be uneven. As with all nonstick coatings, you should be generous with cooking oil spray to lessen cleanup later on. This is not a kid welcoming appliance as the outer shell is in no way insulated from the heat and the hinge and clips are so precarious. The plastic handles can be taken out (nut washer screw) and reattached for cleaning runaway batter spills. I obtained this open box at fifty percent off msrp and propose you store all-around till you discover it at the minimal end of it really is price tag range history.

I can make pancakes for grandkids or waffles for us.

Key specs for Black And Decker G49TD Sandwich Grill/Waffle Baker:

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  • Versatile three-in-one appliance: waffle maker, grill, griddle
  • Grids bake four waffles and reverse for top-and-bottom sandwich grilling
  • Top folds back to create two 8-inch-square griddles for pancakes, eggs, etc.
  • Variable heat control; nonstick cooking surfaces wipe clean
  • Chrome housing and stay-cool black handles; stands upright for storage

Comments from buyers

“The waffles are better and bigger, American waffles, Black/Decker Waffle Bake/Grill/Grid”

Very good sizing for greater households, or for family members that definitely really like waffles. Griddle versatilty is a good reward, too. Built to very last, plates appear off for simpler cleansing. You should not use steel to clean up the non-stick plates.

And a single can make other things moreover waffels. But for previous fassiond waffels this is a great item.

Will work like a waffle iron should really. The huge challenge was detachable irons to allow washing.

My husband and i ended up provided this waffle iron as a present for our marriage ceremony a few decades in the past. It is just like the a person his grandmother experienced, and make american model (smaller holes, not deep like belgian) square waffles. Ours never ever come out square simply because its difficult to pour the batter just appropriate for that. I have by no means professional issue with the irons remaining in spot. There are clips that protected them. Examining the instructions really should make that really crystal clear. I do obtain it inconvenient to clean up the baked-on oils from the waffle facet of the irons, but they did design it so they get rid of for cleaning, so i cannot complain. The maker has a warmth dial, with a environment for waffles. It adjusts conveniently to make your waffles additional/much less brown. The light comes on though baking, and shuts off when finished.

We desired this iron for the lent/easter period. However the first weeks of use still left us perplexed since the waffles did not get performed on each sides. We resorted to turning them over to keep on cooking them which, of study course, created them ‘hard’. We also observed that you could see where the spherical heating factor was cooking on the waffle. I lastly resorted to turning it all the way to the conclusion of the waffle placing, to start with waffle was better but darker, second and third batch so-so. I had an more mature black and decker iron and it worked superbly but last but not least necessary to be changed. This was the a person i selected mainly because of the reputation i realized b & d had. Electric power applications, lawn resources, and many others. This is the very first disappointing product or service i’ve had from b & d.

I beforehand purchased just one for me and now bought a person for my daughter and daughter-in-law (at their ask for). I like the means to flip the grids based on the desired use. I fif discover that you do have to spray the grids, normally the pancakes or waffles adhere. At some point, the spray builds up.

Just like the just one mama employed. I like the slim waffles it makes.

I received the item promptly – just as promised for arrival. On opening the product there were no guidance in the box, no booklet with data about care and use. Also, the box had formerly been opened and taped shut with packing tape marked ‘amazon’. I have not utilised the product nevertheless as i am nevertheless figuring out the locking system for the plates to be hooked up for protected use even though heating.

I requested as a gift for my son and he has utilized it quite a few times.

This is the third b&d griddle waffle maker i have owned and the excellent is not a nice as my other’s have been. The edges of the base are alternatively jagged and the springs keeping the grills are inconvenient, in that they hit the edge of the take care of and manage box. High quality has diminished from my previous unit. The coating on the griddles is not even, coating is spotty.

Would make good waffles, effortless to use.

I experimented with the all clad and it was not truly worth the money. The waffles are greater and bigger. It cooks slow and it’s a minimal cheaply manufactured, but it works. And the all clad was gradual and experienced the exact non uniform cooking. If you won’t be able to determine out how to bend the clips to make the plates continue to be on, you happen to be inept at everyday living. Evidently the perfect traditional waffle iron maker does not exist. If it did it would have these layout characteristics:make 4 massive segmented skinny conventional waffles: checkfloating hinge so waffle can develop as it bakes and not expel batter out the sides: checkbetter protection of the heating factor so the waffle cooks uniformly: this 1 is acceptablemore wattage and adjustable: this one calls for max temp and is still a gradual cooka temperature readout of the plate temp so you can know when the plates are fully preheated at your most well-liked bake tempan alarming timer so you can experiment with the suitable cook dinner time. With the higher than controls you could established the maker to prepare dinner ‘low and slow’ or ‘crispy and brown’ or ‘crispy on the outside the house and underbaked on the inside’ or anything at all in amongst.

It had reversible plates–the key purpose for the order. Black and decker is a dependable title.

I have owned this merchandise for quite a couple many years and because it truly is served us so effectively, i not too long ago obtained it as a present for our son. We have served lots of a nice waffle or grilled cheese sandwich on this item.

We received this model of waffle iron as a wedding gift in 1996. It is really just like my mom’s and my mom-in-law’s, which they each individual applied for a long time. Just pour about a cup of waffle batter into the middle and it spreads out as important, not always creating best squares but which is component of the fun. You have to have ample oil in the batter to keep it from sticking. (for 1 c of flour/oat bran combination, 3t canola oil, additionally the other substances. ) immediately after 17 years of two times-a-month use, the non-stick coating started to flake off. This was the greatest selling price for a substitute we could come across. We lived in belgium for two a long time but however favor the little squares to the big kinds on belgian-design waffles. It is much easier on the smaller squares to use a acceptable volume of sryup or whichever topping than on the huge belgian-style squares. We make a massive batch every other saturday, then freeze the leftovers and toast them up as wanted for weekday breakfasts.

Product is built somewhat more affordable than an older one particular i had to substitute, but if you observe directions, it is effective properly. 1st waffle out was great, and the relaxation of the batch was the identical.

BLACK+DECKER BL1130SG FusionBlade Blender – How did we get along without it?

I am an avid smoothie maker and i have tried out them all.

Blender holds forty eight ounces and has loads of settings with a pulse/off button. Glass jar had a handful of scratches, but durable glass and will not leak.

Acquired it to substitute just one that i dropped. Was delighted to get a further one just like itthe electrical power in this blender is phenomenal. I use it largely for generating smoothies and it handles everything i put in it, specially the nuts (almonds and cashews mainly) and the frozen fruit. My most favored blender at any time (will be more careful the place i position the jar this time).Here are the specifications for the BLACK+DECKER BL1130SG FusionBlade Blender:

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  • 12 Speeds + Pulse – Find the perfect blending power for everything from sauces to smoothies with 12 speed settings. The pulse function lets you create the perfect consistency
  • 6-cup Glass Jar – The durable 6-cup (48oz.) glass jar is designed to increase blending efficiency. Its thick walls allow for safe blending of hot soups and more
  • 550W Power – Tough blending is no match for the powerful motor inside this blender
  • FusionBlade – The stainless steel FusionBlade is designed to quickly crush ice and evenly blend soups and smoothies. The shape of the jar helps to create a constant flow straight to the blade so food is blended as quickly as possible
  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts – All removable parts are dishwasher-safe for fast and easy cleanup
  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Feet – The powerful blender stays in place thanks to the strong rubber grips
  • Cord Storage – The convenient cord wrap within the unit makes for easy storage
  • 1-oz. Lid Insert – The clear lid insert lets you drizzle in oil or other liquids during blending, and it doubles as a 1-oz. measuring cup for making blended mixed drinks

In fact is my 2nd, the 1st my son broke and i ordered one more just one. Price is superior and superior quality, i make smoothies just about each individual day and soaps the moment ou 2 times i 7 days. This is one particular of my favorites kitchen area add-ons and it can be truly straightforward to clear.

This blender does the job that my aged blender did that was substantially extra costly. Really like the ice crusher characteristic particularly for summer use. Not all blenders have this offered. I have been equipped to make a large amount of distinctive types of smoothies with it that do have to have crushed ice.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • and there was only one blade – I was like “oh no
  • This is a GREAT blender and a terrific value
  • black+decker 12-speed blender

Excellent, minimal large, is effective good.

Great , will acquire once more in foreseeable future.

We use this blender for everyday smoothies and do not know how we did without the need of it.

This is a great blender and a fantastic worth. I bought a $200 breville blender from williams sonoma and i was anxious about the high quality of the plastic jar. They instructed me not to fear they would stand powering the product. Properly, in a couple of a long time the motor burned out (i under no circumstances ran it additional than a number of seconds, essentially used it for shakes), and the jar was yucky. It was out of guarantee so i was out of recourse. I experimented with this black and decker at my sister’s property and was actually amazed so i bought a person, its quick.

It will work fantastic and does a very good occupation.

Chopps almost everything up flawlessly gets utilised everyday.

I was a little bit anxious when i got this and there was only one particular blade – i was like ‘oh no, this is not going to do the job’. Since i experienced utilized a roommate’s blender for my shakes which experienced two blades. So i just now tried using it and omg – did the work like a champ. Will not blow your money on a significant priced merchandise – listen little ones they all do the exact work.This is magnificent – best funds expended.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker HS1050 7-Quart Food Steamer – timer is essential

My previous black and decker steamer finally puffed out it really is very last steam, forcing me to discover a substitution. This new black and decker product steams very well, the only problem i have is the development of the steamer baskets. I do not like that they snap aside. Why oh why do businesses have to adjust styles, when they experienced it right in the first position?.

Great steamer with a massive capability, and straightforward cleansing. Has a rice bowl to cook dinner steamed rice, as properly as divots in 1 of the baskets to steam eggs, which performs pretty well. The baskets and rice bowl nest, so storage is uncomplicated. It does what it can be intended to do, and produces a whole lot of steam.

Pros- see through h2o reservoir. Somewhat straightforward cleanup 9all elements are dishwasher safe, just a little bit cumbersome). Drawbacks- a little bit flimsy when stacked- body weight of food will help stabilize, but can be tricky when eliminating trays soon after steaming with food in them. Have not noticed overt flavoring when utilizing the flavor tray with fresh new herbs. Total i would highly suggest this steamer for households or if cooking numerous or big foods. (i use an aroma steamer/rice cooker for veggies and smaller sized portions as the non adhere steel steamer and container are less difficult to cleanse up and wash/rinse).Here are the specifications for the BLACK+DECKER & Decker HS1050 7-Quart Food Steamer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Versatile 7-quart food steamer for easy, healthy food preparation
  • 4-quart basket, 3-quart basket, 5-cup rice bowl, and 12-egg nesting basket
  • Water window; external water-fill inlet; 75-minute timer with “ready” bell
  • Flavor Scenter screen for spices or herbs included
  • Measures approximately 9-1/5 by 10-3/5 by 12-1/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Effectively, initially off let me say i purchased many b&d double decker steamers. I did not, however, get them at the super-inflated $200+ price tag. When i bought them they were being about $39. And at that rate i give it five stars. No way i would shell out what they market for now. I also have a b&d jar opener and it was about $thirty when i got it. I do not know what is heading on with the pricing of b&d’s kitchen appliances. I love both equally the steamer and the jar opener, but what a disappointment to get ready to buy an additional and see the price tag was 5x what i predicted.

I’ll acknowledge i am very vital of my appliances. I experienced the hs900 from when it first came out almost twenty years back. Picture to my surprise that soon after almost twenty decades of perfect company it just refused to get the job done any longer. Indeed, i was significantly ticked off mainly for the reason that i seriously definitely cherished it and could not envision lifestyle without having it as i employed it just about every day. When i basically acquired past the denial that it genuinely was never ever going to get the job done yet again, i went hunting on the internet for the correct same model. They no longer market that model?. Usually i like alter, but when you come across anything excellent, then alter is tough. I seen some of the critiques from men and women who had the prior models, not satisfied with the newer model.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • it has been great. A new feature is the water level indicator
  • What an awesome steamer! Attention is given to the smallest of
  • Best I’ve used yet

Palms down the greatest way to eat balanced vegetables other than in their raw kind. Functions greats for tricky steaming eggs which look to peel so much a lot easier. You can cook an total food at as soon as, and i enjoy the flavor saver which season’s your foods very properly. Experienced my earlier design for above twenty years ahead of the chord went lousy and i just made a decision it was time to get a new a single.

The initially model of black & decker food steamers (now obsolete) was lesser but less difficult to use and cleanse. I would not have changed the older steamer is there had been a substitution basket obtainable as the unit alone was still operating very well just after much more than fifteen several years of major use. I hope this unit performs as prolonged as the 1st model. I do desire the baskets had been not in two components (bottom detachable from the oval formed aspect). However, this product steams food pretty perfectly.

My wife acquired this individual steamer as she experienced an outdated a single she cherished. She tried using a different brand but was really unhappy as most of them do not have a timer. Diverse rice needs unique cooking time so the timer is critical. With the double layer she can do rice and veg at the exact time. The other went to good will.

I experienced the 4-quart edition of this for a lot of several years. It did not die but the heating component obtained rusty so i thought i ought to get one more steamer. I needed to acquire yet another a person of these having said that amazon experienced them priced at $a hundred and eighty which is absurd. I uncovered it on other world wide web web-sites priced from $seventeen to $sixty five nonetheless each individual position was sold out. So, centered on evaluations, i acquired an aroma arc 914. You can cook sufficient rice in it to feed the neighborhood, nonetheless you can prepare dinner incredibly couple of veggies in it, not adequate for a food for two. I then acquired an oster which proved to be disappointing also for the identical rationale. I then identified this just one on amazon acceptable priced. We just use it as a four-quart steamer. It holds plenty of veggies to conveniently make a meal for two and it does an fantastic work of steaming individuals veggies.

I am really a lot making the most of my hottest steamer. I steam foodstuff at minimum when a week, so i have worn out many steamers about the past 30 a long time. This a single has some pros in excess of some of the some others i’ve experienced. You can remove the bottoms of the steamer baskets to clean them and the reservoir does not have a different, inaccessible receptacle for incorporating h2o. The minor window shows the h2o level within just the reservoir, but you can quickly wash the complete detail. I waited a though to overview so that i would know whether or not my really hard water was scaling up to easily on it. If i run a vinegar water cycle by means of the moment a thirty day period, you will find no scaling at all and the steamer baskets have not discolored, so i’m pretty pleased with this steamer. I also like the reality that the baskets will stack 1 inside of the other for a lot more compact storage, or to far more thoroughly steam almost everything if you happen to be applying both jointly. I genuinely believe this one’s the ideal steamer i have utilized but.

Had a black & decker steamer for decades. This one particular is much larger, has a drip tray that catches recycled water ahead of it receives to the crystal clear water you place in it. That is practical for a garlic butter rice i make: i set garlic (tons) and butter with rice, dry, in the leading, and greens in the bottom. When which is finished, i put the flavored water in the rice, and set it on the utmost time. Drinking water level indicator and means to include drinking water devoid of disturbing the steaming: pleasant. This price is very acceptable. Client reports selects this as the quantity a person steamer. Also, the heating chamber covers the ingredient with something plastic that is not damaging, so you really don’t have the nasty aluminum influencing the steam.

I have been making use of this manufacturer steamer for the final 10 a long time. The plastic shelf at last did crack and i believed about receiving just the shelf but i figured right after ten yrs the heater device in all probability is going to give out. I purchased the new double unit. It will be fascinating to see how extended the old heating device lasts in comparisons to the new a single.

This is a replacement to an older black & decker product in which the baskets wore out just after 8 a long time. We used the aged design frequently (1-2 situations per 7 days) and had substantial hopes for the ‘new and enhanced model. ‘ so considerably, right after about two months of use, it has been great. A new function is the h2o amount indicator which is extremely beneficial. The capability to increase h2o in the course of the steaming process is also a furthermore. We have steamed numerous veggies and cooked rice several occasions, all of which turned out beautifully. One particular other new characteristic we recently attempted is the means to get the floor out of the upper basket to produce just one huge steamer basket. We did this to steam fresh corn on the cob and it worked out fantastically. I would guess you can maintain about ten ordinary ears standing on stop at a person time. It only took fifteen minutes in the steamer to have fantastic corn on the cob and that is considerably more quickly than ready on a giant pot of h2o to boil and then working splashing boiling h2o.

A good cooking equipment for the simply distracted. There have been also several situations a mobile phone get in touch with or personal challenge has distracted me from a pot on the stove. Just transform the dial to steam for up to seventy five minutes. You fill the base reservoir with drinking water very first. You can see by way of the bubble window to fill between the minimum and greatest lines. And, you can insert h2o even though it is cooking, pouring into the protruding scoop opening, instead of lifting the compartments and getting burned by the launched steam. I cook dinner grains in the white bowl, and fish, fowl, meat or veggies in the clear compartment. You can prepare dinner with just a single or each compartments stacked. The most affordable tray collects food drippings, keeping them out of the h2o reservoir.

If you have hardly ever used a single of these, you are in for a handle. These food steamers are stellar. I can dump anything at all in there, refreshing veggies, frozen veggies, tamales, (first put water in the reservoir) and established the timer, and go off and ignore it. If i genuinely do ignore it, and the timer goes off, (i at times go to pick up my husband, and the time operates out) and it cools down, i just set it on for five extra minutes, and it warms every little thing again up. No a lot more getting the base of the pan operate dry when you are making use of the frequent steamers.

I purchased this device after reading dozens of evaluations for other styles. I like the simplistic timer and the cooking situations that are printed on the foundation. The plastic bins are flimsy, but they’ve held up properly so far. I generally use the steamer for really hard boiled eggs (a dozen a 7 days), corn, green beans and summer time squash. I have cooked rice two times and equally moments i had leftover drinking water that required to be drained out. I’ll regulate how significantly drinking water i use in the long run. I like the fact that i can fill the reservoir without getting the steamer aside.

I’ve cooked veggies, boneless, skinless pork chops, boneless, skinless hen, eggs and rice in it so far. Almost everything was cooked to perfection. I did recognize that if i prepare dinner meat and veggies at the same time, the veggies were around cooked. My suggestion is to hold out right up until the meat is 50 % way cooked and then put the veggies in the top rated tray. The only actual criticism i have, is fattier meats, like the porkchops i cooked in it, depart driving the fatty mushy goop, and it will get caught the small tiny holes of the tray. I experienced to use a toothpick to press the unwanted fat out. I sat down in front the tv for about fifteen-20 minutes finding it all out.

I do a great deal of food steaming (i’m lazy) and have gone by means of a lot of steamers around the yrs. This is my second b&d and i like its simplicity and relieve of control. My working experience with fancy appliances that deal with h2o is that faster or later the water will ruin the electronics. Most steamers dress in out following awhile and you should not fee a huge investment decision. Steaming veggies is straightforward and you get reliable success. If you prepare dinner a great deal of refreshing veggies this is the way to go.

We had two other individuals that lasted 15 a long time ahead of the plastic bowls at last cracked and leaked, experienced to find a alternative. With the removable center corn on the cobb is a breeze. With the form and style of the bowls fitting inside every single other, storage is half the room. The most effective aspect, they in shape in the rv. Eventually steamed veggies while out on the street, suure makes individuals camp hearth steaks sooooo a great deal much better.

I purchased a cuisinart steamer that claimed to steam each rice and veggies at the exact time. Wonderful, but it only experienced an ‘on-off’ change with no means to know the precise time of the steam, though the directions gave impolite estimates. I necessarily mean, seriously, am i supposted to sit by and time my cooks?this solution lets me to set the time. The upper and lower get the job done well. Cooked puppies in the bottom and buns in the best. What i will not like is the instruction handbook. It tells you very little about how to prepare dinner. I considered i would steam some rice so i just poured some rice into the container imagining steaming would do the trick. . By seeking the net i observed out that the rice requires the similar amount of water as if you ended up cooking on a pot on the stove. Outcome (right after i added water?) fantastic rice. Wonderful merchandise but be organized to surf on how to best use it.

I experienced 1 for ten years and i was so pleased when observed the identical design was offered. It is ideal for a man or woman on the go. At night i put my rooster or salmon on the bottom, stack the leading with vegys or use the steamer insert with quinoa or the two. Than when i get back again from do the job the up coming working day i get it out of the fridge and steam almost everything for 30 minutes.