BLACK+DECKER CM6000B Cafe Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker – Five Stars

I’ve been using a kuerig for about four years. It was ok, except when we had company. With this, you can have a whole pot or, just one cup. I only gave it four stars because, it doesn’t have a timer. You can’t wake up to a full pot of coffee in the morning. It will do for a couple of years though.

I love the way this coffeepot brews, the choices and no weird smell like the hamilton beach flexbrew. The decanter for the coffee pours great, no drips or splashes. The removable reservoir makes refilling very easy.

Very satisfied with this product. Brews a good, hot pot of coffee in very short time in the carafe side, & i love that i can use the k-cup side for a single cup if i don’t need a whole pot. Doesn’t take up much more space on my countertop than my old regular coffee brewer. Have used it almost every day since i got it 6 mos. Here are the specifications for the BLACK+DECKER CM6000B Cafe Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker:

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  • Single Serve Pod Brewer – Pressurized pod extraction technology lets you brew directly into your mug using K-Cup pods or the mini reusable filter filled with ground coffee
  • Full Carafe Automatic Drip Brewer – Drip-brew up to 12 cups in the Perfect Pour no drip carafe using your favorite ground coffee and a cone-shaped filter; The nonstick hot plate keeps coffee enjoyable for up to two hours
  • Customizable Brew Settings – Choose from 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 20-oz. mug capacities for single serve brewing, or “regular” and “Robusta” coffee strength settings for carafe brewing
  • Mini Brew Basket – The reusable mini brew basket/filter lets you freshly brew your own ground coffee into single serve mugs
  • Auto Clean System – After 120 brews the Robusto and 20 oz. buttons will flash notifying you it is time to clean your coffeemaker. Run the Auto Clean system to keep your coffeemaker running like new!

This coffee maker works great. I can use any single serve coffee pod in it. We make a big pot on the weekends and use the single serve side during the week. I love making tea in it as well. Update – after a little of a year of regular use and recommended cleanings, we are having issues with the single serve side. It’s the same problem as many other reviewers. It doesn’t dispense the right amount of coffee takes a few restarts before you can get a full cup.

I had high hopes for this brewer, but as it stands right now, i’m not sure i’ll keep it. Now, the issues i have are completely my own, and i should have read everything available on this brewer a bit more closely. I had wanted something i could use to brew a pot of coffee, a k-cup single serve, and dispense hot water. I also wanted something i didn’t have to fill the water reservoir before each brew on the single-serve side. While this does have a nice water reservoir that is for both the carafe and the single-cup side, what you can’t do is brew a small carafe of coffee (such as 4-cups) while only using the water needed and leaving the rest in the reservoir. You can brew from the single cup side using only the water you need. So, you either brew a carafe of coffee using all the reservoir water (meaning you have to monitor what is in the reservoir), or you use the single cup side and designate the ounces. I knew when i bought this that i was giving up the option to brew a carafe of coffee on a timer, so i don’t get to set the machine to brew coffee before i wake up. But now i’m sort of on the fence as to whether this has enough to offer for me to keep it. If you do order this machine, i highly recommend you select the option to have it shipped in an amazon box. You will see this note on the item page: ‘this item’s packaging will indicate what is inside. To cover it, select ship in amazon box on the checkout page. ‘ since i was buying for myself, i didn’t care if the box indicated what it was. However, the box was so damaged that i can’t believe it even got to me at all.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It used to be perfect for us
  • Initial thoughts are good.
  • the fact that you can use your own coffee in the single serve side or use K-cups is also very nice. I don’t think you will find

I have been using this coffee maker for several months. After many cleanings with vinegar and water i was finally able to get rid of the plastic taste that was pretty strong on the pod side. After that i was perfectly happy with the machine until i broke the glass carafe. I was not able to find a genneric replacement carafe that fit so i contacted black & decker. They told me a replacement carafe was not in stock and that after purchasing one i would have to wait a month before it would be delivered. I make coffee every morning so this presents a big problem for me. I purposely stayed away from unknown brands so i wouldn’t have this problem.

Offers the versitality i wanted. The 20oz mug that is included was wonderful. Kept coffee hot for hours and was perfect for brewing a cup and running out the door. However, the lid to the mug has already broken – it leaks out of the lid when trying to drink from it.

Works great for k cups (until we can get rid of them) and wonderful for a whole pot of coffee. We are trying to not pollute so much and not use k-cups – so there is a basket that you can put ground coffee in and get just one cup as well.

Perfect —-ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ—- a wonderful transaction thank you~**.

My only issue with this is that it does not consistently brew the selected ounce size. Brew will overflow my 20 oz. Cup and sometimes it isn’t even halfway full. Otherwise, the temperature is great and it makes the coffee fairly quickly.

Love the convenience of having so many option to choose from. One issue with the lid on the mini reusable filter, it is fastened by 2 small plastic bars which does not hold the lid on the filter. It falls off the filter when emptying the coffee grounds, the small bars on ours are about to break off as we have had to refasten the lid to filter so often. Since we have only had this product for 2 months, we shouldn’t need a to order a new mini reusable filter already.

Made good coffee and i liked the single feature but it started to leak water after a couple years.

This is a very good coffee maker with one fatal flaw that i somehow overlooked until i opened the box – there’s no timer. The coffee is great, it is very convenient to have the k-cup, but i can’t believe i missed the fact that there’s no timer. Still, it makes good coffee, easy to keep clean, everything works as advertised.

We had been looking for a dual coffeemaker for quite a while and when we saw this one, we looked into it further. The added flexibility of this unit to make single cups between 6 ounces and 20 ounces sealed the deal. There are few, if any, single cup servers that have the range of cup sizes this one does, and none of the dual servers do. Also, the fact that you can use your own coffee in the single serve side or use k-cups is also very nice. I don’t think you will find too many kcups that can brew more than about 10 ouces at a time so being able to use your own coffee in the small filter is a bonus (if you want more than 12 ounces of coffee you will likely have to use 2 kcups unless you like your coffee weak) and cost saver. The water temperature is much hotter than our previous ge coffeemaker. I also calibrated the actual water put out by each ‘quantity button’ and i would say it is within 0.

Use only the the single serve maker. No more pods helps the environment. Use choice grounds of my choice for a perfect morning coffee in 3 minutes.

The only problem i have encountered is you can’t use both the coffee pot and make a cup with k-cup pods at the same time. You have to turn the pot side off, and let it cool for a few minutes so you can make a cup with k-cups. Other than that, this is a great coffeemaker, and cheaper than buying two separate products.

Bought this for my coffee-drinking wife so she could have her k-cups, yet still make a lot of coffee when needed. She’s very happy with the quality of food it makes and she likes that she can adjust the amount of coffee brewed when making a single cup. I think the only thing missing is an auto-brew feature. Otherwise, this is an excellent product.

I absolutely love this coffee maker. When i purchased it as a gift for my boyfriend there weren’t any reviews yet so i was a little nervous, but we are more than satisfied 🙂. He thinks it’s amazing and thanks me for it at least once a day. I love how u can brew a 12 cup pot, use any brand k-cups or the convenient reusable k-cup it comes with. I searched forever on amazon to find a coffee maker with all 3 of these options and this was the only affordable coffee maker i could find that can easily do all 3. I have never written a review before but this coffee maker definitely deserves 5 stars in my book.

Love this item, we can have full carafe or singles at night for tea or flavored coffees.

I love the choice of making individual cups or making a pot of coffee. The individual cups of coffee or tea can be loose coffee or tea or a k cup. Cup of coffee at a convenience store, i can make it at home with one touch of a button.

A touch slow to brew but works well and we use both sides equally.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker FP1800B 8 Cup Food Processor, Works

The truth is that i bought it for as a gift to my mother, and she really enjoy it.

My old processor didn’t have an ‘on’ switch at all, and one had to move the lid to turn it off and on. This was awkward and often messy. The pulse thing is an even better feature, since it gives so much more control. I also love the large, smooth sided ‘cup. ‘ it is easy to get all of the food out, and easy to clean.

We wanted something a bit more than a chopper, but not a full blown food processor. This comes with a chopper, a grater and a slicer. We have used all and they work perfectly. It’s easy to clean and has a small footprint so it does not take up much counter space. Pros: small footprint, decent size (8 cups), useful (3 functions) and $30 for an appliance that lasted 3 years. The spinning part of the unit has 3 tabs that lock it into place. These are prone to breakage. The spindle for attaching the slicer/grater disk is what finally failed for us. First the top anchor broke, but it still worked for a few months. Then the whole spindle broke (grating hard cheese). Update: bought another one in 2013. Still the best thing we’ve found on the market for the price.

Key specs for Black & Decker FP1800B 8 Cup Food Processor, Black:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless steel slicing and shredding disc
  • Powerful 450-watt motor
  • Stainless steel chopping blade
  • Food chute with pusher
  • Safety interlock system

Comments from buyers

“Right size, right price, right tool.
, I have had a good experience using it but I’ll admit I’m a gadget
, Very excited about this product!

It works ok but i’ve had a problem with it leaking a lot and making a mess. I create my own hot sauce and it works well doing that but i end up with a lot of moisture leaking from the container all over the place. The offshoot guide blocking piece doesn’t do the best job either. It’s good for the price, but be ready to have a big clean up after using it with any kind of fluids.

This product is very good for chopping and shredding. It is a little big to leave at the counter top, i have to store it in my pantry.

I’ve had this for a few months, and am very pleased. Yes, it maybe does make some noise, but what kitchen appliance does not?. It is a very generous size and has been easy to use, and easy to clean up. It has been used for grinding vegetables, fruit, and mixing dough and pie crust, and has always worked well. I think it is a very good value for the price and ease of amazon prime.

Wish i could use it for the above, but it does a pretty good job on hard cheeses etc.

Dices up everything perfectly. Attachments have all been used and work well. Amazing price for what you pay for. Holds up to large quantities and abuse thus far.

My first time purchasing a food processor.

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a practical and affordable food processor. Has worked very well for me so far.

A little tricky to put together but i’m fine with it. It’s a good machine for the money, i would recommend it.

It chopped everything into pieces. I am happy with the product. The thing that can be improved is the slicer, need a better design to function properly.

This was the b & d model on my daughter’s christmas list, since it is the end of january and i have not heard any negative feedback from her, i can only assume she likes it, or hasn’t used it yet. The latter is probably more accurate.

I used it to make cashew cream for vegan recipes, and pure water/liquid leaks out of this thing like crazy. But, i used it for hummus and homemade sauces, and it’s fine. For the price, i’d say it’s pretty good. I don’t regret buying this cheapo. Cause it’s cheap for a food processor. If you want something really nice, you’ll have to invest more. I heard someone complain about how the handle part is hollow; food can’t get in there. It’s only when you wash the exterior that water can get into the handle. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

It’s a food processor, i’ve had it about three weeks. Strong enough to chop up nuts for almond butter, although i may have almost overheated it. It’s not vitamix, but its amazing for the price.

Is great, i recommend this product, i liked so much. All the people will thinking buy this, just do it.

Great for slicing vegetables and fruit.

I was able to purchase this processor at a low price, because it is black and the was the last one in stock. I have learned that black and decker makes the best small appliances. All my small appliances are made by black and decker. This processor has a very powerful motor. The vendor shipped the order literally within hours after i ordered it on a saturday. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

The product has worked very well,the size makes it more useful than the smaller sizes. Very happy we bought this model.

Needed a replacement for my old broken food processor. Not as loud as i was expecting from other reviewers. It’s a food processor, it’s going to have a noise. Good sharp blades, not a huge piece of equipment – doesn’t take a ton of space, easy to clean.

I use this 3 to 5 times a week, have made hummus, nut butters, chopped,sliced and shredded all kinds of stuff. This is a great value that just works.

This works well for most things but i do wish i had gotten one with more speeds.

I ordered this one day and it was sitting on my porch the very next day. I was very pleased with the quality, the price and the time it took to get it.

Great food processor for price.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker DCM2000W SmartBrew Coffeemaker – Perfect cup of coffee !!!

I needed a coffee maker that did not have a safety turn-off and i found what i needed in this one. It satys hot all day and it is easy to use and doesn’t dribble when you pour.

Best coffee pot i ever owned. Makes great coffee and is easy to clean. Even consumer reports gave it top rating.

We have been using this model of coffeemaker for close to 20 years in both of our homes. They are simple, no frills units with a simple on/off switch, that just makes great coffee. I recently had to replace a very old (15+ yrs) unit after the switch broke. However, i was able to open the unit and rewire it to bypass the switch, so we still have an operational (altough switchless) unit as a backup. I couldn’t imagine using any other brand/model. Here are the specifications for the BLACK+DECKER & Decker DCM2000W SmartBrew Coffeemaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12-cup capacity
  • Lighted on/off switch
  • Perfect Pour carafe
  • Removable brew basket
  • Water window

It’s exactly what i ordered. It fits my smartbrew coffee maker, holds coffee, then pours it into my cup. What more can you ask from a carafe?.

This is the second black and decker smartbrew coffeemaker we have owned. We liked the first one so much, we searched until we found another one. It suits our needs perfectly, does not have a lot of bells and whistles, just a dependable, easy to use coffeemaker. We also like the carafe that comes with the unit. It is easy to pour with it and there are no problems with spilling as we have found with others. We are very pleased with this product and how it performs.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The under-$30 champ
  • we finally got the model we wanted and we are very pleased to have a smart brew coffee maker again
  • Don’t believe the bad reviews ~ this is a great coffee maker!

Just a regular black and decker coffee maker. Could have purchased locally.

I purchased this item as i wanted a good coffee maker without all the bells. It brews a nearly perfect cup of coffee as it hits great temperature before brewing starts. If you want great coffee without the bells this is for you. This is the second one we purchased in 10 years.

My wife and i bought this coffee maker about 4 years ago. We still have it and use it (and the programmable timer, which we love) nearly every day. I will say this; after about 2 years, the coffee container developed a leak. We contacted the company via email and was told they’d be glad to sell us a new one (for about what the original coffee make cost us). We did a little looking around and bought one for less than what the manufacturer wanted to sell it to us for. Now, the new container is working fine. Will our container start leaking again?. Who knows, but if i were advising someone on a coffee maker purchase, i’d say, spend a bit more than we did.

Have been using these for years. Very nice poor out of carafe.

It was easy and pretty fast and the best part was the carafe. It poured easily and neatly with no spills like you’d get from carafes with the little spouts. The bad things were that the automatic timer died after the first year and it has stopped working after about 2-1/2 years. Also it seemed a little bit loud when it brewed. It sounded like a steam engine in the morning with its bursts. But that’s not so bad, it it?. Hey, it’s time to get out of bed and have some coffee. Overall, for the money, i think it was a nice coffee maker.

It was good but there was a thing that came off.

We chose this make and model mainly for the rating it received in consumer reports magazine. When we read the reviews on amazon, we were a little worried that we made the wrong choice. We received it and have been using it for about three weeks now and we use it every morning. It does everything a coffee maker should do and the carafe pours great. One of the best coffee makers we have ever purchased.

I own this coffee maker, and use it everyday. It can be used to brew tea also, and it does a good job brewing coffee or tea. The carafe is a tricky pourer. You have to pour it just right(even adding water in the tank)or it will spill everywhere. The coffee maker does make some noise, while brewing and reaching the end of the brewing cycle. It sounds more like a perculator than a coffee maker. At the end of cycle, it belches steam, several times, before switching itself to warming cycle. Oh yes, don’t expect your coffee to taste as well, if you leave it in the maker for more than 40 minutes on the warming cycle. The coffee filter basket removes and installs easily, but the pause/serve feature on the basket, fails 50% of the time.

This coffee maker has served me well. I’ve owned it for almost 2 years and altho we don’t drink coffee every day, it gets used 2-4 times per week. The carafe is a tad difficult to seat properly but once you understand that it fits only one way, you get used to it. The top sometimes drips water onto the counter after it has brewed, from condensation. I like the non-drip spout on the carafe and the programable pre-set feature. I would recommend it, especially for the price.

Black & decker continues to produce the best value in coffee-brewing. All the necessary stuff without bells and whistles. Set it, forget it, have excellent coffee. But caution: amazon’s product description says it comes with a water filter. The reservoir can take one, but it wasn’t in my package (fortunately, i had one left over from an earlier version of this model, so i didn’t complain). If you want filtered water (recommended)check this out. Another recommendation: i get better brew using a metal mesh filter instead of paper. The latter seems to absorb some of the coffee oils, detracting from flavor.

Exellent coffee pot,brews perfecty. Glass pot is easy to clean and pour.

Orderd this product but i needed my coffee before it got to me so i went to walmart and bought one but they look the same so im sure they work the same.

I have purchased this coffee maker exclusively for the last several years. Of course, not available anymore on store shelves, thank goodness it is still on amazon. I sometimes make 3 pots a day. I love the simple nature of the appliance. Plain design, no fancy programming, you can fill it and watch from both sides as the water rises. Also, it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. I keep several of these coffee makers just in case they are ever completely unavailable.

For the money, this coffeemaker seemed like a good deal. But, we drink alot of coffee, and unfortunately, it slowly stopped working as well. The pause and brew feature quit after about 3 weeks as did the auto turn off plate feature. It still makes coffee quickly, but not what we needed.

When you want a good cup of coffee, look no further. I have had all the expensive ones, but this is simple, drip free, and makes the best cup of coffee no matter what brand of coffee i have used.

I bought this to replace the same model which died after around 5 years of use. I give it 4 stars because i think it should have lasted longer given that it was not used every day. I chose this because i thought if the carafe broke i would have a spare seeing as they cost almost as much as a new machine. The feature i like is the fact that the hot water syphon hinges out the way with the lid. Also the lid stays up on it’s own which is helpful. The carafe handle seems quite sturdy.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker CTO4500S Perfect Broil Convection Toaster Oven – I loved it and used it daily for about 4 years

I purchased this oven and within two uses it malfunctioned and nearly caught fire. Black & decker sent a new one as soon as i registered the product and filled out form explaining what happened. The whole process was easier than returning something at a storethe new one i received has been perfect. The crumb tray makes for easy cleaning and the toast feature is a quick way to make a nice toasted sandwich. I use it every day and it has held up well. If you are looking for a quality toaster oven built by a brand that will stand by their product and effortlessly replace bad unit, then buy this toaster oven.

I do not like the timer function on this toaster oven. It’s very hard to adjust for toast. I prefer when you can select how brown you want your toast and then push a button or pull a lever. Otherwise i like this oven especially the extra space in the rear (pizza bump) for when i’m heating up leftover pizza.

When i purchased the b & d oven i was replacing a similar b & d oven that had ‘bit the dust’. There were features that the old one had that this one doesn’t. You could set the toast to a specific level and just turn on ‘toast’ etc. Not turn a knob that needs to be reversed back. Also the other one was slightly larger. Other than that this new one bakes, toasts, and does everything i need it to do very well. I suppose that i just need to adjust to using the knobs instead of buttons. Also the paint was slightly chipped on the handle when we opened the box. But i got out my silver metallic sharpie and no one will know the difference. Not worth the hassle to have another one shipped.

I gave it 4 stars because it works well and looks good for the price. This second purchase is a gift. However, i deplore the quality ofthe separate aluminum tray – it is flimsy and impossible to clean;mine came slightly bent and would not sit flat on the grill. I wish,b&d would either include a spare tray, or produce one of betterquality.

It toasts and bakes just as one would expect. I thought the toast function was a bit slow, but perhaps i am impatient. The hooks on the doors (which are designed to pull the rack in and out if the rack is in the appropriate position) are a bit annoying. They seem to keep the door from closing completely. This can be fixed by moving the rack to the upper position, or i suppose i could bend or remove the hooks.

I’ve used this model almost daily for just over 5 years now. Some internal fuse or breaker is starting to act squirrelly, and shuts it off unpredictably now, and i’m going to replace it. 5 years is longer than any other has lasted for me since my original, made in md, usa, b&d toaster ovens. This oven has toasted, baked, and broiled (reasonable items. ) evenly, predictably, and reliably for me. It has two limitations, to my mind. One is the limited interior height,. 5′ from rack to the top element shield. The other is that the 12′ rack is made of light enough gauge steel that it deforms, and unseats, with heavier pans. Forget about using your cast iron.

  • I had this toaster oven it caught on fire! Spectrum replaced the unit at no charge.
  • I loved it and used it daily for about 4 years
  • Worth every penny

The only complaint is that a 9×13 pan will not fit. One of the reviews said it would. We bought some aluminum ones that are close to size and they do fit. The convection part is very good and does cook things quite a bit faster. . A great oven and is very attractive.

I got this to replace my old toaster oven which was the same model. I loved it and used it daily for about 4 years and just wore it out. There a few reasons i only gave 3 stars on the one i just purchased. The appearance – i don’t like the beige trim or the clear viewing window (my old oven had grey trim and a tinted window) 2. The rack does not automatically move forward/backward when you open/close the door. My previous oven did so it was very convenient. This oven does not cook evenly.

It cooks small meals for two or three without heating up my large oven, and my whole kitchenso easy to use. Cook anything in it for great results. Convection feature keeps food moist.

Good product at a good price.

Very good toaster oven (good features and usability). I’ve been using it daily for toasting and cooking small dishes and reheating food. However, within the first year, one of the 2 bottom heating elements is starting to fail, which reduces the cooking temperature. I had the same problem with the prior b&d toaster oven. The short life-span seem unreasonable.

Features of Black & Decker CTO4500S Perfect Broil Convection Toaster Oven

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Extra-Large Capacity holds up to a 12″ pizza
  • Reversible Chrome-Plated Broiling Rack
  • Dual-Position Rack Slots
  • Convection Bake, Broil, Toast and Keep Warm
  • 60-Minute Timer

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This was a christmas gift for our son whose cooking skills are rudimentary at best. It fits his needs perfectly. Great for pizza, a sandwich, even small dinners he may prepare. It has been working well for over 9 months and we are please with the quality.

This is more than a basic toaster oven. Yes, it makes perfect toast. The plus is the convection oven which bakes like a standard oven. It’s perfect for that little thing, like a frozen pizza.

B&d is putting out some very poor quality toaster ovens. The first one we got was missing the crumb tray. I called amazon and they quickly sent out another oven. This one had the crumb tray but it didn’t fit very well, i. It looked crooked when inserted fully. So, i thought, why not put the crumb tray in the first oven that i received. Great idea, in theory, but no luck because the first oven wasn’t manufactured properly. The space for the tray was far too small to accommodate the tray. So, i called amazon for yet another oven and they got one to me in one day. Well, i wasn’t at all surprised when the third oven was also defective. The crumb tray had a noticeable dent on the front edge. I decided to keep the second oven since it was the best of the 3. My only complaints are that the knobs are difficult to turn and setting the toast time is almost impossible.

I have read the reviews about smells, fires, burns etc. I know that there are defective equipment every once in awhile, but most good companies do rigorus tests before selling to the public. The smells are just new metals and plastics getting hot, usually. If you see alot of smoke, and if a fire starts you may want to turn it off. I have seen reviews of burning toast until on fire. If you leave toast unatteneded with a new appliance and aren’t ‘use’ to it at the least, then you really shouldn’t be using any type of appliance like this. If you leave any appliance of this type unattended, you do run risks. Not hard to figure out, if an item is hundreds of watts of electricity trying to cook something, there may be safety issues. Even a regular toaster or oven may catch fire leaving it unattended, especially not knowing how the settings work. If you know how to toast bread at all, you would know that you probably have to put closer to an element then in the middle of the oven, like most regular toasters are. If you put it in the middle, your toast will definitly take longer to toast.

About five years ago we shelled out a hundred or more bucks for a ‘countertop convection oven,’ complete with rotisserie; it claimed to be able to roast a whole chicken. Well it was pure overkill, hogged the kitchen counter and used more power than we liked, since it had a lot of volume to heat – not much better than our condo unit’s built in oven. Then we found out that black & decker was adding fans to their original toaster ovens and turning them into truly ‘mini’ convection ovens. Plus they were a fraction of the price we paid for the big one (even though we got it from costco). We only made one mistake with our last black and deck convection toaster oven – we used it to broil chicken (thighs, legs, wings). Don’t get me wrong, it did a great job at that – the convection feature made sure the chicken got cooked all the way through and not just singed on the outside – but eventually all those spatters and neglected drip tray caught up with us, and there was no way we could clean it up anymore. So we replaced the old b&d with two new ones – the one i am reviewing here, plus this one for less than 30 bucks black & decker tro480bs toast-r-oven 4-slice toaster oven. The cheapie will get reserved for hazardous service, i. Broiling chicken, and this fancy pants edition will at last let our kids join the ranks of pizza loving kids everywhere – we already tried this convection oven edition with mini pizzas, and it is great.

I got this oven to replace an old oven which still worked but the glass over the temperature setting display had bubbled and was hard to read. I would have preferred to get a digital oven like the one i replaced, but the cost was quite a bit more. This oven has knobs that turn. They are approximate but fairly accurate. The metal in this oven seems quite thin. It is what i would call light duty. Still, after about three months of use, it has done everything the old oven did. If you want a really good quality, sturdy oven, get something else. Otherwise, if your purpose is to cook and save money on a perfectly adequate appliance, this is fine. The vendor, the country butler, seems to be a first rate family business anxious to please.

Extra-Large Capacity holds up to a 12″ pizza

I’ve been using this oven to cook small meals for one. Good, even heat, and no burning of food. I use it exclusively on the convection bake mode – i have not toasted bread with it, so i can’t comment on that. The timer function is nice but it does make a quiet tick-tick-tick sound while in use. I usually use the ‘stay on’ feature which makes no noise. The top of the unit does get very hot, while in use. However, the back of the unit stays cool enough to keep it 2 inches from my wall with no problems. I strongly recommend this oven.

We ‘love’ our toaster oven, we have had it for a week now and i have hardly used my regular oven. It is quiet and works wonderfully. The pizza bump is wonderful for space, it fits 12 inch pizzas and tortillas perfectly, the size is very roomy. We have cooked numerous dishes in it already; veggies are very yummy cooked with a terrific grilled/toasted flavor. The chrome/brushed chrome finish is really attractive sitting on our counters. I can’t say enough great things about it, toast, bagels, buns and english muffins are amazing tasting after baking in this unit. The timer knob is very easy to use just follow the directions. We just sent one to my sisters family for christmas today so that should tell you how great it is for the fact that we ordered another one.

My thoughts are that no one should be without a toaster oven. And if you are going to purchase one this is the one. It fits well on the counter even though it is ‘extra big’. Best of all it even fits my 11′ dinner plates. Nice to warm them before serving hot food. Think i will order another one. Got someone in mind that would love one. This would be my third purchase of the same oven.

Update: i got this jan 2012. It is now oct 2018 and it’s still going strong. Still love it, still have it out 24/7 in my tiny kitchen. Now i have two children, and i have to say – this thing is just my favorite thing in my kitchen. It’s fun doing things like baking small batches of muffins or cupcakes, or being able to quickly toast up some nuggets. Reheating pizza is always best in an oven, but who really wants to preheat a full oven for a slice or two?. I cannot recommend this enough. I seriously don’t have a single bad thing to say about this thing (maybe just that it takes up a lot of counter space?). I bake bread, muffins, full-sized pizza, chicken parmesan. Anything you need an oven for, this can handle. I got one of those ‘toaster oven baking sets’; which is nice. The ones i got are actually smaller than what this can handle. It is so nice to not have to turn on a full-sized oven and waste gas and energy and making my tiny house all stuffy just to bake something for two people.

I had this toaster oven for about a year then it caught on fire. Luckily we were able to unplug it throw it in the sink and use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. I do not recommend this product. Update: spectrum contacted me right away and said they would replace the unit. So black and decker’s customer service is surprisingly a++. Will update more once unit is received and i give it a try. Really hope i just got a defective unit and new one will be safer. This review is rising fast in customer satisfaction maybe it will end up a 4 or 5 star. I am completely wowed by their excellent and prompt customer service response to my bad toaster oven experience.

Having this unit is so much better than a microwave. My wife often toasts bread in it too. I highly recommend this unit.

Reversible Chrome-Plated Broiling Rack

We bought this toaster oven after deciding that our oven was never going to be fixed. We don’t do a lot with our oven, but there were many things that really required a reliable, functioning over. This one has worked well for us. The timer knob, as others have said, is rather annoying. But every other thing about the toaster oven is simple and straightforward, and we’ve used it for a variety of things: baking cake, toasting bread, finishing parmesan chicken, heating pizza and broiling several dishes. Of these, my only complaint is that toasting bread is really inconsistent. It’s very hard to get it evenly toasted or to get it toasted well without burning it. After some time, we’ve gotten the hang of it and just know when toast is ready enough to be taken out but not yet burnt, but it is still sometimes unpredictable. Overall, i’m very satisfied with this. It does everything we need it to, and even if our toast comes out a little blacker than usual, at least we can have a homemade birthday carrot cake.

I looked up over a lot of reviews,and came to the conclusion that i would go aheadwith this convection oven. Well it did not disappointme as of yet, i have had it for about 6 months. Its helps me bake biscuits, fries,cake n my great apple pies. I just need it for the basics. N its a perfect handy convection oven.

I have been using this oven for about a month now and i absolutely love it. I cook everything in there from casseroles to fish to leftovers. It saves a lot if time and money not having to heat up a huge oven all the time. I don’t understand why some people had problems with it catching on fire. As long as you read the instructions and use it properly as with anything it will be fine. This is a great deal i would highly recommend.

For college a few months back and was very limited in space and lacked any cooking hardware. Therefore, i knew a toaster oven would be a must-buy for me. After reading that this b&d toaster oven had a pizza bump, my inner-bachelor told me that this was the proverbial one. It arrived three days later, and boy has it been a lifesaver since. The unit is larger, but not terribly big (it sits on my mini-fridge). However, it fully utilizes the shell it’s housed in. When pull down the gate and peer inside, you’ll realize just how roomy this oven is. I’ve since used it to make many totino’s pizzas and hungry man meals and have not even come close to stretching the limits of the interiors.

I purchased this convection toaster oven because it was cheap and came from a recognizable brand name at a sizable discount. I’ll say first off that i’m very pleased with the purchase. These items look like glitzy toys, and in a way they are. They get hot, really hot because like a toy they aren’t expected to have the amenities of a ‘real’ oven, such as substantial insulated construction. I stick in the oven cavity of my gas stove as the oven there is non functional while the stovetop is just fine. This is for me a super combination. The heat is contained in the oven cavity. The black and decker runs intuitively, save for the quirk that requires you to set the cooking time at over 20 minutes then adjust to the time you wish. Aside from that quirk, it runs well.

Great for those little jobs, rolls, etc reheats pizza to near perfect condition. Worth the price in that alone. Has pullout tray from rear to clean out crumbs etc.

I got this toaster that does it all on cyber monday (free shipping). It heats really fast and i prefer to use it instead of my conventional oven since it’s cheaper to run. I’ve toasted, baked, broiled and reheated a variety of meals with it with no complaints. My microwave died recently and i don’t even miss it. The ‘keep warm’ setting has been quite handy and reheats anything in my refrigerator in about 10 minutes.

Dual-Position Rack Slots

Not the greatest for toasting. The toast timer dial broke after a few months. However, it works extremely well as a mini-oven.

I bought this to replace my old toaster oven and couldn’t be happier. I read many reviews on many toaster ovens and this one really caught my interest. As a mom i love this because it heats up much quicker than your regular oven, so less wait time for my kids. We also eat quite a bit of pizza and cooking pizzas in here is great. The only part that gets me is you have to turn the pizza half way thru cooking it in order to get it to cook perfectly even all around. The bump in the back of the oven made for the pizza does not have the warmers underneaath it. It’s easy to clean with the pull out tray at the bottom which i love. And the stainless look is so sharp and can match just about any theme/coloration in any kitchen. I would highly reccomend this toaster oven to anyone in the market for one.

I have had this for almost 1 year and i love it. Great alternative to using the big oven due to its size, especially in the summer months. My two observations are that items in the front need a little extra time to cook, so if you can push them away from the door a bit it is helpful. Also, the knobs can be difficult to turn if your hands don’t work quite right, like if someone has arthritis. Otherwise i am so glad i got this toaster oven.

This product does what it’s supposed to do. It does a great job of baking a small batch of rolls or cookies, a couple of potatoes, or a pie. What makes this do these jobs better than most toaster/ovens is that it is a true convection oven. While it takes longer to reheat pizza than a microwave, the few extra minutes is worth it as the pizza comes out with a crispy crust and melted cheese. Microwaving pizza is great if you like a soggy mess. I saw one poster complained about the noise of the convection fan. Yes, you can hear it but compared to my microwave or my vent hood it is the quietest of the three and the benefits of the convection make it worth it. Style wise it is attractive although the gray plastic is kind of tacky looking they should have either gone to black or white. Like all toaster/ovens it is not the quickest for toasting, a regular toaster is better for a couple of slices, but if you’re doing four slices and want them to come out at the same time the browning is uniform, actually better than my krups two slice toaster. It claims to be a six slice toaster, but only if they are smaller than average slices.

Black & decker cto4500s perfect broil.

I bought this in june 2011 and it still works great. I use it for making toast, broiling salmon and chicken, and baking small amounts of cookies. My favorite use for it is reheating pizza. When you do that in the microwave, it doesn’t heat evenly and the crust gets rubbery. I put a slice or two straight in my toaster oven and it comes out just as good as when it was delivered.

Convection Bake, Broil, Toast and Keep Warm

The bottom part in the photo looks light green but the entire appliance is stainless steel. I have toasted, broiled and baked in it and everything came out good. The top had some lines (not scratches but like a vague discoloration) on the stainless. I have not tried to get them off yet.

This is a review of the cto4500s’s appearance. This review does not take into account the performance of the oven. My old black and decker toaster oven worked great. I used it for a good 8 years before getting rid of it during a move. So i decided to stick to b&d when shopping for a new one that i would use in my newly remodeled kitchen. I was specifically looking for a 6 slice, stainless steel unit, and the cto4500s seemed to fit the bill. The photo that’s used on amazon (and other sites) depict this unit as being a very neutral stainless and gray color. However, the unit i received had goldish-champagne colors on the bottom section (legs/feet), the door handle, and the control panel (the panel behind the knobs). The gold-champagne color was not at all subtle — it was quite warm in tone, similar to what a champange-colored car looks like. I contacted amazon and they promplty sent another one out.

For years i’ve owned and used the black and decker 6 slices, convection, countertop oven in white. I could bake a cake (9 x 13 pan) in the pan that was furnished with the previous ovens. I received my new oven and i am unable to fit the old pans in this oven. I don’t mind the new controls and the fact that you no longer have the option to use the oven without the convection. This oven is so much smaller. 6 slices of bread will not fit in this toaster. This is no larger than the 4 slice of yester year. My biggest problem is the fact i bought 3 of these, 1 for myself, 1 for my daughter and 1 for a wedding present. I had bragged so about the ability to cook larger items and now i only get to eat my words. Very little fits in this oven. Please look at the measurements — 17 x 14 11 — not true. I have measured and this is not so. I cannot return due to already giving these as gifts.

This is a great looking toaster and amazon had a great price on it. It was also a best pick several times from consumer reports, if you didn’t want to get their #1 pick which was about $175. This little guy was so inexpensive on amazon and works great. Beacause of the location of outlets in our kitchen, the plug hits the pizza bump in back so the toaster protrudes on the counter a bit, but no big deal. I wish that i had done it sooner since our old toaster was clunky, out of date, and the wrong color for our kitchen. This made a big difference in the appearance of our kitchen for such a small cost.

Am happy with the toaster/convection oven is great. Smaller than my previous one but it fits my need.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker TO1412B 4-Slice Toaster Oven – great choice

This oven is great for what it is: a basic toaster oven. I wasn’t looking to bake cakes or do more intricate things with this oven. Just wanted a toaster oven for reheating things like pizza slices, tater tots, etc. It does these things very well.

It does not take forever to toast something which the larger ones do. Problem is the bottom gets burned if you don’t turn it over fast. We just watch and rotate, but beats the 7 minutes it took in the large one.

It toasts more evenly and reliably than the awful toaster we had last. But it’s pretty small inside. If you put four bagel halves in at once the door won’t shut unless you arrange them very carefully in a sort of zig-zag pattern. The non-removable crumb tray (swings down instead) is a bit of a hassle, but it’s important to remember to clean it. Neglect of the crumb tray caused the fiery demise of the last black & decker toaster i had (that was two toasters ago, not the awful one).

Have had one before and they’re great space saver great product.

I loved this toaster oven because it is small enough so it doesn’t take up too much counter space, but large enough to do everything i need.

  • Champion of the Cheapy Cheep Toasters??
  • meh
  • A college student must have!

Not a very good toaster; uneven top to bottom browning.

I bought this for work so it gets very light use. It does what’s expected for a toaster oven in this cost range. I would recommend it as long as your expectations are managed. It’s fairly small but works well for reheating, toasting, pizza etc.

Evenly toasts on both sides at oncesmall, for not using much space. The outer shell has some kind of gloss that seems to attract a lot of dust, but whatever.

Everything you would expect from this brand and at a fine price. Arrived early and has worked like a trooper since then.

Gave as a gift and was really liked.

Features of Black & Decker TO1412B 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fits up to four thick slices of bread, two bagels, two English muffins, or one personal pizza
  • Bake small items using the included baking pan
  • Easy-to-use bake, broil, toast and stay-on controls
  • 30-minute timer
  • Toast shade setting, light to dark

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

It works well enough but it’s too small for much more than making toast and it’s a royal pain to clean any of the inevitable crumbs and stuff that fall to the bottom. Most toaster ovens have a bottom pan that comes out to clean. This just kind of unhooks at one end so you have to try and shake the whole toaster oven over the trash can or something. And even that doesn’t really expose all of the mess. Oh, and occasionally the timer just kinda sticks so when you thought you were cooking something for a fixed amount of time it just stays on permanently and if you aren’t paying close attention your food gets burned to a crisp.

It is a good toaster, and has worked pretty well until now. It is sized just as any other oven toaster around. The tray is not very strong though.

It is a bit hard to clean though.

Got this for my daughter and her partner, they say its awesome.

The toaster oven is very nice looking. I chose this one because it is black and hopefully it won’t get stained like the one i had before which was cream-colored.

This is my second black & decker to1412b.

Fits up to four thick slices of bread, two bagels, two English muffins, or one personal pizza

This is the second b&d toaster oven i bought. Doesn’t take up too much counter space, and has lots of room inside. Just enough controls not to be complicated. Especially like timer shutoff. It does get very hot though.

The more you use it the longer it takes to toast and eventually one side toasts faster than the other. It happened on my last one as well.

Unfortunately over time it starts to toast things very unevenly, but that seems to be the pattern with all my toaster ovens.

For the money its the best toaster you can get.

I’ve had other brands but i find black and decker products to be a little more reliable.

Black and decker always a good brand – cooks wellonly feature i would prefer to not have: bottom that opens outinstead of sliding out.

Bake small items using the included baking pan

For this price, it’s affordable to any college student living away from home (aka me :d). It’s functional enough to toast up left over pizza from parties and enough to handle most of my toasting needs. Don’t expect to bake anything extravagant in this toaster oven since heating is not evenpros:-affordable/ cheap for any college student-size is small and compact-heats up quicklycons:-oven uses thin metal so the toaster gets really hot on the outside, but then again what toaster isn’t hot when on-only one row of infrared light heaters on top and bottom (should have two to evenly cook things).

This is one of the better of the cheapy cheap toaster ovens on the market. It can fit three normal slices of bread comfortable and four with them packed in tight. The tray it comes with is very useful. I actually have a second one from the first version of this toaster oven i owned. Yes, i am on my second toaster because the first one died and i still didn’t want to invest in anything fancy just yet. If you put tinfoil on the bottom you will thank me because it will catch all of the food particles and make cleaning a breeze. Some of the things i have cooked in this toaster include: tofu, breadcrumbs, brussels sprouts, french fries, enchiladas and toast.

Great product, fast shipping, great amazoner, thanks.

I’ve used it only to toast bread for now. Only concern is that the oven comes with a handy tray that holds on to the crumbs however that also prevents the bread slices from being toasted on the bottom.

We wanted the smaller toaster as the bread toasts faster than the larger one that we used to have for our toasting. We are very pleased with the unit and would recommend it to everyone.

Easy-to-use bake, broil, toast and stay-on controls

30-minute timer

BLACK+DECKER TO1660B 6-Slice Convection Countertop Toaster Oven – Happy With Our Workhorse!

I don’t expect too much from a toaster oven, especially at this price point, and this unit mostly does (did) what i want. However, i’ve experienced a reliability issue, that would have caused me to skip this model if i’d known it in advance. I’ve had my unit for less than 6 months, but the ‘toast’ timer just broke (it instantly times down to zero). After an exhaustive search, there is absolutely no way to buy parts, and there are no repair facilities. You have to cut off the unit’s plug and send it, plus $7. 50, to the warranty center in ohio. This means no toaster oven for 3-weeks minimum. ) i’ll update this review when i get my replacement unit and have had it for several months. Pros:- not too expensive- roomy: it easily holds 4 slices plus has a little room to keep a small container of meat, bacon, etc, warm.

This toaster gives me options to control every aspect of what it does in a very user-friendly manner. This is probably the most used appliance in our whole kitchen. We love it would highly recommend it.

We just purchased from amazon after the top element on our old one (same model, purchased elsewhere) stopped working after four years of daily use. I shopped around for a newer / more compact model because i don’t have a lot of counter space, but couldn’t find anything else even in black and decker’s newer models that had all the features in a similar price range. One of the best features that sets this apart from other models is the toaster dial offers almost a 180-degree arc of selection, so it’s a lot easier for arthritic hands to hit the ‘sweet spot’ of perfect toast. We use for toasting, baking, reheating, and occasionally broiling. The convection feature does save some time in baking and reheating. We like the heating element shields on this and other black and decker models because we bake or reheat pizza and other gooey drippy items often. Just make sure you clean the gunk off the shields occasionally, after the oven cools. The only negative we’ve noticed in 4 years (aside from wishing our old one had lasted even longer) is that sometimes — but not always — toast comes out a bit darker on top than the bottom. Note to amazon: your product specifications for this model indicate it is 19. Here are the specifications for the BLACK+DECKER TO1660B 6-Slice Convection Countertop Toaster Oven:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Convection Heating – The powerful convection fan circulates warm air throughout the oven for fast, even baking.
  • Four Functions – The stainless steel/black toaster oven’s cooking functions include: baking, broiling, toasting, and keeping food warm.
  • 60-minute Timer – The 60-minute precision timer features stay-on functionality for longer baking tasks.
  • 9” Pizza, 6 Slices of Bread – The compact toaster oven fits nicely on the countertop, while the curved interior makes room for 9” pizzas and 6 slices of bread.
  • Removable Crumb Tray – Keeps counters clean and makes it easy to remove crumbs before they burn in the bottom of the toaster oven.

I bought this oven from target on may, 2013 at the same price amazon offering. But after just 2-3 times per week usage, we are getting issues with this oven. Temperature knob becomes so hard to move that sometimes my wife couldn’t even move after putting her full force. Looks like soon it will break. This is purely a quality issue. I bought this oven based on overall good reputation of black & decker but this oven does not meet our expectations. This oven comes with two year limited warranty so i will definitely contact the manufacturer. Update 01/02/2014: in response to my comments, black & decker contacted me and they shipped a brad new oven which i received on dec. Excellent customer service and trust on customers.

I have two of these toaster ovens. One at my permanent residence and another at my remote work location. They look great and are pretty big with a good capacity. I bought the first one for my work location and ‘thought’ it was great. I still have it and use it regularly. My observation was that it seemed to ‘run hot’. We then decided we wanted to buy one for our home. We ordered it through amazon and recieved it as promised. We ran the temp up to 350 as instructed for 45 minutes as a breakin period.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Happy With Our Workhorse!
  • A Black and Decker success
  • Four Stars

It’s a great oven the broiler works really well.

Purchased as a replacement due to the original not surviving being moved. Works great with my old eyes, i. Analog controls allow for easy adjustment of ‘a little more’ or ‘a little less’ when cooking.

Bought it to have at the office and it works perfectly.

Works well but the fan makes a big noise.

So far i have used the convection oven to toast bagels, bread, and waffles. The light/dark adjustments were exactly right. I’ve also used the oven to bake frozen meals and a casserole. Again, it did a great job–heating evenly and thoroughly. Tops were nicely browned too. One thing i don’t like is that it makes a racket while it’s baking. It makes a buzzing or clicking sound that is a bit annoying. Another thing that i would like changed is for the rack to pull out with the oven door. My previous toaster oven did this, and it made it super convenient to remove the item or baking sheet.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker 550 Peak Watt Blender – I bought this blender as a gift and the person told me it works awesome and she always wanted a black and decker product

Original review:we use our blender at least 3 times a day, 7 days a week and it has worked perfectly for almost a year now. I would have given it a 5 star rating, except finding a replacement part is turning out to be a nightmare. (the piece that attaches the blade to the container – melted at the bottom of the dishwasher last week. ) replacement part cost: $15, when i could find it. Better off buying a new blender. Advice on replacement parts, anyone?it’s as loud as you would expect an inexpensive blender to be. Edited/modified review:customer service for this blender has been outstanding. The handles broke, (granted the blender is only two years old, but it is in constant use,) and we were offered replacement containers.

Bought it as a ift – my dad loves it.

Love it for the price it does what it needs to do i’m very satisfied. Here are the specifications for the BLACK+DECKER & Decker 550 Peak Watt Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Ice crush button perfectly prepares ice for frozen drinks.^Stainless steel 4-point blades conquer all ingredients.^Powerful 550-watt motor blends
  • purees and crushes.^Ten speeds and convenient pulse setting handle all foods.^Easy-pour spout makes transporting drinks a breeze.

So loud that my kids cover their ears when i use it. You get what you pay for, and i’m grateful it works.

Used black & decker over a year which i brought in walmart wit glass jar. This time order online & did not like the plastic jar.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • Plastic jar hmm no

Impressed with the smoothie function on the blender, works quite well in blending up frozen berries & such. Seems to have just the power that is needed to blend frozen items.

Second time i purchase this product. Since i liked it so much, i gave it as a gift. I know it will be of great use for the new couple.

This blender does a great job. The blade is sharper/faster than my old blender. I have used it to make smoothies and onion salad dressing, among other things. Chunky foods are well-blended and pureed. The pitcher is plastic, with a tight-fitting lid. The base is rather large, though, making the unit high – it barely fits under my cabinet, but does. Sometimes, when i seat the pitcher into the base, it doesn’t line up easily and the motor burns out for a second until i turn it off and readjust. I wish it was a little easier to seat correctly every time. The blade unscrews easily for easy cleaning. It is a great blender for the price.

Ice crushing takes a bit longer then you would think, but it does the job.

This product for its very low price does allot more then i was hoping for, and when it eventually breaks down i will replace it with another.

Makes good smoothie’s and milk shakes.

This works well enough, not the smoothest blender, and not that strong. But for a smoothy or for blending other soft or a bit hard things, its not bad.

Made a slushi with the on the first night with just ice cubes and some kool – aid. Was just like the same at the gas stations. Planning on using it to make some almond milk and other goodies.

The blender is great i use it everyday when i can smoothies and shakes i love to blend up all kind.

Hope it could have a long performance life.

This blender is good for quick (30sec or less) and light jobs, such as a mostly liquid mix with a bit of fruit or something added. I used it for a while blending protein shakes and it worked fine. What killed it was trying to blend some thicker stuff–a mixture of chia seeds, corn meal, some frozen fruit, and water (sounds delicious right?). I blended one pitcher-full daily for about 2 weeks, which due to the thickness and graininess had to be blended or a solid minute or so. I started noticing a burning smell that was progressively getting worse each day. Finally i think it had had enough torture and refused to start again. Rip in peace 2013-2014 u will b missed. Also i don’t know how relevant this is to anyone else, but if you happen to have other b&d glass blender pitchers it will probably work with this blender, which unfortunately comes with a plastic one. I had an older b&d (that also burned out, hmm. ) with a sturdy glass pitcher.

I’ve had this blender for about a year. Very simple design but it has many blending modes for all kinds if stuff. I’ve made frozen alcoholic drinks, soups, smoothies, milkshakes. But mostly i use it to make hot sauce with vinegar, hot peppers, spices, etc. While peppers, big chunks of fruit. Totally awesomeuntil yesterday. I finish my usual hot sauce deal and i take the jar off the motor and notice that the grey spinner guy on the motor piece has snapped in half. I quickly google search ‘bl2012bp parts’ only to find that this piece is not a wear part and cannot be purchased by itself from black & decker or an appliance parts seller or wholesaler. So it’s a quick dead end for my trusted hot sauce machine. I will be buying a nicer, more expensive blender instead. I’ll likely go with the cuisinart.

Great blender, it does the job.

It is very loud and sometimes you need to help it do it’s job.

I bought this blender as a gift and the person told me it works awesome and she always wanted a black and decker product.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker : Economical even though the look suggests otherwise

Nothing to complain about here, even if the item isn’t anything you’d jump up and down about. It’s a fairly basic affordable coffeemaker from black & decker, a trusted name brand. It is designed well to use a minimal amount of counter space. I love that you can program the machine to make coffee whenever you want.

Very disappointed that the clock face/control panel does not light up. This subtracts an entire star.

I purchased this machine since my kitchen aid finally died. Love this coffeemaker, it is does a great job in making the coffee. Yes, as one other person mentioned, it does beep after 1 minute of turning it on and still brews for another 5 minutes or so. But it does make a great cup of coffee, or should i say my husband makes a great pot of coffee :). Happy we purchased this, it is just as good as our kitchen aid which we had for 7 years.

I got this because i was having guests who drink coffee. It won’t get lots of use so i can’t yet comment on reliability.

  • better than “meh,” but not as good as i thought
  • Three Stars
  • Five Stars

Black & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fast Brew Technology
  • Brew Strength Selector
  • Sneak-A-Cup Feature
  • Auto Clean System
  • Optimal Brewing Temperature
  • Note: Cup equals approximately 5 oz. (varies by brewing technique)

I had a black and decker before which lasted a long time and was so reliable. So i went with it again and am very satisfied again.

It makes a good cup of coffee quickly and is simple to use.

Purchased this coffee maker about 6 months ago in a rush as our prior maker died the morning before a cross country move. We purchased this coffee maker at a target store. The coffee doesnt taste too bad and i enjoy both the auto and strong brew options. What i dont like is that it beeps to say its done brewing but continues brewing for another 5 minutes after beeping. It constantly drips when the carafe is removed (the hot plate coating is now peeling off due to this). The carafe also hemorrages water or coffee when pouring. I lose almost an entire cup when pouring water into the maker – i have to hold a towel against the carafe when pouring and then have to wring the towel out.

This coffee maker is very noisy. It did produce a nice cup of coffee, but i am not sure if that is because i used a new brand of coffee as well (eight o’clock brand) my bedroom is right off the kitchen and when it started brewing this morning it woke me up. It pings and spits and is just noisy in general. That is really the reason i am taking it back today. This is what i get for buying it on the spot and not checking reviews as i usually do.

I”ve owned many coffee pots. . This was the correct purchase. Love this black and decker coffee pot especially the strong brew options.

Makes an excellent, hot cup of coffee. However, the basket is poorly designed — it will not stand on countertop, so it must be filled as it sits in the machine. One side of the handle pulled out of its attachment and i am unable to get it to stay back in. Also, the led clock is poorly lit and can’t be read in most lights. All minor points, to be sure, but worth redoing on the next incarnation of the coffee maker.

I’m putting this 12-cup coffee maker on the shelf until i really need to make a big pot of coffee. I just don’t like the coffee. Almost everything about this coffee maker works well. You can make four to 12 cups in no time. You can program the coffee maker and have fresh coffee when you wake up. You can do an automatic cleaning. But if you don’t like the coffee, it’s no pleasure to have all the bells and whistles. Perhaps if it were possible to measure water accurately for less than four cups, it might be better, but there’s no way to accurately measure the amount of water for less than four cups.

If you want a simple but well-designed coffeemaker, this is it. It is faster than my old one and makes very hot coffee (which is a plus for taste). I also like the way the basket is nested inside, which makes it difficult for the grounds to spill out. I have a little difficulty seeing the digital time display with its indication for strong coffee, but the coffee tastes fine.

I purchased this in a physical store, so i cannot comment as to the online seller. However, this is a great coffee maker. We purchased it last year because our old keurig had broken and the coffee maker we were using in our previous home was 7 years old and the clock never displayed all the way the whole 7 years we had had it. We figured we deserved a new coffee maker and i have had pretty good experiences with black and decker appliances. The machine works perfectly well and does what it needs to do – brew coffee. It’s pretty efficient and the auto feature has never failed us. The parts remove easily for washing and go back on the machine with no issues. I really have nothing bad to say about it.

I like:-how it looks;-where the controls are placed;-how the water level is marked inside the tank;-and the programmable/auto-off features. I dislike:-the loud beep when the brewing cycle’s finished that can’t be turned off;the substantial drip that happens when removing the carafe, whether or not it’s finished brewing.

Standard 12 cup coffee maker, with some programable features.

This coffee maker from black and decker sets up easily, programs simply, and brews wonderfully. It takes standard low cost paper filters, not the expensive cone shaped ones that drain your budget. The machine works fast at making the 12 cups, and does this in around 5 minutes. The alarm can be annoying, but this may be useful early in the morning when you need a fire lit under your rear to get moving. I highly recommend this coffee maker.

Usually a breville/keurig k-cup lover, i’m really liking this coffee maker, especially for family gatherings when you need to make a large quantity economically and quickly. It performs great and perks my coffee so fast and always with consistent taste. I consider myself a coffee connoisseur so i am very picky when it comes to coffee makers. This unit has the ability to pre-set on a timer and you can wake yourself up to a delicious pot of coffee instead of an annoying beeping alarm clock. I am thoroughly enjoying this coffee maker and feel that it is an excellent value for the price point. When what you need is a great cup of coffee, this is the maker. It has the look of an expensive appliance with the value and performance and the reliability of more pricey unit. One con to mention, i dislike that you cannot see from the outside how much water you are filling the tank with.

So far, we have had nice luck with this coffee maker. We enjoy the fast brewing time (5 to 6 minutes for a pot), the auto brew, the cleaning button, and the auto 2 hour shut off. We also found it easy to program. Like many have mentioned, the beeper and the machine itself is noisier than other machines. But i kind of like to hear the brewing sound. I think i must be a little clumsy. . Because with any coffee pot we’ve had, i’ve managed to spill water when pouring water in and when grabbing the pot for a cup before it’s finished brewing. (you are suppose to be able to do this, but i still get some spillage, and then sizzling). We use dunkin donuts coffee, and we always seem to get a good cup of coffee. I always put cream and sugar in mine.

Great and the coffee comes out perfect.

This coffee maker sounds like the little engine that could. There’s quite a bit of gurgling while the coffee is brewing. It’s way noisier than any coffee maker i’ve ever owned. It’s easy to use, mostly because there aren’t that many choices. I followed the instructions, cleaning the pot and insides while running plain water through the cycle once. It operates pretty much like any other coffee pot — except for that infernal noise. Then, at the end of the cycle, there’s a high-pitched beep that my dog hates. (i’m not too fond of it either. ) at least it does it only once. The clock on the front is not illuminated and you have to look at it just right to see the time.

Not a she already one car is actually makes a pot of coffee does a nice job i would use the timer yeah i’m sure it’ll be just fine.

I’ve had this for a couple weeks now and i love it. It brews fast and is easy to use.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker CM1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – A nice little coffeemaker

Great purchase for my husband and i.

I know that some reviews mark this maker as having issues right out of the box. I cannot speak for anyone who had such issues, but i am very happy with my purchase. The auto-off burner, easy to fill reservoir, and programmable brew options are great for a piece that cost under $30. So far i have had no issues with the brewing process and the resulting coffee is very tasty. A great improvement over our normal office coffee.

It’s not as substantial as my last b&d coffee maker the lasted 8 years. It’s not heavy duty by any means. The label for the controls peeled off. I had to apply glue to make it adhere.

This is the best coffee pot i have ever had. Easy to load with coffee and water – no tricky interior parts to work around, spotlessly clean, shuts off if we forget it. Steal a cup while it’s still brewing works well.

Set this up every evening, and wake up in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee. Sorry starbucks but i will have to save money this year. I cannot keep on spending $1500+ yearly on your delicious cups, i will make them on my own from now on using this simple and easy to use b&d programmable coffeemaker. It is simple easy to use, and looks durable to me. It is my first coffee maker so we will see. If anything out of the ordinary happens. I will be sure to update this review.

This coffee pot is a good size one and really nice looking. No more waiting for coffee to brew. If your up early you can simply turn on, and the pot has the ability to allow you to grab a cup before it is totally finished brewing if ya need one in a hurry.Love how the coffee tastes also. The temp the coffee is brewed at makes a huge difference in flavor. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  • Works!
  • Holy cow it makes coffee
  • Okay but not great

‘love it’ might be an overstatement for a coffeemaker, but given how much crap is out there, my appreciation level is quite high. If you’re doing the search to replace your coffeemaker that died after just a few years, then you’re probably a little hesitant to spend a lot of money on a new one. That’s what brought me to this black & decker, which was selling for under $20 on amazon. However, i was also keeping an eye open for a unit that would last me more than just a few years – like the one i had 10 years ago. Although i didn’t try out all the expensive machines, i had a couple, and i’ve come to the conclusion that durable, problem-free coffeemakers are a thing of the past. So here’s hoping this machine has a decent lifespan, for it does make good coffee, has everything on it to make it a simple process and doesn’t leak anywhere. Make sure you twist the filter cup into the lock position and the cm1050b 12 cup programmable black & decker coffeemaker should be perfect right out of the box.

Seems like very good machine. I received it today, connected it to power and followed the cleaning instructions. Suddenly i hear boooom, and the machine turned off. It turns out that this machine supports 120v only, and i have 220v at home (i don’t live in the us. I just wish they wrote it in the manual rather than on the bottom of the machine. Anyway, it worked as expected for the few seconds it was on.

You will not find a nicer coffeemaker . My money is on this pot i bought a 2nd one at the same time for a back up over a year now im steel waiting to open the 2nd one grate pot makes grate coffee. The water is very evenly pumped out over the coffee while it brews that’s the secret .

Bought this about a year ago, replaced a commercial bunn coffee maker. And the coffee stays hot for hour.

I have had a black and decker coffee maker before so i bought another one.

Features of Black & Decker CM1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Quicktouch programming allows you to set the clock and program the 24-hour auto brew system at the touch of a button
  • Duralife 12-cup glass carafe is reinforced for added durability with convenient measurement markings for coffee and water
  • Sneak-a-cup feature pauses brewing to let you grab your first cup without a mess before brewing ends
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts plus easy-clean control panel makes cleanup a snap
  • Measures 13.9-inch by 11-1/2-inch by 8.9-inch; 2-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Bought this when my last $10 coffee maker died. Black – no more coffee stains on a white machine that will never come out. 2-hour auto shut off – a pro unless i’m home all dayproduces quality coffee. I also like the fact that it doesn’t have an internal purifier – i fill up with purified water and those little parts are so easily broken and hard and/or costly to replace. Never had an issue with dripping coffeeeasy to use – which is how it should be. Cons:programming it is not intuitive. I wish the pot was an insulated/thermos type pot, but i can replace that part pretty easy.

It does the job that just about every other coffee maker should perform, and without any issues. The programmable features are easy to use even if you lose the manual. It brews quickly enough that i only have to dance around in impatience for just a few minutes. The opening for the reservoir is wide enough that i haven’t yet poured any water on the counter in my pre-caffeinated state. I make the sweet nectar of caffeinated life every morning in this baby. My french press is starting to feel ignored. This lost a star because the measurements on the reservoir are very difficult to read unless it’s in direct sunlight, a condition that is highly undesirable before coffee. Pro-tip: if you don’t want to feel like stabbing yourself in the face every morning because the basket is so wiggly and fiddly, before you put the carafe in, close the top. This will reduce coffee angst by 96%.

This is definitely not the best coffee maker i’ve ever had. I needed a 12 cup replacement and nothing else in a reasonable price range seemed to be available. The basket is difficult to seat just right to ensure that you don’t get drips when trying to pour a cup before it has finished brewing and the on-off mechanism is very low-tech so you need to make sure the light is on before walking away and expecting to come back for a cup of coffee. Since it’s a basket, the quality of the coffee it makes is not as good as what you get with a cone, but i knew that going in.

This little coffee maker worked great. Poor little trooper was abused as well. On some occasions made 10 pots with this thing. People i worked with littlerly chugged the coffee.

This is a great product especially for the price. It is quiet and quick and has auto shut off after 2 hours which is amazing. The only reason that i only gave it 4 stars is because i have used it 10 times and 2 of the times the carafe was not positioned correctly and the sneak a cup function malfunctioned and resulted in coffee all over the counter. Make sure that you line it all up or else.This is the second one i purchased. My last one was white and then we moved and now everything is black so i had to change. My last one has worked just fine for over a year.

Bought this for my parents to replace what had to be the oldest made coffee maker in existence. This one is simple, off and on, inexpensive, has a schedule function if you want to wake up to a drip, and fit well in their kitchen. I’m happy with the purchase and they are as well.

Quicktouch programming allows you to set the clock and program the 24-hour auto brew system at the touch of a button

Black & decker cm1050b 12-cup programmable coffeemaker, blackthis was an excellent buy. The coffeemaker is made out of very sturdy materials. The pot actually lets you pour without coffee going everywhere because of poor design of the spout area like most. The clock and timer work great. It’s very easy to set and one button turns the timer on once you have it set. It turns itself off after awhile so if you forget to turn it off it will do so on it’s own. I would definitely send this as a gift as well.

I like the design and it works well, only glitch was the front silver ‘plate’ is plastic that didnt stick. It arrived peeling off (all the packaging intact but box was re-taped as though someone may have seen this and returned it). I just glued it in place so should be fine, but does not instill confidence when it appears to be falling apart before use.

So i have had this for about 6 months and it works great. We have incredibly hard water and even though i clean regularly, seems i always have to replace a drip coffee maker every 18 months or so. For the price this is perfect.

I bought this one to replace my old black & decker smart brew coffee maker. I was disappointed that the hot plate doesn’t keep the coffee as warm as my old coffee maker. Otherwise, coffee tastes fine and it is easy to program and clean. Guess i just like my coffee a bit hotter.

Suddenly, my coffeemaker was broken. In a hazy, non-caffeinated fog, i browsed amazon for an inexpensive, yet hopefully reliable, replacement. I found this item and read the reviews. Some of the less expensive brands don’t have the features this one had, and black & decker is a good name, so i gave it a shot. First of all, it arrived earlier than anticipated. The coffee brews quickly, the time display was bright and clear, and the coffee was delightful. I have nothing but good thoughts about this coffeemaker and will end this review now so i can finish my first cup of the day. It’s a great item for the money.

We’ve had this coffee maker about 2 weeks and we are super pleased. Unlike our old krups coffee maker, this one does not drip when you pour out a cup of coffee. Also, it is much easier to slide in and out of the warmer than our old one. Haven’t used the programmable function yet.

Duralife 12-cup glass carafe is reinforced for added durability with convenient measurement markings for coffee and water

When my last coffee maker of this type went bad, i brought up a brand new gevalia coffee maker from the basement. Hated it so i went shopping. Probably would’ve bought a bunn but the ones in nearby stores were only 10 cup & i wanted one that was 12 cup. Coffee was too hot to drink & kept getting grounds in my coffee pot (like the gevalia). Got online & found this one; which was exactly like my old one except that it cost less (i paid $40 for the last one several years ago). Love, love, love this coffee maker. You can pull out the caraffe to pour a cup & it’ll pause brewing till you put it back. Hope they never discontinue this one.

It does what i need it to do and i like that about it.

This coffee pot makes a great cup of coffee. The temperature control allows only the richest, smoothest flavors to come out of the coffee. Even though the filter moves around when you move the carafe (which can make the lid not close perfectly at all times), this pot is one of the best. If you can overcome the small ‘flaws’ you will appreciate the price and the quality.

Takes up a very small amount of counter space. . The auto shut off was an important must have feature. We also purcahased the brass screen filter so no more paper filters. . One person complained about water leaking , they did not place the drip cup properly in the machine. Buy it it does a great job .

The device works as advertised,with only 2 issues. Setup for programmed start is not what is stated on the paperwork accompanied with the coffee maker. The carafe has to be exactly seated or the water will overflow the basket and spill onto the counter top which leads to grounds in the carafe/coffee.

My main complaint is that it is too easy to change the time. Usually you have to hold 2 buttons or slide a switch to set the time on alarm clocks. On this if you accidentally hit the hour button it just changes the clock instantly and your coffee will get made at the wrong time the next day. Aside from that nit pick, it is a good economical coffee maker that holds a lot of coffee.

My husband coffeemaker was falling apart so i picked this one and i was sure glad. He said he didn’t need a new one but from the first pot on he has done nothing but rave about this maker to everyone. It makes his coffee perfect and he can use less coffee which he likes. Now when i get it ready for the morning i know that i sleep a little longer as he is enjoying his cups of coffee.

Sneak-a-cup feature pauses brewing to let you grab your first cup without a mess before brewing ends

Well, it messed up it’s primarily function. The measurements are way off. The 1st brew was for 4 cups. I filled the carafe with water to the 4c line and what do i get?. I had to add some more water to brew over the old grounds. Note: i used the same exact coffee and same filters that i use in a similar coffee maker at work, so i know that those are not contributing factors.

I got this for my mother’s house and she finds it easy to use. Also, the pot has a nice, substantial weight. It’s design includes an odd way to indicate the machine is in use by illuminating a small green light in one of the programming keys. Other than that, it’s a good buy and a good machine.

Had to replace a high price coffee maker after 6 months (quit working) so purchased this b&d at reasonable lower price at amazon, works great every day still keeps on cooking, and coffee stays hot all two hours.

I had to purchase a new maker when my pot for my gevalia broke and i was unable to replace it. Bought this and so far it’s working perfectly. I love the ability to program my maker to wake up to a hot pot of coffee right away in the morning.

I bought this coffee maker because i was looking for a model where i wouldn’t need to program 15 buttons to get a cup of coffee. It’s not as fancy as others but that’s what drew me to it. I do like the pause feature so i can get a up before the whole pot brews and although i don’t recall seeing it mentioned it does have an auto-shut off feature (after 2 hours) that was a perk. My only complaint is that it is bit noisier than i would like, but it was such a good deal that i can overlook that.

Unfortunately the carafe was cracked. But that can happen in shipping. Sent it back for immediate credit. And will definitely buy another one.

Dishwasher-safe removable parts plus easy-clean control panel makes cleanup a snap

I bought this item after our existing black and decker coffee pot went belly up. I did some research, read customer reviews and selected this one as the price was right, $25. It’s a nice coffee pot and looks as displayed however the display window on the side of the coffee maker is located on the right side instead of the left which is ok, but not preferred as my last one was on the left. I’ve also had some problems getting the number of cups reflected on the pot to be accurately reflected on the side of the maker when i pour the water in. This could be operator error but when i fill the pot to 12 cups, the maker only reflects 10 which makes the ratio of coffee to water challenging. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener Jw275, Opens Jars no Taller than 8 1/2 Inches

This is a great product for those who have trouble opening jars due to hand injuries or arthritis , i purchased this product for my mother, who has severe arthritis in her arm’s and hands, which makes opening jars almost impossible for her. I highly recommend this product.

I purchased a lids off jar opener for my best friend and it was supposed to be her birthday gift in december. She hurt her wrist trying to open a jar and it hurt for a couple of days. I decided to give her the gift before her birthday to ward off future injuries. She said that is ‘the best gift i have ever gotten in all these 55 years’.She and her husband love it. This item was an amazon verified purchase, and i would recommend purchasing from them to anyone. I received my lids off two years ago after seeing the one my sister had received from her son as a gift. I told my son, when asked, that i wanted a lids off for christmas, he gave me one and i use it and wouldn’t do without it, no way. Thanks for making a most handy product that women love and appreciate.

I purchased this for my 96 year old mother in law. She has been thrilled that she can caw open various hars on her own. She has finally been able to open the saurkraut jar without calling for help. Great product and easy to use.

Key specs for Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener Jw275:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Will open virtually any size jar in one simple operation
  • Opening jars has never been quicker or easier
  • Easy to store
  • Compliments any kitchen

Comments from buyers

“Opens Jars no Taller than 8 1/2 Inches
, Superior Jar Opener!
, Life saver after shoulder surgery

Chewed up and spit out one of the automatic openers that you put on the lid of the jar. This unit is much more substantial and engineered for heavy duty work and supports the entire jar, can, or whatever is being opened. It’s also corded so the motor is stronger and it won’t die in the middle of opening something.

I have weak grip when it comes to opening a jar and this opener is wonderful,works great. I would recommend it to anyone to use. Black and decker has scored again.

Not for say, catsup bottles.

My doctor highly suggested getting this because i i can’t open jars with my left hand.

My mother-in-law loves this. Her house got on fire and see lost it in the fire. This is the second one we got her. She has very weak hands and this really works.

This product is really helpful for opening stubborn jars and bottles. It automatically adjusts to the size of the jar or bottle you are trying to open. The only thing it doesn’t do well is tall water bottles but even then you can sort of force them in. But it is definitely great for things like jam, jelly, peanut butter, even medicine bottles.

With my arthritis getting worse, i could not open jars and this device saved me. It is simple to operate and very effective.

Got this as a christmas gift for my mom, as she’s older and has problems with jar lids. She was a bit daunted by it at first, but now uses it all the time and loves it. Opens jars of varying sizes easily and quickly. One caveat: the rubber pads inside the grips are utterly useless. They’re just glued on, so they peel right off with the first recalcitrant jar lid. Better to just remove them and clean the glue off, as the grips hold the jars just fine without them. Also, it could use a longer cord.

The black & decker lids off jar opener is not just another kitchen gadget. I have been using one for over 2 years after having received one as a christmas gift. This item is especially useful for all who are faced daily with issues concerning arthritis, other strength or motion limitations in our hands. It is very reliable and will accommodate almost all of our challenges in opening jars. I have given two away as gifts to those who have found themselves similarly challenged. The item is also of interest to physical therapists who are working with folks who have limitations related to those i have described.

Gave this as a gift to family member who had shoulder surgery. They loved it and said it opened all jars easy without having to even grip anything.

At first i was a little confused at the lack of an on-off switch, but after reading the manual, i saw that it works automatically by pushing down on the top section. I guess that when the bottom platform (a rubberized mat) feels enough pressure being exerted, it starts itself. It was easy to use, & the directions were clear & direct (with labeled illustrations). The top & bottom clamps also work automatically, in adjusting their grips on the jar. I tried it with three of the jars i have the toughest time with: 1) a 24 oz. Gulden’s mustard jar (the wide bottom of this jar just barely fit into the bottom clamps of the unit, but it did), 2) a 24 oz. Spaghetti sauce jar, & 3) a 32 oz. The jar opener easily opened all three without a problem. This unit is expensive, but when compared with not being able to open jars & having to give up foods i like, it’s well worth the money.

I had one before, and loved it. This one is the same item, i hope it lasts as long as the other one did. They’re great when you’ve lost the strength in your hands.

My daughter has eds and with no strength in her hands this item helps her a lot.

My hands are in bad shape and this will help me. First thing i did with it was open a jar of pickles that i’ve been looking at in pantry but unable to open. This worked first time i tried with no problem. I am glad such items are available for everyday use.

A fantastic product that allows me to open all kinds of jars and bottles, allowing me to have some independence again. I would definitely recommend to people.

Once in a while i run across a jar i cannot get to fit the opener but the ones that do, so far the little thing has opened them for me.

Bought a used one through amazon for a great price and got super fast shipping. I have not gotten used to remembering that i have it, so i have only tried it 3 times. Only problem so far is that 2 of the 3 times i tried to use it, the jar was either too tall to fit in the chamber and/or the lid width was too narrow. For example: it will not open 2 liter soda bottles because the lid is too narrow in width. I have not tried a 2 liter for height though, but i doubt that it is short enough. The jar needs to be not more than 8 1/4 inches [21 cm tall, and the cap (aspirin bottle) or lid of the jar not less than 2″ wide and not more than 3 3/4 wide — approximately. I have not found the manufacture’s dimensions concerning acceptable jar height and lid width, but i could have missed it, so i measured the best i could. I think that it would be great for opening those sticky pickle jars and anything (within dimensions) that hurts or cracks your wrists to open. I am in the market for something that will open beyond these approximate dimensions, but i am keeping this one because of the special price deal. ]

This is great for opening most jars. What would make it better would be if it could open wider jars. But as someone who has lost the magic grip i used to have & has arthritic hands this is a miraculous gift. I can open most jars with no stress or strain on my hands.

It works great for hands that aren’t as strong as they used to be.

We purchase these types of items for our elderly and disabled clients for our program and can’t find these items locally. So glad amazon is able to help us help our clients in need, and the best part is that they are affordable and arrive sometimes in just a few day.

This product works great on straight jars. I had to add rubber adapters to the gripping pads to provide additional surface contact on oval or slanted jars but that has been the only possible point of fault. I think this fault could be corrected by adding a swivel function to the jar gripping pads.