Black & Decker JW400 Lids Off Open-It-All Center : A most valuable gadget in my kitchen

It is a unique invention for those of us with hands and wrists that no longer work as they should. I praise and thank the inventor.

This is absolutely the best gift you can get for anyone with problems opening cans. This is great for grandparents. I would really recommend this item.

Bought this for my mom who is older and has trouble opening jars and also for my mom-in-law who has carpotunnel.

I have arthritis in my hands. So, opening cans and bottles is very hard and painful. This dual opener is almost perfect. The can opener’s cutter comes off very easy for cleaning. The jar opener works very well. Cons: the jar opener does not work on all jars. It the top of the jar is a bit unusual or too tall, it will not open.

  • Very helpful
  • The part of the opener that grasped the lover part
  • Best Thing since sliced Bread

Black & Decker JW400 Lids Off Open-It-All Center

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3-in-1 appliance functions as automatic jar and can opener, plus bottle opener
  • Opens regular- and vacuum-style screwtop jars with the touch of a button
  • Opens any size cans without pull rings; opens bottles with metal caps
  • Dishwasher-safe blade assembly; collapses for compact storage
  • Measures approximately 8-1/2 by 7-3/4 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty

It words well but it’s awfully big on the kitchen counter.

I have for the first time in years been able to open jars, but myself with out the aid of another person. Can opener works just as easy, and the combination gives you a great deal. I have lost many of the joints in both hands, and it was impossible to open any cans or jars when i was home alone, and trying to prepare meals ahead of time. Most people do not read the instructions, in order to get the proper use of the machine. The machine is 9-1/2 inches tall and 9-1/2 inches tall, and for the work and pain it saves me if is worth giving up the counter space. (i was able to get rid of two can-openers i had a hard time using). Please read the instruction, before using and you will really get great use out of this product.

I cannot tell you how this product has made a difference in my life. I was having such a time getting jars open. When i broke my right arm, i was really in a predicament. A friend loaned me her black & decker lids-off jar and can opener and i was back in business. You can bet that i ordered one immediately and have loved it ever since. The only sad news is the big jars at cost co do not fit in it, but everything else does. It is a miracle for those with arthritis, handicaps, seniors, etc.

My only complaint is that many jars are taller than this opener allows for. If the height could be adjusted more i would rate this at 5 stars.

I got this because my wife has problems opening anything due to an injury in her hand. I thought it was going to save me from opening every single item in the house. It does that when i am not home, otherwise, i am still the jar opener. It works as expected and i can’t complain about it really. It came recommended by our hand surgeon and that is why we got it. Only complaints is that it doesn’t work on very small tops but they do have to be very small. Overall, a good product if i could get my wife to use it when i am around.

We have had this for over a year and it stills works great with no adjustments needed. I would recommend this to my friend.

I have had this for probably 15 years, my husband got one for me, my mother and grandmother. It was not this expensive when it first came out, and so glad i didn’t have to pay this much. My husband worked for a lumber and hardware store and got it for like 65 dollars. I would hate to have to replace it at the cost it is now. I have not had any problems with mine at all, and it does raise to open taller jars. The only draw back is it is hard to lock in the up position, and sometimes the can opener part comes off with the lid, but easily put back in place. I was looking for a black one to match all of my other appliances, but apparently it does not come in black. The price was a draw back for me, even if they had it in black.

Since i have athritis in my hands, i have found it difficult to open jars and cans, but there is really no effort or pain involved when i need to open anything now. It is also an attractive addition to my kitchen.

Black and decker you have given me my independence with this lids-off open-it-all center. What a great tool for us folks with arthritis. I could have used this when i was younger to open tight lids.

I haven’t found a jar that this thing won’t open; it even handles those vacuum sealed fruit jars like they’re nothing. If i have a complaint, and it’s a minor one, you have to be careful with the can opener lever. The lever comes off for cleaning which is nice but it also comes off easily if you have it up. It goes back in easy enough but it’s a bit annoying.

I bought this back in 2006 for my mom. She is a neat freak and never leaves any appliances on the counters despite her fairly large kitchen. This has been on the counter for 12 years. 99 for it back then and i’m seriously contemplating buying one for my mother in law for the low, low price of nearly $300 now that it’s been discontinued for many years and becoming even more difficult to find. A used one goes for well over $100 now which dumbfounds me as it should have never been discontinued in the first place.

It work good for jars with arthritic hands but not so well on cans. The cans must be short to use the can opener. For opening jars, it is excellent.

I like how easy it is to get a lid off a jar.

Product was delivered in time for mother’s day. My mother-in-law loves it and uses it all the time. Was great to find, beings i couldn’t find it in our local stores.

The primary reason for choosing this product was for the jar opening feature which works great. The can opener can be a bit tricky it trying to engage the can you are trying to open. I have to make several attemps befor i am sucessful,then when i disengage the lid, the cutting unit detaches from the opener.

I have carpal tunnel in my wrist and arthritisin my shoulder. This item provides the help opening any kindof jar, any size. Adjust to the different sizes beautifully. Not to mention the hand can opener that pleases the cat.

Black & decker jw400 lids off open-it-all centergood product. Gotta be very careful how you use it. The can opener control will come off in your hands (designed for easy cleaning) and the jar opener requires exact centering of the jar or crunch no jar. Once you learn how to use it, it works very well, especially for those who have little strength in their arm(s) like my wife (result of a stroke). Recommended only if you have the patience to learn to use it properly (which is easy to do) and then use it properly. I wouldn’t hestitate to buy another for a gift or even for myself.

It took quite a while to receive this item as they didn’t tell me it was on back order untill after i made the purchase??. They stated the item was available??. I saw it advertised cheaper while i was waiting for it. I tried to contact them about honoring the lower price(the lower price was on the sellers site) they would not honor their own lower price or even respond to my attempts to contact them??.I am pleased with the item but very unhappy with the purchasing experience.

Black & Decker CTO7100B Toast-R-Oven Digital Rotisserie Convection Oven : Rotisserie!!!

This machine has every single capability i need for it to have. I have seen some reviews downplaying the rotisserie due to it not turning and it not being set deeply enough to maintain its position. The fix for it will work probably if i have the same issue and it is super easy to do. If it works, then the machine is wonderful.

But the beeping it makes when you change settings is really loud. It’s also a bit larger than i think it needs to be as far as height. I’ve used it quite a lot and everything is working and coming out well. I would recommend this unless you hate loud noises.

Black & Decker CTO7100B Toast-R-Oven Digital Rotisserie Convection Oven

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1500-watt 6-slice countertop convection oven toasts, bakes, broils, and rotisserie cooks
  • Push-button control panel with digital display; 1-touch operation for popular foods and functions
  • Adjustable time and temperature; convection fan for even heating; fits a 12-inch pizza
  • See-through glass door; slide-out crumb tray; baking pan and rotisserie spit/forks included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

After our last convection oven died, we were looking for a replacement. I read the reviews on this one and it seems like the biggest complaint was the rotisserie use on this. Size wise, it’s not big enough to even get to use the rotisserie, unless you get something small to cook. But we absolutely love this convection oven, the digital display is awesome. Our old one had turn knobs where you had to guess what temperature you were using. But with the digital display, you know exactly what temperature you’re using. You will not go wrong buying this convection oven .

I wouldn’t buy it again though. We unplug ours when not in use because it constantly buzzes/hums like it’s drawing gobs of electricity even when turned ‘off’. The digital buttons take some getting used to. Reviews are right about toasting bread. More like dehydrated crumbly bread even on the lowest ‘toast’ setting. Other than that, yeah we still use it often. Works good for baking and broiling. Only used the rotisserie once. More of a hastle than a joy. The smallest of whole chickens barely fit.

The first one did not work at all. Would not reach temp of 300 and took 45 minutes to reach 300. Amazon sent me another one right away and i shipped the bad one back after receiving new one. But when i took it out of box, one of the legs was missing and the crumble tray would not fit. So i took the leg of the bad one and took the crumble tray from the old one and put on new one before i shipped the old one back. I am not sure if these products are new or refurbished. I am happy with it now but i would not buy another black & decker product as i think they are made very cheaply. But its only been a few days and it does work but i wonder for how long.

Black & Decker CTO7100B Toast-R-Oven Digital Rotisserie Convection Oven : I’ve read a few complaints about the toasting function on this model, but i’ve had no problems there. It’s a great oven that was a bit bigger than i expected, but totally manageable on the counter. The rotisserie is one of my favorite parts, and frankly, it works great. Just note, anything over a 4-lb chicken is going to be pushing it in terms of fitting, so i generally buy in the 3. 5-lb range which i think works perfect.

This toaster has proven to be awesome so far. The cookie button cooked my ‘break and bake’ refridgerated cookie dough perfectly. The rotisserie is great, the frozen pizza button burned 3/4 of my digornio pizza though. That’s the only complaint i have.

I bought this to replace our failing toastmaster convection toaster oven. My wife was skeptical for about an hour. After she used it once, she was sold on this oven. It will easily hold a 12-inch pizza pan. She’s cooked several turkey breasts in it and they come out golden, crispy, and juicy. We don’t use the rotisserie, but i guess it’s there if we ever need it. This handily replaced our old toastmaster that had analog timer and temperature. This oven is making itself indesipensible in our kitchen.

Have used this for chicken and pork roast. The rotisserie is fantastic. Use the broiler setting when using the rotisserie not what the directions say.

Overall it is great but you can only squeeze a 3. 5lb chicken within the cabinet. With a bit of creativity you can get a 4lb chicken in it if you tie it up just right, but even then it drags the bottom of the tray as it goes round. If it were just 2inches taller you could get up to a 5lb chicken. Otherwise i really do love it. It cleans up easily except for the prongs which hold the meat on the skewer but i can deal with that, just let them soak in soapy water a bit longer.

Works well as a toaster, which is how we use it mostly, and as an oven. Haven’t tried doing a broasted chicken.

I bought this a few weeks ago and it works well as both a toaster and an oven. It is very easy to clean and the controls are easy to read and use. I have not used my larger oven since i got this as this is the perfect size for cooking for one or two. The convection oven works well and the oven itself heats up quickly.

This is a great and solid rotisserie/convection oven. Like all counter-top ovens, this one does get very hot on the top sides; so be careful with putting any ‘melty’ thing on top. Also, as mention in the other reviews get a toaster for your toast; this oven is more tuned for bigger items. The rotisserie works surprisingly well, though its not extremely powerful it gets the job done for cornish game hens and any sort of meat under 4 or so lbs. The buttons are already preset with cooking times but can be adjusted, and make a beep every time you press them (it took no less than 5 minutes of my life to get used to it). Only thing that can get annoying is that the timer does not start until the oven is finished preheating, a small setback compared to all the lovely food i can bake, broil, and rotis in this oven.

The only thing i can say is that i truly love it. I had one before and when it dies i was so disappointed. I didn’t think they still made this model, but to my surprise they still did. I use this oven 80% over my regular oven. I use the convection almost all the time and it is great for making 4-6 slices of toast at a time. I use my outside grill for that.

It’s been 2 or 3 years and it still works great .

Let me start by saying, i am not a big fan of toaster ovens. However, now that there are only two of us to prepare meals for it does simplify meal preparation. I consider myself a good cook and have found most results with this oven to be perfectly acceptable. It actually makes decent toast and english muffins. I use it to bake and have used the convection feature which also works nicely. I have used the rotisserie feature quite a bit for chicken and pork roasts and the results are delicious. The instructions are simple to use. With everything being digital you can set your own temperatures for the precise result you want. I think it is a worthwhile purchase if you are in the market for a toaster oven. I don’t think you will be sorry.

There is no such thing as the best of both worlds. The oven is nice but don’t buy this for the rotisserie. The first time i tried to use the rotisserie i discovered that i don’t want to use it at again. Some of the seasonings from the chicken got into the element casings and i had to let it cool down to get it out. (makes it smoke) it’s also not an easy task to take out anything on the rotisserie rod, it doesn’t slide in so you have to fight with it and try not to get burnt, i did by the way. Ronco has the set it and forget it down pat and it can’t be beat, i used one for years until it fell apart and loved it. I ended up cooking my chicken off the rotisserie. If only with this oven they could make a slide in groove with a better rod and make it just a little bigger to fit a normal 5 lb chicken. Then it might be the best of both worlds.

I had a wolfgang puck combination toaster/rotisserie oven for about a year. It never toasted well and, then, the door broke and couldn’t be fixed. I’ve had the black & decker toast-r-oven since december; have used it as an oven, a toaster and a rotisserie and have found all to work well. It is a little pricey (compared to a regular toast-r-oven), but it’s worth it to have the combination and to not have to use my stove when i can save the cost of heating the oven to bake potatoes or a meatloaf, etc.

Bought this because my earllier version from 5 years ago exploded one morning while making toast. Out of nowhere the glass front just exploded thank goodness nobody was injured by flying glass. I purchased another b&d because it’s a good brand. I probably will never use the rotisserie, but one never knows.

I am very happy with the black & decker toaster/oven/broiler/rotisserie. First off, it is attractive and looks good on the kitchen counter. Second, it is easy to use and all the buttons are easy to find and push. I don’t use it heavily but the few meals prepared with it so far have turned out perfectly. The only downside item is that baking temperatures are displayed in centigrade and i would prefer that they be in fahrenheit like all the recipes. While this item is thermostatically controlled, the broil element doesn’t seem to be as hot as the oven it replaced so it took some experimentation to get the steaks done to my liking. Still, i’m not too happy that it takes more than a half an hour to broil a 3/4′ steak. It would also help if there were a light in the interior. I am eager to try out the rotisserie function. I like that way of cooking whole chickens and boned and rolled beef roasts.

I ordered it because of the size, i needed an extra oven when having large family gatherings, this oven does the job beautifully. There are a lot of steps to getting it turned on, the 5 second limit safety feature is a nuisance to me, but i only have adults in my household, no little hands to worry about. It looks lovely and cooks very well. Preheats in less than 1/2 the time as my big oven. The reasons for 4 stars, not 5 are:1. The length of the electric cord, only 19-20 inches at most. I have the oven on a ‘baker’s rack’ that’s meant to hold a microwave, the cord on this unit is so short i am having to use an extension cord even though the unit is placed right above the outlet. The sides and top do get very hot, more insulation would be great. I would recommend this oven with reservations because of the cord & hot exterior.

I have had this for about year now and i use it about 3-4 times a week. I love the rotisserie function. I usually end up using cornish game hens (i personally think they taste better). The convection feature heats up evenly and baked goods turn out well. I’ve made cookies, pies, cake in this thing and they come out great. I love the size of this thing. The opening is so big compared to the old toaster ovens i have had. I personally like operating dials for setting the temperature but the buttons work well. My friend end up buying the same one after she saw mine and love its.

Black & Decker JKC650 Smart Boil 1-2/3-Liter Cordless Electric Kettle – Five Stars

I love this product, water boils quickly, it is easy to fill up and use. Love that it is cordless which makes for ease in use. It is very balanced and easy to pour from. I have had other vendors kettles and some of them are not very solid.

This works great, keeps the electric bill down, and works fast.

It’s fast heating and easy to use. Here are the specifications for the Black & Decker JKC650 Smart Boil 1-2/3-Liter Cordless Electric Kettle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Product note: the logo design of this item may vary depending on when the product was manufactured
  • 1500-watt cordless electric kettle boils up to 1-2/3 liters of water, Concealed heating element; water-level window; removable scale filter
  • Stainless-steel housing; 360-degree power base; open-style stay-cool handle
  • Drip-free spout; auto shut-off with boil-dry protection for safety
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

This kettle is great, but the steel part gets extremely hot when boiling water. As long as you’re careful and don’t touch it, it’s great.

I’m a teacher and i use this in my classroom. It’s quiet, easy, and very convenient. I don’t have to leave my room for a cup of tea.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Watch the safety of this pot – be diligent.
  • An electric kettle that works!
  • Powerful kettle

Easiest ever to use and makes as little as one cup up to enough for a tea party.

I purchased this because i had the previous model by black & decker and loved it. I had it for many years, and when it finally broke, i searched all over for the same model (which the stores near here don’t carry). There are two things that i don’t like about this newer model: the lever to turn it on, and the lid on the carafe. The lever seems very flimsy, and it feels like the mechanism will not last very long. There is no noticeable click when it is turned on and it seems like button is broken every time i turn it on. The second thing i don’t like (and i believe this is a significant safety feature) is that the lid doesn’t always stay closed when the boiling action happens (it seems like if the carafe is at least half full, the lid doesn’t stay snapped closed and pop opens). When the lid pops open, the automatic shut-off is not functioning. The first time i discovered this, the pot had almost boiled empty, my cupboards and wall by the pot was completely covered in water, and if it had boiled completely dry it could have overheated and perhaps started a fire. I now have to constantly check the pot to ensure the lid doesn’t pop open.

Lage capacity and heats water quickly. The style fits well with our kitchen, and i really like that the heating element is not exposed to the water.

Reading the other reviews i’m not sure if i just happened to get a good unit, but i love this cordless kettle. It holds tons of water and gets the water hot fast. I’ve had it for three and a half years now and i am actually surprised with the build quality of this thing since it wasn’t very expensive. I use it almost daily and have never had a problem.

It sounds like a gentle rain storm while it is getting the water up to the boiling point. How did i ever live without it before??. Read the manual then operation is a ‘no brainer’.

I bought this model more then 2 years ago and so far it has been working almost daily with no trouble so far. The on switch looks very weak, but we don’t push hard, just move it gently and is still working with no fuzz. I got this because of the auto off, before i just had stove top ones and had many problems when forgetting to turn the stove off, or in the case of the glass ones, got sprinkled by something cooking in a nearby pot and had to wash them very toughly. This kettle sit in a spot far from the stove and keeps working with minimal cleaning.

Perfect for what’s intended purpose.

Very attractive and functional.

It is difficult to tell if it is ‘on’ as the indicator on the handle is dim. The lid doesn’t open all the way. It even seems to come to a boil slowly. Perhaps i am spoiled since i have been using the braun for over 2 years at home. There is no need to buy the black & decker when others are so much better.

Gets a daily workout in our kitchen from a british tea junkie. Such a good performer, i bought a second to send to college.

The switch quit working correctly. Very disappointed in its longevity. Other than that the unit worked well.

Turns off once boiling is complete, no crazy steam coming out from the top.

That’s very nice , working good.

Like the other reviewers, i liked the kettle, and the way it operated to automatically shut off the power when the water was hot. This kettle had a stainless steel body, but the essential operating parts are brittle plastic. The lid broke in a popped open position – it would not close – after a year, even though we never opened it. We always filled it up through the pouring spout. So we put tape over it, and believe it or not, the tape held it for months. Then after 18 months, the plastic on/off switch broke. There is the smallest little bitty tab on the end of that switch that broke, making the kettle useless. We only used it once a day, so it wasn’t like it was getting heavy duty use. Typical made in china engineering. Since it’s still in the 2 year warranty, i hope to get an operable replacement, but if i don’t, i’ll let you know.

My wife got this unit for christmas. 5l of water in about 7 minutes and is really convenient. I we like it better than using a tea kettle on the stove so far. Only complaint so far, is that the water gauge on the side doesn’t work, so you have to look down into the pot and guess.

Black & Decker – Slice Toaster Oven – Toaster oven

Nice size not to small or not to big, don’t need to use my big oven, great for 1 or 2 people.

Like the size and the looks. Don’t like the fact that the wire shelf does not pull out when you open the door and have burned myself a couple of times. Guess i’ll have to get use to this. Also, the toaster range is skewed. Keeps burning my toast regardless of where i set it. Replaced an old old procter silex which finally bit the dust.

It’s like trial and error til you get it right great oven.

I purchased this product as i was looking for a white toaster oven/broiler. I like the looks of the product and it fits very well on my counter. The only issue is the toaster–you have to be careful about setting the timer for the toast. If you do not watch it, the toast may burn. My previously b&d toaster oven you just had to push the button down to toast. You did not have to set a time. However i am enjoying the product and i would recommend it.

It does a good job toasting and baking. My only complaint is the lack of resolution on the timer for setting the toaster time. The difference between the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ designation is only 3/8′ along the dial. After more than a month of use i still can’t rely that my setting will not either leave the toast un-toasted or burnt. I need to visually monitor the process.

Replaced an old b&d that was much smaller that i had for about 15 years. The size is perfect and for $39 you just cannot go wrong. Even my wife said i did something right for a change.

  • Black & Decker Toaster Oven Lives up to its name
  • Not badbut
  • Our second purchase of this model

No light makes it hard to see food cooking. There are too many settings to switch between baking and toasting. Wish it was a simpler design.

If, when this product was sent to my niece for a wedding present, the message i wrote had been included, i might know how this oven works. I just found out yesterday, after months since it was sent, that she had no idea who it was from. I do wish that for gifts, they were more careful to insert the messages.

I am really satisfied with my toaster oven…. Beats having to heat up the kitchen to heat a piece of pizza….

We ordered this to replace our previous toaster oven that died after 12 years. Really like the three dial system. You can set the time and temperature while keeping the type of cooking separate. Everything prepared in this toaster oven has come out perfectly. The only thing i don’t like is when you are fixing something that only requires 5 or 6 minutes to cook and you have to turn the dial past the 20 minute mark then move it back. That seems to put a strain on the dial. Wish i could just set the time and not worry about that. Well worth the money paid for it. Got the while finish, really could care less what color it is, as long as it works correctly.

This toaster oven fulfills my need for toast and baking small things like biscuits, but i have a few issues with it. This toaster has a bizarre setting for toast. The third dial at the bottom is where you set the timer for how long your bread will toast. There is a very small margin for where you will decide how dark you want your toast and can burn it easily if your not careful. I also have to flip my toast over and set it again if i want the other side to get brown, otherwise one side will burn and the other comes out about right(which also depends on which height your rack is set). You can also set the timer longer and flip it halfway through at the risk of burning yourself. I remove the silver tray for best toasting. You can cook chicken in this oven but if you do not empty the grease out every so often, the grease that splatters onto the oven will catch on fire. I still have’t been able to clean off the grease stain left behind from this flare up. I won’t be cooking chicken in it again but maybe just to heat up some leftovers at best.

Features of Black & Decker – Slice Toaster Oven, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Convection oven
  • Fits up to 6-slices or a 9-inch pizza
  • Maximum bake temperature 450-degree f
  • 60-Minute Timer
  • Dual-position rack slots

From the manufacturer

Black and Decker Toaster Oven, TO1675W

Get Toasting!

Large enough for a 9′ pizza, this Black & Decker Toaster Oven (model TO1675W) is a great addition to any kitchen. Convection technology allows for fast, even cooking at up to 450 degrees across dual racks. Even better, its modest size (18.8 x 11.5 x 13.8 inches) allows it to fit in tight spaces.

Convection Baking
Convection Technology

Convection technology means the airflow moving throughout the oven cooks food evenly. The crust of a pizza will be just as crispy as the cheese is golden!

60 Minute Cook Time
60 Minutes of Cook Time

The built-in timer allows you to cook up to 60 minutes. With 60 minutes of cook time you can use this oven to bake cakes, casseroles, or keep parts of your meal warm while preparing the rest.

Cooking Temperature up to 450 Degrees
Cooking Power

The temperature in this model reaches up to 450 degrees. This opens up the possibilities of what you can make — from your basic pizza, to casseroles, to cakes and pies.

Dual Rack Position
Top and Bottom Rack Position

A rack inside the toaster oven slides in and out fully with two position options for cooking. Choose the position, higher or lower, based on what you’re cooking.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I love this toaster oven because it is compact, white, convection, and very sturdy. When my last one broke after 2 years of heavy use, i ordered the same one as a replacement.

Wonderful little toaster oven.

This works just a good as my regular oven for baking. Have to be careful with the toasting. No need to go beyond the lighter feature great for reheating leftover pizza.

I use this a lot for making casseroles that are made for one or two and avoid the big oven when i can.

The timer switch operation could be better. It’s a bit hard to turn and i would prefer the maximum time to be 30 rather than 60 minutes so that one could more accurately set the time as the markings would be spaced farther apart. Other than that, everything works well. I do wish the appliance were smaller, more the size of the black and decker toaster oven that it replaced.

Received on time and looks perfect for me.

Convection oven

Love this little black & decker toaster oven. It was a replacement for an oven that we just worn out.

I took a lot of time to research other toaster ovens before i purchased this one. So far we have baked turkey breast, cookies, chicken nuggets, made toasted cheese sandwiches and pizza in it all with great success. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this product. Thank you to everyone else that has previously reviewed this product. It helped me make my decision and i was not disappointed with it.

So far i have not haven’t had any problems with it.

My old one was burning the toast on one side so decided it was time for a new one. This one is the correct size for my kitchen, is very well built and is user friendly. I have ordered several black and decker products and have been pleased with each and every one. I had shopped in the stores and found none to be of my liking, for they were either the wrong color or the wrong size to sit on top of my counter top. I am very pleased with this purchase.

I like this small toast oven with the easy turntable controls, not like a newer model previously bought from b&d with three round trapezoidal twists that make turning also impossible. The designer should be shot.

This is the third black and decker unit i have purchased over the past ten years. I like the three controls and the size. I can bake 5 potatoes with no problem. I have made biscuits as well in this oven.

Fits up to 6-slices or a 9-inch pizza

The toasting is the weak point,it is real finicky to get toast that does not burn,but for the price it is worth it.

Hard to find toaster ovens at this size in white. Have cooked frozen pizza, lasagna, and have re-heated many other things in it and it works greatthe only complaint is that it is tough to find a good toast setting. The increments from light to dark are close together and it is hard to ‘fine tune’ the dial to get a good setting. Not a big deal, just need to monitor the toast to make sure it doesn’t burn.

I really shopped around before making this purchase and it paid off. I love all the features of my new toaster oven and it’s pretty too. It’s just the right size for counter top. As an oven, it cooks evenly and you can use the top as a plate warmer. And it shuts itself off automatically so you can’t accidentally leave it on longer than you want to. The price was fair too compared to other very pricey toaster ovens.

I am happy with this product at this price. However, the cord is very short, and it gets hot enough on top that it actually melted the bottom of my toaster. It is quiet and lightweight.

This oven is a great purchase. After 4 years of heavy use one of the heating elements burned out of our previous oven and i did not hesitate to buy another. It’s not fancy, but it does what it’s supposed to do and it’s not so large that it takes up an entire counter. It is easy to clean and yes, the top of the cabinet does get hot so don’t put a box of chocolates up there. You aren’t going to replace the oven in your stove with this but it does the job is was made to do. One negative observation: the broiler pan in the first oven was larger and of much heavier construction than the new one. Why do manufactures of just about everything go cheap on something like that?. They probably saved a few cents on each unit. Otherwise it is just as good as the first one.

Great to cook small foods and to keep them warm.

I do like this but i don’t like the fact that for toasting you have to set it past 20 minutes and then go back to your setting you want. I would have gave it 5 stars if it wasn’t for that.

Maximum bake temperature 450-degree f

I was looking for a small, inexpensive oven that can fit on the counter. This b&d toaster oven meets the above criteria. It has been 3 months since my purchase and i baked fish, yam, heated up bread without any issue. I haven’t used it as a toaster yet so can’t comment on that function. All in all, it is a practical compact size oven that serves the purpose.

Plenty of power and does a great job with uniform heat. Spacious interior to cook larger stuff. I cook two cornish hens at the same time with ease.

We had a white black & decker toaster oven for years that we loved, however, it came to the end of its life. Finding a new white toaster oven isn’t easy. Thought we’d give this one a try despite some of the ratings we read. Really like the size & look of this toaster oven, but it don’t like the features as much. Biggest negative is the toasting feature, which we use often. There is no setting for light/dark as our last one had. Also, we’ve only baked once or twice, and that didn’t seem to work so well either.

I live alone and using the big oven just didn’t make sense. My son and daughter-in-law just bought one and really liked it. So here i am enjoying the oven and toaster and not feel like i am using to much elec. The toaster works great on english muffins and bagels. Have used it to cook wings and made foil dinners several. Can cook two nice size ones at a time.

I really like this toaster oven for its versatility. There is even a convection setting which most ovens of this price do not have. There is only one thing i don’t like about it which is that the buttons are quite hard to turn. The raised part going across the middle of each button starts out fine, but quickly tapers to almost nothing so it’s very hard to push with your thumb.

I bought this for my 88-year-old mom. She has not had a toaster oven before. It works well, and she didn’t have any trouble learning how to work it.

60-Minute Timer

Just perfect if you don’t want to heat up your big oven – or your house. Capable of cooking most items you would use an oven for.

Black & Decker CO100 Spacemaker Traditional Multi-Purpose Can Opener – My 2nd time.

The features of the can opener are very good, but the mounting leaves a bit to be desired. My older kitchen cabinets have over an inch of ‘lip’ extending below the bottom shelf. The spacers provided with the can opener are insufficient to meet that depth of mounting. I wound up having to use a small block of wood. That’s no problem for me, but it could be for someone else. For me, it was annoying but not a show-stopper.

I used a 2×4 piece of wood, cut to the diam. Of the top of the can opener. Took a piece of paper put on top of the can opener & poked holes in the paper were the screws go into the can opener. Pre-drill the holes in the 2×4, put screws in the holes & screwed the block of wood to the top of the can opener. Put under counter & screwed down with (4)drywall screws. They will hold can opener firmly, but will not go all the way through the 2×4. Hope this will help someone.

My earlier model finally gave up the ghost after almost 20 years. This model has some differences that i like and some that i don’t like. For example, the handle on the can opener portion lifts upward – requiring that i mount it closer to the front of my cabinet that my previu=ous model and i don’t like this as well. However, it does allow for easier cleaning of the sharpener parts that contact items in the can than my earlier model did. I definitely like the under cabinet mount that leaves counter space available for other uses. I’m counting on the same dependability that my earlier model gave me.

Bought this to replace my gizmo, which really did not work that well. Did have some trouble mounting under counter, but after some engineering, mounted well, and it works great.

Purchased this in black about a year ago. I have relocated and ordered it in white. I absolutely love the features on this. It works really well and it’s fast. I especially like the knife sharpener feature. I have some specialty sharpeners. I thought this little ‘add on’ feature would be pretty poor. Worth the purchase on its own.

It replaced a can opener that had served us many years, as i expect this one will. The only thing i don’t like is the cover. Anyone purchasing this item should be aware that there must be room below it for the cover to swing open. Also, the bottle uncapper is not convenient to use. The bottle must be placed directly below the opener and pushed backwards, where as most openers, the bottle is placed at an angle and pushed down. It is not convenient to use the opener on the new model as our toaster sits on the counter below it. It does, however, open cans quite well – the reason for the purchase.

  • Works GREAT
  • starting trouble
  • It’s been woroking great so far

Our old b&d can opener finally gave out so i was looking for a new one that i could mount under the cabinet. My wife loves the door that covers the cutting head as it just looks better in the kitchen. The unit is powerful and is relatively quite. The cutting head is easy to remove and clean when necessary. I read quite a few reviews that mentioned that this unit was difficult to mount. Whenever you are dealing with an appliance that is going to be mounted under a cabinet it will always take some modification to make it fit properly. Many of the new cabinets are recessed as much as 2′ from the bottom of the cabinet face. This requires mounting wooden blocks under the cabinet to make an under cabinet appliance fit flush with the bottom of the cabinet base. The small plactic spacers that come with the unit will never make up for that much of a gap.

This product was harrdto find none of the stores near me carried any space saver can openers so i went here the product works great power is fine opens ans wiith no problems easy to operate my problem was with installation tthe screws sent were not long enough by an inch and when i called black & decker for help they said they did not have screws that long go and by some seriously then i asked about a credit or partial refund something for the hassle and was laughed at so when i went to lowes and home depot i was told the screws were an odd size they did not have what i needed and had to go to a specialty store to get the screws i needed and 12 dollars for 4 screws and i got what i needed so be warned if you have thicker older cabinets beware.

I like the space saver feature. I do not care for the fold down door, it gets in the way of large (160z. I have had black & decker spacemaker openers in the past and have been happy with them. This one is fine except for the fold down feature.

I ordered the black/decker under the counter can opener. When the old can opener went out unable to find one at our local stores, did a search on amazon and found the black/decker. It arrived in short time, ordered it about a year ago has worked as expected have had no problems. The problem was in installing had to be modified due to the fitting under the cabinet i could not do this myself therefore a friend who is handy and likes wood working had no problem doing this, otherwise i would have had to return the product. Works good and like the drop down lid which hides the cutting blade.

Nice opener , would recommend.

Features of Black & Decker CO100 Spacemaker Traditional Multi-Purpose Can Opener, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Handy bottle opener
  • Built-in knife sharpener
  • Useful bag cutter
  • Space-saving design
  • Multi-purpose can opener with power-pierce cutter
  • Swing-open door for convenient accessibility; automatic shut-off
  • Installs easily under a cabinet to save on space; cord storage
  • Includes built-in bag cutter, bottle opener, and knife sharpener
  • Measures approximately 5-1/2 by 8-2/5 by 8 inches

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Com process, super deal, and availability for this unit were enough to sell me, but there were also other factors. Initially i was becoming desperate as there were very few choices and none locally on this island out in the middle of the pacific ocean. First i needed a replacement for my 15 year old underconter machine. Second nothing that sets on the counter is welcome in my kitchen unless there is no other way. Third i read all of the reviews of all existing in the market place machines. Nobody really liked any of them for a variety of reasons not related to opening cans. Fourth the reviews of this machine by all concerned were better than for other machines. The bag ripper and sharpener are wasted on me i am far too tall to use them and the sharpening steel and fillet knife are too handy anyway. Yes sharpening steels work really well as they leave the perfect edge for paper and meat when used on carbon steel blades.

I have had three automatic can openers in the past by black and decker. I am not as pleased with this one. The negatives are:1) the door in the front that covers the actual cutter is clumsy and gets in the way of the can being opened, and2) the cutter is placed too high on the opener and it is hard to get the can under it to begin cutting. Sometimes new designs do not compare with the old ones.

Our old b&d spacemaker finally gave it up so had to purchase another one. Of course the holes didn’t match up to the new one but that was not all that important. The first of two drawbacks i had during installation was i had to add several spacers (including a couple from the old opener) in order for the door to open and close. The cabinet has a rather wide and long lip. It works as you can’t notice the length of the spacers and the unit is tight and solid. The second drawback is in order to clean the blade mechinism i have to unloosen the screws to drop the unit down far enough to be able to turn it up and pull it out. I gave it a five because i don’t expect b&d to be able to cover all the different types of cabinet set ups out there. I haven’t had it very long but so far it’s been working great.

This can opener has taken me out of the dog house again.

It is not evident at first but when you fold down the hinged door it can be folded back under the unit. The first month or two i just opened the door to hand down. A small amount junk from opening the cans would fall on the door and after awhile i had to clean it. Then, i found that i could push if back another click, presto, no junk.

Alright, i read all of the reviews and actually was concerned about the installation concerns others shared. My husband and i found it to be an easy and basic installation. We were prepared for all cabinets and cabinet depths not being equal or standard in thickness and grade etc which explains mixed reviews on installation. That preparation made this a very easy installation. Other complaints above the cover being in the way or poor quality are completely false from our usage. The cover is actually a great feature, goes all the way back so its out of the way when your opening all can sizes – big and small. And when your done you close it and it looks very savvy. Absolutely ecstatic about the quality and how well it works.

Handy bottle opener

I have been handling flimsy manual can openers for years now. Cheaper ones are junk and i would hate to spend any real money on an expensive ‘kitchen store’ kind. I had a manual one that cut from that side and left no sharp edges. This was cool and all but after a year the product failed. I finally decided to try an electric opener and this under cabinet design is great. The 4 bolts that hold it to the cabinet give it rigidity and sturdiness. It is like night and day from going from a manual opener to this elecric one. I don’t know why i was using a manual opener all this time. Sort of the same feeling as to why people have land lines instead of cell phones.

I had an old one of these another brand. It was not cutting it or working well. I dont have to hold it and items do not fall off the opener. It also has the cover so you dont have to see where it is cutting the can open.

This can opener is ok but i didn’t realize the cover drops down so it you have a very large can, may have a problem with the cover getting in the way. Also, opener was missing the knife sharpening thingey on the side so not able to utilize this feature. Was already installed before we realized it was missing so just going to live with it. Would not purchase this particular can opener again.

Ok i’m no dummy, but the guy that designed this product is. Since the unit must sit forward of the cabinet face the only way to install it is to drill through the cabinet stile. (the wood face frame) now if you have cabinets the are flush on the bottom it would not be a big deal, but most cabinets have a reveal (the cabinet face frame extends below the cabinet bottom) and therefore the layout template is useless as are the instructions irelevant. My suggestion to black and decker is to move the front screw attachment hole on the unit back 3/4’s of a inch and eliminate this problem completely. Other than that it works well.

I have had a black and decker under-the-counter can opener for 20 years. I ordered this new one and it also works well. I do not like the drop down door. I know it is to make it look sleaker but it is a hassle to put the door down to open a can. The can opener works great and i love that i’m not searching in a drawer for a hand operated can opener; this style is helpful for my arthritis.

Seems to work fine as a can opener but very loud/grindy sounding motor. I really do not like the fold down front cover and would not have bought this item had the listing made it clear to me that there was a fold down front cover. The last spacesaver can opener from b & d that we had the entire opener rotated out of view for a closed, smooth surface when not in use. Also, i’ve had numerous spacesaver items – coffee makers, can openers, etc. , over the years and not a single one of them used the same hole pattern for mounting. Had to drill 4 new holes in the counter even though i was replacing a b & d spacesaver can opener with a b & d spacesaver can opener. Why the heck can’t b & d get smart about this simple stuff and use a common template for their mounting for a given product line???.Sorry, not at all impressed with this product and i’m being generous giving it 3 stars.

Built-in knife sharpener

I had a black and decker spacemaker can opener for at least 15 years – maybe longer – that just had become old and weary from a family’s use. Have had two more since that time (three if you count the one that arrived shattered and had to be returned) and both are just a shadow of the old original one. The cover never snaps into place on the first try. It won’t ‘independently’ open a can – you have to keep your finger on the button and often it takes several starts before it will proceed. I still like the concept of saving my counter space but i have to say that this isn’t what a b&d used to be.

We usually open small and medium soup cansthis can handle the big tin cans. I hold the big cans and help it around so i don’t put too much stress on the cutter mechanism.

The product works just fine. I just wish the door which covers the mechanism was easier to open and close. It is sometimes hard to get the can in the exact correct positon for the opener to operate.

Bought this to replace an old can opener that wore out. The installation was straightforward although others have mentioned difficulty with the mounting hardware. This can opener is designed to be mounted at the front edge of the cabinet for proper operation, we mounted it towards the rear and the lever doesn’t lift up all of the way. This makes getting a can started a bit finicky and we will probably move it to the front edge eventually. Take time to read the instructions and use the template to mark where the holes need to be drilled. Our cabinets are 1/2 inch thick and the hardware worked fine, even when using all of the spacers.

Useful bag cutter

Space-saving design

Black & Decker GC200 Gizmo Can Opener – Super little can opener

We have not changed the batteries yet & it does get quite a bit of usage. It’s easy to use & not an eye-sore in my kitchen.

I bought my first gizmo about 20 years ago never had a problem had to search and search for a new one a little expensive outlay but if it last another 20 what a deal.

This opener is easier for older individuals to use who have common age-related hand conditions. However, the charger set up is somewhat difficult to use. The charges do not last for a busy week’s work of use as we recycle all cans.

I agree that this product takes some getting used to. Initially, it can be difficult to mount it on a can. It takes some practice to snap it into its charger. And it takes some patience to learn how not to have the handle/blade separate from the rest of it. But it took me no time at all to figure out how best to use it. No charging issues, no problems with various can sizes. How many other functional novelties can you find in a kitchen?.I recommend this product without reservation.

Works well but recommendation to run it dead before charging makes the last opening of tuna fish cans very slow.

Mine recently died after about 12 years of use. My toddler knocked it of the counter; in fairness it wasn’t the first time it had taken a tumble of a counter, but it was apparently the last. It opened every can with minimal problems (one handed catching the edge is difficult). Even with a broken arm i could still open cans. It was easy clean and held a charge for a few days.

  • Better than expected!!!!
  • Worth 10 the money!!!!
  • It’s Black and Decker, long lasting products

But haven’t used it in over a year because it was misplaced. Don’t think i can recommend it highly.

I had one for over 10 + yrs, till my step daughter through it away because it turned kinda yellow. Wanted to through her out next. So i am hoping this one will be as good. Needless to say i love this product to anyone out there. It is worth 10 times the price. I am a 66 yr old vet and my hands don’t work as well as they did, so this is a gods send for me to have in my can opening tools.

This is the best can opener that i have even owned. I have had one for many years now, the original recently was dropped. Otherwise it would probably still work fine. I hope they continue producing this product for decades to come.

I couldn’t be happier with my gizmo. It works perfectly, every time. I tried another similar model which was extremely difficult to work. It was a frustrating experience. However, i’m very pleased with the gizmo.

So i got this can opener as gift, i was very excited after seeing it on tv. I like the gizmo because it was so small and wouldn’t be a problem storing it, or having it sitting around on the counter. However getting to open a can is another story. I have expierence many ocassion where i cannot get it grip onto the can, after several tries it finally does.Also the battery life of the gizmo seems very short – even after the first charge. So there are a few things that make this great:1. The magnet the keeps the lid from going in your food3. It has rubber grip for better holding5.

Features of Black & Decker GC200 Gizmo Can Opener, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cordless, hands-free electric can opener with auto shut-off
  • At full charge, opens up to a month’s worth of cans
  • Lid release provides easy, safe disposal into a waste basket
  • Dishwasher-safe removable power-pierce blade for easy cleanup
  • Compact, 6-3/4- by 5-1/2-inch plastic charging base; wall-mounting hardware included

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Works great, my granddaughter can use it it’s so easy.

This is the best can opener i have ever used. Had to order another tonight, mine finally died on me- a little disappointed white was not available so i had to get black. I had my original for 16 or more years. Stays charged in the under cabinet wall mount and take it off and go anywhere with it. Love these – lets hope this one lasts as long as the last one.

I have had this product for 2 years now. My sister had hers for 4 years. When my last can opener went, she recommended this to me. I would now recommend it to anyone. I even went out and got one for my aunt. I have read reviews about this product that say it is very hard to get onto the can. Once you use it a few times and realize how you should put the opener on the can, you no longer feel like there was ever a problem. I love it and recommend it to anyone.

Purchased two black & decker em200 can openers-understood price would be $39. 76 total,due to free super saver shipping-please correct my account–order 103-7592092-1573444.

Tried a few of these battery operated can openers. None of them worked out for me. First try and it opened the can with ease. Have had it a month now, and have opened every size can you can think of. Even with a small tomato paste can. After a month, it is still operating on its first charge. Very happy with this purchase.

Absolutely wonderful , works better than other cordless openers easy to use.

Cordless, hands-free electric can opener with auto shut-off

I have an older model that has the under-cabinet mount/charger and it holds cans well when they hang. The egg travels around cans very well. It’s not the strongest motor, so it runs on the slow side, but it gets the job done. I wish the raised writing was not on the face of the egg- ugly, but it’s still nice looking overall. I wish it ran on ac current directly when mounted in the under-cabinet mount. I’ve had mine for at least 6 years, perhaps more. I always keep it in the under-cabinet mount, therefore the battery has never been run down and is always on the charger. The battery lasted all these years anyway and just recently lost its mojo.

The name says it all ‘gizmo’. Can be mounted at a permanent location and yet be portable and mobil in an instant.

We have the em200, looks the same as this one. It came with an under the cabinet mount. This opener has been faithful for many years. If yours has quit or sounds like it is dying it is worth a peek inside to see what is wrong before tossing it in the trash. Perhaps a year ago or so ours has slowed down to where i have been thinking to replace the batteries. I took it apart months ago to see what it looked like inside and spotted the aa ni-cad batteries which i thought i would eventually replace, they had tabs on them but no big deal to over come. Two #1 phillips head screws to remove gets it apart. After the opener barely opened more then one can anymore i was determined to fix the can opener today. Armed with new batteries i took it apart. Take pictures of the disassembly.

I bought my first gizmo in 1987. This one just replaced that one.And that one was still working, albeit very slow. Just can’t hold the charge any more. They better not stop making these because i’ll need another in about 30 years.

Its too bad they discontinued these.

Very easy to use and maintain. I charged it up when i first got it and have been running on the same charge for about 6 months with no problems at all no matter what size can i open.

At full charge, opens up to a month’s worth of cans

The gizmo can opener is a great buy, as soon as i received it i put it to use and i’m able to open any type of can easily. I will definately recommend this product to friends and family.

It was bought for an elderly lady who has problems with holding items. It opens the cans for her and it is so light weight, she is able to hold it for that short amount of time needed to get it on the can. A breeze to put back on it’s base, it is non obtrusive also in the kitchen.

Relaced one that i previously own.

Had for a long time and it did well for years. Though after a while the blade loses its sharpness. Need to look for a new one now.

I’ve had one for almost 10 years and still works. I didn’t pay near the price they are selling for now. The main problem is the battery. After opening several cans it needs recharging. So don’t expect to open many cans at once.

It was just what i wanted and in great shape for being used.

Had it about a month now and it works just as it says. Like i said so far it’s great little opener.

Lid release provides easy, safe disposal into a waste basket

I only have one fully functional hand and am always looking for products to help me out. This one didn’t let me down at all.

Worked great when we first got it. I was especially impressed by the fact that the unit could be completely sterilized by removing the handle and allowing it to rest face down in a pot of hot shallow water. Maybe it was my obsession with having a clean can opener that killed it; however, over the course of a few years, it became increasingly tricky to get it to open a can. Finally, only angling it a certain way and holding the handle down tightly would do it, and even then, i had to restart the process several times. At last, after spending several minutes trying to open a can and not succeeding, we threw it out.

Dishwasher-safe removable power-pierce blade for easy cleanup

Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer : Using it for over a year, and still great

At first glance the juicer seems very light and flimsy (which is what i would expect from b&d). Although it’s small size is a plus for kitchen counters which are filled with so many appliances these days. It got every bit of the juice and pulp (i like a lot of pulp so i haven’t tested it with little or no pulp) and strained it automatically and effortlessly. I used to use a one of those chintzy plastic hand strainers that would clog half way through an orange, requiring further straining by hand. But this one kept pushing everything through to the pitcher. If you squeeze one or two glasses of juice a day at the price i highly recommend this. If you need to juice large amounts daily as others have mentioned this would probably give you hand fatigue and you would need a professional model costing much more. I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 because of it’s light construction and so not being sure how long it will last. But for under $20 it does the job well.

For the price, the citrus juicer can’t be beat. I’ve had it for about a month and fresh oj every day. It’s simple to use & easy to clean. March 2012 update: i bought this in 2008 and it still works great.

I am on the master cleanser and it requires alot of fresh lemon and lime juice. I was doing this by hand but that became a pain in more ways than one. I ordered this inexpensive little juicer and it is so wonderful. I love the way it completely hollows out the fruit. You can adjust the amount of pulp as well. Its easy to use right out of the box and very easy to clean. It only takes me 10 mins to cut the fruit, juice it and wash the juicer.

Black & decker cj525 citrusmate plus citrus juicer: i was given my original one as a gift, used it very happily for a year and a half, and then it unfortunately fell out of the cupboard and cracked the bowl. Replacement parts do not seem to be available. But that is no matter as replacing the whole unit is probably cheapest, especially with amazon prime shipping in place. “everyone knows” that fresh squeezed is so good, and this inexpensive juicer does the job. Just don’t push it too hard—it is all plastic.

  • So far, so good AFTER SEVER YEARS! 🙂
  • Juiced
  • I love this juicer and will never go back to drinking pasteurized juice

Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large 1 liter (34 ounce) pitcher
  • Adjustable pulp control
  • Automatic self-reversing reamer with stirrer
  • Easy-pour spout
  • Small and large cones for lemons / limes and oranges / grapefruits

This is a wonderful juicer–i thought it might be too slight since it is very inexpensive, but i bought it because the brand is good so we thought we would try it. It is plenty powerful enough but the wonderful part is that it is so quiet. That is very hard to find in a juicer. We are so pleased we are buying a second one to have in reserve in case this one goes out of production by the time we wear it out–we live in florida and use it daily for about 6 months of the year when oranges are in season.

I used one of these on vacation, found out how easy they are to use and clean, and bought one. Now i have fresh-squeezed orange juice almost every day. Takes just a few seconds to rinse the parts off, and the oranges cost about the same as an equivalent amount of bottled (and inferior) juice.

Your product is the best juicer i ever owned. Price was right and it puts the expensive juicers to shame. My cuisinart never worked right from the beginning, and i paid about 3x’s the money. Your product is highly recommended by me. ********************************.

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Found that the juicer works quite well. Has strong enougn motor, and both the reversable action, and the modifiable pulp control were great. Flimsier than my older work horse, it remains to be seen how it holds up. 95, it doesn’t have to last forever.

Bought this over a year ago, and been using it regularly – definitely daily in summer. It has been performing very well, and thanks to this, we stopped buying orange juice from stores – we buy oranges and make our own juice. It is so easy that even my kids make juice themselves. The bi-directional rotation causes the juice to extracted without leaving much behind. I would recommend this to anyone that likes fresh squeezed juice. I bought one for us, and one for parents, and no problems on either one.

It’s a little clunky to use, but sure saves your wrist, especially if you have an entire bag of oranges or limes to squeeze. Pulp strainer is kind of useless,and tends to get clogged with seeds and pulp. I just removed it entirely, then i use a wire strainer when i’m done. I’ve had mine for 4 years and it still gets a pretty good workout.

After much juicer research, i purchased the cj525 with cook’s illustrated’s high marks being the deciding factor. Unlike some reviews seen here, i’ve found this juicer to have all the torque i need; whether it be grapefruit, various oranges, typical meyer lemons or persian limes- i’ve not had any issues. My main concern was the ability to juice tiny key limes; would the reamers be too large to facilitate?.Yes, they are too large but using two hands to hold the key limes steady proved to work just fine. Not as comfortable as one-handed orange work but much faster than a hand reamer which had become tiresome long ago. I wonder why i didn’t buy this sooner, especially with all the time i’ve saved (zesting the key limes notwithstanding). Regarding the pulp filter– i typically do not rely on it and simply keep the filter wide open, which still filters the seeds. Afterward, depending on the context like key lime pies or champagne mimosas, i just pour the juice through a fine strainer and i’m good-to-go. To sum up: this has provided much more torque than i expected, and i’ve pushed fairly hard.

To whoever said this was a “toy”. Sure, the motor on this sounds weak, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and easily. I made 32 ounces of orange juice in 15 minutes. Anyone who’s made orange juice before knows that it takes a lot of oranges to make 32 ounces of orange juice. It took me 4 pounds of oranges- so exactly twice the weight of oranges, to make 32 ounces. The orange juice tasted great. It also juices lemons, limes, and grapefruits.

I have 2 black and decker citrusmate plus juicers; one for each of my homes. One house is in florida, so the juicer gets lots of use since we have orange trees. It is not an expensive item, but works great. I have given 2 as gifts and recommended them to florida neighbors. Everyone loves this juicer, and they are easy to use and clean. I also use them for making lemon and lime pies.

We have a lemon tree, so use it so often to make lemonade. Would buy it again and highly recommend it, especially because of the ability to set the pulp indicator for the desired amount of pulp.

I got this because i wanted to make freshly squeezed oj at home. This works wonderfully and i am now able to enjoy fresh oj anytime i want and not having to pay premium price at breakfast joints. I got this product awhile ago and it is still working beautifully.

I have a lemon tree so have more lemons than i know what to do with. I did not have a juicer so purchased this from amazon so as to juice the lemons. I did make a couple of lemon pies. I like this juicer very much. It is easy to set up, easy to clean plus you have a choice of lots of pulp to no pulp. The pitcher has measurments on the side so it is very easy to just squeeze the amount of juice needed. I highly recommend this juicer.

This is actually the first product review i have written, but i was so pleased with this product that i just couldn’t resist writing about it; best $25 i have spent in a while. If you are someone who enjoys a cocktail now and then, this is a must-have for your bar. I make mojitos with some frequency in the summer, and i swear i was getting carpal tunnel syndrome from squeezing so many limes with a manual juicer. This juicer makes quick, easy work of juicing citrus fruits, and i have also been really impressed with the quantity of juice that is extracted. I love that it has two different sized reamers for different sized fruits. It also has plenty of power – something that took me by surprise (despite the great reviews, i was expecting the motor to be pretty anemic; not so). The other great feature is that it senses the pressure when you put a fruit on the reamer and starts and stops automatically. Not difficult to clean either. Can’t recommend highly enough.

I’ve had this for a few weeks now. I juice 2 lemons every morning with it. On occasion, i’ve also juiced some oranges. It works very well, but is sometimes a little tempermental on the reverse action. But, it sure is saving my arthritic wrists.

Juices citrus goods very well. Far superior for doing that versus most every other device and i’ve tried a vitamix and a jack lalane style version. Lemons, limes oranges = this is the way to go.

This little citrus juicer works like a charm. It isn’t incredibly fast, but when you consider the price, it is a purchase i don’t think you’ll regret. I made lemonade with a dozen lemons in 15 minutes. If it takes you longer than that to make lemonade, then you’re most likely missing digits from your hand or limbs from your torso.

I purchased this juicer 5 years ago thinking it was so cheap that even if it only lasted a few months it would be a better value than my previous two juicers. It still works as well as new. My only complaint is that the container warped when i washed it on the bottom shelf of my dishwasher with the sanitize cycle. I just bought another one and never did that again. I’m sad to see this model is no longer available and hope that the newer b&d models are as good as this one.

Black & Decker GM200 Gizmo Mixer : Great quality

I’ve always had trouble with the cords on hand mixers, and this solves that problem. It has the same amount of power as a hand mixer when on high, but could use a middle speed (instead of just high and low). A big plus is the swivel head so i was able to switch the hand hold without changing attachments or switching to a different appliance.

Our gizmo was purchased from amazon in 2006 for $25. It was plugged in 24 hours a day, no problem. The problem was a child who took it off the wall and began fooling with the charger and female plug. He managed to break the plastic piece that holds male plug in the unit. I spent hours to no avail to buy a replacement part. Sears carries 31 part for the gizmo but the male plug is not available. True the persons who have old machines can ask what they wish but you would be a fool to pay $200. 00 when there are many similar items for sale by hamilton beach and other manufacturers as low as $16. To pay 200 dollars for a 25 dollar item is simply stupid. B&d has a terrible web site and their service people are useless.

Black & Decker GM200 Gizmo Mixer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3-in-1 rechargeable cordless mixer with convenient heel rest
  • Appliance head pivots to transform from a drink mixer to a hand mixer
  • 2 speeds to choose from; soft-grip handle; wall-mountable storage caddy
  • 3 attachments comprising a standard beater, whisk, and drink mixer
  • Dishwasher-safe attachments; hand wash main body; 1-year limited warranty

I wish this was still around. I received it as a wedding gift but cannot find it now.

Works great easy to use and plenty of power.

Item was shipped parcel post and i never got the package. Our post office is known for putting things in the wrong box and they say their records show it was picked up at the counter on december 11th and i was in spokane, washington on the 11th. I live in a 90% native american community and if they got the slip they would have still taken the package. I am going to file a complaint with the post office but the main thing is i did not get my product for whatever reason.

Black & Decker GM200 Gizmo Mixer : This is a great mixer for small jobs. Blending eggs, blending seasonings into soups, jello and puddings.

I had picked this item up 3 years ago and placed it right next to my stove for quick mixes and other little things to help with me in the kitchen. Makes or i mean mixes the best drinks you have ever had and cleaning is easy also. So amazon your my choice for whatever i need thank you.

I don’t think deproved is a word, too bad. The gizmo is a replacement for b&d’s handy mixer. Our handy mixer died about two weeks ago, not bad after 10 years so i ordered a gizmo. Old mixer had charging contacts in holder, new one was downgraded so you have to plug in the charger. New charging contact really cheapens the product. I found a wall wart that would charge the old one so it’s going back on the wall. If i didn’t have to destroy the plastic packaging to remove the unit, the gizmo would be on the way back to amazon right now. We were always happy with the way the handy mixer handles what we used it for and i wouldn’t expect the gizmo to be less useful, just not as convenient.

My fav part is after i mix something i can sit it on it’s flat part. And the attachment can drip over the bowl or measuring cup while i get something, like more ingredients. I do think the whisk is almost too unwieldy for the power & size of the mixer. I don’t like it that i’ve had it about a year and all of the attachment are rusted & i can’t get it off. It has 2 speeds, i never use the slow. I use it mostly for making salad dressing & little things.

My fav part is after i mix something i can sit it on it’s flat part. And the attachment can drip over the bowl or measuring cup while i get something, like more ingredients. I do think the whisk is almost too unwieldy for the power & size of the mixer. I don’t like it that i’ve had it about a year and the attachment is rusting near the hanging part & down the shaft some. It has 2 speeds, i never use the slow. I use it mostly for making salad dressing & little things. ****update update, a couple mos later and all the attachments are rusted.

Second time i have owned this product.

I had the original of this product and it was great. Yes, i did have to break the egg yolk with the one beater first, before mixing or beating them so as not to chase the egg yolks around the bowl, but honestly, i do this with a regular mixer. The original had four attachments but the three with this will do most jobs i use if for. I never used my first one for heavy jobs, just quick mixing of eggs, light batters, etc. The real draw back to this newer product is that the case to the original was wired and that is what you plugged in, the mixer just popped into the case and was charged. Having to plug the cord into the bottom of the new mixer is a pain.

Had an old b&d rechargeable mixer similar and was more user friendly but it finally gave up after about 10 years of use. So for the last several months i looked for a small rechargeable mixer and finally decided on another b&d mixer. Black & decker gm200 gizmo mixer. My wife says it is comparable to use as the older style but that she wished it was more like the old unit when putting it back into the charging unit to charge. This is now done by plugging in the cord for the recharge, (old units were contact tabs with no cord to plug in. ) all and all other then the charging of the mixer she likes the new b&d mixer and hopes it lasts as long as the mixer we replaced.

I bought this as a gift for a family member. I also have and use one often. It is a very handy unit, but it would be better if the battery charge lasted longer. Handy for quick stirs unstead of using a larger hand mixer.

The black and decker gizmo cordless mixer is my favorite gadget /appliance. It keeps it’s charge and is handy to retrieve and use. I have had one for many years.

I am very pleased by this product. This is the second one that i have bought. It is easy to use and charge. I would highly recommend this mixer. The price is great and the mixer performs better than expected.

Good product does not replace a regular double whip, but is very handy for scrambling eggs, mixing drinks, etc. My only negative is that the whips are not held securely on the stand; i mounted it on the back of a kitchen cabinet door, and if i shut the door a little too fast, the whips fall of all in all, i certainly would buy it again.

Works well, hard to find,price was really good ,totally pleased.

I use this almost everyday for the past 4 years. Expensive but worth the money.

We are now on our second one of these mixers, and they last several years. This is perfect for beating and egg or mixing a whey drink. No cords in the way – great battery operated mixer. We hope black-n-decker never discontinues this product.

Works fine, once you can get it pulled out of its holding case and remember to plug it back in when you put it back. Basic operation is a wall mounted holding unit, which the hand-held mixer fits into until you pull it out to use it, with slots below that to hold the attachments that you push into the mixer to do whatever it is you want to stir or mix or whisk. This is essentially a replacement from b&d of a unit they built 15-20 years ago, which had 4 inserts (this only has three, lacking the doodad that was shaped like a large rectangle on the shaft, which was excellent for mixing stuff). The earler unit (not this one) pulled right off the wall mount when you grabbed it, this one you can’t easily pull it out until you learn to slip it out be pulling on the recharging cord. And, the earlier unit automatically recharged when you snapped it back in because it had copper connections in the wall-mounted base unit that made contact with copper connections in the mixer unit when you placed it back in the wall mount. In a step backwards, the new unit that i’m reviewing has a plug-in cord that you have to pull out of the mixer unit (it won’t run with it in) when you pull it out of the wall mount to use it, and you have to plug the recharger back in, if you remember, when you place the mixer back in the wall mount. It works well when you get it out and get it running, but the design slipped from user-friendly to user-challenging.

Convenient, easy to use, takes up no storage space. I’m sure we’ll wear this one out as we did the previous b&d mixer.

Black & Decker BLACK – I’m pretty sure a jet engine is quieter than this food

Chops and purées vegetables and nuts really well. It just takes a little longer and is noisier than i woul like.

We’re happy overall with this food processor. It’s not fancy, but it works fine and is very inexpensive. The only complaint is that it’s so darn loud. It’s so loud that we can’t use it at night for fear of waking up neighbors in the next apartment, and whenever my wife is about to turn it on she has to warn me first so i don’t mistakenly think an f-15 jet fighter just landed in our kitchen.

A bit loud, but works great. Here are the specifications for the Black & Decker BLACK:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless Steel Chopping Blade, Slicer, Shredder
  • 8-Cup Work Bowl – Plent of room to work with
  • Food Chute with Pusher – Helps guide food towards the slicing/shredding disk while the processor is going, for consistent results
  • Dishwasher-Safe Removable Parts
  • Safety Interlocking System – Blades operate only when the lid is securely attached to the bowl

I like it cause it gets the job done , only thing its very noisy and pieces of veggies or cheese etc get stuck under the lid while processing but it works for me worth the money.

Noisy, but does the job well. Removing bottom center post assembly for complete cleaning can be difficult, if you don’t lube the snap-in locking clips (3) on bottom assembly with drop of olive oil, but if done, this assembly is easy to remove for periodic cleaning, since some food gets down the vertical post tube inside the blade unit. Over time, the locking clips tend to dry and become sort of frozen, preventing assembly removal. Remove this center post assembly by turning the large extended three tabs under bottom of bowl counter-clockwise. Easier to clean and use than the old and pricey cuisinart processors. Great device for making frozen banana creams with any flavors desired. First liquify one ripe banana and then add natural flavor, such as raw carob powder, then add chopped frozen bananas (into small 1/3 inch thick) slices. In no time you’ll have a tasty desert or much like ice cream snack.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Just what I needed!
  • Inexpensive and very noisy
  • Food Processor

) it doesn’t turn onthis model has two safety features. The lid has to be securely fastened and the 8 cup container has to be secured in the base. I made the same mistake and called the 1-800 number. She told me to secure everything and i proceeded to explain nicely that i had done that. She humored me and asked me to try one more time. There are tiny little buttons that have to be triggered as a safety precaution. ) you can see food stuck in the bottom external piece that you can’t get out because that piece doesn’t removeevery piece of food container is removable, including the handle. That’s what make it so easy to clean. I always warn everyone in the house that i am about to turn it on. Otherwise, i will scare the s^*t out of everyone. You are literally using it next to the wall.

Just the right size for a small kitchen. Just the right power for everyday cooking.

My old one broke and i thought i was ordering the same thing but it has new features that make it better.

Can’t say enough good things about this. Easy controls (i give it 5 *’s just for that) this processor is a work horse. I’ve given it a workout and it has not let me down. Can’t beat the price for a brand name appliance.

The item is just as described. I love it i can chop vegetables and use it for many other mixtures and blends.

As i believe other reviewers have noted, this is not a water-tight food processor. However, it works great for heavier sauces and solid foods. If you hold the lid down tightly, you can do thinner sauces with minimal leakage (remember to put the tamper in too. I make chopped salads, flours, and sliced veggies without any trouble. There are only two people in my house, so the size is perfect. If i were cooking for three or more, it might be a bit small. Note that this is not a high-powered processor. Sauces will not be the creamy smooth they are on your favorite food blogs or in cookbooks. They will be edible, but not great.

I read several reviews before i decided on this product and noticed many remarked on how loud this was. I did not find that to be true. Very easy to operate, clean and store. There is a space under the motor to store the cord so that it is out of the way. This is the first food processor i have owned that did not come with a plastic blade in addition to the steel blade. I wish it had one but hopefully the steel blade will work for making pie crusts and some cookie recipes i have. Only had this product about a month so if any problems arise i will be back to list them.

I got this from a local outlet store because it was only $16. Thought i would come on amazon and review it as i usually come to amazon for reviews for purchases even if i end up buying it somewhere else. It works reallly well and i would have given it five stars except for how loud it is. I’m pretty sure a jet engine is quieter than this food processor.

I use this more than my blender. It came quickly, it works properly, it’s easy to clean. I use it to chop veggies, i’ve tried to use it to make pie dough. You have to have super cold hard butter for that to work, which i didn’t know. But it works wonderfully for making banana ice cream.

This is such a great food processor. I upgraded to a larger one and couldn’t be happier. It is a quality product that works wonderfully. I feel like i cook so much more since i got it.

I had a b&d mini processor for over twenty years that i loved. A small piece of it broke, and i was unable to find a replacement part. I read reviews of ‘better’ (i. , more expensive) brands, and chose to purchase another b&d, as it had a grating blade. It is almost identical to my old one, but with a larger capacity bowl. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

This is the perfect size kitchen food processor. It works exactly as described and i am very happy with this item.

The first thing i used this model for was to make sauerkraut. There really ought to be separate slicer/grater blades, because this combination ‘shredder’ blade leaves large pieces and much, much, smaller grated pieces, and all sized in between. Iow, the pieces are not of consistent size. I also discovered that the food chute is not level with the top, so pieces get stuck between the bottom of the chute and the side of the cover. That means that every time i use it, i have to get a kitchen knife and clean out that small area. The other thing i think is odd is that the chute is at the back of the processor, so you have to reach across to put food down the chute. The clincher, the one real annoyance for me, is the 2 foot cord. I have to move the processor to the receptacle every time i use it, while every other appliance i have has a 4 foot or better cord and i can just pull them to the front of the counter, plug in the cord, and use them.

It chops and grinds quickly and quietly.

I bought this a few weeks ago and so far it has been worth it. It rices cauliflower and shreds zucchini and carrots in a matter of seconds. I’m planning on making nut butters and milk in the future as well. It’s incredibly easy to clean, plus taking it apart and putting it back together doesn’t take long at well. The only downside is that it’s so loud. I’m a little embarrassed to use it when people are around. But it works so quickly that it really doesn’t matter because the loudness is over in a matter of seconds. Okay, follow-up review: i love it just as much, if not more. I will never shred a sweet potato again.

I cut up my vegetables for homemade soups. I also cut up fruits and vegetables for twin grandsons. I rinse off parts and wipe dry.

Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food Chopper : I love this, had my doubts but didn’t regret it at all!

I bought this for my wife about a year ago. We have a high quality food processor that it great but it takes up counter space and it is a hassel to take it out. Therefore, we only really use it when we have a big batch of something. My wife tried a couple of those ‘slap shot’ devices, but they always would break after a short time. I had tried another motorized mini-chop that cost about $14 at a local store but it just didn’t work very well. For $20 i thought i would give the b&d a try and now we both use it and love it. It is really small and light weight and it is very easy to grab it and use it. Clean up is super easy too, i just add some water to the bowl and a drop of soap and let it run for a couple of seconds. I rinse out the bowl, wipe down the motor housing and i’m good to go. It does a great job at chopping and it offers a lower speed which is great for chopping succulent vegetables like green peppers.

Love it, bought one for me and one for my parents. I first purchased a hand food chopper thinking that an electric one would be annoying because i don’t have conveniently placed electrical outlets in my old weirdly designed kitchen, and i was worried it would be difficult to clean. The bottom parts are dishwasher safe. The top part you can take a paper towel with some soap or a sponge to and clean it very easily and i am one of those people often lovingly referred to as a ‘germaphobe’. The outlet thing – i actually fill it up and stand near an outlet next to my fridge because it is so much more convenient. I find myself cooking more because i bought it. I dropped it last time i used it so next paycheck i will be buying another one. It’s plastic so don’t drop it. I cracked the plastic bottom when i dropped it.

Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food Chopper

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3-cup capacity with a stay-sharp blade lets you chop, mince and even make salsa in seconds
  • 150 watts of power with high and low pulse button control for better, more precise results
  • Ergonomic grip provides easy use while the safety locking lid offers added peace of mind
  • Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning, plus a handy storage lid so you can prep and store in the same container
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

I got this hoping i could dice and chop things like onions, celery, water chestnuts, carrots, bell peppers. I kind of assumed that this would end up pureeing the vegetables instead of chopping and dicing but i’m lazy so i took a chance on this bad boy. Jeez was i sure wrong about the puree part. I noticed the blades are not so close together so i thought that maybe diced chunks may come out better and it sure turned out right. All you have to do is pulse the food chopper until the desired size is attained. The 3 cup bowl comes in handy too. Be careful when washing the blades. I learned when i first washed the blades and sliced my finger deeply.

Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food Chopper :