BELLA 10.5 Inch by 20 Inch Electric Non Stick Griddle, Black BPA-FREE 13602 – Good, but not as good as Delonghi

Arrived as noted in the shipping details. It looks like as i expected, the only problem with this product is , after a year of usage, teh grease doesnt come off from the sides. You cant scrub it like you would do any dish with liquid soap, i only use a wet towel. It doesnt take much off the hot plate, that aside i like this hot plate and i use it for many things like dosa, pancakes, stir fry.

We bought it 3 years ago, and it still works the same.

Breakfast needs frying pansa griddle is the answer to multiple frying pans making breakfast easier to make. This inexpensive griddle allows you to do several items without gymnastics. The cooking surface is equal to 2 or 3 frying pans, easier to keep track of and to clean. Uneven heating is going to happen in almost all frying pans and griddles; we have not found it to be a problem preparing a family breakfast. That you will get lots of use out of out of this inexpensive and useful item. Here are the specifications for the BELLA 10.5 Inch by 20 Inch Electric Non Stick Griddle, Black BPA-FREE 13602:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large cooking surface is ideal for cooking full breakfasts, lunches and dinner for the whole family
  • Cool touch handles allow you to move the unit safely from counter top to table top
  • Features BPA-FREE non-stick coating with quick release for superior results
  • Built-in drip tray collects unwated fat and oils to help promote healthier cooking
  • Removable heating probe, cooking surface can be fully immersed in water and soap for simple clean up

Too big for storage if u have small kitchen.

I have owned various griddles over the years. Most of them worked quite well. A few of them weren’t that great. This bella 13602 griddle falls somewhere in the middle of the pack. The first thing that i noticed when i received this package from amazon vine was that the griddle was very light and seemed a tad bit ‘cheap’ in its construction. However, it’s stable, the griddle drips well, and the heat is constant. I can’t complain about that at all. I can say that while the heat is constant, it is not evenly distributed across the griddle. Like many other people have already stated, anything cooked near the center of the heating element is cooked well, but once you get on the outskirts of said element, the outcome varies. I’ve made pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and grilled cheese sandwiches on this puppy, as well as a few warmed po’boys with toasted bread and turkey and ham.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Awesome griddle!
  • Great griddle
  • Otherwise it works fine.

This is a very good product. I think they are just a little behind delonghi in over all quality. There is nothing wrong with this griddle. It heats, it cooks, it works. However, given the choice, i would choose delonghi over bella. The overall ‘feel’ is different. If you unsure, go with delonghi. If you want the bella, you will not be disappointed.

Pros* heats quickly – you can feel the heat immediately, and flicking a few drops of water onto it will let you know when it’s heated throughout, which only takes 60-90 seconds* large cooking surface – you could only fit 6 pancakes on it if they were small, but 4 fit easily (staggered), and there was room in between themcons* heats unevenly (in a way you can live with, but it’s still uneven) – i made pancakes and each pancake had a stripe on it (from the heating element underneath), so each pancake surface ranged from medium-nut-brown to almost-white but there were no burned spots or raw spots. I did preheat sufficiently (tested by flicking drops of water so i’d know when the whole surface was hot, not just spots, then spraying with olive oil and waiting another 30 seconds until the water flicks again all evaporated quickly and evenly), but this is because pancakes take a couple of minutes to cook, and the heating element does turn on again in that timeframe* the plastic frame and drip tray are plastic and feel rather light/thin, so i plan to use caution when handling them, as they seem like they may break more easilyfour stars because i’ve used it twice and it worked quickly and got the job done. Note: i did receive this griddle for free from amazon vine, but i personally have no problem giving awful ratings to products that i don’t like, and i was genuinely ok with how this one worked. If i had to buy it myself i’d probably spend an extra $10 for something better based on the other reviews, but my personal experience with this product was that it was decent. Not great, but good enough for my uses.

This is my second one, husband keeps scratching them. Cleans up very easily (fully immersible), can put on 8 eggs or 8 pancakes at one time. Love how evenly the heat is distributed and the grease catching drawer is a nice size.

I’ve been pretty happy with bella products, so despite the reviews, welcomed the chance to try out this one. It’s a pretty basic electric griddle. Big enough to cook 6 hamburger patties or pancakes with room to flip them. It’s designed so if you are using something with a lot of fat, the fat will drip into a tray that’s easy to clean. I prefer hand washing dishes, and the non-stick surface of the griddle cleans easily, and so does the tray. Because of the design it’s a little tricky to clean the edges where the tray goes, but not actually difficult. Just not as easy as the rest. Taking spot temperatures with a infrared thermometer, the temperature is fairly consistent within 10 degrees. On mine, the cooler spots were on the left hand side. Since that’s the side i start putting food on first, the timing works out pretty good.

Great deal and a great addition to my kitchen.

Can probably make 8 smaller pancakes and 3 bigger pancakes at a time. I love the temperature dial.

Just wipe it clean when done.

This is a fantastic griddle — very large surface and quite durable. Easy to clean and scratch resistant. Can handle lots of breakfast items at once.

I wouldn’t say that this griddle is actually non-stick. Things do tend to stick to it, especially in the places that heat up more. As other reviewers have noted, the heating is somewhat uneven. Still, if you learn how to handle it, the griddle can have its uses. This is obviously a low-budget product and the quality matches the price. I wouldn’t expect anything but a middling kind of performance from it. On the positive side, it is quite light and easy to carry.

I had never used an electric griddle (though i do have an electric skillet) until i received this one manufactured by bella. I was a little dismayed at first use by the smoke and smell even though i was careful to clean all dust off the surface before using but the instructions do caution that this is to be expected. After the initial use that issue did diminish and this is a serviceable, functional appliance that does work to cook food much as you would with a skillet on a stovetop. I will probably use it mostly for making pancakes and the extra cooking surface is really nice if making a big meal as skillets on the stove can be used for eggs and breakfast meats at the same time especially if you have some help in the kitchen. The directions don’t say to but i have used cooking spray with it each time i have used it as it helps with making cleanup easy. Overall this griddle seems a bit flimsy and i am not confident this will be a product that will last for years but time will tell and the price is reasonable for a shorter duration product.

This is my first electric griddle and i found it good for some foods, so-so to terrible for others. The heat distribution is uneven – the most reliable area is the center and once you figure out what to put where, it’s okay, especially for the price, (and for the convenience of being able to prepare hot food without staying in my kitchen, which feels as hot and sweaty as a crock pot during the summer. )the griddle has a slight tilt so that grease can run into a removable plastic trap and this worked fine when i tried cooking greasy sausage links. However, if you try to make eggs (or pancakes, i assume), this same tilt will drive you buggy because the eggs run. I ended up putting think potholders under the legs to stop the problem. You do need cooking spray, butter, or oil to improve the non-stick surface if you make eggs or they will stick. I found it nearly impossible to make an egg over easy without it sticking, but then, i usually break one out of four in my good fry pan. , for anything else that has any tendency to stick. The only thing i didn’t need it with was to toast bread.

My first impression of this griddle when i removed it from the packaging was that it was a toy. The metal was so thin and light. The cooking ability of this griddle reminds me of a toy as well. Not to be taken quite seriously, but enough to play at cooking. This griddle is okay if you’re desperate for a large cooking surface and prepare to work with fluctuating temperatures and hot spots. I like that the plastic borders around the griddle plate stay cool. I can easily use the handles to carry the griddle to a different location after cooking on it. The only hot spot on the handles is near where the plug was attached, so avoid holding at that spot. I even like that the plastic border is not on all four sides.

Theres nothing wrong with the heating on this grill. This is like everything else you have to let it heat up to get even heat across the grill. You just can’t plug it in and start to cook with it. I’ve had many makes of grills and they all seem to work the same, this one for the money is a good buy.

I don’t use it over 250 degrees. The biggest problem is the grease tray has developed a hole that keeps getting larger. I have not had the griddle that long. Have to be very careful because it will stick really bad unless you cook at a very low temperature.

Absolutely amazing griddle for cooking but not for what i was using it for lol because the temperature goes up and down it doesn’t stay steady at 1 steady temperature.

 the video shows me doing a test-cook of some scrabbled eggs (and it not going well). Overall, the griddle feels cheap and not well made. I had trouble with the surface temperature of the unit, and i don’t care for the design of it.

BELLA 13993 Dots Collection Programmable Slow Cooker – Excellent Quality & Pretty to boot!

My daughter bought this for christmas and it works perfectly. After the timer goes off it keeps the food warm for three hours. Perfect for those who hate standing over a stove after a long day of work.

This is an awesome little crock pot super quality and the color is fabulous. Here are the specifications for the BELLA 13993 Dots Collection Programmable Slow Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 30 Minutes to 20 Hours Countdown Timer
  • Off/low/high/warm temperature settings
  • Stoneware pot and tempered glass lid are dishwasher safe
  • Large 5QT capacity fits various sized meals
  • 1 year limited warranty

It kind of stains easily but otherwise cooks perfectly.

My daughter has used this cooker and loves it. She also loves the color, her favorite. She is setting up housekeeping and really loves all the purple items she has received. She will use this quite often as she used ours a lot when here.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Pretty and functional one minor flaw
  • Excellent Quality & Pretty to boot!
  • meat came out great tasting with a nice consistency

I was deciding between the blue and the pink. Glad i got the pink, it’s like a deep orchid. It’s a nice big crock pot, will easily hold a nice size roast or a bunch of meatballs for a party. Nice and heavy, not a cheap, flimsy crock pot. It is programmable, you just have to read the directions on how to set it, although you can’t go from high to low, etc you have to stay at one temp. As long as my dinner’s done when i come home, that’s all that matters to me. Nice product, very happy with purchase so far.

I love that the crock pot turns to warm after it’s done cooking. Doesn’t seem to get too hot, that was the problem with my last crock pot. The reason i didn’t give it a five was because the lid doesn’t fit perfectly. But overall functionality seems good –and it’s cute :).

Nice looking slow cooker that performs as expected. It loses one star for me because you can’t actually program it to switch to a different heating mode after the set time period. You can just set the cooking time on either low or high – so programming is limited compared to others. The fact that you can keep this one out on the counter without feeling like its another eye soar sets it apart for me. I can deal with the programing.

Timer is fantastic and the color is yummy.

This is very attractive and i love the digital mechanism, however, it cooks slower than most crockpots. I understand it is a slow cooker, but you have to plan accordingly. Also, it does not cut off it goes down to the war mode.

I love the programmable type, they really make life easier.

I have had it now since the fall and it has been a great cooker. I have made several delicious meals and the color is perfect to match all of my green accessories. Arrived quickly after placing my order.

All three handles (2 side, 1 lid) are plastic and are off-color, but that is the only thing that i can see is wrong with it.

Simple, easy to use and functional. Don’t get caught up with all the fancy features – this one works and works well.

I like how it has a timer and when it reaches 0 it goes to the warm setting. Have used it twice now and am very happy with it. I have the matchingtoaster and coffee maker by bella and love them all.

Best crockpot i have ever used.

The meat i make in this crockpot comes out so soft and tender. I love that i can just throw dinner in it and do what i have to do for the day. My first meal in this crockpot was apple butter pork chops with sliced apples and it was amazing. The pork chops were so tender.

When i ordered this, i was told it was on backorder; i was okay with that because i wanted it either way (cuz of the color. ) it came a week later and its beautiful 😉 i absolutely could not be happier with this product.

Works great but is not programmable. You can set the timer and it will go to off, not warm which is what i was looking for. I should’ve read the review first.:) overall, it will do the trick.

Love this crockpot; especially the color; however, i did think that you could program the timer to an exact time that you wanted it to come on and go off. I guess maybe i was expecting a little too much.

Had this for a little over a year now and it is wonderful. I use the heck out of it and it has held up great, it is programmable in that you can set it for a certain time and then it reverts to warm after that.

BELLA Triple Slow Cooker and Buffet Server – Five Stars

Wife loves this outstanding triple-crock. (if mama is happy, everybody is happy.

The bella triple slow-cooker is one of the most used appliances in my kitchen now. I use it for a variety of soups, for toppings in a baked potato bar, for taco fillings, for variety of casseroles, for banana split toppings, and for keeping meals warm.

Arrived on time, works as advertised. I used it for a family party, received many compliments on how nicely it worked. Here are the specifications for the BELLA Triple Slow Cooker and Buffet Server:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This slow cooking champion allows you to cook up to 3 separate dishes at once, while keeping food warm for hours. A must have for holidays and parties
  • 4 separate controls with 3 settings; Low, High and Warm. Giving you the flexibility to cook what you want, when you want
  • Tempered glass lids, stoneware pots and serving spoons are dishwasher safe for easy clean up
  • Safer and uses less energy than a stove top. Toss in ingredients, set temperature and walk away! In hours you will have 3 delicious dishes
  • Features built-in lid rests to minimize counter top clutter and ensuring safe serving

Works very well, very happy with the product.

Wonderful for our family dinners.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Winner
  • Great for smaller families or parties
  • Great crock pots

Love this versatile slow cooker. Worked wonders at the office thanksgiving potluck dinner. Kept food at perfect temp for the entire dinner. Coworkers all want one ,used it to keep hot dogs, chili and quaestor warm for granddaughter’s 2nd birthday party. It’s light enough to transport full.

Gift for daughter and she loves it.

Work out pefect, great idea for a party, get lots of complements on it i have no complants at all great product just the dealivery was slow but we had a bad ice storm.

This was a gift for my son and family. They really use it a lot and think it is great.

My sister owns an ice cream parlor. She uses it for different hot flavors. So far they are perfect for the job. Well made and presents itself well.

I have owned the red bella triple crock pot cooker for a year now. It made the holidays last year so nice. Everything was hot and ready when the family showed up. They served themselves and had many compliments about the pretty red cooker. Since then i have enjoyed making dinners in it. For nacho night i serve up beans, meat, and cheese in the pots. If i ever do have to purchase another, this will be the one i will happily purchase again.

We’ve had this one for about 5 years and it is simply a great little cooker. We can cook carnitas, beans, and queso all at once. Or we can slow cook two versions of the same dish- one spicy for me, and one mild for the missus and kids. When this thing kicks the bucket, i hope i can find one just like it.

Very happy with this purchase.

Great idea, but this unit does not keep food warm – more tepid than warm – and those lid holders are cheap looking and do not fit in place.

My brother has one and he has borrowed mine for a large party. I used mine for a dessert bar for a pot luck and it was received unanimously. It is attractive and easy to clean too.

Perfect for holidays or serving 8+ people. I have also seen these used as buffet warmers at hotels to serve breakfast items: eggs, grits, gravy, biscuits, oatmeal, breakfast meats. I have used for serving hot dips as well as buffet items: green bean casserole, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes. I love that the crocs can be washed in the dishwasher and stored in the refrigerator. I also like the lid holding feature. Word of warning, put down a dish towel if serving on a nice wooden buffet to keep condensation drips and sloppy servers from damaging your buffet. Lastly, it stores well in the box.

Everyone ii gave them to loved them.

I can do 3 dishes for a party- dips, chili, etc. Or try out 3 new crockpot recipes without having a huge amount of an unpopular new recipe. I can do a main dish and two sides and keep them warm after cooking. Easy to clean and the lid holder is convenient. Only shortcoming is that the electrical cord is short, so you have to use it near an outlet which might not be so convenient for a party.

I have to agree with others who complain about the plastic smell this gives off. I followed directions and turned it on with water in the bowls before using. The instructions said a smell was normal in the beginning, but would stop after about half an hour. I kept it on for several hours, and the smell never diminished. I also tested it on the lowest setting. The smell wasn’t too bad, but the water did not maintain a food-safe temperature. I’m giving the product 3 stars because i didn’t buy it to cook food, but to keep food warm through a party. At the middle setting, it didn’t smell too bad (the smell of the food masked it), and the food held at a safe temperature for the duration of the gathering, so for my purposes, it was acceptable.

Great for our gatherings we have.

I love this gorgeous triple crockpot.

BELLA 13839 Dots Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Great lil’ coffee makerand attractive too!

I’ve had all the expensive fancy coffee pots, and i hate those, so a couple years ago we went back to the typical normal coffeepot. I’ve been buying the cheap $20 ones, but i wanted something with color and an auto shut off. This teal color is so pretty and perfect against my all white cabinets and backsplash. It’s made very well for the price, too. It’s so much better than my old $20 coffee maker, and it looks pretty sitting on the counter.

The warmer keeps coffee plenty hot, and the heating timer is a great feature (that way you don’t accidentally boil a pot down to some kind of primordial ooze if forgotten). It has a timer to automatically start making coffee at a specific time (if it’s set and you remembered to put in the grounds and water). So far it hasn’t let me down.

I have had this coffeemaker for less than a month, and overall it’s ok. The best thing is that it brews a very mellow enjoyable cup of coffee. That’s enough to make me want to keep it. In addition, the design is fun and i am thrilled that it fits in my appliance corral (which means the measurements online are incorrect: actual are 13 11/16 inches high, 8 1/8 inches wide, 9 1/8 inch deep). Maybe i am a little dense, but i don’t think that programming a coffeemaker should require keeping the manual handy weeks after beginning use of the appliance. The controls are counter-intuitive to say the least. However, my main complaint concerns the carafe which is extremely fragile. My previous coffeemaker (which lasted at least 10 years), had a plastic rim around the lip of the pot which made it last the lifetime of the machine. A good thing since these carafes are not universal, must usually be ordered from the manufacturer, and by the time you pay shipping, you might as well buy a whole new appliance. A replacement carafe for the bella dots costs $30 plus change.

Key specs for BELLA 13839 Dots Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Red:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Removable filter
  • Convenient pause and serve function
  • 2 hour keep warm function so your coffee doesn’t get cold
  • Automatic shutoff for your safety
  • 2 year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“OK coffeemaker-water gauge is annoying
, Splash of Color for the kitchen.
, So many pluses for this model

Coffee 6 cup coffee maker for the past year and for the past year my friends have been making fun of my tiny coffee maker. I absolutely love my bella and people who come over love the color and the design of it. The first time i used it i had forgotten i had brewed coffee, i have 3 boys under the age of 5 and i babysit anywhere from 2 to 4 extra kids every day, it’s not uncommon for me to forget that i was doing something for myself once i get busy with the kids. With my old coffee pot i’d forget i had made some and when i would remember i’d forget how long ago it was. With the bella it tells you how long ago it was brewed and often times i’ll see the timer and remember i need coffee to keep me nice and able to keep up with all the kids. I haven’t used the preset timer to automatically start the coffee in the morning simply because sometimes i want a butterbeer from starbucks instead. The bella coffee maker isn’t anything super fancy but it does the job and looks super neat. I love the color and it goes great with my bright spring colored kitchen.

It was good while it lasted, about 1. It was used heavily by two coffee addicts, so it definitely wasn’t just sitting around. I cleaned it a few times per the manual’s instructions, but the most recent clog isn’t budging. I opened it up to manually clear out the tubes, but lost the motivation pretty quickly. Too busy and i have several other manual coffee makers for weekends anyway. It definitely looks awesome. I had the gunmetal and it was very nice. User interface is different, but easy and intuitive enough.

Beautiful bellaevery time i make a pot of. Coffee i have to say it out loud in an exaggerated itallian accent ‘ballisimo, bell- an’. My kids banter back too, they know how serious mom kea out her coffee, and this is the best machine i’ve ever owned hands down.The quality is superb- machine is sturdy, stylish, got a million bells and whistles functions, flows that pretty bluish led hue, and keeps the coffee hot-‘hot for at least 2 hours before auto shut off. Amazingly affordable and the glass carafes is 3x thicker than anything else out there on be market- this has been lneodmy favorite gifts to myself. Don’t hesitate- indulge yourself. Don’t know if there was a pricing mistake but i purchased mine brand new thru prime for less than 35$ -.

Buy it for looks and you will be happy with it. I have multiple colors in my kitchen so it is perfect to look at. Do not use the supplied filter, you will have coffee everywhere because it does not strain through the bottom. You must buy paper filters to use this coffee maker. The buttons are a joke, i am not sure that they even do anything to change the outcome. The 1-4 or the strength is the same no matter what buttons i push. Since i use really good coffee and really good water, the outcome is really good. Again, buy it for looks, you won’t be disappointed. The price point is perfect too.

This coffee maker looks great and is relatively easy to set up and operate. It allows you to set an automatic brew time which comes in handy. Overall materials are nice and it looks neat in our red color coded kitchen. My only complaint was the time was a bit screwy to set up. No regrets at the moment and look forward to using this coffee maker for years to come.

This makes a good cup of coffee. Makes 9 1/2 cups in 9 minutes. Easy to set up, looks very retro. I just wonder how long it will last. I have had many coffee makers in the past and none of them lasted a year. We have bought the cheapest $8. 00 coffee maker to the most expensive and the same result.

Our last coffee maker finally died after five years. Coffee that had served us well despite the relatively low average reviews. But, halfway through a brewing cycle, it just stopped. I wanted a higher quality model, a step up, but my wife and i debated what that would mean and if it were worth it. It clearly looked nicer, more stylish, but it was a bit of risk in feature set. That pretty much sums up my response still after having it for a few months. If you have red kitchen appliances this really is a good fit. Wonderfully combines a retro look with contemporary flair. I’m really happy with it every time i look at it. But, it’s there to make coffee. And i’m not quite as happy with it for that. There’s some different settings that change the boldness of the brew, which i guess is about how quickly the water goes through the grounds.

I am so in love with my bella. It brews in about 10 minutes and the coffee is omg hot. Easy to fill with water and clean as well. I like the automatic shutoff. It doesn’t take long to reheat the coffee when you turn it back on after it has cooled either. It has been by far the best coffee maker i’ve had. I’m an all day coffee drinker and have killed several machines but this one is really standing up to the challenge.

Matches my terra cotta stamd mixer. Less 1 point for following-water mark inside, condensation put out far less coffee that the water measured, wished the inside was either fiberglass heavy duty glass or stainless steel. Pluses- retro design, lid snaps shut, permanent filter, 3 strengths of coffee to make, toner, programable, count down 2 hour timer, beeps when ready, beeps when count down timer is up. Coffee makers generally don’t have a long life. If this one doesn’t last, it would probably be the only model i would replace with another one because of the features mentioned.

We really like this coffee maker, and will buy again when the current one goes. The appliance looks amazing, cleans easily, brews good coffee (on the two bean setting). It’s easy to use, especially after reading the manual. There are only two drawbacks that we’ve found; it takes 10+ minutes to brew a full pot and the coffee is very hot. Pros, great coffee, cleans easily, looks amazing, wears great.

Okay, it was the color that sold me. Perhaps it is a little difficult to fill with water. I had to be moved out from under the cabinets since the top needs room to open in order to pour the water into the inside. In order to use the pot to pour correct amount of water, it needs to be empty before i pour cold water into it. But i just love the turquoise color. Just ordered a teal can opener. I love all the pretty colors in my kitchen. I’m not one for the stainless steel or matching white appliances.

We have had and worn out two similar better known brand name coffee makers in the past 6 years. Bought this one because it had better reviews than those better known brands with similar machines. We have had this over a month now and ihave no complaint. Unlike the other two it does not leak or drip on the table when opening the top door. This is also by far the fastest of the three starting to brew almost immediately. As i expected my wife was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of our teal unit.

For all coffee lovers, i understand there are ‘better’ ways to make coffee, i. French press/pour over, but i love drip coffee nonetheless and its convenience. I also drinks lots of coffee so those other methods can deter me from wanting to make coffee. With that said, i really like this coffee maker. First, i am very pleased with the design. Something about having a unique coffee maker besides mr. Coffee standard black is just pleasant. However, more importantly, is that it actually makes good coffee.Three different types of brew settings is nice when you make different roasts (dark, blondes, mediums, etc.

This has been a great coffee maker. The programming works great, the reusable filter is easy to clean, and it looks really cool in person. I mostly just use it to make one cup at a time, so it hasn’t gotten a ton of use in the year or so i’ve had it, but i have minimal complaints with its functionality. Probably the only thing i’d say is that the buttons and programming can feel a little complicated outside of your normal setting, but that’s probably solved by paying better attention to the instructions.

I took a chance with this bella dots and am happy so far. The pot is easy to clean and the water reservoir is easy to fill. This is pretty much itfor a coffee maker as far as i am concerned. Coffee makers i have owned over the years this one heats the waterhotter then others i have owned making for a better cup of coffee. Overall a inexpensive decent coffee maker that produces a nice hot pot of coffee the way it should be.

I got this to replace my amazing coffee maker. I got a different filter basket for this one i don’t like them with a hard plastic bottom i like the screen to be on the bottom too. I must say i am a snot with my kitchen stuff and firmly believe you get what you pay for so for me to say this inexpensive coffee maker is awesome i truly mean it.

After our old coffee maker burned out, i thought it would be a simple thing to just go find a replacement. Well, we went through 3() different replacement purchases before deciding to try this one out. Mainly because my wife liked the pretty colors (i know, i know). I was skeptical but, it turns out, this is a great coffee maker.Brews hot, adjustable flavor settings really make a difference, and it brews a better tasting cup than our old $100+ cuisinart. Plus, it looks great on our counterthe controls for the timer are a bit confusing (and not explianed very well in the manual), but once you figure them out, it works fantastic. If it lasts even half as long as our old one, it will be money very well spent.

I love coffee and this makes a great cup. I can see they didn’t just make a colored coffee pot. They put some thoughtful additions into this product. Like the way the pot does not dribble when poured or the way the grind filter sit in its holder. Just so, and you can not close it if its seated wrong. This helps avoid messy mistakes. I should know, i have done it many time before.

I am the wife of the purchaser, received as a gift from him and i love it. I use disposable filters, but have on occasion busted out the re-usable filter as back-up, nice to not have to resort to paper towels. Also, this machine is so easy to use it actually stuped me at first, i kept trying to figure out the catch. Nothing beats a cup of brew. As a nurse, i drink alot of coffee.

I’m not used to such a slow coffee maker. My old coffee maker made a 12 cup pot in 5-10 minutes. This one seems to take 15-20 to drip a whole pot. I expected it to be faster with the good reviews. I guess everyone ordering these have never used a better quality coffee pot. If you’re coming from some cheap dollar store protecter brand or cheap walmart mr. Coffee junk than this is probably the best to you. If you’re used to bunn or genevia than this is going to be a huge drop in quality. Now, onto the good and why i gave it such a high score. And i like the buttons and the blue screen. I can be patient and wait an extra 10 minutes or more for it. If i’m in a hurry, i’ll just go to the coffee shop on my way out.

I had an old hand-me-down from my grandmother for the last 5 years. When it finally broke, i went searching for something similar; simple and not too fancy. However, when i spotted the bella dots collection, my mind changed. I was originally attracted by the color options, but once i started looking into the actual machine i was hooked. The coffee maker has a timer (which i have never had before), a clock, auto cleaning function, brew strength option, and a flow stop function when you pull the carafe out (which i am sure many machines have, but i have never had before). Perhaps i am so enamored by the functions because i have never had any of them before, but beyond that it is very stylish. The water reservoir is easily filled; it’s nice and big, essentially the entire width of the machine, so you aren’t trying to pour the water into a little space. The only thing that i wish were different is that the timer is for 1 time, you have to remember to set it every day.

BELLA Diamond Collection 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Turquoise – my opinion

Had the first for only little over year and the burner ‘cracked’ when i was prompting a cleaning. I reordered as i do like the unit.

I bought this coffee maker because i thought it was of italian design. But then when reading the pamphlet i realized it seemed to be of canadian origin. I like everything about this appliance. The color, the cupcake gold filter; the programable features,and it makes good hot coffee in a reasonable time. I bought it about a month ago. Of course i can’t speak of it’s reliability. But like most in this price range(about$40. 00) there is a lot of plastic. If you follow the directions you will enjoy tour morning java.

The machine is ok but certainly not worth the premium price over the lower priced products that do the same thing for under $20.

First time ever that i have fallen in love with a coffee maker. It looks so stylish and brews perfect coffee every time. I do use a paper filter in the filter basket. It’s the ‘fanciest’ coffee maker i’ve ever had and i absolutely love it.

Looks brand-new and works perfect.

This coffee maker looks awesome and works great.

  • This one really fit the bill and it looks great. It’s easy to set up and use and
  • Love It!!!!!

This is beautiful & makes good coffee, but mine was obviously used-cracked and glued-which i wasnt made aware of at the time of purchase. I didnt pay refurbished price.

Good if you prefer form over function. Looks great on your countertop.

Purchased this product for my stepmother. This product has been working great for the past month and can brew on a couple of settings. The carafe pours without a spill.

Settings are easy n convenience.

Matches all my other small appliances.

Features of Bella Diamond Collection 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Turquoise

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12 cup
  • programmable

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The place to pour the water is a bit narrow but that’s not a dealbreaker.

We remodeled our kitchen last month and we needed a programmable, white coffee maker. We wanted something different. This one really fit the bill and it looks great. It’s easy to set up and use and has some extra features like the cleaning setting and the auto shutoff that we really like. And, it brews a nice pot of coffee. We might buy the purple one next time.

Excellent coffee maker, love the timer. Top of the instrument is chrome like so dust is easily visible. The instructions state to unplug after using which is weird but whatever.

I got this for my son and his fiancé for christmas an. They love everything about it. The color and style of it fit great into their place in northern california. Could not find this one style or color anywhere but amazon.

Love all the color options, even though i was looking for white. It looks like an expensive coffee machine.

Love this coffee maker that looks great in our kitchen.

12 cup

Love it and it tastes great. I like my coffee strong and there is a setting to get just what i want out of the beans.

The buttons are a little loose making it feel like a cheap product. I gave it 5 because it does work and the look is nice. I like the little coffee grind holder inside. Gives you the option of not having to use a filter.

This coffee maker takes a long time to make a pot of coffee and the metal bands on the front of the pot are coming loose already. We are not impressed and are looking for another pot.

Makes a great cup of coffee. Easy to use and looks good in our kitchen.

I am very pleased with this coffee maker. It took me a moment to figure out just how to operate it but it makes coffee quite well.

Looks very nice for the price. Have been using it for two months with no issues.


Works great just wish there was a window to see how much water is being put in.

This canadian made product delivers a top notch cup of coffee time after time. Attractive on kitchen counter and works great every time.

It’s not teal, it’s bright blue.

The clock portion stopped working after having it for a little over a year. The timer doesn’t work and i can’t select a different brewing cycle anymore.

BELLA 12 x 12 inch Electric Skillet : Love this little skillet

I absolutely love this electric frying pan. Very easy cleanup with a paper towel. Light weight and arrived before its scheduled time. Could not have been happier with the product or the shipping.

I’ve used this pan twice, and it’s marvelous. Non-stick pan heats up quickly and cooks perfectly. It doesn’t brown like my stove-top does, like browning hamburgers, but that’s okay. Bacon, onions, peppers cook like i expect. Easy to clean when i run the cooled pan under faucet water, and everything glides off. Or, i just put the pan into the dishwasher. I use metal instruments with it, and so far, no scratches.

BELLA 12 x 12 inch Electric Skillet with Non-Stick Coating BPA Free

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Multi-functional unit can roast, fry, saute, steam and also be used as a buffet server. Safer than a stove
  • Special non-stick coating ensures quick release of foods. BPA-Free for healthy cooking
  • Detachable heating probe quickly heats skillet from 0 to 400 degrees
  • Cool-touch handles allow you to transport freshly hot food to the dinner table for serving
  • Skillet is fully immersible in water for quick and easy cleaning. Tempered glass lid is dishwasher safe

This a futuristic break thru. I love ituse to make hamburgers, pancakes, grilled chicken breasts, steak, fried rice for a quick party or cook-out. Fits in the kitchen not taking a lot of spaceno-grease.

Just that the coating for nonstick is dented in the middle. But the job is getting done perfectly.

Great price for a great skittet.

BELLA 12 x 12 inch Electric Skillet with Non-Stick Coating BPA Free : I used it to cook my daily meals. Actually baked biscuits; it cleans without scrubbing. Boil spaghetti in it, drain and add a meat and sauce and its a one pan dinner. Well worth what i paid for it.

I cooked brown rice in this skillet and it turned out great. I had to add a little more water to it than cooking it in a sauce pan.

Have used it a few times now. Bought it to use on our boat with the generator. It’s nice having eggs and pancakes on the river. Cooks evenly and cleans up easily.

Just the right size for one or two people.

Looks great and priced right. Rapid delivery on this item.

Small skillet – just what i wanted.

I’m not one to review, but i can’t help myself with this product. My mom loved her electric skillet and used it all the time. I used mine occasionally, usually preferring a crock pot. I think browning meats and veggies adds a lot of flavor to dishes. And with this electric skillet, everything browns beautifully without sticking. And clean up is a breeze (it’s even fully submersible). Some reviews indicate that there is no lower temperature settings. There is a huge stay warm region on the thermostat dial, and you can dial it down to where is barely melts butter or turn it up to a screaming sear and everywhere in between.

I am most pleased with this frying pan. I would recommend it to anyone looking for one.

The product is all i would like it to be.

I fried some chicken strips yesterday. Didn’t spatter oil everywhere. Some spots cooked hotter than others, but no big deal. Poured remaining oil into a can and pan just rinsed clean.

I bought this skillet after weeks of very careful research on amazon and other sites. I have been totally pleased, in all ways, with this well-built, well-designed skillet. As with all electric skillets, the heating element goes around an under-pan tub. The element is evenly distributed–about equidistant from the outer edge to the pan’s center. The heat from the element is very evenly dispersed throughout the cooking time. The control is temperature-sensitive and goes on and off as foods cook, keeping the temperature just where it should be at all times. The lid is lightweight and fits the pan very well. If i need a little steam to escape (which it doesn’t when the lid is seated), i move the lid just a bit off-center, resting it lightly on one of the handles. The pan cooks perfectly for lid-on or lid-partly-off, or lid-off applications. The handles are not scratchy at the bottom–therefore protecting my counter.

Have just used a few times since i purchased this but does the job.

Bella is a well built unit and works like a champ.

What i like best about this is that it easy to clean. It becomes not as non stick after multiple uses but to keep that dark ring from forming over the element i take baking soda and it comes right off. I used mine many times and the surface still looks good.

This completes my set of electric skillets. (i have a 6′ and a 18′) this is just right for cooking for two people. Fits 2 pork chops easily with room to move them a bit. Cleans up so well since the cord detaches. Wish i had bought one sooner.

Lightweight, excellent teflon coating, convenient size.

After i finally received the product (no fault of the seller) i am totally happy.

BELLA 14326 4-Slice Toaster Oven – Toast : Great Product!

I’ve mainly used the toaster oven to warm up cold pizza and this toaster oven does a really good job in that regard. It does take a little while longer than i would like, but my pizza comes out crispy in a way that it wasn’t before. I’m pretty happy with this toaster oven now. Original review:i only got this because it was $10 after mail in rebate. So far, i don’t really like this product. When you turn on this toaster oven, it ticks loudly whether you use the timed, toaster or oven function. When it turns off or you turn it off, it gives out a loud ding. Not a great toaster oven if you’re trying to make breakfast while someone else is still sleeping and your place is very small. My last toaster oven was designed a lot better.

We have been looking for several years for a toaster oven that toasts evenly and this one is excellent. Would like to have a tray that doesn’t bend when heated in the oven. Bella has mastered the small appliance market imho.

We have had this toaster oven for 5 months and have not had any issues. So far it has been a a great value for the money we paid. Works well and is more versatile than a pop up toaster. Bakes small items and is really good at reheating leftovers, and obviously makes toast.

  • Why Don’t All Toaster Ovens have a Fold Out Door?
  • Five months and no issues so far
  • Only had a few hours

Bella 14326 4-Slice Toaster Oven – Toast, Bake, Broil, and More

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes bake rack, broil pan & crumb tray
  • Fits 4 slices of toast or a 9″ pizza
  • Ready indicator light & 30-minute timer
  • 2-position grill rack
  • Settings include bake, broil, toast, bagel, stay on & warm

Great price – replaced my black and decker toaster over ( was just old).

Best toaster oven we ever had.

Fantastic it works better than any toaster oven i have ever had.

Amazon already asking for an review.

It doesn’t take up too much space on the counter, looks nice and sleek, is easy to use, and makes great toast. I had never heard of bella but decided to buy it after seeing it on a department store website with 99 positive reviews. It is big enough to make two slices of sourdough toast or to put in a load of snacks for the kids. It is not quite big enough to hold an 8 x 8 brownie pan – the door won’t quite close. But for reheating or making snacks, it’s ‘way better than firing up a big oven.

I ended up buying locally as carrier delivered package elsewhere by mistake. This bella is well worth the money. It does get very hot on top and back so have to be careful where you put it and it does have a short cord. I like the simple dials and it can bake broil or toast. It cooks a bit faster than i thought so be conservative on temps and time in the beginning till you get used to it.

It’s a nice toaster oven and does what i expected, but the exterior does get rather hot.

I have had this oven for a few months now and so far it has done very well. The exterior does get a little hot so i pull it away from the wall and other counter top items when in use. The reason i bought this oven over the others listed, is that this oven has a pull out rack that peaks out over the door automatically when you open the oven door. This oven cost a little more than the others i was looking at, but for me i couldn’t put a price on not burning my hand when reaching in. To clarify, the rack does not come completely out when you open the door (only a an inch or so), but still allows for better accessibility.

I have had this toaster for a year now. I use it in place of a microwave and in a single day it gets multiple use. I use it to warm food, bake or broil. I have used other bella products before and it was easy to purchase this. The toaster looks sleek, its easy to use and easy to clean.

I love the convenience and reliability of this oven, but the measly 22″ cord is kind of stingy. The timer is just like an egg timer and doesn’t rely on electricity. It can run without the oven being on. But the oven heats up very quickly, which is the whole point of having it.It’s a quick way to heat leftovers or bake a few potatoes without having to heat the entire oven or kitchen.

I chose this toaster because of space limitations in our rv. Although small, it toasts and bakes as well, if not better than larger units. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

We bought it from kohls at 50% discount for 19$ and there is 5$ mail in rebate for 15 bucks only. It works great , light weight , take little space and design is nice.

It’s beautifully designed, a;; features work like charm, and it’s nice to look at. It’s 10 inches long and 9-1/2 inches from wall to front. There’s no feature or design detail i’d change. At the modest price we paid for it through amazon, it’s a giveaway.

The dials are nicely marked and easy to read.

Looks attractive in the kitchen. It is solid easy to use and works well. Was mailed via priority mail. Very pleased with my purchase.

Really like,comes in handy when in a hurry.

BELLA 5-SPEED Centrifugal Elite Stainless Steel Juicer – ONLY BUY FOR FRUITS

Ok absolutely everyone, i come right here as someone who never beforehand juiced, but who, in the previous week, have done a good deal of exploration on juicers. I purchased this on sale for 80. 00 in order to make the juice i was purchasing each individual working day at a neighborhood natural and organic store up the block for seven. Sometimes up to a few instances a working day for a week. I wake up all-around 6 am and juice and then carry a juice to perform and in some cases have 1 right before evening meal. What i have located, right after my study, is that if you program on juicing a great deal, if you reside in a elaborate (like me), if you want to juice leafy greens. Initial of all, it will never juice spinach or any other sort of herb (think mint, parsley). It will juice kale, so if that’s all you happen to be on the lookout to do i guess its okay but it would make a ton of sounds. The opinions abut it creating a loud bang are place on. Not really a equipment to use at 6am. The other pretty actual problem is the decline of dietary price with a centrifugal juicer like this a single. Do buy this if you are not absolutely sure how you want to introduce juicing in your existence, if you you should not juice day-to-day, and you’re wanting to juice typically fruits. Really don’t get this if you are on the lookout to juice veggies, dwell in a elaborate where you stay carefully to other folks and noise is a concern. When you put this detail on large speed it can take off like its about to lift off. Overall: it will get the occupation finished, sure. But you can tell it wastes a ton of usable juice from veggies and fruits based mostly on the pulp, which means you will have to use a lot of veggies to yield the exact same amount of juice you might get from a masticating juicer (examine out the omega collection of juicers). I have carried out a facet by side of both of those the centrifugal and the masticating juicer and masticating juicer wins, the two in style and excellent.

I am not a ‘lifer’ – just began juicing for well being good reasons. I have nothing to review this to. But i can say for a juicing ‘virgin’, this equipment was uncomplicated to use, instructions were being crystal clear, tremendous simple to clean, and my first juice batch arrived out good. Other than i hate kale, even juiced with apples and other superior matters, so i couldn’t drink it all. . I did not want a cheapie juicer because i did not want to get discouraged. But i also didn’t want to crack the lender because i will only juice when a week or so (use up getting older create at week’s end). Over-all happyps- yes, i also watched ‘fat, ill, and virtually dead’ and right away requested a juicer. I experienced previously made other health/eating plan variations, so this would have been bought at some position. Super superior movie – observe it.

General good quality feels affordable, but, for the cash, its o.Here are the specifications for the BELLA 5-SPEED Centrifugal Elite Stainless Steel Juicer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • A 1000 Watt motor produces extremely high speed and power giving you the ability to juice anything from stubborn hard veggies like carrots and roots to soft leafy greens with little effort
  • The speed control panel displays the most commonly juiced items by category to help you choose the right setting for maximum juice extraction. Includes 5 speed options to take the guess work out of juicing
  • Stainless steel blade basket with durable anodized cutter blades to extract the most from your fruits and veggies. The metal mesh filter quickly spins to separate out the pulp so you can enjoy nutritious, smooth concentrated juice
  • A large 3-inch feed tube allows for larger produce with minimal chopping or slicing, so you can enjoy healthy juice in less time. This also means you can get full nutrients from whole fruits or vegetables, seeds and skin included
  • All of the BELLA 5-Speed Digital Juice Station’s removable parts are dishwasher safe in the top rack to simplify clean up. Plus, the anti-drip spout prevents messy spills so you’ll have less to wipe up when you’re all done

It is really quick to clear and elegant. Simple to make juices of all types.

The bella 13990 5-speed juicer, stainless steel has attained three stars from me only for the reason that i’m emotion generous today. Had i reviewed it yesterday, it would have only gained two. I have owned and used juicers due to the fact early 1970 and this 1 is costly for the quality of the item. It’s actual physical style and design is like a wannabe breville, but it is significantly from breville excellent. The only point i locate deserving on this one is the suction cups at the foundation to protect against it from shifting around on a countertop. It is more difficult to assemble, disassemble and clean. The stainless steel surrounding the base of the unit reminds me of an outdated massive espresso can with the paper label taken off that has been polished. Glue residue lines the regions in which the metal is utilized to the plastic base. The plastic of all factors is lighter excess weight than the breville. I discovered the assembly instinctive, possibly because of my expertise using juice extractors.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I love my Bella Juicer!!!
  • This is a great juicer. Nothing wasted

I also obtained this at focus on, and it was on sale, so i took the plunge. I’m new to juicing, so i am quite happy with this item. I’ve experienced it just about a week and i’ve utilized it just about every solitary working day, sometimes a lot more than when in a working day. I didn’t want to acquire a tremendous high-stop juicer if i was not going to stick to applying it. The orange juice by yourself is worth preserving it. Sooner or later i could possibly improve, as i get more proficient at generating mixtures, but this just one will work good for me suitable now. I am really shocked how considerably juice i get out of my make. 1 of the gains of juicing is that, with no a question, i get additional fruits and veggies in just one glass than i may well consume in a 7 days. It’s uncomfortable to confess my diet plan has been so void of true nourishment, as i have gotten absent from feeding on a lot of veggies, but now i can drink them, and conceal the taste by mixing in some fruits. Clear up is speedy, but i did close up purchasing a further nylon brush that is effective a very little much better.

This juicer can make it positively uncomplicated to build healthful meal replacements or morning juice optionspros:+effortless to work. I have it up and operating in just a several moments. Very tiny established up out of the box. +easy recommendations: the juicer included the options i essential to use primarily based on the fruits and veggies i required to juice. +i employed a plastic grocery bag to line the seize container leaving cleanup of the left above pulp tremendous straightforward. (do this)+over-all effortless to clear following juicing was finish. You pull the blade up, which independent the juicer. This leaves you with big pieces that are no issue to clean up. The only elbow grease expected was on the strainer display, and the bundled brush built that simple as effectively. +the juicer did a excellent task of extracting a highest total of juice.

Every little thing i was hoping for.

I read through by quite a few unsatisfactory testimonials and clearly several of them failed to examine the guide in advance of working with it. I myself checked it on youtube like how to function it and that served me immensely. I was skeptic but happy i acquired it. Took me less than 20 minutes to make reliable juice and thoroughly clean up. Yep, less than twenty minutes to make juice and clear. You just gotta browse things in advance of you use anything at all. But lots of of us have this instinct that a magical matter need to do factors magically. Very first handful of inserts was loud but following wards, i was cautiously pushing matters in and it was zippy flawless. Slamming or pushing tricky makes loud sound as if it’s gonna crack aside. This is a single wonderful juicer, far quieter than the 1 i utilized at my dad and mom location.

So if you’re hunting for a juicer that has a whole lot of output and some exceptional fresh new juice then the bella justifies your notice. Its significant mouth and high speed motor tore as a result of everything i threw into it. Primarily carrots, greens and apples. 2l potential container is a really wonderful addition. While in fact if you want to use it’s built in foam skimmer you will likely want to cease at 32 ounces. I experienced purchased a bottle of my preferred off the shelf carrot juice from bolthouse farms to review with my maiden endeavor at juicing. I should say that i am now spoiled by the style and a little bit thicker texture of refreshing juice. I was concerned that it would be as well a lot like munching raw carrots or bitter/foamy, but i located the taste to be smooth and a lot less watery than the shop acquired. I also juiced some apples and when i preferred it, i was not in a position to transform my 4 12 months outdated to the miracles of juicing.

I really like the bella juicer. The motor is potent and maintains the power by means of the entire juicing cycle.

Bella 5-speed centrifugal is a good and up to speed equipment. Juicing is superior and at its best with this product.

Soon after borrowing a jack lalanne juicer right before determining to obtain just one, i just assumed that extra watts usually means much more juice extraction energy. The pulp is much wetter from the bella, therefore, you are having a lot less juice than the lalanne juicer. Professionals: seems good, grinds conveniently, pace manage, simple to thoroughly clean, no resource wanted for basket elimination, hooded cup is great and helps prevent splatters. Drawbacks: mediocre juice extraction, can make a banging noiseit’s an okay first juicer, but i want i had expended an further $30 and received one thing a minor superior.

It juices total decoder apples. It will not splatter juice each the place like other goods.

Great juicer, uncomplicated to cleanse, make a good deal of juice, reliable design and style.

The hooked up video is the awesome bella 13990 5-speed juicer, stainless steel. At 1000 watts, this newborn makes the softest foamiest pure orange juice you’ll at any time consume. In the video clip, we made use of two oranges to make 12oz juice. The milky-juice was exceptionally sleek. This appliance would make a terrific xmas gift this 12 months.

I did some youtube exploration ahead of purchasing this probuct. Its a reasonably simple clean up up, as effortless as as one thing like this can get i supose. It surely tends to make some sounds, but not as loud as id anticipated. It feels heavy obligation, and has a pleasant seem to it. I have a number of bella kitchen area goods and have not been dissatisfied with its longevity ahead of, so i have superior hopes that with great care this juicer will previous me at least a great couple year.

Juicing every morning has improved my power level. The juicer is easy to take aside, thoroughly clean and assemble and seems durable. But it will not do a excellent career on some items. For leafy product or pineapple i would suggest likely to a person of the pricier designs. Not negative for carrots, beets, celery, tomatoes and citrus. It can toss items of some deliver off into the pulp container with a violently loud seem. It wouldn’t surprise me if that would result in hurt to one particular of the plastic factors at some point. On the entire i am happy with the purchase.

I really like this juicer, really operates effectively thinking of that it was rather acceptable as significantly as price.

Very little wasted, we use the juice for all the things from drinks to home made ice product. The pulp is used to make other foods these as breads and many others.

BELLA 13906 Waffle Bowl Maker : Inexpensive and great with easier recipe

I used boxed waffle mix and was happy with results. There is a need to experiment with batter, if too thick the shells do not crisp on bottoms. Fill with scoops of ice cream, fresh berries, etc.

I really like this little machine. After i read the recipes in the enclosed booklet, i was tempted to put the whole thing into a donate box or add it to a christmas gift box. There is no way i’m going to spend that much time and dirty several bowls plus a mixer to make a few waffle bowls. I’d rather just buy some than go through all that. So i searched a little for a simpler recipe and found one to try. It made tasty bowls, but too many of them. I gave some to my neighbor and plan to work on reducing the recipe. I found the outside edges of both bowl molds bake faster then the inside edges, so you really have to keep an eye on them to keep from burning the outer edges. They bake up really fast and work great for holding a scoop or two of ice cream, some pudding or fruit. The simpler recipe i used is:o 3 large eggso 3/4 cup granulated sugaro 1/2 cup butter, melted and cooledo 2 tablespoons pure vanilla extracto 1 teaspoon baking powdero 1 cup all-purpose flourdirections1.

This is soooo much fun to use.

Pretty red color, made in china (of course). Will give more information later, after using it. I bake 20 waffle bowls two days later. It has one problem, like uneven heating. One side already golden brown and other is not. When you open waffle maker to check your waffles, try to rotate them carefully, because they are hot and soft. Close the lid and bake more until other side is done. Check often, do not burn them. Remove waffle bowls, put them cooling rack , they still soft, make sure you shape it slightly with your hands to make it round, few seconds later , they will hard.

  • Inexpensive and great with easier recipe
  • works great, just use nonstick cooking spray!
  • I liked it and would recommend it to others

BELLA 13906 Waffle Bowl Maker, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes 2 waffle bowls or cookie bowls
  • Non-stick cooking plates for easy cleaning
  • On/Ready indicator lights for your convenience
  • Delicious BELLA recipes included
  • 1 year limited warranty

Bought for a gift – i have one. We use them for little quiche like breakfasts.

It was quickly delivered and it worked quite well. I gave it 4 stars because the heating was not consistant. But that might be because i used my own recipe. I liked it and would recommend it to others.

Note: you have to let it heat up all the way, apply a nonstick cooking spray to both sides and then pour your waffle batter in for them to work. Sure they may be nonstick surfaces but if you do not do this you will have a messy broken bowl that is hard to get off. If you do this the product works wonders and the bowls cook in moments.

Grandchildren love doing this with nonni.

One recipe makes about 20-28 bowls, more than i can easily use at once, but they store well. I think one element in mine is out, so it doesn’t brown on one quarter, so i give it a turn and another few seconds, and they’re even all around. I don’t know if this is a peculiarity of my individual unit or a problem with all of the bowl makers, so i thought i’d pass on the easy fix. It takes about 3 minutes a pair, so making them ahead is the way to go.

This is just the right size for mini chocolate and banana cream pies very convenient to use for tea time treats.

It is a little tricky to get it to evenly brown (i did burn a few) once it has set i turn each bowl in its cup; they only take a couple of minutes to bake. I think once i get the hang of it i will be pleased they are definitely tasty.

Kinda tricky to get it down pat. I finally got the hang of it. Getting ready to make somefor a party this weekend.

Purchased this for mothers day. My wife and teenage daughters had fun experimenting making cups for ice cream sundaes. About the cost of a movie ticket, this was entertaining for nearly as long. I like the surface is teflon, so cups remove easily. The cups are approximately 2. 5 inches diameter at the bottom, 3 inches diameter at the top, about 1. Two cups cook in about 2 minutes. So the cups are not very big – they hold 1 scoop of ice cream and a few toppings.

A great happy birthday gift for paw paw who loves treating the grandkids to ice cream treats.

I’m not crazy about the mad rush you have to be in to grease it between each application of batter.

Cooked unevenly one side was crisp wile the other side was soft.

I you should not know why i love these specialty devices so considerably. I have so a lot of i experienced my son punch a gap under the stairs and set a door so i could store them. This is what it is, and i appreciate using it but it usually takes some having employed to. Premade pie pastry operates very good enough but you have to unplug it every so normally and give it a break if creating many batches. Also it won’t do perfectly with plain bread. I shredded potatoes so slender you could see via and tried that but i guess as well much drinking water in the potatoes due to the fact it did not do perfectly at all. Quite a few of these devices can adapt to creativeness, but this seems to emphasis on what it does no far more no a lot less.

Impulse acquire- mabe not worthy of it.

Just what i’ve been seeking. The recipe that came with it is wonderful and the minimal bowls serve multi-purposes. I’ve utilized them as ice cream cones, and as an attention-grabbing presentation for a hen dish i do that is similar to hen a la king. I’m guaranteed i am going to discover far more works by using for them. Heats up in a jiffy and cooks promptly.

For those people that have burning complications. Do not stick to the cooking time or the environmentally friendly mild. It only takes in between 1 min and one one/two min. The waffle is extremely skinny and will burn up swiftly. For those people that have sticking problems. Spray equally sides with cooking spray every time for the initial 5 or so bowls. So simple to use, but you do have to pay out notice. When it suggests to fill with one tablespoon, that is what it implies. It can take really minimal batter.

I acquired this for a father’s working day current, as my father makes a lot of handmade ice product and i believed he could get pleasure from waffle bowls to go with them. I’m providing the bowl maker 4 stars mainly because i definitely like the thought of do-it-yourself waffle bowls, but i’m honestly tempted to give it three. We 1st attempted to make the chocolate cookie bowl recipe that will come in the booklet, which was an complete catastrophe (though the batter was delectable). No make a difference how short or extended i cooked them, or the quantity of greasing accomplished, they have been difficult to get out of the cups. Would just crack into parts (i attempted at least a dozen occasions) and typically created a massive mess. I’m confident that particular recipe won’t perform and i’d advise to skip the inconvenience i went as a result of and use a distinctive one particular. Following going back to amazon and looking through some of the evaluations we made a decision to test the ‘simpler’ recipe that someone posted in their assessment. They did truly function and i was in a position to get them out of the cups (though no make a difference how considerably i greased the bowl maker they constantly stuck to the top rated and experienced to be meticulously eliminated). They tasted good and have been quite lovable. Even with the recipe that works, it was near extremely hard to get the proper total of batter into the cups.

Draws compliments from visitors.

BELLA BLA13898 Diamonds Collection Manual Slow Cooker – Attractive Appliance

This slow cooker is so beautiful. The only thing is i wish that the handles weren’t plastic and i also wish it was automatic shut off, it just feel flimsy. Other than that, it is perfect. It’s big so i can feed multiple people.

Whilst it is really heavy it is incredibly effortless to clean up and is a fantastic dimensions for family meals. I did not want a good deal of capabilities and this is basic but pretty practical.

It delivers my food items to a boil and cooks a bit also promptly.

Even so it is very hefty so not a crockpot i will be working with for carry-ins at perform.

This is my initially serious crockpot. I needed a single since i function lengthy hours and i like the plan of obtaining meals completely ready for the household when i get property. Since it really is my 1st crockpot, i didn’t need (or even know about) auto shut off, or pre programming. I guess features like that would be great, but i am huge on aesthetics, and i really like the way this a person seems. So much, i’ve made use of it a couple times and it functions nicely. It truly is huge plenty of for my household of four, and isn’t challenging to clear at all. (but my spouse observed it for me for about $twenty five at kohls, just a heads up).

Would like to see configurations much better.

  • It will make non-cookers WANT to cook!
  • I love love LOVE this purchase!
  • Very cool looking.

This is incredibly good seems to be great in kitchen.

Definitely beautiful and it achieved my anticipations.

Just the appropriate dimension and high-quality.

It cooks hotter than other slow cookers i’ve experienced in the past. Warm truly ought to be low, very low genuinely ought to be large, and higher is actually. I perform about with the temps and every little thing i prepare dinner will come out terrific. It is easy to clean and really attractive. My preferred slow cooker i’ve had.

Purchased this in january 2017, and i’ve been making use of it pretty much two a long time. This is my preferred slow cooker so significantly. It is effective extremely effectively and the style is even attractive. I would like bella had scaled-down and identical layout and colourful slow cookers.

Features of Bella BLA13898 Diamonds Collection Manual Slow Cooker, 6-Quart, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect for family-size servings (feeds 7+ people & fits a 6lb. Roast)
  • Off/Low/High and warm temperature setting
  • Slow cook meals at the ideal temperature
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and tempered glass lid
  • Removable stoneware pot for serving

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The bella slow cooker is effective like it really should, my only problems are that the wire is way to quick, and it would not have an indicator light. When i use this unit i have to go though to a great deal hassle plugging it in or use an extension cord. The light-weight point signifies that i can not walk away from the unit until finally i am curtain that its doing work thoroughly.

It’s very, but it cooks incredibly hot and the configurations have worn off. I now have to refer to a image to try to remember what the dial markers used to say.

I have been referring to my new crockpot as my ‘sexy crockpot’. I like the way it appears, and am proud of it when i choose it to group lunches.

This is my favourite kitchen crucial. I am not confident what i would do with no it.

I was dissatisfied with the top quality of the lid. It is, plastic and has scratches on it.

Is effective like a attraction everytime great even slow cooker.

Perfect for family-size servings (feeds 7+ people & fits a 6lb.

An great slow cooker for my chili, pigs feet, ham and cabbages. The color black goes great with my other appliances. I really like this crockpot and it cleans up nicely.

If this isn’t the most gorgeous crockpot at any time. I would generally place my cookware absent, off the counter but i appreciate leaving this out on display.I have only experienced it 3 weeks and use it at the very least 3 or 4 instances a 7 days. I like and like the traditional temperature knob.

She experienced preferred one and this one was just suitable for her.

Beautiful, massive, but have not made use of but.

It seems great in my kitchen.

I’m ashamed but i purchased this a person due to the fact of the structure.

Off/Low/High and warm temperature setting

Seriously preferred a white 1 will be again if it will come in back in stock.

The only matter lacking on this is a timer – other than that it is aesthetically wonderful and works completely. I like enjoy like this buy.

We have had quite a several slow cookers above the years and my wife obtained this one particular for work.

Desire is was not plastic although.

I purchased this to switch my aged one due to the fact my previous was hard to clean and this explained it was quick clean up. It is not uncomplicated to cleanse it is just as terrible. But i do like the cooking superior then my outdated a single. So just be prepared to scrub and scrub proper absent.

It would not have a mild but i can really feel it heating up.

It appears to be like incredibly large finish for the price tag and will work properly. I’m also happy with the dimension not much too major for the counter but massive sufficient to easily make adequate food for anyone. Mother liked it as properly so all people was happy lols :d.

Slow cook meals at the ideal temperature

I just like this slow cooker, it performs well and looks fabulous in my kitchen.

It really is not just pretty it functions good much too. Even on warm food items stays hot for hrs. Nonetheless waiting for the white slow cooker to arrive again in inventory.

Dishwasher safe stoneware and tempered glass lid