Baby Cakes Babycakes Cupcake Maker, Great

Constantly making jalapeno corn bread for dinner. Also make bite size brownies and muffins to share at work.

Wonderful color and the coolest auntee award given for the best birthday gift everrr.

It makes 6 cupcakes in 5-6 mins. It comes with the maker, cupcake liners, and a fork like thing. If you buy this, i would recomend getting the wilton desert decorator plus. This really helps when you frost the cupcakes:).

Key specs for Babycakes Cupcake Maker (Purple):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes 6 mini-size cupcakes in just 5 to 8 minutes
  • Non-stick coated cavities make cleanup super easy
  • Power/Ready Lights lets you know when your cakes are done and Locking Latch for safety
  • Includes a Fork Tool and cupcake liners
  • Portable and stores in case

Comments from buyers

“Bring on the frosting
, but I’m so glad I got this
, OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!

This came without an outer shipping box which almost ruined a christmas surprise. It’s what you’d expect from a one trick pony. We followed the recipe in the enclosed book and they were very dry even with following the directions. The cupcakes are smaller than average.

I had fun cooking with this product.

Our 11 year and 8 year old girls enjoy making a batches of cupcakes with maker. Easy cleanup and not having to turn on the oven are a great plus.

I was surprised that my babycakes maker was not what i expected. The babycakes people solved my questions promptly. I plan to make these babycakes with my 2 grandsons because they really like chocolate cake and there’s more than chocolate cake recipes babycakes pop maker: cp-94lv – purple, makes 12 cake pop’sin the babycakes mini cupcake cook book.

My 10 year old daughter loves it and has used it many times. We also got the babycakes recipe book and we made mini tostadas. The cupcake maker is easy to use and clean and i highly recommend it.

This was a gift for my 9 year old for christmas. She loves iti don’t feel that all the cupcakes cooked evenly in it but it wasn’t a huge deal. For a quick snack it is perfect. Just take it out of the box and it’s ready to go.

This was a gift for my 8 yr old granddaughter who enjoys cupcakes. This darling cupcake maker is safe for her to use and they come out great. She’s happy with the purple machine and the fact that they are ‘mini’.

Honestly i got this as a gift i use it to make pancakes cupcakes mini pies cornbread sometimes eggs its sooo great i would get more things from them the best thing ive put in my kitchen in a while.

This is a xmas gift for my youngest niece who is getting into the baking thing. Thought this is better than having to turn on the oven. Won’t know how it performs until she tries it.

Great mini cupcake maker for the little kids.

I bought this locally in the purple color, and have used it three times now. I love not having to turn on the oven during the summer to make cupcakes, and i also love how easy this is to useit does make mini-cupcakes, and so just be aware that this takes a lot more time to use than just putting them in the oven. That being said, it’s fun to make snack-size cupcakes. I’ve been making all my cupcakes in the included liners, which means that clean-up is a breeze. Also, i got this on sale for about fifteen dollars. If it helps anyone else, i also wanted to add that i’ve been making vegan cupcakes, using the book vegan cupcakes take over the world: 75 dairy-free recipes for cupcakes that rule. I was worried that the lack of dairy and eggs would cause problems, but the three recipes i’ve made have all been delicious.

Very easy and fun item to use. My daughter and i used it to make mini-muffins using the martha white blueberry muffins pouch found in the baking section of our local grocery store. So easy to make and clean up was a breeze. This item can get very hot so make sure to supervise/help your young daughter / son to not get burned. All in all a fun and easy item to own.

It takes a loooong time to use up a box of cake mix in batches of 6 mini cupcakes. Purchased as gift for a 10 year old girl. 10 year olds don’t have the best cake batter aim. The paper baking cups seem to be a non-standard size. Purchased the smaller baking cups from the local grocery store. They work, but it’s not a snug fit. So much easier to just bake in the oven, but you miss out on the novelty of doing the activity with a child.

This is sooooo cute and it works just fine. I saw the purple and fell in love. But it is quite efficient and gives great cupcakes and muffin. Much easier than firing up the oven. Great idea that works terrific for me.

I didn’t know if i should get yet another kitchen toy, i mean tool, but i’m so glad i got this. It is really fun and fast to make cupcakes or whatever. I make mini cornbread in there using jiffy mix and they turn out great.

Can’t really review this as it was given as a gift.

Bought for my granddaughter and she loves it.

Baby Cakes Babycakes Cupcake Maker, great little gadget

I bought this because it was on sale and because it seemed like it might be fun, but i did not expect it to work as well as it did. Just used it for the first time yesterday with half a cake mix and my five-year-old daughter helping me. It was so much funi plugged it in early because i wasn’t sure how long it would take to preheat, but it was ready in just a couple of minutes. We used paper cupcake liners and filled them about 2/3-3/4 full and they baked up perfectly rounded and nicely brown on top where they touched the surface in about four minutes. Everybody said they were really good (i can’t eat gluten but i thought they smelled great and had a moist, soft texture). Cleanup couldn’t have been easier, just wipe the nonstick surface with a damp towel. I’m excited to try other recipes in this, some gf stuff, tarts, etc. It’s also wonderful to be able to bake something easy with my daughters. Much rather make real food in this than use something like an easy bake oven. As an extra touch, a good quality icing bag, coupler, and tips are included, as well as a crust cutter and a former.

I bought this for my daughter for christmas. The maker is well made and sturdy. It comes with some great accessories such as the mini pie crust cutting tool and the pastry bag with different tips. Upon making our first batch of mini cupcakes, i did not that you have to move real quickly when pouring the batter into the cups. Old is not the best at moving quickly, she is what i like to call a ‘dawdler’. So in an attempt to not burn the cupcakes, i ended up doing the batter part. The cupcakes cooked just as directed and came out of the molds very easily. However, i will note that you need to be careful removing the cupcakes as the maker is very hot.

I bought this as a birthday gift for my niece. She loved it, and used it immediately– she reported that it was super easy to use and remove the cupcakes.

Key specs for Babycakes Cupcake Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bakes 8 mini cupcakes in 5 to 8 minutes
  • Non-stick baking plates
  • Power and ready lights
  • Perfect for pastries and appetizers too

Comments from buyers

“Fun in the kitchen with my daughter!
, Cupcake maker
, Babycakes cupcake maker

I got this as a gift for christmas, and just used it this weekend to make cupcakes. My fiancé and i used a whole yellow butter cake mix, and filled the cups about 3/4 full- like someone else said. They were done in eight minutes. They might take a little less but we liked them a little more brown. More than eight was too much. We got a huge bunch of cupcakes and decided to give some to mom and dad. Also since mine was just simple yellow cake, i used a condiment squirt bottle i have on hand that i used to drizzle caramel or fudge on other deserts, so it was a cinch to fill it and use it rather than spoon the batter into the paper cups. The icing bag was fun also- i decorated cakes some years ago in a bakery for a little while, so it was fun to play with the icing. This was fun and easy to use- i wasn’t expecting such a cool machine- i though it would be hokey.

Bought this for myself and i love it. I make so many things in it i never would have expected it had so mant uses.

We all love the cupcake maker. My daughter is 9 and received this for christmas. She is able to make cupcakes out of brownie mix or cake mix and will be trying mini pies as well. They come out very moist if you don’t over cook. It’s fun for her since we don’t have to start the oven and it’s something she can do on her own that creates a treat for everyone. The mini cupcake liners that i bought to go with are too small. The cupcake maker came with several liners, but i’m not sure where to get more of that size. They are a little bigger than minis but smaller than a normal size. The cupcake maker cleans easily and i like the redi bought this because my daughter thought she wanted an easy bake oven,but i knew she was too big for one. This is far more practical and more her speed.

My son is a little mini-chef so i looked at easy bake ovens but most are marketed toward girls (and look it) and also the reviews are just so-so. My son got this this for christmas and by 1:30 pm had made numerous batches and taken them to all the neighbors. It is very easy, and i was pleasantly surprised that it is also easy to clean (and we used no cooking spray). If you get this as a gift for a child, you may want to buy some cake mix, icing, and decorations. It was his very favorite christmas gift and he couldn’t believe that it was ‘all his. ‘ i (ironically) got an extremely minor burn on my forearm – it gets very hot – but you’re basically good if you only touch the red parts.

I was very skeptical before buying this item because there weren’t too many reviews, but i am really glad i took the plunge. The cupcake maker does exactly what it is advertised to do and the cakes come out perfect, that is if you follow the instructions and online recipes (takes some practice, but you’ll get there).

When i first saw this gadget i thought, ‘what do i need one of those for?’. But after reading a food blog i realzed it makes mini pies. Amazon had a good price, and even though it isn’t used much, it is a cool thing to have. The ‘tools’ and instructions needed to make mini pies are included.

Although it is much cheaper, like half, at sam’s club, where it only comes in (beautiful, cute as a button) pink. However, i bought this for my two grandsons, and it is a good boy color. From pictures they sent, it looks a cherry red. But then one of them said he would prefer pink.I bought the pink for myself. All the grandchildren enjoy this. They are interested every step of the way. I have to say, the cupcake papers are an unusual size, and directions say to order from company. They are not small and not regular. I have not looked for them yet, michael’s might carry them.

I liked it so much, i bought one for my daughters for christmas. I also like the small recipe booklet that tells how to use only part of a cake mix. Lots of fun with the grand kids.

I just made mini cherry pies today are they are just yummy made cupcakes the first time it is very fast and clean up is easy.

Baby Cakes 5 Waffle Stick Maker : More work than regular waffles but fun every once in a while

I bought this at a great sale price and had it sent to my grandson. It’s handy and he gets a kick out of watching it cook. He can then take some for the trip to daycare and freeze some for later. It’s easy to use, doesn’t take up much space and ihave found all kinds of recipes to use in it, or adapted from waffle recipes. You can be as creative or simple as you like.

We got tired of having to buy frozen waffles, so we opted to get this waffle stick maker, and we use it all the time. The included waffle recipe is actually pretty good. It’s a definite keeper for us breakfast food lovers, especially for kids.

5 Waffle Stick Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bake 5 waffle sticks in a matter of minutes
  • Non-stick coating
  • Measuring cup included
  • Two-pronged fork to remove waffle sticks
  • Recipes included

Kids and grand kids love the waffles made with this product. I like that they are made individually. Its convenient and delicious. You can add your own ingredients for different flavor. Cooking is non-stick which makes cleanup easy.

Great purchase my kids love it.

Takes some getting used to on how much to fill it, but so far so good.

5 Waffle Stick Maker : Very nice got one for granddaughter and got cake pops also would recommend it to any family love it makes great waffles fun for the kids.

Nice little waffle stick maker. Works pretty well, just don’t overfill it or you’ll have a huge mess.

It is so cute and i use it especially when my little ones are visiting. When i pack breakfast for my son, it is so easy to put it in a little containerand stack it as opposed to the bigger waffles which is harder to pack. Becareful though because when it drips a little to the side, it can be difficultto clean.

Perfect for quick waffles for breakfast. Makes waffles in minutes and it very easy to clean.

Right size for toddlers to handle them, easy to cut, or just hold them according to there age.

Kids love the finger shaped waffles. Wish the batter didn’t spill over as much- i need to perfect just the right amount to put in.

Just used this once but love it. Oiled it up well once with coconut oil and i was good to go for the whole batch. These are great for my little ones and they fit well in my extra wide toaster to reheat. I didn’t think it took very long to cook a batch and it was ready to go for another batch right away. I had no problems with cleanup because its very nonstick with the oil. I have a family of six and it really did not take very long to make the whole batch but if that’s a concern of yours, i suggest you buy two.

I use it when my grandkids come and they love the little waffles they can hold in their hand.

Not very durable – definitely not a high quality item.

They make a great tasting waffle. I freeze they come out great.

Messier and more time consuming than a regular waffle iron and all the sticks don’t cook at the same rate. Also, as some other reviewers mentioned, the orange paint comes off if waffle batter drips out the edges. For those reasons, wouldn’t use this every time i make waffles, but it’s a fun novelty and the kids love the sticks.

Grandmas got a new toyused it last night and granddaughter tried to take them allalready have cake pop maker, so i’m familiar with brand name. I would definatly recommend & it’s cheaper threw amazon.

You only have to put just enough, or the batter will spill out. My kids love the mini waffles.

I didn’t buy this from amazon but i read amazon & other reviews online before purchasing. I think it’s a nice little product. It does what it says and is easy to use. I bought it so my kids wouldn’t need to always have frozen waffles at their whim – especially on buzy school mornings. I didn’t use the receipes included. I buy the little packages of pancake mix (7 or 8 oz packs by hungry jack or betty crocker), mix up and cook. I could use the big boxes of the same stuff, but it’s easy for the kids by not having to measure out the ingredients. We put the leftover batter in the frig for the next day. The little packages are enough for about 25-30 waffles. We didn’t have to alter the receipe to make waffles – it worked just the same for us.

Works good but tends to have steam accumulate near the opening.

Bought this for a friend who was getting married. It came in a bright orange color, which was awesome.I would buy this again to give as a gift.

My mom bought this for when my little nephew was coming to visit he’s 2. She figured it would be great to use for him. But even after he was gone we still continue to use it. It’s is really easy and the waffle sticks cook so fast. It is pretty easy to clean, and they turn out great. I made a bunch the other day and froze them to eat later. I just had them today and popped them in the microwave for 1 minute and they were just as good.

Baby Cakes Babycakes DF-101 Funnel Cake Fryer Turquoise – Wasted a lot of

I just purchased this on closeout. It makes a fine deep frier for making small batches of potato chips using sunflower seed oil. I tried it with some small diced potatoes and it did a nice job. You can also adjust the temperature down if you want to thoroughly cook frozen food without burning the outside. Put food in slowly or it will bubble over. The lid is dangerous as you can put your hand over the vents and burn them a bit. The grip to remove the lid is also very slick in use. Use a dishrag to protect your hands and to get a better grip. It is small enough to fit in my fridge, sealed with plastic wrap between uses. Wish it had a basket instead of the funnel cake accessories.

Nice machine; however you can’t make back to back funnel cakes, because it only supports one. Then you must rest in between because the grease doesn’t stay heated enough to support 2-3. It still makes a good funnel cake.

It is perfect for the wedding gift i need – it will help the newlyweds begin a family tradition. Here are the specifications for the Baby Cakes Babycakes DF-101 Funnel Cake Fryer Turquoise:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Make authentic Funnel cakes in under 6 minutes
  • Use the 16 ounce batter bottle to safely and easily add batter to the oil
  • Retrieve cooked treats with the included drip-through Spoon
  • Create a variety of light and crispy cookies with the included rosette iron and interchangable metal forms
  • Instruction manual with recipe ideas also included

Good item for the money, works like a charm.

Love my little fryer but wish i could purchase a larger one that i could use with a double handle rosette iron.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice machine; however you can’t make back to back
  • Works Great
  • Good product with great price

Delicious funnel cakes, just the way i like them.

Vegetable oil gets hot in ten minutes and is perfect for making small funnel cakes. I’m excited to try homemade potato chips next.

The instruments don’t work good.

Used 4 times and it no longer works.

I love it and so do the grandkids. Exactly as described makes a perfect size funnel cake.

I like the size and howfast the oil heats up to the temperature.

Rosettes stick to the metal.

It came by the time it said it would. But the box was quite damaged and looked very old and beat up.

I received one for christmas. Not sure why the other review had an issue, but my fryer was amazing got as hot as it needed and made amazingly yummy funnel cakes. Fed my girlfriend and both my children them. They we just like getting them at the fair. Only thing i would suggest is make them to order.

I was really excited to get this. At first it word pretty good but somehow the temperature knob melted off and there it no way to put back on so i cant get the right temp.

Bought this for my wife she loves elephant ears, when it showed up i think she was laughing at it but 3 times a week we make them and she love’s every bite. This little fryer works like a champ,easy clean-up.

Growing up i always enjoyed going to the local fairs with my family. All of the animals, games, rides and food made the fair experience a little bit better. In particular the funnel cakes that i got at every fair were so good. I looked forward to the funnel cakes each year because i didn’t get them too often. I wondered why i had to wait for a funnel cake until the fair came around. Then for christmas one year, i got a solution to that problem. Babycakes mini funnel cake fryer allowed me to make them anytime i wanted. The easy to use fryer made the funnel cakes taste better than the fair’s. Babycakes funnel cake maker is a must have for your fair food fix. It makes convenient mini funnel cakes for easy sharing at any time of year at the convenience of your home.

My daughter loved it she made funnel cakes fried oreos and even fried chips ahoy. She wants more of the cinnamon apple cake batter.

I made the rosette cookies and they were awesome, just like my mom used to make back in the 70’s, my next project will be to try the funnel cake receipe.

Perfect little thing for a fun desert everybody loves without having to go to a carnival.

Cute little funnel cake fryer but i have to practice with it more this is why i only gave it only 3 stars.

Baby Cakes The Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker : Great product! Lots of fun.

I purchased this as a christmas gift for my neice; she doesn’t live close so i don’t know how well it works.

So very easy to use, clean and store. I actually made one of the recipes from the little guidebook and it was delicious.

The Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker with Included Accessories

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bake 6 Pops in 4 Minutes or Less
  • Nonstick coated
  • 750 Watt/120V/60Hz
  • Accessories Included: 25 Pie Pop Treat Sticks, Pie Pop Stand, Stainless Steel Crust Cutter

Got this for my little sisters bake sale campaign and she was ecstatic. Worked well but they probably will never look like the picture which is okay because they are awesome to give out as samplers for her pies as they do not affect the taste of a regular pie. Negative: don’t use the recipes in the book, terrible haha.

I bought one of these babycakes pie pop makers elsewhere and took it back, thinking it was too small and i didn’t care for all the pie dough. Then, i saw a couple of ideas with pics on the net, and regretted my decision. I bought another one and i am pleasantly surprised with my results. Tips: try rolling out bread/brush exterior sides with a little butter -instead of pie dough- and then fill with whatever you like. Little grill cheeses, tiny barbq disks (cooked ground beef with your fav. Sauce), cheese and smoked turkey have all turned out well. Don’t overfill, and take out if/when they start to ooze or it will get messy fast–by then the filling has melted and is hot/warm. I used arnold’s sourdough bread and rolled it out completely, and i pressed down on the unit to make sure the seal was as good as possible. I will be trying pie filling next in the bread and think it will taste great.Also want to try puff pastry.

I’ve seen these in the stores so many times, but they sell out quickly. I was relieved when i found it online. Great price, and quick shipping. I have so much fun using it for gatherings.

The Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker with Included Accessories : Delivered very quickly, and i have some very happy kids, and some amazing treats.

Excellent products to impress everybody. I prepare a lot of pies pops and is something different.

This was a great christmas present for my daughter. Arrived in a timely fashion and works just like it’s supposed to.

These goody makers are so much fun and this is one of many i own. One of the great things about this maker is you don’t have to use the sticks. They make a perfect finger food. There are seriously no limits what you could put into these and are easy grab and go breakfast bites for the kids. You can make them ahead of time also and just pop into a toaster over, nuwave, or the oven for a few minutes to crisp upalso super easy for even young kids to use.

It’s really fun and it has no problems at all. Came earlier then they said which was perfect.

Was very pleased with the product. Was easy to use and cleanup was simple and easy as well.

Like 1 cherry from a can can make it explode so basically lots of dough with not much filling. I’m probably going to yardsale it.

I like the product and the idea for pie pops. Its a cute little baker that works pretty well. This thing is most definitely not the easiest thing to clean. Since it’s all one big connecting electronic piece, you cannot get it too wet or submerge it in water. I’m still trying to get burnt pie filling off (and yes i read the very short and limited cleaning instructions. Maybe a re design where the pie tray detaches for cleaning?.

Made pie pop for my daughters wedding.

I bought the waffle stick maker and the donut maker and was surprised by the quality of the baked goods that these appliances turned out. The included recipes are delicious. So when i bought the pie pop maker, i wasn’t surprised at the yumminess of the pops and the clear instructions.

It was shipped without a box, which was off-putting. The actual pies aren’t terrible, but they’re much tinier than i thought they’d be – barely any filling. It does work with your own pie crust, but it also smooshes out quite a bit, making the pops a bit messy.

These are perfect for table decorations and mini gifts. The pies are quick and easy to make and they are just the right size. I am sooo excited because my baby cake collection is now complete. I love them all 🙂 (pie pop, cake pop, and heart waffle maker).

If you bought this expecting for your kids to be able to do it, that’s your own fault. Obviously the thing’s going to get hot. How else would it cook your food?. Cleanup is really easy, and this is so much fun to use. I love to use it to make grilled cheese.

These pie pops are very small and flat, around the size of silver dollar pancakes maybe?. They cook quickly but also burn easily so you have to watch out. Thin, runny fillings are likely to spill over the edges of the bottom crusts by the time you get the top crusts arranged properly, and chunky fillings with large pieces don’t fit very well either. On the plus side, they pop right out of the non-stick interior when done. The accessories included a metal cookie-cutter type thing for making the crusts the right size easily, a tube for the filling, a stand for holding the pops by their sticks, and a pack of lollipop sticks to start off with. Overall, i’m satisfied with this purchase, although i do wish it would hold more fillings.

Baby Cakes Babycakes Flip-Over Pancake Maker Orange, Perfect pancakes everytime!

I acquired this at the request of my daughter as she likes goods that are tiny, brief and straightforward to use, as her husband leaves for do the job just before the solar will come up. Anyway, she actually likes it and says it do the job fairly perfectly.

I love this thing i acquired this detail on clearance at kohl’s but ended up putting on it out just after, three a long time. We use it each and every early morning to make eggs for breakfast sandwiches and on the weekends for pancakes, appears foolish but for a spouse and children of three its great size and super straightforward thoroughly clean up.

Update three-one-18i am just undertaking an update for the reason that i went to get 1 for a pal & see it’s about $a hundred. How could any firm cost anymore than that. Pretty upsettinglove this pancake maker & use it all the time. This is the next one i have so i can make extra than two at a time.

Key specs for Babycakes Flip-Over Pancake Maker Orange:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Makes 2 pancakes in minutes
  • Flip-over hinge
  • Recipes included
  • Use the perfect amount of batter every time with the included measuring scoop
  • Can also be used to create perfectly cooked eggs and omelets

Comments from buyers

“One of the few appliances that only has one primary use that I use on a regular basis!, Easy pancakes if you fudge the directions, Try it you’ll like it”

Acquired as a gift for my niece and she enjoys it.

Makes tasty pro sized pancakes. No far more random dimensions for this family members 🙂 you can make two at a time and after you flip it you can the batter to begin doing work on two much more.

I have experienced this sitting down in my closet about a month. I last but not least obtained it out and go through the directions and resolved to attempt it. I hadto consider my time and do exactly as they say and i experienced no problems. The only issue is there is no timer. So immediately after i study the guidelines i just established a timer and they turned out very excellent. I believe this is fantastic for just 2 people. The way you do it is a small baffling but at the time you try out it and see how theyturn out you can alter your time.

In retrospect i don’t know what i was considering, but if you like skinny pancakes, like me, this is likely not for you. Where you pour the batter is like a modest saucer. This serves to include the batter, but our also tends to make for thick pancakes, primarily in the center. It works fantastic, just not for my liking. I prefer a flat floor so the pancakes can operate wild.

Very nice pancake maker, works as expected.

Empty nesters and loving’ our pancakes. This is excellent for two men and women and helps make the best pancakes at any time. I under no circumstances get the very same pancake when i use a skillet on the stove. They are in no way evenly cooked and look horrible from time to time. When i flip the pancakes in the babycakes maker, i pour batter in the other side and start off the subsequent two. Breakfast is out in a jiffy and tastes great.

It utilized to be known as the pancake manufacturing facility and we have been wanting for a substitute for decades.

I purchased this for a buddy whose mothers and fathers are divorced. She loves pancakes and tends to make them on a pan and griddle. It’s effortless for her to provide from dwelling to household.

This is a excellent breakfast appliance. I purchased a further so i can use 2 machines for quickness. All people loves all my gadgets, egg poacher, waffle makers.

I’ve used a babycakes pancake maker for a few of several years now, and was fully heartbroken when a person of my young children broke it. My lousy spouse arrived dwelling to his wife hoping to make the pancake pan i’ve owned and not utilised for decades perform the way i required it to and by the next early morning, i experienced a new babycakes pancake maker on the way listed here. I like the relieve of employing this equipment it tends to make the complete pancake earning course of action so significantly less difficult on me, and a great deal considerably less messier. It is very simple to thoroughly clean a basic wipe down with a wet fabric and you are good to go. The involved measuring cup would make ideal sized pancakes, and the entire approach requires a great deal less time than making them on a skillet does. In point, i think i will be pulling this poor boy out for a breakfast impressed dinner tonight – pancakes for the spouse and young ones, and omelets for mother (who couldn’t flip an omelet to preserve her everyday living).

This pancake maker equipment is 1 of the best items i have at any time wasted dollars on, on amazon. My spouse and children and i use it every sunday for family members breakfast and it has been more than a 12 months and it will not have any difficulties. The coloration was my only stress but it isn’t really at all as terrible the moment you realize it will work flawlessly.

Not a poor product the moment you get utilised to the ‘flip’. Cooks evenly and is entertaining to use. Will save obtaining to warmth up the stove for smaller batches. I use it jointly with mt mini pancake maker and mini waffle maker. Will make for an exciting breakfast.

Effortless to use but challenging to cleanse.

I ordered a person identical many several years back again and it’s nevertheless in use so wished a further but could not uncover everywhere. Eventually, i have located one more 1 and it tends to make my lifestyle much easier when making ready a number of pancakes when household is about.

He typically would make pancakes on saturday early morning, and he is bought a complete procedure likely with this point. The pancakes are not massive, but a single can just take in two instead of just one.

I have utilised 1 of these for yrs. It does a wonderful occupation and is quick to use. It suggests you can cook other issues like eggs, but i’ve not attempted it however.

Nice, even, golden brown grill.

My spouse makes pancakes like nuts now.

It would make excellent pancakes as lengthy as you never adhere to the instructions. They explain to you flip the griddle more than following about twenty seconds which is just gonna result in a gooey mess all about your counter. What i do is pour the batter in, near the lid right after 20 seconds, flip it about 1 moment later, open up it up to pour the upcoming batch it, and then acquire the concluded pancakes off the griddle when it’s time to near the lid once again. I get awesome fluffy pancakes that are cooked evenly on both sides. I would surely propose this merchandise to any person who are unable to get the hang of flipping pancakes like myself.

Great for food prepping which is what i use it for. You can do four pancakes at a time. Just observe the directions, do not in excess of fill it. I use a 1/3 measuring cup and it works ideal. It arrives with a measuring cup way too.

This is the most remarkable equipment invest in i have manufactured in the previous yr. I had a single also many skillet mishaps earning protein pancakes (one scoop protein powder, 1/four cup oats blended or flour, 1tbsp fage greek yogurt, one/four cup drinking water – test it), so ultimately invested in a pancake maker and could not have been happier with my invest in. You can also use it to make omelettes, sunny-side up eggs and a bunch of other items which i am hunting forward to making an attempt out.

Babycakes Nonstick Coated Donut Maker – Works As Advertised.

Every kitchen area should have a person. We are gluten-free of charge and this minor little one tends to make fantastic donuts. I appreciate that i can make 2 one/two dozen donuts on sunday early morning in an hour, get started to complete.

Now i really don’t have to buy fattening donuts. I just acquired this yesterday and produced the apple cinnamon donuts past night. This device is sweet and does the position. Now i will not have to acquire fattening donuts when my husband and i go for espresso, we can provide our personal healthful ones.

I like this minor donut device. I like this tiny donut machine. I have made use of cake batter, muffin batter, my have batter. It does consider a little time to get acquainted with but so worth it. I pinterest recipes all the time :)very propose- young children appreciate to adorn and frost the donuts as properly :).Here are the specifications for the Babycakes Nonstick Coated Donut Maker:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Bake 6 light and fluffy mini doughnuts in about 4 minutes
  • Nonstick baking plates for ideal results and easy clean up
  • Includes fork tool, wire rack and recipes

Excellent way to make dounuts devoid of the grease. Terrific way to make dounuts devoid of the grease. The receipes bundled are quite very good. I acquired one particular 4 many years ago and does not heat evenly any more but nonetheless use it. Just acquired another one for my mother and she enjoys it and it is operating fantastic.

I use this with my medifast brownies & pancakes. It cleans up truly very good & is fantastic for making the little ones donuts in its place of just simple pancakes or brownies.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • WOW – Great Item!!
  • Great way to make dounuts without the grease
  • Amazing! Every kitchen should have one!
  • it feels sturdy and the doughnuts pop out easily and cleanly
  • I love this little donut machine
  • use this thing I am reminded of why I love it so much

The donuts style very good and they cooked up nicely. I am utilizing this with gluten free recipes.

This would make fantastic donuts – just minimize the time down a minute or so and it will not likely cook them as well challenging. My fifteen calendar year outdated is generating s’more donuts for her sunday college class and they turned out beautifully (used a yellow cake mix – located the recipe on the internet). You can google a lot of different recipes for this donut maker. Love – i like currently being the ‘test sampler’. This solution is a terrific investment decision, quick clean-up, and does not just take a whole lot of room to retailer. Fyi: be certain when you are piping your batter that you use a ‘tool built for this’ or you use a ziplock bag and snip the finish corner to get the batter out uniformly. . Utilizing a spoon will take way too extensive and is sloppy.

This appliance is great for cooking a lot quicker and differ my favored dessert without having quee fry as is traditional. Aids me to be far more slender and balanced ingesting.

Arrived in excellent ailment. It truly is the best appliance to use. Arrived in fantastic situation. It’s the least complicated equipment to use.If a person facet cooks a little a lot quicker than the other you can just open up the major and flip the donuts. They are so yummy and it only takes a couple minutes to make dozens. Adore really like love my babycakes.

I bought this 1 to go with the mini cake pop maker. The only negative i can contribute is that they are utilized so normally, i have put on five lbs.

It feels sturdy and the doughnuts pop out very easily and cleanly. I might read through beforehand that some consumers had difficulties with a single aspect becoming much additional carried out than the other – my spouse and i have not found this to be an situation, at minimum not yet. Outside of that, it feels durable and the doughnuts pop out quickly and cleanly.

I have waffle and pops device for a long time and they are pretty great so wished to consider some thing else. Donut is yummy even devoid of frosting.

The donuts style very good and they cooked up nicely. I am utilizing this with gluten free recipes.

Acquired this to make gluten- and dairy-free of charge donuts. They ended up tasty, quickly and quick to make. Incredibly happy with this solution.

It doesn’t warmth evenly on both sides.

Lots of enjoyment for my ten year outdated granddaughter and myself. Will work as stated in description.

Make guaranteed to use some form of warmth protector for your fingers although filling the molds in scenario you occur in contact with the hot plates.

These donuts are great measurement. Speedy and exciting for little ones to make as well. I have purchased two of them for items for kid’s birthdays. Lots of wonderful healthy recipes on the net make breakfast donuts everyone enjoys.

Most exciting me and my pal experienced in a long time. Hell yeaheasy, exciting, and much healthier substitute to other donuts.

I like this tiny donut maker. I enjoy this very little donut maker. I use my very own gf recipes and they change out good and cook tremendous fast. I have even utilized gf brownie recipes to make brownie donuts. The donuts pop correct out and i just wipe it clean up. I typically do about four minutes or they get a very little dry.

I have utilised a whole lot of different box mixes, for muffins, cakes, and distinct donut blend, all subbed out with egg replacer powder instead of eggs and no oil. I like the donut gap (‘cake pop’) maker improved, however – it makes a whole dozen and they are so easy to coat. I like that they are not also bulky and uncomplicated to stash in my cabinet. You should not wait to only mix up a small batch of batter – i you should not even measure the mixes any longer – just our, add some egg replacer, pour in some non-dairy milk to get it to the ideal consistency, and go.

Babycakes Pop Maker: CP-94LV : I enjoyed it. Warning you will make somewhat of a

Cooks super speedy so you have to look at it, but after you get the dangle of how substantially to fill the crevices with, it really is a piece of ‘cake’ 🙂 be watchful b/c it does get hotthey are lesser than predicted when cooked, but as soon as lined with chocolate, frosting, melted sweet etc, the circumference makes them bigger. People who complain about it only never know how to use it thoroughly. I am an knowledgeable baker, but even my eleven yr previous could do this without having any troubles.

I have utilized the pop maker many instances and it is terrific, just study any recommendations you locate, like use the included recipes as normal cake blend is also runny (plus you would be baking cake pops without end) follow the time directions as properly. They seriously do bake that immediately. I wiped out the holes with a paper towel and a minimal little bit of oil after every use. Also, a dispenser or little scoop for filling the holes is almost a necessity. I tried out it with a spoon and with a pouring measuring cup, but it was messy and took way too prolonged. The 1st stuffed had been attempting to rise, so i experienced to halt and bake that batch half complete. In short, i am pretty happy and if you like strange and amazing kitchen area toys, this is 1 you need to attempt.

Babycakes Pop Maker: CP-94LV – Purple, Makes 12 Cake Pop’s

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Includes: Cake pop maker, cake pop stand, filling injector, cake pop sticks, & two-pronged fork.
  • Bakes 12 cake pops or doughnut holes in minutes
  • Nonstick coated for easy clean up
  • 75 cake pop sticks – Recipes included

There is still some operate to be accomplished on this pop maker ahead of i could level it increased. George foreman observed out quite early that persons getting machines such as his hamburger grill want pop off cooking surfaces so they can be washed in the dishwasher and the same applies listed here. This also cooks erratically and you have to be positive to shut it in between getting rid of the cooked pops and introducing new batter mainly because the top rated device cools a little bit and the cakes do not increase as considerably as they should. I do appreciate the uniform measurement of the base of the pops and it saves the price of heating up your kitchen with your oven although baking. I located my pops cooked on the normal of 6 minutes a dozen. The utensil that comes with this set is a wonderful device for eliminating the pops with no tearing them.

No far more baking a cake, crumbling it into a big pan, including frosting, then earning cake balls with your palms. Now, you pour two tablespoons of cake batter into each and every gap, shut the lid, bake for about 7 minutes, and you have 12 attractive cake balls. Dipp the cake balls into melted topping or sprinkle with powdered sugar. It also makes wonderful baked hushpuppies. So great that i retain a bag of the in my freezer.

I enjoy how swift and effortless this merchandise labored. I built 100 cake pops in much less than 45 minutes. This product was also shipped on time.

Babycakes Pop Maker: CP-94LV – Purple, Makes 12 Cake Pop’s : At first i had trouble getting round cake pops, but then i read reviews that recommended flipping over the maker and that seemed to work. I used a frosting dispenser to fill it, let them bake for 1 minute, flipped over the maker, then baked for about 45 more seconds. Once you get going, you can make a lot of pops in a short amount of time.

I requested my bc product and remaining a comment that the little fork (made use of to take out pops from cooker) was lacking. And lo and behold one particular arrived in the mail.

I definitely don’t like the plug will not detach from the product to clear it, or the simple fact that it turns on as before long as you plug it in. However, as long as you grease the maker (and make guaranteed you do), it is a really great system. The cakes prepare dinner brief and most importantly evenly. I have had mine for over a 12 months now and if i had the storage i might get a further, just to be in a position to make far more at when. A box of cake combine will get you many dozen so if you want to make it all it can acquire a although only currently being able to do 12 at a time vs. Making use of the oven with a cake pop pan with additional cavities. This is great for the summer time even though when its just way too incredibly hot to have the oven on but you want to bake one thing. I unquestionably endorse this. I have the babycakes chocolate/candy melter as well and that also will work great so i advise obtaining both equally.

I’ve built a couple batches of cake pops with this and i still have blended feelings. I experienced in no way produced cake pops before so i will begin by stating for a beginner this is not straight capturing. I adopted the guidelines and my initial batch was burnt. This device will get pretty sizzling really quickly. I acquired rapidly to not use their situations. Thanks to its serious temperature this is not for youngsters. I would never ever allow my women help make these. I also figured out that the proposed batter sum was off as perfectly. I employed a tablespoon to scoop batter into the wells.

Never often come out spherical. I utilized this to make cake pops definitely. The cake pops dont come out spherical besides on one side, the other facet turns out like a muffin top. However, i understood if i permit the cake blend sit and begin to increase in the bowl and then employed it, they rose to a great round ball. All in all it is an okay device, it served its objective.

I purchased this not for cake pops, but to make tiny takoyaki and it has been fully fantastic. The temp stays very constant and it looks to perform far better than knock-off makes i have located in the thrift retail outlet. I a short while ago utilised it to bake eggs, make takoyaki, little pancake pops and as a bees wax mould. Shipping and delivery took a very little for a longer period than i would have favored but that is only since i purchase factors on fridays. Probably a person of these times i should basically bake some cake pops in it.

How did i live without the need of this?. As an alternative of cake blend, i use brownie blend (i’ve attempted a large amount of different, and now just get whichever is on sale, they all work wonderful) a single box of combine makes four dozen balls. Grandkids go nuts for them, co-personnel go nuts for them, and i haven’t experienced to worry about what to bring to a potluck since i baught this. Oh, i never fret about sticks or frosting, just set them in a bowl and they will dissappear just about every time.

It really is like a waffle iron but makes little balls. I don’t like the traditional cake pops (the texture is just gross to me), but i truly dig this matter. I created eighty+ cake pops with just one box of cake mix. I just substituted milk for water and they came out fantastic. It only took about 6 minutes to cook them. I applied a squeeze bottle to place the batter into the maker and it worked terrific. Right after cooling i froze the cake pops for about ten minutes before i coated them with melted candy and sprinkles and it worked wonderful. I also experimented with it with muffin blend and it worked really well way too.

Warning you will make fairly of a. Properly the total procedure took about an hour & fifty percent. Warning to people today this will get extremely sizzling the moment it truly is accomplished so you have to get the job done quickly when eradicating the finished products. Warning you will make considerably of a mess if you use a simple sandwich bag. Tastes alright but i’ve only applied it this when.

So dang fun i created 9 dozen the first time i made use of. So dang enjoyable i manufactured 9 dozen the initially time i utilized the device. Seem i experienced another equipment ahead of and so i determined to fill squeeze bottles with the batter first to get the stuff in immediately and efficiently. It is not a pro machine it truly is just a household machine developed to give a little joy geez. If you leave it shut until eventually the environmentally friendly light-weight goes out you would not know whether or not it warmth evenly due to the fact it’ll just be carried out. I also included 1/2 of a 3rd cup evaluate further of h2o to my cake combine and it had no difficulty exciting the squeeze bottles. The fork is a blessing and all i did to not need but one tray is to place the hot tray of pops in the fridge instantly and they were being cool sufficient to not adhere to their brothers just before the following batch was prepared. I also place them on a tray poured melted fudge icing on them and sprinkled mini chocolate chips and nuts and they were being the hit of the get together.

I designed cake pops for a bake sale and this made it faster to make as many pops as i did. And i like that you can inject a filling to the balls. Make confident the lid is shut straight or the balls are lopsided.

Enjoy thisafter yrs of struggling to get cakepops just right and failing in epic manner- i eventually received it, thanks to this. Pretty straightforward to use, incredibly fool-evidence. Be sure to fill the base reservoirs just about all the way to get it just right (you could make adorable santa hat kinds if you only fill the base reservoirs about 3/four whole. Found that out without having attempting). One particular cake blend makes about five dozen cake pops with no all the mess of mixing a baked cake with frosting mushed in. Will save time in preparation and clean-up (and preventing the gooey, cake-coated fingers). The instruction booklet comes with directions on how to make the cake pop coating just right and not have it transform into a clumpy mess or lead to your cake pops to fall apart (an challenge that has plagued me for a long time). Only downside is you have to time it yourself. It does not have its very own timer (instructions condition 6 minutes tops)- but lack of a timer is a slight difficulty as opposed to all the things else it does so very well.

Next just one i’ve bought, no regrets. This is a excellent products. It can take a couple tries to get it ideal, but it performs conveniently and deliciously. For greatest consequence, make thicker cake batter. Pretty easy to clean, wipes proper off. My 1 calendar year old threw my initially one particular and it broke, so this one is replacing it. It arrives with a booklet with a pair recipes in it, but icing is a great deal easier if you get a pre-produced, and then insert baking chips to it.

Fantastic for what it is, not starbucks but even now quite great. Do not get the sweet pot melter. Absolutely great for what it is, it’s swift and quick to use, just blend the batter and pour. It can take about five-six minutes to cook 12, they don’t arrive out to starbucks top quality, but they do occur out rather damn goodget some candy melts from the marriage ceremony area at walmart to dip them in, we picked up bamboo sticks as very well for two bucks (thirty pack) and we designed about 60 for a staff party and they were a hitit can take a small time and work if you might be dipping the pops in chocolate (the ideal way to make them in my belief) but it is really perfectly really worth it. Do not but the babycakes candy melter. It will take a very long time for it to heat up, you might be substantially far better off getting a inexpensive double boiler for your stove leading for about fifteen-20 bucks perhaps a lot less?) it’s a great deal faster and easier to use.

Less complicated and a lot more enjoyable than i imagined. I really hesitated – mostly simply because it just looked way too effortless. I imagined that the ‘pops’ would be flat on a single facet and overdone on the other. Or just the reverse: too huge for the cups and jogging involving, generating a mess. I could not have been extra improper. My very 1st time, i crammed the cups as instructed. I was just certain that the base would be overdone on the kinds i crammed initial. The great information is that just about every a person was completely spherical and accomplished on all sides and in the center. The pair that bought a small much too total, flattened out a good very little rim that was easy to knock off so they had been correctly round as perfectly. I have experimented with quite a few cake mixes and even bread/muffin mixes that do the job just terrific.

I just baked my initial batch of cake balls in this and i certainly love itmy to start with go ’round with cake pops was not effective. Mixing frosting with a beautifully baked cake just cranked up the sweetness to a ridiculous amount. Last of all, you will find hoping you packed that cake ball properly. If not, get prepared for the crumble. I bought this kind of a great deal i figured i would not be out significantly even if it didn’t function. I won’t be able to believe that i failed to just do this from the starting. I enjoy possessing just a minimal ball of cake as an alternative of that cake/frosting mess. A lot tastier, furthermore the texture is simply just light, ethereal cake. They don’t come out correctly round (which is the only purpose i failed to go with 5 stars) but if you fill just suitable you can get pretty near. You do have to perform quickly when you fill the ‘pockets’ for the reason that they commence to rise fairly swiftly.

I utilized this for cake pos for a newborn shower and it was super brief. I go through heaps of evaluate in advance of getting and followed other’s information like – use the recipes from the guide.

Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker, Buy one and experiment, you will love it!

This was a xmas present for my niece. This was a xmas present for my niece. It was very very well designed and i feel we may possibly have to order a number of much more. Most of these take care of makers are particular to 1 dimensions or type of treat. This a single will make three different varieties. We were being especially impressed with the heaviness of the forged inserts.

I ordered this for my daughter and a single for my daughter in-legislation and they both love them they particularly love the interchangeable plates so they can make cupcakes, cake pops, or doughnuts. The plates are incredibly straightforward to change and all the things is simple to clean up up.

Acquired this for my granddaughter as an alternative of an easy bake oven. She is five yrs aged and will need to have her mother’s support either way and this seemed extra practical. She has currently built cupcakes for her class and for her birthday occasion. Her mom has proposed it to all her close friends considering that it can be uncomplicated and you can use any recipe. They cupcakes/muffins come out fantastic each time and are rapid and uncomplicated.

Key specs for Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 3 Interchangeable Non-Stick Baking Plates
  • Make 7 Cupcakes, 7 Donuts, or 12 Cake Pops
  • Power and Ready Lights
  • Latching Handle, Non-Skid Rubber Feet and Convenient Cord Wrap
  • Includes Recipe Booklet with Hints & Suggestions

Comments from buyers

“Better than an Easy Bake oven, Super Easy to clean up, This was a Christmas gift for my niece. It , Easy and fun to use, Perfect, except for those pesky plates!, Divine applianceMUST HAVE!!”

We bought this for our eleven calendar year old daughter, rather of an easy bake oven, and she cherished it. It also labored like a dream. I am offering it 4 stars alternatively of five mainly because the take care of that you open it with will get scorching, which just isn’t perfect.

We have owned a babycakes cake pop maker in the past and employed until finally its untimely demise. This is the optimal replacement. The plates are detachable to wash and there’s not 1. But three sets to make cake pops, donuts, and mini muffins or cupcakes. This heats up in minutes, and beats waiting around for the oven. We are making use of jiffy mixes to make muffins or blueberry cake balls, or donuts just about every working day right before college. The choices are unlimited. Considering the fact that you can set cupcake papers in it, we tried using the breakfast casserole muffin cups and it’s a gain. Rapid to use and effortless to cleanse up.

Generating cake pops are straightforward and the donuts appear out great. I have not tried using the cupcake maker yet, but i am absolutely sure it will be just as superior. The plates come off simply and are really uncomplicated to clean. Everything cooks well and tastes tasty.

We all cherished the close solution. I purchased this merchandise to use with my grandchildren and i would truly fee it a four 1/two stars. We all cherished the conclusion solution, but the unit gets incredibly hot, and the small children (less than nine) could not seriously use it independently. They however loved making the mix, and icing and decorating the donuts. The device labored flawlessly and the young children and grown ups really liked the mini doughnut size, i am fairly sure for the reason that there ended up none remaining for later. Will definitely get pleasure from using this baker.

Broke on 1st usebut donuts turned out fantastic. The latch that keeps the item closed snapped/broke off on the initial use. Possibly item was faulty and bought way too very hot. Sent again for refund and will reorder product to give it one more prospect. The donuts i built baked effectively and immediately. I need this product for my daughters participate in-dates and approaching birthdays. Here’s hoping the subsequent 1 will not split. I’ll update once i get new merchandise.

I regret not getting this device before. New, home made donuts in 10 minuts.

I initially preferred to buy a simple, scaled-down cake pop maker for my young ones for christmas this previous december. Right after hunting at them on the web i discovered this one particular. 1 of my main complaints from the one we experienced borrowed from a good friend was that it was these types of a suffering to cleani enjoy that the plates just pop out with the launch button. They are non-stick so a quick rinse in hot water with a tiny cleaning soap would make them fast and effortless to thoroughly clean up. My eight-yr aged can actually clear it up devoid of a difficulty so we never mind when the little ones want to make a treat. I also love that they do not have to use the oven. This is a very controllable warmth resource for them to learn to use. It will come with a tiny recipe booklet as well. I retain wanting to make my individual mixes but haven’t finished it however.

I have applied this about 6 moments. Designed donuts, cake pops, etc. Failed to have a trouble and every thing came out good. I would have supplied it five stars other than the lip that you unhook to open up the device would seem much too near to the unhook section that locks in the plates. Other than that, i have no grievances.

I am in like with this mini treat maker. I have only made use of this for the donuts but i love it alreadyi experienced to observe an unboxing on youtube to genuinely determine out what arrives in the bundle but i am delighted. The device is red, with 3 plate sets, so six plates full. The donuts are mini measurement, the cupcakes are concerning mini and regular measurement, and the cake pops are usual cake pop sizing. All plates are coated with a non-stick material, so you would not have to use non-stick spray if you failed to want to, but i did for my first batch. I opened the device to make absolutely sure that anything was there and that it labored. I plugged it in, and it gave off a slight burning odor but that went absent with in a few of minutes. The overall device and plates get truly sizzling so keep it absent from other merchandise. There is a booklet integrated in the established with recipes and it tells you how substantially dough/batter to place on the plates.

This was a gift for the little baker in our house and it operate terrific. Of training course we use this with both equally guardian and kid and it is extremely straightforward to use. It does get extremely sizzling so i really don’t allow my boy or girl clear away the baked products. Eradicating every single of the diverse trays is simple and the clean up-up is fast. We made use of a simple cake combine and the baked merchandise style excellent.

Much better than the effortless bake oven. Niece wished an straightforward bake oven for her birthday, but the the testimonials are combined so i bought the babycake maker rather. She does want supervision making use of it, but the final results flavor improved than what i would visualize will come out of a uncomplicated bake oven.

Impulse buy and so really worth it. My children are in a donut stage and after in a though is ok but i never want them feeding on fried donuts all the time. I was likely to just purchase a donut pan, but then i go through how immediately this cooks and that you can make non-sweet treats as very well. Soldso considerably i have only experimented with the ball mildew, and first utilised a ‘just incorporate water’ pancake combine. Crammed up the base wells to the top rated and correct all-around three minutes afterwards they’re accomplished. I have also attempted adding protein powder, which commonly success in rough, dry pancakes, but not with this babyi spray with cooking spray before each use, and nothing at all sticks. Simplest detail in the globe to cleanse the plates. Fyi- when you use it the initial time it will smoke and it will scent horrible. I panicked and googled it and it is really usual. Has not occurred considering the fact that the to start with time.

I have made mini pancake muffins (a peanut butter one particular and a nutella a single), vegan red velvet mini donuts, and peanut butter pet dog treats in this. I use any recipe that phone calls for becoming baked and just estimate the time. It can be usually fewer than three minutes, so i stand close by and look at right until i have a great concept of how extensive it takes. Rather of being thick and cakey, every little thing arrives out fluffy like a pancake. No matter if you want that texture is a subject of desire, of study course.

Most effective small baking equipment that you can purchase. It is good for young children but they need frequent supervision as the cooking plates come to be really incredibly hot. The multi- baker is significantly greater than the one pops equipment.

Yummy, quick, and easy baked goodies. I designed boxed cake combined doughnuts and doughnut holes. They ended up fast and simple to make. This will come with three interchangeable plates. The a single i have not tried using was the cup cake just one. Does not appear with the choose. The plates are nonstick, but for additional defense, i wipe on oil. I designed this for household and absolutely everyone loves them. Will advise for anyone.

Good item three-one device and effortless to wash. It came with 3 interchangeable non-adhere baking plates to make seven cupcakes, seven donuts, or 12 cake pops. Its great that the plates can be removed from the device for washing. I have tried out the cake pops, it came out rather good form but it consider a extended time than other baking device evaluating to my waffle equipment, which is why i minus one star. Quite quick to operate with no owning to study the menu. Other than working with it to make cake pops, i can also use it to make japanese takoyaki octopus ball or egg puffs (a pretty well-known hong kong regional avenue-aspect snack).

I just baked up a batch of sour cream donuts & this lil baker is phenomenal. . Quick to use, straightforward to switch out the baking plates, quick to function, easy to cleanse. As the instructions say, treatment desires to be taken when opening the unit and in removing the baked very good so as not to get burned, but hey, you have to take the exact care applying a typical oven. I did discover that the final moment of cooking the donuts i did open the unit and flip them so there would be additional even browning on the tops & bottoms (booklet details out that tops will not be as brown thanks to the base plate heating far more). It does not influence the thoroughness of cooking the donut by not flipping them, i just required a additional uniformed glimpse to mine due to the fact i was not applying any coating that would obscure the difference in coloring on tops & bottoms. I really advise this multi-treat baker.

Bought two, (a person for the grandkids – they loved it) obtained in great ailment. This is a terrific merchandise, lots of exciting. One precaution: there is no on/off button, it receives very very hot as shortly as you plug it in. The plates take a minimal time to do the job with, there is a ‘notch’ that you have to align it with. My daughter designed brownie cakes applying a prepared built mix, and they arrived out really excellent. I advise this merchandise with the 1 precaution about it getting sizzling. I advise adult supervision at all moments and that you read the booklet that will come with it. We got the one hundred seventy five greatest babycakes guide when we requested this, it has a wide range of recipes. Also, there is a large amount of superior assistance on the internet from other consumers.

I waited till now to do the overview considering that i desired to give it time to see how it would hold up. All attachments are incredible and they choose so tiny time to set up and also ‘bake’ the cupcakes/cake pops/ and donuts. Like how quick it is and how i can make compact batches so effortlessly now. I have my personal cake corporation and have even employed this to make some solutions before a sale.

I like this equipment, but need to say that finding out to use it in such a way as to crisp, but not burn up, the outside the house of the baked deal with without the middle staying underdone has been much more challenging than anticipated, even though the underdone part does feel to keep on to cook dinner and solidify for a bit soon after the treat has been removed from the machine. Ditto filling the cups with just the appropriate amount of money of batter. As well a lot and there is some overflow, as with a waffle iron. As well little, and the top of the treat may perhaps be undercooked. Turning the device upside down for aspect of the baking time aids with the latter problem. If you are anxious about undercooking components these as eggs, i would advise striving some vegan doughnut and cake recipes. As an experienced baker, i plan to attempt a yeast recipe also, this sort of as the yeast waffle batter that is in one particular of my cookbooks, just to see what would come about. The ideal matters about this buy are that it saves both of those time and electricity in terms of keeping away from the use of my oven and that treats can be manufactured in small batches, allowing for more variety and getting rid of any tempting leftovers.

Truly i considered this would be just one much more silly factor in my cupboard. Actually i imagined this would be a single a lot more stupid factor in my cabinet. I make toddler cup cakes, or donuts weekly. The moment a thirty day period cake pops and freeze in snake dimensions bags for sons lunches. All the young children assume he is so lucky at lunch and i know what is in his junk food for due to the fact i manufactured it. i have even cooked his cinnamon rolls and muffins in it. It is quick ,easy to thoroughly clean, you can make modest batches, corn bread,all sorts of items. I am receiving my bother one for his kids for christmas .

Babycakes Donut Maker – cute little donuts

Adorable, compact, and cooks small but fast batches. . This is a incredibly lovable minor donut maker. It is really a very sweet, compact, and cooks modest but brief batches. I do agree with other reviewers, having said that, that the donuts are a little bit far too tiny, so i had to acquire a star off. The dimensions occur out to about 2′ diameter x three/4′ in height if you fill it right. Don’t skimp even though filling the molds or else your donut will arrive out flat. I advocate that on your first batch of four, fill every single mould with a a little bit different quantity and pick the donut that will come out the tallest with the least volume of squandered batter. It’s challenging to genuinely write out how considerably the fantastic sum is, so give it probability and you’ll get the dangle of it :)as for how the donuts came out, this donut maker cooked them genuinely perfectly. Soon after four minutes, the donuts have a actually wonderful fluffy cake texture, and tasted actually yummy.(i adopted this recipe off of youtube: little bit.

Utilised this for the initially time right now and make pancake donuts.Cooks a minimal additional on the bottom than on prime. But which is not that massive of a deal.

Merchandise: purchased 2 months back. Professionals: rapid and straightforward baking. Makes more than just donuts. I use it to make bite-dimensions muffins and cakes much too. Negatives: substantially smaller than i imagined it would be (donuts will be about the dimension of the vending equipment packs). I use it for rather much all my baking now.

  • Good Buy/Good Donuts
  • Great little donut maker!
  • Great for Gluten Free Donuts Too!!
  • If this ever broke I HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER LOVE IT
  • Babycakes Donut Maker
  • Mini Donut Maker – Nice!

Good for gluten absolutely free donuts much too. This tiny donut maker worked fantastic. In 3 minutes i experienced the finest minor gluten free donuts at any time. I am definitely joyful i bought it. I applied the recipe by nicole hunn. If you are gluten absolutely free, then you have almost certainly purchased her guides. I was ready to make 36 donuts in no time at all. I filled a quart dimension zip lock bag with the batter and reduce the suggestion to pipe the batter in thedonut maker. That worked nicely, but i am heading to order a cupcake pen now that i know that i like this little donut maker.

I acquired this for my 13 12 months previous daughter for christmas and it is excellent. It’s uncomplicated to use and the donuts are genuinely completed in three-four minutes. She is equipped to make the donuts every single early morning prior to college. I do endorse either piping the batter or, i bought the tovolo cupcake pen, and it operates great for this. The batter comes out evenly and she is in a position to do it immediately. Furthermore, she can make the batter in advance and retailer it in the pen, in the fridge. This minor donut maker alongside with the ‘mini donuts: 100 donut recipes to sweeten your ‘hole’ day’ and the cupcake pen, made a great reward. I absolutely propose this item.

Features of Babycakes Donut Maker, Mini

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  • Non-Stick Baking Plates
  • Make 4 Mini Donuts
  • Power Light
  • Latching Handle and Non-Skid Rubber Feet
  • Convenient Cord Wrap

Fantastic solution shipped as claimed.

The only reason for three stars is it only makes four donuts. I assumed if it designed four, they may possibly be larger. You should not get me improper, i realized they would be mini, but it is challenging buying selected things on the internet. You get it house and it does not look like what you assumed it would be. I applied the significant cookie scoop to fill these, that was just correct if i beneath-loaded just a little bit. I sent this back and go the betty crocker version, which designed seven donuts. This is the factor, i experienced to get a medium cookie scoop for this a single. If i just barely above-fill it, it is the right sum. I did like the marginally more substantial donuts of the babycakes, but only earning four a time was not functioning for me. If you you should not intellect that it only will make 4. Which means filling and baking much more normally to get a 50 percent-way respectable sizing batch of donuts, then this is a superior equipment.

This very little donut maker is a delight. This tiny donut maker is a delight. It is effortless to use and tends to make the cutest tiny donuts. We followed the instructions and our donuts arrived out great. We applied a gf recipe we found online and experienced to double the batch mainly because we couldn’t halt ingesting them. I would propose this to anybody and as other reviewers have proposed, i would get the cupcake pen for filling the wells.

I located a yummy hunting donut recipe on the net, and came to amazon to uncover a donut pan. I identified this alternatively, at about the exact cost. Bought it, and used it a ton this weekend. It is smaller, and will make four donuts at a time, but the moment it heats up, it bakes very promptly. I like that the donuts are baked, so it feels a great deal more healthy. I strategy on creating batches of donuts for parties and other occasions in this. The prospects are endless. Product is a little bit chintzy, if you maintain it up and shake it, it may well rattle a bit, but it was quite low-cost.

They had been excellent and super speedy. They were being fantastic and tremendous rapid. Cleans easy and merchants in a smaller place. I also have a donut pan but will most likely use this more than the pan. It can take for a longer time this way but with the pan it is truly hard to get them finished on both of those sides. I purchased the stonewall kitchens gluten free of charge mix. I like it with the cinn sug coating but not so substantially with a glaze i produced with the integrated recipe reserve. I most likely prefer karthurs gf mix around sk.

Donuts are a tad smaller even if you are anticipating them to be tiny. But they never stick and they are ready in minutes. I use it at minimum the moment a 7 days to make my daughter balanced quinoa/cacao or chocolate chip oatmeal/banana donuts for her lunch box.

A sweet addition to the kitchen . I bought mine on impulse mainly because of the rate and i was so anxious for it to arrive. The working day it came i created doughnuts promptly. They cook particularly rapidly so i might stand by. My doughnuts had been completed in minutes. You do have to be quick so i poured my blend into a zip lock bag to quickly pour the blend in. They are little (in shape in the palm of your hand) but a superior snack. I cannot hold out to perfect my doughnut making expertise.

Purchased this and she loves it mainly because it is actually effortless to bake up a lot in a couple of minutes. My daughter bought this and she enjoys it since it’s seriously uncomplicated to bake up a lot in a few minutes. But the donuts are truly little the donut maker came with a tiny booklet that has strategies, recipies, and how to use it. Nonetheless we acquired it when it was $11 it’s absolutely not value $sixteen furthermore $ten transport.

I’m canadian but acquired this from amazon. I am canadian but acquired this from amazon. Com bcz it was pretty a bit a lot more costly on amazon. I purchased it for the reason that i wished to make samoa donuts from the urban poser (which glance amazing). So i manufactured the recipe but my donuts failed to come out as thick (substantial) as the recipe reveals. They search as well flat to slice in fifty percent and fill with ice product. Also, i was only ready to place 1 tbsp of batter into donut device. Both the recipe and the booklet that come with the device say to use 2 tbsp but there is no way i would be ready to healthy two tbsp in it with out spillage. Not guaranteed if i did a thing wrong?.

We purchased maple donuts mix and built glaze, also powder sugared them, and they ended up delectable. I am certain you can make your own mix, this was just more rapidly for us. I would advise this item.

Unquestionably just one of these most effective equipment i have obtained in a lengthy time. The tiny donuts are wonderful and my spouse and children enjoys them. They are normally inquiring me to make far more.

This makes great baked donuts. I employed a recipe i uncovered on the internet and it works just wonderful. I haven’t experienced any troubles with this device. It truly is very simple to use as prolonged as you put the batter in a pastry bag (or ziploc bag with suggestion slash) to fill up just about every cavity. I use a kitchen area timer so i know when each individual donut is completely ready. Really simple and a good merchandise general.

Swift and straightforward – properly cooked doughnuts in four minutes. This minimal doughnut maker is ideal for a brief, uncomplicated snack. The donut formed indents maintain the excellent amount of money of batter to get whole, fluffy doughnuts each time. The doughnuts arrive out browned and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the within. The doughnuts are miniature, but that’s exactly what i predicted when i browse the description and ordered this doughnut maker. As soon as the molds are comprehensive and the lid is snapped shut, it takes only 4 minutes to ideal, delicious doughnuts. The manual also came with a couple recipes which glimpse excellent and i can not wait to try out. I appreciate the ease and convenience of this doughnut maker.

This donut maker is lightweight, straightforward to use, helps make fantastic minor donuts and is effortless to retailer. The donuts are about a few inches in width and bake swiftly. The donut maker arrived incredibly rapidly.

If this at any time broke i have to acquire one more really like it. I appreciate ‘fry cake’ donuts and this donut maker is fantastic and will make the ideal fry cake donuts, four at a time, for loved ones exciting and snacking. I have tried out all the recipes and all have turned out properly with out any bitter tastes or off smells. We adore the buttermilk chocolate recipe. To make the buttermilk i use evaporated milk in the can and white vinegar. I often continue to keep evaporated milk on my pantry shelf because we do not use milk on a frequent basis and when i need it, i get it off my self and blend with drinking water according to the can instructions. I use the whole tablespoon of baking powder but i do combine and then sift the dry components to incorporate them nicely before i incorporate the wet ingredients. We incorporate 1 teaspoon of espresso extract to the chocolate recipe to pop the chocolate style. We also include two teaspoons of ground cayenne pepper and a one/four teaspoon of cinnamon to the chocolate recipe to make aztec devils foods fry cakes. To make frosting them effortless we just use retail outlet shelf cake frostings.

Effortless to use and it is pretty sturdy even while it can be. Quick to use and it truly is fairly long lasting even even though it is so cheap. I very recommend having this for your kid.

Cooks beautifully, donuts done in 4 minutes, pretty tasty. My only issue with this equipment is the lid would not want to remain opened ( or open up very considerably), which is challenging when you are striving to fill all those very small minimal wells, in particular the back again kinds.

A great substitute for the simple bake oven. A pal gave this to my ladies for xmas and i was skeptical. It was definitely enjoyable and easy to use. The donuts were properly cooked in 4 minutes and my ladies had a blast decorating and, of class, ingesting them. I believe this is a excellent substitute for the easy bake oven. My nine yr outdated has one and in no way plays with it. The babycakes was a great deal much easier for her to use and the ingredients are standard kitchen area elements. I would advise this small guy.