T-fal VC1338 Balanced Living Compact 2-Tier Electric Food Steamer : Great product!

Bough as a gift for someone who would let me know if there was a problem.

Pros:compact, easy to operate. Cons:difficult to wash, even after a dishwasher, there was residue left in the little crevices. Too small for my needs, would be perfect for 1 to 2 people, not a family, which may be obvious to some, but for some reason i didn’t pay attention to that minor detail when i bought it. If i could, i would return it.

T-fal VC1338 Balanced Living Compact 2-Tier Electric Food Steamer, 4-Quart, Black

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  • 4-quart capacity (2 tiers of 2 quarts each)
  • 2 tiers with one containing a removable plate for larger items
  • Digital controls with 60-minute timer
  • Compact for easy storage
  • 1-year limited warranty

Works very well as a steamer and not as large as it looks in the photo. Still, like most steamers, it takes up a lot of space, but the clear tiers store inside each other. Just be sure you get the right one on the bottom for steaming. Much better than our old steamer.

I’m really pleased with this steamer. The unit is small and holds enough fish or chicken and veg for one or two people. The two tiers could hold a main entree for four people. It is a 4 quart capacity with two tiers, and that sounds large, but it actually isn’t because you leave some headspace for the steam. Each tier holds 8 cups, but in actuality, you are cooking on the bottom and that isn’t so large. There is a handy digital control and a countdown timer. The water reservoir is transparent, and the entire unit collapses for compact storage, so it’s suitable for small space cooking (dorm room, rv, studio apartment. )you can steam well enough on a stove, but this is a way to do it without checking your water by lifting the top constantly. The plastic is also easier to handle; it doesn’t get as hot as a metal pot. The plastic, according to the manufacturer, is bpa-free so suitable for food preparation.

I use this steamer to prep my meals for the week. I love it, but you do have to be very prompt when removing the food after the time is up or you will over cook it.

T-fal VC1338 Balanced Living Compact 2-Tier Electric Food Steamer, 4-Quart, Black : Does not add a disgusting plastic taste to the food that makes your stomach churn when the smell coats your throat and tongue causing bile to surge up into your sinuses making them burn as your eyes water up from the pain and nausea, blurring vision so that you miss the wet spot on the kitchen floor that causes you to slip onto the opened dishwasher where you narrowly miss the upturned knives, instead getting a concussion and mild brain trauma as your daughter runs in and starts screaming screaming screaming for mommy to come help why is there so much blood. 4/5 – did not receive head trauma.

The only way to cook veggies and keep the vitamins.

Personally love this; 2 dishes in one move:) the 2 layer idea is great.

I’ve read many reviews that steamer is too small. Actually it’s just right for family of 2. It’s true that you have adjust time of cooking (time chart on the steamer isn’t quite accurate). But you always can taste your food in the process of cooking. 2 tiers make this steam cooker perfect by size and by storage space.

This is by far the best steamer i have ever owned,so easy to use and love how it is compact to store when not using. Recommend to anyone who loves to steam.

This is the best steamer that i have used ever. The two tier portion lets you steam things more on the lower level with more control for the top section. It’s great for corn on the bottom and broccoli on top. I love it and i am a sixty-five year old man that takes changes poorly.

This is a great little steamer but i must say it feels more like a plastic toy. It is super lightweight and as a vegetarian all we use it for are. It heats up quickly and is easy to use. My teen daughter and i use it daily with no problems, the price is right, but the quality not great. I do believe it is totally worth the price – 4 stars because it is not the top tier in quality.

I am really surprised at how easy and great this steamer is. You literally just put whatever you are cooking in the two tiers then come back in an hour and its done.

She loved it, i dont know if she uses it but she said she loves it. Maybe she regifted it and never even used it, either way she loved it.

Instead of a baby food maker, i have ordered this because i want to use this for a long time. This is very compact and handy. I have used it at least four times a week not only for baby food but also my own breakfast. It is very convenient to just steam food and come back to it later, versus watching the stove.

I bought this particular brand because it seemed to be the only one with no bpa. I’ve only used it a couple of times, but have had no problems and it works great.

Really nice steamer, love using it whenever i can. Glad i went with this one over the others on amazon within the same class.

Very pleased with this purchase.

Wonderful for healthy veggies. Hubby doesn’t mind chopping vegetables and throwing them in the steamer. Thirty minutes and dinner is ready. We like to mix a lot of different vegetables at one time. Add a little greek yogurt with chopped green onions as a topping, salt and pepper and maybe some texas pete, and it is a quick healthy meal. Some local groceries are now selling tubs of organic mixed vegetables. This makes the prep a dump, set and forget and eat in thirty.

I would give it five stars if it came with a manufactures manual and i didn’t have to search you tube for how-to’s, for this item. But now that i have figured it out i’m glad that i purchased it.

This guys plastic is a little bit light weight i think, but it would be good for old folks with intense arthritis. Not so good for a college dorm. Fruits and veggies gain ‘sweetness’ when they remain on the vine the full time. When you steam those fruits and veggies, the steam has the effect of enhancing the picked-early fruits and veggies. They sweeten up in the steamer. Most steamers have 600 watt heaters on them, but this has 550 watts, and the effect is to allow the steam to work on the veggies just a little bit longer, and sweeten yet more. Things like fresh frozen green beans done for 30 minutes or more, turn out to be a taste delight. Add a touch of olive oil, and a bit of colavita balsamic vinegar and life is good.

Since i’ve gotten this steamer, i’ve only used my oven for boiling water and sautéing onions garlic and mushrooms. Clean up after has been dramatically reduced to just a few minutes with no greasy residue to contend with. Just rinse and soap is the extent of my dish washing after using this steamer. My oven asked me the other day why i don’t use it more often’. I didn’t wish to tell it that it’ll make a great planter.