T-fal Emeril by CY4000 Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Electric Pressure Cooker, Awesome Pressure Cooker

Great features with the saute, brown and simmer settings. Who wants a slow cook setting on a pressure cooker, which is what most of them have. Love the basket which can be placed in the liquid or set above for certain meats. This has the same features as the cuisinart but had problems with it coming to pressure; half the time would just boil. Has a great recipe book from emeril. Have had a couple before this one but this is the best thus far.

This pressure cooker is the only electric cooker i have used that gets high enough pressure to cook pork roast properly. It is the top rated electric cooker for a reason.

I used to cook chicken bone broth, chicken soup, beef bone broth, beef stew taking hours on the stove but no longer. And it is not scary like the old manual pressure cooker. It can brown, and it can steam (i do artichokes in it all the time). I cook boiled eggs (4 minutes on low) in it also. It takes a while to get a feel of how long you should cook chicken (it makes the meat very dry if you overcook it) and beef too (although less sensitive than chicken) but you get a feel after a while. Can’t really do green veggies like green beans, brussels sprouts if you like your veggies super-crisp, but if you like your veggies on the mushy side, i guess 2-3 minutes on low would do it. Overall, it is a great product since it saves you tons of time and probably tons in electric bills.

Key specs for Emeril by T-fal CY4000 Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Electric Pressure Cooker, 6-Quart, Silver:

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  • 6-quart capacity non-stick and dishwasher-safe cooking pot
  • Automatic control of temperature and pressure during cooking; Three preset cooking modes: Brown, Simmer and Sauté
  • Digital LED countdown timer starts automatically once under pressure and lets you know how much time remains
  • Hermetically sealed locking lid for complete safety and peace of mind; Steam basket and condensation collector included
  • 1,000 watts of power; Recipe book included with 47 recipes from Chef Emeril and T-fal; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Awesome Pressure Cooker
, amazing, my favorite kitchen appliance
, Total winner. Recommend without reservations!

The pressure cooker and amazon are greatour chief concern is the very poor instructions that are included with the cooker. This could be a very dangerous item, yet instructions on its use are minimal. Still, we are pleased, but additional information would be very useful.

I have never been more satisfied with a cooking product than i am with this pressure cooker. It cooks delicious food and it is quick and very easy to work with. I bought my 20 year old daughter one as well and she is mastering it quickly. I also recommended it to friends who say they are spoiled by the ease of using this cooker. Not only does it cook quickly and thoroughly, it is so easy to clean up. Just remove the insert and because it is no-stick, it cleans in a snap. If asked to give up all my kitchen appliances and only keep one, this would be the one to keep.

box was completely destroyed but no damage to item.

I use this at least three times a week. It is so easy to dump everything in there and set it for about an hour and the meat fall off the bone and the flavors are infused.

Tickled pink with this pressure cooker. I can easily brown and then pressure cook or slow cook foods. Pan is heavy and washes up well in dishwasher. Be sure to use wooden or plastic utensils w pot, though. Lid is easy to clean under the faucet. The whole appliance is heavy and well made. I really have no complaints about it. My food comes out precisely as expected. May i suggest you buy hip pressure cooking cookbook as a companion?. This is my most successful cooking purchase all year. This pressure cooker is a 5 star winner.

I have enjoyed this so much. So easy and safe to use, food even taste better. Non stick, dishwasher safe and very durable.

I ‘m still getting use to a different style of cooking.

This is an amazing pressure cooker. No problems ever with cooking and the food comes out fantastic. However, i have a warning for all those out there who purchase this. Do not scratch the bottom of the pan (basically, don’t use metal utensils). If scratched, you can no longer use it and getting a replacement insert is a royal pain. The company t-fal gets the inserts from has had the inserts backordered for almost a year. Sadly for me, some ex-friends of my boyfriend ruined my cooker on purpose, knowing this, and now i have to buy another pressure cooker since the inserts are still on backorder. Be careful not to scratch it.

Love this cooker, easy to use and food tastes great. Has a small cookbook that comes with it to get you started. I purchased another book great food fast that works well with this cooker.

It comes in handy with working a full day and having to cook for a family. No need to heat up the oven (and house).

Like most people i know who have had occasion to use one of the old fashioned stove top pressure cooker, i have a story of mishap related to the pressure cooker. I once opened my old pressure cooker only to have boiling hot water splash all over me. While i was wearing a swimsuit. Thank god i was able to quickly get in the shower, thus avoiding a disaster. I find the pressure cooker extremely useful when cooking certain dishes, but after that incident i swore i’d never use it again. So, imagine my delight when i discovered this electric pressure cooker by emeril. I watched a television program where, emeril himself demonstrated the use of this cooker; i decided to give it a try. I am soooo happy i didthis pressure cooker is amazing. It’s so easy to use and with all the safety features, it’s just about impossible to have a mishap while cooking with it. I use this cooker to maker stews, chili, soups, rice, gumbo, and a whole host of other dishes. It’s user friendly, cooking times are super quick, and clean up is a dream.There is a safety mechanism that prevents you from opening the lid until the internal pressure is depressurized.

Fast shipping goodx quality.

Use it at least 3 times a week.

It arrived with two large dents. I blame the way it was packaged. I cannot leave it out on countertop because of its’ appearance. Although, it does operate just fine.

This is my first electric pressure cooker. You don’t have to continually monitor & adjust the stove burner temperature. Pressure cookers work much faster than simply cooking things on the stove. I’ve found that our food comes out with better texture and taste than if it cooks slower.

Fantastic, we are loving it. At the price we paid for this item on sale and with the free delivery, we are very satisfied customers.

This is the best purchase for the kitchen that i have ever made. This pressure cooker has literally changed the way i cook every day. I use this cooker almost every single day. I use to be scared of using a pressure cooker but this is so easy and safe that it would be hard to mess up too bad. I love that i can brown and saute right in the cooker, then when i am ready, i just crank the pressure up and let it cook. Once its done tenderizing or cooking whatever i am making, i can then open it back up and continue with the browning or saute options. It is like having another stove burner. I am an american and i cook a lot of desi food for my mixed race, pakistani and american family. The curry and salan dishes tend to take hours to make and require so many steps. This cooker has reduced the cooking time so drastically that i now spend only about 30 min making a pakistani style dish for my family.

Have only used this once and very pleased with it. Plan to use it more soon, it tenderizes meat so well. It arrived the next day (i have prime, and it was a two-day item)–i was very impressed with the speedy delivery, too.

I bought this to rapidly cook beans and stews and it is very effective in this task. I have not used it for many of the other things but being able to cook dried beans with spices and herbs, sauteed onions and so forth adds a great deal to their flavor as opposed to adding them to canned beans which i find never infuses the flavor as well without overcooking the beans to a mush. With some experimentation i have learned how long to cook different varieties of beans precisely to the doneness i like without having to stand guard over the pot.

If you have worried about using a pressure cooker before, worry no more. The cooker will not function if it is not closed properly. You can take meat directly from the freezer add what liquid you want and cook regular amount of time, it is done perfectly. So far, i have used most of my regular recipes, adjusted for liquid if needed and they have come out great. The cookbook is helpful and what recipes i’ve tried are wonderful.

I bought this as a gift and they just love it. They cook with it at least 3-4 times a week. Their only complaint is they wish there was an option to buy another pot insert so they can easily cook more things in it.