Swiss Diamond Induction Nonstick Fry Pan – 8″ : Well built fry pan.

If you like to have steady, even, and precise heating – this is your pan. I was skeptical about paying so much for one stinking pan but wow, it just cooks so predictably and consistently. Perfect pancakes, perfect eggs, perfect fried veggies, perfect bacon – even heating across the pan. I am using this on a thermador induction cooktop. I also use the emeril all-clad pans – they work ok but i only use now when the swiss diamond fry pan doesn’t match what i’m cooking (like soup).

Their products continue to be brilliant. Excellent product to cook with.

My daughter and son in law asked for this pan for christmas. They say it makes “perfect eggs”. They even sent aphoto to prove it. Let me know if you want to see the “perfect eggs”.

I have looked for and used several non-stick pans. I am frustrated how after a year all of my previous pans would lose their surface, and no longer be non-stick. I was hoping that i had found the holy grail, and paid well for it. Unfortunately, this pan still sticks, and does not keep up to expectations. The pan does wash up well, and is of solid construction. Yet after only using it for a month, the $100 plus price tag was not worth it.

  • Best Non Stick I have ever used. Great even heat, perfect surface. May be too “slippery”.
  • Absolutely Love this fry pan
  • Well built fry pan.

Swiss Diamond Induction Nonstick Fry Pan – 8″

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  • Model #6420i: 20 cm (8″)
  • Patented nonstick coating reinforced with real diamond crystals (PFOA-free)
  • Suitable for gas, electric and induction cooktops
  • Made in Switzerland; Cast aluminum; Oven-safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Stay-cool ergonomic handle provides a safe, comfortable grip

Perfect on my induction range. Takes a while to heat up, but once it does, it cooks evenly. Heavy and solid, it feels so good in the hand. I have arthritis, and i can hold this pan easily. Non-stick is really great too. I’ve put it in the dishwasher and it comes out great. The bluish tint makes it look really cool.

I have several of these pans and they have lasted me for years. They do not peel and always have kept their non-stick capability.

I love cooking with this pan. The cooking surface area is larger than most pans of this type. However i’m disappointed in how easily it scratches. It works on induction cooktop which is the main reason i bought it. Nothing sticks to it and that is a huge plus. I have tried numerous types and done a lot of research and so far this is the best one i have found.

Swiss diamond has been enjoying a great reputation for its well designed, heavy duty, practical cookware. Swiss diamond features a revolutionary non-stick nano-composite using diamond crystals, which are natural conductors of heat. Diamonds are slippery and non-stick by nature, a perfect surface for cooking. Every pan has up to 200,000 diamond crystals – the hardest material known to man – to form a virtually indestructible non-stick cooking surface that will not peel, crack or blister or warp. It also features a perfectly flat bottom for cooking on all major surfaces. Swiss diamond cookware has diamond bits bonded into all its cookware’s surfaces. Everything just slide off of it and clean up is easy, whether by hand or in the dishwasher. It is a perfect replacement for all the teflon coated cookware since it does not emit gas when used to cook over 500 degrees heat, does not scratch when used with metal utensil and is truly non-stick. I had mine for more than 5 years and it was my first purchase in this brand. I still love my enamel cast iron cookware but this brand is the one i reach first for quick cooking on the stove top.

This pan doesn’t taper in going towards the bottom very much, so you have plenty of cooking surface. Very heavy, the helper handle is needed. Swiss diamond says you can use metal utensils, but i only use silicone just to be safe, who would want to accidentally scratch this high dollar pan when you don’t need to?. Haven’t used in the oven yet, but when i got it i put a little peanut oil on a paper towel and coated it like the directions say and cooked an egg with no oil to be sure it was truly non-stick, and this pan did not disappoint.Already had a woll tempered glass lid, fits nice, a little loose but no steam comes out of the edge, very nice with a lid. I have to use my induction cooker slightly higher at first to get the same heat as my stainless steel all-clad pans, then turn down after a little while, but probably due to the thick bottom. I love that there are no rivets inside the pan also.

It does the job extremely well. No stick, easy to cook and brown foods, very even heat. Time will tell if there is degradation in non-stick qualities, but so far its great.

Our old swiss diamond was going bad. Used it to sear, fry, and reheat food. Nonstick was wearing off, and it became more difficult to cook with after having it for about a couple years. Bought another one because the pan is great when it is brand new, and i have to admit that maybe it would be best to use different pans for different things. We got this pan again because it’s especially great when making hash browns, and home fry potatoes for breakfast.

We have an induction cooktop, i bought a very expensive pans when we remodeled our kitchen. Everything stuck to the pans. My husband did some research and found the non stick swiss diamond brand and we never looked back. I have 7 different ones now and they are truly a game changer in the kitchen. Heavy weight, very easy to clean and 100% my choice for induction cooking.

My husband needs to watch his cholesterol so this pan fills the bill. Just put a little water in and he can cook up his egg beaters without oil.

Bought the 10 inch first and was really surprised about the quality. A lot better then any other non-stick cooking ware i have used before. Bought the 12 and half inch and still very happy.

A very good product, as are all swiss diamond pans (including stainless steel).

It’s not light though and you do have to use a little oil (i use pam) to keep things from sticking. I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong as none of the other reviews that i read mentioned that you really need to use some oil to keep things from sticking. I don’t use high heat either – it’s always set at a 4 or 5 out of 10 on my kitchen aid induction cook top. It cleans up really easy and i’m sure it will provide many years of good service.

This 8′ swiss diamond fry pan works great. We have had a 7′ model for about 4 years which is just right for scrambling a couple of eggs, and it has held up extremely well. But i wanted one just a little bit bigger and this 8′ model just fits the bill. I expect that it will last many years since we only use wooden spoons, silicone spatulas or other plastic utensils. These pans heat very well on our electric smooth top range.

I have owned swiss diamond cookware since it was first released to the public years ago. I love, love, love this cookware. Now i am slowly upgrading to the induction set. One word of caution though, be sure to follow the recommendations when using this cookware, it can become damaged if you do not.Even abused they last & last but will lose nonstick over time. Kids managed to destroy mine :).

Sounded too good to be true – effective low temp cooking. Cleans easily, perfect size for my needs. I was reluctant to spend the money but am so glad i did – just like excellent knives, excellent cookware makes a chore a pleasure and is well worth the money.

I was skeptical about paying so much for one pan but wow, it just cooks so predictably and consistently. Perfect pancakes, perfect eggs, we love itpay the money3-15-15 had this frying pan since 2013 still love it, we just bought the 8. 5 quart pan, spend the money its well worth it it’s good product.

For small omelletes or sautéing onions or what ever to add to a larger receipe. Cleans very easily and nothing sticks to it.

The best pan i have ever owned. I purchased several other sizes.