Superior Popcorn Company Countertop Movie Night Popcorn Popper Machine-Makes Approx, I am very pleased with this popper

No real directions, but was able to figure out installing after a bit.

Well it is a nice popcorn machine except the fact that as soon as i hooked it up and started making the first batch of popcorn the heat light blew up within a minute or operation.

Everything about this machine is the easy and great. The popcorn was super yummy and the kids, and myself, love itmy only complaint was that the tray at the bottom was bent so my husband had to fix that. Thank goodness for him or i’d have had to return it, which i think was done before because there was popcorn remnants in the kernel tray.

Key specs for Countertop Movie Night Popcorn Popper Machine-Makes Approx. 3 Gallons Per Batch- by Superior Popcorn Company- (8 oz., Red):

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  • Deluxe model with 3 control switches
  • Exclusive whisper quiet motor
  • Tempered Safety Glass Walls & Doors
  • Switches include: spot light warmer, stirrer and pot heater
  • 850 watts (Top Quality and Certified)

Comments from buyers

“Excellent popcorn machine!
, (We had an “outdoor movie night”) and this made the party even better! We are popcorn eaters and while this machine
, Great Popcorn Machine, my whole family love it, my guests enjoyed the fresh hot popcorn !

I am very pleased with this popper. It arrived sooner than the time posted. There was no problem with the package. Unpacked it, added popcorn and oil and had excellent popcorn.

 i did research on all the popcorn machines available. Based on reviews, price, and quality, i found this one to be of the best value and bang for your buck. As soon as i pulled this out of the box, i was impressed.The quality and the material used is top notch. This machine is all glass and stainless steel. Very easy to use and very fast. We had fresh popcorn in minutes. Definitely recommend this if you love that theater popcorn.

“this is the second time i’ve put together a red full antique style popcorn popper machine complete with cart and 8-ounce kettle for an office. It works great just as long as you follow all of the instructions. Assembly was easy, although the pictures in the instruction manual are a little difficult to make out. Our machine will be used daily. We use orville redenbacher popcorn, which i believe tastes, looks and does the best in this machine.

Works good with the great northern popcorn 8 oz all in one premium tri-pak. Put the oil in first ( melt ) then add the popcorn and salt.

We have had ours for about 5 years and so bought this one for my son. Heats up fast, pops fast, and popcorn is great tasting. The 8 ounce machine can pop enough for 4 people. I use coconut oil, delicious. For clean up i use a wet paper towel and just wipe the inside down, and inside the pan. Takes 30 seconds, easy peasy.

Received this as a christmas present and i absolutely love it. However, it took some trial and error to determine the correct oil to popcorn ratio. As it turned out 1/4 cup oil to 1 cup orville redenbacher’s white popcorn is deelicious. Easy, fun and makes a large amount quickly.Not to mention it is adorable on our sun porch :d.

We use it at home when we want some movie popped popcorn and it works great. We are testing different kernels, salts and oils to get the movie popcorn taste we love and it comes close. Easy to clean and quickly pops. Can only pop 1 cup of kernels at time, but it’s quick, so we can do another batch once the first is done if we want more. Usually one cup is plenty for two of us.

Beautiful, works great, wife loves it.

Definitely not easy to clean but none of these machines are.

This popcorn maker works great, although it seems it doesn’t make very much popcorn if you follow the instructions. Also, it arrived damaged, which probably happened in transit. I bought this for my staff so one of them was able to fix the damage to the bottom of the unit.

Unit was easy to finish assembling. We only have to add the main cooking pot and door. Sadly, the unit does not sit flat but instead teeters. Feet are secured on the bottom but the unit will not level. I tried several surfaces but wobbled on each. At the cost of this unit, i would expect better quality control.

Great popcorn machine, took a few test batches to get the popcorn just right, but after buying coconut oil it works perfectly. I would also recommend the flavocol seasoning for that movie theater taste.

Purchased as a gift for my hubby as one of his christmas gifts. He loves the movie theater popcorn so i thought it would be ideal for a home gift. I scored big with this purchase. Actually made a short video clip of him popping the first batch. Played the video clip to find him ‘giggling’ when the kernels started jumping out of the pot. Ideal gift for the popcorn lover. I do recommend purchasing the popcorn and have available to go along with machine. The recipient will want to fire it up time they put it together.

Very nice popcorn machine yes it’s small but works great for our cabin. I’m giving it 4 stars because it only has the one shelve there was no handle for the other side.

At first it came with a couple missing parts on the storage cabinet, but when i send them photos of what happened, without hesitation they sent us a whole new cabinet without the hassle of having to box it all back up to send it back. Works incredibly well, and is so worth it.

We purchased this for our children’s birthday parties. (we had an ‘outdoor movie night’) and this made the party even better. We are popcorn eaters and while this machine is big enough to serve 30 children popcorn. We use it for our little family of 4, as well (kind of overkill. But when we have gatherings- this is terrific). The popcorn it makes it so delicious. We don’t even purchase microwave popcorn anymore. My suggestion: if you are buying for just your family (and it’s not a huge on), go with a smaller size. If you don’t mind the extra size and plan on entertaining, then go with this one.

It’s cute but it came with chipped/cracking paint on the top. Not happy about paying the price for a damaged item. It was a suprise for my children so i didnt put it together and notice the damage until the passed return window.

Ease to assemble and use it often.

Works great, looks great, perfect for our theater room. I was looking for something that would be as useful as decor as when we want to enjoy theater style popcorn and this unit had the best reviews. The unit was overall pretty easy to assemble, the cart took a little work, but nothing too difficult. We use the pre-made packs and they work awesome.

I bought this to donate to the local parks district – all the families are enjoying this at the gatherings :).

I rarely review items but i wanted to dispel some of the misconceptions on the item. The pros: the popcorn comes out evenly flavored and fluffy its a great conversation piece. Very sturdy construction the glass door is better than the plastic kind and will last longer. The wheels are big and give it a nice look. The cons: it is hard to clean, but then i expected that since its small and has lots of tiny corners the metal edges are sharp and can cut you if you are not careful when cleaning it if you don’t pre heat it you will end up with lots of un-popped kernels the glass door is 1/4 inch too short on the top and un-popped kernels sometimes fly out through the slit. The first batch comes out fairly quickly, subsequent ones take a little bit longer. Summary: i ‘do’ recommended that you buy it, my family love it, they can’t get enough popcorn. Clean it with warm water often if you want it to last, overtime it will accumulate gunk if you don’t great piece of machinery, but it could use just a tiny bit more engineering like dulled metal edges. So far i have popped like 20 batches without a major problem.

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