Sunbeam RG12 Rocket Grill Electric Grilling Appliance : Easy, convenient!

I have had this item twice before and my only complaint was that the knob broke and i therefore had to replace the griller. Hoping they had made some improvements because this is a great product.

I have had 2 rocket grills because i love the concept and there really is no clean-up involved; however. The first one i bought off hsn over 10 years ago (and was just over $100. The unit worked great and i took excellent care of it, but the vented lid eventually rotted and cracked (i think from the heat) on the unit and the timer dial also broke. (btw, the original rocket grill was not made by sunbeam). For a few years i didn’t even think they made these anymore and i had a ton of bags left. Then i finally found this one by sunbeam a few years ago. The entire unit held up great, and i thought they had made an improvement to it by making the vented lid out of metal instead of plastic, which did help as far as my lid problem went. Unfortunately, my dial broke again.I take good care of my things, so i know i was not rough with it.

Sunbeam RG12 Rocket Grill Electric Grilling Appliance

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  • Unique grilling appliance grills fresh or frozen foods in minutes
  • Sunbeam parchment pouches channel fat and grease away from food
  • Fresh or frozen control switch; easy-to-use timer; no cleanup required
  • Accessories include 12 parchment pouches and recipe book
  • Measures 14 by 11 by 11 inches; 1-year limited warranty

This is a backup as they are hard to find now. I would not want to be without one.It’s great for one or two people.

I have one of the first rockets they made. I need a new timer dial knob. They don’t have parts anymore.

My son recently moved out and i know he is not a cooker. He eats pre cooked, micowave food. I got him and my daughter one each. My son loves it sooooo much. Turkey burgers, beef burgers, boneless chicken breast, grill cheese and more. It’s cheaper now for him to eat and ‘no mess clean up’love, love, love the sunbeam rocket grill.

Sunbeam RG12 Rocket Grill Electric Grilling Appliance : I found my receipt on amazon for the purchase. Lo and behold i had six weeks left on the one year warranty. I called sunbeam and in a minute or two they promised to ship me a brand new unit. All i have to do is cut the cord and trow the old one out. . Worked for about six months before it died. Since you use little pouches to cook the food and i have 25 of them left the grill worked exactly 25 times before it broke.

The rocket grill really is the best grill ever. I belong to weight watchers and love the fact that the grease is whisked away from the meat i cook. Everything cooks so fast and there is no clean up. Just discard the used pouches. The seller is the very best to do business with. I had a rocket grill i had purchased from him that needed repair and the seller promptly sent me a new grill. I would recommend this seller to others.

I cannot believe this thing has not overtaken the foreman grills and every grill like it on the market. The sunbeam rocket grill is absolutely the best quick grill kitchen gadget on the market in regards to convenience and no mess. I have one unit, and i wanted to get this as a gift for a few friends for christmas. I could not find it anywhere. Tons of foreman grills and none of these. Sunbeam get off your duff and pay attention. You have a high demand device that most people know nothing about. The great thing about this grill. There is no mess or cleanup. You pop your turkey burgers or whatever in the parchment bag, put it in the unit.

I purchased a rocket grill about 8 years ago. It still looks like new and works well. It’s one of the most used appliances in my kitchen. The only problem i ever had with the rocket was cooking a frozen fish plank. I switched the button to ‘frozen’ which brings the grill plates closer together. When i took the fish out, it was 1/4′ thick and looked like tree bark. I guess the plates continued to move closer as the fish cooked. Now with frozen foods, i move the switch to ‘frozen’ until the plates stop moving then switch it back to ‘fresh’.

Fast-tasty and clean grilling in throw away parchment bags. Small cooking capacity and expensive cooking bags are the only drawbacks. Has a moving grill plate that closes on food and then releases after cooking is done. I wonder how durable this machine will be.

The only thing i dislike,is the knob has broken so i ordered another knob and the stem is too long and will not work the machine. My grandson had a rocket grill so i tried it on his and same thing, stem is too long. I reordered 5 knobs from sunbeam and they to are all to long. Also,why would sunbeam discontinue such a wonderful product?.The rocket grills they have on amazon are way over priced.

I was interested in this appliance when it first came out but decided it was too much money and i already had a cupboard full of appliances. It is just the two of us now and so i have to cook in smaller portions. I came across the appliance right after christmas in a discount store and the price was right. I can put 2 portions in the bag and it is quick and doesn’t dry out the meat. I use it to grill sandwiches and love the no clean up after. I don’t know how long the appliance will continue to work, but for now, i use it almost everyday for something.

I love my rocket grill, but more to the point i use my rocket grill. It was given to me by my mother as a christmas gift a few years ago. After using it the first time i was quite keen on it. It’s easy and clean to use no splatter no mess. We use it for meats of course fresh or frozen, boned or not but we also use it to grill sandwiches as well as certain vegetables. I have now gifted several family and friends with the rocket grill and it has become a commonly used small appliance in our kitchens. Besides it cooking consistency and its safety features it also is a no-mess appliance because all of the grease stays in the throw-away parchment. Which reminds me, be sure to order an extra package of sunbeam 7545 rocket grill parchment pouches, 36 pack as you will be using this grill frequently. Just place your seasoned meat, vegetables, or sandwich in the parchment bag, slip it into the top of the rocket grill, set the timer (it comes with a timing guide that slips into a drawer in the bottom of the unit for safe keeping), then wala the bell goes off, give it about 30 seconds for the grill plates to move back into their non-cooking position, lift the lid, pull out the parchment envelope and remove your food. I use short oxo good grips 9-inch locking tongs with nylon heads so i am certain to not puncture my meats (puncturing will let those wonderful meat juices escape).

However, the first one i purchased elsewhere only lasted a little under 3 years and then the knob went on it. Hoping this one lasts longer, because it’s so convenient. And there’s no mess to clean up. The only thing i don’t like is the price of the parchment pouches.

I’ve tried a good many grills, but none can compare to this one. You can take a frozen hamburg and cook it well done in 3 1/2 minutes. I’ve grilled chicken – came out just wonderful. I’ve grilled frozen chicken kabobs, again – only took a few minutes. I’ve made panini sandwiches, bread comes out nice a toasty and insides are warmed. I’ve even done a grilled cheese sandwich in it. And talk about the fat dripping away – because it’s like a toaster, all the fat drips into the bottom of the bag, aware from the food. You won’t regret getting it.

I have owned this product for over 6 months. I have yet to have to clean anything. I cook a lot of hamburgers, chicken patties, breasts, fish etc. Everything has turned out great. The bags are a little expensive but the saving in time, paper towels, soap the expense is worth it. I do think this is more a single person’s item because there isn’t a lot of room in the bags for two chicken breasts etc. I hope when mine wears out they are still making them. Update: stopped using the grill a long time ago. Main reason was that it flattened(squished) the food a little bit too much.

Great for one or two person household. Love the convenience and ease of use. The parchment bags make clean-up quick and easy.

I like this with reservations. It certainly removes all the grease from your food but it also squeezes it a lot. You have to be sure to use the lighter setting when making sandwiches or it squeezes the insides out. I guess it’s all a learning curve thing. I could live without it but i do like it for quick meals for myself. Flattens it a bit but that’s part of the reason i like it. And, of course, the best part. This is one of many of my kitchen toys i just had to try.

This is perfect if you want quick burgers, chicken etc that is juicy and not dried out.

I have had this product for a few weeks and love it. It cooked frozen chicken breasts perfectly, frozen sirloin steak,fresh chicken and awesome sandwiches. I prefer to use fresh meats and marinate them first for flavor,they come out the best. But frozen works well in a pinch for time-great for a healthy protein fix. less shipping fee and it includes 48 bags. The replacement bags are pricey but well worth the time saver in no clean-up. I am sending one to each of my kids at college-easy for use in a dorm. I use the extra thick bread for grilled cheese-comes out looking like the cover of bon appetite. ]

I have to have a tranformer to use this, but it is the best thing i have ever owned that was reliable and easy to clean. Secondly, how can you beat the fact that the fat dribbles down in the pocket and leaves your food clean?.I use this for everything, from steaks, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers and grilling vegetables. I save the juice from the veggies to use in place of oil in my arroz con pollo. Secondly, you can save your drippings from the parchment pocket to separate the juice from the fat. I pour it in a little ziplock baggie, stick it in the fridge till the fat solidifies and then i snip the end of the bag to catch the broth. I use that as well in place of oil.

For john burns’ negative 2 star review – yes, i’ve had my timer knob break as well – just email or call sunbeam and they will send you a new one at no charge, but the second time it broke the recommended i contact another on-line company that’s only open two or three hours a day – plus, i felt i should not have to pay for a replacement on an obviously defective part. So my husband made me a knob, out of metal( – he used to build race cars, so a knob is not a big deal for him)we love this product. Since my stroke 9 years ago, my husband does 99% of the cooking and cleanup afterwards – so he absolutely loves it. A moist and juicy rare fillet mignon in about 3 minutes. Great for grilled squash or other veggies (trick: use a shishkabob skewer run through the bottom of asparagus stalks to keep them from falling and bunching up at the bottom of the bag. Also works with hot dogs or thin sausage) just toss the bag when you’re done. I think about every 10th or so use, i pop the lid off and wash it, as it tends to collect spatter if you broil something with a higher fat content. And there’s like a little crumb tray at the bottom that i shake out and rarely rinse off. It’s the best ‘gadget’ type item that i bought on a whim, everyou need to experiment with your cooking times at first until you get the right time for the doneness you like. My first burgers came out like hockey pucks, because i had the switch set to frozen food (which causes the grill plates to press together more tightly than the fresh food setting) in most cases, i found that the suggested cooking times were too long for most of what we cooked. So you need to set the timer for less time, then see how it comes out and adjust accordingly – you won’t be sorry you took a little extra time to figure out your ideal cook times for your favorite foods. Also check out ebay for your parchment bags, i bought 300 bags in a batch last time and it brought to per bag cost down to less than thirty cents a bag. By buying in bulk – and they don’t take up a lot of room to store.

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