Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker : Great equipment but?

I have owned 3 of these over several years since they were introduced and basically wore out every one of them through constant use. It has the capacity to make hot tea with tea bags as well as loose tea (separate filter basket that fits into the tea bag basket). It also has a strength control for brewing. The only feature i wish it had was a stop and pour option like many coffee makers have. I tried stopping mine manually and i think that feature is not included because the tea tastes different at the beginning than when the total brewing is finished.

I purchased this from walmart and have it in white color. I like the look of the black too after seeing it here on amazon. Anyway, this tea maker works great. Now i’ve had it for almost 10 months, i’ve never had any problems with it. After i bought it, i definitely drink tea more often, which has made my life healthier. It’s so easy to use and care for (basically just cleaning the pot once in a while). I like the warming feature and adjustable steeping level. The little basket is very convenient and you could mix tea bags and make your own favorite. The first thing i do every morning is to turn this tea maker on and have a hot cup of tea. It’s a great product and i would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle and likes to drink tea.

Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker, White

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I’m so glad i bought this tea maker. I have only had this for about 3 weeks, and it makes perfect herb tea, that still taste good after siting hot for a few hours. I have only used tea bags,and will mix acouple of different types with my green tea. This does not turn off automaticly. There is a green light to let you know it’s on. This has a knob to turn if you want your tea mild , reg, or strong. I keep it on strong, as i drink herb tea, and feel i’m getting more antioxidents that way. Oz said when your makeing green tea, if you squeeze a , lemon, orange, or lime into your tea cup you will get all the good antioxidents from the green tea. If you do not, your basicly drinking flavored water.

Have had our sunbeam tea drop for about 3 weeks now and love it. The people who say it does not brew a strong enough cup of tea are full of beans. Before i got it, i was steeping my tea in boiling water for 15 minutes. There is no difference what so ever between the taste of the tea. (i was using green tea) it is wonderful not to have to go thru all of the extra steps and to have a perfectly brewed cup of tea in minutes. I’d buy another one when this one dies.

This was exactly what i was looking for. It makes a good cup of tea and keeps the extra warm. Small enough to fit near my computer so i can enjoy it without having to run to the kitchen constantly. My only complaint is that when i take it apart to clean after brewing that the tea drips inside and has to be wiped out. I would recommend this product. Edit: the carafe broke after i dropped it. I called to purchase a new one from sunbeam and, to my surprise, shipped me a free one at no charge.

Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker, White : Kepp it hot without boiling it. Cold weather came last year and i wanted tea. I got one winter’s use out of it.

Like the guage for strength of the tea and the fact you can use loose or bagged tea.

I really like this tea maker. I purchased this one to replace the one i broke on accident. I have used this tea maker for years and years–i love it. I am not a tea snob; i experimented with tea bags until i got the right strength for my taste. I put it on full strength with 3 irish breakfast tea bags and it comes out beautifully. I don’t have to time my tea. I just fill, push the button, and ten minutes later i have perfectly steeped tea. If this one ever breaks, i will be in the market for another one.

I already own this tea drop, and have loved it since day one. My sister-in-law also loves tea, but was using a pot to boil water, and she was scalding her tea. My brother let me know how unhappy she was about that and i decided to surprise her. After the first cup of tea, she called and texted me about how excited she was. Now we are sharing tea websites online.

I drink a lot of tea, and i find this little unit is wonderfully consistent in brewing. It lends itself particularly well to the brewing of fine white or green teas for which, to protect the tea from a bitter or astringent taste, the water should not be brought to a boil. It also does a very nice job with most oolongs and even some black blends. If i am in a hurry, i’m generally satisfied with the results i get with black, rooibos, mate and herbals that require hotter water and longer steep times, but when i’m fussy about these latter varieties i use a teapot and infuser so i can control the results to my taste. I find the sunbeam hot tea maker extremely easy to use. I always use loose teas which, of course, get loose if i’m not careful. The trick is to take the infuser basket out when putting leaves into it.

Just as the amazon description illustrated,this little brewer does an exceptional job. . Quite a good price for this attractive, very functional appliance. Since christmas, it has been used several times a day on both loose and bagged teas.

This tea maker workers like a coffee maker, however the ‘steeping’ time is controlled by slowing the passage of the tea/water through the tea grounds into your cup when darker tea is desired. With about twice the normal amount of tea, you can get an okay cup of tea when you select the darkest setting. The trouble is, for really good tea, you want the water to be brought to a rolling boil and you want the water and the tea to stay in contact for 2 to 6 minutes depending on the kind of tea and the strength you like. Neither of these things happen with this tea maker so even when you add twice the amount of tea, you can get a darker cup, but you won’t get the kind of full-bodied tea taste that tea lovers like to savor. That said, this tea maker does keep the tea you have made nicely warmed, so that is a plus. If you’re not a fanatic for awesome tea and you don’t mind using twice as much tea, you might find this teapot a nice convenience.

I didn’t buy this tea maker for myself but for my husband who drinks about 5 cups a day. We had a tea kettle that we would heat up on a stove top but this tea maker saves us time and money on our electricity bill. He is a teacher so he can bring it in the classroom if he wanted to. It’s a wonderful concept– good tasting tea that is quick and easy to make whenever you want a cup. If you love to drink tea throughout the day, i recommend buying this tea maker. It is small enough to go with you to the office or stay at home.

If you like hot tea, this is a great buy. It comes with its own infuser/strainer so it works with loose tea as well as tea bags. You have variable settings so you can adjust the strength of the tea it makes. I not only use it for flavored teas but also for making an herbal tea at bedtime. And, if you just want to make just one or two cups of cocoa or spiced cider, you can use it to heat the water and keep it hot. Nothing like it for making tea though. Great gift for the tea lover.

It takes 3 tea bags to get 2 medium strength cups of tea. Husband isn’t very thrilled about it but he was using a stove tea kettle and would leave the water boiling for hours. I put a stop to that because i was afraid he go off to work and leave the gas stove running all day. When you compare it to burning the house down, it’s not such a bad deal. Update 9/25/13:we’ve been using this nonstop since purchase. You can heat the water with the tea bags in the holder or just put the tea bags directly in the carafe.

My grandmother was looking for a teapot that did more then just heat up water for her tea, and it seemed that every one that would do more then one cup of water at a time was just that. She uses her teapot every day, and goes through 2 to 3 pots a day and every time i see her she thanks me again for it.

I bought this tea maker for my boyfriend last year and i’m not exaggerating when i say that we use it everyday (maybe even twice a day) after one year of continuous work the little bugger is still going great. There are some obvious signs of use however, especially on the burner (from negligence in allowing the water to spill and what not) but it works fine just the same. I read a comment about it not steeping, which is true, but i don’t think it makes that big of a difference. This christmas i’m planning on buying him the expensive and fancy zafino (i think thats the name) although i don’t expect it to be much different. That product claims to steep at the right time needed for all the different tea types, i will update with the reality and whether it’s worth the $60 extra or whether this sunbeam is just as good for a better bargain. I own the white machine but i would definately suggest the black because mine tends to accumulate smudges of sorts and the exterior needs constant wiping down to look neat (when the tea hits the cover as it drips it splashes a bit). And am so glad to have it, not only is it convienent but my regular tea pots couldn’t stand up to our endless torture of tea brewing.

We have enjoyed using this tea drop for quite a while. I hope they will put it back in production because when i need another one,i will go first to sunbeam as their products have served us so well ever since my mom got her mixmaster many years ago.

Had one of these, for several years, which i loved. Perfect for one person that drinks more than one cup, but doesn’t want to waste a large pot. I’m sorry to find it is not available, new , at a reasonable price any longer i’d like something very similar to replace this.

Sunbeam has this tea maker, see?bright green power lamp when rocker switch is left on, so if you turn the lights out in the kitchen, glance back to know if it’s on, you will. Two foot power cord will store excess into its back with a locknotch, so you can keep cat from tripping on it. Nice feature on fill reservoir in back of unit is a rubber water exit hole above the max fill line. If you don’t look and fill it twice, say, it will oops, leak out the back, not onto the case with the heater in it, due to the rubber part and a curved back on the unit, keep the carafe from overflow in front, and remind you that you blew it over and over as you soak up the puddle. Five position steep time changer is iffy, but yes, it does do something. This is a mechanical lever that ups&downs the filler tube in the brew basket. My unit, with lever on strong, from cold start fills pot in 5. 0min, after that, 4 1/2 plus or minus five seconds.

The tea drop arrived when it was supposed to and serves us great every morning.

Difficult to find for purchase. In my opinion, price is a little expensive but i use this tea maker every single day. Easy to use and i like to keep the extra tea warm until i’m ready for another cup. I’m not a sophisticated tea drinker so i use tea bags rather than loose tea for ease of brewing and cleaning.