Sunbeam FPSBFCM40 Fortune Cookie Maker, Fun, fast and different

Great price and a very cute product.

My 12 yr old son asked for a fortune cookie maker for his birthday. The recipe in the included booklet made a nice crisp cookie. There is a little trial-and-error to get the right cooking time, and learn the correct folding technique; we had a few rounds of rejects, but then every one after that was perfect.

The flap lock for securing the opening during cook time is broken after a few uses. Otherwise, it’s a fine product.

Key specs for Sunbeam FPSBFCM40 Fortune Cookie Maker, Red:

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  • Uniquely designed fortune cookie shapes
  • Creates 2 delicious fortune cookies in minutes
  • Power & ready to bake lights indicate that the fortune cookie maker is on and heating
  • Includes Fortune Molder and Fork for easy removal
  • Non-stick plates make clean up easy

Comments from buyers

“I like my fortune cookie maker way too much.
, Wonderful product
, This fortune cookie maker is terrific. I have made fortune cookies for birthday parties

Actually the cookie maker was incomplete the plastic piece that help to fold the cookies wasn’t in the box anyway it works and we invented how to fold the cookies.

Fortune cookie maker produced perfect fortune cookies. It was a gift for a teenager and he enjoyed sharing it with family and friends.

This cookie maker is easy to use and fun for the kids. In addition they taste better than store bought cookies. Can be used for all occasions.

Item as described at a great price.

I was very pleased with this product. I bought it for friend and she was so amazed she couldn’t wait to make them.

It takes a while to learn how to give the fortune cookies the proper shape without burning your fingers. The recipe that comes with the device is very good and makes a lot of cookies. You can also made ‘medallions’ (flat disks) and, with a small stick, you can roll wonderful mini-canoli. Warning: depending where you live, the ultra-fine or super fine sugar the recipe calls for may not be available. Plan ahead or order this special sugar online.

The quality of the cookies that come out of it are surprisingly good. In many ways, better than the fortune cookies you are used to at chinese restaurants in that they have more flavor (recipe provided in package) and make other fortune cookies taste kind of bland. Be careful when making them, the stuff is quite hot and you can burn your fingers so i would not recommend this for young kids. Very glad i purchased this and would recommend to anyone who likes fortune cookies. Being able to make up your own fortunes and stick them in the cookies is kinda fun too.

My daughter wanted a fortune-cookie maker, and after looking at the ‘toy’ options, i decided to buy a ‘real’ kitchen item (one that a cook would use). I’m so glad i picked this one. It’s easy to use, and the instructions for folding the cookies were simple to follow — we practiced on the first cookie and each got it right by the second one. I opted not to buy any pre-packaged fortune cookie mixes (none of them got great reviews). We used the recipe that was included with the fortune cookie maker, and it’s delicious. The cookies looked and tasted exactly like the kind you get after dinner in a chinese restaurant, and cleanup was easy.

I have been having fun making my own fortune cookies. It took a while to get the hang of it. I also looked up a video on youtube for better folding instructions. The recipe is okay, but there are better ones out there. Lots of great fortunes on line as well if you get stumped.

We enjoy using the fortune cookie maker. They arent as crispy as the bought ones but they taste great.

I bought this for my 9 year old for christmas and she absolutely loved it. Easy to use and includes a recipe that makes great tasting cookies.

The first batch i tried, i added motivational/weight loss ‘foturnes’, and took them to my sunday morning weight watcher meeting (only 1p+, if you’re interested). So much so, that i came home an immediately started another batch to take with me to work in the morning. Practice improves the outcome – this time i used my mixer to make the batter, as well as a little less sugar than the recipe called for (the booklets says to use less sugar for a less brown cookie). I ended up dipping these in chocolate, then drizzling them with white chocolate. I’m now coming up with all kinds of ideas for these. My co-workers loved them, and many asked if they could buy some.

I bought this fortune cookie maker for my niece, age 15, and she and i both loved it. Making the cookies was fast-paced and challenging but in a fun way. It takes about one minute to make two cookies so we were on our toes, figuring out how to improve our technique each time. We were very excited to see our cookies look like real fortune cookies. We had even more fun decorating them with melted chocolate and sprinkles. I’ve since ordered two more of these to give out as gifts.

Had fun making fortune cookies with my kids with this. We’ll run out of the special paper at some point, but it is fun and fairly easy. Getting the folded right takes some practice.

Requires some tweaking to get perfect cookies, but awesome appliance and so much fun.

I have only used this product once, but the cookies came out perfectly. We followed the recipe for the cookie batter that comes with the machine and made 10 cookies (i probably could have made 100 with the quantity of batter that recipe makes). Even on our first try, the cookies looked just like the ones you get at a restaurant and had the same texture, too. We actually thought they tasted better than any we had ever had. They key to forming them properly is to do everything quickly and not worry about the imperfections. Try to get a symmetrical fold, then snap off the excess parts when it’s hardened. Even the first 4-5 i made before i really had the hang of it still ended up looking decent. I’m skeptical of the fda-approved paper and marker for writing fortunes that comes with it. I can’t believe i can’t just use my own pen and paper without giving myself ink-poisoning.

These cookies are great and making them is fun. However, getting them out of the cooker and into the holder requires touching the cookie, which is very hot. To top it all off, the folder ‘grips’ are plastic nubs- designed specially, it seems, to aggravate your already burned finger tips. That said though, this is a great, fun product that makes awesome cookies. I plan on getting it for everyone next christmas.

A little labor intensive, but worth the effort.

This unit is probably the best unit on the market for its price and size. I like it and i would buy it again. The unit comes with a written cookie recipe but i would strongly urge you to look online and experiment with other recipes and the use of cooking grade lecithin. Lecithin will alleviate the moisture issue i found with the recipe. This is a great home unit when making a quick fortune cookies for special events and such.

This thing is so much fun after you figure out how to fold the cookies. Look for a youtube video if you have trouble with the diagram in the instructions. You also might want to wear some cotton gloves if you’re real sensitive to heat. (i’m extra-sensitive because a long term illness has greatly decreased my pain tolerance. You may not have any problems. ) the most fun part is coming up with the fortunes. I recommend a typewriter for this. The recipe in the pamphlet that comes with it is great, and makes close to 3 dozen. Much more flavorful than the plastic-wrapped restaurant variety. Great fun for parties, easy to make ahead.

Old’s present and she was absolutely zonkers. I got lots of hugs and kisses.