Sunbeam FPSBCML900 Cupcake Maker, Cupcakes are my life now!

Love it, makes nice full size cupcakes in only 10 minutes. It is very well made and will last a long time.

I absolutely love this cupmaker, i have used it many times already and everytime the cupcakes come perfect and delicious. I have read some of the comments and there is some complaining, however if you follow the instructions and guidelines it is a breeze and you are not spending electricity by using the oven.

I bought this four months ago. It was a lifesaver over summer. I was able to bake yummy cupcakes for birthdays, special occasions and just because. It bakes six full size cupcakes at at time. They take about nine minutes to bake. Brownies take a little longer. Older children can use it, with supervision. It does get really hot, so you must be careful. I use an oven mitt to open the lid and a spatula to remove the baked cupcakes. It works well and looks adorable.

Key specs for Sunbeam FPSBCML900 Cupcake Maker, Pink:

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  • Enjoy fresh baked delicious cupcakes or muffins with the fun shaped sunbeam cupcake maker
  • Uniquely designed cupcake shapes allows you to create 6 cupcakes in 10 minutes
  • Warm up and ready lights indicate that the cupcake maker is on and heating
  • Easy-lift handle designed for easy and safe use
  • Non-stick plates make clean up easy
  • Cupcake maker bakes up to 6 cupcakes in just 10 minutes
  • Cupcake-shaped housing; domed lid with easy-lift handle
  • Power/ready indicator lights offer added convenience
  • Nonstick cooking plates for effortless cake removal and quick cleanup
  • Measures 10-4/5 by 10 by 6-4/5 inches

Comments from buyers

“Scrumptiously efficient!
, Great, Terrific, Love it!
, Go with this Sunbeam and skip the Easy Bake Oven!

Bought it for my wife to have fun with the grand kids. They made and decorated a bunch for my 70th birthday party. The kids were quite creative with decorating, using graham cracker bears, drink umbrellas, and colored frostings. Made a ‘beach’ theme with bears in the sand and peppermint ‘beachballs’, and gummy fish in blue, ‘ocean water. ‘ makes perfect cup cakes in a short time.

I did alot of research on cupcake makers before getting this for my mother in law. This was rated the best even though it was priced a little higher than some. She gets perfect cupcakes every time in about 10 minutes per batch. I also liked that this made full size cupcakes instead of minis.

My wife loves this stupid thing. . But i get quick tasty cupcakes and muffins and doesn’t have to lite the oven. It’s a win win and i get a treat.

I was so into making cupcakes for any party that i attended. Now, it is so easy that even my daughter can make the cupcakes. They always turn out perfect and everyone loves them. You can make them at any time and even use it for muffins. I can’t tell you how great this product is – only that i use it all the time. If you love to bake and create wonderful baked goods – this is the product you need to get. I got the pink one and it is just wonderful.

This product produces the most moist, perfect cupcakes you can make. Definitely better than using an oven. It’s larger than i expected, the handle is positioned in an odd place, to me, it only makes six at a time, and it’s like playing hot potato trying to get the cupcakes out, which is why i gave it four stars and not five. But, regarding the making of cupcakes, which is it’s main function, lol, it won’t fail you. I’d definitely recommend this to my family and friends.

This cupcake maker is quick and easy to use. Take mere minutes to make cupcakes. I highly recommend using cupcake liners in it for easy clean-up. The only thing i have noticed is some cupcakes come out a little light and break easily i just add a little cornmeal and it works perfectly.

I love this little cupcake maker. No extra heat in my kitchen and the children can do it.

This little cupcake maker is fantastic. The cupcakes come out moist and round on top. Fill the paper cups 3/4 full with boxed cake batter and bake for 10 minutes. They will not look fully baked on top, but they are. Any longer than 10 minutes and they get brown bottoms. I don’t wait to remove them, i use tongs as soon as they are done, put down the lid till the ready light comes on and start the next batch. About 22 cupcakes from a boxed cake mix. I love this cupcake maker and will be ordering another.

I ordered this to make cupcakes but found that it does not brown as well as when you put them in the oven.

It has made my life so easy. I can make 6 regular size cupcakes in 17 minutes with minimum mess.

We purchased this 10 months ago and really appreciate what it can bake. From cupvakes to muffins to cornbread, it does it all. We are at sea level and 13 to 14 minutes cook time does the trick. I would recommend this as a great gift for new bride, busy mom, eager teenager or retired folks. I always use papers sprayed with a good baking spray and the papers peel right off. The only oddity is that the tops of the cupcakes get cracks from the steam release. You never really know because of the frosting.

I got this cute little appliance a few days ago to ease myself into baking. I am a good cook, but i have no baked goods in my repertoire (my only dessert is crepes). Cupcakes are both adorable and very versatile, so i thought i’d start there. The recipes i looked at online seemed nice, but i am someone who doesn’t like waiting for the oven to preheat and then scrubbing pans. So, this little gizmo seemed like the right thing for me. You plug it in, wait for the green light to flick on, put down cups, pour in batter, close the lid, set a 10-minute timer, and wait. After 10 minutes, insert a toothpick in the center of the cupcakes to see if the batter sticks or if it comes out clean. If it sticks, wait a minute more, check again (repeat as many times as necessary until it comes out clean). Once the toothpick comes out clean, i unplug the machine and use a rubber spatula to pop out each cupcake.

I do not write reviews, but this little machine rocks. I made cupcakes last night (not my best batch) and i thought they might be a bit dry. Much to my surprise, every cupcake came out moist and spongy. They baked quickly and evenly.Plus, amazon made a mistake on the price and marked it as $11. I know it was a mistake because the next day it went back up to $46. If you love to bake, this is a great piece to invest in.

It is simple to operate and easy to clean.

I bought this for my daughter (she is 8) to make cupcakes. Cooks cupcakes perfectly in 10 mins and muffins in 12. I have made breakfast tarts with pie crust and egg too. And its really nice looking too.

This is great for cupcakes but also good for muffins. Now i do think the muffin mix you need to add to are the best (scratch is even better), there are times i do not have in the house what is needed so i keep packets of muffin mix you just add water. Theyalso make 6 which fits just right in this maker. There are so many small easy to use and clean anymore i wish they had back in themid 1970’s when i was in collage, i sure would have eaten better.

I just purchased this item and it is awesome. Best kitchen gadget i ever bought. Makes perfect cupcakes, brownies, muffins, angle food. Also have made grands biscuits in it and cornbread.So easy and works perfectly.

I have boughten four of them for friends and family. They all love it, perfect gift. I’m ready for my next gift purchase.

Santa just brought this adorable cupcake maker for my 9 (almost 10 yr. Old)step daughter for christmas and she absolutely loves it. It is not only so cute (a giant pink cupcake) but it’s easy for her to use with miniml supervision and great results.

Very simple to use: no on/off switch so simply plug in and wait for indicator light to change from ‘warm up’ to ‘bake ready’, after 10 minutes, we get a perfect batch of cupcakes every time. I use baking cup with this so cleanup is super easy (non-stick surface. ) highly recommend this product.

My 8 year old daughter had an ‘easy bake oven’ on her list for christmas this year. After reading the reviews and remembering what an ordeal / disappointment it was when i had one as a kid, i explained to her: ‘honey, i’ve been reading bad reviews about the performance and dissatisfaction with the easy bake. Do you think you might want me to send santa an email and ask him to modify your list to a cupcake maker instead?. She was pleased to make the change. The cupcake maker shipped promptly from amazon and my daughter was delighted on christmas morning. A couple of days later she made her first batch of cupcakes with supervision near the hot plates. Her cupcakes turned out beautifully. She frosted and decorated them and was delighted to give each of us one of her lovely creations. As a mom, i like that it makes only 6 at a time. If you need to do larger batches, that’s easily done as they don’t take but a few minutes to bake.

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