Sunbeam 3819 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster – Not seeing red

I was doing some brick-and-mortar shopping looking for a red toaster. Most were too big, others not the right color. When i indexed red toasters online, sunbeam came up. Sunbeam is a name i will always remember, and my red toaster is excellent. Since i have a small counter space, it fits perfectly on it. It fits bagels, toast, and english muffins. And it has a small grill where the crumbs fall out of it.

Its easy to empty the crumbs. The toast does not pop up very high but the lever does allow you raise the toast for easy retrievel. My only complaint is the cord is too short and seems to be mounted on the wrong side of the toaster.

I’ve have this toaster for almost 2 years now and it still works like brand new. I use it at least twice a week and have had no problems at all. I love it, and of course, i bought it because it was red. All in all, works great, toasting settings are right on. Here are the specifications for the Sunbeam 3819 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster:

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  • Anti-jam mechanism for safety, 2 slice capacity
  • From sliced bread to hamburger buns, extra wide slots allow for a wide range of bread types and sizes
  • Remove toast easily with our high-rise toast lift
  • Never burn yourself with our Cool Touch exterior
  • Toast outside the loaf with bagel, and cancel options

Bought this for a gift and they loved it. It was just perfect for them.

My old toaster is literally 36 years old. I received it at my wedding shower. I figured it was time to get a new one, but while this one is ok, the old one still works better. But i guess they just don’t make things like they used to.

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  • red toaster
  • The Toaster That Fits!
  • Sunbeam toaster

This was exactly what my mother was looking for. She uses this just about everday, and says it’s perfect for small spaces.

I am less then impressed with this product. It burns toast quite easily. I put the setting on 2 1/2 for the first two slices of bread and get nice pieces of toast but if i put two more pieces of bread in right away. It has to be watched very closely. Also, the dial moves very easliy so you have to check it before every use.

It has nice wide slots for my morning bagel which i really appreciate. The only small thing i noticed is that one side sometimes toasts a bit more than the other so it is not always completely even.

This toaster works just fine, but i was disappointed and surprised at the plastic casing. Just didn’t live up to my expectations from sunbeam.

Excellent toaster – the kids love it.

I love my little red toaster. It’s shiny, has nice wide slots for bagels/english muffins, and toasts perfectly every time. It has a couple of features that i wasn’t expecting that i also like: the side lever that’s used to engage the toaster, can be used to lift the bread item a little high than normal to make getting them out easier. There’s also the area you can push to disengage the toaster early. I rarely use this feature because it usually comes out perfect at the setting i have chosen.

This works perfectly with all kinds of breads, we esp like it for our bagels.

This toaster is a must have,wide slots ,for your bangels, toast, muffins, etc. Excellent price, tray pulls out, so easy to clean. You can make it light, med dark and more. I would recommend this to everyone.

Like the color but didn’t last long enough.

The new design and cool exterior make it safe. One thing i especially like is the pull out crumb tray.

This red toaster was purchased for my daughter’s first apartment. She loved the color and the toast.

This item was a gift and the owner of the toaster loves it. It took some getting used to as the settings are a bit tricky, they don’t toast the bread the way the settings say they will, but we figured it out in our home. She loves the color red and is decorating her kitchen in red. This was the perfect item for her. It was packaged well and arrived in a decent amount of time.

Perhaps the toaster has been redesigned since some of the reviews. The color reminds me of a ruby red, rich and bright. Bread toasts and browns on the first setting however, the toaster has 7 levels. There is a stop button so if you just want to warm and not toast, there you go. Or just stop the toaster for any reason. The cord is stationary and reasonable length for my needs. The size is perfect for my counter and does not take up to much space. Price was right and delivery was speedy.

I love the toaster, nice bright color. It arrived really fast and in excellent conditions. I use it for sliced bread and bagels.

After reading other reviews i just wanted to confirm; the product is advertised incorrectly. It is great for bagels only. Yes, the electric cord is very very short but you may not mind that. The color is bright; may not match other shades of red in your kitchen but honestly if your thing is using it for bagels then this is totally the right product for you.

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