Stainless-steel Cooking Pot/ 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker : Even the kids love it!

Love this appliance- super easy too. I can’t believe how much i love this. I’ve never owned one before, was kinda intimidated, but after 2 minutes googling recipes before cooking all my fear goes away as i get inspired to throw stuff in, close the lid, and 15 min later food is usually done and awesome :d someone had mentioned the directions were horrible and they were right, they are 100% useless with zero recipes which i would have expected to come with these products.

This is my new favorite kitchen must. I am a big fan of pressure cookers. I have three teen age boys and a full time job and a pressure cooker is a life saver. I have always been wary of using my on the stove cooker as i am intimidated by it and always worried about disasters, even so i use it more than once a week. I was hesitant to buy an item with no reviews, but i what i really wanted in an electric pressure cooker was the stainless steel cooking pot. My experience with stick free or coated pots is that they are good for a few months but one scratch means you might as well ditch the whole thing. This is a bare boned item, it comes with a sparse how to use guide, no recipes, no frills but it will astound you with the ease of use and the results you get. The day i got mine, i took it apart, washed it. Plunked in a half frozen chicken, herbs, spices and veggies, pushed the button and let it rip. 45 minutes later i pulled out a complete meal.

So far, this pressure cooker is really getting the job done. We have tried cooking the following: 2 types of pot roast, ribs, sausage gravy, turkey mac & cheese, beef stroganoff. Everything has turned out well. My wife even says clean up isn’t too bad at all. The meat just falls apart beautifully on the pot roast and ribs, and the veggies are appropriately cooked. The sausage gravy was fast and really tasty. Turkey mac & cheese was outstanding, as the flavor of the turkey and spices blended beautifully into the cheese sauce and the pasta. Cubes of meat for the stroganoff were tender as could be. One thing to keep in mind: electric pressure cookers apparently do not generate the same level of pressure as stove-top versions.

Great pressure cooker, if you take care of it. I’ve had this pressure cooker since february 2015, and have used it regularly. It is extremely effective in producing bone broth, pulled pork and other braised meat / stewed dishes. The stainless steel insert is also very easy to clean.Given its job to cook contents under high pressure, it does require some maintenance. I replaced the gasket about a year in; it was a simple and relatively inexpensive fix. I’ve also had to tighten the nut for the air vent / cover lock.

  • Makes cooking a snap
  • This is my new favorite kitchen must!
  • Great pressure cooker
  • LOVE This appliance- super easy too!!!
  • Great Pressure cooker
  • Very good value- a must for the kitchen

Stainless-steel Cooking Pot/ 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker (4 QT)

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  • 6 qt Stainless steel cooking pot and aluminum removable plate included for easy removal of the sealing gasket and lid.
  • 7 cooking presets: Brown Rice, White Rice, Meat/Stew, Beans, Sauté, Brown, and Steamer. Automatic keep warm function, and Slow Cook for up to 10 hours.
  • Includes stainless steel rack, sealing gasket, plastic cup, spoon, and user manual
  • Comes with a stainless steel rack, plastic cup and spoon.
  • ETL approved.

I bought this pressure cooker a month ago and i am so glad that i did. I am new to pressure cooking so i wanted something that would be easy to use and this product is that. I have cooked honey garlic chicken, macaroni and cheese, beans, collard greens and chili. After looking at various pressure cookers i was torn between this product and the instant pot. I bought this one because it is 8 quart and i will say that i bought the one right one. I highly recommend this product. It now comes with an instruction manual and i have found that the bob warden great food fast is the best pressure cooker cookbook. The pressure does fluctuate when a food is cooking but i think that is part of pressure cooking because everything i have cooked has turned out great. I love the food option buttons where i can simply press the meat, bean, or any other button for an item that i am cooking.

Cooks rice, beans, meat great and super fast. It’s much more efficient than a crock pot because of the insulation. Water capture appears to be useless. I also wish it had a way to hold the lid when taking it off for serving.

I got this for my wife as a late christmas gift. We had a small issue with the seal and lid inside of it, but it was very quickly taken care of by gowise. They emailed me within a few minutes of posting a review in the evening and quickly fixed out problem. The customer service is about the best that i have ever dealt with.

Last pressure cooker you’ll ever need. This is the best and easiest pressure cooker i have seen. No more peeling teflon because it is stainless steel and easy to clean. Love the buttons which allow you to select different modes like brown rice.

This pressure cooker is the first i have used. While as other reviewers have noted, the documentation that comes with it does not have a lot of information, the user interface is pretty intuitive. You just choose the button selecting the option you desire and toggle through to select the correct time. So far, i have made steamed artichokes, vegetable stock, cream of mushroom soup, a collard and lentil soup, lamb stew, a pot roast, and chicken breasts (bone in) with brown rice and carrots. The soups have turned out quite nicely. The meat dishes are very tender, fork tender, falling off the bones. My refrigerator is full of scrumptious leftovers. The only time i had any guesswork was with the artichokes, as the veggie steam options are only 1, 3 and 5 minutes. My internet research indicated that artichokes should steam 9 minutes in a pressure cooker, so i chose the 5 minutes and when that ended, hit the stop button and set the cooker to steam for another 5 minutes.

This pressure cooker was shipped ahead of the expected date. It was well packaged with two outside cardboard boxes, in addition to its original box. But the outside stainless shell still had a dent. It was not hard to push the dent away to recover the shape. There is only a little mark left, almost invisible. Here are some observations for potential users:1. When the pot was used the first time, there was smoke coming out of the pot for 20 some minutes. It smells like metal burning. The cooking went well though, so maybe it was because the first time use.

Well, i have only had my gowise 8qt for two days, but i have cooked for many years with a stove-top pressure cooker, and finally made the jump to an electric one. At first i saw infomercials on tv for some other brand, but decided i wanted larger capacity and a stainless steel inside instead of teflon. Read the reviews and bought this one. Yesterday i did beef minestrone soup and it came out perfect. No mushy noodles, and all the veggies were done just right. Today i did a boneless turkey breast with the rack and a can of chicken broth underneath it. I think i am in love (pssst don’t tell my husband that) i love being able to release the pressure fast if i want, add something to the pot and reseal the lid and add more time. It’s a wonderful addition to my kitchen, and i made room for it on a big shelf up front so i will use it all the time~.

Very good value- a must for the kitchen. It is a slow cooker and a pressure cooker- a very solid stainless steel inner pot which other brands do not offer. Non stick inner pots eventually peel, this will never peel or be compromised with use. I would recommend ordering an extra set of seals ( outer rim and center piece). I wish the manual would include better instructions about prepping seal or even cleaning seals immediately after use. Simple stuff seems to be missing from all documentation. They could include the basic principles of pressure cooking along with weights, types of food and times. But that is just a minor complaint- with a little research you could google everything you need to know.

I fixed some beef stew in 30 minutes and th meat was so tender you could cut it with a spoon. It is so easy to use and i think this is a great product.

You can do food canning with it (does 5 pint jars perfectly) and it cooks very well. I would recommend “great food fast bob warden’s ultimate pressure cooker recipes” talk about easy. Just load it, set the time and it will beep when it’s done. And with a stainless steel pot, it’s easy to clean too.

So far, a pretty good investment. Update 8/21/2015: i did eventually get a brand new lid, with new gasket from gowise. Since then, the cooker has worked perfectly. I use it two or three times a week, mostly to cook beans, soups and sauces, and occasionally rice. I use the slow cooker all the ways one does, with the exception that we are mostly vegetarian. For that reason, i’ve never attempted meat in the machine. I’ve also learned to use the saute function, and it is wonderful. When i make a sauce or soup that requires caramelized onions and peppers, i saute them in a teaspoon or so of water, and they brown up beautifully while i chop the rest of my veggies. Soups and sauces taste amazing.I’ve upgraded my star rating to a 4.

I’m a single man and this little toy is pretty handy. I was looking for a nice pressure cooker that could make my life simple, and i’m glad i found this one; it’s simple to use and to clean. (this is my first pressure cooker. ) and i did a lot of research before buying this one. You can’t go wrong with so many positive reviews. The 4 qt version not only has the perfect size for me , but it also fits perfectly on my kitchen. I made some beef using the cooker and i placed it frozen, pressed one button and in 35 minutes not only it was perfectly cooked but it melted in my mouth.

This labored great, i bought it in nov. 2015 and it just stopped doing the job. This is my next one, the initial a single lasted two yrs, but the twine connected to the unit arrived off, i figured it was a little something indid or a single of my kids, so i bought yet another, wired good, but now almost nothing, i will not want to have to shell out $89 every 12 months for a new 1.

Instruction missing essential element about how to use this cooker. Initial time utilized this cooker, keep arrived up e3, i unplug a lot of periods, the e3 still preserve arrived up, by no means concluded the initially time use. Waste my brown rice :-(the 2nd time. I consider to cook soup now, because yesterday it burnt my brown rice, so i set further water in it. It cooked for two several hours right up until steam evaporate all the water out. E3 occur up yet again, burnt againi have to proper my assessment, this item absence of some essential detail of how to use regulator knob. But when use it accurately, it operates fantastic. There is not instruction how to use the regulator knob, which the white pressure dot really should pointing to the white dot of the cooker to make the pressure cook performs.

If you’ve got ever experienced rice made in a pressure cooker, you know it is a lot more fluffy and flavorful than rice not cooked below pressure. I you should not consider it will make as a lot variance with white rice, which is generally empty calories anyway, and lacks the complete taste of total grain rice. For another person like me whose diet is primarily rice and veggies, it will make tiny feeling to consume nutritionless rice. And of training course, the king of brown rice is basmati, which smells a little bit like popcorn when cooking and preferences far better than other types of rice. I have been cooking rice for yrs in my kuhn rikon stove prime pressure cooker utilizing their tiny skillet that can be pressurized. Great for 1 or 2 cup rice cooking. But i preferred a electronic pressure rice cooker (so i could just established it and overlook it), but pressurized cookers like the cuckoo or zojirushi are three or five occasions as high-priced as the gowise. I also failed to want a major cooker–2 qt. Would have been perfect, but at the very least the 4 qt.

Really like this equipment- super easy much too. I are not able to believe how substantially i like this. I’ve never owned one in advance of, was kinda intimidated, but after 2 minutes googling recipes just before cooking all my panic goes absent as i get impressed to throw stuff in, close the lid, and fifteen min later on meals is normally completed and amazing :d someone had mentioned the instructions had been horrible and they were ideal, they are 100% worthless with zero recipes which i would have envisioned to appear with these solutions.

We experienced been combating with our cuisinart pressure cooker for two decades. It didn’t retain a seal, even after we acquired new seals. And, we could not continuously get the prime to appropriately in shape. It was annoying to use we at last threw it out. I made a decision to acquire a new one from a different business. After looking through the amazon critiques for the gowise usa (the worst was 3/5 and experienced much more to do with the manual than with the pressure cooker) i took a likelihood a bought just one. We made use of it very last night for the very first time and it was desire to use. It’s really uncomplicated to get the lid on with 1 small counter-clockwise shift, it shows the precise pressure, allows you know when heating and pressurizing with an led readout, and allows you know when cooking starts. It is simple to set the cooking timer, possibly with preset timers or an specific time location.

Enjoy it but. Large issue. Won’t be able to come across gaskets for this (eight qt) measurement. The day i received this i was anxious to use it but was pressed for time so i grabbed 4 frozen solid (clumped together in a big ball) hen thighs and threw them in the pot. I included the liquid, pushed the meat button and absolutely sure as something. In 35 minutes they were being slipping off of the bone when i was trying to get them out of the pot. The stainless steel insert is actually good. . Large responsibility and superior top quality. This pot also goes specifically into a warming mode when it is completed cooking, which is a good characteristic. It was so peaceful that i saved examining on it to make positive it was functioning.