Smith’s DFPK Diamond Precision Knife Sharpening Kit – Love having sharp knives!

The kit itself is great if you know how to use it without instructions. The instructions of this kit are not very well explained especially if you have not used something like this in the past. The company needs to have better instructions for this product. Other than that the kit is great everything seems to be sturdy and will last a long time. You will have to buy more honing. I highly recommend this to people who know exactly what they are doing. In conclusion i recommend this to people that need a knife sharpening kit.

I’ve been looking for years to find an easy fast way to get great edges on my kitchen knives. In 20 minutes i am able to put razor sharp edges on 4 of my most used kitchen knives. One a 10′ henckel chef’s knife was always a problem getting a good edge. This system puts an edge that will cut paper thin tomato slices. Take a few tries to figure out, good to watch a tutorial if you can find one online.

I wanted to try something that was different than hand honing – hoping to get a better edge in a shorter time. This little kit totally impressed me with it’s simplicity and effectiveness. I had a great edge on several knives in a matter of minutes.

I’ve never been able to get a knife this sharp with any other sharpener. The first time takes a while but once you get the angle right, you can get the edge back very quickly.

This is a decent product considering the price. The stones are of good quality, but the plastic blocks they are attached to can split and break if you tighten the guide rods even snuggly. The guide offers two angles to choose from, but each side can grind slightly different angles. This is due to the clamping mechanism which cannot account for variations in blade thickness. The red plastic screw covers on the guide can also pop off quite easily. The guided serration sharpener is absolute garbage, but the handheld pen will do the trick. This will sharpen your knives to a very nice edge, comes with a nice carrying case, and is generally a good value for the low price. Do not expect this to be an impecable product. Depending on the level of hone you require, i would recommend getting a nice 1600/4000 grit whetstone as this tops out at around 800.

If you are looking for a sharpening kit that is easy to use, this is it.

  • Stones are good vice not so much
  • Perfect for those who aren’t professional knife sharpeners
  • Love having sharp knives!

I used to sharpen my knives with a pair of arkansas stones that i bought in 1986. While it’s an effective and time honored way, it requires you to be very steady, and keep the blade to stone angle consistent for many passes. Eventually, between impatience and arthritis, i stopped trying, and looked at alternatives. Nothing satisfied until i got this set-up. The rod and clamp system assures accuracy and repeatability, so as you get all your knife edges done, you will spend less time tuning them up after the first couple of go-rounds. Some people prefer just some water, or going dry. You don’t need a lot of pressure. Diamond cuts quite well, so use repetition rather than brute force, and go from coarse to fine to arkansas, and you can end up with blades that can shave the hair off your arm. Finally, yes there is some time involved, so listen to some good music, or watch jeopardy, (you get the idea) and you’ll have a great edge before you know it.

Finally, i am able to put a good, consistent, edge on my knives. My knives have never been so sharp. Pros:sharpens with a consistent angle. Cons:the serration sharpening stone seems useless, at least with the serrations on my knives. The carry bag ripped so i contacted smith.

This is a great, easy to use sharpener. I have used a couple of other sharpeners on the market but this is the best by far. You can put a razor edge on any knife and i mean a razor edge. I had one knife that i had sharpened, used and cut myself with and didn’t know until i saw the blood. The guide and clamp are easy to use and instructions are very clear. If you never sharpened a knife in your life this kit is fool proof. You won’t regret buying this kit.

This is a simple yet effective way to sharpen most any knife, particularly difficult steels like 440c and d2. The diamond hones rapidly remove stock, and by switching sides after a few strokes close to the end of the sharpening process, a wire edge can be avoided. The jig, which holds the blade and guides the stones, has been redesigned with pivoting wings which are more resistant to breakage than the older style from smith’s. Smith’s also furnishes a nylon bag and a nifty round hook and serration sharpener with the newer set. I like that smith’s has actually made meaningful improvements to an already fine product. I can also vouch for the responsiveness of smith’s customer service.

This sharpening kit is excellent. I had reviewed several kits and sharpening stones before purchasing this kit. I am very pleased with the quality. I have used it to sharpen my kitchen knives as well as my pocket knives. I have a fairly nice set of kitchen knives and was hesitant to use just any product. The versatility of the product is nice. You can simply hone an edge fairly quickly or basically start from scratch with a dull blade. The instructions are straight forward. The guide system makes it idiot proof, which is a good thing for me.

I received the sharpener and before i could use it i had to glue the arkansas stone back to the holder. Other than that the other stone are secure and sharpen all my blades nicely. The holder is pretty sturdy but be sure not to over tighten. I like the fact that you have the two options for different angles. The case is is not good at all. The first time i put the stones in the case the strap ripped and the bottom section ripped. Overall the kit itself does a very good job putting an edge on the blade but the case leaves alot to be desired.

My husband saw someone else use one of these and decided it looked like something he could do. The only thing he had ever used to sharpen a knife was one of those very inexpensive electric sharpeners. When i bought new, more expensive knives a couple of years ago, i told him they were not to be sharpened (ruined) on the electric sharpener. The only option was to take them somewhere and pay to get them sharpened, which is not convenient, and kind of expensive. This set works really well to keep a nice edge on your knives, it’s easy to use, and you can buy it for what you would pay to get all your knives sharpened professionally once. Also, it doesn’t take that long to sharpen knives. My husband gets it out every 6 or 8 weeks, and sits down and sharpens all of my knives at once. He’s usually done in 30 minutes or less. It took him more time when he first started, but it didn’t take him long to get it down to a science. There is nothing like having sharp knives, and surprisingly enough, when you are used to keeping them sharp, you will find that you are actually less likely to cut yourself.

He has sharpened everything from pocket knives to our biggest butcher knife. He has taken knives that are extremely dull with small chips and within a matter of minutes they were razor sharp with this kit.

This sharpener will not disappoint. It does it’s job better than any knife sharpener i have ever seen. Turn your knives into razors with this bad boy.

I started with an old chicago cutlery chefs knife that i’d given up on. After running it through the 3 cycles it was restored to good use. You can buy cheaper and easier to use sharpeners but none that will give you a perfect result every time. This system holds the blade at a constant angle eliminating human error. There is a setting for kitchen knives and one for outdoor/hunting knives. It even has a stone for serrated edges. Now i use it on my expensive japanese knives and they stay razor sharp.

Stones snug and secure in mount and clamps down very well on knives. Only wish they supplied a larger bottle of honing fluid as i tend to use quite a bit to keep stones from clogging.

The stones work well, but the quality of the vise is subpar compared to older smith’s kits. The ‘small blade’ notch in the vise doesn’t grip thin narrow blades well (think de-boning knife) and the plastic knobs self destructed after about 7 months of regular use on my kitchen and pocket knives. I ended up using the vise from my old smith’s kit and these stones.

Not the best overall sharpener, but it is very good for knives that other sharpeners dont work on. For incredibly hard steel, this works the best as the edge is hit perfectly every time, though it will never give a sharper edge than the work sharp or the sharpmaker.

It has its strengths and weaknesses. The stones are amazing and its a great product for the money. The clamp needs to be redesigned. The plastic rod guides that fold in do not allow for the same angle on each side of the blade. Its amazing at putting a new edge on a worn out knife. When the guide rods screw in to the bases they don’t align parallel with the stone and you have to pull on them slightly to align. But for the price of a single lansky replacement stone its hard to argue. If you’re super particular about your knife edge go with the highest priced lansky.

This is a great sharping system. I have already sharpened 2 knives, and they were completed in minutes. Straight forward and easy to use.

I love this system, sharpens knives well. However the clamp is not easy to adjust and is not friendly towards tapered knife spines and kitchen knives. Even without those factors against the clamps, they have a small clamping area and the guide backing for the clamp is shallow making it harder to place the spine of the knife and adjust the clamp. I was able to sharpen my kitchen knives with it, but it was not an easy task. Also the knife clamp system rotates and any knife with any weight will make the knife fall into a vertical position. This makes the sharpening of a knife a bit tedious since you need to hold the knife brace in a horizontal position to sharpen knives. Is this a deal breaker, not in my opinion. The oil cleaning solution is not all that good, and the bottle is extremely hard to squeeze in a controlled manner. But it this system sharpens the dullest of knives nicely.

At first, i was skeptical of the kit (sounded too easy to use). This really is easy to use, and gives very good results. I’ve sharpened old knives i had given up on, and sharpened both my kitchen and my mom’s kitchen knives. I’m very happy with the results, and you can do this while watching a tv show. The guide rods and angle slots make this a goof proof.

A great put together little kit that comes in very handy with it being a kit so small i found it to be very useful.

While this isn’s a kit for professional knife sharpeners it will without a doubt put a very nice (and polished) edge on any knife you have no matter how dull it is. The coursest stone is very course. While it’s not a file, it will shape an edge on pretty much anything. The medium stone will probably get the most use, you can usually start here if you’re just sharpening. The polishing/finishing stone is great if you want a pretty finish or need that fine razor edge. The kit includes 4 handles, one for each stone so that you can set everything up and lay it out all in front of you. The knife holder (butterfly looking thing) holds very tight with no issue if you adjust the three screws correctly which is not hard. While it mostly likely won’t scratch your blade, if you’re sharpening a very nice knife or one with a finish i would recomment putting a double folded paper towel between the blade and the holder. With the tools included, a tiny bit of patience, and a steady hand you can put a razor edge on anything.

This is a great product so far. I received it a couple of days ago, earlier than expected. I opened it and examined everything and it all looked good with one exception. The rods that attach to the stones had rust on them, which really is not a big deal to me. Last night, i sat outside, smoked a rad cigar and tested this kit out. I really put it to the test. I have a realllllly old buck knife that my dad gave me, the edge might as well have been blunt, it was weak. As of now it has a razor sharp edge on it. I followed the instructions provided with this kit, started with the course stone and went all the way down the line. I also used an old leather belt to polish it up after i was finished, prior to that it was pretty damn sharp but afterwards it was perfect.

The case that comes with it is a little wonky, but it works pretty well after you wear the elastic bands in. I wasn’t that sure about the plastic guides, but they’re working pretty well so far. The instructions that come with it are well written and thought out. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this product.

Takes a bit of time to set up and i find it a little clumsy but that could be me. I like smiths and i believe this to be of good quality.

My husband is the one who ordered this and he is a happy camper with how it works. It is small enough to store in the cabinet without taking up a lot of space. It was explained well in the instructions how to use it. Now our old knives we’ve had for over 20 years are sharper than the new one i just purchased in replacement of a lost one. He’s happy, and i have sharp knives.

Stones are good and well suited to supper hard damascus forged steel blade. I like the combination of diamond and arkansas stones to get a great edge. It sharpens my regular wustoff blade very quickly and easily but my hands cramp up terribly trying to hold it and the vise is not suited be held in a bench vise or used on a table. The knife vise is terrible and almost useless on large blades other than it does assure you hold the correct stone/blade angle. The ergonomics of holding the vise and knife suck. I wish i could have tried it first i would have bought a better kit. Right now i’m inclined toward an edge pro which my brother has and i’ve used but i think it is too expensive for what you get. There must be something between these two systems that is more reasonably price and combines the best of both.

This sharpening kit works great on most knives up to my 9 inch blades. Leaves a very nice edge along the blade. I will buy the stand adapter to make sharpening much faster and easier.

I have never sharpened a knife in my life, but after reading the intructions this was so easy. Put a razor edge on an old beat up kitchen knife and my wife was very please. She even let me sharpen her favorite knife. Very easy and works flawless.

Everything fits in handy pouch. In truth most people wont really need more than two of the stones included with the set. But it’s simple to use and works well for my pocket knives. Within in minutes, anyone can achieve a razor’s edge. I start with this set, then finish with arkansas black which is a finer stone that what’s included in the kit, an arkansas soft.

I have a set of high-end knives that were getting a little dull, so i decided to give this set a try. Since it has 2 set angles it will take a while to get your knives to match this new angle exactly. Once you use the rough diamond to do that, the rest is quite quick. Now i just sharpen my knives for about 1-2 minutes each every 4 months and they stay sharper than they were when i bought them. I also sharpen my pocket knife and whenever i let someone use it they comment on how sharp it is. It’s on of those things that you don’t realize until you have experienced it. I’ll never be able to go back to a semi-sharp knife again.

After several months of use, i have found that i can get a better edge just using the stones without the guide. Unfortunately, it seems like it will last a long time as i now wish i had purchased the set with the longer stones.

The quality of this kit does not seem all that great, but it does a pretty good job sharpening knives. It is a slow process if you have a lot of sharpening to do. Call me lazy or impatient, but i got tired of it and bought the work sharp knife and tool sharpener.

I sharpened a few dull knives, including a kitchen knife, to be very sharp. After practicing a few times on my old knife, i was able to sharpen few more knifes without much problems. Depending on the metal and initial sharpness, i started out with either the yellow color stick or orange color stick, then to the red one (fine arkansas stone). Sometimes, it takes a few cycles to get to the desired sharpness but nonetheless, i was able to sharpened them all. Only problem with this product is that if you have really thick (over 5mm) or narrow (less than 2cm), it doesn’t work quite well. Moreover, if you have re-curve blades, this won’t work either. Another thing i notice is that if you don’t apply the same pressure for each stroke, it can leave uneven marks on the edge. I wish the product came with a finer finishing stick (perhaps 1500 grit stone) to smooth out the edges better and some kind of protection on its jaw to protect the knives from getting bite marks. In overall, i am satisfied with the product for its ability to sharpen the most of blade types.

Item was exactly as described and came in the retail packaging. Seems to work as described, have only used it once due to i lost 🙁 the knife i bought it for before it arrived. The one time i used it the knife was sharper than when i started.

I have been sharpening knives with combination of by hand and using one of the sharpeners where you swipe the knife through them. In general, the results have been pretty unsatisfying. I was not sure about this kit, but i really wanted to get some sharper knives. This kit did a great job on the knives for non-serrated blades. The process is that you attach the clamp to the back of the blade and screw one of the hooked rods into the end of the sharpening stone. Then the hooked rod holds the angle of the sharpening stone and blade constant as you sharpen the knife. I actually found sharpening to go pretty quickly and by holding the angle constant, the knives ended up quite sharp. The stones are about as small as they could be and sharpen the knives, but they are adequate. The kit does nothing to make sharpening safe, so you are still responsible for not getting cut. I played around with sharpening some serrated knives, but this was going to be pretty difficult as the angles of the clamp and sharpener don’t always work out so you have to play around to get the angles right.

I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend, who loves knives. I know nothing about them, so i stressed over how to purchase the correct kind of kit for his needs. The reviews on this set were great and i went for it. He loves that the set sharpens all kinds of knives, even serrated blades. He has had a great time sharpening his whole collection and has told me several times it is super easy to use.

They shipped item very quickly to afghanistan. This sharpening kit worked great. I used this product immediately on a couple of knives i brought with me here and it was great. It sharpened them very quickly and was very easy to use. I had no problems with using it and for being made in china it was great. Almost everything is made in china now so you cant get too picky.

I was told about this from a friend, and he showed me his, i liked it so i bought my own. I use this all the time when i feel i need to sharpen one of my knives, and i’ve even had friends ask me to sharpen theirs. This would make a great gift for someone who loves knives.

A christmas gift for dh – and i received the benefit. He sharpened every knife (which could be sharpened) in my kitchen and they have the sharpest edge they have ever had. Much better edge than typical electric sharpeners can give.

I have had the ‘other brand’ for a long time and just bought the smith’s but so far i like the smiths better. The clamp on the smith’s holds smaller knives better and the wider stones work great.

If used properly will put a fine, if not razor edge on all your blades. Comes with all you need and is easy to carry and store. If you get this, i suggest you watch the you-tube video on how to use it.

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