SilverStone Grill Heritage stn – masala dosa

I got both grill and the dome cover.

When i turned it on to heat up there was a lot of cracking noises. Have not made lefsa on it as yet, but will be doing that shortly, we will see if it holds up to the test.

I would recommend to anyone looking for an electric lefse grill. It seems true to the temperature settings.

I purchased one of these about 2-3 years ago. The temp is more even than most cheapo electric griddles. The thermometer lasted about 2 years and needed to be replaced, but at least you can get replacements. It also has nice weight to it which make sit more temp stable than paper-thin aluminum griddles. However, the teflon coating is crap. Within a year it bubbled in the middle. Right now about 1/3 of it has flaked off. This is definitely not a hard anodized type coating but a thin soft coating that is not well adhered. Also since the griddle goes to over 450 degrees it is very capable of off-gassing ptfe which is toxic and can ruin the coating without even touching it.

Too pricy for what it is i could have bought some cheaper brand that would do the same it does have its own electric connection so i don’t have to use my kitchen top and that is a good thing.

The amazon listing says this is ‘by silverstone’, but silverstone is the name of the non-stick coating. The manufacturer is bethany housewares (listed correctly for the aluminum model). I use this as a ‘mitad’ for making injera, the ethiopian flatbread made from the nutritious grain t’ef, and it works very well. There is a nice lid for this available directly from bethany housewares for about twenty bucks. I’m sure any generic lightweight 16′ lid would work just fine, but you’ll need some sort of lid if you want to make injera. Several websites recommended the non-stick model for injera (over and against the aluminum) and having made injera several times now, i think that was good advice. (you make injera on very high heat, covered, until the bread starts curling away from the grill, so maybe under those conditions the surface doesn’t really matter, but i like how easily the bread slides off the grill on the silverstone, having no actual experience with the other model.

  • Just as good as the original
  • worked like a charm
  • Great product but confusing .

Looks good, however has not been used for operational service yet ,therefore heating uniformity has not been tested. However it looks like we expected.

Excellent for indian cooking. We love to make dosas and this serves the purpose of making thin crispy masala dosa to my liking.

I have used my grill for about 12 years and it is the most used cooking tool in our kitchen. I use it for many foods, both scandinavian and amercian. I just prepared our breakfast of pancakes and eggs on the grill. We often warm tortillas on the grill – did so this week. I set it at about 450 f and the tortillas heat quickly. I have found that the dome cover is very useful in reducing heat loss. I was on the website today, because i am purchasing a grill for a norwegian friend.

I’ve used my griddle for over 20 yrs for lefse, bacon, swedish pancakes and whatever else i wanted to make. Its just starting to go and i put a new one on my wish list for this christmas. I love it and would never buy a rectangular griddle again. Its amazing how much you can fit on a round griddle.

I use this for dosa and it is the best. Also i use it for the grill cheese sandwiches and it turns out pretty good also. This is a very good product.

Features of Grill Heritage Silverstn

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  • 16″ nonstick grill
  • Adjustable temp to 500°
  • Overflow spout and raised rim prevent spills/splatter
  • Heat-resistant legs and hardwood handles
  • Easy to clean

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Product does what it’s supposed to do. It heats up fast, it’s light, easy to clean, and has a even heated surface.

We’re very happy with our bethany grill. Exactly what we were looking for.

This grill cleans up easily. It produces good steady heat. The size is perfect to work with.

Fantastic grill; the dosas (indian crepes) come out very well on itif you want a simple and clean electric grill, this is a good buy.

Our old bethany grill did a good job making lease for the family at christmas time for many years. This new one with a non stick surface is a great improvement; we all are impressed and delighted.

I got my bethany housewares heritage grill with teflon finish for making lefse. I’ve used it 5 or 6 times for that and it works great. Better yet, it is the best grill i’ve ever had for frying eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, pancakes, or cooking just about anything else that’s grilled. The non-stick finish means it’s not necessary to use more than a light brush of oil to fry eggs, hash browns or other food that contain little grease of their own. And the teflon seems indestructible. My grill has been used almost daily for a year and a half, often by family members who are not as protective of the finish as i am, and it’s still pristine. Come to think of it, i’ll have to take back the bit about me being the most careful one using my grill. Just the other day, i left it on with a turner on top–a turner that melted into a liquid plastic pool on the beautiful non-stick surface. But everything wiped right off once the hot plastic cooled enough for me to do the wiping. Did i mention the surface seems indestructible?the only drawback, i suppose, is the late sixties look.

16″ nonstick grill

We made lefts a on the grill at christmas and it was great. It is substantial and heats very well.

I’ve been using the same bethany round aluminum griddle (not non-stick) since 1974. I’ve replaced the temperature control twice, and it’s been well worth it. I use the griddle for fried aggs, bacon, omelettes, pancakes, wiener schnitzel, quesadillas, and more. It’s well-seasoned and i rarely have sticking problems. 37 years sort of speaks for itself.

I had owned my original heritage lefse grill for three decades and decided that it was time to replace it. To my pleased surprise, this replacement is the identical high quality grill as that original. I really thought that a ‘new’ grill would not be as sturdy or as heavy as is true with so many other products. But, this grill exceeded my expectations. Now i know i can look forward to another three decades of homemade lefse (not to mention its almost weekly use for pancakes). Thank you, manufacturer, for not cheapening your product.

Received my grill and put it to use right away making lefse for christmas. I was a bit disappointed in the amount of time it took to get it delivered, but the grill itself is fabulous. This is the second one we have purchased. Now we can be a lefse making machine with 2 great grills.

Works great, if it had a lid then it would be perfect. When making injera you kinda need a lid.

Works but doesn’t come with a cover. I also have a ceramic/clay one i got from back home. Meaning no teflon in my injera. This one is a back up when i get lazy. This is the 3rd one i have bought i wish they made this in iron/brass instead of coated teflon aluminum. But it works great and delivery was fast.

Adjustable temp to 500°

It is a wonderful item and a must have for all lefse bakers.

Only grill big enough to make the 16′ crepes for daughter’s wedding cake.

I was looking for a griddle that got hot enough for making indian masala dosas and this was it.

I’ve had my grill for about 5 years and use it every holiday season for lefse. It works like a charm, beautiful even cooking for my lefse recipe.

We have owned this same model for several years and would highly recommend this product to anyone. We did eventually have to replace the temperature/power probe but has stood up very well considering its higher temperature surface and cooking lefse for 2 or 3 hours at a go. It gets regular use for pancakes and grilled cheeze sandwiches and does a great job of both. This is why we purchased two additional grills for christmas presents for family members as they have always coveted our grill.

I have owned a silverstone grill for years and love it, so much so that i ordered one for a gift recently. It is definitely useful for making more than just lefse. One word of caution: make sure that the specifications/description matches what you want, not just going by the picture. The amazon site was confusing in that it actually had 3 pictures of the bethany grills, but bethany only makes 2 grills. When the grill arrived, we realized that we had ordered the wrong one. We had wanted the non-stick version, but had actually accidently ordered the aluminum ‘satin’ one instead. (my attempt at making lefse on a bethany aluminum grill resulted in my lefse sticking to the grill, a problem i have never had with my silverstone non-stick finish. ) customer service was very helpful, however, and the ‘wrong’ grill was picked up and replaced with the correct one, all free of charge.

I use it for lefse and it is wonderful. It heats evenly and browns very nicely, i am very pleased with it.

Overflow spout and raised rim prevent spills/splatter

It is very nice i love it my wife was so happy.

I got this grill last year (in 2008) and am very pleased with it. I have used it regularly and use it for making dosas, the indian crepe. I can also cook 2 or 3 rotis on it at a time and it speeds up the process. It heats up beautifully and maintains consistent temperatures. It is very easy to clean as the probe style electric wire comes off. I usually wash it by hand but my son threw it in the dishwasher once and we saw no adverse effect. Update after 4 years – you do get what you pay for is very true in this case. Really excellent quality that has held up well. Present this is the only non stick pan i own – and still love it.

I bought this for my mother to make ethiopian injera. It works great for about a year until it started to burn her injera. So, we repurchased it because it really does work great. The product does not come with a top which is a shame.

I got this grill and iam very pleased with it. I use it for making huge dosas. Also got this for lower priced marked.

Heat-resistant legs and hardwood handles

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