Shun DM0750 Honing Steel : Best tool to keep your knives sharp.

Works great and is nice that it matches my other shun classics. I wish they had put the japenese angle on 2 sides instead of just ones, but it’s really not that big of an issue. Nice that it also has the euro angle as i do have some of those as well.

I was a little amused that this shun honing steel only came wrapped in bubble wrap (in an amazon box, obviously) but other than that the honing steel works as expected. It is also as depicted on the page. I work in a kitchen with a decent amount of prep and, so far, this honing steel is keeping everything sharp. Looks like it’ll last a while but with all the pieces that make up the handle it may present a problem down the line, but that’s probably worst-case scenario. Honestly, we have just a regular kitchenaid honing steel (with a single-part, moulded plastic handle) at work that works on par with this one. There doesn’t seem to be much diversity in the honing steel world until one enters the ceramic dept. , so if you feel like you can’t afford this honing steel, the other cheaper options from your local restaurant supply are probably just as good. Still, i like it, it works well and looks good and now i have my own steel so i don’t have to wait to go to work to have sharp knives for home.

Perfect accessory to any shun knives. I have had my knives for over a year and this sharpening steel works great every time.

Great honing steel for shun knives. Like any honing steel, it is not a sharpening tool, but rather a “finishing” tool to bring that final edge back to knives that are already largely sharpened. It works well at the recommended 16 degree angle with a moderately light and fast touch. The handle is slightly different than other shun handles – by design. While shun classic knife handles mate exactly with the blade, the honing steel handle tapers to end inside the guard, protecting fingers and giving a slightly better grip. When placed in the shun bamboo storage block next to other knives, it matches just fine and the tapered end is largely unnoticeable. The hand guard also provides a flat angled portion to help guide the right 16 degree angle when honing shun knives. It is not necessary to use this as a physical brace (you do not need to hone the knife by placing the flat of the blade on the edge of the honing steel grip); and makes an effective visual guide for the angle at which the knife should be sliding along the honing steel. If you are trying to build and maintain a set of shun classic knives, this honing steel is an important piece to have and works great.

  • pricey but they are worth every penny.
  • Essential piece for Shun Classic set
  • I love this honing steel

Shun DM0750 Honing Steel

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  • 9-1/4-inch honing steel; keeps knives in razor-sharp cutting condition
  • Durable, stain-resistant steel construction; protective guard keeps fingers safe
  • Rust-free gradually diminishing circular rod with miniscule lengthwise ridges
  • Fused hardwood veneers and resin comprise the ebony Pakkawood handle
  • lifetime warranty; manufactured in Seki City, Japan

The best tool you use to keep your shun knives sharp. I have been using this sharpener for two months now and i am impressed how easy it is to use and how effective it is in honing the knives and always restoring their sharpness.

Works great on my shun collection. Angle guide is cool for beginners but you’ll soon do away with it as you get the hang of the angle. As other reviews stated you might get some stray scratches as you hone but you have to remember, shun knives are works of art but they are still tools. Wear and tear on tools are inevitable. Only way to keep tools pristine is to not use them and what would be the point of that.

If you are going to invest in a good knife, (and chun knives are great), then you need a good honing steel. Again this is a honing steel not a sharpener. When used properly, (and that is not hard to do,) it will straighten the blade which is very important. It will make your knives cut faster and more accuratly. You still need to sharpen your knives maybe once a year or so depending on how often you use them. A good knife with proper care will last a long time and will make food prep easier for the home cook.

Great addition to my kitchen arsenal. I appreciate the fact that they designed the shank with the propper angle guide for my shun knives.

Works and the guide on the handle helps keep the blade at the correct 16° angle.

If you want a true quality knife with a extremely sharp edge, great balance and looks like a piece of art, this is it. Shun has gone above and beyond what is needed to produce an amazing set of knives. All other knives pale in comparison, with an edge up to the standards of a surgical instrument these knives will make any meal preparation easy. 5″ shun chef knife a few months ago thinking that i would upgrade my almost 20 years old knives set to one perfect knife. I absolutely loved the knife and had decided to trade it in for the entire set. I loved the design, the sharpness, the weigh balance, and the quality. I am not a professional but i have received many compliments of how i handle the knife and cut the ingredients with ease like a professional. Trust me, the knife did all the work for me. For certain these knives are pricey but they are worth every penny.

I did not know about this product until i did some research. This is amazing and has done wonders to all my shun knives. My daughter brought her shun knives for me to sharpen. This is the best investment for your shun knives.

Just remember these are to keep a sharp knife sharp – not sharpen a dull knife. Hone before every use and you’ll soon slice like a pro.

Overhang shun set for going on three years. My knives are used daily in a high volume kitchen. They stay razor sharp thanks this steel. I would recommend this to any one. I should also say this is the only tool i’ve used to keep my knives sharp.

Well made, perfect cost, quality to be sure, and fits my wusthof 15 piece knife block perfectly as all my global and shun knives do as well along with the togiro kitchen shears which by the way, cost half as global or shuns and are top quality. Well, about 6 strokes on each side of the dual blade using this honing device did it. And of course, in my case i used a 16 degree angle when doing so for i own japanese knives. This rod does not sharpen by removing steel from your knives as a diamond or ceramic rod would. I use a stone to put the edge back on the knife, but to maintain and return the edge, this is the living end.

Necessary for super sharp knives.

Purchased this based on the reviews others were giving it on their knives. I could not find any info for cutco knives because a lot of people don’t like cutco. Sure it’s not great, but it’s good and i like it. Regardless, this tool helped to get my edge back on my cutco santoku knife. I didn’t want to call the free sharpening service they offer because it’s only been 6 months i’ve had the knife, so i bought this unit. I’ve used it on all of my other kitchen knives and it brings back a nice edge. Still need to practice a bit more, but so far, i am very pleased.

This software will make honing incredibly simple. The guidebook tends to make it effortless for rookies. Soon after a few swipes you may get applied to the angle. Considering the fact that you will not do this day to day it’s awesome to know the information is there. The tackle is sound and a great bodyweight. The steel is prolonged so it’s very good for knives of all sizes. Immediately after a few swipes on every aspect the knife is as very good as new.

This steel will maintain your knives beautifully sharp for the longest time i use a soaked stone sometimes to keep a great edge but this shun honing steel is superior for in concerning sharpening it also has a exquisite tackle on it which would make this stand out in the kitchen area wherever i function the delivery was quick and the item arrived in wonderful condition.

It really is a pretty superior quality honing steel and works as you would be expecting it to. It is really a nice enhance to the other shun knives.

Frequently ignored, a honing steel is a necessity for preserving and making use of shun knives. No owner does shun justice, be it one particular knife or a $4000 established, without one particular, lest their chef (definitely has one particular) or instructs their individual shopper to replace their knives on standard intervals.

Gave this as a xmas reward & the recipient was very delighted. He said he is wanted it for far more than a 12 months so it has observed a fantastic property.

This is a extremely wonderful sharpening steel. I have a sundry of great knives like five shun knives. I operate them acroos the steel right before each use. It is effectively made functions perfectly.

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