Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave : Performs Well

Actually 4,5 but i did not know how to put in a half. The old one had slowed down after 8 years on speed/power as it could not be cometely cleaned. Wow what a difference with the new one’.

When our old sharp ‘over the range’ started to die (14 years of service and the display had become very dim and door starting to crack with quite large chips falling off we decided it had to be replaced). Finding an over range (gas) with convection and a good extractor fan proved difficult and so we decided on this sharp product. At 71 lbs and with different mounting points from it’s predecessor it was a difficult installation task – could not have been done by one person on their own. Once in place however it is the greatest .It is better designed than the one before with 2 extractor inlets placed to handle the heat from the gas range very well , a large ceramic turntable that is easy to clean plus it can be selected to ‘not rotate’ which permits bigger dishes to be used as needed. Best of all it has a ‘keep warm’ feature that allows warming serving plates as well as keeping unserved food ready for ‘seconds’ without the whole reheat cycle. Great product – would have given 5 stars but for the physical difficulty of installation ( in fairness that would have probably been much the same for any brand).

Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave, 1.1 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel

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  • 850-watt, over-the-range convection microwave browns, bakes, broils, crisps, and roasts
  • 2-color, 7-digit, interactive display; Smart and Easy sensor settings
  • 1.1-cubic-foot, stainless-steel interior with light; 13-inch turntable provides even heating
  • Built-in exhaust system; hood light, powerful fan, low and high racks included
  • Outer Dimensions: 29-15/16 by 16-11/32 by 15-9/32 inches
  • Inner Dimensions: 13-13/16 by 8-1/16 by 17-1/8

We used this microwave as a replacement for a microwave that had been installed incorrectly in our rv ,which did not fit. This sharp fit perfectly, and a door which opened correctly. We are extremely pleased with this sharp.

September 13, 2013 over one month after delivery and still not usable. The rating reflects the fact that it is not working yet so i can’t be sure that it will. The unit was delivered and it is what i wanted because it is exactly like the one i had for 14 years (newer model of course); but it has not been working as it should. I wonder if the tech will really getting it to work correctly. Waiting now for parts to fix the oven portion of the unit. The tech tells that the microwave portion only cooks on the sides and the center does not get the ray to cook the food, how can that be possible??. Anyway here i am one full month after purchasing the oven and can’t use it. I still will be happy if they get it to work properly. Love the fact that the color is not bisque — thankfully it is almond like the previous one although the bottom of this one is white.

It was easy to install and has operated smoothly and as expected, both microwave and convection settings.

Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave, 1.1 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel : My wife wanted this item after conducting a great deal of internet research on it. I had been used to using a 10 year old microwave and did not think i would be that impressed with this new model. This is one of the best appliances that i’ve ever purchased.

Fits perfectly in previous sharp model space. Heating seems the same as the previous model although this one states 850 watts and the old one said 1100 watts. Exhaust does not work as well as the other model. Fan seems to work same on low and high speed, no difference in sound or intensity of fan sound. One would think the low would seem quieter.

My wife said she wouldn’t use it well 3 days later guess what. Very nice i use convention all the time. I’m the master in cooking and this is the guy.

Had this for two years and had no issues with it, works very good.

We renovated our guest house making a nice efficiency apartment. No stove top or oven making this sharp convection oven the perfect way to cook and bake. We had this exact one in our motorhome and love it so had to buy another when the opportunity arose. This one runs even more quiet than the other one. Does a great job of baking and microwaving anything we need.

Opens with clearance on left side so if you have a wall on the left hinge side there is still clearance to open without hitting wall.

My rv unit died after 17 years and this one is an upgrade and fits perfectly.

Our old r-1870 model in our motorhome was a tad under 30′ wide, and the amazon listing says that the stainless steel r-1874 is 32. 3 inches, while the white and bisque models are 29. The measurements listed for the stainless steel model are actually the measurements for the shipping box. The unit itself slips right into the space for our old r-1870. We have been traveling full time in this motorhome, with this oven, since it was new eight years ago. This is the only oven in the coach. The oven has given us excellent service over those eight years. We had a problem in 2007 in which the oven would run for exactly 59 seconds before shutting down. It’s a common problem with the unit and is caused by a failure of an inexpensive part, either the damper motor or the damper motor switch. We finally had to replace the oven this month when it broke down and needed $380 in repairs.

This replaced a 12 year old identical model that finally quit. While i considered a more recent model, the convenience of installing a microwave with the exact same dimensions and mounting hardware is hard to beat. There are a lot of buttons that i will probably never use.

Our old microwave was underpowered and falling apart, so we decided to replace it with this combo oven. Really like the overall size of this oven as the compartment is large enough for cookie sheets, but it was shorter than other over-the-range microwaves, which allows for more room between the microwave and the range. So far, the microwave cooking has been a welcome improvement and the functions are easy to use (some auto functions, but easy manual operations as well). We are still learning about the convection oven, but it has been really nice not to have to use the full oven and heat the entire kitchen when we are crisping items like egg rolls or crispy chicken snacks.

So far i love this appliance. It far exceeds my expectations: easy to use and very versatile. We purchased this exact replacement for one that was broken in an rv we purchased. My hope is that it continues to function as well as is does now.

Love this oven as it fits in my rv. It seems to be exactly like the one i was replaced. The 1st one lasted 9 years while he i think is good for an appliance these days.

We have had sharp microwaves for many years and when the microwave convection oven in our motor home got tired we shopped around and found that the sharp model 1874 would be a perfect replacement due to it’s measurements and the fact that the door opens within the framework of the microwave oven, not hinged on the side. We had a tight space on either side due to the exiting cabinets and most newer microwaves cantilever out from the side and would not work for our application. I was a little afraid that 850 watts in power would not be enough power but it seems to work very well. On the convection side it works great, seems to heat evenly when baking rolls browning nicely. Some have said that they think it is noisy but i do not find this to be so. Like anything you buy time will tell the tale but as of now i am a fan.

An update of my previous oven.

This arrived packaged very well and on time. We have used both the oven & microwave in our rv and love it.

I bought this to upgrade the original (1850-a) model in our rv. It took me around 15 mins to remove the old one; the 1874-t comes with a new backplate which is identical to the 1850-a one but i decided to renew it as the old one had 12 years’ worth of work supporting the relatively-heavy microwave – that was only 8 minutes and 24 screws extra. Once that was on, i prepped a raised surface on the stove cover, lifted the new oven up onto the temporary stand, threaded the power cable through the slot where it needed to go into the cupboard above, and again lifted oven so the back base caught the backplate allowing the top of the oven to be pushed back and into place. Held it, tightened the two long 45º bolts onto the backplate and drilled three holes through the existing over-cupboard frame into the oven top to fasten it with three 2½’ metal screws. Everything worked on the run-through so i’m happy it all seems fine. Case was a little damaged during shipping but it’s out of sight so didn’t matter to me. Lots of great features to play with so the better half is all smiles and i’m in the good books.

We bought this microwave for our kitchen remodel partly because we also have this same unit in our motorhome. The combination of an outside hood vent, range light, convection oven, and microwave made it a bargain as well. It was packed in 2 boxes, first the manufacture’s styro lined box, then that box was bubble wrapped and boxed in a separate larger box. The stainless steel matches our other appliances and looks greatthanks sharp, thanks amazon.