Shamrock 6.5 Qt Nonstick Pressure Cooker w/ Voice Command New : Good Pot for long meats and poultry.

I absolutely love these i has my first 1for 3yrs now and use it at least twice a week and getting ready to order a new one cause mine finally gave out on me defiantly worth the money make food taste so good and always makes roast nice and tender and a very delicious pot of chilli and stews would defiantly recommend it.

Works fine just a little bit heavier than i thought it would be.

Shamrock 6.5 Qt Nonstick Pressure Cooker w/ Voice Command New

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  • COOK HEALTHIER, COOK FASTER: Our pressure cooker allows you to cook your favorite dishes 10x faster than you used to be able to without it! Cook delicious, flavorful and healthy meals up to 70% faster than traditional cookware. Once you try this product, you’ll wish you found it sooner!
  • EXPERIENCE THE FLAVOR INFUSION: If you’ve never eaten food prepared by a pressure cooker like this, you are really in for a treat! The combinations of flavor profiles will overwhelm your senses! It’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. Our cooking technology traps the heat, enabling the steam inside of the pot to inject rich flavor directly into your food.
  • FIVE CORE FUNCTIONS: Our pressure cooker boasts the 5 most popular and adaptable settings! Slow Cooker, Browning, Steaming, Warming and Delayed Timer. Cook meals in just a matter of minute versus spending hours and hours at the stove. It’s like having 5 different chefs at your command!
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY PANEL: Easy-to-use display panel. Slow cooking functionality is right at your fingertips. Digital temperature control and timing readouts makes this pressure cooking one-of-a-kind. The voice-guided feature provides automated spoken prompt to talk you through cooking functions!
  • ENJOY, WORRY-FREE: Purchase this cooker worry-free. Enjoy a one-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime support and 30 days unconditional free return. We’re here to ensure your cooking experience is top-notch and the best it can be! We’re here to help if you have any questions about this cooker.

. Shocked me and made me laugh. This is a replacement for my old oval cooker and i love this one.

You’ll need to order a stream/drip rack so your meats don’t stew (basically boil) themselves. Also, the front panel on mine has come unglued. Not a big deal, but a bit of an inconvenience. It takes awhile to reach pressure (14/20) minutes. But it does walk you thru the steps.

Shamrock 6.5 Qt Nonstick Pressure Cooker w/ Voice Command New : I bought this primarily to cook a turkey in. I especially like the browning function. Browned meat for chili this weekend. The voice command has become garbled after only 2 uses. Hopefully that won’t affect the other uses. I really like the shape of this one. Learning curve was not too steep.

Product received as advertised.

I like the voice reminder when i’m not sure of the next step and the browning option is great. I’ve used the pressure cooker menu and the slow cooker and had no problems. The oval pot is a nice size for a beef roast with vegetables, or a pork roast with sauerkraut. I toss in the meat, set it for the browning cycle, then add the veggies or sauerkraut, push the buttons and go watch tv. It shuts off when the timer setting is reached and lets the steam escape. The trick to the heavy lid is to lift it straight up once you unlock it. The inner pot is very easy to clean. I’m ordering two more for my daughters-in-law.

It is my new favorite kitchen appliance. I’m enjoying finding new things i can cook in it. My favorite things to cook in it so far are rice, roast (beef & pork), pork chops, chicken breasts to be used in recipes (i cook and then just add other ingredients for the recipe), apples for applesauce, squash and potatoes. When i am going to make something i have always made on the stove or in the oven, the first thing that pops in my mind is ‘i wonder if i could do this in the electric crock pot and how long would it take?’. Spaghetti noodles didn’t quite turn out as they were clumping a bit (but turned out better than i expected as they weren’t one solid mass). I’m going to play with it one more time. I have a rice cooker and i have used a stovetop pressure cooker for about 10 years, mainly to cook potatoes. And i have used a crockpot for even longer. What i like better about this is it generates no heat in the kitchen which will be wonderful in the summer, minimal humidity from steam escape and it’s virtually silent during the cooking process. It combines the speed of the stovetop pressure cooker with the tender results of a crockpot.

Absolutely love this pressure cooker. I have used many crock pots through the years (which this also does) but find much easier to use the pressure cooker setting. It warms, browns, crock pots and pressure cooks. I can cook a roast with chunked carrots and potatoes for about an hour on pressure cooker setting and it’s ready to eat, nice and tender. The only downside would be the way the inside pot rests inside unit; has to be exactly lined up so that lid goes on easily. Have already recommended this to multiple friends and family members. Com/gp/product/b00uxjggem/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_1.

It is hard to understand what the voice says. This product stopped working and could not get it replaced. 00 cooker i the garbage now ,i bought it in nov. 2015 only used it 4 times now i see i only had lees than 2 mts. I had only used it 1 time ,before jan.

Can’t wait to start canning with it.

. The talking feature was useless. It was not understandable, even to my blind son who can hear/understand most any sound or speaking element. Seems like it was a gimmick added only to sale the unit. It became a regular tool in preparing meals but completely stopped working after about 5 months of using. I glad a replacement plan was purchased with the unit.

Makes cooking so much faster.

I use this machine all of the time .

Very easy to operate works great.

Ok—i ordered this electric pressure cooker because it was reasonably priced and highly rated. I didn’t really care that it had voice activated directions. The cookbook was small and boring, and the directions were full of warnings about hazards and proper operation. Many foods were not recommended to be cooked it, such as grains, barley, and such. A bit surprising, but not a deal breaker. I picked out an easy whole chicken recipe from another book and set it up,plugged it in and couldn’t for the life of me understand the voice coming out. It was rather hilarious, if not frustrating,since it was also not loud enough and there isn’t a volume control. Who puts voice control on a pot anyway???.So, i had to quickly refer to written directions while i browned the bird.

I previously had bought this pressure cooker and one day it just stopped working. I as heart broken because i had become so dependent on it for cooking my dinner it it. I was using less and less with my over. My husband even had gotten use to using it. I tried using the other upright pressure cooking but every time i used it my food would burn. I was so excited when i found this one. It was cheaper than my old one and this one talks.

Ordered this pressure cooker and it came in within the week. When i opened the box and took the cooker out it was bent in two places. The box was not damaged anywhere so i don’t know how it got bent before i got it. I guess i will have to send this one back and hope the next one that comes in will not be bent. I have not even used it to cook anything in it so i don’t know how it works.

Gift for family member and they are loving it.

I have a smaller version of this one that i love, but my cat shoved the lid off the counter and broke it. I was so glad to find this one since qvc isn’t currently selling oval pressure cookers. The oval shape fits my needs much better.

Nicely priced, but the talking feature is hard to understand, the plastic on the front peeled off and the timer malfunctions at times. I have made some wonderful recipes in this pressure cooker, but it is low quality.

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