Sensio Bella 13579 Fluted Cake Maker : pound cakes work great

I have been very happy with my sensio bella fluted cake maker. It has been fun to have these delicious little cakes that turn out perfect every time. I followed the instructions given by another reviewer and mixed 1 box of angel food cake mix with 1 box of regular cake mix and it worked much better. They were light and airy, perfect for filling with jam and whipped cream or just dusting with powdered sugar. This was a thumb’s up purchase for me. It arrived in good condition and on time. I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a quick and easy way to make a sensational little dessert with little or no mess. Make sure you spray it with pam baking or another baking spray first. They pop out perfect each and every time. My grandchildren love these little cakes and can even help make them because it is so easy to do.

I just recently purchased this product and i love, love, love it. I used a pillsbury bundt cake mix and the cakes turned out absolutely perfect in no time. : they are just the perfect size. ]

Sensio Bella 13579 Fluted Cake Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bakes 5 fluted cakes in minutes
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Non-stick baking plate
  • Power indicator lights
  • Ready indicator light

I just bought this cake machine and we used for the first time today. The chocolate cake was ready in five minutes. It’s so simple to use and the kids loved the design of the cakes.

Still works and does a great job. I don’t bother to use to book. I get cake mix and is all you need.

Okay, i am not sure why anyone would make cakes or donuts from scratch, using these little cake makers. But i noticed a lot of people were disappointed in the recipes. Try this awesome quicky recipe, and just keep the mix on hand in a tupperware container. Use one box of angel food cake mix, and one box of any other cake mix–it can be super moist, regular, even the sugar free mix i tried is great. Blend the two dry mixes in a bowl till completely mixed. When you are ready to bake, just mix 3 parts mix with 2 parts water, and mix for about 2 minutes till smooth and the right thickness for a cake batter. (adjust the water if necessary). I also add unsweetened coconut, mini chocolate or white chocolate chips, sprinkles (for confetti color), etc.

Sensio Bella 13579 Fluted Cake Maker : But it would have been nice to have the cook book. It was supposedly in original wrap and styrofoam, never been taken from box.

Got it to use with my toddler, who loves it. Haven’t tried any of the recipes in the booklet, but used a simple chocolate cake mix, threw in some blueberries, and. One cake mix made 15 little cakes in about the same time it would have taken to bake a full cake. We used a timer (fun for the toddler and easier for him to wait)but i could tell when they were done by the cooked cake smell. Once you smell that, just pop them out. Excellent purchase, and good price.

I bought this for my daughter to use in the summer when we want cake but not to heat the entire kitchen with the oven. Cake maker works well with any recipe but be sure that after you fill the cups, turn the entire unit upside down to prevent scorching the decorative tops and undercooking the middle/bottom. Doing it this way ensures perfect cakes in about 7-8 minutes. Also, be sure to use a silicone pastry brush to brush oil on every time you fill the cups to prevent sticking. If your batter is runny and you work really fast, you may be able to just pour it into the cups and not need to flip unit upside down. Sensio’s helpline is useless. Be sure to fill all the cups ie. Always bake 5 cakes/baking cycle. If you have runny batter, you can probably just fill an empty cup with some water, but if you have to spoon the batter in (which takes time), i would make smaller cakes and still flip the unit over, maybe after a minute or two so that the decorative top will cook and set up enough. I haven’t tried the recipes in the booklet – how useless to say ‘one box of cake mix’.

Hellothank you, it was good product.

Sensia fluted cake maker, i love it the cakes are nice and fluffy , very elegant, worth your money, great for breakfast or desserts.

This is a robustly made unit and has been working great. We typically use it for a ‘special’ weekend breakfast once a month. I suggest using your favorite muffin mix and augment as you desire. The only negative is that the molds that don’t have the center indent sometimes don’t cook the dough all the way when the outside is clearly done. When this happens we simply microwave those cakes for 30 seconds and they are fine. If the unit had a temperature control this might be avoidable but, alas, it does not.

Absolutelly great, all the recipes works perfect, i can save time and energy and always get a well cooked cake : ).

I have used mine making a regular pound cake recipe. My husband and i have to watch our weight so these little cakes work out fine. I make up a whole batch and put in the freezer taking out one each at a time. Keeps us from over indulging. I did have a problem with the decorative tops getting a little too brown but after burning the first batch the rest came out fine. I’ll be trying the flip it over tip another reviewer posted. I have to agree also that the booklet wasn’t a lot of help. I would have rated it higher if the booklet had been a little bit more informative. Also i have to agree it would be nice if the inserts would come out and go in the dishwasher.

This cool little baker makes me a few pieces of cake whenever i want. I love it, and an would recommend it,.

We were all so excited waiting for this to arrive and it has not disappointed. I think we’ve used it everyday. My 11 year-old son convinced his 19 year-old brother to take him to the store where he spent almost $100 on cake mixes. Definitely something he can use safely, successfully, unsupervised. Every mix he’s tried so far has been amazing, including gluten free and brownies. He’s been using non-stop spray, placed the baker on a cooking sheet to prevent mess from spillage and is sure to unplug between batches. The cakes are so detailed and beautiful, about the size of a cake donut. We’re going to get a lot of use from this, keep all the kids happy when bored over the summer.

My grandkids just love them. I even got my 83 year old mother to eat some and she does not like sweets.