Secura SWK-1701DB Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle : Highly Recommend

I bought this because i wanted a kettle with no plastic pieces inside, and the cool touch outside was a nice feature since i have young children in the house. I also bought a much more expensive bonavita kettle, and this kettle boiled the water over 2 minutes faster. Very little plastic exposure. The insulated wall also seems to help keep the water hot for quite some time. The cons: there is still a small hole at the top of the handle where steam and condensation can come in contact with plastic – and my guess is this plastic is not bpa free. Why they didn’t fill this, one will never know. And most importantly, this thing is huge. It’s about the height of a 2 liter soda bottle and at least 1. I was already not too enamored by the look, but when it was so much larger than i expected, there’s no way i’m leaving this on my counter every day. So, in the cabinet it goes – only to come out when serving coffee to the masses.

I have used electric kettles for 15-20 years and this one is my favorite so far. Well-designed and constructed, it looks and feels like it will last a long time, which is an issue with many electric kettles. I have only one tiny improvement i would make, and that is to add the water level marks to the interior on both sides, not just one side. This doesn’t even rate as an annoyance, simply as a like-to-have feature. The canister is well insulated, the water boils very quickly, and there is no metallic taste. The canister is also a nice large size.

I bought this to replace another electric kettle that rusted out almost immediately. I use these kettles constantly, as i am a tea drinker. I don’t treat them well, either, as i leave water in them all the time. I have hard water, also, and so have to clean the scale out every few weeks. I have had several of these types of kettles, usually all in the 1. 7-2 l size range and around this price. I like stainless steel, not plastic. This kettle is by far the best i’ve used in this price range.At first i thought i would miss the water level indicator, but i have found i prefer the all-stainless steel construction.

Excellent kettle is stainless, even though it oxidizes. Large, quick-to-boil kettle. Power switch is on a long cantilever, so i worry it will get broken. Water comes in contact only with stainless, not plastic. Very pleased with fit and finish. Now, for some esoterica:other reviewers have criticized this kettle for rusting. Some claim that rust proves this and other, similar kettles are not stainless. “stainless” describes a wide range of steels with varying resistance to oxidation and corrosion. You can use a common magnet to separate the “ferritic” and “martensitic” alloys (to which a magnet will stick) from the more common “austenitic” alloys, like the ubiquitous 304 and 316 (which have a higher chromium and nickel content – to which a magnet will not stick). This kettle holds a magnet, so it is probably made of a martensitic stainless: less corrosion resistance, but easier to form and machine. If the stains bother you, scrub the inside with barkeeper’s friend regularly. Also, boil some white vinegar in it every few weeks to prevent the buildup of scale.

  • 100% All-Stainless Steel Interior, including the Lid and Pour Spout!
  • Good, basic, no-frills electric kettle.
  • No plastic is great, but mine was used (with mineral stains to prove it)
  • Boils Quickly, Large Capacity
  • Highly Recommend
  • Look no further, you have found the best all stainless steel electric kettle at a good price!

Secura SWK-1701DB Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle, 1.8 quart, Black

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  • This Electric Kettle comes with 100% Stainless Steel Interior. Stainless Steel pot, Stainless Steel Lid, Stainless Steel Spout, Stainless Steel Rim
  • BPA-Free Cool Touch Exterior, No Scalding Hazard. Saves Energy and Safe to Use
  • 1.7 Liter/ 1.8 Quart Capacity. Double-Wall Construction Boils Water Quicker and Keeps Warm Longer
  • British Strix control inside, Outlast Other Water Kettle
  • TWO(2)-YEAR WARRANTY. 120V 60Hz, 1500W Heating Power. ETL Approved Product

As promised: no plastic ever touches the water. The entire interior is a one-piece, seamless stainless steel part, except for the welded-on stainless steel spout. Of course, that means there can be no water-level indication on the outside, since that would involve tubes, seals, and so on. But if you can’t figure out how much water is in there by remembering what you just poured in, by hefting it, or by opening the top and looking in , then you probably should not be playing with electrical appliances anyway. The connection between the kettle and the base looks identical to the one on a chef’s choice kettle purchased maybe two years ago where i work, which is still going strong after that span of heavy shared office use. The light in the on-off switch is an orange neon bulb, not an led — pretty old-school (it reminds me of my father’s wwii-era bakelite wall-socket tester), but it should last just as long as any led, and surely won’t be the first thing to go. The kettle does make a bit more noise than our 20-year old generic kenwood that started sparking and died, and i don’t really expect it to last as long. But it should be easy to de-scale, it is working fine, and i would recommend this model over more complicated models with more finicky bits to clog, break, accumulate ugly crud, and potentially taint the water.

Good value for the price and no plastic taste. Got this 2 days after ordering and have had it only a week. It heats water fairly fast, holds 1. 8l, is stainless steel inside, plastic on the outside so there is no plastic taste. My previous pot was an oster stainless steel pot which lasted several years, worked pretty well, was easier to fill than this one, had a keep-warm feature which i loved,but was difficult to clean in its fluid level indication channel, also started leaking at the base. This pot is lighter weight, has no fluid volume indicator or keep-warm feature, has an automatic shut-off feature and seems to be working well. I gave it 4 stars because it does not have a keep-warm feature.

This a great electric water pot, especially as it’s my first ever. It has a large capacity and is all steel inside, including the pour spout and underside of lid. When i fill it to the “max” line it takes about three minutes (starting with hot tap water) to come to a complete, rolling boil and the auto shut-off works great. It lifts on and off its base easily and feels secure. It does keep water hot for a little while, 1/2 hour maybe, as rising heat does escape through the spout, but it does re-heat very quickly. I do wish it came in a wider variety of colors but all in all, i am very happy with this secura water pot.

Great for the health-consious. Let me tell you why: first of all, the interior (including the lid) is completely stainless steel. Water does not come into contact with anything other than steel (not even a rubber gasket at the top). It is larger than most of the other ones out there. It takes a little while longer to boil (and it does make a fair bit of noise tbh) but it’s worth it.

All things considered, a great product. Some reviewers have complained that it is too large, but it is the generous 1. 7 liter capacity that makes it sizable. It is well-balanced and easy to handle. It is easy to left off the base — the cord attaches to the base of the unit, not the kettle itself — and reposition back on the base. The 1500w heating element heats the water very rapidly, faster than a conventional kettle of the same capacity heats on my electric cooktop range. One early observation i had was that the cord was too short: i measured it at about ten inches. It was when i read other amazon product reviews here that i realized my unit’s cord was wrapped around a base storage device; when i unwrapped a turn or two, the cord length was fine.

Boils quickly, large capacity. I’ve had this for a month now, it has been great, boils water quickly, is safe to touch when boiling, and holds heat well. I am using this with this thermosthermos 61 ounce vacuum insulated beverage bottle with folding handle, stainless steel thermos and this coffee pour overhario vdg-02b v60 glass coffee dripper, black, and paper filtershario 02 100 count coffee paper filter, natural. The base has storage for the cord, the on/off switch has a light which is a helpful reminder that the item is on. The interior stainless steel appears to be one smooth insert, no seams. The lid opens easily with a button on the handle. A temperature control would have been nice, since i like to make tea, which needs a lower temp. And i would prefer to use water at 190 degrees for coffee. I usually grab it before it starts to boil or let it sit for a bit if i’m in the mood to deal with that. I am replacing an oster model http://www.

I have limped along for several years with a cheap electric kettle. It was noisy and took forever to heat. It was not insulated, so i had to reheat the water every time i wanted a second cup of tea. It also sounded like a 747 taking off in my kitchen every time i boiled water. We just started using a french press for our coffee, which meant all the inconveniences of the old pot were even more annoying because we used the pot more. I shopped for a long time (at amazon, of course) for the replacement pot. * i am a cancer survivor so avoiding plastic in the construction was a top priority. * the pot had to be insulated – i wanted my water to stay hot, i wanted the outside to remain cool* it had to be quiet* made in the usaso, i got 3 out of 4 requirements met with this pot.

As far as i can tell, this is the only stainless steel electric tea kettle with no plastic inside the kettle to come in contact with the boiling water. Elegant and simple, it boils water as quickly as any of them and looks great if you leave it on your countertop. This is the kettle for to deter the harms of plastic’s nastiness for your health and well-being.

I read tons of reviews before i settled on this purchase to the point where i almost thought i wasn’t going to buy a kettle at all. What i learned through reading all of the ‘one-star reviews’ is that kettles either leak, their inner mechanisms (specific to each kettle) break down or they stop working all together. I guess one-star reviews don’t matter too much unless you become one of the unlucky ones. What i ‘love’ about this kettle: the color of course because it coordinates with my kitchen; its sleek, simple style; the fact that the outside doesn’t get hot – you can touch it – which is great if ‘little hands’ ever get curious; the inside is stainless steel; the top pops open easily and quietly; only one on and off switch (why should it be all fancy?); it boils a full pot in about 4. 5 minutes – powerful; the spout pours beautifully without any drips; it sets quietly and seamlessly into the little plate. What i don’t like about it: when you first turn it on it is so loud. The first time, it scared me so i turned it off and re-read the instructions. I thought for sure its sound would wake my sleeping husband. Rather discouraged, i uncomfortably let it do its job and finally settled into my morning tea ceremony. The next day, i received a very nice email from the seller asking about my purchase. When i described the loudness of the kettle, they explained to me that it is the sound of the water molecules vibrating due to the power of the heating mechanism. Well, that made sense to me and as a first time kettle owner (i’ve always boiled manually) i had no others to compare it to.

No plastic is great, but mine was used (with mineral stains to prove it). Pros:- no plastic, all stainless- reasonably priced- works wellcons:- shipped used, repackaged carelessly. No idea how much this was used. There were mineral stains on the stainless steel. Electric boilers are not known for durability. When one ships used with mineral stains, there is no telling how much life it still has. – seller, ‘lafraise’ has less integrity than you’d want. They don’t care enough to box it up properly or clean out the previous user’s stains.

Why some black things show up after using 3 times?. Isn’t is made of stainless steel?.

I researched long and hard for a kettle that doesn’t have plastic parts contacting the boiling water. This pot was actually too big for what i was looking for. I wanted something half the size as i was only thinking of using it to make coffee for myself in the morning. Now that i have this kettle in the kitchen, it’s so convenient and boils water so fast (1-2 minutes for one cup or 5 minutes when it’s full) my family has started to enjoy tea and make themselves a cuppa all the time. When i’m in a hurry to boil pasta or eggs, i just get the water to a rolling boil in the kettle and pour it into a pot on the stovetop. Saves me 8-10 minutes waiting for the water to boil on the stovetop. I use it to make jello now too. Pour the boiling water in a glass and stir. It’s simply the convenience of this kettle that i love. The plastic switch at the bottom of the pot lights up when you press it down to turn on the kettle, and it turns off and flips up automatically when the water has reached boiling point. It’s a safety element that i like as well. The handle grips well even for small hands like mine.

Good kettle with double wall. Just received this kettle as a substitute for premature demised cooks choice 681. Secura seems to be considerably taller. Also it looks to have a double walled stainless steel inner compartment with a tightly closing prime lead. I consider this style lets to keep the water scorching for a more time durations. Also, secura’s outdoors plastic system is amazing to touch no matter how incredibly hot the water is inside. I imagine it will come with a 2 year guarantee. One particular area of concern is that the sensor/swap style and design seems to be identical/exact to the one in chefs choice (just various colour led inside). Ideally secura will past for a longer time than two a long time.

Perfectly uncomplicated, exquisite style and design and it performs good. It is wholly stainless steel on the within, together with the lid and spout. There is no plastic touching any part of the water, but considering that it is plastic on the outdoors, it is neat to the contact. It functions fantastic, and we use ours just about every working day. It also has a 2-year warranty, which i truly respect, as most things these times arrive with a one-yr or less. We have only had this kettle for a number of weeks, so i am going to attempt to check out back in and give some updates. I suppose a drawback could be that you are unable to see inside of the kettle, whereas most kettles have a window so you can see how substantially water is inside. But in most kettles that window is created of plastic, which sort of defeats the function of obtaining a glass, ceramic or stainless steel kettle. As well as, for several years and yrs i had a kettle that you set on the stove burner, and that didn’t have any window or see-via portion. Thinking of the expense of some of the glass and ceramic kettles, this is a good price for the price. If you need to have much more fancy options, like the temperature gauge and to see the water beneath blue mild though it heats, then this kettle just isn’t for you. If you want a kettle that doesn’t use plastic, but also would not price additional than your vehicle, then this is a wonderful alternative.

It will be best if that is set in later on types. No plastic touching the water, this is the key rationale why i opt for this pot. I experienced the other a person prior to and throw it absent immediately after purchasing this. It had a plastic filter inside of and also water flows into a plastic gauge on the take care of to inform the water level. Boiling water on plastic is a big nono for me. Envision you drink that for thirty yr. Regarding the minor gap up there inside of where by there is a plastic funnel powering it, i might just keep away from it by filling up a half bottle so water does not get a possibility to get into the gap and flow back. It will be great if that is mounted in later products.

Search no even further, you have found the very best all stainless steel electric kettle at a great rate. If you enjoy electric kettles:we have experienced this for a thirty day period and use it several occasions just about every day. Secura stainless steel electric kettle is a pleasure to use,i adore that it is fully stainless steel, no plastic touches your waterit boils quite quickly,the button to open the lid is sturdy and clicks open the lid nicelythe button for the kettle is very uncomplicated to convert on and lights up when you do sothe take care of and body weight distribution feels good in your hand the pour spout is good (despite other critiques that claimed it was ‘too small’) i have no complications or issues with it. This kettle is very functional, very well built, appears to be like wonderful sitting on our counter top, we enjoy it. If you have not nonetheless had the enjoyment of an electric kettle in your kitchen:they are fantastic, we use it everyday, all day lengthy. Building tea or espresso or any sizzling beveragemaking oatmeal or soup or pasta, boiling water in kettle to start with will minimize down greatly on cook timeheating thermos – i constantly preheat thermos right before applying with very hot waterhot water bottles – i use sizzling water from electric kettle to immediately fill a scorching water bottlethere are so numerous takes advantage of for fast hot water, you is not going to know why you’ve got lived wthout one particular all these many years. This is our third electric kettle, our initially was a reward from traveling to buddies, it was plastic and it improved our environment. When that 1 died right after many years of use, we made the decision to improve to a breville stainless steel kettle, no use possessing a plastic kettle to boil water you use each working day. When soon after numerous far more years, our beloved breville stainless steel kettle died, we could not uncover that breville built a stainless steel kettle, so we did some study and observed the secura stainless steel electric kettle was the greatest, all stainless steel this means no plastic lid or viewing panel touched your boiling water.

This kettle is just what former assessments have mentioned. Absolutely all metallic on the within, even the major. No plastic is uncovered to water. The outside is an attractive layout, and stays amazing to the touch, a big plus to stay away from accidental burns. Fillled up completely it heats quite chilly water to boiling in six minutes. In my united states kitchen area a full kettle of really cold water on my fuel stove top usually takes twenty minutes to get to boiling, so the secura is substantially speedier. It is a little bit heavier and noisier than kettles i have experienced right before, but not so a lot that it disturbing in any way, or much too hefty to lift with a single arm. I had hoped it would come in white, but actually now want the black colour, it seems to be present day. The reduction my partner and i feel with not possessing plastic within any place is wonderful.

Very good, basic, no-frills electric kettle. . Just just lately learned electric kettles. This one particular seemed to be a primary, no-frills version, which would function for my requires. Gained package in great get. This is not a large container, suits nicely beneath cupboards, would not choose up much too significantly counter space. Professionals: appears to be like fantastic, dimensions is wonderful, and most essential to me: it truly is double walled so accidentally brushing towards the container although it is on will not burn up me. Lid releases slowly which is nice. Automated switch off when water is boiling. Cons: there is a marker within the container to demonstrate max level of water, but practically nothing to exhibit the min degree.