Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener Foil Cutter : Does the job well

First off, this looks beautiful on my countertop. I love the neon blue light that emits from the bottom while it’s charging. As far as quality goes, it’s held up so far and i’ve already used it half a dozen times. It’s a little slow at times when it’s removing the cork as compared to the rabbit that i’ve had for years, but it still gets the job done. I do like the clear bottom which allows you to see exactly what’s going on. It’s extremely useful in making sure that you’ve lined up in the very middle of the cork before attempting to remove it. If you’re more toward the sides, it doesn’t always work right. All-in-all, i’ve very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this product.

I bought this opener to replace a similar well known brand opener that died. This one is more attractive and seems to work better. The price was right and it arrived promptly. I even got a nice email from the vendor making sure i was satisfied.

I had one of the earliest electric wine openers, but it finally gave up the ghost. It’s really easy to use, takes no effort – you don’t have to hang onto the bottle so it doesn’t spin, like my old one – and it looks attractive on the counter.

Easy, and the blue glow at night is pretty. I got this for my wife, who saw one in a restaurant and commented how interesting it was. When it arrived she was somewhat disturbed that i bought this “on an impulse” but was resigned to try it out. Now we both use it all the time.It’s fast, easy, and the blue glow at night is pretty cool. I paid full price for this, so my comments aren’t based on a feeling of obligation for getting a reduced price (hint hint, amazon. Your customers are on to that review scam).

  • Fantastic Wine Opener
  • Great Cork Puller – Great Price
  • Attractive and Powerful
  • Excellent Product!
  • Exceeds expectations. Easy peasy. Must have wine opener.
  • easy, and the blue glow at night is pretty

Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener Foil Cutter (Stainless Steel)

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  • Cordless Electric Wine Bottle opener – removes the cork in seconds
  • This attractive Electric Wine Bottle opener features a stainless steel housing with a transparent shell surrounding the corkscrew mechanism, no guess work needed
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge; simple push-button operation
  • Foil cutter included for easily removing seals; Elegant charging base with blue LED light

The best electric wine opener ever. The best electric wine opener ever. I have bought several f other brands for myself and as gifts and they never lasted very long. This one is sleek, looks great when using, quiet and i bought it as a great price. I selected this brand from the amazon review and i was not disappointed.

Much easier than the more expensive systems and it looks awesome on the bar or countertop. This is the coolest wine opener. So simple to use, much easier than the more expensive systems and it looks awesome on the bar or countertop. All my friends volunteer to open their wine bottles because its so amazing to use. I bought 4 of them as gifts and i have two. One in the beach house and one at home.

Easy to use, but, oddly, the bit does not center on the cork. Still, it does what it is supposed to do, effortlessly removes the cork. Haven’t figured out why the corkscrew is illuminated while charging, maybe it serves as a nightlight.

I would have given it a 5 as it works well however i received a request to provide a review from the company that states in part “we are a us based business and we have grown from the ground up by applying all our talent toward our products, and our energy toward our customers”. Bottom line is this is a wine opener and it works and looks nice, but it is not usa made as the email kind of eludes to. I was prepared to provide great feedback about this being a usa based product when i received the request but i had to go look for myself. Anyway, everything is fricken made in china these days sadly which makes me sick, but the products works. Wont say much more than that and the photo is a good depiction of what you will receive.

We had a different brand before this one. So i’d say that was a solid run. But the simple addition of the clear bottom is terrific. How big of a deal is it to turn one of these over to have to look and see if there’s an old cork still inside?. Apparently a really big deal because i’ll never go back. And this thing made me realize that it actually bugged me with my old unit.

Exceeds expectations and made me a believer. I am usually not a fan of fancy toys likes this but since my last two corkscrews both broke i thought i’d take a flyer. The great reviews for this product were spot on. We get lots of ooohhss and ahhhs from company to when we open up bottles. I tell them all to come here and buy one. You should too if you have not already.

We have had poor luck with wine openeners so i was looking for one that promised imporved battery life even if i had to pay more for it. Maybe it is because we do not use it consistently, but wine openers we have had have lost their power quickly and even though kept plugged in would not be able to open a bottle of wine. So far this opener has shown plenty of power and i really like the blue light to show it is plugged in. The directions do not indicate whether it is ok to keep it plugged in or not but so far we just leave it on the charging station until needed. Really like the stainless body and power of the opener. Also have had good follow up from the seller providing contact info for any problems. So far have had not problems and have been impressed with the design, construction performance and packaging of the product.

This unit works fine so time will tell. I have only had this for a short time and have opened 6+ bottles. It appears to be a quality product. I am now seeing how many bottles it will open before it needs charged again. I have owned two other electric openers and the first thing to go after a couple of years is the battery holding its charge. They still open bottles, but you have to have the charger sitting out on the bar 100% of the time to keep it working when you need it. This unit works fine so time will tell.

I never had to worry about opening wine bottles because my husband always did it. He recently passed, and i realized i needed some help in opening corked bottles because i have a shoulder and wrist with bad arthritis from a car accident many years ago, so i have only one good working arm. I am very pleased with this purchase. Be sure to read all the instructions before using it. I can see where you could mess up the performance if you did not follow the instructions. But if you do follow the instructions, it is simple and easy to use.

As a relatively new wine drinker this is a life saver. Before i was using those winged, screw it down things to open the wine and it was always a very stressful, tense and aggravating time when i had to uncork the bottles because the bottle would slide or tip over. Maybe i wasn’t using it correctly but i hated it. With this electric wine opener its easy as all get out.

No effort, super easy to use. I bought these as gifts as i bought a wine opener similar to this on skymall for myself (not quite as nice as these) and it has worked great. I bought 2 of these as a christmas gift, shopping very early. One i bought and gave to a friend who is already using it and loves it. It pulls the cork out and then releases it, all with a push of a button.

The secura stainless steel electric wine opener is a sleek and attractive rechargeable unit with a powerful enough motor to make short work of all sorts of corks. The opener charges in a black stand, and the clear cylinder lights up while the unit is charging, allowing it to double as a night light (or a beacon, if you’re trying to find the pinot noir at midnight). It is very attractive and matches my granite-and-stainless kitchen nicely.

Wow, this is one good-seeking wine opener. Now, elegance is not all that issues, but this seems to be wonderful on my counter and matches with my stainless steel appliances. The blue gentle matches with my keurig (k55) – alongside one another they act as a nightlight for my kitchen.As for operation, it’s also significant excellent. Just cut the wine wrapper with the included cutter, line up the wine opener, push the down arrow, and you might be on your way to currently being a wino. With a further button click on, the cork is expelled from the opener. No mess, no fuss, and additional validation that performing things manually is so outdated. Attention-grabbing day and age that we are living in. This is ideal opener on amazon in phrases of appears, high quality, and operation in context of rate place.

Retain in head when you are applying this that it need to be entirely billed. We tried out it when it was not totally charged and it was extremely slow to open. Usually, its a good product or service. Will take a minute to figure out how to use the wine opener, but at the time you get it, it is so a great deal simpler than a traditional corkscrew.

This wine opener has been doing work terrific for me for a couple months now. This wine opener has been functioning wonderful for me for a couple months now, opening a pair bottles a 7 days. The incorporated foil cutter is a awesome addition. I have not pushed this detail past opening two bottles in a row, but it handles that just fantastic in advance of i set it again on the charging stand. The blue light adds a nice minimal wide range compared to the other electric wine openers. Really satisfied with this product or service.

The opener would not thoroughly remain on the charger. It wobbled and the charger like flicked on and off. Other clever the item its self was genuinely great and most likely would get the job done excellent if accurately billed.

Has a nicely created truly feel about it and. Possessing owned two distinctive brand name electric wine openers in the earlier, this a person is the ideal. Has a properly designed feel about it and the motor is much better than the other 2 openers. I would very advocate this item.

Best electric wine opener i’ve had. It has a sleeve inside that guides the screw into fantastic position and the cork extraction is pretty easy. I’ve experienced it for about two months and i have no problems. It is fairly priced also.