Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner – This is the model to get!

I used hours studying through all the opinions to come across the suitable cooktop for us and this was it. Very low temperature command is outstanding as the array starts lower and goes up in even increments. At the large vary, heats up quickly. The timer is excellent and the aesthetics are pleasing. Large top quality surface and layout. The in addition and minus signals are in the anticipated posture (minus on left and furthermore on correct) not like the older product. Long wire is appreciated for us as any shorter would not have labored without the need of an extension wire.

Superior notion but use with caution. This induction cooktop was obtained generally to use in a vacation trailer so as not to use the propane cooktop on sizzling times. The manufacturers have to have to refine the digital temperature controls, for occasion 200 diploma environment will boil h2o tough but if you want to just simmer a hundred and eighty degrees is far too very low. There desires to be a 190 placing. Though liquid is at two hundred levels and boiling challenging with a protect on the pot, the steam that will escape from below the lid makes it possible for a pot to slide off of the burner, a prospective extraordinary hazard (a warning really should be extra to the instruction manual about this}. Also one particular need to make confident that the cooktop is seriously level or a pan or pot can simply slide off considering the fact that the are no elevated edges. In other text, do not leave cooking foods unattended, even briefly.

Heats up induction optimized pans incredibly rapid. However, necessitates specified minimum amount of fluids in vessel for temperature settings to function accurately: seeking to warm up a couple ounces of milk for my outdoor kitties, it achieved a boil in fifty percent a minute although i experienced it at the most affordable temp of 140º. Filling the exact calphalon two quart traditional chef’s pan (tri-clad base only, not fully clad) with a pint or extra of milk and it appeared to maintain regular under the boiling position now matter how prolonged left on the duxtop, whew. Curiously, even the walls of this calphalon bought authentic incredibly hot up to all over an inch and a half or so over the base (the degree to which i would crammed it) so guess the magnetic industry created ought to have some vertical achieve. Since on my glasstop selection, the partitions of a single layer pan in no way get any hotter than the the fluids in just, that far up from the base. Noticed identical final results with my one quart emeril saucier with its 5′ foundation. Which prospects me to believe that for induction cooking, a substantial excellent impression bonded pan could possibly carry out in the same way to a totally cladded a single, at least with the lesser sizes. 5 quart duxtop wholeclad and 8′ bonjour ss clad frypan equally heat incredibly evenly on the 9100mc.

  • Great Product, I Recommend.
  • I’ve seen some real bad reviews on many units
  • I am still happy I purchased the DUXTOP 1800 watt Induction Cooktop for more reasons than I can share here! I’ll share some.
  • The last one I purchased was a Nuwave PIC– I love this one alot better
  • Good Concept but use with caution
  • induction cooktop 15 controls very flexible

1 of the pretty ideal buys we’ve at any time created on amazon. We have a new gasoline stove that puts off so a lot heat in the summertime. To solution this, we bought this cooktop. Boils water quickly, handles solid iron comal wonderfully and our substantial le creuset pot, far too. I do stirfry in our chef’s pan – the configurations will get you bigger or reduce rapidly as needed.

Pretty useful, pretty quickly accessory cooktop. . We’ve been looking at replacing our ceramic electric powered cook-top rated with an induction unit. This duxtop countertop unit seemed like a nice test to see regardless of whether we would definitely like induction cooking. So, immediately after a few months with our cooktop, here is what we’ve discovered. Induction cooking is wickedly quickly. We have yet to use the cooktop at higher temperature, because we can hardly regulate our cooking methods to keep up with the cooking speed. We uncovered that about 50 % of our nicer skillets and pots were being induction ready. The duxtop is loaded with characteristics that feeling the right cookware, signifies inappropriate use (getting rid of pan), reveals heating degree and time of cooking. It really is really hard to get into trouble.

Features of Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black

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  • 15 power levels from 200-1800Watts; 15 temperature range from 140 Degree Fahrenheit to 460 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Digital control panel; Lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage
  • Built-in count-down digital timer with 1 min increments up to 170 minutes; The auto-pan detection; Equipped with diagnostic error message system, Low and high voltage warning system
  • Compatible with Duxtop and other induction ready cookware such as cast aluminum enameled iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards, 120V 60Hz AC; 1-year warranty; ETL approved

Very good with induction prepared cookware, not so substantially with heat transfer plate. . It is considerably much larger than i expected, enabling me to use pans that are pretty significant. It performs pretty properly with my forged iron cookware. Nonetheless, i also bought just one of these plates so i could use it with cookware that is not induction prepared. The cooktop keeps switching modes to avert overheating so it is practically unattainable to get h2o to boil. I feel this is an inherent problem of employing the metallic plate as a substitute of induction all set cookware so be thoughtful about that.

Ther’s a new stovetop in town. . This and my 1300-watt duxtop are fortunately assisting me prepare dinner a minor more quickly and certainly cooler. Yes, i had to modify a couple of pans, but no problems. My aged fuel stove top burners are jealous because they have been demoted now that all i use is the oven on occasion. Heats quicker and holds temperature quite very well. I deep fried some onion rings, jalapeno poppers and mini egg rolls for a party and all went pretty swift.

Buying an additional right after applying for a few weeks i don’t want to use my glasstop stove that i utilized to like. Most of my pans get the job done no trouble there. I’m hoping to imagine of a con. We are putting a slicing board above my stove best to set the induction burners on. Rarely ever want four burners and prefer the induction cookbook. Ideal temperature command.

The past 1 i acquired was a nuwave pic– i enjoy this one particular alot superior. I have been employing these for the last 5yrs in its place of my stove. The final 1 i purchased was a nuwave pic– i love this a single alot much better .

I tried out to cook dinner some bacon on this and i was astonished at how inconsistently it heated. I tried using two different pans (a solid iron pan and an all clad pan). There was a major hot location close to the heart. Later i did some assessments working with the all clad, which was about one/2′ larger sized in diameter than the outer circle on the cooktop. I sprinkled some flour in the pan and turned on the cooktop to see wherever it began to brown first. There was very obviously a warm spot close to the heart of the cooktop. Just to be certain it wasn’t thanks to variations in the steel of the pan i ran the exam all over again, but this time i offset the pan. There was however a sizzling spot, and it was near the heart of the cooktop (not the centre of the pan). I also took the temperature at the middle and edge of the pan with an infrared thermometer and there was a 90f big difference.

An fantastic addition to our kitchen area tools. An outstanding addition to our kitchen area machines. For everyone cooking with an electric powered stove, the duxtop induction cooktop offers you the speed and temperature manage of cooking with fuel, but you basic plug it into any common a hundred and twenty vac electrical outlet. Also, it is exceptionally productive because the warmth is generated in your cooking utensil by itself,and consequently utilized directly to the food stuff product getting cooked. The variable max temperature feature is a reward to assistance avoid burning meals becoming well prepared. The device is perfectly designed and quite nicely created. We greatly desire it to our significant-conclude ge cook dinner prime put in in our kitchen area.

This was purchased to exchange one more brand induction cooktop i experienced owned for a few yrs which i also acquired right here on amazon. This is excellent to that item in every perception. The make quality is superb. There is a lengthy and flexible wire. I value the substantial, vibrant readout on the clean, sensitive touchpad controls. I am only relatively much more blind than the proverbial bat so the huge, vibrant red lcd displays are really practical. The audio responses is easy to hear and not annoyingly loud. The alternative of warmth (energy) or temperature handle is perfectly operating and exact.

In truth i just do not know however. I am astonished about the absence of information on cooking with induction. My sister-in-regulation (who has the similar unit) concur that induction actually requires a distinct strategy specifically for searing and pan cooking. The translation from electric powered and gas to induction seems to be lacking when you have a system in which you actually need to have to established a unique temperature, or temperatures (e. , sear followed by prepare dinner) for a unique sort of cooking with a specific type of foods. We have been experimenting and attempting to determine out the ideal translation. That should not be required given the time this technology has been all around. The other factor that is genuinely distinct is that to do this proper you genuinely have to have to have all-clad, or equal, cookware.

This replaced my old just one that gave out – adore it. This is not my to start with induction cooktop. I experienced a single by yet another organization for about 10 years and it ultimately gave out. I use an induction burner (along with the outside grill, microwave and breville oven) for all of my cooking. I seldom change on my glass cooktop for the reason that it can be a squander of strength, heats up the residence, and is really hard to command. When my previous burner gave out, i appeared for yet another a single by the same enterprise and they more time make them. I was so disappointed but now i’m glad they do not make them for the reason that i never ever would have switched to this brand. I like the very low profile and the smooth management panel. The heat degrees are very specific.

Great product, i advocate. . I definitely like it and i have now obtained three of these. They are pretty inexpensive and just take up very little area nevertheless can do a substantial career (see pictures like a massive twelve inch sauce pan). Effortless to run and exceptionally quickly, so much they doo all that the maker claimed they will do. I can retailer when not needed and even just take out aspect in superior weather and use in conjunction with my bbq. I have had to get utilized to cooking so swiftly, this is not like an electric incredibly hot plate, this is true induction cooking. You can prepare dinner two techniques one particular by environment and monitoring the temperature or, two by setting an a specified amount that will not be temperature sensative, wonderful for searing. There are constructed in security provisions this kind of as vehicle shut down just after 70 minutesyou will have to have suitable cookware, check your pans with a magnet. If the magnet sticks they need to be ok, if the magnet does not stick you will want new pans. My wolfgang puck pans had been copper-clad and did not perform so i bought some great duxtop cookware (pictured beneath the prepare dinner tops).

I required a thing reliable and portable (i like cooking on the lania in cooler weather). I have an electrical stove, and it’s just about difficult to make custards/curds/straightforward syrups on an electrical burner. On typical, it can take 3 times as very long. I wanted anything trustworthy and portable (i like cooking on the lania in cooler weather), and this suits the invoice. I have utilized it several instances now, and i’m extremely content with how uncomplicated it is to use. It seared my steak in a cast iron skillet quite well, and the time desired to make the aforementioned goods now follows recipe norms, if not taking slightly significantly less time. The only thing i do *not* like about it is the large-pitched whine when the temperature setting higher than 200 degrees is made use of. Other than that, i’m seriously glad i got this.

I formerly experienced the duxtop 8300st and made use of it daily rather of my stove for in excess of 4 years when the supporter started to function intermittently and would shut off. . No concern in my thoughts that i would get yet another duxtop. Following observing some of the responses to thoughts on the other products, i settled on the 9100mc and am i glad i did. It has so substantially additional manage. . Alot of flexibility in obtaining more decrease temp settings. I have no hesitation making actually delicate scrambled eggs or nearly anything else that could possibly have cooked much too rapidly on the other design. I also, believed the slanted management panel was something to be averted but it turns out to be an advantage due to the fact it doesn’t get as splattered.

A terrific addition to any kitchen. Two out of four burners on my electric stove have develop into unreliable, but i did not want to change the stove straight away. I definitely dislike electric powered, and i was hoping to switch to possibly induction or gasoline, so i determined to consider this cheap device to see how i would like induction. I have some cast iron i use a good deal, so i started out out with a couple of skillets. I also purchased an induction hob warmth diffuser in hopes of not obtaining to insert new cookware, but that turned out to be a real disappointment. The cooktop did not run thoroughly with the heat diffuser, so i returned that product for a refund. I have now bought some of the duxtop cookware, and am only sorry i did not try out this know-how sooner. It is awesome what just one little burner can do.

I have noticed some serious lousy opinions on several models. I was pretty skeptical about acquiring an induction cooktop. I’ve noticed some genuine lousy reviews on a lot of models , and i was concerned about the diameter of the heating spot against the bottom of the pans. I have observed movies in my exploration on some of the induction tops and several of them looked as although the heating circle was only about four inches in the middle since thats where by the h2o was boiling, and i thought , if i set a skillet on it, i’ll have to hold going the food stuff around the centre, as the center is heading to be the warm space and the outer portion of the pans are not heading to get as a lot warmth. Effectively, i searched and searched and came throughout this duxtop 9100c model at a reasonable cost and considered i would give it a try out nevertheless, it states that for induction you need to have pans that a magnet will adhere to or you cannot use them. Properly none of my stainless cookware would maintain a magnet and i have a 32 piece established. So what i did was i investigated far more and arrived on a wonderful ten piece stainless established built by duxtop for this induction major and i bought them. Boy, am i glad i did, but thats yet another critique, if you’re in will need of a gorgeous and extremely heavy triple clad set of pans check out out the 10 piece set sold here on amazon they are unquestionably amazing. The base of each pan it a triple clad base with no line showing like my older stainless cook dinner pans have, these duxtop pans have a beautiful sleek rounded edge top to the bottom so you dont even know they are clad on the base, furthermore the aspect walls of every pan has to be about 1/8 inch thick. I am just surprised simply because they are so large, and my more mature set was really highly-priced and the side partitions of my stainless set are paper thin.

I ordered duxtop to use in the course of a kitchen reno while i experienced no range, so it obtained a very good training for 3 months. I like it so a great deal, i have ongoing to use it from time to time, and will definitely make use of it on the back again porch for cooking “smelly” foods, and supplement foods prep and grilling exterior. If you have inquiries about induction cooking, go to theinductionsite. Com for far more info – and certainly read the guidance provided with your induction device.

It heats perfectly and is uncomplicated to command and cleanse. The fan sound is the only dilemma, but so significantly i am satisfied when i use this. Unrelated to the product or service itself, you can not stay clear of a higher pitch sound the induction would make. It appears a very little bit frustrating especially for younger folks.

This secura ended up costing me $8000 . Procured this merchandise to attempt induction cooking. In my lifetime i have absent to extraordinary cost for fuel cooking. I presently use a kitchen support experienced twin gas (gasoline cook dinner leading – electric powered oven) equipment which i compensated $4600 10 a long time in the past. No issue how reduced i modified the simmer burners, a lot of very long cooking recipes would burn up on the bottom. The burn would be just earlier mentioned the flames. Even arrived with an aluminum plate expressly to be used even though extended simmering. Yesterday i applied the secura for the initial time for beef stew.

Fantastic, adaptable induction cooktop. I have a nuwave pic also, but was unsatisfied with their enterprise practices. The nuwave cooktop is great, but when i needed to buy one more as a result of the site, i realized that the charges for shipping would be seriously high for the so-identified as ‘free’ things. I needed the excess wattage and greater induction surface in any case. This is a fantastic product and is additional exact than the nuwave. It does have a tiny distinct discovering curve, but that is seriously not an challenge nor a offer breaker. My electrical range is future to worthless because of the fluctuations in temperature. You do not get this with the duxtop. The heating is substantially much more even than regular electric, does not throw off excessive heat, food items does not burn on the floor if spilled and cooks really speedily. It usually takes a bit of having applied to the pace of cooking and will consider a minimal experimentation to get issues suitable, but it is worthy of it. Now i do not require to use my electrical assortment at all. With the two induction surfaces, i can put together full meals for my partner and myself effortlessly. Of program, as other reviewers have said, you will have to be positive that you have the suitable pots and pans.