Secura 4.2L/17-Cup 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple-Basket Electric Deep Fryer, with Timer : Excellent choice

After doing much research i decided to buy this one. My husband & i enjoy it a couple of times a week for a home made snack. If you are buying a deep fryer, consider this one for its awesomeness.

So i’ve always talked about getting a deep fryer years ago, after watching my gf make fried chicken and having to change the oil out half way through the process, i knew it was time for a fryer. Frying in a pan with all the flour settling to the bottom really was a pain. That being said, the deep fryer was awesome. I used the big basket to fry up chicken and gizzards. 4-5 mins on the gizzards and 8-12 on the chicken, came out beautifully. Next week we’re having chicken and waffles. Oh clean up was easy too, i filtered all the used oil back in the container and washed out the fryer bottom.

I bought this a while back and wanted to wait to write the review until i had used it a few times to make sure that i had all of the proper information. The picture is exactly what you get. The only thing that i do not like about this unit is the plug. It has a detachable plug for storage, however, when the plug is inserted into the back of the fryer it is a very loose fit. Once you get it working properly the fryer is great. Little mess around the area of frying. We haven’t cleaned it yet but if anything happens while cleaning i will edit the review. I am overall happy with this purchase.

I am very happy with my new fryer is just what i neededvery practical and easy to use, ideal for spending time with loved ones and enjoy a delicious dinner.

  • Secura 4.2L Dual-Basket Deep Fryer is wonderful!
  • The Triple-Basket Electric Deep Fryer
  • Does a good job and simple to use
  • First deep fryer I’ve ever used, or bought
  • Works great, and very low oil absorption
  • Easy to use and does a very good job

Secura 4.2L/17-Cup 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple-Basket Electric Deep Fryer, with Timer

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  • Fry Fish And Chips At The Same Time. Our cool-touch, stainless steel Deep Fryer comes with 3 fry baskets–one jumbo for big batches of finger-lickin’ fried chicken or donuts, plus 2 side-by-side baskets for smaller batches of fish-n-chips, fries-n-onion rings, or for frying foods with different cook times.
  • 1700 watt immersion element preheats and recovers oil temperature fast.
  • 4.2-liter removable oil tank for easy clean-ups.
  • Adjustable heat control (250°-375°F), odor-filter and see-thru window in lid.
  • Automatic timer adjustable up to 60 min to shut down heating element.Ready light.

When i got the item, the lid already had a dent in it – no big deal it was small. . I didn’t care – i wish they would have made the steel a little thicker – they need to update the thickness a little. Now the worst thing about this item is the poorly secured magnetic power plug in the back – it comes out sooo easy with the slightest bump , which is a major pain in the rump as your cooking i am taking off 1/2 a star for the metal thinness and 1 1/2 stars for the electrical design, that guy needs to be fired .Lost power connection 5 times when cooking the first time with it — if you buy this item buy some strong tape for the power connector so you have continuous heating while cooking.

For over 2 years this deep fryer works great. The heater is powerful and controls temperature accurately. It does everything supposed to and i think that makes it a 5 star product.

Works good no problems heats fast even with 3 qts of oil the extra baskets are a plus and the handles attach and detach with no problem and are stable , the cord attaches with no problem , the all in one temp control timer and heating element pull up on slide grooves on the back and detach from outer frame assembly quick and easy, the oil pan lifts out for easy clean up also. Cooking with the lid on is no problem plenty of room and no hang ups with any of the baskets the temp control has a wide range and 375 max gets things cooking fast. We did fries, breaded hood canal shrimp, onion rings and frozen cod all within 30 min.

Great fryer for the moneylooks sharp too. Took a while cause they were out, but definitely was worth the wait. The double baskets is a life and time saver. Would definitely buy it again.

Secura 4. 2l dual-basket deep fryer is wonderful. This replaced a t-fal deep fryer i’d had for many years, and even when it was brand new, the t-fal couldn’t compare to this amazing deep fryer. One third the time to finish twice as many french fries. This is by far the best small kitchen appliance i’ve ever purchased. And the price was very reasonable on amazon, even better than e-bay, especially knowing the product is brand new in original packaging. This was actually a birthday present for my husband since we share cooking duties, and the first time he used it the french fries were done before the steaks were off the grill. Before this deep fryer, he had to start the first batch while the coals were still getting hot. Now he figures the prep time differently. We both love this amazing deep fryer.

We keep this deep fryer in our stationary camper. Anything from bloomin onions to the fish we catch, and of course don’t forget the grandkids & their french fries (or whatever their daily craving is. ) it is very easy to use & love the baskets. We know it’s a safety thing, but wish the cord were a little longer because we use it outside nearly all the time & outside outlets aren’t as convenient to reach as the ones over your counter. That’s our choice so we have learned to accommodate our need. We would buy another of these if there were a need as they are perfect with the separate baskets or of course the option of one large one.

This is as close as you can get to a professional level fryer without the enormous price tag. As an experienced cook for almost 20 years, i have tried many fryers professional and home. This delivers near professional quality fried food, holds it’s temp well, and heats up quickly. It does , however use a lot of oil, but the oil lasts longer than other fryers i have had, and changing the oil is a breeze the way this thing comes apart. The timer is off a little, but i don’t use it as a timer anyway. The good part is that if you forget to turn it off (and i do often), the timer will do it for you when it reaches zero. For a family of 4, this thing rocks.No more frying 2-3 batches and having half the food cold while the other half is hot.

Would’nt ya know that as soon as i bought this fryer, i would get one as a gift. It frys great and keeps the house not smelling like what i’m cooking.

Along with the strainer makes a great combo. What more can i say about this item.

Works great, and very low oil absorption. Following the instructions to make french-fries [temp and filtering instructions] 3x, there has been nearly no oil loss. I’m not suggesting that frying is ‘healthy’, but with so little oil getting into the food, i feel better about using my new fryer [probably most of the change has been ‘good/not perfect’ temp control, but i’m just speculating]. Using cottonseed-oil/following the time-temp/filtering instructions, for 3 batches, i haven’t actually observed an oil-loss [i didn’t fair so well using the skillet. First-off, i was lucky to use the oil a second time, but more related to the oil-consumption/saturation of what i was cooking. It was substantially greater (i don’t remember the totals for fries, but for battered foods, i considered myself fortunate if foods absorbed 1/3 cup of oil, for 3 real servings). I went a little ‘fry crazy’ just after it arrived ‘stepped-away from the fryer, for a couple weeks, but will probably use it again tomorrow [the fried sweet-potatoes (night before last), were pretty-good, but the secura instructions/mixed with “the joy of cooking” french fry receipe yields sweet-potato fries that were a ‘touch overdone’ (for my taste). Still not greasy, but the timing, or the whole-thing needs to be over-hauled for sweet-potatoes. Don’t rely on the mfg, or ‘other’ suggestions as-to how long it’ll take to pre-heat.

After doing much research i decided to buy this one. My husband & i enjoy it a couple of times a week for a home made snack. If you are buying a deep fryer, consider this one for its awesomeness.

Great except for timer operation. Love the fryer, but don’t like the timer operation. Prefer on/off with temperature control. When cooking for large family, much easier to turn it on when i start to cook, set the correct temperature, and just continue frying till done. This unit requires me to turn the timer on, and if i forget to reset it, it stops cooking half way through the frying. Otherwise, a great appliance.

I bought this merchandise for my spouse, and she has made use of it about 3 situations now with fried hen, french fries and fried shrimp. I can undoubtedly say the fried rooster and fries have been the greatest, shrimp were high-quality much too but like the other far better. Overall she suggests it is effortless to use and likes all the options it has but she states the cleansing is a soreness, since there are various items to thoroughly clean and of study course what to do with all that oil =. I am guessing she was use this product on occasion but i think this is a good product and the fryer itself is good quality and having the wide basket is really nice. I would definitely recommend. ]

1st deep fryer i’ve ever utilized, or acquired. 1st point i seen is the baskets appear alternatively. But then yet again, i’ve under no circumstances had any other home deep fryers so that could possibly nicely be par for the program. I liked the temperature dial, and the ‘heat’ light goes off when the oil is at temp. The regulate bar and the heating element slide off leaving simple accessibility to the tank of oil. The tank by itself is simply eliminated. You can quickly pour it out and pressure the oil for potential use. The plug was intelligent, it’s held in by a magnet so if you knock around the fryer, it will turn out to be detached so you can only have to deal with spilled oil, not electrified spilled oil.

The triple-basket electric deep fryer. I a short while ago bought the triple basket electric deep fryer. I like that it has a few baskets and it alsohas a lid that fits in excess of the fryer when cooking. I made use of the bigger basket to fry my chicken wings. The basket could maintain 5 added big wings (not wingettes) easily and i employed one of the smaller baskets to fry the french fries which could maintain a very very good amount of money. The way the fryer browned the meals was stunning and the foods was delightful. When i poured the oil again into its container following using the fryer i could see that very tiny of the oil was utilised which was fantastic. When it was time to cleanse the fryer i appreciated that the total fryer comes aside which tends to make cleansing a breeze and all the components go again alongside one another with out any issues. I am delighted i obtained this fryer.

Superior then what i predicted/update-can be harmful-poorly cut by exposed metallic. I had other friers in advance of and they’ve difficult to do the job with due to the fact they had been to tiny. Paid alittle added and made the decision to try a thing bigger. This is terrific for relatives use. The automated shut off is good. It does what it claims it will. When they say you get what you pay back for it doesnt keep accurate in this article. You get far more than what you paid for. If your wanting to deep fry substantial merchandise or quantities for ten folks this isnt for you.

One more excellent merchandise. . This product was perfectly worthy of just about every penny that was used on it. The temperature command is accurate. It isn’t going to burn oil like other kinds do. It holds tons of food to fry. Will definitely want to obtain a further quickly.

This was a great decision for me. I read through the reviews on many others and uncovered this to be the greatest one particular and i selected. It was every thing that the vendor described. I would advise this item to anyone.