SEAL-A-MEAL Gallon-Size Bags, can not buy in stores

Great price and fast shipping for seal a meal bags.

Didn’t want to spend a ton on a vacuum sealer, these are great. Don’t waste your money on the respective ones.

I have not received 2 cases. Great case if i had ordered for a iphone4.

Key specs for Seal-A-Meal Gallon-Size Bags, 10 ct.:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Convenient pre-cut size
  • For use in refrigerator or freezer
  • Microwave or simmer in the bag
  • Buy in bulk and save money

Comments from buyers

“Four Stars
, As advertised.
, Five Stars

Be careful if you put dehydrated penne pasta into the bag, the points puncture the bag forcing you to double up.

Shipped quickly, work great.

Great product, we use them at least once a week.

This little feature means all you have to do is add the item(s) you are going to preserve then seal the end.

This is just what i ordered and needed for my freezing needs. Arrived quickly, i have looked in local stores and not able to find the seal a meal brand which does a better job.

They are bags what to say about bags.

I’ve got a seal-a-meal that still works fine so i don’t want to buy a food saver machine until it doesn’t. I started buying the seal-a-meal bags from amazon when i couldn’t get them in the stores anymore. At first, the bags were the same as before but eventually started looking more like the food saver bags. They don’t seal quite as quickly as the old seal-a-meal bags but eventually they do seal. That’s the only reason i can’t give them 5 stars. Other than that, they allow me to use a perfectly fine machine instead of throwing it away and buying a food saver made by the same manufacturer but using slightly different bags.

Worked perfectly, fast shipping.

Easy to use and a great price.

I found the bags to be a little heavier than i have had in the past even though they are the same brand, had to hold my machine down even when the red light indicated to let go or they would not seal. I think they are better than before.

These bags work with my seal-a-meal just great and are nice and roomy. I will definitely buy them again. It is hard to find sealing bags in the stores and when you do, the prices are outrageous. I am glad i discovered these on amazon.

They do what i need them to do.

I’m very happy with this product, will purchase again.

I received a seal a meal as a gift. I love it and these bags are great.

It looks like it will work great.

The best can’t get any where else.

Use these for large items or when i have a lot to store in one bag. More expensive than the rolls but a lot less hassle and you only have to seal one end.

These bags are great for packing cookies to send for the grandkids. Vac sealing keeps the cookies from shifting and breaking. I use this size more than any other.

These work as advertised, and are the correct dimensions.

They work with no leaks, so i like them. These either work easily or not. I think 4 stars is a good rating.

I have a lot of leftovers, and i use these often.