Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker : Love It!

I recieved this quesadilla maker recently as a wedding gift, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very simple to use, and great for preparing food for a lot of people very quickly, like tailgating or parties. Preheating the quesadilla maker only takes about 5 minutes, and after that, each quesadilla only takes about 3 minutes each. Be sure to use a towel or potholder to open and close the lid, as it gets very very hot. Also, if it is overfilled, the lid won’t come close to closing, and it won’t cut all the way thru to make them single quesadillas. I recommend filling them with whatever and as much as you want. Just keep a pizza slicer handy to cut thru them when they’re done. Even when overfilled, it will still cook all the way thru, it just needs a little help separating, but overfilled makes for much tastier quesadillas. This is a great appliance, with tons of possibilities, and it produces much better quesadillas than most any i’ve had in restaurants.

Bought this unit after reading the reviews posted here and i’m pretty happy with the purchase. Want to make a quick snack with left over meat, along with cheese and tortilla?. This is the machine you are looking for.We have been using it on a regular basis since we bought it.

Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cooks quesadillas in 4 to 5 minutes
  • Fits tortillas up to 12 inches in diameter
  • Nonstick cooking plates wipe clean; built-in drip tray
  • Power and ready light; upright storage
  • Includes recipes; 1-year limited warranty

I decided to get this product after reading so many positive reviews. I appreciate all the tips – don’t overfill it, etc. I will agree that it is really easy to clean and we were really happy with the results. The only tip that i would add is to be careful to leave 1/2′ from the sides for the tortillas to seal. Also the front part of the quesadilla isn’t going to cook as well because the latch doesn’t really seal, so be careful not to overfill the front end. Overall, we’re really pleased. Thanks to everyone for giving great feedback.

It does what it’s made to do. I love to use it for a quick snack for my daughter.

Napoleon dynamite’s grandma would be proud to own one of these. One little tip before you head to the grocery store. You must use the large ‘burrito size’ tortillas with this. If you try to use smaller tortillas like ‘taco size’ or ‘fajita size,’ they won’t extend out to the part of the grilling surface that seals the edges and your melting cheese will flow out the sides. The instructions say you must use a 10′ diameter torilla. That’s usually sold as ‘burrito size.

Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker : I bought this at macy’s about 6 years ago. Back then i was a single gal living alone in the city and i loved it fr making a snack or breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had moved a couple years after i bought it and poor thing sat in my grandmas basement, lonely and feeling useless. I recently collected my treasure and brought it home with me 1000 miles from its home. Wasnt used for close o 3 years and it still works like a gem. In the 2 weeks since getting it back, i have made several quesadillas and expanded it to “baked” tortilla chips, grilled pbj (a bit messy, but delicious), french toast (i promise i do have a stove lol), scrambled eggs (won’t do that again, tasted good, just a bit messy) and “fried” mozzarella cheese. My husband is deployed right now so i’m practicing on it to make quick easy meals and how him how to use it so he can eat good too. If anyone is familiar with penzeys spices, i use a bit of arizona dreaming on pounded flat chicken breast, grill it (keep it a bit raw so it’s still moist after being in the machine), chop it and put it on a jalapeño cheddar wrap with cheese (don’t use american), sautéed onions, and a pinch of salt. Dip in sour cream mixed with salsa (i use light daisy and muir glen organic garlic cilantro salsa). I also just like doing plain ones with cheese and old world seasoning, also from penzey’s. You can pop one whole wrap in the machine and let it go til it’s all crispy fr chips. For the person who said that the 10 inch tortillas don’t fit and don’t cook, is crazy. Mine cooks evenly and quickly. Don’t do the whole where you use two wraps.

Hve hade one for years wish the grills were removable.

I had seen one of these used at a tiny mexican restaurant here in florida, and knew i had to have one. I have to learn how to not overfill it, as that can make things messy around the edges. . Makes for an easy and quick dinner.

The product itself works pretty well. I wish it could have more of a floating type hinge so it could handle some thickness. Also, the product i received had been previously opened and the drip pan was missing.

I bought this little appliance on a lark thinking that it would be something to try and would probably end up in the little-used appliance graveyard in my basement. It has since turned into an indispensable part of my kitchen. I love the nonstick surface of the grills (easy to clean), and i especially love that the lid locks, and the entire appliance stores upright, thus leaving some empty counter space while keeping the grill close at hand. I’ve read some of the other reviews here, and i can honestly say that i don’t have anything negative to write about this appliance. I only had some of the filling drip out onto my counter once, and that taught me to put the filling (meat, veggies, cheese, salsa) closer to the middle of the tortillas. Trust me, it all cooks, and it spreads out to the rest of the tortillas. I’ve never taken the time to measure out portions of the filling, and this hasn’t been a problem. I have also had no problem whatsoever finding tortillas to fit; in fact, i often bring home a couple of bags and refrigerate them so we always have them on hand. I now also keep plenty of colby, monterrey jack and cheddar cheeses on hand for those quick quesadilla fixes.Another reviewer mentioned problems with the tortillas not getting completely done, but i’ve never experienced that with mine.

This is the third one i have bought (one for my family, the other two as gifts) my husband and i both agree this is a must-have appliance. It is quick and very easy to use and very, very easy to clean. My kids really enjoy the quesadillas and like choosing their own filling. It is also great for leftovers.I will use left-over steak, chicken, taco meat the next night for a whole new meal. An excellent choice for a busy family.

I bought this as a christmas gift for someone, and while i think they’ve used it perhaps once or twice, it was likely a waste of money. No reflection on the product itself – the product seems to work great. I just don’t think the gift itself was a winner. Probably best to just buy people gift cards, huh?.

Make it a lot easier to eat healthy with this quesadilla maker. You can control exactly what goes in, and it’s about as easy to use as a frozen meal. Well, not that easy, but very close.

I own this item, and decided to buy it for my daughter for christmas. I ordered it mid-morning on 12/19, and got a warning that it wouldn’t be delivered until 12/26. That’s ok with me because i wouldn’t be seeing her until after that anyway. Well, it arrived 12/20 in the afternoon.

Gave this as a gift to my sister and it works really nice. It can get a bit messy if you over-stuff the quesadillas, but otherwise it is really easy to use and making quesadillas can be a breeze.

I got this quesadilla maker for my birthday this year and it’s one of the most used appliances in my kitchen (i think only the microwave beats it). It cooks the quesadillas super quick, i hardly have to wait at all. My fiance loads his up with chicken, cheese, jalapenos. As much as he can fit on there and it heats it all in about 3-4 minutes. You do have to be careful not put too much close to the edges because it tends to overflow. Other than that, it is a great machine and i highly recommend.

Making quesadillas certainly isn’t rocket science, but this is definitely useful for people who don’t do a lot of cooking or just really like quesadillas. There are a few things to watch out for:the cord is really short (like less than 2 feet, and the manufacturer recommends against using extension cords) and the maker is relatively big, so on some crowded counters, trying to find a place to put this can be toughthe maker itself gets pretty hot, and there’s only a small rubber spot on the lid to handle it by. And along with the cord issue, you have to be really careful that the lid doesn’t touch anything when you open the maker because it will burn/melt whatever it touchesi had thought from the picture that the maker cuts the quesadillas. It doesn’t, it just makes a little indentation that you have to cut yourselfit’s kinda hard to get the quesadillas out of the maker. I was using smaller tortillas (10′) than recommended, so maybe that was a factorclean-up can get tricky, so be sure to start wiping down while the maker is still warmall that said, again, it’s a fun gadget and comes with some interesting recipes. But hardcore quesadilla lovers might prefer the old fashioned way of making them.

I really needed to have this machine and i used it with great joy a dozen times right after purchasing (because i love great kitchen helpers) but i have to honestly say i could live without it. The quesadillas get a little hard or brown and flattened when cooked in the grill and you can hardly use any filling so it doesn’t result in a great quesadilla. Also, the ‘divider’ doesn’t actually do much good because you have to cut the tortilla anyway, just mashes it down and makes it a little crunchy. So my teens and i prefer to throw a tortilla in a pan now and i’m about to give the machine away.

I already owned this from years ago, and it is a perfect quesadilla maker. It holds the largest tortillas. Excess cheese or oil does go into the channel around the edge, but is relatively easy to clean. It seems all the new brands may be smaller, so i tried to buy another used one for my daughter. Electronica sent me a dirty, damaged unit and then cyber-stalked me, but i highly recommend this unit if you can trust the seller.

I bought this for my daughter at college. She and her roommates have been enjoying it. Takes a little practice to get the correct amount of cheese, but overall a good buy.

Shelly, i have one of these and have never had a problem with mine opening up. Sounds like you may have a defective product, maybe you should have it exchanged. Btw i love my quesadilla maker. It is a shame you can only make one batch at a time. What i do sometimes is cut the quesadillas up with a pizza cutter then put them in the oven on low to keep warm. I made some for a super bowl party and they were a huge hit. I also bring my quesadilla maker over to a friend’s house and we make a bunch for our families to eat, the kids love them. I’ve not made any desserts with mine yet, but i’d say if you use some sort of apple filling in between a couple of tortillas then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, and maybe a little vanilla ice cream it would be very tasty.

It does the job, kind of hard to clean. Also big and takes up space when i really don’t need it. I’d much rather put a quesadilla in the oven on the rack or better yet on the bbq. I don’t really use it anymore but it did get the job done when i did.