Samson Brands Advanced Single Auger Samson 6 in 1 Juicer GB9005 – 100% satisfied customer

Amazing and inexpensive (comparably speaking).

Well built, easy to clean, and does it’s intended job well. I use it for wheatgrass mainly and it makes the pulp nice and dry (extracting the most juice possible). It has a 15 year warranty and the auger is metal (not plastic). When you’re spending $250+ bucks it’s nice to know your machine will last and i think this one will.

. Did a lot of research before buying the samson. Watched a lot of youtube videos which comparedthis juicer to several models by omega. The prices for a comparable model were the same. There weretwo deciding factors:(1 the samson (unlike the omega) will protect the motor from over-heating and burnout. (2 the samson – again unlike the omega – has an optional, very sturdy, attachment for pressing flax seed sesame seed, etc oilsboth the samson 9005 and the omega models yield about the same juice quantity. However, when i read the reviews on amazon. Com i was struck by the fact that the samson was not rated ashighly. The overall average was lower mainly because there were fewer reviews and one of these was extremelynegative. The negative review stated that juice leaked from the motor end of the machine. Well, the truth is, i had to learn how to line up the feedtube/grinding end properly with the machinehousing. Here are the specifications for the Samson Brands Advanced Single Auger Samson 6 in 1 Juicer GB9005:

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  • Single Gear Slow Rotates at 80 RPM to ensure high quality nutritional juice
  • FDA approved GE Ultem is used for the augur and screens making them 8 times stronger than traditional juicer parts.
  • Juices a wide variety of vegetables, grasses & fruits a wide variety of vegetables, grasses and fruits • Make sorbets, applesauce, nut butters, baby food and frozen desserts
  • Simple assembly with quick lock style attachments
  • Manufacturers 15 year warranty on motor and operational parts

This is my third type of juicer and i bought this after a lot of research. I’ve had it for 5 years and not one problem. Theirs not a lot of waste because it extracts the juice and spits of a dry pulp.

I have been juicing for 15 + years and have owned 3 different juicers, but they were all centrifugal. The single auger juicer is the only one that truly juices with the least amount of waste, the pulp comes out pretty dried which means more juice for drinking. I actually had stopped juicing because the other juicers seemed to require so much vegetable to get so little juice that it was not worth it. At the time, i didn’t know about single auger juicers. They waste a lot and don’t juice leafy or grassy vegetables well at all. I even owned a breville which i bought at william sonoma and it too was the same as the other centrifugal juicers. But this samson machine really extracts a lot of juice, even from parsley. This is the first auger juicer i’ve owned. Don’t waste your money on a centrifugal, i only recommend a masticating juicer like this single auger.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • to even the score
  • Very good wheatgrass juicer at an affordable price.
  • Best juicer ever made!

The samson was the first juicer i have ever purchased. It was first recommended by john sichel, the president of delimmune for use making juice blends designed to address cancer issues; many of his customers had given it positive reviews. I really hadn’t planned on getting a juicer, but upon online research determined that the device offered great values. I researched the general juicer products and options in depth. Early on, i decided on an auger type juicer, since i was purchasing for health and nutritional concerns and juice from this type of juicer was generally recognized as the best for my intended purpose. Having made that decision, i researched the sampson, read reviews on amazon and numerous other sights, and then utubed it and all auger type juicers. I was looking for durability, ease of use and ease of cleaning, having determined that if it was a pain to clean i would not use it regularly. The sampson product appeared to meet my criteria as well as any, and i liked the multi-function aspect [seems like you’re getting more for your money when you can make pasta or herbal oils or baby food [pureed products. The warranty seemed very good, though when the product arrived, the 10 year warranty contained in the printed materials was significantly less than the 15 year warranty promised in online ads, even at amazon. The product was delivered on the day promised. ]

I said i liked it and that should be enough. I have limited time and you have too many questions.

I use it mainly as a juicer. It does its work as described but eh seller.

Best thing i invested in yet. Worth the extra $$ its loud but much quieter than what i was using, its sleek and looks great on the countertop, oh it does a decent job of juicing wheatgrass, much better than what i was using and you dont have to run it thru but one time. I recommend snipping your wheatgrass in half when you insert it into the machine any machine, we found it doesnt tangle. But if for some reason it does, with this juicer you can use a reverse button- its makes life easier. And this really is a breeze to take apart and rinse clean.

I returned this juicer because i am still working and although the juice may be better than juice from other brands, it was really, really too slow to make it a daily practice.

I really got my money worth. I definitely recommend this product.

Haven’t had this for that long, but i love it thus far. It’s powerful, doesn’t ever sound like it’s straining to get the job done or anything. Very easy to clean if you understand the parts and how they come apart & go back together. I am very happy with this purchase.

I really like my new juicer and use it every morning to may green lemonade. I haven’t expanded my juicing skills or used any of the many attachments, but i really plan to start. There are a lot more moving parts than my friends, but it is still fairly easy to clean.

The most awesome jucier i have ever had. I went ahead and spent the extral money on a one mill juicer bc the centrifugal juicers i have had in the past was such a mess,terror to clean and loud. With my new samson juicer is makes a nice low hum as the mill spins, the juice comes out so smooth with no pulp what-so-ever and the whole house hold doesn’t run when i start it up haha. Its very easy to clean and re-ensemble after every use. It can be used for muliple functions ie pasta, nut butter, meat gringer ect ect. And ive even made a home for it on my counter top :).

Well, this is the first one i’ve purchased, however i’ve used several different kinds in tryouts. The only con is that it has a small chute so you have to cut up everything. I made my own v8 (a full quart) and dr. Oz’s green drink in under an hour. I was impressed at how dry the pulp came out. It was as dry as an expensive 2 gear. And unlike other masticating or centrifuge juicers, when running the pulp through a second time, i got maybe a drop or two of juice. Don’t have to do that messy job twice.

We bought the juicer because we were planning to juice wheatgrass. This juicer is great because it does wheatgrass juicing and more. We’ve made banana ice cream, and it is so easy and just great. This juicer is of course a lot slower than jacklalanes’s one, but we could feel the difference in tasting and energy of the juice right away.My mother liked the juicer very much that she bought one herself just a few days ago and she also loves it.

We wanted something specifically for juicing muscadine grapes for jam and juice. We tried a cheaper juice extractor and too much pulp was wasted. The seeds and what’s left of the pulp come out the tube end almost dry so i know we’re getting everything we can out of the grape. It does take time and we clean out the screen after about 3 or 4 containers of juice to give the machine a rest. The machine will get hot, but the juice stays cool. The instructions say to rest the juicer every 20 mins. This little machine is wonderful. We love it and would definitely buy another one when this one is done.

Like the samson for everyday use do my wheatgrass.

It is quiet,simple, efficient, and easy to clean and it works. We are seeingthe benefits to our health already.

Best wheatgrass juicer ever – pulp comes out dry so you get the most juice every time – hare krsna hare rama.

There are a lot of juicers to choose from out there but this has definitely exceeded expectations. Great device- does exactly what it’s supposed of and very easy to clean.