Saeco RI9376/04 Aroma Espresso Machine : Great Expresso Machine

I only wish i’d bought it sooner. It’s reliable, fast, simple, and makes excellent espresso and foam. I would expect a machine of this caliber to cost 2-3 times as much.

This espresso machine works really well and makes great coffee. It’s also really easy to use, and that’s saying a lot considering i can never figure things out. : my only negative about the machine is that it makes a mess. The steamer is really low to the bottom of the machine so i always spill the milk trying to take my cup out from underneath the spout. Also the coffee drippings and grinds are really hard to clean out of the spout and from the drip tray, and i usually end up spraying parts of the machine with coffee. The drip tray doesn’t catch everything either, so every few days i have to move the entire machine to clean under it, and it’s kind of heavy so it’s annoying. Other than that, though, i really like it.

Saeco RI9376/04 Aroma Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

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  • Traditional espresso machine for making espresso, cappuccino, and lattes at home
  • Stainless-steel boiler; powerful 15-bar pump; pod-adaptable pressurized portafilter
  • Steam and hot-water wand with exclusive Pannarello milk-frothing device
  • Simple control panel; removable water tank; cup-warming surface; removable drip tray
  • Measures 8 by 10 by 11-3/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

I had a cheaper one that took forever to heat up, and was a hassle to use. This one heat up in a minute – by the time i get my cup ready, the thing is good to go. Very easy to use and to clean. One difference from commercial grade machines is that you don’t want to tamp (pack down) the grounds. Just put in the ground and put it in the machine and the espresso turns out great. Also, at first the handle that holds the grounds is hard to turn all the way. But after using it for a few days it became easier.

I bought it to replace my old (7 years old) one.

Bought this for my brother for christmas. I haven’t heard him complain about it once.

Saeco RI9376/04 Aroma Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel : My wife uses it every morning.

Do not tamp the grinds before you brew. It will stop the water flowing through. Would be 5 stars but for the only issue if found. The handle you put the coffe into brew ( not sure what it’s called?) can jamb and stop the water flowing through if not used frequently. There is a small light plastic plug in the center under the grinds basket. – to fix push it in to make sure it free – it should the pop up again, but it will let the coffee through.

I’ve had several espresso machines, this is by far the best i’ve seen for the money. Although higher priced than i planned to pay, the machine delivered the pressure required to make decent espresso and cappuccino steamed milk; something both espresso machines i’ve owned previously haven’t been able to do. The addition of the grounds ‘ bang box ‘ and spoon/tamp are a welcome addition. I look forward to many years of satisfactory service and coffee.

I’ve finally become used to some of the quirks of this machine making espresso. I’ve come from a krups and there are some usability issues with this machine where the krups design is superior. However, this machine makes excellent espresso – crema is plentiful, maybe a bit frothy, but still good. I plan on a blind taste test in the near future. The machine’s clear usability advantage over the krups is a significantly larger water reservoir. The saeco stainless is also better looking. . However, i have one main and a few minor complaints about usability (and safety) design. This is a usability-safety issue. This machine has the power button on the side, which makes it more difficult to see/observe. On the krups the power button is a toggle switch on the front and it’s position is very clear as to being on or off.

This machine produced excellent quality of espresso coffee. The quality of espresso produced surpassed espresso produced by machines that costhundreds more.

Use it every day and no problems since i bought it in early may. This unit is very heavy duty and should last a long time. Update: we have had this over a year now and still use it every day with no issues.

It works – it works really good. I do not like writing or even reading reviews – when i do this is what i want to know,1. Have you tried others – yes, from $ 600 down and this is a champ3. Do you have any expertise – nope, although i am from seattle and had expresso machines before they were ‘mainstream’4. Would you give this to a friend (that you like) – yep.

I liked this unit because it was simple and did not have too many buttons or gizmos that could fail. It worked great for 1 1/2 years now twice in the past three months it has shorted out and now i need to get it repaired again. Not happy without my morning shot.

The steamer attachment was not included in this package. Tried to contact the seller but nobody ever wrote back. Other than that the machine is great.

This espresso machine works great, and was purchased to replace my old saeco baristia athena, which lasted me over ten years. The only problem i found is the steamer wand, with it’s attachment is to low to get my steaming carafe in place without spilling milk. I went out and bought a k-cup shelf to sit it on, and now i can steam my milk without the spilling mess. It just needed that few inches of height.I like the large reservoir for water too, and the fact that you can see the water level at a glance.

The philips saeco espresso coffee machine is exelent.

We love this machine and have bought 3 others for each of our kids. We are hooked on espresso drinks and have used this make of machine for 10 years, which has saved us a lot of money at starbucks. It’s small, so it fits nicely on any size counter, but it’s very powerful and makes excellent ‘crema. ‘ another tip, we use a burr grinder by krups to grind our coffee-it really makes a difference in the quality of an espresso drink.

If you pay list price for this machine, which is $349. 00, you will be disappointed. It is flimsy compared to a briel multi pro i haveused for a long time without any problems. I bought it used from warehouse deals through amazon for $215. 00, but themachine was damaged. I was able to fix it so we shall see how it goes. If i had to do it over i would have paid more for abetter espresso maker. A big drawback is you have to manually stop the brewing. What a pain–get out the stopwatch.

Water will come out of the head, but not out of the portafilter. Will not brew espresso from wither grind nor ese pod. . Portafilter seems clogged. I have tried to clean it out with a toothpick, but it seems there is nothing in there. It must be a pressure thing. Otherwise i am calling saeco, to see about getting a new portafilter. They are sending a new portafilter. Will check back after it arrives.

Nicest machine i’ve owned and i enjoy my morning cup of coffee now.

I’m so glad that we purchased this machine. We owned a starbucks barista for 10 wonderful years and was so disappointed when it finally went. After doing extensive research, we spent the money and bought a gaggia classic. After several painful weeks, i gave up – very upset with the machine and it’s performance. After debating if we should spend even more $ and go with a bigger machine, i got some great advice. If we what we were really going for was the espresso shot itself, we’d want to consider a more expensive machine. However, what we really drink are latte’s (every morning) and i personally think they taste better than what starbucks can make me (i lived in seattle for eight years). So overall, i’m thrilled with the machine and the price we paid for it. It heats up fast, runs quietly and my latte’s are hot and delicious.

I am a very picky italian with a passion for espresso since i was 8 years old when my grandma would give me espresso with anisette. The pressure porafilter is what makes the difference especially for any home machine. I have tasted espresso for machines that cost 5 times this one and they do not come close. My favorite coffee to use right now is kimbo http://www. It/kimbo-in-the-world-it?lang=enif your looking for a new machine this has to be your choice.