Russell Hobbs KE9000R Electric Kettle, Great teakettle; read the directions first

Excellent replacement for my 30 year old russell hobbs which finally gave up the ghost. Sleek, contemporary,large water capacity, boils a mean kettle of water and switches itself off.

I have been through a few kettles since living in the us and this seems the best so far.

I have had it for about 2 weeks and it works awesome. You fill it to the max fill line and place it on its stand and press a button and thats it. It automatically shuts off at the right temperature. I would recommend this to whomever is looking for a tea kettle.

Key specs for Russell Hobbs KE9000R Electric Kettle, Red:

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  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Removable Washable Filter
  • 360-Degree Swivel Base
  • Water Window with Level Markings
  • Built-in Cord Storage

Comments from buyers

“Great teakettle; read the directions first
, A Top Pot
, Not it’s usual quality.

A little over a year after purchase, the lid has quit. My mother’s russell hobbs lasted twenty years of daily use. ?????i think the guarantees are spent, and wish i could get a refund and get a different russell hobbs. Cannot find seller after so long, so it’s my problem this time.

Arrived in perfect condition. We’ve had several kettles before. This one is a little noisier and the wide base does consume more counter space. The handle does interfere with filling the kettle, depending on your faucet. On the positive side, it does the job it’s supposed to do and is economically a good buy.

It automatically shuts off when boiling.

I researched for a long time before deciding to purchase this kettle (to the point of, as someone else said somewhere, quite humorously, practically poking my eyes out). There are so many problems with electric teakettles, including the fact that they just don’t seem to last long – my last one was a farberware coffeepot that i used without the filter just to boil water for tea. It died after 5 years, and it was only the little electric switch that died, a cheap part that you can’t buy by itself. Anyway, i’m really happy with this russell hobbs kettle. It’s a nice size, a great color, and best of all it boils water very quickly with no trouble. There is a plastic filter inside and a plastic water level indicator, but you can’t taste the plastic in the boiled water. If you remove the filter, it won’t shut off by itself. The water level indicator does fog up a little, but there’s no way around that and it doesn’t affect how well you can see the water level (you can see it just fine). The apparent discoloring on the bottom of the pot isn’t rust and is explained in the directions, which you should read and follow when you first use the pot. It is a fully stainless steel kettle inside.

It worked the way it was supposed to. Nothing else can be said about a tea kettle.

When i first got the kettle it seemed to be leaking. There was water all around on the counter top. However, after doing the vinegar curing, it seems to be all ok now. Use it several times a day for endless cups of tea.

This kettle looks pretty good, the price was great and it hold lots of water. The drawbacks are that it doesn’t click firmly on base, it’s really loud, and the logo is ridiculously large.

I ordered the russell hobbs electric kettle for my 85 year old father who is visually impared. He has had a number of other brand electric kettles in the past and he finds this one to be the easiest to use. The shape, size and handle are perfect for him to fill and operate on his own.

I have been using a russell hobbs kettle for the last 15 years and would rate it 5 stars. The current kettle that i bought has 2 features that i do not like. 1) the opening is such that you cannot clean the inside of the kettle by hand; 2) the water level indicator stays permanently fogged up and is totally useless. I wish that they did not change a product that was the best in the market.

I have had electric kettles for decades, in the usa and moreso abroad, including the original russell hobbs. The most striking two things about this version are the very surprising light overall weight, and secondly, an on-off switch that seems too light and flimsy. It’s a world away from the robust older models. But until it fails, i won’t say the company is misguided. It just isn’t very reassuring.

When buying a kettle the main thing i did not want was hot water that tastes like coffee pot water. It did a great job in that area. Followed the directions for first time use. Boils a full kettle in 7-8 minutes. Can’t speak about longevity. The kettle died after less than a year and a half. 6-17-15 received replacement unit for free. 6-9-17 unit still working fine.

Bought this after using the same kettle in our rental in london. Heats water quickly and looks great in my kitchen.

I left my second with a friend. They are it for me just a good product. Small problem is the short, short cord. I own an extension cord so i’m good.

This kettle serves very well in all respects but its greatest advantage is its reliability to shut off when the water has boiled. It is also is an elegant item in the kitchen.

This is a sturdy, good looking kettle, with a clear window so you can see how full it is. I love the color and the finish, as well as the design.

Still going strong 2 yrs and 3 months later. Love the shad of red – not too bright, very rich.

The cord is too short to reach the electric outlets in my kitchen — and the instructions say not to use an extension cord. Placing the kettle and its base on something to raise them up so they can reach an outlet doesn’t seem safe. A connecting cord just 3′ longer would turn this into a 5 star review.

Had to look all over for a kettle. Do people not drink tea???went to many stores, but finally found the perfect one on amazon. Excellent british quality,would buy more of their range,.

Like the interior all in one piece and in stainless steel. The boiling takes longer than i thought. The swivel base is a good idea but it’s too easy to turn the pot. Ended up return this item for a traditional japanese air pot.

We’re using it right this minute. Works well, nice design, attractive color. Our old russell hobbs kettle was made in belgium and had a slightly different shape, and is still going strong after 8 years. This new one looks just as well made; time will tell as to its durability. It’s fast and quiet, and the plate / cord design is ideal.

Bought this to replace a worn out russell hobbs we’ve had for years. It’s very easy to use, boils water quickly, and has been trouble free. If it lasts as long as out last one, we’ll be very pleased. I do wish the power cord were a bit longer, but that’s about the only nit i can think of to pick.