ROCK SPACE Ninja Kitchen System Pulse, Love the Ninja!

I rarely sit down and write a product review, but the ninja deserves a shoutout. I am a daily smoothie drinker, and my old blender just wasn’t cutting it- no power, needed too much liquid to blend everything together, etc. I wasn’t willing to shell out the money for a vitamix, so i did some product research and decided to go with the ninja. The ninja truly ‘ninija chops’ anything you put in those cups, blending quickly and evenly- the 750 watts really makes a difference. The plastic is extremely durable, and the unit is very easy to clean. I can’t believe this blender is under $100.

For me, this is just the right size. It fits on the counter without taking up too much space. It makes fast work of ice when i make frozen coffee drinks. It works better than a commercial drink mixer.

I did a lot of searching for the perfect blender under $100. I am so glad i found this one. It makes the best smoothies in seconds. The 3 beverage blending cups in addition to the regular pitcher really come in handy if you need to make a few different frozen drinks or smoothies. You can even make cookie, pizza or pie dough.

Key specs for Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204):

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  • 700 Watts of Professional Power
  • Frozen Blending to create resort style frozen cocktails
  • Food Processing for consistent, evenly processed ingredients
  • Knead fresh cookie and pizza dough
  • Single Serve Blending for drinks on the go

Comments from buyers

“Worth Every Penny
, Love the Ninja!
, Not bad for the price!

Got this to replace our blender that died. We make baby food by processing fruits, vegetables, and chicken for our six month old son. The ninja is an effective tool for making smoothies with protein powder and lots of fruits and yogurt. This is a tough machine and in the six months or so that we’ve had it, no problems at all. Easy to clean in the dishwasher, too.

My wife and i spend lots of $$ each week at our local health food shake store and decided to try and make our own at home. The blender we had at the time could not blend our ice so the smoothies turned out to be chunkies. So i did my usual research on amazon and other sites and concluded that the ninja pulse was our saving grace. This thing takes a load of full size hard ice cubes and turns them into snowflakes in no time. We love it and love the single serving size containers because we both grab and go before work. If you are looking to make frozen drinks or smoothies with ice, especially full size hard ice cubes then look no further.

I am a smoothie aficionado, and subsequently i’ve owned many high end blenders. I have to say that i was quite surprised at how well the ninja performed. I purchased it solely based on the reviews. Really good power, tackles frozen fruit with aplomb. Absolutely love the individual smoothie cups for everyday use. In fact i prefer it to the cuisinart, oster, and black and decker models that i’ve owned. I just hope it’s built to last for everyday use unlike so many others today.

This is awesome, especially using the single portion containers for quick banana/mango smoothies. They are easy to clean and it comes with the lid for taking them on the road. I used to make some morning smooth and take them on my ride to work.

I love my ninja, i make morning nutricious smoothies that feed every cell in my body. No more processed sugar and preservative loaded breakfasts for me. The individual cups with to-go lids make it so i can drink my breakfast or whichever meal i choose a smoothie for along in the car or out to mow the yard.

The single-serve container makes a great green smoothie ( today’s had kale, apple chunks, blackberries, half banana, scoop soy nutrition powder, cranberry juice, yogurt ). I usually pulse the kale and fruit first with half the liquids then add the rest. The larger container does not pulverize the kale. The plastic containers are easy to wash. I’ve been making smoothies every day for a few weeks. I spent a week reading all the comments before choosing this blender. It had the most reviews and the most positive ratings. I am happy with it and still have my 30-year old blender with the glass pitcher in case i need it.

After a few years of heavy use, i thought the motor was giving out but it’s still working great. The bullet size is so handy. Even though i bought an expensive high powered blender since, i still use the bullet containers constantly in the kitchen – very handy. It isn’t the same as a high powered blender – you still get some seeds if you try to do raspberries or blueberries in it but the small size is very handy for making your own salad dressings, banana smoothies, whipping up eggs, etc.

I’ve had this blender for at least 2 years and i love it. I chose it primarily because of the personal jars and the number it comes with (3). It makes the smoothie routine and clean up so much easier and quicker. If you are wondering about the power and it’s ability to make a smooth drink, it will not disappoint. Yes, it is no vitamix but if you balk at the thought of dropping $450+ on a blender, this is a great alternative. The trick is to give it enough time to mix everything well. I’ve posted pictures of a smoothie i just made that had; kale, frozen fruit, chia seeds, raw meal powder and a banana. You can see the smoothness of the drink once blended (all those different textures blended well). I also use it as a food processor and it does a great job. Most notably, i process cauliflower to make cauliflower rice and it does that very well.

The quintessential blender for individual smoothie making. Love that it comes with a blending lid for the individual cups; so you can just screw it on, blend it up, swap it for a drinking lid, and head out the door. Great investment, recommended.

Arrived just before my 2nd smoothi of the day. Pulled out of box, rinsed and put the ninja to work with the individual cups. I usually use ‘crused’ ice option as my old blender was awful at chopping ice. I decided to try full ice cubes to put it to the test. Within seconds ice was completely crushed and smoothie complete. No residue on glass full mix in just few pulses. The to go cups are fanastic and love that came with three. We have more than one family members walking out door in a. I only wish the individual glasses were a bit higher to allow for more ingrediants. The large container looks a bit small, but, overall after one mix, i’m super impressed and excited that i purchased. My mix took so much less time and clean up is a breeze.

All i’ve used it for is making fruit-based alcoholic drinks with ice but it does a terrific job on those. It’s also very easy to clean, so i am happy with it after a couple weeks of use. What i am not sure of is how durable it is going to be, especially since you have to use a fair amount of force to take the lid off after you are done blending as it has an extremely tight fit, so you are pulling on the activation handle. That doesn’t seem like a great idea, but i’ll wait to see. Otherwise i would say it’s the best blender i’ve ever used and truly in a class by itself. I haven’t used the paddles or the single-serve units, just the main bowl and the blade. Be careful with that blade, since it is sharp enough to cut you and i did cut myself reaching in to try to take a piece of fruit out that i didn’t want to include.

Many years ago i purchased a ninja that had a pitcher where you put the motor on top. Well that one stopped crushing ice efficiently so i decided to purchase this ninja kitchen system pulse. The main reason i chose this over other products out there was the price. I also liked that the motor on this model was actually larger then on other products that are being sold. I wanted this particular model mainly to make smoothies. I like the individual cups and i can quickly make a smoothie for myself and another for my husband. It blends ice, yogurt and other fruits and frozen fruits along with my almond milk and hemp powder or green superfood quickly and smoothly. The unit is small and does not take up much counter space. I do wish that the individual cups came with lids that could be closed for transport. Would i buy this this ninja again if i had the chance?.

For the price (under 100) it is a very good blender. The blades are sharper than razors so watch your self. I bought it to make hummus and margarita’s and it didnt disappoint. The bread paddle takes a little getting used to. First time i overheated the unit even though i was pulsing and not running it full blast. I think it was because my dough had shifted to one side and the unit was out of balance, i have made dough 4 times since and haven’t had a problem. The individual blenders make great smoothies. The whole unit is very easy to clean which is a big plus in my mind. But like i mentioned earlier, watch out for that ’15th century torture device’ they call a blade and you will be just fine.

Easy to use, i do wish the cord was a foot longer to pull it further away from the wall on the counter. My plug is in the corner of the counter. That’s my own personal drawback.

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like the ninja food systems. Only giving it four stars because the time it takes to create smoothies is too long, and i have to take off the top 2-3 times to scrape the sides. The smaller container is especially slow at crushing ice. However, this being said, the job eventually gets done and when it finally does get going, it makes a superior product. For the money, it’s a great little system, and i’d recommend it.

I’ve used it at least 5 days a week to make my morning juice using the single serve cup. Having the cup upside down to blend can sometimes cause accidents (spillage) into the motor if you don’t have the lid tight. Last week it would not stop even when i disengage it. The workaround is to plug it into a power strip with a switch and use the switch to turn on/off the unit. I’m looking for a replacement but won’t be buying this again.

Definitely does a good job of breaking down things. I use it for my monster green smoothies every morning; blends up my spinach, carrots, frozen cucumbers, blueberries, apples, and spinach with no problem. I would have loved it if there was just a bit more punch of power to it. It blends and breaks all that stuff down, but if it did that just a bit faster i’d truly love it. The cups are great and super convenient. I’d also love it better if the openings where you drink out of the cups had some type of cover or lid. I usually put my cup in my bag to commute to work and i have to put a paper towel with rubber band on top to keep debris out. Since these were designed with travel in mind it would have been nice if the openings could close somehow. Overall it’s a great device. Small details would make it fantastic.

I bought this for my husband because he makes a smoothie every morning. Our old one that i bought from costco not the same brand didn’t last that long, cleanup is easy and to have the large pitcher is great. I have used it many times and this has been a great purchase.

I’ve gone through too many blenders in the past to count. I finally wised up and bought this product. I can now make my protien shakes without having the blades bend and the blender bouncing all over the counter.It’s easy to use and light weight and very easy to clean.

Bought one for my college son and he is actually using it (victory). I mainly make fruit smoothies, but i occasionally mix a bit of meat with water to make my dog drink (she has bladder issues). Usually only use the individual cups, but occasionally make cocktails with the large one.

No opening the top and tamping down contents with a long spoon numerous times, as with other blenders. Grinds ice cubes and frozen fruit like nobody’s business in a matter of seconds. Don’t know why i’d need a $400+ blender. One caution: large blade is extremely sharp. I unpacked all the parts when they arrived, tossed in dishwasher, and went to work. When i got home, i unloaded the dishwasher, barely touching the large blade as i pulled it out of the top rack. Nevertheless, i had to go to urgent care for four stitches in my finger. I now keep that blade in its own ‘blade of death’ container so no one will even think about touching it.