RJ Brands Chefman : Five Stars

I love it — the best slow cooker i have owned.

Awesome crock pot and plenty big for my household of 8 adults.

Flexibility is excellent due to three heat settings + solid, thick aluminum non-stick insert allowing you to cook on a stovetop before moving on to completing other steps with the slow cooker activated. You can’t go wrong (but much cheaper elsewhere than on amazon.

Like the cast aluminum cooking insert.

  • This not only allows you to brown food before you slow cook it but it is light as a feather and cleans up very easily. I’ve used
  • THIS insert worked great
  • have had several “crock-pots” this one is so much better. Cooked a pork shoulder so perfectly it just

Chefman, Slow Cooker with Die-Cast Insert, Stainless Steel

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  • Brown – Sauté vegetables and brown meat directly on the stovetop before slow cooking for greater depth of flavor
  • Bake – the nonstick, die-cast aluminum insert can be used for oven roasting or stovetop searing
  • Slow – slow cook for a wide range of family favorites like chili, soups, stews and more
  • Dishwasher-Safe die-cast insert and lid
  • Brushed stainless steel housing and die-cast aluminum insert

The insert for this cooker is very nice, seems durable, and i like that you can use it on the stovetop. The heat settings are questionable for me – i’ve had other slow cookers that “simmer” meats, this one gets warm on high but barely cooks the meat (example: turkey thighs). I feel the need to double check a thermometer reading to be sure that meats are fully cooked. When i tried to make soup, the dried beans did not cook at all, and were still hard at the end of the day. Do not try to cook meats from a frozen state, as they will not get done even with several hours on high. My attempts to contact customer service to see if there might be a way to determine if my unit is working properly went unanswered. This cooker seems best used for keeping food at a moderately warm setting, but be cautious about expecting it to cook.

Love the slow cooker, but disappointed that i paid $65 on amazon and it sells for $39.

I really like the insert that i can use on the cooktop, but i wish it had a timer and would turn off automatically.

However the operating instruction manual (page 7) states “note: you may use metal utensils when placing food in and removing food from die-cast cookware. We purchased ours in 2016 and it looks as though it has been in a losing battle.

I have used it to make chicken and tri tip. Every time the food comes out delicious. So happy i went with this one .

Not too big for the counter, not to small to make great dinners for two.

This is the best slow cooker i have owned out of 4. It’s best feature is it’s stovetop use.

I have had 5 different slow cookers in my life and this is by far the best i have ever had. The entire unit is very light because the insert. Being able to put the insert on the stove to sear meat or grill onions and then put it in the base is so very helpful. The slow cooker cooks extremely well.

I love this item, aside for the fact that it looks gorgeous it works superbly. I picked up this item about a month ago and i immediately fell in love with it. I am finally not ashamed to leave my slow cooker on my counter top. Also the fact that i can also use the di-cast inset on a stove top and the oven and then just put it in the dishwasher when im done, what can be better. I would def recommend this product to everyone.

Practical and hold good portion.

The best slow cooker ,very easy to use.

I have had several “crock-pots” this one is so much better. Cooked a pork shoulder so perfectly it just fell apart and then washed out so simply.

So much easier to use than the heavy ceramic pot. And love the rectangular shape over oval or round. Haven’t browned on the stove yet but can see clearly what a great advantage that is.

I bought it because of good reviews and iam not at all disappointed in it. It’s lightweight and not heavy like the one i have that is made like a crock. It cooks very nice and cleanup is a breeze.

Much easier to handle that heavy crockery.

You can brown the hamburger in the same pot without dirtying another pot. I also like the fact that you can use it in the oven (minus the lid it’s not for oven use). I bought one for my daughter for christmas and was so jealous of it i had to get one for myself.

It really does what it claims to do. My husband bought me this a few months ago. I’ve owned several slow cookers over the years and i was tired of having to lift this heavy ceramic pot out of the cooker to clean it. This not only allows you to brown food before you slow cook it but it is light as a feather and cleans up very easily. I’ve used it about 6 times and everything comes out great. I can’t think of a single negative.

. I put the insert in the oven. I have another that i used before but it has a ceramic insert was heavy and had no handles. So it made it difficult to lift.

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Chefman, Slow Cooker with Die-Cast Insert, Stainless Steel
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