Rival CKRVRCM063 3-Cup uncooked resulting in 6-Cup Rice Cooker : Works great for a great price!

Works well i wish i would have orderded a little bigger one.

This rival rice cooker is just great. I got it out the box, read the manual and in 20 minutes i was eating the best, fluffy, and moist rice i ever experienced. This device makes cooking rice a breeze. No mess,no complicated motions, just plug it in, put how mush rice you need, put in the pre-measured water,press the button to cook and just sit by and have some fun with your dog until the button pops up and tells you the rice is donejust make sure you wait till it’s not too hot to touch about 10 minutes does it. Ummm ummm goodyou can’t buy a better cooker at this price.

Rival CKRVRCM063 3-Cup uncooked resulting in 6-Cup Rice Cooker, White

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  • 6 cups cooked rice capacity (3 cups uncooked)
  • Safety automatic shut-off
  • Removable non stick pot
  • Integrated one touch operation
  • Automatic keep warm with indicator light
  • 6 cups cooked rice capacity (3 cups uncooked)
  • Safety automatic shut-off
  • Removable nonstick pot
  • Integrated one touch operation
  • Automatic keep warm with indicator light

This rice cooker is great, absolutely no complaints. Easy clean up and always cooks rice perfectly. Still works after many months of use.

The best way to cook the rice is to make sure that you rinse the rice 3 times in cold water before adding to cooker,use 2 1/2, rice cooker cups of raw rice and fill the pot to the 3 cup level. Cook until water is totally absorbed mix make sure that the bottom is moved around. Then shut off the cook switch. Let stand for 5 mins, check the rice if not cooked thru then put power back for 2 mins. Then shut off and leave on warm switch. This works great for white rice can’t say anything about brown rice as we do not eat it. We use it everyday to make rice.

I was initially not satisfied with the amount of quantity it can cook. But it’s good if you want to cook for 1 or 2 persons. And it is easy to use and clean.

Rival CKRVRCM063 3-Cup uncooked resulting in 6-Cup Rice Cooker, White : Update: because i was still within my warranty on my original purchase, the company replaced my unit with a new one. I didn’t have to pay for shipping or anything. I’m definitely satisfied with the customer service i received (although it did feel a little stilted in the language of the emails) and i’m still glad i didn’t buy a more expensive rice cooker. I totally understand that you get what you pay for but i think i paid for more than 4 uses. I love the convenience of a rice cooker, not taking up another burner on my stove or using my microwave. I don’t love when i go to use a product i’ve had less than 6 months and it doesn’t work. No, but that could easily be adjusted by using less water, more water, more rice, etc. I bought this for the simple fact that i’m a busy mom who likes rice. I ended up doing what i was trying to avoid and made my rice on the stove top.

I bought this in 2010 from walmart i’ve never had an issue with mine and it still works great. I use it about once a month and it has survived a move from missouri to california.

This is the best item i have bought in the last few months, i dont know why i didn’t buy one a long time ago.

So simple, so non-stick, so multi-purpose. The element will burn out from overuse if you’re making toast with it.

Missed my old one, was happy to find this one.

I bought this for my roommate after our old roommate moved out and took her (exact same one) with her. For a small and affordably rice cooker, it is perfect. You need to be careful as it tends to bubble and spit out what i can only describe as rice goo on the counter. But if you use slightly less water than described in the directions, you’ll have no problems at all.It works well and the directions are easy to follow. We’ve had it for 3/4 of the year and use it at least once-twice a week and have had no issues arise.

Rice cooker failed after seven (7) months of minor use. One year warranty was invalidated as we disposed of the cooker when it failed. This was my fault, i should have kept the cooker for the warranty coverage. However seven months of minor use is not an acceptable lifespan. A word to the wise – dont trash the appliance if it fails. Hmmmm, you know what, i got a phone call back from rival after i posted the previous comment (above) to the amazon website. They decided to honor my warranty after all. I am still not impressed by the lifespan. Received a new rice cooker yesterday from rival. Warranty service took care of the defective unit.

This item is simple, and gets the job done. It’s almost as easy as using a toaster: put in the correct ratio of water to rice, and push the button down. When it’s done, it pops up, and goes to ‘warm’. Minus one star for sometimes burning the bottom rice last layer of rice, especially if you don’t periodically turn it while it’s cooking (especially during the later stages when most of the water has evaporated. ) if the cooker had an option to turn completely off when finished, i think it would mitigate this problem. That being said, this was a well-spent $16.

Owned one before, really like this, leaves a nice thin crust on the bottom that i absolutely love.

We have had it for years and it still works like a charm.

Works well, but is a bit of a cheap in construction. Not many features, but it’s worth the price for cooking small portions of rice.

I have only had this for a month, but i have been so surprised by it’s versatility. I had never owned a rice cooker before because they are so big and bulky. This size is perfect for a family of 4. I only cook whole grains/ i wasn’t sure if this cooker would work well for that. It doesn’t turn itself off of the ‘warm’ cycle, so the first whole grain rice i cooked, ‘stayed warm’ over night, it was a little soft, but still edible. I have used it since then to cook whole grain rice, whole grain pasta, and lentils, and it did an awesome job on all of them. I didn’t know if it would over cook the pasta, but i needed to go to the store for the rest of my dinner ingredients, and i also wanted the noodles ready when i returned so i could quickly finish making dinner when i got back, and 1 1/2 hours later, the pasta was perfect.

I am a single guy and this is the best electric rice cooker for the price. It also cooks rice faster than any other cookers on the market. I had experience with 2 other brands but none were closely good. Also the bowl that comes with the cooker is enamel coated inside which makes it easy to clean.

I may have gotten a really good rice cooker since a lot of these reviews seem to be negative or neutral. I’ve had mine for 2 years now, one year in which i used it daily to feed my roommate and i during my first year in college. >it’s small so it works for small living areas but cooks enough rice for 2-3 people depending on how much you eat. >it’s simple so you can’t really mess up the rice unless you forget to unplug it after it’s finished cooking (you should leave it in the ‘warm’ feature for at least 15 minutes because the steam is what cooks the rice last). Just rinse the pot and the lid and everything slides off then you’re good to go. Remember to not use sharp sponges or sharp objects to scratch the non-stick coating. >i don’t see how it broke for others. Just don’t open the lid while the rice is cooking and the drastic temperature won’t shatter the lid. Don’t leave the cooker running for a long time after it’s done cooking or it will overheat the machine. Unplug the cooker whenever you don’t use it so it doesn’t burn out. It’s pretty simple to not break, unless it was broken from the manufacturing batch. I highly recommend this cooker if you eat rice everyday like i do and want a simple, cheap, and efficient way of doing it.

It cooks rice very well and didn’t cost much. I would definitely recommend this product.

Very nice rice cooker that is easy to use and to clean. If you are making a small quantity of rice, say for 1 or 2 servings, you’ll have to experiment a bit to get the quantities just right. Once you get that, this will be your new best friend when it comes to cooking rice.

I bought this at the local ‘wally’ and then got online to read the review. I almost took it back before i used it. Look, i hammer this kid relentlessly, no mercy, on a daily basis. I expected it to crap the bed after the 2nd use and after months of unending use, i’m still waiting for it to die. No issues, no faults, simple as it gets. I won’t say something like ‘perfect rice every time’, but once you get the feel for how it really works, it’s a dream. C’mon, are you really going to complain when a 1/2 cup of rice and some water goes less than expected?. For the money spent, you cannot go wrong. Then again, i may have gotten one of the units that was built on a wednesday right at opening bell. I don’t know, but i’ll grab another one in a heartbeat if.