Rival 1042W Electric Food Slicer : Stoney Creek,Ontario, Canada

My husband loves to slice a large sandwich ham from the store. It actually saves money to do so. It is easy to clean and store.

This slicer is replacing an older model of the same line which has lasted for over 17 years, still working but having some wear and tear cracks. The slicer has several enhanced features such as a curved output shaft which organizes the sliced product as well as preventing the blade from becoming cloged. Com seller yourlowestprice has offered nothing but a steller customer experiance.

This is a great slicer, it’s easy to use and easy to clean but only works well with small cuts of meat. I have had mine for about 3 years and use it 2-3 times a month and have not had to replace any parts due to wearing out and never had to sharpen the blade either.

My family has used a rival compact meat slicer for 30 years with a little care should last another 30 years. Not a 300 buck unit so you have to make sure you attach tray and pusher correctly. Packs in the cupboard about like a cereal box would fit.

  • This is a good compact machine and there aren’t many choices for small
  • Stoney Creek,Ontario, Canada
  • Cutting Edge Durability & Awsome Customer Service

Rival 1042W Electric Food Slicer, White

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  • 75-watt electric food slicer for deli-style slicing at home
  • Housed in durable plastic; 6-1/2-inch stainless-steel blade; safety switch
  • Thickness control dial easily adjusts from wafer-thin to extra-thick slices
  • Easy-to-clean removable slicing parts and tray; tray folds for convenient storage
  • Measures approximately 4 by 12 by 10 inches; 1-year warranty

Works well great for corned beef or roast beef. Cleaning is a hassle so i only use it when i have a lot to slice.

It is great for slicing deli style ham and roast beef for sandwiches. Wonderful for slicing cabbage, and so fast and easy.

This is a good compact machine and there aren’t many choices for small slicers. Plusses: the blade is good and the safety switch is a great blessing. Drawbacks: the bottom shelf doesn’t detach, making cleaning difficult. And the guide slider, which on earlier models folded in for storing, doesn’t fold, eating up storage space.

I own the same rival slicer and love it. I use it to slice my roast beef and ham and it makes the roast and ham go so much further than trying to slice it manually. The slicer is the best one i have tried as it is easy to clean and the blade comes off for cleaning.

I wanted this only to make beef jerky with, and it does enable me to slice the nearly frozen meat wafer thin. I think it takes as long as cutting by hand would, but is much easier on my hands/arms and makes thinner slices as you can cut the meat almost entirely frozen. I doubt it would work well for slicing most things, as it’s not very powerful, but it’s a perfect, compact, inexpensive solution for my infrequent jerky making.

The product is so light weight. You need to hold for the slicer, when you try to cut the frozen meat.

I own what appears to be the identical product — but brand labeled bosch. I’ve had it for a long time, and haven’t used it heavily, but when i want to slice loaves of home made bread, or thin slice leftover roast or other meat, there is no substitute. (other than a much pricier, bulkier slicer). When i say a long time, i mean roughly 30 years. I believe it’s lasted longer than my marriage. Finally, today, one of the plastic parts gave out, so the thickness adjustment no longer works. Thus i’ll buy another and hope for the same result.

My husband and i received an identical rival food slicer when we were first married 34 years ago. We use it all the time for everything from meats to bread to potatoes. But it’s safe, easy-to-use and easy to store in the cabinet, and it is still working as well as the day we got it. I’ve bought another slicer as a gift for our daughter’s wedding. She’s always liked our food slicer, and now she will have one for her own household. I’m confident it will last her a long time, too.

The electric food slicer does a good job, but then we only use it as a bread slicer. The slices come out nice and even. The cons would be it’s noisy , needs two to operate it smoothly because the slices keep getting stuck and it’s a little difficult to clean. I suppose for the price it pretty much gets the job done :).

It’s safe (with two buttons that have to be held down simultaneously. But it’s very difficult to clean. The main body, which contains the motor and which, therefore, cannot be submerged in water, has lots of nooks and crannies that trap food. Also, because the entire unit is very light, it easily slides across the counter top.

Just big eonugh to do what i need it to do but yet compact. I think that it is the most ideal slicer that you can buy for home use. I have already told other people about this product and they are talking about buying one.

It works great, easy clean up, easy to use. My family will be eating healthier by making our own lunch meats from leftover roasts, turkey, etc. It is much faster than trying to slice lunch meats, cheese, etc by hand.

This the second rival we have owned. The first was the prior model, and it lasted 30-40 years. Nothing fancy, it just gets the job done.

I have had this model for years and love it. Have used it mostly for slicing meats and slices are consistent. Like it so much i ordered another one for our home in florida.

A great little machine to have. I have had a slicer almost the same as this for 20+ years. It doses what it’s made to do; slicing items the width of the blade. Meats, cheeses and vegetables are sliced well on the machine. The only downside is that you need to hold the power putton down with one hand while moving the slicing tray with the other. As for cleaning, all that is needed is to remove the blade with a tool which is provided, wash the blade & holder, wipe down the tray with a rag or sponge and replace blade when dry. I was going to upgrade to a newer model, but that power button inconvience is still a part of its make-up. Mine still works great, so i’ll wait.

This item was purchased specifically for parties. It does a good job of slicing large quantities of meats and vegetables. Firm and equal pressure is required when guiding the food stuff through. This is not meant for commercial use. The biggest drawback (to me) is that it is difficult to clean.

The slicer seems to work well. Its lightweight and easy to clean. I used it for a large boneless ham (7 lbs) that i had cooked and had leftovers. It shipped quickly and was easy to set up. I think it was a good value for me for my occasional uses.

We bought this little slicer because so many meat departments no longer have a real butcher to cut meat the way we want it. Though you shouldn’t expect it to work like a $500 machine. I quite satified, and would recomend it to anyone looking for a basic slicer.