Reynolds Metals 00504 Slow Cooker Liners 13 IN X 21 IN : where we wanted to minimize clean up They were great because we had limited prep room and didn’t need

Saves a lot of time on cleanup. . Lots of easy crockpot recipes online that you can start in the morning and have a great meal by dinner.

If you slow cook without these, you’re crazynot having to clean up is worth the 75 cents. Reynolds ought to put 2 free ones with every crock pot sold and they’d be assured to have a customer for life.

There is still a residue in my crock pot after. There is still a residue in my crock pot after using these. At first i thought i just didn’t have the bag in correctly to prevent food from leaking but it happens every time i use them. I don’t know if the bags leak a very small amount or what??.It still saves scrubbing time every time i want to cook with my crock pot so i would much prefer to use these than to go without.

I think they say up to 6qt pot but mine is 8 and it works great still. I don’t let the edges sit on the pot, i put the lid on and pull them up so they don’t melt to the pot. But the cleanup takes less than a minute and you don’t have to do the all night soak.

  • Time-saver, but makes food taste blander
  • Makes clean up a breeze
  • Good product but—-
  • Definitely an improvement!
  • Great cooking helper.
  • My husband and I both work outside the home and our little one still has a super early bedtime

Reynolds Metals 00504 Slow Cooker Liners 13 IN X 21 IN, 20 LINERS

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  • 13″ x 21″ Slow Cooker Liners, 5 BOXES EACH 4 Count, Total 20 LINERS
  • Fits 3 to 6.5 quart round and oval slow cookers
  • For fast easy clean up with no soaking or scrubbing
  • Boxed New item makes slow cooking easier by eliminating clean up. Every slow cooker purchaser should buy this product.

These are great to have around the house. We use our slow cooker a lot and this is one thing that is a must. It does not interfere with the cooking and makes the cleanup so easy. I have never had one leak or rip on me. Made with good quality material. They are not very expensive and well worth the money. My husband and i both love using them. They fit great in the crock pot. I have recommended these to my family and friends.

These slow cooker bags are amazing. I prepare freezer meals ahead. These slow cooker bags are amazing. I prepare freezer meals ahead, put one of these liners in the crockpot and no clean up. Most often i do not have to wipe the crock pot out. I have never had a loner leak. From scalloped potatoes to pot roast, they are amazing.

The best and easiest way to continue being lazy. This makes the slower cooked cleaning process 110% better and easier. These bags are strong and don’t melt to your slow cookers or anything like that. Easy clean-up for an easy meal.

Anyone who has a crockpot needs to try these liners. Anyone who has a crockpot needs to try these liners. Cleanup is so easy- just put the left overs in a container, take the liner out of the crockpot and throw it away. You can do a quick wipe of the crockpot and you’re done. No more soaking the crockpot and trying to get dried food off a heavy bulky item.

. Had to put a box into the crock pot so would remember to use them. Not use to this convenience so just stuck one box in the crock pot so it was there before i started filling it. Twice i cooked something and then remembered.

Whoever came up with the idea for these should be considered a mastermind. There is literally zero clean up involved. Nothing seems to stick to these liners, however i do spray them with cooking spray before using. I love these and will use them forever.

These make using the crockpot and clean up super easy. Much less expensive than buying locally. I can’t imagine not having them.

Great product, but probably can find cheaper locally. . These things are great and a must have if you’re slow cooking. You out one in the pot, fill it up as usual, cook, serve, and throw away the bag. The product i can’t recommend enough although the price on here not so much. After i purchased through here i saw them in the local bigbox store cheaper.

I ordered 4 boxes for the price break. I use these when i take my crock to an event. Simply remove the bag and take a relatively clean crock pot home. These aren’t so easy to find in stores. Amazon is great for this kind of thing.

Love that these mostly do the job on keeping my. Love that these mostly do the job on keeping my crock pot clean during the cooking process. They sometimes do tear if i’m not careful and food will leak through. But overall i really like them and plan on continuing to use them, even though they aren’t perfect.

These liners can save a lot of cleanup time, most of the time. If you use a slow cooker frequently then they may be worth your time to invest in them. I do have a couple of caveats, though. First, they are, on a per-bag basis expensive. If you only use your cooker once in a while they may not be worth your time. Second, and to me most irritating, they often leak a little, requiring you to wash the cooker (which was what you were trying to avoid). If, after cooking, you remove the bag and feel the inside of the cooker it will feel damp. If you leave liquid in the bag/cooker and refrigerate it, then reheat it, when you remove the bag you will often find up to 1/4 cup of liquid in the cooker.

These are so nice for slow cooking. I recently got a new slow cooker and used one of these. The only issue is dealing with getting the bag out when there is a lot of liquid, and doing it safely. Just be careful, and you should be able to do it.

Totally adore these liners. Absolutely adore these liners. I desire i realized about them ages back. Only difficulty with them is that at times i forget about to place one in the slow cooker just before i throw in all the components. But that a senior second dilemma, not a trouble with the item. Usually, i do not even have to rinse the cooker in advance of i retail store it absent. Seeking to keep in mind to set in the liner right before i shop the cooker so future time it is presently in the pot.

For two weeks straight i produced our night foods in the crockpot. We were browsing our daughter and i volunteered to make foods due to the fact anyone else was performing very long several hours on a development job. Applying the crockpot was ideal for the reason that there was never an correct time when the get the job done would be carried out for the working day and it was particularly hot. Soon after a pair times of scrubbing the crockpot i acquired clever and purchased these. Damaging was that we experienced to be careful not to cut into the bag when dishing out the food stuff and, leaving the crockpot on too long would make the bag weaker. But even when it did leak a minimal it was continue to a substantially a lot easier to clear the crockpot. Additionally, we realized to be a very little additional gentle scooping and that was the close of chopping into the baggage. With the a lot more solid meals we could even just raise the bag and put it in the fridge to be heated up one more working day.

Amazon’s value is so a great deal more acceptable than what i can buy regionally. . Some have complained that there is humidity less than the plastic and so they continue to have to have to wash the crock. I find this to be real and so i do truly feel the need to swish about a small hot soapy h2o immediately after i use my crock. The natural beauty in the liners is that i in no way have to scrub the crock or set it in the dish washer. Amazon’s price tag is so considerably a lot more sensible than what i can get domestically.

Time-saver, but helps make meals style blander. This is a wonderful product, and has saved a ton of clean-up time. I would do practically anything at all–and i indicate practically anything at all–to avoid scrubbing a crockpot. Nevertheless, i’m not absolutely sure that we will be reordering these soon after we use them up. Here’s why: the food tastes blander. (i guess that should not have surprised me, but it did. ) the meats and vegetables are not directly touching the heat surface area, so they never get that great little singe that provides the dish extra taste. The food stuff comes out almost as if you have just thrown everything collectively and microwaved it, alternatively than the melding of flavors from slow cooking. This is not a substantial variance, thoughts you, but noticeable more than enough that we most likely will not likely be purchasing these once more.

These are the most effective items at any time invented. These are the very best issues ever invented. I use one each individual time i use my slow cooker. Retains the slow cooker from obtaining messy, no need to have for cleanse up.

Just before we procured these, we dreaded making use of our slow cooker owing to the clean up up. Now we basically insert one of these bags in the slow cooker and cleanse up is a breeze. Simply just remove and toss out the bag. We do uncover that some foodstuff does are likely to get caught in the overlap folds of the bag (because of to the bag being a marginally even larger sizing than our cooker), but that is a fairly minimal problem and is much more of a minor annoyance as we try out to vacant out the pan. Cause for four stars vs 5: spending nearly a greenback for a thin (heat resistant) plastic bag feels expensively priced. Also, the packaging is really cumbersome. We procured a 48 pack which shipped as four for every box (12 packing containers) — and every box is outsized for its content. This usually takes up a huge portion of our pantry, but feels like it could have transported in much less than fifty percent as numerous boxes (or 50 % as much area) if every box was not outsized and largely empty space.