Removu RM-R1 Live View Remote : Best investment yet for my Hero 4 Session!!!

If you have a smart phone you can download the gopro app that does. If you have a smart phone you can download the gopro app that does what this does. However, it’s great for what i want to use it for. Only problem that i have is that it’s an internal battery that you can’t swap out so you’re dead in the water one its power drains. You’re going to need an external battery source to keep on monitoring if that’s what you use this for.

A great product but seems to need upgrades a little bit. A great product but seems to need upgrades a little bit too often for me i keep having to reestablish the software etc. Better for people with with text skills that i don’t seem to have.

This is a must have if you use the gopro with a helmet mount, or have an older gopro model that does not have the screen on the back. Yes, there is a gopro app for your cell phone that can do a little more than this, but when i am riding around on dirt trails or in the rain, i don’t want to take the risk of damaging my smartphone which will cost me 4 times more to replace than this removu.

Drain battey if device locks up. Bought the removu shortly after seeing the need for a remote display for the hero4. Friday 1/2/2015i followed the “very simple” instructions and was able to get the unit functioning within a few minutes. I started looking through the menu on the removu and at some point, the removu locked up. It locked up hard and would not shut down. Even the little reset button in the hole near the usb port did not shut the unit down. I had to let it exhaust the battery to power down the unit. I then charged it from “dead”, restarted it and was able to get into the pairing mode once again, but this time the unit froze again upon selecting the gopro network. I have an email into removu, but being friday i don’t expect a reply.

  • Drain battey if device locks up. It may avoid a return.
  • Once you try it, you can’t GoPro without it.
  • Good (but not great) product. No instructions on need to update firmwear

Removu RM-R1 Live View Remote for GoPro HERO3/HERO3+/HERO4 and GoPro Hero4 Session (Black)

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  • Wi-Fi live view + remote control
  • 2.0 inch high resolution display
  • 3-hours operating time
  • Wearable design & mountable to camera
  • Playback your scenes right on your wrist

It works but not out of the box. The item comes with firmware 1. 0 to make it work with gopro hero 4 and gopro session. There is guide online but it will be nice to preupgrade before selling them.

Be aware that this product does not play-back numerous recording. Be aware that this product does not play-back numerous recording modes as the lcd touch bacpac would mounted on the back of the gopro hero 4 black. Also, the scrolling is limited as compared to the lcd touch bacpac mounted on the back of the gopro camera.

Update 7-14-15:after speaking to customer service the other day i did some further research online to see if there was anything that can set my old lcd (model: alcdb-301) apart from the new model lcd (model: alcdb-401). I found that model alcdb-401 has multi-gesture features/swipe, which may have been the reason my old lcd did not work. I put my theory to the test and went out and got the new version of the lcd. I connected the new lcd to the p1 and it worked perfectly. I informed customer service about this so they can inform their developers of this issue in hopes of correcting it. In short, the gopro lcd backpac model number alcdb-301 does not work with the p1 currently, but the new model alcdb-401 works perfectly. I’ve updated my review to 5 stars for great customer service along with a great product. Update 7-13-15:so i ordered another removu p1 and received it in the mail today. The new p1 had the same issue where the touchscreen did not work.

There are only 2 issues i found. The black “windscreen” cover is horrendous. It does not fit tight on the mic and i lost it day 1 while hiking. . It just fell off somewhere in the woods. Also, i have noticed that it seems to lose connection every now and then when i take different videos in between shots. So if possible, keep an eye on the mic to confirm it is connected. I had my gopro in a shoulder mount and the mic on my camelbak so i could not see the connection lights.

The picture shows the mount including the pedestal, i received this item today to find only the frame portion, not a pedestal. My opinion is false advertisement. So now i have to find something to use as a pedestal, and spend more money. The frame portion fits perfect and appears sturdy. I just wanted to let everybody else know about the item not coming with a pedestal.

I love this thing and i use it all the time. I love this thing and i use it all the time when i travel on vacation. I use it with my head mount to get the perfect shot. Also it’s great being able to use the touch screen because it’s so intuitive, it’s like using the gopro right in my hand but it’s on ym wrist. I was thinking of getting the bluetooth remote for the gopro but once i purchased this item i don’t need to.

Battery life and button responsiveness needs to. Battery life and button responsiveness needs to be improved. The lag between you moving and the image on the removu is good, no issues there. This device solves the controlling and setting up of a gopro in the snow or a weather environment where you cant use a smart phone to control your camera. It works very well but has the following limitations:1) in the cold (barely below freezing) the battery only lasts 50 mins if you are lucky. This is poor in my opinion2) there is no option for a spare battery to fix the problem above as the battery is sealed in the unit3) the gopro responds very slowly. On a number of occasions i lost footage because i hit the button a second time due to there being no feedback on the button click. This is very important if you are using gloves as you are fat fingering all the time.

This appears to be a fine product but support is terrible. I purchased the removu to use with my hero 3+ and 4. Got it to work with the 3+ but no go (yet) with the 4. This appears to be a fine product but support is terrible. This is not a gopro product and the folks at gopro cannot help you. I watched many of those wonderful you tube videos and got the idea from them. And purchased it not realizing it was not supported by gopro. I wouldn’t touch it until removu gets a better support system.

Once you try it, you can’t gopro without it. . So i’ve been looking for a simple way to frame my shots for my hero 3 while on the go, after all a gopro is an on-the-go camera. The phone app was my first attempt, but i wanted a designated viewing device, so i purchased a cheap android phone and an arm band case. But i found it too big/bulky and not so reliable as it had a lag. And then i chanced upon this, small compact and reliable standalone device and i couldn’t be happier. After using for a while i can’t imagine myself ever gopro-ing without it. It’s a must have gopro accessory and will make framing and controlling so much easier. The biggest advantage is that being that it’s so small and strapped to your wrist, it’s not an extra item to lag around and fumble with. After using this it’s hard to imagine that using a phone was a practical option in my mind in the past. This is 100x better, like myself, you wont even realize how unpractical a phone is till you try this.

Nice for camera with no viewers. Works great for my gopro session 4, mounts easily like the camera. I love this set up and recommend this product.

A real must have for gopro cameras. This is a great aid to setting up and especially framing your shots. So much more convenient than a display fastened directly to the back of the camera. It is ideal for when you would like to mount the camera in an awkward location an still want control. Knowing for sure what the camera sees is a real comfort. It displays the battery level of the camera as well as that of the remote. The included wrist strap is a handy bonus. This is an excellent addition to an already great camera. Works great with the hero 4 black.

Good (but not great) product. No instructions on need to update firmwear. Buttons a bit hard to work in heavy winter gear. Device did not work out of the box. Some of these ship with the old firmware and must be updated on the website in order to display screen on hero 4 and newer. But there was no instruction to make update in the box. Took me an hour of surfing web to uncover this problem.

Dosnt get the job done with hero + even while it has wifi. Like the products but pretty upset that it does not function with the new gopro hero +. Even however it has wifi and blue tooth. It connects to the gopro andit can switch it on and off but you can not see anything on the display. Removu says they are doing work on it but will not know when update will appear out. So i have a screen that does not get the job done.

Even so, at this time it can be only partially suitable with the hero4’s menu tree, and it does not support the electricity on/off functionality of the gopro remote for conserving battery lifetime. It is really useful, but not totally improved than using the gopro remote. Potentially with another software package update.

Excellent merchandise for its intended use. . This is a wonderful solution for its meant use, or at minimum for my meant use. When you want to view your shots on the gopro and you have to perform at a distance from the real digicam, this a single is marvelous. It performs exactly as they say it does. The only fly in the ointment is the lag time, which is about two-3 seconds. Meantime, this certain kind element makes it possible for you to use the liquid crystal display touch monitor again right on your gopro if you want to, so you can have that operation. You do shell out for that privilege, as this arrangement fees just about double their r1 design. It is also water-resistant to a degree (you won’t be able to go scuba diving with it), which is not the situation with the r1.

Practical if you continue to keep it near to your gopro. I bought this as a present to go along with my boyfriend’s gopro hero4 silver so he can view whats being filmed with no feeding on up his mobile phone battery on the app. It was hard to get working at 1st, had to observe a several youtube videos to figure out how to pair it. The display screen was crystal clear so long as the relationship didnt fall. The wifi relationship saved dropping immediately after the gopro would go under drinking water in the pool and then the machine would consider to connect to the house wifi due to the fact it experienced the stronger signal. Could get about 70-80ft absent right before the relationship was finding to laggy. It is really not a undesirable product if you like devices and film on the move a whole lot, but for the price tag you may possibly just want to stick with the absolutely free application.

Very best financial investment however for my hero 4 session. Will work flawlessly with my hero four session. Just about all features of the cellular phone app controllable more rapidly and a lot easier.

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