RCA RMW741 0 : Great “Small” Microwave

I bought this for my office and it does the job perfectly. It’s small enough and it is really nice looking, with a stainless steel-type finish. Only thing that some people may not like is that the door is mirrored. Some people like to keep an eye on their food while cooking to make sure it doesnt overflow or explode. I use the mirrored door to reapply my lipstick, so it all works out in the end.

Sleek and solid, this microwave is a good buy. Microwave is compact but sturdy, well made. It is working just fine and i’m pleased with it. Settings are easy to read and understand. My only concern is that the turntable has a tendency to unseat itself; must line it up just right to keep it revolving properly. But i’m sure i’ll get the knack. Been using it for a few weeks and certainly recommend.

I ordered this to replace a sunbeam microwave purchased at walmart and this was definitely a step up. The microwave heats quickly and evenly and has many pre-programmed buttons that make it convenient to cook common items easily. It looks great and is small enough to not take up too much counter space. I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend this product to anyone in need of a new microwave.

I don’t understand why this product has bad reviews. It’s not flimsy and does not feel like its going to fall apart. Yes it is a bit heavy but that stands to reason considering it is a larger microwave. I can’t believe the quality for the price. Heats food up very fast and very well. Couldn’t ask for a better product for the price.

  • Microwave is giving my kitchen life!!!!
  • Powerful microwave
  • Great for my condo!

RCA RMW741 0.7 Cubic Foot Microwave, Stainless Steel Design

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  • 6 One touch cooking menus
  • 10 Power levels
  • Cook by weight feature
  • Glass turntable
  • End cooking signal and speed weight defrost

Good basic unit that does what i want, heat up my rice bag and reheat coffee as needed. Small and fits in my studio with very little fuss. Cheaper than the unit at the local job lot so i’m happy.

However with that being said the power is significantly decreased–but when you look at the stats on the microwave it indicates that. We had a regular microwave it broke i decided to get this smaller one, however it took so long to heat things up my husband went to the store and bought another one. So this one now sits in the closest but it will be great for a back up.

Excellent microwave oven at a very reasonable price. . I received this microwave oven yesterday morning and it was easy to set up and i’ve used it for 5 times now and i am very pleased with it so far.

We were looking to replace our microwave with something else small, effective, easy to use, and reliable. Based on the reviews and price we picked this. It lives up to expectations. It does seem to heat better than our previous microwave, which was the same size and wattage. Whether or not that was because ours was defective i cant say. I dont think we’ve tried anything fancier than just punching in the time and heat settings, but i know a cheap microwave when i use one, and this is not a cheap microwave, especially for the price.

Still working fine after 9 months. A small, sharp-looking microwave at a great price.

So i recently moved into a small condo and while it did have a microwave, it sparked the first time i used it – scared the bejeezus out of me. So my first thought – who doesn’t have built in microwaves anymore (but it is an older condo) and what on earth size do i get?. So i looked online and ended up getting a 1. Didn’t look good on the counter at all, too big, too bulky and heavy. So i returned that one and purchased this one. It arrived promptly and is a great size for a smaller countertop microwave. I’ve used it for 3 days now and it seems to do a great job. It isn’t loud at all and does have the rotating glass in the center. Yes, it’s smaller than you may be used to (but that is what i wanted) and it’s not the extra high / fast power of some of the bigger models, but it sure does get the job done. I would recommend this to anyone that needs a good countertop microwave and doesn’t need to cook overly large things.

I’ve had it for about a month now and i am very happy with it. It is a low wattage, takes a bit longer than my old microwave to heat up food, but it heats things up evenly. Would recommend for the price and it looks great.

You get what you pay for, some plates will not fit in, not good for cooking turkeys. It’s a little weak but if you need something to nuke food on a medium size plate it will work. 10 inch diameter plate fits perfectly but not any bigger.

Boring stuff:the product(s) arrived on time, as described by amazon & manufacturer, it was shipped without issue, arrived within prescribed estimates, the packaging was undamaged, and the product itself was unmolested and made with quality materials. Description, photograph, website presentation, and what arrived are the same-size, shape, color, and it matched my expectations. Pros: easy to use, great size, works fine, very light, and good lookingcons: make sure it is well ventilated, on all sides.After cooking rice for 10 minutes and another dish for about 8 mins, the unit was very hot and at some point, maybe 15 minutes into our meal i noticed the unit had shut down with a beep and restarted. The best way to describe it actually. As if it had been unplugged from the wall. I examined the exterior, interior, gauges, temp, defects, all of it. Found nothing wrong (no obvious layman issues) and realized it was too close to the wall. I haven’t found any white paper, but i assume it overheated?.

Didn’t know what i was going to get in wattage because it wasn’t listed. But when i got it found out it is 1000 watts. Great microwave for the price. Couldn’t find a better deal.

Reliable, overall good purchase. I purchased this about 6 months ago for my roommate and i. We use it pretty lightly and we haven’t had any problems with it. It’ll do the job if you’re looking for something affordable but reliable. Our only complaint is that the thin plastic covering over the control buttons has developed holes and started peeling away pretty badly after only a few months of use.

This is one of the few models small enough to fit into our space. The pull handle to open is nice. The power is what you would expect. But you can not see the food cooking through the window. When you open the door, the light goes on. But if the light is on during cooking, you can’t tell because you can’t see through the window. I’ve tried with the room lights on and off. Unfortunately, small, inexpensive models tend to fail as soon as the warranty expires. We keep buying different brands.

Good characteristics for the price tag. Functions excellent and great addition to my daughters dorm area at faculty. Powerful and compact design alongside with being very well made make this a wonderful microwave. Will update if there are any issues later on but do not anticipate any at this time.

I ordered this from zen direct inc. It arrived in a well timed fashion and i utilized it when to warmth a cup of water. It is the suitable size for my kitchen counter as there is home in front of it to sit a cup or bowl. It has a press button open, no irritating loud beeps, light-weight stays on even though cooking and even though door is open, and it matches my white appliances. I also received an extra encounter plate so i can connect a new just one if this 1 receives worn. It is tough to study the small print on the controls so i will have to memorize them. There are no one button begins, so to warmth the h2o i hit beverage, then the #one and begin. Zen direct despatched me an oven that had a big dent on the major left rear corner. I surmise it was dented in advance of it was packaged as the packaging was intact. I strategy to preserve it in any case as the dent does not look to impact the door seal and sending it back would be an additional trouble. I am expecting superior effects from the oven, the 3 stars is for the dent. I suppose zen direct promotions in seconds but sell as new which i have identified other organizations to do as perfectly and is the down side of shopping for on-line.

Functions great for what i use it for, which is to reheat. It seems to have additional power than my earlier a person, which was a haier and only lasted three years. The only downside seems to be that you have to enter the time like 3.

So i just lately moved into a compact rental and while it did have a microwave, it sparked the very first time i applied it – terrified the bejeezus out of me. So my very first imagined – who would not have designed in microwaves any longer (but it is an more mature condo) and what on earth dimensions do i get?. So i looked on-line and finished up having a one. Failed to seem great on the counter at all, too massive, way too bulky and hefty. So i returned that a person and ordered this a person. It arrived instantly and is a wonderful dimensions for a smaller countertop microwave. I have used it for three times now and it would seem to do a good job. It isn’t loud at all and does have the rotating glass in the centre. Sure, it’s smaller than you may perhaps be used to (but that is what i preferred) and it truly is not the extra superior / quick energy of some of the greater versions, but it certain does get the career completed. I would suggest this to everyone that desires a very good countertop microwave and doesn’t require to cook extremely massive matters.

Functions great for what i use it for, which is to reheat. It seems to have additional power than my earlier a person, which was a haier and only lasted three years. The only downside seems to be that you have to enter the time like 3.

I love the handle pull vs the press button to open the microwave. The measurement is honest for my smaller kitchen. I do notice the turntable receives off track from time to time. The twine is a respectable duration. The only factor i found i do not like is the movie that addresses the pushbutton conveniently wrinkled up virtually promptly just after wiping it down. That’s frustrating, but operates w/o any problems.