Proctor Silex 2 Slice Bagel Toaster : Very Pleased with our !

It toasts bagels, muffins and bread well but takes longer than my last 7$ toaster. The bread sits lower than usual to keep warm. The handle has a lift to bring it up for removal. People with bigger hands may find it too small to remove without touching the hot surface. I recommend this toaster, just need a little patience for toasting.

The toaster has worked great since day one. Takes a little to get a feel for the right setting for each item i put in. Toast, bagels, english muffins, etc. Once you do though, comes out great each time. I wasn’t so thrilled it’s bright red, but it actually doesn’t look bad amongst everything else in the kitchen.

It sounds dumb, but it is hard to find a toaster that works well. I had to buy and return several, before i finally got this one. Not only does it work well, but the color is so cute and i really love that it really is cool touch, so you don’t accidentally brush up against it and burn yourself.

It does what it is supposed to do, make good toast. It’s true that sometimes it pops the toast to kingdom come and you have to search for it. The reason i didn’t give it five stars is that the crumb tray seems to be ineffective and there are crumbs all over the counter and cabinet where i store it. Anyone else have this issue, or is it just my particular toaster?.

  • Great Toaster, Great Price.
  • I like it.
  • It does as advertised. recommended!!

Proctor Silex 2 Slice Bagel Toaster

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  • Bagel setting toasts the cut side, warms the round side
  • Lifts slices higher with toast boost
  • Cool touch exterior
  • Auto shutoff
  • Convenient cord wrap

I was looking for an inexpensive, reliable, no frills toaster and chose this one. It has a bagel button, a cancel button, and a 1-5 heat setting and it pops the toast up when finished – that’s all i need from a toaster. I mostly use it for bagels and it works well for that purpose. I store my bagels in the fridge and pop one in the toaster on “3. ” it toasts to a golden brown on the sliced side and warms through so the bagel comes out crunchy on the outside but chewy in the middle. I am not a fan of the metallic finishes on kitchen appliances so i purchased the white version. I like its simplicity in both form and function.

I have used this toaster a few times already and i love it. It makes toast very well and a lot quicker than my old toaster. The outer shell of this toaster is is like some type of plastic but isn’t these days. If you are on a budget and warn a nice looking toaster get this one for sure. The red is true to the color on the web site.

For the price, this was a great little toaster. I used for almost 3 years, and discarded when i moved because i didn’t feel like cleaning the crumb tray. Toasted both sides well and bagel function worked well. I do think it did have a “new” smell but it wore off quickly.

I wanted a toaster with a red shade to accent the other items on display. It was a little more bright red then i wanted, but all-in-all worked. . When the toast pops up it is difficult to get it out of the toaster. Have to try to hold handle, push up, then grab it with a fork (too hot with hands) to retrieve. Maybe i need to buy “bigger” bread.

This toaster is pretty but it has to function well otherwise it’s just pretty. This toaster gives the most evenly browned toast i have ever gotten from a toaster. The bread looks like a magazine advertisement when it comes out. I only use it for toast, about once a day. It is a little “slow” in toasting and maybe that contributes to the evenness of the browning. It does pop up a single slice with authority but hasn’t launched any toast onto the counter as others have mentioned. I am happy with the appearance and function and the price.

I like this toaster quite well. I was mainly looking for a red toaster and this sounded like a good one overall from reviews, brand and price. It toasts very evenly and the light/dark control seems to be just about right since i’m using just below the mid point to get the level of toasting i prefer. I did give it a four rating because it takes a little longer to toast than expected and the travel of the lift is a sort of short, would like it to pop a bagle up high enough to easily remove. Guess i’ll just buy bigger bagels.

We got this toaster right away from amazon. I used it immediately and it didn’t even have a bad smell. Maybe one time, but not noticeable after that. It worked very well and is still doing so after a month of constant use. I really like the one side bagel feature. I like that the slots are wide for bagels and thick home-made bread. I like it that it works quickly. I can’t think of a good reason to spend more on a toaster, this really couldn’t be any better.

I cannot begin to understand why anyone would pay $80 for a toaster – i mean a toaster makes toast; that’s all i need it to do. And this toaster does it amazingly well. If there is a down side to the toaster, it is that my english muffins stay just below the top of the toaster making it a little difficult to remove them, but that is a small price to pay for perfectly toasted items. Hence the 4-star rating, instead of 5. I can’t say anything about the longevity of this item as i have only had mine for about 2 weeks. I would definitely buy this product again (but hopefully i won’t have to anytime in the near future).

This toaster works and was not effective. It’s not made of super desirable materials and does not look expensive, but if you are looking for a functional toaster, then this fits the bill. The toaster has been durable so far.

Love the look of this red toaster. She doesn’t like to have stuff on the kitchen counter, but made an exception with this toaster, because she loves the look of it, too. Works great, just as you would expect from a toaster. Yeah, sometimes it will launch a waffle or a piece of toast, but not a problem in our house.

We have had this toaster now for almost 2 years ( i know, i’m late on giving a review ), and it’s still going strong andtoasting bread the way we like. I wanted a red one, but didn’t want to pay out a whole lot of money, and we’vebeen very pleased with the proctor silex. It works, it toasts, and it’s red.

Has a plastic smell when it cooks even after a few years. Wish there was a reasonably priced quality toaster out there. I’ve switched to toasting in a toaster oven.

No one makes a good toaster today nor one that lasts. This one lasts about 2-3 years and then goes bad. The mechanism for putting the toast down fails. When you first get it it can throw the toast out when it pops up. But it is inexpensive and toasts great.

It’s a red toaster, and it properly toasts what you put in it. The only issue i have it that when you are toasting several things in a row the darkness setting knob has to be adjusted down after the first run to get the same toasting on all the items. Not a defect or a big problem, just a quirk in usage.

This toaster gets the job done and looks good doing it. I bought it because it was red and goes with my red teapot. As advertised, it has one function: toast the bread. No fancy settings, just a knob to adjust the amount of toastiness. I like a nice golden brown, so a setting of ‘just shy of 3’ works for me. Deducting one star because you have to adjust the setting to ‘a little past 2’ to toast one slice without burning. (when will toaster manufacturers figure this out?. Surely it can’t be *that* difficult.

I really like the bagel button that allows for toasting on one side and the cancel button if you need to release your bread before the time is up. Works great for toasting evenly on both sides of bread as long as you do not push the bagel button. I use it mostly with lender’s bagels which are smaller than regular sized. So, while they do pop up when done, they hard to get out unless i gently lift the lever up and grab the edge carefully so as not to burn my fingers. The toaster slots are designed for regular sized bread and bagels or pop tarts etc.

I bought the one as shown in red, which was cheaper than the other colors. It is attractive and seems durable for its intended use. I’ve used it twice so and it does as advertised. It does have wide slots for bagels and is silent when it pops up. If the bread is too low when it is done, merely lift the lever up and the tray rises up higher to retrieve your toast. The interior is metal and the exterior is, of course, plastic. Overall, this was a great purchase at a reasonable price and i have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

I had just purchased a toaster at a walk in store about 3 months ago for over $25 that was a piece of trash from the start. The toast lowering device only went down about 2 1/2 inches and wouldn’t toast but 1/2 of anything without burning it. I was so frustrated that i said i would look for a cheap one on-line and thought the racecar look was cool so i bought this one . I think that this is a fantastic toaster .The slots are wide and travel down plenty far. There is a lot of adjustability and is not too hard to find a satisfactory setting. I never had a toaster with the bagel setting and it is a great feature. I also like the eject button when needed, instead of having to pull the cord or force the handle up.