Presto Big Kettle : Recommended

Arrived with box beat up and dent in side of fryer that prevented lid from staying in place.

This is a little bigger than the ones i have purchased in the past. Big advantage – it goes up to 400 degrees.

Presto Big Kettle, Black

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  • Presto Big Kettle, Black

The basket was smaller than i expected, but overall, i am satisfied.

I am delighted with this product. It is by far the easiest to clean fryer ever. After the oil cools you can easily pour it out and filter with cheesecloth for reuse. Then it takes only minutes to wash out the inside with warm dish water. The outside wipes clean in seconds. Gone are the days of fryers with 10 parts to clean and filters to replace. The basket came completely clean in the dishwasher. This presto big kettle is fantastic. The control is magnetic and easy to wipe clean but also adds that element of safety so kids and critters can’t pull it off the counter by the cord. It can fit easily under the kitchen stove vent and the max fill line is low enough that the oil is not splattering all over the place.

I have the smaller one and it is great but needed a bigger one to fix french fries etc for 6. Presto makes better friers than the expensive professional ones. I have had several expensive ones. They just dont get hot enough.

Presto Big Kettle, Black :

This multi cooker is now the biggest one that presto makesit features a large 8-qt capacity pot that can accommodate just about anything that you want to cook in it. It is good for making large family one-pot meals. It is 5 appliances in onei got it mainly for deep frying. Some have said that the basket is too short. It accommodates considerable amounts of food to fry without crowding the basket. I’ve also used it as a slow cooker for the most delicious pot roast everbut i love it truly large capacity. It is 60% bigger that the average multi cooker.It is a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a dutch oven, an 8-qt stock pot, a boiler & a steamer. I’m so glad that i bought it.

This is a great multi cooker to have, it gets plenty hot and holds the heat. My only complaint is, i can’t really use the basket as a steamer as it should be used. Because the lid does not set flush on the kettle. It sets on part of the handle, so it can’t really hold in a lot of steam. It would be a huge improvement, if there was a notch in the lid. Because i have to cover it with foil otherwise. Other then that, it works great, and i would recommend.

The kettle is large enough to make large portions and the plug is magnetic which makes it easy to assemble. This is a good buy for this price. I would recommend this item.

Our big kettle was received when it was supposed to and its even better than we exspected it to be.

I filled it within an inch of the top with chicken stock ingredients, about 7 quarts. Near 20 hours at a low simmer, 190 f. Practically no loss by evaporation thanks to the lid. After straining there was 5 quarts of broth. My 5qt slow cooker cannot make more than about 3 quarts. While a common slow cooker boils even though set at ‘low’, this kettle can be set below boiling, and avoid boiling bones, creating too much gelatin, and perhaps even ‘burning’ the broth. Thanks to the large surface area, the 5 quarts broth was reduced by half in about 2 hours at a simmer. Finished broth could be boiled without any negative effects, and very quickly reduced. My slow reduction was only a test.

As a mom of 8 i needed something that could hold a decent amount of food at a time. We had one similar to this yet smaller a few years before, so i had an idea of what i wanted. It is the perfect size, having a basket that can hold a good bit of food in one batch. The legs are just high enough to keep the grease splashes off the counter tops, which makes cleaning up way easier. It heats up pretty quickly and is ready to fry in about 10 minutes. There is a grease line inside to show the desired filling. I also noticed, using a cheaper oil will make it bubble and pop. After use the handles come in handy to move and store it until the next use.

Great product, cook fast, easy to clean.

I needed an electric cooker to take advantage of the cheaper electricity in the winter where i live. Bought the big kettle cheaper elsewhere. I have this for two weeks now and have used it about 30 times cooking rice, soup, and steaming corns and potatoes. It cooks rice as well as my electric rice cooker in half the time. I haven’t fried anything with it because i don’t eat greasy food. Even though i am just one person, i am glad i bought the big kettle. The large cooking surface allows for faster cooking. I would prefer if it didn’t have the tapered design where the bottom is smaller than the top. I have a steaming rack that fits through the top and gets stuck in the middle due to the tapered shape of the kettle. I have to rest the rack on an empty soup can for balance.

Even though it does not reach 400° it actually reach 350 degrees, but i am still happy with its consistency. Works very well and is made of good quality and continues to work which is most important. I’m even considering purchasing a second one.

Got it 6 months ago and love it.

I made fried fish yesterday, excellent, you are going to like it.

 our family is a mix of many religions: pentecostal holiness, church of god, southern baptist, independent baptist, mormon, and catholic. We do our best to observe the holidays from as many religions as possible. Our muslim friends help us to understand their holy days and we do our best to honor them as we can. It is lent, a catholic holy season. Part of the observance of this holy season is to have fish on friday. It really does not seem to matter if the fish is a tuna sandwich, or fried catfish, or any other type of fish, for that matter. All the restaurants around have a lenten special this time of year because our area is heavily roman catholic. We can’t afford to eat out like that, but we did want to observe the holiday. So, we bought the presto big kettle 8-quart multi-cooker/steamer. With it, we can fry catfish for much less than it would cost to eat out every friday.