PHILIPS Saeco RI9367/47 Via Venezia Espresso Machine – This is a great machine! I received one as a gift four

Bought via venezia based on good ratings and decent price ($300 plus shipping). Pretty good crema but shots are watery and the grounds are even worse. Overall the machine is ‘ok’ but will upgrade sooner than later considering how much i enjoy excellent espresso, not mediocre. My mistake though, should have gone with the gaggia brera.

Easy to use and makes great coffee. Has held up well for the one month we have been using it.

Easy to use and makes a great cup of espresso.

I received one as a gift four years ago and it has changed how i drink coffee. I now have three shots in the morning and i’m good to go. I recently bought a second one to go into our place in the country.

It would probably be prudent to offer some background information on my ‘espresso credentials’ prior to getting to the bulk of my review. Knowing nothing about espresso preparation, i received a steam-driven espresso machine (mr. Coffee ecm160) as a gift about a year ago. It was a great gift that introduced me to home espresso, although even upon first use i knew that it wasn’t making ‘true’ espresso, i just didn’t yet understand the underlying mechanics behind proper espresso extraction. A little research revealed the obvious difference between steam and pump driven machines. My desire to occasionally enjoy a straight shot of crema-topped espresso, in addition to various espresso-based drinks, pushed me to begin researching pump driven machines. I hadn’t come across this machine in my research, but instead i was introduced to saeco’s via venezia while visiting a friend’s house. Seeing an appliance like this in action, and tasting the resultant espresso, is about as good a test drive as you’ll get. The made-in-italy via venezia is a single stainless-steel boiler machine, driven by a 15-bar pump and features a pressurized portafilter – which ostensibly provides extraction that is less dependent upon grind size/consistency and tamping force. From my experience, the forgiving pressurized portafiliter lives up to its billing.

Love it so much that i bought another one for our second home. I use them every day and they produce great cappuccino’s. After a couple of years i had to replace one minor part on the frother.

  • Cheap on the outside, but makes decent espresso.
  • Great machine
  • it’s ok.

The only down side to this maker is that it doesn’t last forever. I use mine at least once a day, and over a span of 10 years, recently bought my third one.

For the volume it’s designed for, it does a stellar job. Consistent cup of coffee with beautiful crema.

This little puppy puts out the coffee with simplicity. Had for 6 months and works great.

Works every time, and makes it as well as starbucks. Probably used it over 400 times; flawless.

We have used it almost daily for about a year and a half. It is very easy to use and makes adequate espresso. Once you get the grind right and find quality beans you will enjoy it very much. I do not have any complaints and hope it keeps going for a long, long time.

Features of Saeco RI9367/47 Via Venezia Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

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  • Pressurized portafilter: patented filter holder ensures the perfect extraction of espresso
  • Steam wand with pannarello attachment: manually froths milk or produces hot water
  • Ese pod adaptor: capable of handling single serve prepackaged shots (pods)
  • Easy cleaning: removable 68 oz. Water tank; removable drip tray
  • Made of die-cast metal

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Great product for the money- not quite as refined as the same unit we purchased 18 years ago, but close enough.

I love my latte machine, but i seem to be having a problem with the coffee. It keeps pouring over the sides. I do not understand what i am doing wrong to cause this issue. I follow the directions exactly and even made sure i have the correct coffee grind size.

Let me start by saying the bad. First off my espresso machine experience is limited. I’ve only use my old manual which the pump died and the saeco odea automatic. The outside build quality is not the best. The front buttons are cheap and require a lot of force to operate. I see these failing in the future. The bottom of the filter holder is plastic which when you snug up the holder on the machine you can feel the plastic flex. The basket holder is metal which is good but the bottom portion is plastic which i’m assuming was to save money. The drip tray with bottom drawer is an excellent idea but poor implementation. Once again very cheap basically just plastic trays that are stacked together.

I love this and it is my third one as they typically last about 2 years. I just keep buying this brand.

Before buying our via venezia, we owned a forerunner to this machine, the barista, and got many years of good service out of it. In recent years, i purchased replacement parts and made some repairs. While the barista became an obsolete model, the venezia and other models have retained essentially the original design, and differences are primarily cosmetic or at the user interface. Under the hood, is pretty much the same system and parts. This is a good thing because the basic design is robust and makes good espresso, and parts have been and should be available for some time. Espresso is made with heat and pressure, so the working environment is hostile and some parts will fail over time. I expect the venezia to last quite a while, with some care and maintenance. It is not difficult to make espresso with this manual machine. If you have never made espresso before, you will master it quickly and soon discover that you can make shots, lattes and cappuccinos as good as you will get in most cafes. With the right ingredients, you can make many permutations of these basic drinks as sold in modern cafes.

This is very similar to my old starbucks barista, which gave out after using it every day for 5 years. I am so happy to have a new one and love my morning lattes.

Pressurized portafilter: patented filter holder ensures the perfect extraction of espresso

A strong, boiler-based espresso machine that’s just right for the price.

They just don’t build them like they use to. I had the same model from 15 years ago and that thing was rock solid. This version, though working fine but slightly noising, the more fragile buttons and the sounds gives you the feeling its going to keel over any minute.

We have had a few small espresso makers. . Some that have failed after a year. But i must say this esperesso makerby saeco so far , makes the best coffee i have had with a nice heady creama. There is very short wait before you can start up and use. It is simple and no fuss and for the price.

I had great expectations for this machine, but the truth is that it is complicated to operate. The coffee is good, but not strong enough to make a good espresso. It is more like a water down espresso. It is not coffee shop quality coffee. Also, the device for the foam (froth) is located on the left side of the machine, and this makes it uncomfortable for those like me who are not lefty. It is also too close to the bottom making it hard to froth your milk if you don’t have a small froth container. The machine looks great on my counter.

This little machine has served 6,000 expressos (400 days*15 expressos/day) and still runs great. No leak, simple to use, easy to clean. Update: after 3 years serving thousands of expresso, machine is still easy to use, does not leak, heats up quickly.

This is a great machine for this price. It heats up quickly, makes a good espresso and foams milk much faster than my previous machine which had a similar price point. I am very happy with my purchase.

Steam wand with pannarello attachment: manually froths milk or produces hot water

So i am guessing that by the time you are on this site that you have read all of the reviews, so this may just be a repeat of what you have read, but here it goes. . I have been making espresso’s with this machine for years now, and have gone through three of them. I guess the reason i keep going back to this one is that for the bucks, it has the best bang. Sure, others look fancier, have more bells and whistles, and, cost alot more. I have now had three in the past 20 years or so. I have owned one other brand, that lasted about two years. For some reason i could not bring myself to purchase a ‘box store’ delongi or krup (though i bought a real cheap one to travel with and it never gave me a satisfying cup). So, when the portifilter started whistling and leaking, i knew it was time to replace yet another saeco. I shopped and shopped and wanted to get a ‘better’ one, but when it came down to it, went back to this one.

Love it worth the money and makes great latte’s.

I was afraid when philips acquired saeco that the quality would suffer but it’s as good as the one i bought in italy 15 years ago.

Great machine and easy to use. Consistent shots, good froth and very consistent machine for the price. Very similar to the old starbucks barista machine.

The pump on this broke after just over a year – it became really fussy about the grinds. I took everything apart according to the instructions, and gave it a good clean, which didn’t help at all. It would produce espresso about 1/10 attempts, and the rest of the time just make noise and not push any water through.

This machine does a nice job of brewing consistent, decent espresso, but. The steamer button stopped working within a few months of purchase. Because i use it every day, i need a machine that will hold up.

Ese pod adaptor: capable of handling single serve prepackaged shots (pods)

Excellent espresso coffee, downpart: has very slow warming time, and it has an uncomfortable way for refilling water reservoir, overall is a nice espresso machine.

Easy cleaning: removable 68 oz.