Paula Deen 8-Cup Stovetop Percolator : Enamel issues

Not only do i love the color, but this percolator functions well. Nothing like a fresh cup of hot coffee poured from a pretty pot to start the day.

I am just enjoying my peculator so much. It smells the house of rich coffee smells every morning.

I am using it on my induction stovetop, and it is perfect. I love it and use it every day.

I have the paula dean collection red cookware. So naturally i would want my percolator to match. Makes my coffee every morning just as i as it to. The metal does stain, but hey its coffee. A tip: cut a small slit in the center of a coffee filter (so it will fit in the area for coffee beans) use a filter every time, and you will not have coffee grounds in your cup. Ps percolated coffee taste so much better then brewed coffee. You get to determine how strong your coffee is on how long you brew.

  • I love this Percolator
  • Pay attention to details when shopping
  • Too small and design fault

Paula Deen 8-Cup Stovetop Percolator, Red

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  • Heavy-duty Stainless Steel is polished to a mirror finish for a classic touch; a sturdy, clear glass knob lets you know when percolating begins
  • Features a Permanent filter basket, so there’s no need to deal with messy paper filters
  • The non-reactive interior keeps water from absorbing any undesirable odors or tastes
  • Fully immersible and dishwasher safe, the percolator combines technology with the styling and quality Farberware has Delivered for decades
  • Quality Assurance Guarantee

I make coffee everyday for the men in my house. I love this new coffee pot, clean up is easy and coffee is delish. Hoping someone will buy the matching tea pot for me for my birthday. I would recommend this pot to anyone who enjoys their coffee as much as my everyone in my family does.

We use it and the collander as display pieces on a shelf over the kitchen. It matches the set perfectly and looks so good. It comes with the coffee making essentials also if you want to actually make coffee with it. We had to look and look, but good old amazon always has what we need.

We have had our paula deen stovetop percolator for more than a year. It brews the best coffee we have ever had. You need to pay attention to when the coffee begins to percolate and then turn the heat down to low and brew for six minutes. We then turn the heat off and let it set for a couple of minutes before pouring. It makes perfect coffee every time.

Percolated coffee is still the best, and this pot does the job well. You can brew the coffee just as you like it. Try doing that with some other high priced “coffee machine”. I love the fact that there isn’t a clear plastic bulb on the top to see the coffee percolating because that’s what broke on my last coffee pot. The filter may be light tin, or aluminum and may seem a little flimsy, but as long and you hand wash it, and don’t mistreat it, i’m sure it will last a lifetime.

The enamel is very weak, chips or falls off very easily. I have hand washed the pot and has never been in a dishwasher.

I bought this paula deen perculator a year ago and used it for the first time today. I had lost the instructions to it so i went by what other reviews explained how to use it and it came out perfect. Fill it up to the bottom of the holes of the top holes under spout , use a filter poked through the filter use 7tbls coffee then bring to a boil and then turn burner down and let it perculate for about 15 min, turn off heat and enjoy. Be careful picking it up because handle is very hot.

I’m using this to boil water for tea etc.

Ok i have an old percolator that i have used for years, so it was time to look for a replacement. I won’t buy any other coffee maker but the old kind. So when i saw paula deen had one, i was so excited. It boasted 8 cup capacity, which was perfect. The spout is too low on the pot. You can only fill the water up to the lowest hole on the pour spout. You can only get two cups out of this pot. It’s really cute to look at, but way too small.

This has a true flat bottom on the pot. No chance of scratching cooktop.

Does a good job in brewing at a low flame. Do not let it come to boil first as the coffee grinds go through the filter top and when you lower the flame, the grinds stay on the top of cover and when brewing some grinds get into coffee and settle at bottom of pot.

Poor paula but great itemlooks awesome on my stove.

This is absolutely beautiful, love the color, it goes well in our camper and we are looking forward to first camp to try it outshipping was in timely manner & smooth.

I am not (yet) hooked on percolating my coffee on top of the stove, though.

It all started with the knives. I moved into this apartment in early feb. , my son gave me a gift card as a house warming so i went on a spree buyingkitchen things. When i considered a new percolator the fact that the landlord payed for the cooking gas entered into the choice. It’s not possible tojust go out to wall-mart and pick up a stove top unit. I had purchased red knives and red cooking pots so it had to be red. It’s a well made product anda credit to the paula deen brand name. I agree with another review i read when shopping on amazon, the bad reviews for this unit come from young people who have never used a crank to lower a car window or lowered a needle on a 78 rpm record.

It goes well with our log house.

I like my coffee strong and very hot. I would recommend following the instructions provided and the coffee comes out perfect. It is also a perfect accent on top of my stove.

A bit smaller than expected, but overall good.

I tried for a long time here in south africa to get a percolator that was similar to what my mom had. Paula deans one is the updated version. I have again the taste that we loved as kids. I have invited my 75 year old mother to taste – and see the updated version.

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