Panasonic NT-ZP1H Breakfast Collection 2-Slice Toaster – Wow, this is a really nice toaster.

This is a great looking toaster that is made from stainless steel and transparent smoked glass. Actually, due to the nice looks, you’re not even really sure which side you want showing in your kitchen. You can have the thin side show and have easy access to the buttons and lever. But then you’d be hiding the smoke glass and led lights (depending on how you position your toaster). On the other hand, you can show off the glass/led side, but then the buttons may be hidden. In terms of performance, it works as well as any pop-up toaster can. There are 7 darkness settings, and the unit remembers the previous setting you used. Of course, being a pop-up toaster, there is the issue of not being able to see the toasting level while in action. If you toast the same brand or style of bread every single time, this probably isn’t an issue. But different items toast in different ways, so it would be nice to be able to see the toasting progress (so you can stop it if need be).

I loved this toaster from the first time i saw it. My issue was that i did not want to pay over $150 for a toaster. Even with the great stainless steel and the beautiful purple glass, it is still just a toaster and it does nothing special. When i saw a price around $50, i grabbed it. If you are a purple lover, this is the toaster for you. I love reading these oh-so-serious reviews about how toasters do not toast evenly. One side of the bread is darker than the other. There are coiled wire elements that heat up to toast the bread. There are no cameras that detect the upper right quadrant of the left piece of toast is not as brown as it should be and contacts the computer to increase the heat on coil number 72 while shutting down all the others. That would be one expensive toaster. This toaster does just fine. It does tend to toss smaller items (english muffins) rather high but it has never shot them onto the table or floor. It is worth what i paid and maybe more.

Finding consistent reviews for toasters is madness–same toaster people love and hate. I bought this toaster for one reason–it is pretty and i have the coffee maker too. I did not pay full price for either one –that is why four stars instead of five–because the full price is way out of line. I used it for the first time and yes it does have that funny smell–but my dead toaster did too. It burns off after a few uses. I will say that this toaster does not come up readily on an amazon toaster search, not sure why. Size wise, it is not not much bigger than the cuisinart compact –i did not want a giant toaster taking up counter space. And it does have a strong pop-up but the toast stayed in the toaster. As with all toasters i will have to find my setting sweet spot. My first slice was a bit too dark.

Toast popped out automatically- perfectly done the first time i plugged it in without touching any buttons. I would definitely recommend this.

Really nice high quality toaster; just what i was looking for. So happy with it, i use it every day, it looks so nice and it matches with the rest of my kitchen.

Expansive toaster, but it does have some good features. Definitely not worth the list price, so be sure you get it for $80 or under. The leds on the side show what darkness setting the toaster is currently set to and what level it is currently on, so you get an idea of how much longer it is going to take and how toasted it is so far. The raised rack is handy too for defrosting or lightly toasting big buns.

  • Purple Toaster
  • Great Toaster.

Thank you, amazon vine, for my $150 toaster. It looks really nice, and i’ve had good luck with even & consistent toasting, but $150?.My last toaster looked nice, too, and it died after only a couple years of very light duty. For $75, i expected it to last a lot longer. But this one, at $150, i’m expecting a lot more. Time will tell, but at the current price, i’d never recommend taking the chance. As for how it works, i only really have one minor complaint: when the toasting cycle is complete, the toast is sometimes ejected right out of the toaster.

I like the toaster but it showed up with a dent in the cover. I has modern controls and is easy to keep clean.

Imagine my surprise when the items was even better than i expected. The look is very modern and beautiful. If you have slat colored appliances this matches very well. Works well and i like the warmer rack and defrost mode. Two features i haven seen on a roster before. I am happy with this purchase.

Beautiful shade of purple, too.

We are satisfied with the toaster. Why we ordered the toaster is the rack supplied with the toaster. It works well and looks morden and great.

Features of Panasonic NT-ZP1H Breakfast Collection 2-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel & Smoke

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  • 2-Slice Toaster with 7 adjustable Browning Controls
  • Built-in Warming Rack
  • Extra Wide Slots accommodate almost any type of bread
  • Stainless Steel, Transparent Glass and LED Indicator
  • Measures 7.7″ (H) x 11.6″ (W) x 6.3″ (L), 6 lbs

Make sure this fits
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It’s been awhile since i used a toaster – i have one (somewhere) that i was given by a friend or maybe a relative decades ago when i moved into my first apartment. And if memory serves, i sort of remember it being an occurrence of a re-gifting, someone that got a few extra toasters as a wedding gift. I’m more someone who uses a toaster oven – which i’ve owned and used several over the years. Pulling this new toaster out of the box, my first impression was how heavy it is. Most toasters i’ve every had the occasion to pick up have always been pretty light-weight. I guess it’s the extra weight of the electronics. The second thing i noticed about the toaster is how great it looks. It’s all brushed stainless steel and translucent smoke-gray acrylic surfaces. Even some of the people watching me unpack the toaster remarked on it’s looks – someone mentioned that the acrylic front reminded him a bit of the screen of an ipad tablet.

Much better than the original used product that was shipped.

This is a really, really nice looking toaster. It looks nice on this product page but it looks even nicer in real life. It’s square, solid and shiny. Also, it has a series of little blue led lights that light up when you change the settings and it makes beeping noises as well so that it sounds like a serious electronic device and not just a toaster. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is, in fact, just a toaster. From my experience so far it toasts bread, frozen waffles and bagels nicely – you have seven settings of how ‘toasted’ you want it to be (most toasters have this but this one looks cooler). We replaced a plain white oster toaster with this one and though it definitely upgraded the look of our kitchen i wouldn’t say it upgraded our toast experience. At this price point i can’t give it more than three stars considering its functionality. But if you’re just looking for a nice-looking toaster – this is the one for you.

First one damaged in transit by fedex. Second one arrived in working order. I’ll admit, i purchased it for the color. . Correction, my 9 year old son picked it because of the color. Out of the box, you have to dry run it (toast without anything in it) to get that new toaster smell out of it’s system. This takes 3-5 toastings on setting 3. It will stink up the house real well, but it’s worth it to keep from ruining your food. The only complaint i have about this toaster, and why it gets a 3 star instead of a 4 or 5, there is no bagel setting. What kind of $80+ toaster doesn’t have a bagel setting?.I thought it was overlooking it because there are all kinds of buttons and things on there (read the manual otherwise you’ll be lost in regards to what they do).

I have owned a panasonic television, a panasonic stereo system, and even a panasonic car stereo. I never imagined owning a panasonic toaster, i just never imagined panasonic kitchen products, but why not. Since i came to expect high quality from panasonic products i expected this toaster to be a notch above every other toaster i have ever owned, and i have went thru several, and especially so considering the cost, which is certainly not cheap as toasters go. As far as design goes i find the toaster to be sleek, and not as overstated as i was expecting. Sitting on the counter it just blends in and does not stand out as some type of alien designed space age electronic product, like my old one does. It would look good on the counter of the most sophisticated kitchen. That’s not to say it does not have all the controls needed to do its one primary function, get your toast or other pastry nice and toasty just like you want it without having to stand over it and trying to look down inside to make sure it’s not burning. My old toaster was not cheap by any means but i never was able to get the control set to get my toast the same even twice. Not the case with this panasonic, set at the half way point i get my perfectly light brown toast every morning and i can fix my coffee instead on standing over the toaster. I have never been in love with a toaster or any other kitchen appliance but i can say that i have quickly learned to appreciate this toaster.

Toast bagels great even without the bagel button. The time it takes is just fine.

2-Slice Toaster with 7 adjustable Browning Controls

Great toaster – nicest i’ve seen. The warming rack is a nice accessory. It has a ‘frozen’ button and toasts very consistently. I have the matching coffee maker and they look great together. The mechanism feel very solid.

Totally satisfied with the toaster. It is, slightly larger than expected. The toaster was, however, shipped in its original container, which arrived ripped,we did not expect to receive it in the box it is in on the shelf, more likely to be damaged that way.

This company sent it on time and this toaster is everything i need it to be and morei have read the other reviews. If you want a toaster it works perfectly and it is prettythe spring is powerful but not a problem for us. . The toast is even at least ours is. I ordered this from amazon and nothing went wrongthank you.

Great toaster as well as counter art.

We just got this a few hours ago and have enjoyed some fine slices of toast from it since. It works well, a little quicker than most toasters in fact, and it certainly looks snazzy, with its ‘smoke’ shading (dark grey for all non-marketers). The controls are easy to use, though i question using up and down buttons to switch the toasting level when a lever has worked well for decades. But then we wouldn’t get to see those little blue lights on the shiny smoke side. And without little blue lights and upscale looks how could panasonic sell this for 200 retail, or 162 here?well, to be honest, i don’t know how they can sell it at that price at all, ever, to anyone. The only things this toaster has over your standard 20 buck toaster are looks and stainless steel construction. So it *might* last a long time, but is it worth over 150 or even 100 clams?. I just can’t see it, unless you’re obsessed with every appliance you own fitting into the color scheme your interior decorator recommended. But for those of us forced to make our own design decisions (o merciless fate), paying that much for what is essentially a good-looking toaster seems rather nuts. So, nice toaster, panasonic, but who dreamed up that price tag for you?.

Built-in Warming Rack

Extra Wide Slots accommodate almost any type of bread

Stainless Steel, Transparent Glass and LED Indicator