Panasonic NN-SN733B 1250W 1, This is one awesome microwave oven

One year later and still going strong. . Very strong, large and takes up counter space – but so worth it for the amount of entertaining we do. . Just our family of 5 gets a ton of use out of it too.

Door no longer opens properly. Heard a lot of this as a complaint. Have to manually push the button and pull from bottom of door at same time to open.

I have been using this for several weeks now and i am impressed. The sensor technology cooks a baked potatoes very well, as well as a bowl of oatmeal. The warm up button does a pretty good job of warming up leftovers, though i take things out as soon as the auto cycle is over and the countdown begins, otherwise warmup becomes cooked again. The inside seems enormous compared to our old machine, which had about the same outside dimensions. The inverter technology (lower power is lower power) appears to be a pretty good step forward compared to our old microwave which pulsed the single high power to achieve low power. Has a light that comes on when the door opens unlike panasonic’s earlier model. Seems well made, directions are clear enough, not hard for me to operate. Only negative: it sticks out of our built-in microwave space about an inch more than i like. Pay close attention to depth dimension if you think you may have a close fit.

Comments from buyers

“Very pleased.
, Broke after two years but repaired it myself for $10. Sensor yes!!!
, Short term review for the Panasonic NN-SN733B Microwave Oven

My family used an older panasonic for a while and had no troubles. But it was a loaner from a friend and we decided it was time to give it back so we got this one. It looks just like the older one except black, slightly bigger, and a few button changes. It operates the same as the old one so that is good. The only issue is this microwave really hammers out a lot of 2. Since my house has wifi and we do not have a dual-band router this means as long as the microwave is operating you have no internet. This is why i docked 2 stars, because the older microwave which has the same wattage does not cause this interference. I do not think we have a leak with the microwave, this is just a common problem with newer panasonic microwave ovens. Easiest fix is to get a dual-band wifi-router so i will get to that later i guess.

Only complaint is door doesn’t always click shut with a light tap and if you don’t notice the lamp inside stays lit till you click it shut.

Bought this to replace a previous panny microwave that starting throwing the magnetron error. Went simpler this time – key pad, slightly more wattage than before, no stainless but i still had to pay more than i wanted.

Door does not always open smoothly.

I waited months, or so it seemed, with a backorder. When i got the backorder i got it at the price at the time of the original order and not the newest price which was about $20 cheaper. I could have cancelled and reordered but i decided not to be cheap as it was already a late gift for my wife. I read the reviews about the door latch breaking with use, so i counseled my family to go easy on the door button. This microwave was a consumer reports best/recommended buy. Now however after less than two months the zero (0) key on the keypad is cracking. The only real reason i replaced our nine year old kenmore microwave was that it was very loud. It had no other issue and certainly not a cracking keypad key (i. , i don’t think we are especially hard on the keypad).

Update, 1/10/17:the stiff-closing door latch broke suddenly (top prong snapped), and it wouldn’t start anymore. The digital menu was still all working — everything but the start button. Thanks to the internet, i was able to find the exact part needed for this model and view youtube videos on how to disassemble the door to get at the latch. The part cost $10, and it was an easy fix. The repaired door latch actually seems to close more easily than the original broken one. Good as new and possibly better. Although i was quite upset that it had stopped working after 2 years, i loved the panasonic sensor functions so much that i bought another panasonic (model nn-sn651waz) before fixing the broken one. The door latch on the new microwave closes easily and everything else works well, but it is smaller — 1. Original review from january 2015:love the sensor technology. The popcorn feature, which has 3 bag sizes to choose from, worked perfectly on jollytime — maximum kernels popped with absolutely no burning. The sensor reheat and sensor cook features also work very well and can be customized with the ‘more-less’ button, once you get to know how it works on the foods you commonly prepare. I’ve tried the sensor cooking so far with potatoes and frozen entrees. The potatoes turned out much more like oven baked potatoes than any i’ve cooked in previous microwaves.

Fit perfectly in my cabinet.

Best microwave i have ever owned. It is very powerful which took some adjustment. I have had to learn to adjust the time and reduce the recommended cooking time on most things. We actually bought this microwave to be a second microwave. But after we got this one and started using it i haven’t used our old one at all anymore because this one is just so much better. This microwave ruined my old one for me.

Performs as expected, but suffers from a poor door latch design that requires too much force to close the door. I am always afraid that i will break the latch mechanism when trying to close door. Definitely needs a redesign. Much better products on the market,. Should have listened to the reviews and bought one.

Bigger than i thought from description, but does a great job with food.

It will start boiling a bowl of water in 2 minutes. 5 minutes to cook noodles in my old microwave. With this one, it’s only 2 minutes flat.

This is one awesome microwave oven. I totally destroyed my other one and this is bigger and better. It has so many unique settings on it. I will guard this one with my life.

Perfect replacement for my other one that just died one day. Lot’s of space inside and the low profile fits perfectly in the microwave cart i purchased.

It is doing what it is supposed to, quietly and with plenty of power. I didn’t give it 5 stars because the rotating platter is too easy to knock out of place, and the door issue that plagued some of the older models (hard to close) could still be improved. Also we decided on the black model because the stainless version had complaints of hard to keep fingerprints off. Same issue with the gloss black, but a daily wipe keeps it looking nice. Other than those minor complaints, it is very versatile, has a lot of good features and would be hard to beat for the price. We have only had it for a few months now, but it is used several times a day with no problems yet. Would certainly recommend to a friend.

Update may 2017:well, the oven cr. Pped out after one of our workers would not stop reheating frozen dinners for over 15 minutes everyday. The oven overheated snd shut down. We let it cool down and it started back up but went down again for good this time. Could not get it to come back on. How can one insensitive worker not care about others?i still believe this to be a good microwave but we found a weakness in its misuse – after three years of abusegot this for our breakroom as our old microwave stopped working after over 18 years. We have used it now for about a month. Oven easy to use, controls similar to our old oven. Everyone likes it and the cooking power is alot quicker, probably due to being new. No complaints, we can recommend it.

Great oven—almost exactly the same as it’s predessor, and inexpensive (worth extra charge to have overnight delivery, if you depend on the microwave, as i do). Be warned: the door opener is on the base, not on the door. And the same controls are differently located.

I’ve used this microwave for over a year and have been super happy with it. Works efficiently and is easy to use. For my preference, i like not having time automatically start when entering a number (i. Enter 3 and it ends up with 3 minutes) and this machine does not do that.

Works good except for the fact that the door latch mechanism broke after a year. I was able to take it apart and repair it to some degree, but it still ain’t right. I’m sure that most folks who have bought it have had better luck than me.

A little low, i think 8 inches, so my wife says she can’t stir things she is cooking. Returned but i liked the product for the money. Update; returned and received refund with no problem. I would recommend this item.

Works well heating and cooking food, controls easy to use. However, watching the item being cooked or heated is difficult as the viewing window is small, and the interior light is not bright enough. Would not recommend for counter top use because of these drawbacks.

Just got it today, but seems like a nice microwave. Got a great deal through amazon warehouse deals as only the box had damage and saved about $40. Not a scratch on it and the box was factory sealed up nicely (unopened). Hopefully it lasts longer than the magic chef it replaces. That sorry microwave only made it 2.